Are we not entertained?

A bit alarming at first blush, perhaps, but don’t let’s anybody rush to judgment quite yet; there just might be an extenuating circumstance here, or a method to the seeming madness at any rate.

Gamechanger: Is a Trump-RFK Jr. Alliance in the Works?
The 2024 presidential election has shown us one thing: expect the unexpected. Few anticipated Joe Biden would pursue a second term, but he did. Many doubted he’d debate Donald Trump, yet he took the stage — and was a total disaster. In another unprecedented move, Biden succumbed to pressure and blackmail and dropped out of the race mere days ago.

This is certainly not the year to be making predictions because so far, it has been the most unconventional election ever.

A new report from ABC News suggests another potential twist in the 2024 presidential election: an alliance between Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

According to multiple sources who spoke with ABC News, Trump and Kennedy have had several discussions over the past few days, including an in-person meeting in Milwaukee during the Republican National Convention. During these talks, the two presidential candidates reportedly discussed potential roles for Kennedy in a future Trump administration.

Two sources familiar with the discussions say that Kennedy could potentially be offered the opportunity to oversee the Health and Human Services Department in a second Trump administration.

HHS, eh? Aiight then, just keep the guy away from the EPA and I’m good with it, I do believe.



Whatcha gonna do indeed.

Gott-damn SKIPPY. PREACH it, Hulkster!!! Much, much more of this incredibly good, tasty stuff at Twitchy. In response to the too-predictable D卐M☭CRAT sniffing, eyerolling, and contemptuous pearl-clutching for the Hulkster’s basic Not One Of Us, Dearie gauche-i-tivity—Harry Sisson’s lame-O bitch, piss, and moaning being the pluperfect example*—NotKenny Rogers puts it best:

You and me both, brother. You and me both.

* “No serious conversation on policy,” Harry? RILLY?!? Your corpse-tastic cadaver can’t manage to groan out a complete sentence betwixt the snot-bubbles and rivulets of drool even after his handlers have hit him with BOTH paddles, you sniveling sissymary. PRO TIP: Take close, careful note of Trump’s easygoing, beaming merriment at Hulk’s star-turn (at the end of @3YearLetterman’s post) and remember something: He who laughs last laughs best. And, in the theater of the absurd that national politics in Amerika v2.0 has become, he who laughs best will almost certainly win the race.


Tulsi vivisects Kumala

You go, girl.

OUCH, ma’am! Better stick to something you know, Kummy. Like, say, suck-starting your stalled career by gobbing useful higher-up knobs.


Putting his money where his mouth is

Still don’t like Elon Musk, or think him a “phony” or something? I strongly suggest you get over it, then.

BREAKING: Elon Musk Commits Staggering Amount of Cash Every MONTH
Elon Musk reportedly plans to funnel approximately $45 million monthly into a new super political action committee (super PAC) supporting former President Donald Trump’s presidential bid. Sources familiar with the situation revealed this information to the Wall Street Journal.

The committee, named America PAC, boasts an impressive roster of backers, such as Joe Lonsdale, co-founder of Palantir Technologies; the Winklevoss twins; former U.S. ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft; and her husband, Joe Craft, CEO of Alliance Resource Partners, a prominent coal producer.

“Formed in June, America PAC is focused on registering voters and convincing constituents to vote early and request mail-in ballots in swing states, according to one of the people,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “The coalition assessed that the Democrats have historically had very robust ‘get out the vote’ campaigns and took note of the amounts of money that the Biden administration has dedicated to so-called ‘on the ground’ efforts in swing states. America PAC will try to counter that.”

Over 43% of the votes cast in the 2020 presidential election were mail-in ballots — the largest margin in history— and it is widely believed the Democrats’ embrace of mail-in voting tipped the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden.

This effort by Musk and his co-backers will be a tremendous force to help counter the Democrats’ mail-in ballot strategy.

So we must hope. Whether it works out that way or not, I say again: good on ya, Elon.


The man, the moment, the legend

An inspirational message from President Donald John Trump.

May God forever bless and keep you, sir.

And so, thanks entirely to the vile, vicious Left’s arrogance; their reckless, incandescent hatred; their fathomless self-regard; and their unquenchable lust for absolute power and control…well, here we all are at last, forced all unwilling into the dreadful corner none of us ever wished to find ourselves in, nor dreamed we ever would.

Fittingly enough for historical illiterates such as they, once again it’s just as ADM Yamamoto memorably, sorrowfully, and presciently esteemed in a bygone era the ineducable Left knows not of: all they have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. If any of y’all rowdies and/or rapscallions want to think of it as, say, Hirohito’s Folly Redux, I’ll cheerfully put a “yeppers” to it.

