Postus interruptus

No posting yesterday here or at Substack, obviously, and likely won’t be a whole lot through the rest of the weekend either, excepting possibly tomorrow night. I had decided last Sunday to more or less take Monday off, at least from Substack, for a Memorial Day grill out with my cousin. Then on Thursday began working on the Friday edition of the Eyrie as usual, getting a bit less than half of it done before learning that night that I’d be having the young ‘un down for the weekend, for the first time in more than a month.

So yeah, today was spent going to pick her up, bringing her back, getting some vittles in her (repeatedly; land sakes, that kid is growing like a weed!), and just generally lying around at our ease together, chit-chatting about this and that, laughing at the cats and their antics, sharing funny and/or remarkable animal memes on our phones, and so forth. In other words, a simply fantastic day all ‘round, one not to be spoiled mucking about with grubby Amerikan politics: Biden’s latest fall, Pelosi’s latest lie, the latest empty threat from Congressional RepubliCONS to get to the bottom of something or other, &c.

I needed this little vacay more than I even knew, I think. Leave it to a young child to remind me of that, eh?

On deck for tomorrow (later today, technically): showing her how to fire, disassemble, and clean what I refer to as my little pocket rocket, the S&W Bodyguard .380, in which I just installed a great new trigger that did much to smooth out the absurdly overlong-throw, squishy, and heavy-pull old plastic one. Big fun, big fun!

Update! Oh yeah, definitely gonna be a little posting tonight; I already found two (2) great vids that absolutely MUST be posted here, so there’ll be that to look forward to if nothing else. Time for our backyard shooting lesson now, back later on tonight, y’all…


Nuke up before it’s too late!

Finland figures it out.

How Finland Ended Up with Too Much Electricity
As the Western World drives mindlessly into the fantasy of a false green energy future, shortages are a common topic of discussion—blackouts in the frigid winter, brownouts in the heat of summer. You’d be right to ask.

What “leader” pushes a plan that puts demand before supply?

Finland, not known for its politically conservative nature (quite the opposite), was struggling with that problem. After Russia invaded Ukraine, available energy became a priority. You can’t run anything these days without it, and we’ll only need more.

But it is a problem Finland has solved, at least for now, with Nuclear.

Then we get a link to a Daily Wire article which says this:

Electricity prices in Finland plummeted into negative territory this week after the launch of a new nuclear power plant last month.

The development comes months after officials in the Nordic nation were raising the alarm over widespread energy shortages, a reality induced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Energy producers are now discussing mechanisms to reduce production as power becomes so abundant that prices venture into negative territory.

“Production is high, consumption is low, and now we are in a situation where it is not easy to adjust production,” Fingrid CEO Jukka Ruusunen said in an interview with Yle News. “Last winter, the only thing people could talk about was where to get more electricity. Now we are thinking hard about how to limit production. We have gone from one extreme to another.”

Average spot electricity prices in Finland declined from $264 in December to $65 in April, according to a report from the National News. Utility companies are unable to decrease energy output through hydropower, the typical domain in which electricity production can be reduced, because of excess snowmelts.

Back to the first excerpted article for the moral of the story.

I’m not sure why Finland can’t sell the excess to someone who needs it, but I’m not familiar enough with their grid arrangements or EU policy. But, they built a nuclear plan which seems out-of-character.

European thinking on Nuclear energy is bipolar at best. They are all dancing to the broken tune of the ridiculously flawed Paris Climate Accords and other EU green deals. The Daily Wire reminds us that Germany ended its relationship with Nuclear (so it could burn coal to keep warm) while Finland and Poland are adding capacity.

Lesson learned? Probably not quite yet, or not in solid-Green Churmany at least. But one way or another, cold, implacable reality will see to it that eventually, it will be. Yes, even here in the US.

I live in New Hampshire. We are at the mercy of the New England Grid as all the states around us announce green power plans, EV mandates, and race to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar. We can’t get new pipelines built to carry fracked Gas from Pennsylvania because States like New York and Massachusetts say none shall pass.

Federal Law prohibits domestic port-to-domestic port transport of domestic energy, so when we find ourselves chilled in January or February, we have to look off the continent in Africa or Asia for natural gas – while Joe Biden promises mountains of US NG to the EU as a favor for supporting his proxy war with Russia.

The whole business is FUBAR, even in Finland.

