Institutional terrorism

In all its hideous (vain)glory.

What State Harassment and Institutional Terror in Woke America Looks Like
Conservatives cannot afford to stay cowed any longer. The VDare case shows why.

A federal court ruling likely to drop this month should provide a good indication as to whether America still has a fully functioning First World justice system. The case, involving an investigation from New York Attorney General Letitia James into the supposed mismanagement of controversial news outlet, has received zero media coverage so far, despite it being as crude, brutish, and nakedly political as James’ other lawfare campaigns (notably against former President Trump and the NRA). In fact, it’s arguably worse, as it was clearly designed to dox VDare’s writers and volunteers and bankrupt the tiny outlet out of existence.

In a recent column about James’ investigation, VDare founder and editor Peter Brimelow recounts with frustration the increasing difficulty his outlet has had in spreading its advocacy of “immigration patriotism” over the years. This includes being blocked by social media and payment processors, potential advertisers being subjected to Anti-Defamation League-style intimidation campaigns, and even lawyers and accountants being unwilling to help the group publicly. Its very ability to exist online was threatened a few years back when a black supremacist lawyer now leading the Justice Department’s Civil Rights section tried to pressure its registrar into delisting its domain.

Considering Brimelow is a bestselling author, a reputable financial journalist going back decades, and, according to him, someone who has not changed his views on immigration, diversity, and racial issues generally since he was writing about them in National Review years back, the increasing prejudice and character attacks do draw sympathy as well as a considerable amount of head-scratching.

Post-Trump, it is basically impossible for the group to host anything publicly, as its forced conference cancelations can attest (“more than a dozen,” Brimelow says). In a 2017 case that should have created a national furor, a VDare conference scheduled in Colorado Springs was met with an announcement by city mayor John Suthers that he would direct local police not to protect the venue in case Antifa or BLM protesters showed up. Considering this was quite literally an open invitation to cause violence, venue management understandably canceled the event.

Even in light of all this, Brimelow says James’ current attack is the “most serious threat” he and his wife and VDare-partner, Lydia, have ever faced in the outlet’s 24-year history.

If you’re one of those Pollyanna types who still naively believes either the US Constitution or its 1st Amendment remain in force and applicable, go read the rest and school yourself on your erroneous thinking. The rest of you can ponder this simple question: if the contention is that the patently illegitimate Amerika v2.0 junta (and its wholly-owned State subsidiaries) is not presently waging cold-to-lukewarm war against not only its own founding documents and principles but its (non-Leftist) subjects as well, what would it be doing any differently if it WAS?

Here’s another hypothetical—HYPOTHETICAL, glowniggers!—contention for ya: Torches, pitchforks, tar, feathers, rope, lamppost, Letitia James—some assembly required. Feel free to discuss at will, y’all.


Megyn takes a fist-full of black pills

Handsome is as handsome does, and I gotta admit, she’s still quite handsome indeed.

Megyn Kelly Has an Epiphany on ‘Preferred Pronouns’
Megyn Kelly declared on Friday during her show that she will no longer use preferred pronouns. After years of going along with the charade because she didn’t “see the harm” in it, she’s now realized that preferred pronouns are a “gateway drug” to genital mutilation.

“I was an early proponent of using preferred pronouns as far back as the early 2000s of saying ‘she’ when I knew the truth was ‘he,’” she said. “It seemed harmless and I had no wish to cause offense. Trans people were tortured enough, it seemed to me, by nature of their dysphoria and society’s disdain for them in general. So I complied. I went along with it. I didn’t see the harm.”

She continued, “By 2016, we were debating bills to stop trans access to certain bathrooms, which I covered from the news desk, siding with the trans community. How does it affect our lives as women if here or there a trans person uses a stall in our bathroom? These people aren’t bothering anyone—why wouldn’t we accommodate them? I didn’t see the harm.”

A pretty common problem, I’d say. But just because you didn’t see the harm doesn’t mean it wasn’t there all along. Kelly is at least humble enough to ‘fess up to being wrong in the end, which is greatly to her credit—all the more so for how rare that fine quality is among her peer-group.

“They say pronouns are a gateway drug. They open the door to these lies that lead to real harm to real females. They’re a clever rhetorical trick that forces you to cede the argument about women’s spaces before you’ve even spoken one word of substance,” said Kelly. “People with genuine gender dysphoria can lobby to create their own spaces—I will support them. To create open categories in sports. I will support them. The answer, in the interim, is not: women lose. Girls get hurt. Females learn to turn off their innate sense of danger. Of fairness. Of the joy of spending time with only women.”

Kelly also said that gender-dysphoric children can wait until adulthood to “do what they want with their bodies,” because “children should not be subjected to these dangerous interventions in school or at the hands of so-called medical professionals.” She then called for facilities allowing such procedures on kids to be shut down.

Kelly’s epiphany is a tremendous start. Protecting children from this dangerous cult is perhaps the most important social issue of the day. But why tip-toe around pronouns with men who believe themselves to be women? Even if adults can do what they want with their bodies, that’s no reason for the rest of us to be accessories in their delusions that plastic surgery and hormones actually make one change sex. Perhaps she’ll get there at some point.

Better late than never, as they say. Welcome to the party, doll.


NO Pride Month?

Go, Rangers!

