Breaking news FLASH: Dog bites man!!!

Oh me oh my oh merciful Mother o’ God, whatever shall we DO? ALL IS LOST…

Ho fucking HUM. Insty calls it in his usual pithy, concise way.


Heh. Indeed. Sorry, STILL don’t give a drippy fart what scumsack pseudo-Repugnicunt Shitlick Soozie Collins© thinks, says, or does, about anything whatsoever. Nor her stupid, sorry-ass supporters neither. Now I do admit, being nonchalant and imperturbable is not the default response for me. But in this case, I am willing to make an exception.

Update! I will point out one amusing aspect to this otherwise flaccid, deadly-dull item of (no) interest: evidently, this Stretchsnizz Collins (non)person foolishly seems to think, per her “announcement,” that there might possibly be somebody out there somewhere who actually DOES care about what she thinks, says, or does. Okay, so who wants to break it to her…?

Ow that SMARTS update! Commenter Tom Smith tears her a new one.

Correia gives Collins too much credit.

Regular red-state America doesn’t waste its time even to form an opinion about Susan Collins.

YEEOWTCH! Good one Tom, and so, so true.

This shall not stand!

Aww, what a darn shame.

Lesbian Duo Baffled as to Why Muslim Gang Would Pummel Them. Who Wants to Break the News?
A gang of “Middle Eastern men” beat the potato salad out of a lesbian couple in Halifax, Nova Scotia, leaving the two zamis to wonder why the men would treat the ladies so viciously, especially considering it was during Pride month.

Emma MacLean, one of the women assaulted, posted to Facebook that there were between seven and ten men, all between the ages of 18 and 25 and “believed to be from Syria.”

As some may know, myself and my partner Tori were attacked on Saturday night by a group of 7-10+ middle eastern men, believed to be from Syria, aged 18-25 on Argyle Street in downtown Halifax. 

One particular individual, wearing a red shirt with a walking boot, initially made a sexually degrading comment to me. My partner Tori and this man got into a verbal altercation where this individual made several disgusting slurs, some being homophobic. Following this, the 7-10 men attacked me and my partner, throwing several punches and kicks to our faces, ribs, etc. 

The outcome of this attack has resulted in a broken nose, chipped tooth, several bruises and lumps on our head, faces, etc. We are extremely thankful that things were not worse. 

If anyone has any further information or had witnessed this event, or has personal video footage, I would be extremely grateful if you could share it. 

Stay safe and happy pride month.

MacLean would later admit that her girlfriend, Tori, followed the gang after they made homophobic slurs toward the women. That’s when things got spicy.

Tori was pushed to the ground, and that’s when the punches and kicks began to fly.

“I’m terrified to go downtown again in Halifax,” MacLean told CTV news. “I just feel like it’s so out of your control on what could happen. It’s overwhelming. I didn’t expect something like this to happen, especially with it happening during pride month as well.”

Some of us have been saying for a long time now that stupidity ought to be literally, physically painful, and whaddya know: in Nova Scotia at any rate, now it is.

The Soviet origins of “he has a cold”

How very fitting for the D卐M☭CRATs, nyet?

A 1997 Time Magazine piece reminds 2024 Americans that this “has a cold” business has a long and storied legacy in the Soviet Union. 

The Kremlin has a credibility problem when it comes to presidential health. The first time officials announced Yeltsin had a head cold, while he was running for re-election in the summer of 1996, it turned out to be a loose synonym for a near fatal heart attack. For the rest of the year, he was prostrate and the country was paralyzed. A multiple-bypass operation in November 1996 seemed to bring a miracle recovery. Then two months later, Yeltsin came down with another “cold”–this time, his aides said, the result of a post-sauna chill. This cold quickly metamorphosed into pneumonia and two more months of anxiety, political stagnation and fruitless discussion about the presidential succession. [emphasis added]

Now go back to that quote and replace the word “Kremlin” with White House, replace Yeltsin with Biden, and “officials” with Ron Klain and Barack Obama.

Zee Pahty’s political minders sent out the talking points to their minions, but on debate night, when Joe couldn’t finish a sentence, they knew they couldn’t cover for him anymore. Biden had been cramming, prepping, resting, and taking concoctions and infusions for a week to get ready for the prime-time debate, but President Calling-A-Lid at 10 a.m. still couldn’t handle a 90-minute TV exchange with Team Biden moderators. 

Legacy news outlets, like American Pravda’s Joe Scarborough and Izvestia’s Joy Reid were busted. They couldn’t pass off Joe’s decline by dismissing it as a right-wing conspiracy theory any longer. They admitted, without using words, that they’d been lying to the American public about Joe Biden’s health. Either that, or they are the dumbest people in America. Both can be true.

Just wait until they “find out” about Hunter Biden’s laptop, Joe Biden’s open border, the conspiracy to jail Trump, Joe’s influence peddling, and who left cocaine at the White House.

