Combat Tupperware?!?

Bayou Peter eulogizes Gaston Glock.

The announcement of Gaston Glock’s death last week, at the age of 94, has brought forth a wave of obituaries and reminiscences about “the way things used to be” in the firearms industry. Very few individuals can be said to have changed the way arms manufacturers designed, built and marketed their products. Glock stands tall in the most illustrious of that group, including inventors such as John Moses Browning, Samuel Colt and Hiram Maxim. He does so, not because he improved the technology in the market at the time, but because he drastically streamlined and improved the productivity of the industry. Since then, no-one’s looked back.

Glock got into semi-auto pistol manufacturing in 1980 when by chance, he overheard two Austrian Army officers discussing the bidding process for a new service sidearm. Initially rebuffed by the military powers that be, because he’d never built a firearm before and they presumed him to be ignorant, he took his case to the Austrian Minister of Defense and gained permission to compete for the Army’s handgun program. He won the contest, and – over the next couple of decades – the worldwide handgun market as well.

Glock was in the right place at the right time, with a thoroughly modern engineering approach to his work that defied older stereotypes. While more “traditional” manufacturers made each of their successive models an improvement over their predecessor, never differing that much from their forebears, Glock was willing to ask every time, “Why should this be done like that? Is there any good reason to uphold the status quo, or can we get rid of older, more time-consuming, more material-dependent processes and use modern engineering to come at the problem(s) in a completely new way?” To everyone’s surprise, asking that question was the key to the handgun market; and Glock made very sure to grab hold of that key and retain it as long as he possibly could. Today, his firm dominates the handgun industry, with many clones of his designs available worldwide.

I liked the Glock from the first time I handled one. It was lighter than most of its early competitors, and had far fewer parts (34 of them in most full-size Glocks). That’s a major step forward in simplicity. As one who’d seen combat in the worst terrain in Africa, where complex weapons systems tended to get chewed up and spat out by the surrounding landscape at the drop of a hat, I’d long been a believer in the old proverb, “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” (K.I.S.S.). In my personal firearms today, I continue to maintain that perspective, which is why I own more Glocks than any other brand of pistol. They may look and feel clunky compared to a race-tuned competition pistol, and lack all the little details that illustrate that a gun is a prized possession that’s been “tweaked” to express its owner’s pride of ownership; but they’ve never let out a “Click” instead of a “Bang!” when failure was not an option. That sort of reliability in a personal defense weapon is worth gold, and then some.

I never liked Glocks until I actually shot one, which experience changed my mind completely. How it came about was, back when I was living in NYC, my co-bartender at the hallowed Mona’s was a native New Yorker name of Steve, with whom I quickly became close friends. On the eve of one of my frequent trips back to NC to do a few Playboys gigs, Steve handed me 700 bucks and requested that I pick up a Glock 17 for him, which I agreed to do. The day before I was to drive on back to the Big Bad Apple, I thought what the hey, I never shot a Glock before; why not hit my favorite indoor range and put a few rounds through this little beastie, just for shits and giggles?

So I did that thing, and gained a whole new perspective on Gaston Glock’s masterwork. A fine piece the gun turned out to be: light, steady, smooth, utterly reliable, processing three (3) boxes of cheap, shitty Confederate Arms reloads with nonchalant flawlessness, nary a burp nor balk the whole afternoon. Had the same experience years later at Knob Creek with the Uzi subgun, which I had likewise dismissed as just overhyped, overrated junk. I stand corrected on both counts, and ain’t too proud to admit my error. One of Peter’s commenters shares an intriguing shaggy-Glock story:

First…I hated the first glock I ever shot, a rental at a range…it was to me at the time the most uncomfortable gun I had ever shot from the feel of the recoil and the trigger. It was a Glock 27. However I shot such small groups with it that it matched my best groups with guns I had used for years with 5 and 6 inch barrels and it was the first time I had ever shot one. I seriously had some mental dissonance of the disparity between hating the feel of it and how well I shot it. That model is now my daily and after getting used to it I’m more than happy with it.

Years later I got another .40 the glock 35 I bought it used supposedly in mint condition a police trade in. I was so mad at what they shipped me. It had so much wear on the frame all the rubbing edges were silver from use and holster wear. It was so dirty that you could see buildup of carbon that could have been measured with a caliper for depth. The barrel where it went through the front opening in the slide was worn completely through the nitrated finish and was also silver. I have glocks with thousands of rounds through them that look factory new. I can’t even imagine how many rounds through that gun to show that amount of wear. I made one of the best decisions ever when I calmed down on opening it at the FFL it was delivered to and said let me try it on the gun range before I threw a fit over the internet to the seller (a gunstore). It is my favorite pistol ever. Smooth as silk in all respects and with it I can hit a 8 inch steel 80% of the time at 100 yards. That much wear on the gun simply made it the equivalent of any of the fully tuned race guns I had ever tried. Maybe better in my opinion. Because of it I have never purchased a new glock again. As I know that even with 10’s of thousands of rounds through them they will just keep going. They make the energizer bunny look weak.

Everything above is just my personal opinion and worth every dollar you paid me.

