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Not buying it. Not for a minute I ain’t, nor should you. As I said the other day, there’s a heckuva lot more going on here than meets the eye.

The Divorce of the Democrat Party and the Legacy Media – What it Means
Embarrassed and humiliated by four years of gaslighting Joe Biden’s deteriorating condition, the media turns on the Democrat Party in a CYA move.

The debacle surrounding recent events, including the Biden-Trump debate of June 27, spells the end of the Democrat Party as we know it. For generations, the media has been willing accomplices but the past 10 days have finally removed the protection and propaganda the media has provided Democrats for generations.

It was an unbelievable turnaround that was decades in the making. A compliant legacy media running cover for the Democrat Party as it worked to “fundamentally transform” America into a socialist paradise. The first step was to take over nearly one-fifth of the economy by nationalizing health care (Obamacare). The second step, even more damaging to our fundamental sense of the rule of law, was to weaponize the federal bureaucracy to punish citizens who objected to the trillions of dollars allocated to grow the administrative state.

It seemed as though the legacy media had the perfect strategy in place to divert attention away from the workings of the Democrats and to push narratives that were favorable to the party. Finally, after the legacy was shown to be an Emperor with no clothes, they struck back to cover up their complicity, saying, “We had no idea that Biden’s decline was this obvious.”

If you need a clear indication of this denial, watch this train wreck orchestrated by Mark Halperin on his 2Way podcast. Halperin, once a Morning Joe regular on MSNBC with John Heilemann, was unceremoniously dumped in 2017 in the aftermath of sexual harassment allegations dating back to the early 2000s when he worked at ABC News. On the 2Way podcast, Inside the Beltway elites—consultants like Mark Katz, pollsters like Whit Ayres, political operatives like Phil Singer, and politicians like John Sununu—now cover for each other as they try to distance themselves from Biden and his administration after almost four years of sucking up.

The incessant gaslighting was finally exposed to the masses by the debate. But not before it had served its purpose, which was to hide two stone-cold facts. The first was obvious: Joe Biden was not qualified to be president. Second, the American legacy media has been engaged in a broad series of disgraceful cover-ups for years that shielded the Democrat Party from the public finding out its worst actions.

This shredding of relations between Democrats and the legacy media is a watershed moment that will be remembered as the point where the mask of decency and the skinsuit of credibility were ripped off both from the Democrats and the legacy media. The conspiracy of silence over Joe Biden’s health is now fully on display for everyone to see.

There may well be a “divorce” in the works alright, but if so it’s a three-way tussle involving Enemedia, the D卐M☭CRAT Party, and Biden, aimed at jettisoning a senile ***”pResident”*** that overnight began to look like more of a liability than an asset. But the sacred D卐M☭CRAT/Enemedia union is a forever kind of deal, ’til death they do part. Those matrimonial ties are enduring, a bond as unbreakable as the cleanest, straightest TIG-weld bead—a seam laid down by the almighty hand of God His Own Self. What God hath joined together, let no floundering, suddenly-inconvenient ProPol put asunder.

“Divorce”? Not on your life, pal; Leftist catechism condemns it as a mortal sin—one of the top three or four, among the Unholiest of Unholies, right up there with Climate Carelessness and Indifference to LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ Issues. Don’t let yourself be gulled by flights of editorial fancy penned by long-suffering conservative media hopheads flying on yet another Hopium jag. On that path lyeth embarrassment, futility, and despair.

Likewise, don’t let’s anybody fritter away a minute of their valuable time writhing on pins and needles awaiting Enemedia’s shamefaced and penitent return to the D卐M☭CRAT Party flock. Fact is, it never left, and it ain’t ever gonna either. It’s a trick, a trap, a mug’s game—exactly the sort of thing we OG bloggers used to derisively jeer at back in the Aulden Thymes as “boob bait for the Bubbas.” If The Enemy wants us to believe they’re in full-throttle discord, disarray, and personal confusion—which appears to be the case, judging by the clangor and unprecedented unanimity of the mass-chorus of Leftwits proclaiming themselves to be so—then the question we most need to be asking ourselves is why that might be.

Shitlibs—“journalismists,” no less—humbly, honestly, and openly admitting error? Frankly and forthrightly ‘fessing up to having been deceived? No excuses, no  evasions, no attempts to blame Real American ignoramii/Trump/toxic White males/fully-semi-automatic assault weapon guns/“fossil” fuels and the deadly, antiquated ICE planet-killers which burn the foul hellbrew/genocidal UltraÜberMegaMAGA ReichWingNaziDeathBeast insurrectionists/Xtianists/RAYCISS!!© bigots/etc etc etc? Contrition and regret, followed by an uncompromising resolve to do better going forward? Conscientious, seemingly sincere self-examination to ascertain how these crusty, jaded, worldly reporter-types got snookered so resoundingly, without ever once twigging to the game? Sorrowful acknowledgment of the catastrophic loss of public trust in establishment media caused by the systemic perversion of the most fundamental tenets of adversary journalism?