Ayup—and then, the Repugnicunts don’t do a single damned thing about any of it. Because, y’know, Repugnicunts.


Crank call

Musta been another of them Rooskie hacks, I’m thinking.

Trump Spox Sneaks Onto Collapsing Biden Campaign’s Conference Call
Steven Cheung, a principal Trump campaign spokesman, snuck onto a Biden campaign conference call on Monday. He then took to X to call it “the saddest thing I’ve ever listened to.”

“They have given up,” Cheung wrote.

The Trump spox claimed that he was able to sign up for the conference call using his real name and media credentials, and the free-falling campaign let him in.

Read the rest, it’s just about the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long, long while, the all-time world-champeen of political pranks.


Sharp as a tack!

If this isn’t the next Trump campaign ad, it damned well oughta be.

The thing to remember here is, contra what the scum-sucking liars keep insisting, even in his very best years Too Aulde Jaux was NEVER “sharp as a tack.”

(Via Ace)


The Great and Powerful Oz

Feel sorry for the addle-pated, megalomaniacal Too Aulde Jaux? Diplomad snorts, contemptuously and with malice aforethought, that’ll be the fucking day.

Let me take that up.

Feel sorry for Biden?

Nope. Not one bit. For the past fifty years, Biden has been one of the most disgusting, unprincipled politicians on the American scene. Look up his performance on the Clarence Thomas hearings, for example. He stole years’ worth of classified documents, tried to peddle them to a ghost writer, participated in his crack head son’s shady businesses, took money from foreign businesses and governments, and was clearly a racist and an abuser of women, and his daughter. He is a borderline pedo. He tanked his first run for the Presidency when he plagiarized an entire speech from, of all people, Neil Kinnock (Ugh!) He has been a serial fabulist making up wild Walter Mitty-type stories about his past, e.g., arrested on his way to see Mandela, taking on Cornpop. He has lied repeatedly about his first wife’s death, and that of his son, Beau. More important, he has been a disaster as President, and has caused our nation, and the West serious, perhaps irreparable harm. He has destabilized the Middle East; led Putin to invade Ukraine; encouraged Iran and its proxies to seek nuclear weapons and increase their global terror campaign; he has opened our border and our society to a flood of millions of illegal aliens from all over the world, murders, rapes, and other mayhem have followed.

Feel sorry for him?


UltraubermegaMAGA-dittos, Mr Diplomad, sir. Me, I intend to save my sympathy for someone actually deserving of it. Which is not now, nor will it ever be, the corrupt, mouldering oxygen thief currently befouling the Oval Office air by his noxious presence therein.

I’ve stated before here, and still mean every last word of it, that I fervently hope every minute of the usurper Biden’s time in the office he desperately lusted after for lo, those many decades will add up to the most miserable, frustrating, unpleasant days of his entire useless existence, right up until the frabjous day he finally keels over dead in his exorbitantly overpriced desk chair. After all the suffering, deprivation, and disaster he’s wreaked during half a century of suckling gluttonously at the government teat, let the shambolic shitbag suffer his own damned self—as much suffering as he can endure, plus some. The thought of such as he finally grabbing (stealing, more like) the brass ring, then going on to live happily ever after perched behind the Resolute desk rankles me to an intolerable degree.

Petty of me, mean-spirited, even? Meh, could be, could be. Don’t give a lumpy fart, don’t care who thinks it is.

Entertaining as it was for Real Americans, however, there’s a broader, more pressing point lurking beneath the surface of last week’s debate-night debacle, and Caitlin Johnstone makes it.

If people really believed the president runs the country, they’d be freaking out that Biden in his demented haze might order an attack on the Soviet Union or nuke Libya to kill Muammar Gaddafi or something. They’re not worried that this will happen because they know their government is actually being run by unelected empire managers from behind the scenes, and that Biden is just the official face on the operation.

Perhaps more troubling is that evidently, people in the main trust those unelected empire managers to do a good job of running things, and harbor a naive and unfounded faith in the good intentions of said managers. They seem to believe that, even though this unwholesome arrangement isn’t the way things were supposed to be in America, at the end of the day the Deep State’s Grey Men are patriotic Americans not all that different from themselves: fundamentally decent, honorable men and women who share similar aspirations, desires, and values to the ones they hold dear.

Whatever their personal foibles, failings, and trivial departures from traditional life and thought, the Government Greyfaces nonetheless love puppies, children, Grandma, and backyard cookouts with family and friends. They love their country, its people, its customs, and respect its history. They stand, salute the flag, and sing the national anthem at baseball games. They would never harm, harass, bully, or in any manner traduce the Constitutional rights of any solid, law-abiding citizen without cause. Only criminals, outlaw bikers, public nuisances, and dope fiends need fear their wrath, which is no more than meet and just.