One MLB team refuses to host LGBTQ Pride Night
June is Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community. As a result, many Major League Baseball teams across the country are planning to host Pride Night celebrations at their ballparks – or similar promotions that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. But one team has made it clear that they will not hold such a celebration: the Texas Rangers.

While every other team across Major League Baseball has held a Pride Night or similar promotional event, the Dallas Morning News reports that Texas Rangers have not hosted a promotion to welcome and celebrate the LGBTQ+ in over two decades. Back in 2003, the team did invite several LGBTQ+ groups to the ballpark, according to The Advocate, but it was not officially marketed as any specific promotion and was met with anti-gay protests. The team has not hosted a similar event since.

Despite a push from LGBTQ+ leaders in the Dallas community, the Rangers have thus far refused to host a promotional game for the LGBTQ+ community and do not have one planned for this season. And it does not sound like they plan to host a Pride Night or a similar event in the future, either.

The Rangers are the only team in Major League Baseball not to host a Pride Night or similar promotion in the past two decades. And based on their messaging over the past few years, it doesn’t sound like that’s going to change.

WELL, then. Looks like as of now, I’m with this fellow:

Me and you both, buddy, me and you both. What the hell, they DID have the incredible Nolan Ryan hurling those hundred-plus-mph fastballs of his for ’em at the end of his world-record 27 year, four-decade-spanning career, so they can’t be all bad.


Opting out of Holy Pride Month™

A truly appalling how-to.

How To Speak Up And Opt Out Of ‘Pride’ Month Activities At Your Child’s School
No one is coming to stop this. Your only option is to let your own school know you will not allow your child to take part.

My friends and I are bracing for the annual rainbow onslaught poised to swamp families coast to coast this June. This year’s storm looks like a Category 5; it’s already blowing the doors off the nearby Target and wreaking havoc on the Bud Light warehouse. 

As bad as it is out in corporate land, it’s worse in the public schools, where it’s harder to see — almost like they’re trying to keep it secret! Many schools have even moved their pride events up to May so that no child is freed for summer vacation without being forced to take their required rainbow pill.

I was shocked to learn this week that not only are newborns not allowed to opt out of transgender indoctrination, but kids with Down syndrome aren’t either!

Incredibly, the Los Angeles Unified School District is doing just that. I don’t know why I’m surprised; LAUSD has never met a bad idea it didn’t immediately adopt and force on its kids. 

This week, a friend of mine sent out an email account of her shocking experience at her local public elementary school’s morning assembly. She is an educated woman, a scholar, and an artist, and her older children are linguists and classical musicians. Somehow, in the heart of Los Angeles, she has raised a Catholic family of devout and artistic children.

Her youngest is 9 and was born with Down syndrome. He is enrolled in a classroom for children like him with developmental disabilities. But his intellectual limitations end at the door to his special classroom; in the school at large, he is subject to the same gender indoctrination the other 5- to 13-year-olds are forced to undergo. Not even a child with Down syndrome is free from learning about the wonders of becoming transgender. After all, this is vital knowledge for everyone 5 and up, no matter their disabilities!

Here is her account. Some names have been changed to protect her from the mob:

Once a month, there is a school-wide assembly to which parents are invited and then a coffee with the principal. I made a point of attending both this morning. I was eager to be part of the Friday morning with my son. 

 Assembly began with a Pledge of Allegiance and a greeting by the student council. Then, five students and a staff member came to the microphone bearing various incarnations of the “pride” flag and reminded everyone that June was pride month.

Waitwaitwait—these poor, put-upon children were forced to recite—at the muzzle-end of a deadly fully-semi-automatic assault-weapon rifle gun, no doubt—the Pledge of Allegiance? UNACCEPTABLE! UNCONSCIONABLE!! INTOLERABLE!!! And here I’d thought all this time that we’d all agreed that such a horrible thing was tantamount to child abuse. Musta missed something somewhere along the line, I reckon.

The piece continues from there to relate the rest of this mom’s harrowing ordeal; as is made abundantly clear in the above excerpt, said mom is by no means the kind of slavering, pig-igner’nt, trailer-trash throwback driven to act out by her inborn H8RRRR instincts that local LA media is probably already assiduously painting her as. Like I said, it truly is appalling—not that Mom actually raised up on her hind legs and did it, but that it was necessary for her to in the first goddamned place.

This courageous mom ended up winning her fight, and that’s certainly a good thing. As the post also makes clear, she is by no means alone either, which is even better. The closing ‘graphs, although amusing in a way, also have appalling moments of their own.

Another friend, this one who sends her daughter to an elite private all-girls school in Manhattan, has taken a similar approach. She, nearly alone among the parents, refuses to let them force her 10-year-old daughter to write her pronouns whenever she writes her name. She has to opt her daughter out of the rainbow activities. 

Why? Because almost 10 percent of the eighth-grade class of girls already identifies as trans or queer, and the numbers are increasing each year. There is also a young girl at the school who identifies as a cat and walks on all fours. This is permitted. Annual tuition is $61,000 a year.

A cat, eh? What the hell, why not—although it’s gotta be pretty hard on Cat Girl’s knees, I should think, a mistake she’ll be paying for quite painfully later on in life. Myself, I identify as a wealthy, handsome, and extravagantly-hung pR0n star, and hereby demand that you people start treating me with the respectful, awestruck deference my mental disorder merits.

Get me out of the ball game

While Tom LaSorda, Dazzy Vance, and Vin Scully spin furiously in their respective graves.