Oh, how entirely characteristic of these tirelessly-dedicated, incorruptible “jouralismists.” Oh, how clearly I remember the last time we beheld such an inspiring display of these finer, nobler qualities, ethics, and/or inclinations after they’d shit the bed so appallingly, back in…umm…lemmessee now, it was…it was no more than…uhhh, yeah, I think that musta been…uhhhhhhh…errrr, wasn’t it only just…ummmmm

Yeah, NO. Sorry, not buying any. You’ll have to peddle that shit someplace else, ain’t no market for it over here. Leftists, may I remind you, with no plan, no program, no end-game, no orchestration, no objective in mind well beforehand; everything random, spontaneous, unrehearsed. When’s the last time you ever heard of so remarkable a thing? You haven’t…because it’s never happened. Remember the kind of priggish, preening, Church Lady-types we’re talking about here, folks. For them, the will to control isn’t merely a preference, an idle pursuit, or even a relatively innocuous habit of mind: it’s hard-coded into their DNA. Not a choice, but a compulsion; not a psychological eccentricity, but a biological imperative. Not a harmless quirk, but a deadly-dangerous, instinctual need.

If you think the above evaluation a mite over the top, unfairly harsh, perhaps even made up or at best exaggerated, I beg to inform you that actually,  it’s the product of many years of firsthand experience with the breed, up close and personal. Trust me, the music-biz is slap full of ‘em, full to overflowing. Yes, exactly like a clogged toilet. The parallels are downright uncanny. Also, disgusting.

For anyone still unconvinced on this, I suggest you try bucking a Leftist whilst he/she is deep in the thralls of flexing his/her Power & Control muscles, in even the most insignificant context. I guarantee it will be a revelation for you—a powerfully educational interlude you’ll remember always, vividly and painfully, regardless of how desperately you’ll wish you could forget it ever happened. Remain alert and aware as the contest of will progresses, on your toes and ready to run for your life the instant it feels needful. Which it definitely will, unless you back down and mollify your triumphant adversary with an intimate, candid, exhaustively specific recitative detailing what an insufferable asshole prick you are, always have been, and doubtless shall remain.

THEN run, just as hard, as fast, and as far as you can. That should get you far enough from the blast radius to be safe.

BOTTOM LINE SUMMATION: According to the known odds, contemporaneous evidence, the historical record, and the nature of the “journalismic” beast, this “divorce” alarum is poppycock—a pre-scripted ruse staged for purposes we know not of as yet, likely never will. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but. Remember the Steyn Maxim:

This is happening because they want it to happen.

The guys running this soap opera know the ending they’re working up to, and any unexpected plot twists en route are designed to serve that end.

Indubitably so. Biden may be a goner himself, politically speaking, but the D卐M☭CRAT/Enemedia “divorce” story is a put-on, ninety-nine and forty-four-hundredths percent pure bunkum. A love like theirs can never die, and anyone trying to tell you otherwise is either a fool or no more to be trusted than your average Congresscritter, shitlib “journalismist,” or snake-oil peddler.


Government playing God

YET AGAIN, that is.

To save spotted owls, US officials plan to kill hundreds of thousands of another owl species
To save the imperiled spotted owl from potential extinction, U.S. wildlife officials are embracing a contentious plan to deploy trained shooters into dense West Coast forests to kill almost a half-million barred owls that are crowding out their cousins.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service strategy released Wednesday is meant to prop up declining spotted owl populations in Oregon, Washington state and California. The Associated Press obtained details in advance.

Documents released by the agency show up to about 450,000 barred owls would be shot over three decades after the birds from the eastern U.S. encroached into the West Coast territory of two owls: northern spotted owls and California spotted owls. The smaller spotted owls have been unable to compete with the invaders, which have large broods and need less room to survive than spotted owls.

Past efforts to save spotted owls focused on protecting the forests where they live, sparking bitter fights over logging but also helping slow the birds’ decline. The proliferation of barred owls in recent years is undermining that earlier work, officials said.

“Without actively managing barred owls, northern spotted owls will likely go extinct in all or the majority of their range, despite decades of collaborative conservation efforts,” said Fish and Wildlife Service Oregon state supervisor Kessina Lee.

The notion of killing one bird species to save another has divided wildlife advocates and conservationists. It’s reminiscent of past government efforts to save West Coast salmon by killing sea lions and cormorants that prey on the fish, and to preserve warblers by killing cowbirds that lay eggs in warbler nests.

“The Fish and Wildlife Service is turning from protector of wildlife to persecutor of wildlife,” said Wayne Pacelle, founder of the advocacy group Animal Wellness Action. He predicted the program would fail because the agency won’t be able to keep more barred owls from migrating into areas where others have been killed.

The shootings would likely begin next spring, officials said. Barred owls would be lured using megaphones to broadcast recorded owl calls, then shot with shotguns. Carcasses would be buried on site.

Sick, arrogant fucks. But don’t any of you Serf Class oafs be getting any bright ideas from this, mmmkay?

Public hunting of barred owls wouldn’t be allowed. The wildlife service would designate government agencies, landowners, American Indian tribes or companies to carry out the killings. Shooters would have to provide documentation of training or experience in owl identification and firearm skills.

Oh goodie, I feel better already! I’m confident it will all work out a-okay—y’know, just like every other one of their meddlesome, half-baked schemes has— now that I know that goobermint-vetted “experts” are involved. There DOES seem to be one other tiny, minor little problem though.