They celebrate 4th of July and Christmas, take the kids out trick or treating on Halloween, enjoy the annual Thanksgiving gathering and the post-feast NFL game, and consider themselves to be good Christians, if maybe not always quite as good as they really should be. They work hard to fulfill their sworn duty to protect and serve, pay their taxes in full and on time, wear their seatbelt, drive safely and courteously, and keep to their own lane and tend to their own business in general. They don’t complain, don’t drink to excess, don’t abuse, neglect, or mistreat their wife and kids. They keep their lawns neatly manicured, their homes tidy, clean, and well-maintained.

Y’know, just like the rest of us. Right? RIIIGHT?!?

Unfortunately, as thousands of our fellow Americans have learned to their great cost over the last five-ten years, Joe Squarejohn has all of the above entirely assbackwards and wrong.

So in order to hold their mainstream worldview together, liberals are simultaneously straddling the two completely contradictory concepts that (A) it doesn’t matter who the president is because the country is actually run by unelected empire managers, and (B) that Biden’s debate performance was very concerning because it means Trump will become president.

In reality the US empire has marched along in all its usual depravity despite its official leader having Swiss cheese for a brain this entire time. They got their genocide in Gaza and their world-threatening proxy war against Russia, as well as China policy that is vastly more hawkish than that of Biden’s predecessors. The imperial murder machine hasn’t skipped a beat in its nonstop campaign of steadily increasing global tyranny.

This has happened because US presidential elections are fake and the results don’t matter. It wouldn’t matter if Americans elected a labrador retriever or a bottle of Tabasco sauce; the empire would roll forward without the slightest interruption. The wars would continue. The economic injustice would continue. The surging authoritarianism would continue. The oligarchy and corruption would continue. The ecocidal capitalism would continue. The imperialist extraction would continue.

US elections are just a diversion to keep Americans from pushing for real change in ways that pose a meaningful challenge to power, and Americans already kind of know this. The sooner they stop compartmentalizing away from this fact that they’re already dimly aware of and face reality, the sooner they can start bringing health to both their nation and the world.

There’s abundant fodder for dispute here—“genocide” in Gaza, “ecocidal” capitalism, “hawkish” China policy—standard issue, Mark-1 Mod-0 shitlib shibboleths all, with no more truth in ‘em than there is in any given Faux Jaux Bribem speech. As for “bringing health” to the world, that ain’t no way no how America’s job, nor is it within America’s power to do, nor should any sensible person want America to take a stab at it, much less succeed. Fact is, most if not all of the trouble and woe the world is staring down the muzzle of at present is the predictable end-product of endless attempts by arrogant Überstadt lackwits to “bring health to the world,” by hook or by crook.

“Health,” you say? Whose definition of “health,” pray tell? What about people whose conception of “health” conflicts with the officially authorized version—are they to be assaulted, jailed, or coerced into toeing the party line by some other method—a tax penalty, a fine, a travel ban, summary disbarment from social interaction, gainful employment, grocery stores, commercial and/or banking privileges, say? Shall The Deciders’ definition of “health” be put to a vote? Will said definition be subject to review and revision? If so, how often, and by whom? Will a Select Blue-Ribbon Committee for the Advancement of Global Health need to be established? Should Committee members be elected or appointed? If they’re to be appointed, how will those appointments be made, and by whom—the (formerly) sovereign states, POTUS, the EU, the UN? By what criteria will those appointees be selected? Will said criteria also be subject to periodic review and/or revision? How long a term will Committee members serve? A year, two years? Ten years, until death?

You begin to see the problems here, I suspect, popping up their ugly heads like gophers in a truck patch. Any subject of a bloated Leviathan goobermint will recognize them without having to think very hard or long about it, such problems are all too familiar in those districts. Worse, the aforementioned list is only the beginning; many, many additional problematic questions will soon follow, as surely as night follows day. Naturally, the answers to those multitudinous questions never, ever vary in the slightest:

  • More money
  • More regulation
  • More paper-shuffling hirees, average salary: 80,000 dollars/yr
  • More supervisors to make sure the paper-shufflers (none of which can ever be fired, no matter what, by law) remain attentive to their pointless duty
  • More power and control, as much as they can possibly glom for themselves

After reviewing them, the eternal answers above suggest a new addition to Mike’s Iron Laws, covering all government departments, bureaucracies, and programs. To wit:

  • Its mandate will never expire
  • Its purview will never be limited
  • Its original mission will never be accomplished, its goals never achieved, its stated intentions never fulfilled
  • Its budget will never be cut, likewise the number of its employees
  • Its authority will never diminish, only expand
  • Its reach will never be constrained

In sum, government programs and agencies are a lot like those pestiferous gophers: if you don’t whack ‘em in the noggin with a BFH (Big Fuckin’ Hammer, in the time-honored greasemonkey acronym; see also, RCH) the instant the first one shows up, tomorrow morning there’ll be another one, then more and more and more, until before you know it the whole garden is infested. At which juncture the only thing left to do is just throw your hands up, walk away from the whole sorry shebang in disgust, and let the stupid critters have the place all to themselves. Try again next spring, maybe, assuming you’re feeling froggy enough for a rematch.