“Operators in Finland and the surrounding areas are now monitoring the situation. If hydropower can’t be regulated, then it will probably be nuclear power next. Production that is not profitable at these prices is usually removed from the market,” Ruusunen continued. “Now there is enough electricity, and it is almost emission-free. So you can feel good about using electricity.”

Feel good? Did you miss the memo? That’s not the plan. You’re doing it wrong. The idea is to starve people of modernity as punishment for whatever the progressive narrative mills can imagine will scare you enough to go along. Not them, just you. But for a few heartbeats, Finland has a good problem that has exposed another problem. What to do with the idea of abundant, affordable electricity in a world committed to hating both?

Well, I can think of at least one option—which involves pitchforks, torches, stout ropes, and lampposts for the evil ProPol bastiches who are doing this to us.

Opting out of Holy Pride Month™

A truly appalling how-to.

How To Speak Up And Opt Out Of ‘Pride’ Month Activities At Your Child’s School
No one is coming to stop this. Your only option is to let your own school know you will not allow your child to take part.

My friends and I are bracing for the annual rainbow onslaught poised to swamp families coast to coast this June. This year’s storm looks like a Category 5; it’s already blowing the doors off the nearby Target and wreaking havoc on the Bud Light warehouse. 

As bad as it is out in corporate land, it’s worse in the public schools, where it’s harder to see — almost like they’re trying to keep it secret! Many schools have even moved their pride events up to May so that no child is freed for summer vacation without being forced to take their required rainbow pill.

I was shocked to learn this week that not only are newborns not allowed to opt out of transgender indoctrination, but kids with Down syndrome aren’t either!

Incredibly, the Los Angeles Unified School District is doing just that. I don’t know why I’m surprised; LAUSD has never met a bad idea it didn’t immediately adopt and force on its kids. 

This week, a friend of mine sent out an email account of her shocking experience at her local public elementary school’s morning assembly. She is an educated woman, a scholar, and an artist, and her older children are linguists and classical musicians. Somehow, in the heart of Los Angeles, she has raised a Catholic family of devout and artistic children.

Her youngest is 9 and was born with Down syndrome. He is enrolled in a classroom for children like him with developmental disabilities. But his intellectual limitations end at the door to his special classroom; in the school at large, he is subject to the same gender indoctrination the other 5- to 13-year-olds are forced to undergo. Not even a child with Down syndrome is free from learning about the wonders of becoming transgender. After all, this is vital knowledge for everyone 5 and up, no matter their disabilities!

Here is her account. Some names have been changed to protect her from the mob:

Once a month, there is a school-wide assembly to which parents are invited and then a coffee with the principal. I made a point of attending both this morning. I was eager to be part of the Friday morning with my son. 

 Assembly began with a Pledge of Allegiance and a greeting by the student council. Then, five students and a staff member came to the microphone bearing various incarnations of the “pride” flag and reminded everyone that June was pride month.

Waitwaitwait—these poor, put-upon children were forced to recite—at the muzzle-end of a deadly fully-semi-automatic assault-weapon rifle gun, no doubt—the Pledge of Allegiance? UNACCEPTABLE! UNCONSCIONABLE!! INTOLERABLE!!! And here I’d thought all this time that we’d all agreed that such a horrible thing was tantamount to child abuse. Musta missed something somewhere along the line, I reckon.

The piece continues from there to relate the rest of this mom’s harrowing ordeal; as is made abundantly clear in the above excerpt, said mom is by no means the kind of slavering, pig-igner’nt, trailer-trash throwback driven to act out by her inborn H8RRRR instincts that local LA media is probably already assiduously painting her as. Like I said, it truly is appalling—not that Mom actually raised up on her hind legs and did it, but that it was necessary for her to in the first goddamned place.

This courageous mom ended up winning her fight, and that’s certainly a good thing. As the post also makes clear, she is by no means alone either, which is even better. The closing ‘graphs, although amusing in a way, also have appalling moments of their own.

Another friend, this one who sends her daughter to an elite private all-girls school in Manhattan, has taken a similar approach. She, nearly alone among the parents, refuses to let them force her 10-year-old daughter to write her pronouns whenever she writes her name. She has to opt her daughter out of the rainbow activities. 

Why? Because almost 10 percent of the eighth-grade class of girls already identifies as trans or queer, and the numbers are increasing each year. There is also a young girl at the school who identifies as a cat and walks on all fours. This is permitted. Annual tuition is $61,000 a year.