Remember “all we wanted was to be left alone”? Well, they flatly refused to honor that most humble of requests, though they easily might have with no inconvenience or loss to themselves of any conceivable sort. Alas and alack, that’s all over and done with now; to the incalculable cost of one and all, that good ship and true has officially sailed, with the vain fantasy of “peaceful coexistence” aboard her. May they be made to regret this fateful miscalculation—profoundly, agonizingly, and without surcease—for however long they have left to live.


And the b(l)eat goes on

There’s just no hope at all for some “people.”

FAIR WARNING: It’s a long ‘un, brimming o’er with more of the same species of delusional codswallop, in case anyone wants to befoul himself by clicking over for the rest—an irrational, self-destructive inclination I won’t even pretend to understand. No, I will NOT be C&P’ing the extended post-“Show more” twaddle this time out, because fuck that noise.

Happily, Meestah COL Schlichter courageously steps in to flush the noxious turd down the stink-pipe and away before it can smell up the joint beyond hope of repair.

In the case of the esteemed COL Schlichter, unlike the previous asswart, I’m only too happy to provide the rest of the clickbait story for y’all.

…If he pulls out, it is a confession of his total inadequacy and failure, and I celebrate his humiliation. But he’s not going to be pulling out, because to do that would be to put the needs of other people and the country ahead of his own ego and he’ll never do that because he’s a bad, bad person.

And so is his wife.

WHOA, that’s good squishy!

As the overbooked proctologist reputedly complained to his frazzled assistant: Is there no end to these assholes?

Grateful thanks to Schlichter for the speedy, selfless save; hope your singed nostril-hairs grow back in with no complications or discomfort, Kurt. As for the blistered paint, cracked window-glass, and damaged thundermug, pas de sweat; that ain’t on you, buddy, you already did your bit and then some. Above and beyond the call, I’d say. Next time you’re moved to deal out another righteous smackdown to some deserving dumbass, may I recommend using both backhand AND forehand strokes in your delivery, so as to ensure the intended lesson is not merely learned, but permanently instilled. Additionally, as every serious golfer knows, a vigorous, complete follow-through is critical, particularly with the more stubborn, marginally-educable specimens.

Elsewhere, our pal Aesop examines another self-inflicted auto-da-fé, this one starring a violence-avowing, Biden-fellating punkass beeyotch who now faces follow-on consequences far more dire, including but in no wise restricted to:

  • Loss of employment, professional reputation/status, and career prospects
  • Federal criminal investigation, possible indictment and/or prosecution for issuing serial terroristic threats, aggravated by repeated witting, brazenly non-metaphorical exhortations to widespread murder, mayhem, civil disorder, even the assassination of a specifically-identified former President/current lawful major-party candidate as well as the respectable, law-abiding civilians who support his Presidential campaign
  • Social shunning, banishment, and/or informal exile
  • Eviction, homelessness, soul-scarring poverty
  • Sundry other dick-in-the-meatgrinder repercussions

It’s a joy to behold, far as I’m concerned.


Said it before, gonna say it again: greatest USSC Justice EVAR

Guess who.

Justice Thomas: Of course, the AR-15 is legal under Second Amendment
Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas showed his hand on Tuesday on the issue of whether AR-15-style rifles are legal. His Second Amendment analysis: They are.

In a brief dissent related to an Illinois ban on the “assault weapon,” Thomas said that the overwhelming popularity of the firearm, coupled with its non-military operation, makes it a clear fit under the Second Amendment.

His comments come as President Joe Biden is stepping up his assault on the popular “modern sporting rifle.” Biden was behind the 1994 ban and has been seeking to ban it since that law died in 2004.

The AR-15 has become the most popular rifle in America. The National Shooting Sports Foundation said that at 28.1 million, there are more AR-15-style firearms in circulation than Ford F-150s on the road.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the petitioners’ request for a preliminary injunction, saying the AR-15 is not protected by the Second Amendment. The Supreme Court justices have declined to get involved for now.

“We are obviously very disappointed for the millions of legal gun owners in Illinois by today’s decision not to grant emergency relief, but we’re not giving up. And today’s decision does not impact the merits of our case for our upcoming hearing on September 16h in the Southern District of Illinois,” ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson said.

“Our objective from the very beginning of the process that started the moment Gov. Pritzker signed the bill into law — was to take our case to the United States Supreme Court. And we followed through on that promise, and despite today’s decision — if given the chance, we’d do it all over again because it is the right thing to do,” Pearson said.