This Tweet From an MLB Pitcher Is Sure to Make Leftist Sports Media Melt Down
As the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club continues to hem-and-haw its way through a controversy created by its decision to honor a group called The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for their supposed contributions to the City of Angels — more on their, ahem, activities from Mia here — a growing number of baseball fans and faith-based organizations have registered their disapproval of the Dodgers’ decision.

Among them, as of Tuesday afternoon, is Trevor Williams, a 31-year-old pitcher for the Washington Nationals who happens to be Catholic and decided to use his platform to speak out against the Dodgers and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in a statement on Twitter. His admirable decision to use his voice rather than remain silent is sure to send left-wing media — especially leftward-lurching sports media — screeching into the abyss.

“As a devout Catholic, I am deeply troubled by the Dodgers’ decision to re-invite and honor the group ‘The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ at their Pride Night this year,” Williams said in his tweeted statement. “A Major League Baseball game is a place where people from all walks of life should feel welcomed, something I greatly respect and support. This is the purpose of different themed nights hosted by the organization, including Price Night,” he continued.

Addressing the Dodgers back-and-forth invitation, dis-invitation, and re-invitation mess, Williams noted that, “to invite and honor a group that makes a blatant and deeply offensive mockery of my religion, and the religion of over 4 million people in Los Angeles County alone, undermines the values of respect and inclusivity that should be upheld by any organization,” Williams added.

Hrm. I’m sensing that this Williams fellow might have a leeeeeetle problem with having the “You will be made to care” agenda crammed down his gullet. This torrent of gratituous, blasphemous bigotry and hatred, spewed forth on the very eve of Opening Day for Holy Pride Month™, too? For shame, for shame. But there’s another hi-larious sideline to the Dodgers’ decidedly unforced error.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a worldwide “order” of transvestites who dress up like gaudy, sexually deviant Catholic nuns to mock the Catholic Church, adopting names such as: “Sister Porn Again; Sister Chastity Boner; Sister Sister Edith Myflesh; Sister Roz Erection; Sister Constance Craving of the Holey Desire; and Sister Risqué of the Sissytine Chapel.”

Joe Biden’s former Nuclear Waste guru, disgraced women’s luggage thief Sam Brinton, is a member of the trashy group under the name “Sister Ray Dee O’ Active.”

Heh. Well, you gotta admit, the nom de dementia certainly fits in his particular ladies’-unmentionables-obsessed case.

Baseball, the national pastime? Not for a whole lot longer, if the Wokester/PC idiots in various MLB boardrooms and head offices keep things like this up. Which, hey, is just fine by me; it’s been years and years since I paid any attention whatsoever to sportsball of any flavor anyhoo. After living my whole life til then as a rabid Braves fan, I kicked the sportsball habit for good when the big strike back in 1981 forced the cancellation of 712 games and an unprecedented split-season. Although I did miss listening to my once-beloved ballgames on the radio at first, I’ve really never looked back since.

Another righteous blast from the past

In this instance, from 2018, involving none other than Tucker Carlson, showcasing his newly-red-pilled status in his pre-Fox-juggernaut days. Via Brother Bob:

An Interview With Tucker Carlson on What Makes Trump a ‘Political Genius’
Tucker Carlson, host of the popular Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” spoke to Daily Signal Editor-in-Chief Rob Bluey at The Heritage Foundation’s 41st annual Resource Bank meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Carlson received the prestigious Salvatori Prize, recognizing his work to uphold and advance the principles of America’s founding. The full video, plus an edited transcript of the interview, is below.

Rob Bluey: It is a true honor to celebrate the work that you’ve done, and I want to begin with the advice that you left this audience on how conservatives can take back the culture. You had two pieces of advice. Tell us about them.

Tucker Carlson: Well, have more children. I grew up in a world where it was considered embarrassing to have more than two children. I don’t think that’s the case now among middle-class, upper middle-class people, but it was.

First of all, it’s the most rewarding, greatest, most fun thing you can do. But it’s also the most profound thing. If you don’t like the direction of the country, have children, raise them the way that you want, consistent with your beliefs. It seems like all the answers are basic, nature-based answers, in my opinion. To everything. That’s the most basic of all, have more kids. Raise decent children.

And the second was just say what you think is true. I don’t actually think you get a ton out of confronting people and getting in people’s faces. I don’t think you’re going to convince anybody that way. But I think there’s inherent value in speaking principle out loud without shame or fear. And again, without the expectation that you’re going to win people over right away, because most times you’re not going to.

Aggression really doesn’t help much. I’ve definitely concluded that after years of being aggressive. But I think telling the truth is an inherently valuable act.

Bluey: You’ve had tremendous success with your show. It’s highly rated and millions of people are tuning in. How does that last point inform the work that you do on a day-to-day basis?

Carlson: The show’s successful because it’s on Fox News, which is successful. I’ve worked at a lot of different TV networks, and the network is what matters most.

I don’t imagine that my show is successful because I’m so great. I do think much more about what I say because there’s a bigger audience and because we’re in the middle of this revolutionary moment, and I’m counterrevolutionary.

I don’t say a lot of things without thinking them through, which is good. I mean, occasionally I do and get in trouble for it. But I really try to think through what I really believe and what I really think is true.

Good stuff so far, to be sure, but now we come to the real meat of the matter, at least in regards to the Trump mention in the piece’s title (bear in mind, Trump was still President at the time this interview was published).