Can’t argue with that. What a story, eh? Another commenter testifies:

I was participating in a GSSF* event in Kentucky and at the second stage I pulled the trigger and nothing happened. I withdrew and went to the event headquarters where a Glock armorer was set up. He replaced the trigger spring in about three minutes and I was back in the game. (IMO *Great* customer service!) He also gave me a helpful hint in the unlikely event I should face a similar situation in a SHTF event: Mash down on the trigger as hard as you can while manually operating the slide, let up on the trigger just until the group resets, then fire; wash, rinse, repeat. Granted, you waste every other remaining round in the magazine but you’re still in the fight. +

The group conducting the event permitted me to re-enter and complete the stages, and I actually had my best showing ever. If I’d shot 6/10ths of a second slower, I would have won a gun as I would have been the top shooter in the second bracket (At the time, GSSF divided shooters into three brackets with appropriate prizes for the winners.

* GSSF = Glock Sport Shooting Foundation.

+ Great argument for the carrying of backup weapons.

Can’t argue with that, either. Hats off and happy trails to Gaston Glock, one of those rare souls who set out to build a better mousetrap and ended up changing the world in the doing.


Hero on the lam

Anopther day, another Righteous Shoot wherein a 2A guy takes down a prospective mass-murdering psycho before he starts the killing-spree proper. Y’know, exactly the kind of thing gun-grabbing Leftards swear never, ever happens. Ever.

Waffle House Customer Shoots, Kills Man Who Allegedly Threatened to Shoot Patrons reported the incident occurred about 1:30 a.m.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Lt. Joni Money indicated that deputies were called about the man who was allegedly threatening patrons, but one of the restaurant’s customers got into “an altercation” with the suspect and shot him before deputies reached the scene.

WVTM noted that the Waffle House customer who shot the suspect fled the scene after the shooting.

I’ve said this before and my free advice went unheeded, unfortunately. But I’ll say it again: this guy better run and keep right on running, because if he gets a sudden attack of the guilts and turns himself in to the po-po they’re gonna charge with him umpty-leven counts of murder, whereupon they’ll confiscate his guns, his car, his house, his kids, and his bank account entire. Then they’ll lock him up for five-ten years to await his “speedy” trial, at which he’ll be pronounced guilty, remanded to custody, then suffer an “accidental” death by Epsteining.

Count on it, bub; like the rest of us, you don’t live in America That Was anymore. This is Amerika v2.0, and particularly if you happen to be a white guy, the system is NOT your friend. Hell, it doesn’t even pretend to impartiality anymore.


Just curious

Aesop says something which raises a practical question.

Average Joe’s toleration of “public good” screw tightening has eroded down to the wear bars on that particular tire. Ain’t nobody having another helping of that, nor likely to anytime this century.

It is to laugh.

Somebody tries that anyways? Fed agent’s pelts – whole body mounts, mind you, not just the horns – would be nailed to every wall from Maine to Monterey, and snitches’ and collaborators’ heads would decorate every fencepost in sight, from sea to shining sea.

The WHOLE pelt, you say—would that include the tail and cloven hooves too, prithee tell? Asking for a friend, don’tchaknow.

Carlos Hathcock had 93 confirmed kills in a jungle war, mostly in a single tour of duty of under 13 months. Chuck Mawhinney’s official tally is recorded at 103, and another 216 probables in the same conflict. Simo Häyhä chalked up 542 Reds in only under a hundred days in the snow, maxxing out at 25 in one day. With a bolt-action rifle and iron sights!

Put in simple terms, if there’s as little as one Simo in 30,000 in the entire U.S., the entire problem is gone – forever – in the amount of time it takes to put one Marine through boot camp. (And the waiting line to sign up for that has gone pretty quiet of late.)

There’s no respawn button, they can’t shake-and-bake new orcs fast enough to overcome that problem, and even the hordes pouring across the border are going to be headed the other way the minute that happens.

Pepe LePew couldn’t clear out a town as fast as two-way gunfire hereabouts is going to solve the illegal alien problem. Least of all if some of it squirts in their direction.

And trying to disarm the populace triggers the exact scenario the feds are earnestly hoping to avoid.

I must say, t’is a consummation devoutly to be wished indeed. One strongly suspects we’ll have the opportunity to find out for sure soon enough; Lord knows caution, good judgment, humility, and simple common sense are conspicuous only by their total absence amongst our would-be masters nowadays.

Ron White famously said “You can’t fix stupid,” but that’s not entirely correct; there’s always been one sure-fire way, which has been observed in field trials to be one hundred percent effective. How convenient, then, that it also just happens to be the exact same therapy explicitly commended to their posterity by the Founding Fathers as a guaranteed palliative for tyranny.


A Rittenhouse primer

Remedial Amerika v2.0© 101.

The immediate pretext of the violence of August of 2020 in Kenosha was the shooting of Jacob Blake. Blake’s girlfriend and mother of his children had called the police on him, reporting that he was in her house unlawfully and had taken her car keys and was attempting to leave with at least one of the children, over whom he had no custody. Every cop dreads a domestic dispute, especially in the context of the chaotic nihilism of the underclass. Blake resisted every effort to talk and every attempt at non-lethal arrest, and, knife in hand, turned on the officer attempting to bring him into custody while Blake was in the process of fleeing the scene with a child. The officer shot Blake, who survived but is now paralyzed from the waist down. The shooting was later ruled justified and the officer returned to work without sanction, but that was in the future, and in the summer of 2020, the managerial state, the radical left, and the media all had a common project, the removal of Donald Trump from office by any means necessary. The police shooting of a black man, regardless of facts or context, would immediately be weaponized to that end.