My piffling objections aside, though, Johnson’s central thesis re the perpetual Shadow State power behind the White House throne holds up pretty well.

Update! Related? Oh, you just bet your sweet bippy* it’s related.

You knew that Biden lost his marbles long ago, but the propaganda press has been telling the world that he’s just fine for years. For those people who rely upon Deep State programmers to tell them what to believe, seeing Biden disintegrate on the debate stage must have been stunning. Mainstream news corporations have been covering up Biden’s mental infirmities for so long that too many Americans watched Biden struggle to form sentences for the first time. Just as reporters in the first half of the twentieth century lied to the American people about FDR’s reliance upon a wheelchair, reporters in the first quarter of the twenty-first century have lied to the American people about Biden’s debilitating dementia. On June 27, the lid on journalists’ barrel of Biden-protecting lies shot right off.

Not even halfway through Biden’s debate disaster, his communications people were spreading a new lie — that he was suffering from a cold — to explain away his enfeebled and bewildered presence on stage. Maybe that desperate excuse would have worked on some of his most partisan supporters had Crooked Joe just gotten back from a whirlwind global tour during which he had spoken before several foreign parliaments and helped negotiate world peace, but the guy had been hiding away at Camp David for over a week! When you first tell the public that you are unable to perform your presidential duties and prepare for a debate at the same time and then tell them that your weeklong debate camp destroyed your immune system, you aren’t in a position to inspire sympathy. How nice it would be for every blue-collar worker suffering from a cold to be able to take a full week off for some rest and relaxation in a taxpayer-funded vacation home without losing any pay in this lousy economy!

No, the only thing the “Joe has a cold” lie accomplished was to make people wonder whether a simple virus could also explain Kamala Harris’s cognitive handicaps. It is no secret that some very stupid people have risen to the heights of power in the American government. A cynic might speculate that the bureaucratic Deep State and national security surveillance State prefer Potemkin “leaders” who can be easily manipulated and controlled. Still, with Biden and Harris occupying the top two leadership spots at the same time, the American people feel as if they have been forced to watch another unwatchable Dumb and Dumber movie that refuses to come to an end. While The New York Times and D.C.’s polite society have pretended that Old Joe and Cackling Kamala have “restored dignity” to the White House, ordinary Americans have been shaking their heads all along at two of the most dull-witted morons ever to putatively obtain the reins of power. The presidential debate simply confirmed that Dumb and Dumber are not running the government; those two can’t even answer basic questions without discombobulating.

If the two figureheads catapulted into high office by mail-in-ballot fraud aren’t running things, then who the hell is? Is it the cabal of Marxist military chiefs promoted not for their intellect and skill but rather for their compliance with DIE foolishness? Is it the collection of spooks and assassins enjoying unchecked power and limitless black budgets over at the CIA? Is it the elite club of investment bankers who print money and manipulate markets while riding roughshod over central banks? Is it the small number of financial powerhouses such as BlackRock, Vanguard, and State Street that manage trillions of dollars in assets all over the world? Is it the gaggle of billionaires such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk who buy and sell entire industries as if they were trinkets from a garage sale?  

Whoever might be running the United States, it is certainly not anyone elected by the American people. If that were not obvious before 2016, it quickly became so once the Deep State engaged in an ongoing coup d’état against President Trump and replaced any vestigial respect for the will of voters with a criminal enterprise allowing political operatives to print, fill out, collect, and count as many ballots as necessary for “victory.

There’s more, much of it an extended rehash of the tired They’re terrified of us! cope, which I still ain’t buying for a minute. Go ask any of the never-tried/never charged folks even now languishing in the Goolag for unspecified Crimes Against The State concomitant to the spurious J6 “insurrection”—or Peter Navarro, or Steve Bannon, or God alone knows how many other innocent American political prisoners—just how “terrified” the Stasi scumbuckets look from where they’re sitting.

* Autodating Geezer Reference™ explicated here


Best D卐M☭CRAT ProPol EVAR!

The reasoning herein is pretty tough to argue with, I’d say.

I’ve posted this before, apparently it’s an unpopular opinion because I keep seeing tons of conservatives post that Biden will be replaced before the election.

I don’t think there is any chance in the world that Biden will be replaced. He is far and away the best at giving democrat voters what they need.