Bluey: But I’d say the topics you cover and the way that you conduct your questioning is different and unique from other TV hosts.

Carlson: Well, I don’t have a lot to add. I would just say two things. I think President Trump is interesting, and I agree broadly with his agenda. I certainly agree with immigration, that’s for sure. But I don’t think that every story is about Donald Trump, and most other people at the other networks think every story is about Trump.

I don’t have anything to add to that; I don’t think it’s that interesting. I don’t want to talk about Trump five hours a week, I just don’t. And not because I have some political agenda and it’s bad to talk about; I’m just not that interested, actually. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on. I try to talk about that.

…The book, like the show, is based on the most obvious questions. I’m not a super-clever person, I try to keep it very simple. Why would America elect Donald Trump president?

And the explanation in Washington is, well, they didn’t really. Putin did. Or voters were just so dumb, they didn’t know the difference. Or America’s racist, so they elected a racist. Those are contemptible nonexplanations. Those are stupid.

The real answer, obviously, is that people were so dissatisfied with the leadership in place as of the first Tuesday in November of 2016, that they decided to punish them by electing Trump.

This was a referendum on the ruling class; and by the way, we have a ruling class, and I’ve lived in it most of my life, so I know it’s real. It’s not a conspiracy, but we have a class system, increasingly, in this country.

The people in charge have done a really bad job on the big things, on foreign policy and the economy; and they’ve gotten us into a number of counterproductive wars. That was a bipartisan effort. It was started by Bush, but it was applauded by Clinton. So it wasn’t one party, it was both parties.

They made a bunch of assumptions about the economy that turned out to be wrong, and they helped destroy the American middle class, and then they don’t care. So they’re terrible. They’re deeply unwise and selfish and stupid.

Trump is the result of decades of unwise, selfish, and stupid leadership. It’s so obvious. I’m not a genius, I’m hardly a genius. It’s just so clear, and no one says that. I’m not sure why.

Lots more to it yet, and it’s all fascinating. I’ve read before in many other places that Tucker was a pretty solidly anti-Trump guy early on, and maybe he was at that, I couldn’t really say. But from this interview, it’s quite clear that Carlson really GOT the whole Trump phenomenon better than just about any other of his big-media confreres did, well before they did—those few of them who actually did come around to understand it, that is.

Perhaps unrelated, but purely in the interests of safeguarding my prized rep as a gadfly-contrarian against any unfounded accusations of being a Trump-licker, I’ll just throw this in too, from Margolis’s Meme-manic Monday email.

Trump Licker NOT

For whatever it’s worth, I checked a cpl of the above quotes I wasn’t totally sure about, and yes, it appears he really DID say all those puzzling-at-best things. I dunno, go figure; I ain’t even gonna try to explain what, if anything, it might mean. I’ve defended Trump plenty over the last six-eight years; I’m just about all “defended” out over here, frankly.

At this point, either you love him or hate him, and are probably no longer subject to persuasion either way. As I’ve said, I believe Trump could still have a significant, positive role to play in what’s to come, but not as President; that, he oughta just give up and walk away from, it’s a total waste of his time and effort.


Justice in Amerika v2.0, she dead as the proverbial doornail.

Proud Boys Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy
Will Donald Trump be next?

Place your bets, if you dare. I don’t care to, myself. In fact, one might be forgiven for thinking of the Proud Boys’ sham “trial” as a sort of test run, clearing the decks for them to go after Trump next.

After six days of deliberation, jurors convicted Enrique Tarrio, Ethan Nordean, Joseph Biggs, and Zachary Rehl of seditious conspiracy and conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding. The jury deadlocked on those two counts for a fifth defendant, Dominic Pezzola. All five were found guilty of obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to prevent an officer from discharging any duties, obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder, and one count of destruction of government property.

Pezzola was found guilty of assaulting or impeding law enforcement and robbery. (He took a police riot shield during the melee.) Jurors are still debating additional counts related to destruction of property and assaulting law enforcement; it’s unclear how Judge Tim Kelly will instruct the jury to proceed on unresolved charges.

Think so, do ya? I find your naïveté at this late stage of the game quite charming, Jules.

Jury deliberations began April 26; the nearly four-month trial was marred by controversy, including last-minute disclosures of numerous FBI informants; open hostility between the judge and defense attorneys; the accidental discovery of explosive messages between FBI agents discussing deleted evidence, a doctored report, and the surveillance of attorney-client jailhouse communications; multiple sightings in evidence of the still-uncharged Ray Epps; a convoluted appellate ruling on the legitimacy of a key charge in the case; and suspicions of a jury stalker.

Until 2022, no American had been convicted of the post-Civil War statute. But Joe Biden’s Justice Department seized on the law’s vague language—the same manner in which top officials weaponized an untested post-Enron evidence tampering felony—to criminalize political dissent. Six members of the Oath Keepers were found guilty of seditious conspiracy at two separate trials and four other defendants, including one member of the Proud Boys, have pleaded guilty to the offense. Both seditious conspiracy and obstruction of an official proceeding are felonies punishable by up to 20 years in prison each.

Most of the government’s evidence consisted of inflammatory text messages posted in group chats, which included the presence of an unknown number of FBI informants. No defendant was accused of bringing weapons to the Capitol or assaulting a police officer. Tarrio, the group’s leader, was in a Baltimore hotel on January 6, having left Washington under court order following his arrest on January 4, 2021 for an unrelated incident.