It is important to understand the dynamic between these three forces. The managerial state is not itself leftist; it is not committed to a project of equality or the amelioration of social problems arising from capitalism. It is a neoliberal oligarchy focused on globalization, creating homogenous populations managed through the creation and provision of material desire, corporatist, statist, and bureaucratic, but above all committed to progressive ends through the benign rule of credentialed elites. Leftism figures into this as both a safety valve and system of control. Leftists amenable to the elite are parked in sinecures in universities, NGOs, and corporate HR departments, where they can do the hard work of destroying what remains of traditional culture, thereby serving the interests of neoliberals, for whom such is a hindrance to the creation of the mass-man they need to consume the new product. The other leftists, those too deranged, mentally ill, or violent for life in an office, are allowed to form militias that operate in territories given over to leftist rule, Portland, Oakland, etc. This is Antifa and its hangers-on, the black bloc of Nazgul who show up whenever the regime needs to remind the normies what happens when its protections are withdrawn. The media, for its part, has the task of packaging and contextualizing the violence and destruction as both legitimate and part of the bigger project of removing regime enemies in the name of keeping everyone safe. That’s a nice store you have there…be a shame if it got burned down because of racism. Best to let the nice people at GAE get back to running things. So remember, show up and vote D. You wouldn’t want us to have to come back.

The Democrat governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, denounced the police shooting, making sure to include phrases like “racism” and “merciless killing” in between meaningless caveats. The plan was clearly to give Kenosha up to the sack and the left got the message loud and clear. All summer, Black Lives Matter, an amorphous group/movement that was equal parts grift and instrument of leftist radicalism, had organized protests which devolved (or developed) into violence, often featuring Antifa, more anonymous, more violent, and more purely ideological. Now that fury was set to descend on Kenosha. The system called out the National Guard, people boarded up windows, but it was obvious that nothing meaningful was going to be done to protect lives and property should the left decide to attack either. The people of Kenosha were to be made an example of; their role was to cry in front of their burned-out donut shops while Joy Reid mocked their impotent white tears.

Into this situation stepped Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse, as noted, was in town due to his work and familial connections. After the first night of destruction Rittenhouse and some friends volunteered to clean up graffiti; he then stayed on in town to help protect businesses the next night. One of his friends loaned him an AR-15 for this purpose. Guarding a used car lot, which the police and National Guard were content to let be razed, Rittenhouse was attacked by two protestors, Joshua Ziminski and Joseph Rosenbaum. Both men were violent criminals; the former was carrying a stolen handgun while engaging in multiple acts of arson, while the latter was a mentally-ill, drug-addicted pedophile recently released from both prison and a mental hospital. Ziminski seems to have been the more calculating of the two, with Rosenbaum simply possessed of a perverse urge to destroy. In any case, they were but part of a larger mob making its way down the main strip, being driven there by riot control elsewhere. It seems that it was Ziminski who initially pointed Rittenhouse out to Rosenbaum, and Rosenbaum charged at him, daring him to shoot him while inexplicably screaming anti-black racial slurs at the white Rittenhouse. At nearly the exact moment Rosenbaum caught up to Rittenhouse, hurling a plastic bag containing all of his worldly possessions at the teen, Ziminski fired a shot in the air. Rittenhouse turned on Rosenbaum at the sound, whereupon the latter grabbed at the AR-15 Rittenhouse was carrying. Tucker Carlson described what happened next better than I ever could:


A great moment in TV history.

At this point, egged on by Ziminski, the rest of the mob turned on Rittenhouse, who had actually stopped to administer aid to Rosenbaum. Rittenhouse fled in the direction of the line of the barricades of law enforcement with the mob in hot pursuit. One of them, Anthony Huber, attacked Rittenhouse with his skateboard, dealing out several blows that dropped Rittenhouse to the ground. Before Huber, another mentally ill violent criminal, could strike him fatally, Rittenhouse fired from a prone position and shot Huber through the chest. As he staggered off dying, another man, Gaige Grosskreutz, approached Rittenhouse, pistol in hand. This was the first encounter Rittenhouse had had that night with someone who wasn’t already a felon and Rittenhouse helped Grosskreutz avoid catching his first charge by shooting him through the arm. Having dispatched three attackers in a few minutes’ time, all of them grown men and demonstrably lethally dangerous, Rittenhouse threw up his hands and wandered over to the police, who simply let him walk through their line. Discovering that he was wanted, his mother took him to turn himself in the next day.

The moral of the story: a mulish belief in the continued viability and essential fairness of a manifestly broken, disruptive, and wholly dysfunctional system just might get you killed. As the author notes (and I’ve said here myself several times), the Left will see to it that Rittenhouse, a bona fide American hero, is persecuted and tormented for the rest of his life. To wit:

EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse Sued by Estate of Criminal He Shot in Self-Defense
The estate of Joseph Rosenbaum has filed a lawsuit on the third anniversary of the Kenosha incident.

Sydnie Henry | August 25, 2023

Please note the date, and expect to be seeing similar stories about once every year or so, in perpetuity, until the day poor Kyle finally expires—on which day the obituaries puked forth by Praetorian Media will excoriate him as a “notorious” “murderer” who wantonly slaughtered two completely innocent American patriots in cold blood, for no reason whatsoever. Possibly the most egregious aspect of these obits will be the handwringing over how Rittenhouse got away with his “crime” scot free, the worst miscarriage of “justice” in Amerikkka since…well, since the last one—a notion which is no more nor less than obscene.

Update! I had forgotten about it until just now, but this auspicious anniversary calls for a rerun of my own original creation from back in the day.