Biden lies. And he performs his lies on a level that not even AOC or Newsom could ever possibly dream of doing. He hits the whisper and hits the angry yell every single time. He creates the straw man and passionately knocks it down. “They are going to end social security but I won’t let it happen. I will always be here for you.” He accuses Republicans of doing exactly what he and his party is doing and he doesn’t ever flinch.

Only Biden could spend 2020 campaigning on opening the border, on not deporting anyone, spend three years ignoring the problem, and then spend this year blaming it on Trump. That is not as easy to do as people think. Only Biden could look into the camera and claim that inflation was at 9% when he took office. The average sleazy politician can’t do what Biden does. Even the worst politicians have some limits.

“I’ve never discussed business with my son.” This is so ridiculous it’s hard to describe. He flew to China and to Ukraine with his son. The same guy who claimed that he talked to his son every day about every little thing claims he never discussed business with his son on their 18 hour flights. Biden never backed down on this lie. Biden even claimed that he learned about Hunter joining Burisma via the newspaper. Think about that.

Only Joe Biden could have his DOJ investigate Trump and then have the nerve to claim “I had nothing to do with it because I’m honest.” Who would say that? Most politicians care about how things appear. Biden could not care less. He didn’t care when he was representing the credit card company that was paying his son. He doesn’t care how things look. Only Biden could write the 94 Crime Bill and turn around and claim he opposed mandatory minimums, even going as far to claim that he got into politics because of civil rights. Biden is willing to say whatever his audience wants him to say. It doesn’t matter how far fetched the lie is, Biden will say it. And he will perform the hell out of it.

The only politician alive with close to Biden’s ability to passionately and shamelessly lie like him is Nancy Pelosi. These two are world class, miles ahead of other democrats. The best to ever do it.

Biden has one speech. On his death bed he could still give this speech and it would emotionally move democrats. He lies about his son’s death for goodness sake. What other politician alive would do that? Only Biden could run on “uniting the country” and then turn around and give prime time speeches on how his political rivals are existential threats, claiming it’s all in the name of unifying the country. There are no rules with Biden. It’s all a game to him. It’s just a game. He will say anything at anytime, he doesn’t give a damn about what he said yesterday. He brought the press to his kid’s hospital beds in 1972. Brain dead or not, this guy is on a whole different level. Biden based his entire 2020 campaign on a hoax. And he performed the Fine People Hoax every single day for a year and a half, knowing it was all BS. He forced himself to cry for George Floyd, multiple times. Newsom and the other young democrats can’t hold a candle to Biden, even if his brain is half fried.

Biden will win the debate because the media has already decided he will win the debate. He will accuse Trump of doing everything that he is doing. The media are democrats and Biden gives them what they need. He will say nothing new. He will perform the same ridiculous lies with passion and the media will praise him for it. And if he is President four years from now they will wheel him out and he will give the same exact SOTU speech he has given the past two years, word for word, and democrats will love him for it. He has zero conscience, there is nothing there. Don’t underestimate that, it’s more rare than people think. Biden is the best to ever do what he does.

Probably so, yeah. Especially seeing as how what he does is in actuality entirely dishonest, reprehensible, low, and utterly, utterly despicable. Come to think of it, Too Old Jaux is a very model of his breed. And why not? If you’re gonna be an asshole, might as well be the very assholiest asshole there ever was. And with Jaux, they might as well retire the title, and hang his jersey on the wall at the Asshole Hall of Fame.

Halp is ON THE WAY!

Per your “Commander” “in” “Chief,” Pedaux Jaux Bribem.

Biden Makes Gun Control a Focus of His Campaign
As if we ever doubted how this might play out, President Biden’s reelection campaign has moved his gun control agenda front and center of his campaign after unveiling a new advertisement last Saturday, highlighting his administration’s efforts to combat gun violence. The ad came just one day after the Supreme Court struck down a Trump-era prohibition on bump stocks.

In the 30-second spot, shared with The Hill, Biden blames former President Trump for the conservative-leaning court’s decision to overturn the ban. The Biden administration had defended the regulation, initially implemented by the Trump administration following the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting.

“When Trump was president—children gunned down in classrooms, innocent people killed in church and massacred at a concert. Still, Trump did nothing,” Biden says in the ad, accusing the former president of often siding with the NRA. The ad also emphasizes Biden’s actions, including expanding background checks and establishing the Office of Gun Violence Prevention late last year.

God DAMN that Trump, out there wantonly slaughtering schoolchildren, “trans” “people,” Neegrows, Dindus, and Gibmedats—the heartless, inhuman monster. Not to worry though, Too Aulde Jaux is gonna put a stop to it, and be damned if he’s gonna let piffling irrelevancies like the US Constitution stand in his way.