The oversight of not bringing guns along to the “insurrection” was a bad, bad mistake indeed—an error most grievous, which should certainly not be repeated next time around. If any.


Who owns what, anyway?

The right to repair.

John Deere Corporate Might Have Reason to Panic, But Farmers Will Love What’s Happening
Farmers have been battling the manufacturers of their high-tech farming machinery for years over the right to repair their equipment on their own.

Major companies in the space, including John Deere, began restricting products to manufacturer exclusive service contracts.

These contracts lock out the farmers who own tractors, for instance, from making even small repairs to their machines. Instead, when something breaks down, farmers have to call the manufacturer or dealer to schedule a repairman to come out and service the device, forcing the farmer to shut down his operations while waiting for the repairman to come out to the farm.

This is obviously a serious problem for farmers who are under strict time restrictions during planting and harvesting seasons.

Farmers have been contesting this situation for years, ever since some manufacturers of equipment have begun implementing such exclusionary practices. It has resulted in a campaign among farmers called the “right to repair” movement, where farmers are fighting for the right to make repairs to the tractors and other instruments they bought and own.

The farmers claim that they lose money and time while waiting for these repair men to show up. Not only that, but they contend that if a tractor maker holds the sole right to repair, then the farmers don’t really even own their tractors despite paying tens of thousands for the vehicles.

As the truck drivers always say, so it is for the farmers: if the wheels ain’t turning, they ain’t earning. Not that the corporate types at John Deere, in defense of their “right” to bleed hardworking farmers like a deer tick on a hound with those exorbitantly priced “maintenance contracts” of theirs, give a discernible damn about that.

Now, however, the state of Colorado has become the first to give farmers the legal right to repair their equipment without being forced to pay for a manufacturer’s repair teams. That law was passed on Tuesday.

For their part, companies such as John Deere say that farming equipment is now so highly technical and computer-driven that repairs are often beyond the skill of barn tinkerers. Even more importantly, manufacturers say that if just anyone can start tearing down and rebuilding their high-tech machinery, their proprietary technology will be all too easily open for corporate theft.

Well, which is it, then? Are those slackjawed yokels too stupid to comprehend all that tech, or are those sharpie-farmers looking to inflate their incomes via some sophisticated reverse-engineering and corporate espionage?

For what it may be worth, my Uncle Gene flatly refused to own anything his whole life but a Deere…right up until his last one, which he spent a lot more time cussing and spitting at than actually riding the piece of junk.

Manufacturers also say that allowing tractor owners to make any manner of repair also allows them to bypass emissions controls set by governments and to crank up horsepower or make other modifications that violate laws. This, they say, puts equipment operators at risk of injury, and in turn would unfairly place the manufacturers in a position to be sued for those injuries.

Ahhh, and there it is: the cold, dead hand of government. You knew it would figure into all this somehow. Now for a little compare-contrast.

“Forcing a business to disclose trade secrets, software, and jeopardize consumer safety is poor public policy,” said Colorado state Rep. Matt Soper, a Republican who opposed “right to repair” measures in the Centennial State.

The opposition was not enough to stall the legislation. Colorado’s Democrat Gov. Jared Polis happily signed the new bill into law last Tuesday, saying, “This bill will save farmers and ranchers time and money and support the free market in repair” before exclaiming, “first in the nation!’”

Against all odds and expectations, we’ve now reached the point where the GOPer argues for restricting the rights of hard-working American farmers to do what they wish with the property they nominally “own,” while the Democrat stands up for freedom, real ownership, independent repair shops, and non-interference with said rights. UNEXPECTED!™

What to do, what to do

Seeing through the fakery, dealing with the aftereffects.

A Means of Control
I read an article in Forbes the other day about the collapse of the dollar. I’m not linking it, because it was ridiculous. The reason Forbes said that the dollar would not collapse, was because it’s based on the economic output of the United States, a country that has the largest economy in the world of $23 trillion. The stability of the dollar, it said, was why it was the world reserve currency and that alone kept it from collapsing. This article was written March 29, 2023, about two weeks ago. The only thing that could possibly cause a collapse, it said, was something dramatic like a world war. Ha ha.

I don’t know if that was just financial propaganda to prevent panic selling or what, but if it was meant as a serious article, it ignored the realities of the world that currently exists. Our $23 trillion economy, our GDP, is dwarfed by the $32 trillion we’re in debt. The dollar is no longer the world reserve currency and more countries are dumping the dollar every day. China is cashing in it’s notes as fast as it can.

The other leg of the financial stool supporting the dollar is its use as an intermediary between nations to purchase oil, the petrodollar, which has recently been nixed by the cooperation of Russia and China to purchase Russian oil with Chinese Yuan. Saudi Arabia, our closest ally in the Middle East, at least as far as oil goes, just made a deal to sell oil using the Yuan.

The only thing supporting the dollar is printing. The Fed no longer has to buy bonds to create money, it just keystrokes in a few more billion to the nations banks.

Buying metals is a good way to avoid this obvious catastrophe in the making, but as we have seen before, they can just make owning precious metals illegal. Then, only the well-connected and criminal politicians will own these metals. Hiding your stores will be a felony so when you go to use it, you can be identified and imprisoned.