But there is more to this story than the “old growth” fabrication. Another misrepresentation is that the northern spotted owl is a unique species at all.

Endangered “northern spotted owls” are a “sub-species” of spotted owls, which means they are, in fact, the same species as California spotted owls and Mexican spotted owls, which also live on the west coast. Their difference is that geographic distance and separation have caused some differences in plumage and appearance. To call these spotted owls a different “sub-species” is like stating that Norwegians, Koreans, and Nigerians are different subspecies of homo sapiens. The notion of bird “sub-species” is actively rejected by many in the ornithology community.

This research piece from the Cooper Ornithological Society makes it rather clear that the spotted owl is all one species, noting that the northern spotted owl’s identifying features are based on a specimen from Puget Sound in Washington, while the California spotted owl is based on one from Southern California, but the identifying features of spotted owls gradually morph between the two locations.

In summary, two great lies are at the root of the environmental damage that has been done in the name of the spotted owl: 1) That logging was responsible for their decreasing spotted owl population in the Pacific Northwest; and 2) That there is even such a species as the “northern spotted owl.”

But hundreds of thousands of barred owls are now going to be killed in perpetuation of these lies. Considering that the “green,” anti-carbon advocates of the wind industry defend the senseless killing of millions of eagles, raptors, and migratory birds as a necessary religious sacrament, this proposed owl slaughter is consistent with the 21st Century environmental movement.

Ummm…OOOPS! Well, hey, ya wins some and ya loses some, I reckon. After all, it’s really the thought that counts, right?


Horse Puckey, it was always Horse Puckey

The BRICS countries are primarily 3rd world shitholes, commies (or both), or have petro dollars. They are not displacing the dollar, not today and not tomorrow. It’s a fantasy of the anti-American set and those caught up in the narrative of American decline.

The $ will not be displaced.

BRICS Currency Swap: Too Small and Complex to Dethrone the Dollar

At last, we know

At least a few of the names of the scumsacks actually at the dysfunctional helm of the Ship Of State, now hulled, taking on water, and listing heavily to port.

Biden staff “miserable,” alarmed as pressure builds
Between the lines: Some Biden aides believe those closest to the president have created a cocoon around him that initially seemed earnestly protective, but now appears potentially deceptive in the debate’s aftermath.

  • They particularly focus on Deputy Chief of Staff Annie Tomasini, the first lady’s top adviser Anthony Bernal, and longtime aide Ashley Williams, who joined the deputy chief of staff’s office when Tomasini ascended to the role earlier this year.
  • Those close aides have many duties. But officials recall instances of them helping Biden make up for mental lapses, including prompting him to remember people he has known for a long time.
  • Such moments could be dismissed as normal lapses. But many Biden aides now wonder whether they were signs of something deeper.
  • One former Biden aide told Axios: “Annie, Ashley and Anthony create a protective bubble around POTUS. He’s staffed so closely that he’s lost all independence. POTUS relies on staff to nudge him with reminders of who he’s meeting, including former staffers and advisers who Biden should easily remember without a reminder from Annie.”

White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told Axios: “These are standard processes for any White House, regardless of president or party. The claims about these individuals — whose professionalism and character are respected across the administration — are inaccurate.”

Sorry Charlie, but I’m afraid nobody gives a tinker’s damn about their professionalism, nor how many Biden junta hacks respect them for it. Moreover, as power-drunk D卐M☭CRAT swine their piss-poor “character” is all too apparent, a matter beyond all possible debate. The real issue here is whence their presumptive authority derives, as Ed Morrissey helpfully points out.

Have readers ever heard of Annie Tomasini, Anthony Bernal, or Ashley Williams? I’ve worked in politics for over 20 years now, and only Williams’ name seems vaguely familiar. Only Bernal’s name comes up in our archives, once almost exactly two years ago and only as brief mention in someone else’s statement. Presidents hire aides to help and support their work, but those aides are supposed to work for the president, not run him.

It almost makes the sudden appearance of Hunter Biden in policy meetings look explicable. Why else would Biden have “a convicted felon” in meetings with officials? Is it to break through a cabal of aides desperately trying to keep Biden’s incapacitation under wraps?

The White House pushed back furiously on this report, but former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson practically turned this bug into a feature earlier in the week. Johnson tried to pooh-pooh any concern about Biden’s fitness at the moment or for the next four years by basically arguing that voters elect bureaucrats to run things for presidents, or something.

And there you have it: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. These grubby termites have never been elected to a Gott damned thing, yet they imagine themselves duly entitled to arrogate Presidential authority, responsibilities, and duties to themselves nonetheless, owing to the expedient rationalization that their beloved usurper ***”pResident”*** is a mentally-incapacitated rutabaga.

Just who do these “people” think they are, anyway? And why, exactly, should Real Americans feel themselves obliged to meekly accept this sorry state of affairs, with nary a discouraging word ever to be heard? The shrieking-shitlib amen chorus neither knows nor gives a drizzling shit about what the Constitution has to say, clearly and unequivocally, about such a situation, but some of us still do. The Deep State Enemy securely entrenched in the federal bureaucracy needs to be forcefully reminded of that salient fact, by any and all means necessary, and that right soon. Back over to Ed for the Constitutional coup de main.