A cat, eh? What the hell, why not—although it’s gotta be pretty hard on Cat Girl’s knees, I should think, a mistake she’ll be paying for quite painfully later on in life. Myself, I identify as a wealthy, handsome, and extravagantly-hung pR0n star, and hereby demand that you people start treating me with the respectful, awestruck deference my mental disorder merits.

Course syllabus for How to have a civilization 101

Lesson 1: make sure you have plenty of Whypeepuh around, just to maintain it and keep it running smoothly.

Man, how could you not just HATE everything about that picture, and everyone in it? Dunno myself, asking for a “liberal” friend.


Moar Tucker

I repeat: If you strike him down, he shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Tucker Carlson had a great joke for a sold out crowd in Alabama as he talked about being ‘fired’ and some other things. The crowd wasn’t huge, but it was sold out as 1,189 people showed up to see him speak at the Oxford Performing Arts Center for a fundraiser for Rainbow Omega. Jokingly, Tucker Carlson started off with the epic one-liner saying “I’m probably the first unemployed person you ever invited to speak.” Then Carlson said, “It’s funny. I never give speeches because I’m working. When I accepted this speech six months ago or something, I didn’t realize how much free time I would have. One never knows, does one?”

What else did Tucker Carlson say during his speech? Well, here’s some quotes thanks to who posted it in a news story about the former Fox News host:

I accepted for two reasons, one shallow and one a little deeper. One is, I do love Alabama. I’m not just saying that. We spend a lot of time in rural Maine, which is so close to this culturally, you have no idea. In a great way. The food is not very good in rural Maine. The food here is unbelievable. I’ve spent a lot of time in this state, and part of the reason is you have great hunting and fishing. The real reason is it has everything that I like. It has really nice people. It has amazing food. I have the world’s worst eating habits and here that’s not judged. Fried Oreos? Okay! I love that. I love the lack of judgment.

The perceptions, national perceptions kind of shift very slowly, then you wake up in the morning and everything’s different. The rest of the country’s view of Alabama is one of those things that just changed completely. Nobody makes fun of Alabama, at all, because they realize actually that’s how you’re supposed to be living. The only way to know what people think about something is to not listen to what they say, I say this as someone who has talked for a living for a long time, ignore the words. Watch what they do. Watch how they live. That’s the only accurate measure of what people really think. Ignore that. Be like your dog, who understands not a single word of what you’re saying but knows exactly who you are.

Are people moving to Alabama? Oh, yeah. I love that. Why are they moving here? They’re moving here because Alabama’s everything that you would want in a place that you live. It has cohesive communities, super-nice people, gentle people, people who care about their neighbors, and it has an abundance of nature, something that we I think undervalue. We went through this weird, kind of mass hypnosis where everyone was convinced we had to move to some horrifying concrete city in order to make a living and forgot that actually you need to see green, or else you’ll go insane. If you’re alienated from God’s creation, you become fundamentally alienated. Nature is the most beautiful thing. Driving around here today, I thought to myself, you think of Alabama, if you don’t live in Alabama, as a place that has a lot of past attached to it. And I thought today, especially reading the numbers about what’s happening in your state, Alabama is not the past, Alabama’s the future.

We’d damned well better hope it is, yeah. Thankfully, as Tucker implies, that’s something that just kinda-sorta happens when nobody’s really looking, or expecting it to.


Grand Alliance v2.0

An idea whose time has come is long overdue.

For the first time in history, the ruling class of a powerful nation has abandoned its fellow citizens. What is happening in America today is more than a return to feudalism, although the new economic model into which we’re being herded is correctly compared to feudalism. The reality is actually much worse: America’s elites view ordinary citizens as no longer necessary. Because of globalism, they are replaceable. Because of automation, they are superfluous. Because of environmentalism, they are unsustainable.

These factors explain what is otherwise inexplicable: Constitutional conservatives and Christians, and the values they profess, are now stigmatized by establishment institutions as often, if not more often, than they are praised. Nationalism and religious faith empower individuals and communities to resist a ruling class that has abandoned them. That makes them a threat. They recognize that the ideology of America’s ruling elites is itself leading to disaster. They recognize that America’s elites have decided the nation’s middle class is disposable, and this is the real reason they are pushing an agenda of woke degeneracy and extreme environmentalism, designed to lower birthrates and reduce standards of living.

It’s hard to imagine how America’s elites could get things more wrong. Their transhuman and transnational vision is provoking a clash of civilizations at the same time as they are destroying the human foundation of their own civilization. Nations where nationalism or religion remains the prevailing ideology are not about to emasculate their populations and eviscerate their energy sectors.