Thomas encouraged that plan. “If the Seventh Circuit ultimately allows Illinois to ban America’s most common civilian rifle, we can — and should — review that decision once the cases reach a final judgment. The Court must not permit ‘the Seventh Circuit [to] relegat[e] the Second Amendment to a second-class right,’” the Supreme Court justice wrote.

Give ‘em pure-T hell, Mr Justice Thomas, sir. Gee, wonder why the shitlibs hate the man with such bitter, wild-eyed ferocity.  Puzzling, innit?

Lest we forget, “nice guy” and “good, good man” Pedaux Jaux Bribem was one of the main players behind the fabricated smear-job accusations hurled at Thomas during his SC confirmation hearings high-tech lynching, an abominable circus that put paid once and for all to the ludicrous mischaracterization of the US Senate as “the world’s greatest deliberative body.”

Oh, and about that “good, good man” nonsense.

The talking points must have gone out within minutes of the end of President Joe Biden’s lame debate performance. Among the first to tell us just how fine a man Biden was Barack Obama, who called his former vice president “someone who has fought for ordinary folks his entire life.” It is, of course, a lie. Biden is not a good man, and the idea he’s “fought for ordinary folks” for even a single day of his “public service” is risible.

Obama’s tweet also claimed that Biden is the candidate “who knows right from wrong and will give it to the American people straight.” From there, the gaslighting grew exponentially worse.

At a July 2 fundraiser in Virginia, Democratic Rep. Don Beyer, whom Biden once called “Doug,” compared our disabled president to Jesus.

“​​He has been a good, good man. He’s resilient, optimistic, indefatigable, and above all courageous,” said Boyer.

On the day after the debate, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who admitted that watching the debate made him “weep,” assured us that Biden is “a good man and a good president.”

There was even a book published in 2020 that had the title “A Good & Decent Man: Joe Biden: Rescuing America.”

After wading hip deep through the malarkey, let’s look at the Biden record.

Read on for the ugly reality, which bears not even a passing resemblance to the above hagiographic, knob-polishing codswallop.


Chip off the old block

“I don’t think there’s anything they wouldn’t do.”

Don Jr reels off so many incredibly tasty, dead-on-the-money quotes in this interview, there’s simply no way I could transcribe them all.  For his part, Tucker fires off plenty of well-aimed shots himself; both of them are top-notch rhetoricians, quick on their feet, and totally at ease under the heat of the bright TV-studio lights—a triple-threat skill set which makes their on-camera interaction truly a delight to behold.

Just watch the whole 38 minutes-plus of it, either here or over at the Renegades joint. Trust me, you won’t regret it. I swear, much as I like his dad—and I surely do, one hell of a lot—whenever I hear Trump the Younger speak about the shitty political situation, it sorta makes me wish he was running instead. The man is astute, articulate, insightful, and on point, each and every time.

Update! It suddenly occurs to me that, although he definitely inherited his father’s fearless, indomitable pugnacity, the most significant distinction between Don Jr’s attitude and his father’s is that, unlike his old man, Don Jr’s own impassioned reverence for ordered liberty American-style doesn’t seem to be adulterated with any of the all-too-common normalcy bias which insists—against all available evidence and the testimony of human history since Rome, at least—that there is still some way that our stolen nation, rights, and liberties can be reclaimed and restored without resort to unstinting, deadly violence against the Goosesteppin’ Left Hell-spawn that robbed us of that incalculably precious inheritance.

Trump Sr, whose abiding love for his country, its Founding ideals, and its people is simply beyond dispute, has been impeded by said normalcy bias. Now, he’s been rolled by the low, ugly expedient of having his unapologetic, heart-on-his-sleeve patriotism used as a weapon against him—by opprobrious, scurvy curs unfit to so much as lick the street-dirt off the soles of his fucking shoes.

As I’ve stubbornly maintained it would since 2016, Donald J Trump’s imperturbable belief in the basic goodness of a nation that long since ceased to exist turned out to be his Achilles’ Heel. Trump’s failure, mind, was not necessarily his fault, or not entirely so. He just couldn’t bring himself to believe that shitlibs might actually loathe America so intensely, that they could possibly be as just plain evil as all that. His credulous, almost child-like faith that, despite our disagreements, we all remain Americans at the end of the day has proved to be his undoing. Utimately, he’s not to be blamed nor despised for that naive, over-optimistic misperception, I don’t think; the Evil Left is.

A day which should never have dawned is now upon us: the dreadful day when faith, trust, belief in the essential decency of our (former) fellow Americans (now more aptly identified as TWANLOCs), and open-hearted patriotism have become weaknesses instead of strengths. It’s a calamity so awful, so horrendous, that a once-proud nation stands to be shattered by it, and that right soon.