Is that how the Constitution works? Does Article II divide executive authority between a number of bureaus and bureaucrats, or does it invest its authority in one person — the person that states elect to the presidency?

And furthermore, the Constitution has something to say about fitness, too. The Twenty-Fifth Amendment got ratified because of the nearly disastrous fourth term of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the necessity of formalizing the vice-presidential succession after John F. Kennedy’s assassination. (Previous to ratification of this amendment in 1967, VPs succeeding after a death were technically only acting presidents.) The Twenty-Fifth Amendment does not treat presidential disability or unfitness as a no-biggie because of the bureaucrats and White House staffers. In fact, it demands action to resolve presidential incapacity.

If Biden has “lost all independence” to the point where his aides and his family are making decisions and using the executive power and authority of the office of President, then the president is functionally incapacitated. That’s a much bigger deal than whether Biden runs for a second term; the question then becomes who’s running Biden’s current term.

Exactly, precisely, indubitably so. If Real Americans supinely permit this completely intolerable lawlessness to continue, then that failure of nerve and the resultant catastrophe will be entirely on us.


The Soviet origins of “he has a cold”

How very fitting for the D卐M☭CRATs, nyet?

A 1997 Time Magazine piece reminds 2024 Americans that this “has a cold” business has a long and storied legacy in the Soviet Union. 

The Kremlin has a credibility problem when it comes to presidential health. The first time officials announced Yeltsin had a head cold, while he was running for re-election in the summer of 1996, it turned out to be a loose synonym for a near fatal heart attack. For the rest of the year, he was prostrate and the country was paralyzed. A multiple-bypass operation in November 1996 seemed to bring a miracle recovery. Then two months later, Yeltsin came down with another “cold”–this time, his aides said, the result of a post-sauna chill. This cold quickly metamorphosed into pneumonia and two more months of anxiety, political stagnation and fruitless discussion about the presidential succession. [emphasis added]

Now go back to that quote and replace the word “Kremlin” with White House, replace Yeltsin with Biden, and “officials” with Ron Klain and Barack Obama.

Zee Pahty’s political minders sent out the talking points to their minions, but on debate night, when Joe couldn’t finish a sentence, they knew they couldn’t cover for him anymore. Biden had been cramming, prepping, resting, and taking concoctions and infusions for a week to get ready for the prime-time debate, but President Calling-A-Lid at 10 a.m. still couldn’t handle a 90-minute TV exchange with Team Biden moderators. 

Legacy news outlets, like American Pravda’s Joe Scarborough and Izvestia’s Joy Reid were busted. They couldn’t pass off Joe’s decline by dismissing it as a right-wing conspiracy theory any longer. They admitted, without using words, that they’d been lying to the American public about Joe Biden’s health. Either that, or they are the dumbest people in America. Both can be true.

Just wait until they “find out” about Hunter Biden’s laptop, Joe Biden’s open border, the conspiracy to jail Trump, Joe’s influence peddling, and who left cocaine at the White House.

Ayup—and then, the Repugnicunts don’t do a single damned thing about any of it. Because, y’know, Repugnicunts.


Sharp as a tack!

If this isn’t the next Trump campaign ad, it damned well oughta be.

The thing to remember here is, contra what the scum-sucking liars keep insisting, even in his very best years Too Aulde Jaux was NEVER “sharp as a tack.”

(Via Ace)


Pre-debate prediction

First, though, allow me to present (via Stephen) a behind-the-scenes peek at Biden’s debate prep.

Not entirely sure if it’s real or parody; these days, it’s virtually impossible to tell.

Now for the prognosticatin’. Despite Pedaux Jaux’s inarguable, obvious infirmity, decrepitude, inability to walk, think, or speak intelligibly, the sad, sorry fact is that Trump has already lost; no matter what he says or does tonight, how brilliantly he may perform onstage, his opponent will be acclaimed throughout Enemedia as the clear winner.

Trump won’t be debating one person but three, all of whom loathe Orange Man Bad with a blazing passion. All Faux Jaux has to do to seal his
victory is show up, not fall down or wander offstage, and remain marginally calm and coherent for an hour and a half, and voila! Ladies and germs, we have ourselves a WINNAH!

If Trump so much as looks as if he’s about to land a knockout blow, his mic will be muted, every camera turned away from him and towards his drooling, cadaverous opponent. Whatever Trump IS permitted to say on-mic will be sliced, diced, and dissected immediately by the partisan moderators, who will eagerly explain to their audience of lowing cattle what that awful Nazi terroristic threat to “democracy” REALLY just said. Should Trump object or in any fashion attempt to defend himself, his mic will be shut off, the cameras trained again on the semi-sentient, doped-to-the-gills zombie grinning vacantly into them.