FAFO for sure
Learn anything yet, scumbag?

Man, them ARs sure do some purty work, don’t they?

Updated update! Might as well throw this one in while I’m at it.

Indeed so
From the days of our Founding, no less


Yet another imbecilic hoplophobe heard from

Again via Divemedic.

Oh, just this, shitheel: I would destroy your precious little camera by any means required—including but not limited to slingshots, crowbars, and/or ball-peen hammers—then, when/if you show up to replace it, we’re gonna find out how quickly you can learn to trip the light fantastic whilst dodging mucho-mucho Freedom Pills™ tossed at high velocity in your general direction—a course of instruction provided entirely free of charge to you, courtesy of the Hornady Critical Defense School of Dance and Proper Deportment.

Then, the third time you show up—also, should you prove so foolhardy as to actually do so, the LAST time—I adjust fire, stop shooting AROUND you, and instead shoot directly AT you, INTO you, and THROUGH you. Whereupon, your mouldering carcass will be:

  • Chopped into more manageable-sized sections;
  • Bagged securely, with neither ceremony nor undue fuss;
  • Strewn randomly about obscure, heavily-forested locations across four (4) neighboring states, rife with savage fauna which will be only too happy to complete the job of waste disposal for me

And voila! Problem fucking solved, far as I’m concerned.

I keep telling you idjit gun-grabbers: stop talking and just COME AND TAKE THEM already. Enough of this farting and fumblefucking around; put up (and get shot up), or shut up. Think 2A people ain’t serious about that? Best think again, Poindexter; fuck around, and I assure you you’re gonna find out.

Millions upon millions of Real Americans out there are practically writhing away on tenterhooks, just wishing and hoping and praying you’ll try it. Having myself interacted twice annually, for several years running, at the good old Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot with the best part of around 7-8000 of such men (and women, and even children), I can swear most solemnly that they will wade into you with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts. That being so, and it is, well…


Errata mea culpa update! Dammit, this blatantly threatening little screed was supposed to be tonight’s Eyrie post! Alas, to my sudden chagrin I went and assigned categories as per usual with any other CF post, after which I just hit the “Send to Blog” MarsEdit button instead of the “Save as Draft” one, essentially on autopilot at that point, with the results you now see before your weary, bloodshot orbs.

Not to worry though; currently, I have around 12 to 16 open browser tabs’ worth of prospective blogfodder awaiting my scrupulous attention, any one of which ought to do to get me off and running. Because of my bonehead mistake the Eyrie might be a little late, but fret not, it’s a-comin’.

How gunslinging is DONE

A primer from American legend Wyatt Earp, who is renowned for having a little experience (a-HENH!) in the field.

I was a fair hand with pistol, rifle, or shotgun, but I learned more about gunfighting from Tom Speer’s cronies during the summer of ’71 than I had dreamed was in the book. Those old-timers took their gunplay seriously, which was natural under the conditions in which they lived. Shooting, to them, was considerably more than aiming at a mark and pulling a trigger. Models of weapons, methods of wearing them, means of getting them into action and operating them, all to the one end of combining high speed with absolute accuracy, contributed to the frontiersman’s shooting skill.

The sought-after degree of proficiency was that which could turn to most effective account the split-second between life and death. Hours upon hours of practice, and wide experience in actualities supported their arguments over style.

When I say that I learned to take my time in a gunfight, I do not wish to be misunderstood, for the time to be taken was only that split fraction of a second that means the difference between deadly accuracy with a sixgun and a miss. It is hard to make this clear to a man who has never been in a gunfight.

I imagine it would be, yeah. When the two-way shooting range goes hot, maintaining the requisite mental calm is gonna be pretty damned tough for a man who hasn’t ever stared down a gun-muzzle to look imminent death straight in the eye.

Perhaps I can best describe such time taking as going into action with the greatest speed of which a man’s muscles are capable, but mentally unflustered by an urge to hurry or the need for complicated nervous and muscular actions which trick-shooting involves. Mentally deliberate, but muscularly faster than thought, is what I mean. (What Wyatt meant is that he made the decision to shoot a long time before the trigger was pulled.)

In all my life as a frontier police officer, I did not know a really proficient gunfighter who had anything but contempt for the gun-fanner, or the man who literally shot from the hip. In later years I read a great deal about this type of gunplay, supposedly employed by men noted for skill with a forty-five.

From personal experience and numerous six-gun battles which I witnessed, I can only support the opinion advanced by the men who gave me my most valuable instruction in fast and accurate shooting, which was that the gun-fanner and hip-shooter stood small chance to live against a man who, as old Jack Gallagher always put it, took his time and pulled the trigger once.

TONS more fascinating stuff here, which will be of intense interest to shooters and history buffs alike. What better time to run another clip from one the very best movies EVAR.

“You nerve-wrackin’ sonsabitches.” “Skin that smoke-wagon and see what happens.” “Oh. Johnny, I apologize, I forgot you were there. You may go now.” Heh. So many great, unforgettable lines in that movie—up to and including a brief Latin-dialogue exchange between Johnny Ringo and Doc Holliday, no less—it almost beggars belief.

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God created man; Sam Colt made them equal

Should you buy a gun? OF COURSE you should, dumbass.

Progressives Convinced Us to Get a Gun
It’s hypocritical to urge Americans to disarm while also failing to protect them from surging crime rates.

Hypocritical? Nah, not quite. It’s EVIL, is what it is.