I’ve said it so many times: no sane person on Our Side really wants the coming violence, fratricidal strife, and societal upheaval, and with very good reason, too. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it ain’t gonna happen—clearly, the Left does want it, which means that it will be forced on us, whether we like it or not. If Thursday’s phonus-balonus “conviction” of President Trump hasn’t made that sad fact abundantly clear, I can’t imagine what might.

We have sat on our duffs and watched in incredulous horror as, one by one, the Soap Box, the Ballot Box, and now the Jury Box have proved unequal to the task. We are now left with the last of the Four Boxes as our final, desperate hope. Verily, I wish with all my heart that it wasn’t so. But it is, to our neverending sorrow.

Incentives, disincentives, and suicidal folly

No more self-gassing-Jew histrionics, no more land-for-peace swaps, no more “cease-fire” blackmail mandated by treacherous FederalGovCo baglappers.

What incentives does Israel have to cease counter-Hamas operations?

Nations, like individuals, historically (not always) operate off a series of incentives.

Net positive = do it

Net negative = avoid it

An easy concept to understand but not simple in practice.

There is no shortage in calls for Israel to implement a ceasefire with Hamas, despite the fact that the current conflict is a direct result of the October 7 Hamas attack where over 1100 Israelis were killed, many of them civilians.

To date Israel has resisted these calls, including those from the U.S., for an operational stand down.

But why?

As a student and practitioner of war I find myself asking, what incentives does Israel have to bow to international pressure?

This is NOT a political commentary, merely a thought experiment on incentives vs. disincentives.

Below are three reasons why Israel has no incentive to stop short of total victory:

Like the man says, he has three, although the last one is enough, t’will suffice.

3. Lastly, with Hamas stating that they will repeat the October 7th attacks as many times as necessary why would Israel stop short of their total destruction?

Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas’ political bureau said, “We must teach Israel a lesson, and we will do it twice and three times. The Al-Aqsa Deluge (the name Hamas gave its Oct 7 onslaught) is just the first time, and there will be a second, a third, a fourth.…”

Pretty unambiguous.

I’d say so, yeah. Then again, the Paleosimian swine have been perfectly unambiguous since at least the days of s’faccim Yassuh “Nawssuh” Yassuh Arafat pleading piteously for a “two-state solution” for the news cameras, then rejecting every proposal on the QT, if not even farther back than that. Your implacable enemies, in both the ME and the West, are no longer bothering to even try to hide their “kill all the Jews!” program behind the phonus-balonus mask of rationality, accomodation, and honest good faith. It’s all up-front and in the open now, their genocidal fanaticism laid out naked and unashamed—pridefully, even—for all to see.

So again: ignore the anguished wails of Jewphobic historical illiterates who are gonna hate you no matter what and just git ‘er done, Bibi—whatever it takes, no restraint, no pulled punches, no mercy. Maybe you could look into covering Gaza with one of those big-ass tents used to fumigate suburban houses and annihilate every last one of those cock-a-roaches.

(Via Ed Driscoll)


THAT’S how you do it

Bull by the fucking horns.

Nice work, fella. Make ‘em pay.


Shitlibs announce impending assassination attempt in Argentina

De facto, if not quite de jure.

Milei Is Absolutely Killing It in Argentina
President Javier Milei entered office like Jack Nicholson breaking his way into the bathroom in “The Shining” — with an axe. Armed with emergency powers granted by the Argentine Congress, he balanced the country’s out-of-control budget in one month, fired government workers by the thousands, eliminated more than 200,000 “corrupt” social welfare programs, and even cozied up to NATO.

“There’s a lot more chainsaw” to come, Milei promised in March, and I momentarily almost became gay.

The usual fearmongers mongered the usual fears.

A few weeks ago, the New York Times ran an opinion piece — complete with a demonic-looking, high-contrast black-and-white photo of Milei — by Argentine author Uki Goñi. According to him, Milei is the “product of a long South American history in which authoritarianism has been the norm and democracy the exception.” Of course, Goñi also called Milei “a far-right libertarian,” and if you can square “authoritarian” with “libertarian,” then cut back on the day-drinking.

Victor Swezey warned in December that “victims of Argentina’s dictatorship see [a] step backward in Milei’s presidency.”

And the Columbia Journalism Review’s Jon Allsop got his panties particularly twisted over concerns about Milei’s “particular hostility toward public media,” and the private media, too. But when a conservative or libertarian shows any level of hostility toward the media, he’s merely returning the favor.

So who is right? Milei and his axe or his critics with their axes to grind?

Let’s look at the numbers.