If deemed needful, the “moderators” will call in Biden’s SS detail to subdue the dangerous madman Trump by any and all means—up to and including nightsticks, saps, and an economy-sized blast of pepper spray full in the face. As the bleeding, unconscious Trump is carried off-camera to his Secure and Undisclosed prison cell to await indictment, trial, and conviction for the latest cobbled-up “crime,” Jake the Fake and Dana Gash will rush to the side of the unanimously-beloved ***“pResident”***, each impartial moderator hoisting one of Jaux’s withered, decomposing arms in celebratory salute of the near-effortless way Faux Jaux vanquished his abominable, habitually-violent, “democracy”-threatening foeman.

The “debate” after-party closes with the emergence of a chorus line of sag-bellied “transgender” Manwomen from the Stage Left(ist) wings to can-can at center stage, spectacularly bedecked in neon-dyed frightwigs, fishnet stockings, too-tight tye-died T-shirts above leather G-strings, exposed cock-n-ballbags prominently a-flounce and a-dangle for the delectation of all right-thinking debate attendees, their saucer-eyed, bewildered elementary-schoolers most particularly—the high-kicking, hairy-legged drag queens’ muddleheaded caricature of feminine pulchritude emphasized by metric tons of bizarre makeup.

Tomorrow morning, the “conservative” punditry will indignantly harrumph-harrumph over this intelligence-insulting traveshamockery, resulting in nothing of use. The day after, at most two, all will have been forgotten; the next Righteous Crusade will be taken up with alacrity, producing the selfsame results their show of Dudgeon Most High following the “debate” did—ie, none whatsoever.

The kiddy-diddler wins, the Donald loses, and that’s really all there is to it. The outcome was foreordained the moment Trump agreed to his subordinate role in the pre-rigged shitshow, reinforced by a surfeit of outrageous, unfair conditions under which it was to be conducted in the bargain.

Update! I must admit, I like the Bee’s predictions a heckuva lot better than mine.

The Babylon Bee’s 100% Accurate Predictions For Tonight’s Debate
Excitement for tonight’s presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has already reached a fever pitch, and The Babylon Bee is here to cover it all — and tell you what will happen. Years of battle-hardened journalistic expertise and election coverage have yielded the following list of totally accurate predictions for tonight’s debate to give you a heads-up of things to watch for:

  1. Biden will go the full 90 minutes without blinking: Meaning he’ll be completely dialed in and not under the influence of any chemical substances whatsoever.
  2. Trump will make up 13 new nicknames for Biden throughout the evening: Biden will respond by reciting the 13 new indictments for Trump that his team has made up in the last week.
  3. Biden will utter the phrase “convicted felon” at least 384 times: It may not always be intelligible, but he’ll say it.
  4. FBI agents authorized to use deadly force will raid Trump’s podium midway through the debate: Somebody said that Trump has been storing classified documents next to a spare putter in the podium he’ll be using.
  5. Biden will respond to a question by asking Obama to please stand up and be recognized: He’ll be pointing to a random black man in the crowd, of course, but it’s the sentiment that counts.

Why yes, of course there’s more at the link. Why do you ask?

Updated update! It only just now occurred to me that, having mentioned the Manwoman supporting cast dancing the can-can in riotous celebration of Biden’s Big Win, the perfect opportunity for an apposite musical interlude presents itself.

Now for a good brain-bleach scouring with a steel-bristled brush, to erase the disturbing, gorge-raising mental image of a bunch of flabby, inadequately-attired Manwomen cavorting onstage from it.


Trump gag order extended, expanded

To now include…well, basically, everyone who isn’t a hardcore, Red in tooth and claw D卐M☭CRAT.

Connecticut Bar Association Issues Warning To Lawyers Who Speak Out Against Trump’s Prosecution
The Connecticut Bar Association (CBA) issued a warning Friday to public officials who speak out against former President Donald Trump’s prosecution.

During his Manhattan trial, Trump often read aloud remarks against his prosecution made by lawyers and media pundits outside the courtroom in avoidance of violating his gag order. Leadership from the CBA railed against “unsubstantiated and reckless” defenses of Trump by lawyers, saying in the statement that “such statements can promote acts of violence against those serving the public as employees of the judicial branch.”

“Words matter. Reckless words attacking the integrity of our judicial system matter even more,” the statement reads. “In the wake of the recent trial and conviction of former President Donald Trump, public officials have issued statements claiming that the trial was a ‘sham,’ a ‘hoax,’ and ‘rigged’; our justice system is ‘corrupt and rigged’; the judge was ‘corrupt’ and ‘highly unethical’; and, that the jury was ‘partisan’ and ‘precooked.’ Others claimed the trial was ‘America’s first communist show trial’—a reference to historic purges of high-ranking communist officials that were used to eliminate political threats.”

The CBA leadership acknowledged that “free speech includes criticism.” The statement, however, claimed that “headlines’ grabbing, baseless allegations” made by public officials against Trump’s prosecution “have no place in the public discourse.”

Ahh, more of those “baseless allegations” then, just polished up a bit and stuffed into a brand-new contextual box. Gotcha. For my money, the Bard of Avon never looked quite so foresighted, timeless, and sagacious as he does right this very minute, whether he originally meant his deathless words in the way they’ve come to be taken or no.



Can’t we please change the channel, Mom? This one is old and stale; it just plays the same tired shows we’ve already seen a million kajillion times, over and over and over again.