“You and your family deserve to be safe and I’m going to fight like hell to see to it that you are,” Biden asserts in the advertisement. The campaign further notes that murder rates have declined under Biden’s administration, citing a 20 percent drop in over 200 cities across the U.S., based on an April analysis from the criminal justice consulting firm AH Analytics. Though those numbers are questionable, but if they are accurate, then it also possibly counters their arguments that “more guns equals more crime” as in that same time frame Biden is claiming to have made our country safer, gun sales continue on a healthy pace and more states have enacted permitless carry (also known as constitutional carry) in their states. Twenty-nine states now allow their citizens to legally carry firearms without a permit.

“If you care about the gun violence crisis in this country, there is only one candidate in this race with a proven record of successfully taking on the gun lobby and only one candidate who will ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” said Biden communications director Michael Tyler in a statement to The Hill.

WHEW, what a relief. Do you feel safer already? I know I surely do.



Deadly denouement

Stupid fucking dick-with-ears.

Alec Baldwin fired blank at crew member before fatal ‘Rust’ shooting: prosecutors
Alec Baldwin once fired a blank round at a crew member on the set of “Rust,” prosecutors alleged in new court papers, as they accused the actor of being reckless with firearms while filming.

Gee, wonder if that mightn’t be the same type of “blank round” that did for Brandon Lee some years back, perchance? Or Jon-Erik Hexum? Or Terry Kath, say? Naaah, couldn’t be, it’s unpossible.

Prosecutors in the New Mexico involuntary manslaughter case against the “30 Rock” star said they plan to bring evidence at his trial — slated to begin on July 9 — showing that Baldwin had a history of flouting safety protocols on set, which led to Halyna Hutchins’ tragic shooting death in 2021.

One such reckless moment came when Baldwin, 66, pointed his gun and fired “a blank round at a crew member” while he held the person target in his line of sight, prosecutors alleged in the Monday filing.

Other examples of Baldwin ignoring safety procedures between Oct. 12, 2021 up until the day of the shooting included him using his gun as a pointer; firing the weapon after filming was over in violation of safety rules; holding his finger on the trigger in scenes that didn’t require it; rushing armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed to reload his gun faster; and being on FaceTime with his family and making videos for them during firearms training, the court papers claimed.

And before filming even started Baldwin — one of the producers and the leading actor in the movie — “asked to be assigned the ‘biggest’ gun available,” the filing alleged.

In one clip, he “can be seen engaging in horseplay with his gun and pulling his gun when the scene did not call for the pulling of his gun,” the papers claimed. “When he pulls his gun the muzzle of the gun is pointed directly at another actor.”

Prosecutors said many clips show an angry and aggressive Baldwin, who can also be seen halting filming to yell and swear at the crew.

“Mr. Baldwin can be seen screaming intermittently throughout the attempts at filming the scene,” the filing claimed. “He exercises complete control over the set by stopping the acting sequence, cursing loudly and rushing the other cast and crew.”

Taken altogether this “intrinsic evidence” of Baldwin’s “other acts” leading up to Hutchins’ death shows that the incident wasn’t an “accident or mistake” — as Baldwin has maintained all along, prosecutors said.

Indeed. Looks a lot more like a pattern of behavior from where I’m sitting. Although YMMV, of course and as always.

The funny-but-not-ha-ha-funny aspect of all this is the observable demonstration of Mike’s Iron Law #462 represented herein: clearly the jerk Baldwin, subconsciously or otherwise, regarded the prop guns he recklessly and obnoxiously brandished at people on-set as the “penis substitutes” shitlibs like him so love to mock gun-fanciers for supposedly using to compensate for certain, ummm, shortcomings, shall we say. Y’know, same as stump-jumping 4WD pickups, Harley Davidsons, Texas-sized cowboy belt buckles, and high-performance American V8 engines also are.

Totally ignorant about guns of every type and description; unmindful of the most elementary precepts of firearm safety; blinded by his bloated, unchecked ego to the very real peril his childish monkeyshines put others in; negligent, preening, profoundly self-absorbed, inconsiderate, unprofessional—the real marvel here is that Alec Baldwin’s damn-fool jackanapery didn’t get some other cast- or crew-member killed long before now. Truly, the man’s a menace. One can only wonder what other horror-stories about his on-set misconduct remain untold, except in sotto voce whispers amongst the pitiable souls condemned to work with the bratty little asswart over the years.


Happy Jumeteemf, yo!

Arthur observes our newest made-up Nee-grow “holiday,” celebrated in accordance with the ancient traditions.

Like The Sun Rising In The East
It (is) the weekend before Juneteenth, a celebration of White people letting slaves go free and then watching the descendants of those freed slaves royally fuck up the country White people built. Since the inception of Juneteenth as a new Federal holiday in an attempt to placate blacks so they would stop burning down cities, there have been plenty of mass shootings accompanying the “holiday”. We have already had our first of 2024…

So, the big “pawdy” went exactly as one would expect, then.