When I was growing up on the South Side of Chicago in the late 1950s, almost every boy had one treasured possession: a holster with two six-shooters. It was the essential toy for playing Cowboys and Indians, the most popular game in town. Regrettably at the time, my brother and I didn’t get in on the fun. Our father wouldn’t allow it.

He had his reasons: In depriving us of the revolvers, he often would cite his experience during World War II. Our father served in the French army

Ah, it all begins to make sense now.

and, as a member of an artillery regiment, fought the Nazis when they marched into Belgium. During that service, a rifle shot grazed the back of his neck and came close to taking his life. He made it clear that, having been wounded and seen the horrors wrought by firearms, he didn’t believe anyone should think of such weapons as playthings.

No sensible adult does, fool. As for kids disporting themselves at Cowboys and Injuns out in the backyard—Jeez O Pete, man!



Though as a child I sometimes resented not fitting in with my friends, I grew to accept that firearms were terrible devices that didn’t belong in our lives. As an adult, for many years I supported banning guns among civilians, even contemplating the merits of repealing the Second Amendment.

As the twig is bent…

But some months ago my thinking changed again. Today, my wife has a gun that she keeps in our home. She has the necessary permits from the authorities and has trained extensively in using the gun safely. Growing up, I never imagined I would have a firearm at home. But I am reassured to have one, even if I’ve never held it myself.

Our decision to acquire a gun is due to the recent release of the man who bludgeoned my wife’s younger sister to death several decades ago. My wife fears that the murderer, released from prison during the Covid-19 pandemic by New York state’s board of parole, poses a potential threat to us.

But our decision also is due to society’s current dysfunction. Crime is surging in our city—Washington—and around the country. Vagrants wander the streets, police are reluctant to tackle criminals, and courts seem unwilling to impose serious sentences on those who break the law. Given these circumstances, owning a gun seems to be one of the few ways to feel even a semblance of personal safety. There is an irony that policies progressives espouse, such as gun control, have prompted us to have a gun in our home.

Progressives nationwide have attacked police and law enforcement, alleging that our legal system is systemically racist and oppressive. They have caused recidivist criminals to haunt our streets and commit more crimes—and have refused to deal with homelessness in spite of the mental illness and drug addictions that so often afflict our cities’ most vulnerable. Numerous efforts to reduce the use of drugs have been rebuffed in the name, of course, of racism.

This approach has unleashed a crime wave and diminished our sense of safety on the streets. It is, therefore, unsurprising to see ever more law-abiding people seeking to arm themselves. As a result, there will be more guns out there, including in the hands of people who should never be near them.

To limit guns in America, much as my father wished, policy makers should focus on the underlying problems that are generating a spike in crime.

As always with leg-wetting hoplophobes, this sort of “thinking” is completely out of whack. “Limiting guns in America” is NOT a goal worth pursuing, based as it is entirely on ignorance, fear, and personal cowardice. In addition, it not only directly conflicts with the plainly-worded 2A, it also contravenes the values of individual self-determination, liberty, and personal responsibility upon which the Republic itself was originally Founded.

So how is it, then, that tremulous, antigun feebs dare to presume that, rather than scorning them for their pathetic neuroses, free Americans instead must bow to them and indulge their irrational phobias?

Sure, there should be more effort made towards reining in the crime currently rampaging and ruining US cities. At the same time, acknowledgment of a certain hard, immutable fact of life on this here planet must be made: Crime will never be eradicated completely. This is what we call part of the human condition; it will always be with us. Same-same for tyranny, which is the actual reason our Founding Fathers saw fit to feature the Second so prominently in the Constitution.

Those truths being self-evident, there can be but one reasonable way to look at the persistent shitlib obssession with doing away with the one truly effective means of resistance against crime and tyranny both: it is not merely wrong, not merely stupid, but actively, literally evil. Anything less is nothing but a comforting deceit we tell ourselves, as a balm for our collective lethargy in confronting it as it ought to be confronted.

All that said, I’m happy for this guy that they finally got a gun. But that’s only the start of it. Now, with a gun in the home, he needs to do himself a big, fat favor and emulate his obviously-intelligent wife: get to the local range; train with it; practice with it; get schooled on how to break it down and clean it (inquire about that at either the range or the local gun shop; you’ll find yourself astonished at the number of friendly, more experienced shooters who will be just pleased as punch to help you out). Learn as much about how y’all’s new firearm functions and the proper care and maintenance of it as you possibly can. It’s all part and parcel of the responsible-gun-owner experience, any one of which items you neglect at your own peril.

Education, see, is one of those “forever” kind of things; it never really ends, which is only meet and just.

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Stunning and brave

For real this time, not the way the shitlibs (ab)use those words.

Nashville Heroes Expose The Lies Of Uvalde Cowards

The Nashville Police have released bodycam footage of its response to a terrorist shooting at Covenant Church school.

The six-minute clip is shot from the perspectives of Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo, among the first two officers on the scene. It shows impressive bravery, determination, urgency, and skill. It’s not an exaggeration to say they probably saved numerous lives.

Their courage is also a reminder that if Uvalde cops responding to the Robb Elementary school mass shooting last year had shown any urgency or a modicum of bravery, rather than sitting around a parking lot and hallway debating what to do, they likely would have prevented the murders of many, if not all, of the 19 children and two teachers at the school. Recall that one of the officers had a rifle aimed at the shooter before he entered the school but didn’t take the shot because he was awaiting his boss’ permission.