Liberal Media Scream: CNN proves anti-Trump bias days before debate
And just like that, CNN showed its anti-Trump bias on Monday, just three days before hosting the first debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, proving Republicans correct in complaining that the debate would be an ambush.

It came early Monday morning when anchor Kasie Hunt was hosting Trump spokeswoman Karoline Leavitt. At the time, Secrets was considering the week’s choices for the Liberal Media Scream feature with Brent Baker of the Media Research Center.

I’m so old, I can remember when Republicans said their guy Mittens Romneycare ought to refuse to participate in any more debates because the “moderator,” Candy Crowley, being an obviously partisan member of the “liberal” media, was biased. In fact, I’ve been hearing this since at least the days of Shrubya, if not before that, even. Now we get this Big Blockbuster News Flash©: the partisan “liberal” debate moderators might actually be *GASP* partisan “liberals!” Even more SHOCKING, they don’t seem to give three whoops in Hell who knows it, either!

Ho fucking hum. Wake me when the shooting starts, willya?


Deadly denouement

Stupid fucking dick-with-ears.

Alec Baldwin fired blank at crew member before fatal ‘Rust’ shooting: prosecutors
Alec Baldwin once fired a blank round at a crew member on the set of “Rust,” prosecutors alleged in new court papers, as they accused the actor of being reckless with firearms while filming.

Gee, wonder if that mightn’t be the same type of “blank round” that did for Brandon Lee some years back, perchance? Or Jon-Erik Hexum? Or Terry Kath, say? Naaah, couldn’t be, it’s unpossible.

Prosecutors in the New Mexico involuntary manslaughter case against the “30 Rock” star said they plan to bring evidence at his trial — slated to begin on July 9 — showing that Baldwin had a history of flouting safety protocols on set, which led to Halyna Hutchins’ tragic shooting death in 2021.

One such reckless moment came when Baldwin, 66, pointed his gun and fired “a blank round at a crew member” while he held the person target in his line of sight, prosecutors alleged in the Monday filing.

Other examples of Baldwin ignoring safety procedures between Oct. 12, 2021 up until the day of the shooting included him using his gun as a pointer; firing the weapon after filming was over in violation of safety rules; holding his finger on the trigger in scenes that didn’t require it; rushing armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed to reload his gun faster; and being on FaceTime with his family and making videos for them during firearms training, the court papers claimed.

And before filming even started Baldwin — one of the producers and the leading actor in the movie — “asked to be assigned the ‘biggest’ gun available,” the filing alleged.

In one clip, he “can be seen engaging in horseplay with his gun and pulling his gun when the scene did not call for the pulling of his gun,” the papers claimed. “When he pulls his gun the muzzle of the gun is pointed directly at another actor.”

Prosecutors said many clips show an angry and aggressive Baldwin, who can also be seen halting filming to yell and swear at the crew.

“Mr. Baldwin can be seen screaming intermittently throughout the attempts at filming the scene,” the filing claimed. “He exercises complete control over the set by stopping the acting sequence, cursing loudly and rushing the other cast and crew.”

Taken altogether this “intrinsic evidence” of Baldwin’s “other acts” leading up to Hutchins’ death shows that the incident wasn’t an “accident or mistake” — as Baldwin has maintained all along, prosecutors said.

Indeed. Looks a lot more like a pattern of behavior from where I’m sitting. Although YMMV, of course and as always.

The funny-but-not-ha-ha-funny aspect of all this is the observable demonstration of Mike’s Iron Law #462 represented herein: clearly the jerk Baldwin, subconsciously or otherwise, regarded the prop guns he recklessly and obnoxiously brandished at people on-set as the “penis substitutes” shitlibs like him so love to mock gun-fanciers for supposedly using to compensate for certain, ummm, shortcomings, shall we say. Y’know, same as stump-jumping 4WD pickups, Harley Davidsons, Texas-sized cowboy belt buckles, and high-performance American V8 engines also are.

Totally ignorant about guns of every type and description; unmindful of the most elementary precepts of firearm safety; blinded by his bloated, unchecked ego to the very real peril his childish monkeyshines put others in; negligent, preening, profoundly self-absorbed, inconsiderate, unprofessional—the real marvel here is that Alec Baldwin’s damn-fool jackanapery didn’t get some other cast- or crew-member killed long before now. Truly, the man’s a menace. One can only wonder what other horror-stories about his on-set misconduct remain untold, except in sotto voce whispers amongst the pitiable souls condemned to work with the bratty little asswart over the years.


Further proof, as if any were needed

What does Mike’s Iron Law #873 say? They will NOT stop. They will NEVER stop. They will have to BE stopped. Period fucking dot, end of fucking story.

A New And Predictable Front For Gun Grabbers
Something many of us have been warning about keeps unfolding. While attempts to pass any sort of direct gun bans through Congress have been stymied for a long time and Supreme Court decisions like New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc. v. Bruen have been instrumental in overturning unconstitutional state gun control laws, it is clear that the anti-2A forces are not giving up and are instead increasingly doing an end-around on Congress via lawfare.

Here is the latest effort on the lawfare front…

Families of the children who survived the 2022 Robb Elementary mass shooting and parents of those who died have filed a lawsuit against UPS and FedEx, claiming the shipping companies played a part in the massacre that left two teachers and 19 children dead by transporting the rifle and trigger accessories to the gunman.