A meme out of place and time

At first I planned to hang onto this one for use in the regularly-scheduled meme post either here or over at the Eyrie, but decided it was just too damned funny to resist giving it its own spot tonight.

See, I just KNEW them darn ((((Jooz!!!)))) had to be good for something.


Rollin’ along

Too Aulde Jaux just keeps rolling on and on.

Biden botches Thomas Jefferson quote and falsely claims Americans couldn’t own cannons during the Civil War in gun control speech
President Biden falsely claimed Tuesday that the Second Amendment prohibits the ownership of cannons and botched a famous quote from a founding father during a speech in support of gun control.

“There has never been a time that says you could own anything you want,” Biden said in remarks at the Gun Sense University conference in Washington, DC.

“Never. You couldn’t own a cannon during the Civil War,” the 81-year-old president claimed. “No, I’m serious. Think about it.”

Actually, best not to, Jaux; too many people starting to think for themselves, seriously and carefully, about your ahistorical nitwittery can only spell Heap Big Trouble for you and yours.

The big question here is whether Bribem is just factually incorrect this time, or actively, knowingly lying again. Only his dipey-dumper knows for sure, but this next jawdropping fuckup tends to indicate…well, something, anyway, God only knows what.

Shortly after the mistake, the president flubbed a famous line from Thomas Jefferson’s 1787 letter to former Continental Army officer William Stephens Smith, in which the former president expressed his support for Americans resisting tyranny. 

“How much have you heard this phrase, ‘the blood of liberty … washes those’ – give me a break,” Biden said in a mocking tone. 

Jefferson’s quote is, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

“It is it’s natural manure,” the founding father added in his letter concerning 18th century uprisings by American farmers against state and local taxes and debt collection.

My post title/opening line calls for an eminently appropriate Bachman-Turner embed, methinks.

Great song, great vid, great lyrics, great storyline, great typically-minimalist Randy Bachman solo, great babes, great cherryburst LP Standard—all of it, intro to outro, nothing but the pure, the blushful rocket-from-the-roadhouse Real Deal. I ask you people: what’s not to like here?


The grind

Analysis: perfectly, inarguably, one hundred percent TRUE.

Brainwashing campus activists starts long before college
Americans shocked at the aggressive protests on our most elite campuses often imagine these kids have become brainwashed while away at school.

That indoctrination certainly does take place. Yet the process for most starts far earlier, often in the K-12 years — or even before.

What we’re seeing on our campuses is the culmination of many years of leftist activists pushing kids to the forefront to spread their propaganda.

And it’s not remotely just board books like “A is for Activist” that introduce toddlers to the idea of protest before they even set foot in school.

Teachers push their agenda; whether climate change, gun control or the war in Gaza, they’re focused far less on teaching children how to think than what to think.

The goal is to turn kids into activists, and the sooner the better.

After all, children can be valuable for shutting down debate.

Their youth implies innocence and seems to confer moral authority: How could anyone argue with an innocent child?

Ah yes, but one of these things (youthful innocence) is NOT like the other (moral authority). There is simply no equivalency there, in fact very little relation between the two at all, if any. Quite the opposite, I’d say: if one is present, the other in fact CANNOT be, by definition. It’s by way of being a categorical error—of the sub-type known amongst logicians as an informal fallacy*—a mistake which has unfortunately become commonplace thanks in part to the peculiarly American worship of youth and vigor at the expense of the peculiarly Oriental respect for the wisdom of age and experience.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: there is simply no fixing this without first unfucking the government schools. All our troubles and woe begin there; that rat-bastard Gramsci was truly a fucking diabolical genius, damn his eyes. My own kid has attended those institutions of indoctrination from Grade One, something I’m allowed no say in whatever. Thankfully, my daughter’s native intelligence and/or comprehension are off-the-charts extraordinary; her teachers so far have all been great, rewarding her smarts and eagerness to learn by going well out of their way to nurture and encourage those qualities every chance they get. Even so, I’ve been diligent right along in cautioning her that even the best of them doesn’t know everydamnedthing, and that she must therefore never assume that Teacher is always right, nor take every word she/he says as the Gospel truth.

This is not a young ‘un who has to be dragged kicking and screaming to do her homework, especially if it’s reading. I’ve told her repeatedly to think of her mind not as a sponge, passively soaking up everything thrown at it without discrimination or reflection, but rather as a sieve, sifting the totality to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Instilling and maintaining a healthy skepticism both inside the classroom and out, without lapsing into cynicism, generalized distrust, and despair is a tightrope all attentive parents must walk. So far it’s worked out well, for which felicitous result I consider myself very lucky indeed.