These are obviously highly intense and perilous situations for cops. Maybe I’m being naïve, but I tend to believe most armed Americans would rush into a school to try and save children’s lives. As for the police, that’s the job. And Nashville police offered a textbook lesson on how to do it correctly.

They most certainly did, and are to be commended highly for it. The bodycam footage of both Collazo and Engelbert, viewable on YewToob exclusively since embedding it has been disallowed, is harrowing and quite difficult to watch. It’s also a must-see video, for the window it provides into what these fine Metro Nashville PD officers faced as they entered the building, cleared rooms on the ground floor, and then went upstairs to confront the unbalanced “transgender” (BIRM) mass-murderer and bring her down.

To say that they had to have been absolutely scared shitless is no slight to these fine officers, for what man alive wouldn’t have been in their place? Yes, it’s their job, their sworn and sacred duty, granted. Still, the courage involved in swallowing down that fear to run towards the sound of the guns without the least hesitation, perform the job flawlessly, and redeem that duty cannot be denied.

Engelbert, Collazo, and the rest of their team yesterday set a shining example of what it means to be a man—of what manhood really and truly IS, and always should be. Let us hope that their unflinching, indomitable bravery will inspire many, many young American men to duly dismiss the Left’s “toxic masculinity” codswallop and follow that example to the best of their ability instead, for generations to come. They are among our very best and brightest, and richly merit every jot and tittle of the praise being heaped upon them today. Heartfelt kudos, grateful thanks, and a humble tip of the CF chapeau to them.

Update! Victoria Taft says it well.

It’s gotten to be a cliché to say that when we run out screaming, the good guys run in. But here we are again. The good guys run in to vanquish the bad guys. It’s a story as old as time.

The response was professional and competent.

I know I’ll get blowback from some quarters, upset for saying a video showing a bad guy getting their pre-ordained end will make anyone proud. But if you are upset, I’d advise you to go back to your fainting couch where you left your kombucha, pick up your latest tome about toxic masculinity and ACAB tracts, and save your breath, because I can’t hear you.

Nor should you wish to, Victoria; they’ve never had anything to say that was worth listening to, anyway. In fact, no decent person should even bother to try listening. That way lies madness, which is all the Evil Left has to offer. To Hell with every last one of them.

The FAFO Chronicles

AZGolfer posts another Righteous Shoot.

Another dead goblin, as DuToit always used to say. Sorry, not sorry; somehow, I just can’t find it in myself to consider that a bad thing, not by a long yard I can’t. Arrivederci, worthless fat bitch.

Your feel-good video of the week

Another FAFO Righteous Shoot™.

Justified? Yep—especially seeing as how AZ_Golfer posted a follow-up, explaining the backstory.

Man Shoots Stalker In Self-Defense, Video Goes Viral: Here’s The Full Story

Benjamin Backus, a 40-year-old financial advisor, reportedly provided assistance to his ex-felon neighbor, Michael Montanarella, in starting his own business.

However, Montanarella’s alleged descent into heavy drug and alcohol use resulted in him getting kicked out of rehab and developing paranoid delusions.

He believed that Backus was breaking into his home and stealing things, despite the fact that Backus and his son had moved. Montanarella reportedly threatened Backus after showing up at his new home, and even vandalized his property by breaking windows on multiple occasions.

Backus took out a restraining order against Montanarella, but the situation escalated on March 24, 2022.

Backus claims that he went out to warm up his car to take his son to his SATs and head to work, but heard an engine start behind him. He turned around and saw Montanarella drive past him before circling back to throw a rock at him.

Montanarella then allegedly jumped out of the car and approached Backus, who backed up down the road past his house while repeatedly telling Montanarella to stop and get down.

This led to the use of force by Backus, which was caught on camera and went viral.

Again: justified? Oh HELL yeah. More than, in fact; my only question for Righteous Shooter after reading that is, what the hell took ya so long, anyway? He never should’ve allowed Mr Psycho Stalker to get as physically close to him as he did, IMHO.


Amerika v2.0: the process is the punishment

The persecution of American hero Kyle Rittenhouse continues. Which, it will do; the poor kid is gonna be in courthouses and paying lawyers for the rest of his life. But hey, what else would one expect? He’s dead-to-rights guilty of the “crime” of successfully defending his life against a wolfpack of marauding thugs dead-set on murdering him, after all.

A wrongful death lawsuit filed by the father of one of the men Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed in the Kenosha riots will proceed, a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled Wednesday.

Anthony Huber was one of the two men Rittenhouse killed in August 2020 during the riots following the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man, by police.

Huber’s father, John Huber, first filed the lawsuit against Rittenhouse in 2021 and named Rittenhouse, law enforcement personnel, and officials as defendants, according to a report.

The lawsuit alleges that Rittenhouse conspired with police to harm protesters and that officers violated Anthony Huber’s constitutional rights when they allowed a dangerous situation to manifest, which resulted in his death.

Rittenhouse’s legal team and other defendants had filed motions to dismiss, but U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman on Wednesday rejected them and allowed the civil rights lawsuit to proceed.

The death of Anthony Huber “could plausibly be regarded as having been proximately caused by the actions of the governmental defendants,” Adelman said.

The decision to allow the lawsuit to move forward does not highlight its merits, Shane Martin, an attorney for Rittenhouse, said.