By all means, let’s:

  • Inflation down from 300% to 11%;
  • The first quarterly budget surplus since 2008;
  • Interest rates cut three times in three weeks;
  • The Argentine peso is now the world’s best performing currency

Among other fine and notable things. No wonder shitlibs worldwide are gonna have to have him murdered—he’s singlehandedly proving every last item in the Leftard catchism assbackwards and wrong, they can’t afford to have this sort of thing continue right out in front of God and everybody. To wit:

“It may also get better over the months ahead,” the UK Telegraph’s Matthew Lynn wrote last week. “With stabilising prices, and a rising currency, investment should start flowing again into a country rich in natural resources and hyper-competitive on wages costs.”

“If so, Argentina would be defying a global economic establishment addicted to bigger government, more regulation, and rising deficits.”


“The risk of a default of Argentina has decreased by 38.4% since Javier Milei took office in December,” news aggregator Visegrád 24 posted to Twitter/X on Tuesday. “The Credit Default Swap (CDS), which acts as a kind of insurance against debt default, stood at 4,280 points when Milei was inaugurated. Now, it has fallen to 2,634 points.”

It’s early into Milei’s term and his reforms have barely had time to take hold. There will be pain ahead because decades of bad policies don’t work themselves out in weeks or months. But shrinking government, tamping inflation, and stabilizing the currency, make for a solid foundation for future prosperity.

Free markets work. Who’d a thunk it?

See what I mean? Not there are NO clouds on the immediate horizon, to wit:

There has not as yet been anything like an authoritarian crackdown on dissent. No journalists have heard that midnight knock on the door, and no communists have been treated to free helicopter rides.

BIIIIG mistake there, Mr President, sir. If there’s any single thing that could be counted as sowing the seeds of your own destruction, suffering a Commie to live would have to be it. Please do note that, for Milei, I added no asterisks or sneer quotes around “President.” No need for ‘em, ‘nuff said.


Point well taken

Remember yesterday, when I hit my estimable and esteemed colleague (blogleague? blogalleague? oh, phooey) JJ Sefton with a little good-natured ribbing regarding the dearth of human beings in political office nowadays, which I consider to be more or less an oxymoron along the lines of “jumbo shrimp” or “military intelligence”? Well, in the comments he pithily reminds me:

Whether Biden is a human, a subhuman, a vegetable, or some combination is certainly debatable. “Obtain” and “legitimately elected” are not one in the same. 😉

Heh. Good ‘un, JJ. No argument against from moi, I did overlook those most salient facts. Sloppy of me, I know, but what the hell, anything for a laugh, right?


The case for Trump

Diplomad makes it, short and sweet.

I am voting for Trump, as I did twice before, for the simple reason that Trump understands America and its people in a way that no other president or candidate has in my lifetime. 

He understands the corruption in the media, judicial system, and bureaucracy, and is suffering personal harm because of it. He understands that we cannot continue to hollow out our industrial base, and hope to remain a world power and a source of creativity and prosperity. We have to make things, such as cars, medicines, and the other billion widgets that come out of a genuinely industrial country, not just buy them from China and Vietnam. He understands that our once world-beating colleges and universities are now steaming heaps of woke ideological garbage, producing millions of self-entitled, credentialed morons, who want you to pay for their “education,” and couldn’t change a tire if their lives depended on it. He understands what insane environmental policies and the open border mean to our independence, safety, national culture and cohesiveness. 

I hear a lot of blather about how crude and divisive Trump is; that’s nonsense. Obama, Clinton, and Biden not only attack Trump but attack his supporters: “Cling to guns and rifles,” “Deplorables,” “Cultists and insurrectionists,” “White supremacists,” etc. Trump doesn’t do that. 

He asks us all, regardless of race or religion, to make America great again, in other words to live up to our lofty aspirations.

That’s about the size of it, yeah. Nothing we didn’t already know, natch, and not that I think he has a hope in hell of being allowed to win anyway. But it can never hurt to run through it again just the same.


Elon is at it again

Speaking the plain truth, being reviled to the rafters for it by shitlib morons. Y’know, the usual sort of thing.

Elon Musk posted about the West’s Achilles heel and man oh man did it make a lot of people angry
Elon was up at 1:30 a.m. and decided to spit some fire on the interwebz:

Hoo boy.

You know you can’t say things like that on the internet, Elon!!!

Follows, the typical Mark-1 Mod-0 foaming, frothing, nonsensical hissy-fit, wherein the Usual Gang of Idiots can’t even manage to stay on-topic. Gee, wonder if Mr Musk gives a lumpy fart. Myself, I’m beginning to suspect he tremendously enjoys hacking off the stupes and dupes, and is now doing it on purpose, just for his own amusement. Good on ya either way, sir.


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