*I took quite a few classes as a college student in logic, philosophy, and rhetoric, for no reason other than that I found the subjects intriguing, so much so that I still have a cpl-three of my logic textbooks to this very day and have had cause to re-consult them plenty of times over lo, these many years; in fact, my poor old Logic 101 text is every bit as battered and dog-eared as any of my cherished military sci-fi paperbacks—its spine broken in several places, its binding loose and flappy, its fabric covers frayed, its yellowed pages liberally spattered with food, beverage, and greasy-fingerprint stains. Like a beat-up old La-Z-Boy recliner, she’s ugly as homemade sin now, but I do love her so anyway


Yet another BM (Biden Moment)

***”President”*** shits self again, women and minorities hardest hit.

Yep, as someone who has raised a toddler my own self, I can definitely say that the sudden halt and semi-squat accompanied by the dreamy-eyed gaze into the far distance is all too familiar.


Kid, you don’t even KNOW from violence

And that’s too bad as far as I’m concerned, because she could really, really use a crash course in it.

I’m a student who was arrested at a Columbia protest. I am not a hero, nor am I a villain.
New York Mayor Eric Adams has said that there were no incidents of violence. That’s not true.

Yeah, whyn’tcha eat a whole bag of dicks there,  Bimbelina. To my way of thinking, the violence hasn’t started until the nightsticks have come out.

Tuesday night, two dozen Columbia University students linked arms in front of the student-occupied Hamilton Hall at dusk. I was one of them. 

We sang with broken yet mighty voices, “Your people are my people, your people are mine; your people are my people, our struggles align.” We were a group of activists of differing faiths and none, friends and strangers united, linking arms with one another and, in spirit, with the generations of courageous students who came before us. Electricity crackled through the air from the growing protests echoing just beyond the university gates – gates I had just moments ago slipped through and sprinted from like a bat out of hell. 

We knew we were likely to be arrested for being on campus despite the university-mandated shelter-in-place order, but chose we to run into the fire anyway.

As a human chain, draped in keffiyehs and shaking like leaves in the autumn wind, we sang with hushed tones and breathed deeply as hundreds of New York police officers armed with flash grenades and pepper spray marched toward us like a military parade. 

As they approached from multiple directions, we sang with frail and cracking voices, “This love that I have, the world didn’t give it to me; the world didn’t give it, the world can’t take it away,” as officers threatened student journalists with arrest, presumably to ensure minimal coverage of the aggression they were about to exert. 

Students in dorms craned their necks and shakily stretched their iPhones out windows to observe the impending attack. 

We clung tighter to one another as they approached us, and seized us like rag dolls and slammed us into the hallowed ground of brick and concrete. But unlike rag dolls, we bleed, we crack, we bruise, we feel.

Police at Columbia were anything but professional

Once dispersed, I held my hands up to show I was neither resisting nor armed. In response, I was handled brutally by police alongside other students being shoved down concrete steps saying with shameless condescension, “Watch your step.” We were arrested, bound and shuttled down to 1 Police Plaza, where the New York Police Department had a pizza party prepared for arresting officers. 

They threw us in cells like animals – cells where the only toilets women could use lacked any privacy and where our naked bodies were in plain sight to throngs of male officers.

Aw, poor widdle dawlin’. Ain’t much fun being in the slam, huh? And bad as jail is, even that isn’t a patch on actual, y’know, prison. Later in the article, this deluded, pig-ign’ant young ‘un manages to come off as at least somewhat reasonable, if still ignorant, blind, and historically illiterate.

On Saturday, I hosted a Passover Seder at my cramped Manhattan apartment for many of my closest friends. Representing many faiths and none, we broke bread together and celebrated the Jewish liberation from slavery and a broken, unjust system of oppression. 

On Tuesday I was shackled and arrested as part of the campus movement that many in the news media are calling “antisemitic.” It isn’t.

Critically, our fellow Jewish students are not the villains in this story. They are our friends, our family, our blood, our fellow foot soldiers. Like us, they bleed, they crack, they bruise, they feel. At no point have the student organizers called for or promoted violence against our Jewish brothers and sisters. We are calling to end the violence and genocide against our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

“Genocide,” yet. “Genocide,” yet AGAIN. Know who really IS calling for genocide—truly, literally, and without embarrassment or hesitation—means every word they say when they do, and has tried over and over again to get the genocide ball a-rolling? Three guesses, first two don’t count.

I realize you’re severely handicapped in your quest for knowledge by not having any non-Lefty-idjit teachers to ask about it; being surrounded by ideologically-rigid, obstinate clods wearing the mask of “educators” at your overrated Leftybaby factory makes it a tough row for any sincere, open-minded knowledge-seeker to hoe. But I beg, don’t let that stop you. Cast off the shackles of arrogance-in-ignorance native to callow youth; stop the sob-sister whining when your criminal actions bring consequences you are in no way prepared to shoulder; and, as Minor Threat suggests in the song “12XU,” flex your head.

Trust me, girl, you’ll be a much better person for it. No easy, obvious path is ever worth following, likewise an angry, destructive mob.


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