No, of course it doesn’t. How could it? There ARE no merits to highlight. It’s exactly as Bill says:

There is nothing even remotely “plausible” about the judge’s made-up bullshit theory, but the trial will go forward because the goal is not plausibility but punishment. Adelman, a card-carrying (Princeton/Columbia) member of the American Commie elite, was rewarded by the head of the Clinton Crime Family with his judicial position after serving several terms as a warrior of the Wisconsin left.

And none of them will rest until Rittenhouse is destroyed for lawfully defending himself against their fellow Commie storm troopers who were trying to murder him. As a warning to any who might be inclined to do likewise.

They do this in the faith that they will always be secure from Rittenhouse-style self defense for their own attacks on patriotic Americans who exercise their Constitutionally guaranteed rights. One has to wonder, though, how long that will actually remain true.

Hopefully, not a whole hell of a lot longer. Not just for Kyle Rittenhouse’s sake, but for ours.

“Wrongful death.” What a fucking joke, an extremely unfunny and sick one. Huber went out that fateful night in the role of a violent, destructive predator. Imagine the oxygen thief’s surprise when the intended prey turned out to have pretty sharp teeth of his own. Time to rerun one of what I think is still one of my best memes ever; although the gravely wounded thug in it isn’t Huber but his partner in crime Gage Grosskreutz, the lesson therein remains the same.



Sic semper all of them, until every last one of such foul, verminous ratlings is eradicated, the land cleansed of them forever.


The incredible Hatsan Blitz

So my brother had one of these little beauties delivered yesterday and walked it over to my place next door, where we went out on the back deck to chaw up various pieces of leftover wood. Results? Impressive.

As my friend Don is working this bad machine, note the chunks of wood flying off the target plywood. Said plywood is being propped up by a length of 4×4 behind, which my brother then proceeded to split in half, right down the center, with only a few well-placed rounds. Very little noise, same-same for felt recoil, pellets are el cheapo, completely street-legal and unregulated, since it’s not classified as a firearm, because…well, because it isn’t a firearm, actually—I ask you, what’s not to like here?

Yep, I envision deriving mucho backyard-shooting range enjoyment from the Blitz in the days to come. The muzzle velocity, and therefore effective range, drops slightly as the air-tank is depleted, but refilling it is a total breeze, and can be done quite easily by hand if you don’t own a compressor.

The Hatsan Blitz airgun comes in various flavors, including .22, .30, and .50 cal (!!!) versions. Full auto, natch; as I’ve long insisted, you haven’t really flown until you’ve flown an open-cockpit biplane, you haven’t really ridden until you’ve ridden a Harley, and you haven’t really shot until you’ve shot full auto. Jeff got two 16-round magazines with it, but there are also 30-rounders available. Lots of vids of fun and destruction on YewToob, too.

Threatens the tyrant

The usual blather from a gun-grabbing blowhard.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker has blasted the more than six dozen sheriff’s offices across the state for vowing to defy a new gun control law.

“This is political grandstanding at its worst. The assault weapons ban is the law of Illinois,” the governor’s office told Fox News on Monday. “The General Assembly passed the bill and the Governor signed it into law to protect children in schools, worshippers at church, and families at parades from the fear of sudden mass murder.”

The state Senate passed the Protect Illinois Communities Act last week, which bans assault weapons 2A-protected semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity standard-capacity magazines from being sold or manufactured in the state.

Edited by me, for purposes of veracity.

At least 74 sheriff’s offices have publicly stated their opposition to the law, calling it unconstitutional.

80 at last count, out of a possible hundred and two counties in Illinois. Which adds up to an overwhelming majority in anybody’s book. Gee, Gov Prickzter, think maybe the problem here might not lie with these stalwart sheriffs, who are standing up straight and tall in resistance to mendacious authority, but with this soggy sop you’re tossing to the fear-stricken and factually-challenged in your sorry state?

“Part of my duties that I accepted upon being sworn into office was to protect the rights provided to all of us, in the Constitution,” Edwards County Sheriff Darby Boewe said on Facebook. “One of those rights enumerated is the right of the people to KEEP and BEAR ARMS provided under the 2nd Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms for defense of life, liberty and property is regarded as an inalienable right by the people.”

The Illinois Sheriff’s Association stated last week that they have opposed the bill since its inception.

“We, as a representative of chief law enforcement officials throughout Illinois, are very concerned and disturbed by the ongoing and escalating violence throughout our State and Country,” they said. “We are always supportive of new tools, techniques and laws that assist us in preventing and holding accountable those that wage efforts of harm and violence on others. However, this new law does not do that.”

As statistics and studies have confirmed, over and again.

Pritzker’s office continues to maintain that law enforcement in the state doesn’t have the right to “pick and choose which laws they support.”

Perhaps so, and then again perhaps not. What they DO have is a clear and specific duty to refuse to enforce patently unlawful and contra-Constitutional edicts such as this one, you multi-chinned fascist slob. These good men and true are upholding their oaths of office; you’re violating yours. If this nation is to survive qua nation for very much longer, it will require a whole lot fewer of YOU and a whole lot more of THEM to see to it that it does.

Next time grubby, greasy Gov Prickzter is consoling himself with a few dozen fully-loaded triple-decker fatburgers in the privacy of the Governor’s Mansion, I hope he chokes to death on ’em.


The law is a ass

So the Houston taqueria shooter has foolishly contacted Houston Homicide, exactly as I hoped and prayed he wouldn’t, rather than heading across the border into Mexico and laying low for awhile as he should’ve done. The case has been referred to a grand jury for further investigation. Legal Eagle Andrew Branca, whose email list I’ve been a subscriber to for a good while now, deep-dives into Texas self-defense law and the facts as we know them from the vid, and comes up with the likely outcome.