Winston Churchill titled the third volume of his World War II memoirs The Grand Alliance. It described an alliance against a threat more obvious and imminent than the one we face today, uniting partners more intrinsically opposed than those who need to join together today. Instead of Western democracies uniting with Communist Russia to fight the fascist dictatorships, we have merely to unite a critical mass of Americans who want to save their nation from an elite that has declared war on their way of life and their future.

This isn’t as hard as it seems for two reasons. First, because most Americans don’t want to live in a degenerate culture. They don’t want to live in a culture that has devolved to cater to society’s lowest, most abnormal, deviant, hedonistic, psychotic, sociopathic, dishonest, crooked, lazy, defiant, bizarre, militant cohorts of individuals, regardless of the fact they’ve become politically organized and demand equality of outcome in every imaginable context. Most Americans understand the inherent necessity and benefits of nuclear families, hard work, and immutable standards for achievement and recognition. There is a deep, latent unity among Americans. It needs only a few sparks to immolate the thin film of oil on the surface.

As Pogo used to say, WOWF! Quite a powerful ‘graph, that one. Kinda surprising to see such no-punches-pulled stuff in a mainstream newspaper. Also, extremely encouraging.

Second, what is the nature of this oil that smothers America’s ocean of common sense and unity? It is a fractious coalition of fanatics and lunatics, relatively small in number, who harbor an innate antipathy toward each other that is only held in check by rivers of money flowing to them from globalist billionaires, opportunistic corporations, environmentalist pressure groups, and government unions. Their resources are money and anger. They win elections because all that money, and all that anger, is used to brainwash voters into thinking that tolerating decadence and chaos is compassion, people who oppose extreme tolerance are bigots, and recognizing the indispensability of fossil fuel is, somehow, “fascist.” The brainwashing, in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence, is wearing thin.

In his 2017 book, The Strange Death of Europe, British journalist Douglas Murray suggests those forces still extant in Western societies and still resisting the derangements of our time—the secular and the religious—put aside their differences and unite to save Western civilization.

Finding a new synthesis of Western culture capable of addressing the questions of the 21st century may be a topic of active debate in think tanks. Still, to date, it hasn’t filtered down to retail politics. On the street, politicians trying to overcome woke insanity have limited themselves, at most, to rolling back the insanity. They have not expressed a new vision for America that unites religious and secular conservatives.

This is regrettable, but it also presents a tremendous opportunity.

Overly optimistic? Perhaps, maybe even damned likely so. Worth trying anyway? Absolutely; right now, anything that stands a ghost of a chance of staving off an actual shooting war is. What the hell, it provides Real Americans with something to do until the shooting war comes along.

Via Porretto, who has more to say his own bad self.

We look at the actions of the Usurpers and their allies at the state and local level, we note the obvious, easily predictable consequences of their policies, and we shake our heads in disbelief. The consequences are always bad for ordinary Americans. Every one of them conduces to a poorer, less safe, less peaceful, less fecund, and (of course) less free society. And the majority of Americans say wonderingly, “Isn’t that as obvious to them as it is to me?”

Well, duh! The people doing this to you are not stupid. Evil? Yes. But they know what they’re doing. It pleases them that so many of you continue to think them misguided rather than malevolent.

The Tennessee Star editorial proposes a “grand alliance” of the great mass of us who want our country back as it was. The Usurpers hope to prevent exactly that, which is the central reason for their policies. As they force Us the People to struggle ever harder to keep ourselves and our loved ones alive, adequately provided for, and reasonably safe, they drain us of the energy that would make it possible to resist them. A man who’s barely succeeding at “treading water” can spare no thought for anything but survival.

Does that sound like anyone you know, Gentle Reader? Does it sound like you?

I imagine it does sound quite familiar at that, to all sorts of people. At least, it damned sure ought to.


Civil war and/or secession

Bearing in mind my longstanding dictum that there is simply no way of knowing how it will all shake out, that the one sure thing is that such things hardly ever go exactly like anyone thinks beforetimes that they will, Simplicius takes a stab at a little prognostication.

On Secession and Civil War
Will there be breakup by 2030?

I often mention my long-held forecast that I predict the United States will either devolve into civil war or secession by the year 2030. Hearing this, many have asked me to expound at length about my thoughts on this, why and how I see it unfolding. So I’ve decided to finally treat the topic in a more in depth manner than the usual comment reply allows.