As you can see, we’re in a vice and the people who have concocted it are intent on using it to squeeze any financial, medical or nutritional freedom out of your lives.

What to do?

Clearly, this is the separation I spoke of at the beginning. It’s now incumbent upon all of us who wish to remain unvaxxed, free to spend and free to eat what we want to start separating from the federal power in Washington. Local, local, local has been stressed many times and it’s for just this situation that it was preached.

TL goes on from there to offer several practical suggestions for how one might go about insulating and isolating oneself from the machinations and manipulations of an evil, tyrannical central government in a disintegrating nation, all of which seem to me to be soild, worthwhile policies to follow at any time, all the more so in these End ones.

Update! Dave Renegade is also readying himself for life apres le deluge.

I am living my life according to my belief that the economy has collapsed and the government is planning to start WWIII. That means the US dollar is worthless and I am buying supplies and other items necessary for this future.

  1. I visit the local feed store in Murphy, NC on a regular basis. I have noticed a large increase in feed supplies (they are storing feed in the parking lot) over what has been stored in previous years. I also noticed that the volume of customers has increased to the point that parking is now like bumper cars. People park as they want regardless of whether they are blocking other cars/trucks in place. It was so bad yesterday, a small truck from Florida parked in back of my truck as he bought 14 trees. I bought 5 fruit trees and I estimate that they will sell 200 trees in less than two days.
  2. I went to a nursery to look for more pecan trees. Any tree over 4 feet was over $100. The nursery’s parking lot was the busiest that I have ever seen.
  3. I have bought a complete set of replacement fluids and filters for my tractor. I went to the Kubota dealership to do the same for my excavator. Imagine my surprise when this large dealership had to order hydraulic filters to complete my order.
  4. Baby chicks are selling out at farm stores faster than Joe Biden can eat an ice cream cone.

I saw a message today that based on economic conditions, everyone should start acting like a “prepper”. The message should have said: Everyone who is over 50 should start acting as our grandparents. The rest can act as their great grandparents acted.

As reality is sinking in, I am glad to see that people are acting responsibly instead of cowering in fear. I do not know when we will stand up to the evil that has usurped our government but we can use this time wisely.

It looks more and more as if we may not really have to do much in the way of standing up to ‘em after all; as the impending collapse of TWAWKI (The World As We Knew It)™ continues apace, could be we can all just sit back pointing and laughing as it all comes crashing down around the ears of those who brought it about.

An idea whose time came, and went, long ago

Everybody who thinks there’s the proverbial snowball’s chance that this will ever happen, please raise your hands.

Great Idea! Trump Calls for Defunding the FBI and DOJ
Donald Trump said it in an all-caps message on Truth Social Wednesday morning: “REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS SHOULD DEFUND THE DOJ AND FBI UNTIL THEY COME TO THEIR SENSES. THE DEMOCRATS HAVE TOTALLY WEAPONIZED LAW ENFORCEMENT IN OUR COUNTRY AND ARE VICIOUSLY USING THIS ABUSE OF POWER TO INTERFERE WITH OUR ALREADY UNDER SIEGE ELECTIONS!” The usual suspects are enraged, but really, where was Trump wrong? Do American taxpayers really need to subsidize agencies that have become the enforcement arm of the authoritarian Left?

Uh HUH. “Until they come to their senses,” is it? And just when, pray tell, do you expect THAT to happen, exactly?

As y’all know, I’ve been advocating loud and long for dismantling the FBI root, branch, and bough for years now. Defunding that particular Swamp pit would be a fine start along that road, so good on Trump for suggesting it. But the sad fact is, it ain’t at all likely to happen, even if he does somehow find a way to get “elected” in 2024…which, if anything, is less likely still. There’s only one way defunding the FBI ever will, and that of necessity will have to involve a fair bit of gunplay, I’m afraid. Tyrants hardly ever just docilely agree to cede their power to those they stole it from without it.

Update! I meant to include more of what Spencer had to say in the above-cited piece, then hit “Send to blog” prematurely. Pardonnez-moi for that blunder; here’s the rest.

Why should patriotic Americans continue to be forced to fund agencies that are weaponized to harass and persecute them? The FBI and DOJ have been energetic purveyors of the Jan. 6 “insurrection” hoax, making the lives of numerous Americans miserable for the crime of being in Washington on Jan. 6, 2021. They have opened terrorism investigations against parents for the crime of being angry over their children being subjected to critical race theory in primary school. They have harassed and terrorized pro-life activists. They have manufactured “white supremacist terrorists” so as to justify the Biden regime’s ridiculous and oft-repeated claims about what constitutes the largest terror threat the nation faces today.

If we had a savvy, aggressive opposition in America today, its leaders would be challenging the Leftist establishment to defend the idea that the Justice Department and the FBI were still worthy of Americans’ trust. They would be demanding that Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray demonstrate that they had any interest at all in administering fair and impartial justice rather than simply serving as the muscle for the Democrat Party and its allies. They would be doing everything they could to cut funding for these agencies to the bone and publishing plans for top-to-bottom reform that would eliminate the corrupt and politicized regime apparatchiks that currently infest these agencies.

Instead, however, we’re getting chuckling at Donald Trump’s supposed idiocy and flagrant misrepresentations of what he actually said. This could pose an even more serious threat to freedom in the long run than the politicized legal persecution of Trump. If the reform of these corrupt agencies, which is obviously most urgently needed, can be so airily waved away, what chance do patriots stand? Trump is right: the FBI and DOJ as they are currently constituted should indeed be defunded.