The lawsuit, filed in Bexar County last month, seeks a jury trial to determine compensatory and punitive damages. The suit claims that the actions of the shipping company caused the families to “suffer and sustain severe physical, mental, and emotional harm” that has resulted and will continue to result in medical expenses and losses of income throughout their lives.

FedEx delivered the AR-15-style rifle to Oasis Outback, which is where the shooter picked up the firearm, the lawsuit said. UPS sent the Hell-Fire trigger modification, which allows a semiautomatic rifle to shoot at a faster rate of speed, to the shooter.

The lawsuit would seem to be without merit. Both the AR-15 and the trigger modification are perfectly legal products, shipped under tight controls. All firearms shipped in the U.S. must be delivered to a valid Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder and those FFLs are subject to strict rules about transfers and are under the oversight of the ATF. Meritless or not, frivolous lawsuits like these might find a sympathetic activist judge and jury who will go along, and even if that doesn’t happen there is an enormous cost to defending a company against lawsuits like this.

While these lawsuits are partly a money grab (the families are also suing Instagram and Activision along with Daniel Defense because the Uvalde shooter played Call of Duty), they are also aimed at shutting down a critical pipeline for gun-owners. It won’t happen with this lawsuit but just as the Firearms Policy Coalition likes to meme, the lawsuit printer runs non-stop, and it works for gun control groups just as much as it does for pro-2A groups like the FPC and GOA.

I keep saying we are in a unique window right now for buying firearms and while most of you presumably already have a bunch, now is the time to make sure you have the right firearms and ammo and accessories. Maybe it is time to upgrade your main rifle or your everyday carry pistol. Perhaps an upgraded trigger? You can always use more magazines. Or spare parts, Big Country did a good post the other day about what bits and bobs you should have for your AR: Needed Some Time Off and What to Have to Service Your Boom-Stick. Point is, don’t take for granted how awesome things are for gun buyers right now, it will not last.

You have been warned. What you do with that warning is your bidness.

That’s about the size of it, yeah. Y’know, sometimes I just can’t help but HATE being proved right all the time.


A feeble conviction

All talk, no teeth.

The hidden issues in Hunter Biden’s gun crime conviction
Hunter Biden was recently convicted of three felony gun charges. As conservatives, it’s hard not to enjoy this for a moment. The entitlement that he’s felt all his life, his reckless behavior in all areas of his life, his spoiled rich frat-boy attitude — it’s very easy to feel the schadenfreude. Honestly, it’s impossible not to feel it.

And the fact that he broke the law is so obvious that I’m surprised that it took the jury ten minutes, much less three hours, to convict. But his conviction obscures the deeper issues in this case.

First, let’s talk about Form 4473, the ATF form Hunter signed, that clearly spells out the illegality and penalties for knowingly submitting false information. Joe Biden is on record and on video claiming he was instrumental in creating that form, for which he has bragged about wanting more severe penalties for false answers. The MSM, including Fox, have ignored that aspect of this story, but the aspect is a key element of the important story.

Democrats claim they want to reduce crime through gun control laws. We all know that this is a smoke grenade covering what they really want, which is gun prohibition. The response from the media and from the Biden administration should demonstrate to well-meaning but ignorant Democrat voters that gun control has nothing to do with saving lives or reducing crime. If the Republicans don’t put Joe’s statements about Form 4473 in an ad this election season, they’re committing election malpractice.

There is another important and interesting element to this story. Hunter’s legal team has already signaled that it intends to invoke the 2nd Amendment on appeal. That’s right: they’re going to argue the NRA position that Form 4473 violates the Constitution. I happen to agree with this argument. The one right recognized in the Bill of Rights that is not contingent on anything at all is the 2nd Amendment. Therefore, I believe Form 4473 is unconstitutional. You don’t lose your right to free speech if you’re a drug addict. You don’t lose your right to freedom from searches and seizures. Why should you lose the right to defend yourself?

Does it make practical sense to deny drug addicts access to firearms? Of course. But in my belief system, the pragmatic must often take a back seat to the principle. I must admit, though, that I am looking forward to watching the leftist media argue that the verdict violates the 2nd Amendment. I might even tune in to The View, and risk the inevitable brain cell loss that comes from listening to their “reasoning,” to watch their collective minds melt.

There’s a third important issue. Just hours after Hunter’s conviction for violating federal gun laws, Joe (and by “Joe” I mean whoever is really president) chose not to cancel his speech to the gun control organization Everytown for Gun Safety. The bizarrely ironic political decision to give this speech on this day must be one of the weirdest moments in politics I’ve ever witnessed. The idiots in the room did not see the irony, chanting, “Four more years!” and applauding loudly at every partially unintelligible word passing from the teleprompter through the corn maze of Joe’s brain and out through the microphone.

A fine article, chock-a-block with snappy, stinging riffage from overture to coda, winding up thusly:

Finally, the third and most important issue. Once again, Joe doubled down on his argument that having guns to protect yourself from a tyrannical government is silly because “you’d need an F-15.” Many have pointed out the obvious threat in this argument, and they are correct. It’s clearly a threat. But there’s something more subtle at play here. Without realizing the implications, he’s actually arguing that fully armed F-15s owned by private citizens are protected by the 2nd Amendment.