Particularly in today’s cultural climate, when they conjure up ‘civil war’, many people are subconsciously referring to some sort of Rwandan Genocide-style conflict between the two opposing sides of Liberals and Conservatives, where the actual civilians have taken up arms and are battling it out in the streets. This notion of a ‘civil war’ is driven by endless memes posted by both sides which depict things like armed antifa leftists against conservative militiamen rifling it out in some dystopian suburban battlefield, perhaps akin to Seattle’s CHAZ ‘Autonomous Zone’.

The Rwandan-style one has the least chance of happening because it presupposes some sort of de-centralized, stochastic ‘free-for-all’ where people just happen to take up arms against the fellow man. Sure, there will be sporadic armed conflicts occurring regionally, owing to the growing racial and political divides in the country. But there exists no real formalized mechanism by which the two sides can even cohere into some semblance of organized, opposing armies with a central command, staff structures, etc. This is mostly a juvenile consideration, at least for any time in the semi-near future, of which we’re speaking. One could perhaps envision such a scenario much farther down the line than is possible to predict: some sort of weird, lawless, dystopian post-apocalyptic Mad-Max-style future in the year 2100, or something like that. But for our purposes, this is unrealistic and unworthy of serious deliberation.

There is a third option some people refer to when invoking civil war: that of ‘people vs. the government’. I’ll treat this one briefly on its own, because there are a few important considerations here.

Firstly, this idea has gained traction as numerous American politicians have wielded this cudgel as a threat against upstart Americans who might like their chances in an uprising. Biden himself has remarked on at least two or three different occasions that ‘Americans need F-15s not AR15s to fight against the government’, implying that U.S. citizens can never defeat the government unless they’re armed with high level strategic weaponry, as opposed to mere small arms.

In short, the government and its ‘mighty military force’ wouldn’t last in a true prolonged conflict against the population of the U.S. Of course, it all depends how many people would be on the revolting side in this hypothetical scenario. But let’s not forget that the U.S. has an estimated 400 million guns, and 393 million of those are in civilian hands. There are reportedly something like 70-100+ million gun owners. The U.S. military has about 800k total ground troops. Even with all the planes and tanks in the world, can 800,000 go against 100,000,000? You could argue they couldn’t even defeat the Vietcong’s less than 1 million, much less 100m. Not to mention that most Americans are far heavier armed than the typical Vietcong and their bolt-action rifles.

But like I said, those are just slightly absurd hypotheticals to put some things in perspective; in reality, this is not the type of scenario I expect to occur. It’s simply a quick two cents thrown into the debate to refute the typical leftist canard that the U.S. military is invincible, when in fact they entirely rely on the civilian sector to even function.

Lots, lots more to this one—which, despite my opening admonishment regarding the ultimate futility of assuming that we can make any predictions here with any realistic expectation of accuracy, I nonetheless consider to be well worth a read. One more thing I feel I ought to address:

Professor Barbara Walter explains she’s studied civil wars for thirty years and has spent the last few of them working for a CIA taskforce which uses such metrics to prognosticate ‘where the next civil war will occur’ in the globe.

Professor Walter explains, when turned against the U.S. itself, these same proprietary calculations reveal that the U.S. is at the edge of what the CIA would deem the cusp of the “RISK” to “HIGH RISK” categories. Normally, a country at ‘high risk’ would be placed on a special CIA watchlist, as upheaval there would be considered imminent.

Walter, the Post said, concludes that the US has passed through stages of “pre-insurgency” and “incipient conflict” and may now be in “open conflict”, beginning with the Capitol riot.

Citing analytics used by the Center for Systemic Peace, Walter also says the US has become an “anocracy” – “somewhere between a democracy and an autocratic state”.

Walter’s second point is indisputably true. The first, though? Meh, not so much; the notion that we may be in a state of “open conflict” is seriously undercut by A) the simple fact that what she blithely refers to as a “riot” was no such thing; and B) excepting the ever-escalating incidents of mostly black-on-black violence in the nation’s urban jungles, all most Normals need to do to disprove the idea that we’ve arrived at “open conflict” is to just take a look around. Any conflict we might be in is certainly not “open,” and for the vast majority of us, there sure doesn’t seem to be very much of it to be seen.

That said, Simplicius sounds a cautionary note here:

These findings, however, are already more than a year old, and the country has likely slipped even further into the danger zone.

Fair enough, no argument. Even so, the danger zone isn’t quite the actual thing; they’re very different animulesas I suspect we’ll soon be finding out, to our great chagrin and injury.

As I said, there’s much more to this deep-dive examination of every facet of this issue, so do read it all.