They should, yes, but they won’t. Like I said above, only one way that happens, and it’s neither pretty nor pleasant.

Updated update! Via WRSA, unreconstructed Southron Padraig Martin says we should stop searching for heroes. He ain’t wrong about that.

One of the reasons so many people love Trump is that he became an accidental hero to an angry electorate. Trump, unlike every other tired politician in 2015/6, did not balance his words, consult with polling data, or regurgitate tired old conservative talking points. He came across as a genuine, albeit flawed man. When his Administration failed on so many levels – especially in 2020 – much of it was understandably the result of bad administration selections. Trump was placed in a position to hire all of the Bush rejects to field his White House. But much of that goes back on Trump, himself. After all, the buck stops with the boss, which is why so many others are disappointed in him – especially as it pertains to his inaction in 2020 regarding both the extraordinarily violent leftwing rioting around these United States and the Fauci-driven Covidian totalitarianism. It is my opinion that Trump was a well-intentioned man who did not know (and likely still does not know) the mechanisms of Washington power. Obama, a purely evil character, was a master at manipulating the levers of power to get his way for eight years, but even Obama had the benefit of two Bush Administrations and eight years of Clinton to lay the groundwork for his globalist vision. Trump lacked the insider knowledge and the support to get things done.

What Trump proves is that Americans who genuinely care about the future of their country desperately want a hero. They hoped Trump was that hero. To many, he always will be a hero. But neither Trump nor anyone else in elected office will ever be a hero. They are just ordinary men within a system that is too great to destroy from within. It cannot be turned around because it feeds on itself. The only way the current system fails is through consuming itself to the point of collapse. A single hero will not make that happen – although Putin seems to be the closest to succeeding.

It is at about this time that Christians will say, “Jesus is my hero!” Whereas I agree with them – Jesus is my hero, too – God selects men to be heroes for His people. Jesus can be the guide, protection, and salvation for that individual, but we know things are so bad right now that we need support on earth ASAP. The fact is, no singular individual will fill that role.

It is time to stop looking for heroes and become one yourself. Heroism requires taking a stand. It requires courage and bravery. It requires moral clarity. Most people on earth lack those qualities. But enough people taking a defiant stand can force change.

You’re gonna want to read the rest of it for sure.


Back to the future

My brother-in-Gearheaddom Phil speaks for a cause that’s always been near and dear to my heart.

It’s Time To Start Restoring Older Vehicles And Appliances

Lurch came out and said that FJB is going to be mandating changes to cars and both light and heavy trucks because Climate Bullshit.

This is on top of them already going after gas stoves and now air conditioners.

Every time the government sticks it’s collective nose into consumer goods everything turns to absolute shit.

Anybody else out there remember what a real toilet looked like before CONgress decided they used too much water?

And remember when the dirty cocksuckers banned conventional lightbulbs last year?

Basically if something has a proven track record and works, we can’t have that anymore.

Screw these assholes I say.

If you can find a decent rig from fifty odd years ago, spending half that much restoring it will get you a rig that will last for years and you will be money ahead.

Even if you have to get it from another state and have it trucked in you will be money ahead.

There won’t be a kill switch in it either.

Same goes with refrigerators and laundry machines.

There are guys out there who specialize in restoring old refrigerators and there are still plenty of outfits around that can repair old laundry equipment.

Screw these new computer controlled/ energy and water efficient pieces of shit.

They don’t work worth a damn to begin with and they have a life span measured in months, not years anyway.

Now, speaking of cars specifically, it’s true that the newer ones—though most of them cost two-three times as much as my dad paid for the house I grew up in (19k back in 1962, and it was a nice house too, in a good neighborhood)—they DO have an expected life span of around 200-300k miles before they go kerblooey. Then again, though, you didn’t need a PhD in computer science, two large rollaways full of expensive specialty tools, and a 150k diagnostic machine to work on one of the vintage beater Fords I’ve spent my entire “adult” (HA!) life running, either.

That said, owning the right kind of car can pay off in some unanticipated ways.

Two teens who carjacked a man at a gas station in Germantown, Maryland were unable to drive away because they didn’t know how to operate the car’s manual transmission, police say.

A 16-year-old from Rockville and a 17-year-old from Washington, D.C. were arrested after the carjacking on Saturday at the Sunoco gas station on Frederick Road, Montgomery County police said.

A man had just finished pumping gas and was getting into his car when he saw the two teens running toward him, police said. The teens then forced his door open, grabbed him and demanded his keys, which he handed over to them.

When the teens got into the car, they didn’t know how to operate the car’s manual transmission, police said, so they got out of the car and ran off.

Soon after, officers saw them nearby and took them into custody after a brief chase on foot, police said.

The accompanying video is sidesplitting.

No need to be thinking that this is the only such incident, either.

“Can you even drive a fuckin’ stick, nigga? On my MAMA, I wantin’ to shoot that nigga so bad!” Too, too funny. Clicking on the Tweet will take you over to my own barely-used Twatter account, then you’ll have to dismiss the “Sensitive content” warning to view it. Which, believe me, is worth the hassle.


Fed UP

Dutch farmers are showing the world the way.