Think about it. If you agree that the 2nd Amendment is to protect you from a tyrannical government — and I’d argue that we’re watching that tyranny progress in real time — then logically, F-15s and tanks, and whatever else citizens need to defend themselves against that threat, are protected arms. I don’t want to live in a world like that, but then, I haven’t threatened the American people several times with the use of fighter-bomber aircraft. I’m not making that argument; I’m just pointing out that Joe Biden has been making it unintentionally.

As conservatives, let’s enjoy our little moment here. It’s satisfying to see a despicable person like Hunter Biden feel some consequences for the first time in his entitled life. (Although he’s certain to be pardoned by his father after the election.)

But let’s keep our eyes on the issues revealed in this case that really matter.

In my view, there’s but one (1) issue in this case that really, truly matters—which, when all’s said and done, ain’t gonna matter a whit, de facto if not de jure. To wit: will Faux Jaux’s pwecious widdle Huntie face any serious consequences for the crimes of which he has been duly charged, tried, and convicted beyond said conviction, perhaps a light juridical slap on the wrist before Daddykins pardons his iniquitous, Biden Cosa Nostra oxygen-thief ass? If you think he will, please contact me straightaway using the email addy over in the right sidebar; I have some lovely, desirable beachfront acreage in Arizona up for sale I’d love to discuss with your dumb Pollyanna ass.


Rollin’ along

Too Aulde Jaux just keeps rolling on and on.

Biden botches Thomas Jefferson quote and falsely claims Americans couldn’t own cannons during the Civil War in gun control speech
President Biden falsely claimed Tuesday that the Second Amendment prohibits the ownership of cannons and botched a famous quote from a founding father during a speech in support of gun control.

“There has never been a time that says you could own anything you want,” Biden said in remarks at the Gun Sense University conference in Washington, DC.

“Never. You couldn’t own a cannon during the Civil War,” the 81-year-old president claimed. “No, I’m serious. Think about it.”

Actually, best not to, Jaux; too many people starting to think for themselves, seriously and carefully, about your ahistorical nitwittery can only spell Heap Big Trouble for you and yours.

The big question here is whether Bribem is just factually incorrect this time, or actively, knowingly lying again. Only his dipey-dumper knows for sure, but this next jawdropping fuckup tends to indicate…well, something, anyway, God only knows what.

Shortly after the mistake, the president flubbed a famous line from Thomas Jefferson’s 1787 letter to former Continental Army officer William Stephens Smith, in which the former president expressed his support for Americans resisting tyranny. 

“How much have you heard this phrase, ‘the blood of liberty … washes those’ – give me a break,” Biden said in a mocking tone. 

Jefferson’s quote is, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

“It is it’s natural manure,” the founding father added in his letter concerning 18th century uprisings by American farmers against state and local taxes and debt collection.

My post title/opening line calls for an eminently appropriate Bachman-Turner embed, methinks.

Great song, great vid, great lyrics, great storyline, great typically-minimalist Randy Bachman solo, great babes, great cherryburst LP Standard—all of it, intro to outro, nothing but the pure, the blushful rocket-from-the-roadhouse Real Deal. I ask you people: what’s not to like here?


Up your Pride Month

You WILL observe the shitlib religious pieties, apostate. Or, y’know, else.

Lime Scooters Will Now Shut Down If Driven Over Pride Flag Crosswalk In Spokane, WA
Lime, a popular electric scooter and bike rental service, has announced it will be implementing a “no-go zone” around a crosswalk painted with a large Pride flag mural in Spokane, Washington. The crosswalk has become the center of much discussion after the arrest of multiple teens for making skid marks on the painted pavement.

On June 6, the Spokane Police Department announced the arrest of three teenagers on charges of 1st Degree Malicious Mischief, all in relation to the alleged vandalism of a Pride flag-painted crosswalk at the intersection of Howard Street and Spokane Falls Boulevard.

According to the press release, “911 received a complaint advising multiple subjects on scooters were causing damage to the newly painted Pride mural.”

Which, unlike so many other things, is a complaint the Shitlib Ideological Enforcement Squad will assuredly move on with genuine urgency.

While discussion surrounding the incident continues to rage on, the scooter rental company at the center of the alleged “acts of vandalism” has now issued a statement.

“All of us at Lime condemn these vile acts in no uncertain terms,” Lime Director of Government Relations Hayden Harvey told The National Desk. “At a time when our teams at Lime are beginning pride celebrations around the globe, it is disturbing to see the hate taking place in Spokane.”

Lime has now implemented a “no-go zone” over the crosswalk, meaning scooters driven over the mural will be remotely shut down. According to the company’s website, entering a “no-go zone” will cause a Lime vehicle to “gradually come to a stop,” forcing a rider to walk their scooter until it is outside the zone.

Or, alternatively, you could also just drop the dainty little sissymobile in the middle of the fucking street and leave it laying for the local Limeys to retrieve their damned selves, or hopefully be run over and smushed flat by following traffic. I know not what course others may take, but as for me…


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