SPOILER alert: it isn’t pretty.

Although the shooter initially fled the scene, along with all the other customers, he has now reportedly retained legal counsel and is cooperating with the authorities investigating this event. It is reported that the case will be presented to a grand jury for consideration. The shooter has not been arrested, and as a result the authorities are allowing him to remain anonymous.

The question now, of course, is whether the shooter’s use of deadly defensive force to stop Washington’s armed robbery was justified on the legal merits.

The answer? Yes, maybe, and almost certainly not.

Confused yet? Let’s clarify.


Shooting someone dead is, of course, normally a crime. Under Texas law, and the law of every other state, however, the use of deadly force upon another might be legally justified, and not a crime, if it meets the conditions for deadly force defense of persons—meaning either defense of self or defense of others.

Additionally, and unique to the Lone Star state, the use of deadly force upon another might be legally justified even in defense of mere personal property—again, if the required legal conditions have been met.

Importantly, the legal conditions for justification must be met for each individual use of deadly force in the encounter—meaning, in this case, for each round fired by the shooter–and that’s where we arrive at the “yes, maybe, and almost certainly not” nature of whether this shooting is lawful.

The bottom line, of the nine rounds fired by the shooter at Washington, the first four were almost certainly legally justified, the second four may be legally justified, and the ninth and final shot almost certainly was not justified, based upon the only evidence currently available to us, which is the surveillance video of the encounter.

For purposes of this commentary and legal analysis, I’ll be addressing the shooter’s use of force as three distinct use of force events, each needing their own legal justification in order to be lawful.

Use-of-Force #1: The first four shots fired, roughly from the start of the video to 0:10 seconds.

Use-of-Force #2: The second four shots fired, roughly from 0:10 to 0:14 seconds in the video.

Use-of-Force #3: The ninth and final shot fired at about 0:16 seconds in the video.

The verdict? Based on Branca’s meticulous legal analysis, that ninth shot will probably doom RS in court, and I concur with utmost regret. But Branca being a modest sort (“But I’m just a small-town criminal defense attorney…”), he proffers a small caveat:

So, given the apparent lack of legal justification for that ninth and final shot, potentially an unjustified unlawful killing, does that mean the shooter in this case will be indicted, prosecuted, and convicted?

The answer is: Who knows?

What I’ve shared above is a legal analysis of this shooting, and it’s one I have great confidence in the legal merit of that analysis.

Questions about indictment, prosecution, and conviction, however, have considerations beyond legal merit.

A prosecutor’s office will typically be asking two distinct questions in evaluating how to handle such a case.

First:  What can we do, based on legal merit.

Second: What do we want to do, based on political considerations.

It’s not at all uncommon for prosecutors to use their discretion to give a break to an otherwise law-abiding armed citizen who may have been a bit sloppy in their use-of-force from a technical legal perspective.

The danger, of course, is the use of that discretion is far outside the defender’s own control–he’s now put his fate, potentially the rest of his life, in the hands of other people.

Perhaps they’ll use their discretion in a way favorable to the defender…but perhaps they won’t.

Political considerations are bound to loom particularly large here, given the rioting, burning, and all the usual trimmings amongst Houston’s large Feral Dindu population which giving RS any kind of “break” will almost certainly touch off in its wake.

Bottom line: thanks to an incomprehensible, disastrous decision to come forward and place his fate on the dysfunctional, out-of-balance scales of “justice,” RS will wind up spending the rest of his natural life behind bars for the heinous crime of defending himself against a vicious thug. In a post-Constitutional Amerika v2.0 bereft of law; any semblance of fairness or propriety; interracial comity; and any sense of the overriding urgency of maintaining civic order, only a blind fool would ever do such a thing. RS’s apparent faith in the badly-broken Amerikan “justice” system to do right by him might be touching, but in the end, said misplaced faith will be his undoing. I hate it, really I do, but he’s well and truly fucked at this point.

Update! As it turns out, and to the surprise of exactly no one, Evil Perp had already claimed the life of one innocent victim in the course of yet another of his habitual crime sprees.

Court documents also confirmed that Washington was released on parole in 2021 for a conviction of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, for which he had been sentenced to 15 years behind bars. Washington had been convicted in 2015 in connection to the murder of 52-year-old Hamid Waraich, the owner of a Boost Mobile cell phone store, who was fatally shot in the back during a robbery. He was paroled in 2021 after serving six years. One of the victim’s sons, Sean Waraich, called Washington ‘an evil criminal that took joy from harassing and robbing innocent families.’ He called the taqueria vigilante a ‘true hero,’ and said he ‘did the right thing in stopping the robber and protecting the community from a dangerous perpetrator.’

Aman Waraich, another son of Hamid, said: ‘If the guy who stopped Eric was around 10 years ago, maybe I’d still have my dad.’

Precisely so, tragically so. The simple truth of this young man’s plaintive, heartbroken words will resonate for years to come, in stark condemnation of a warped and upended system of revolving-door “justice” that would even dream of prosecuting Righteous Shooter. Washington was (sub)human detritus—garbage, nothing more nor less. RS is “guilty” only of taking out the fucking trash, a bit of housekeeping which was long overdue.

The REAL crime here is that EP was freed to walk the streets robbing, assaulting, and killing, instead of being behind bars where he should have been, and belonged. When might we expect to see that referred to a grand jury, I wonder?


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