The Dutch farmers just landed a major blow to the wokies with an election win that’s made them the biggest party in their senate

The party of the Dutch farmers, formed only in 2019, has just taken control of the Netherlands’ parliament in a shocking election that has probably sent Klaus Schwab crying to his room.

Here’s how the alt-right domestic extremists over at Fox put it:

“This isn’t normal, but actually it is! It’s all normal citizens who voted,” party leader Caroline van der Plas said. “But today people have shown they can’t stay at home any longer. We won’t be ignored anymore.”

The Farmer-Citizen Movement Party, known as BoerBurgerBeweging (BBB) in Dutch, built its victory on the back of protests against the government’s environmental policies, which aim to slash nitrogen emissions by dramatically cutting back on livestock numbers and buying out thousands of farms. Nitrate and ammonia pollution significantly impacts biodiversity, particularly air and water quality.

The Dutch Senate is the upper house of its legislature and has 75 members. The farmers just took a huge portion of that.

In fact, they have more seats than Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s VVD party. His entire four-party coalition only has 24 seats.

(I know we’re used to two giant political teams here in America, but other countries have a bit healthier way of organizing parties).

Said a mouthful there, bub. Here in Amerika v2.0, we can only boast of just the one, both notional wings of which are supremely disinterested in representing anybody but their own crooked, greedy selves. Check out this heartwarming Tweet.

Now THAT’S what I call a fucking peaceful protest. Of course, we all oughta know by now that, ultimately, “peaceful” isn’t going to be sufficient to dissuade The Enemy from his campaign of serial predation on us—here, there, or anywhere else. But still, it’s not a bad start, right?

Can’t keep a good man down

As we might well have expected from him, true American Hero James O’Keefe has just proved it.

James O’Keefe Makes His Move After Project Veritas

On Wednesday, James O’Keefe, the former founder and CEO of Project Veritas, announced the launch of his new media organization, named O’Keefe Media Group.

In the video, O’Keefe discussed how he had faced defamation, arrests, and raids and was ultimately removed from the organization he’d spent a significant amount of time building credibility for. Last month, O’Keefe was kicked out of Project Veritas a couple of weeks after the board suspended him.

But, as expected, O’Keefe is bouncing back and seems determined to go bigger and better in service of his original mission.

“The irony of the ACORN story is that it took a 25-year-old with a hidden camera a few days to do what billion-dollar networks and journalists could not do in a decade,” O’Keefe says in a video announcing his new business venture. “I spent 14 years creating the most effective nonprofit newsroom this country has ever seen, and in paving the way to establish citizen journalism, I have been defamed, arrested, raided, and ultimately removed from the organization I spent so much time developing credibility of.”

“I always knew they would try to ruin the reputations of those who expose them,” he continues, “the pharma giants, the three-letter government agencies, and those who I thought I could trust. But in response, we are going to build an army of investigators and exposers. They have awakened [a] sleeping giant.”

“I’m back,” declares O’Keefe, who revealed that a small, tight-knit group of “the most elite journalists in the world” remain by his side.

“Exposing corruption requires standing up to power because power hates sunlight. We are sunlight.”

O’Keefe’s new venture is called the O’Keefe Media Group, which he insists “will never be shut down.” Not only does O’Keefe own it, but anyone can pledge their support to sponsor his army of journalists by becoming a founding member.

Good for him, and may he have tremendous success with his new venture. After so many years of catching miscellaneous evildoers with their pants down—and also seeing as how PV has been hemorrhaging supporters and staff since O’Keefe was unceremoniously shoved out on his ass—I’d estimate his prospects for attaining similar success going forward are pretty good.


Has it really been that long?

Glenn reminds us of an important anniversary: it’s been 11 dreary years since the inimitable Andrew Breitbart, le chevalier sans peur et sans reproche, left us. A fine time, I think, to rerun this inspiring clip.

They say that no man is irreplaceable, and maybe it’s true. But if so, he came as close to being one as any mere mortal ever has, or probably ever will. An indefatigable, dauntless warrior for freedom; an intellectually-nimble man no puling Leftist could ever hope to intimidate or shout down; a man who casually shrugged off every barb The Enemy could think to hurl his way with never a flinch, misstep, or stumble, we need Andrew Breitbart with us now more than we ever have before.


Via Joe Hoft and Wes Renegade.

Hoft provides some of the backstory.

Michele Tafoya is recognized by individuals who used to watch the NFL on Sundays. Her website says:

Michele Tafoya is a former American sportscaster. From 2011 to 2022, she was a reporter for NBC Sports, primarily as a sideline reporter for NBC Sunday Night Football. Today, she hosts the Sideline Sanity Podcast and makes television appearances on talk shows discussing the state of American politics and culture.

Tafoya is not afraid to take on topics of the day.

According to American Military News:

(retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Robert) Spalding has been retired from the Air Force since at least 2019 after serving for more than 25 years, according to biographical details on his book’s Amazon page. During that time, he earned seven medals and awards and became a leading expert on China, according to his Air Force biography.

He was a distinguished graduate of Mandarin Chinese language training, and later served as chief China strategist for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Following that, he was assigned as the Defense Department’s representative at the U.S. embassy in Beijing.

He has written two books on China: “War Without Rules: China’s Playbook for Global Dominion” and “Stealth War: How China Took Over While America’s Elite Slept.”

Good on the both of ‘em for giving us the straight dope like they did, no chaser needed nor desired.

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