(Via WRSA)


God created man; Sam Colt made them equal

Should you buy a gun? OF COURSE you should, dumbass.

Progressives Convinced Us to Get a Gun
It’s hypocritical to urge Americans to disarm while also failing to protect them from surging crime rates.

Hypocritical? Nah, not quite. It’s EVIL, is what it is.

When I was growing up on the South Side of Chicago in the late 1950s, almost every boy had one treasured possession: a holster with two six-shooters. It was the essential toy for playing Cowboys and Indians, the most popular game in town. Regrettably at the time, my brother and I didn’t get in on the fun. Our father wouldn’t allow it.

He had his reasons: In depriving us of the revolvers, he often would cite his experience during World War II. Our father served in the French army

Ah, it all begins to make sense now.

and, as a member of an artillery regiment, fought the Nazis when they marched into Belgium. During that service, a rifle shot grazed the back of his neck and came close to taking his life. He made it clear that, having been wounded and seen the horrors wrought by firearms, he didn’t believe anyone should think of such weapons as playthings.

No sensible adult does, fool. As for kids disporting themselves at Cowboys and Injuns out in the backyard—Jeez O Pete, man!



Though as a child I sometimes resented not fitting in with my friends, I grew to accept that firearms were terrible devices that didn’t belong in our lives. As an adult, for many years I supported banning guns among civilians, even contemplating the merits of repealing the Second Amendment.

As the twig is bent…

But some months ago my thinking changed again. Today, my wife has a gun that she keeps in our home. She has the necessary permits from the authorities and has trained extensively in using the gun safely. Growing up, I never imagined I would have a firearm at home. But I am reassured to have one, even if I’ve never held it myself.

Our decision to acquire a gun is due to the recent release of the man who bludgeoned my wife’s younger sister to death several decades ago. My wife fears that the murderer, released from prison during the Covid-19 pandemic by New York state’s board of parole, poses a potential threat to us.

But our decision also is due to society’s current dysfunction. Crime is surging in our city—Washington—and around the country. Vagrants wander the streets, police are reluctant to tackle criminals, and courts seem unwilling to impose serious sentences on those who break the law. Given these circumstances, owning a gun seems to be one of the few ways to feel even a semblance of personal safety. There is an irony that policies progressives espouse, such as gun control, have prompted us to have a gun in our home.

Progressives nationwide have attacked police and law enforcement, alleging that our legal system is systemically racist and oppressive. They have caused recidivist criminals to haunt our streets and commit more crimes—and have refused to deal with homelessness in spite of the mental illness and drug addictions that so often afflict our cities’ most vulnerable. Numerous efforts to reduce the use of drugs have been rebuffed in the name, of course, of racism.

This approach has unleashed a crime wave and diminished our sense of safety on the streets. It is, therefore, unsurprising to see ever more law-abiding people seeking to arm themselves. As a result, there will be more guns out there, including in the hands of people who should never be near them.

To limit guns in America, much as my father wished, policy makers should focus on the underlying problems that are generating a spike in crime.

As always with leg-wetting hoplophobes, this sort of “thinking” is completely out of whack. “Limiting guns in America” is NOT a goal worth pursuing, based as it is entirely on ignorance, fear, and personal cowardice. In addition, it not only directly conflicts with the plainly-worded 2A, it also contravenes the values of individual self-determination, liberty, and personal responsibility upon which the Republic itself was originally Founded.

So how is it, then, that tremulous, antigun feebs dare to presume that, rather than scorning them for their pathetic neuroses, free Americans instead must bow to them and indulge their irrational phobias?

Sure, there should be more effort made towards reining in the crime currently rampaging and ruining US cities. At the same time, acknowledgment of a certain hard, immutable fact of life on this here planet must be made: Crime will never be eradicated completely. This is what we call part of the human condition; it will always be with us. Same-same for tyranny, which is the actual reason our Founding Fathers saw fit to feature the Second so prominently in the Constitution.

Those truths being self-evident, there can be but one reasonable way to look at the persistent shitlib obssession with doing away with the one truly effective means of resistance against crime and tyranny both: it is not merely wrong, not merely stupid, but actively, literally evil. Anything less is nothing but a comforting deceit we tell ourselves, as a balm for our collective lethargy in confronting it as it ought to be confronted.

All that said, I’m happy for this guy that they finally got a gun. But that’s only the start of it. Now, with a gun in the home, he needs to do himself a big, fat favor and emulate his obviously-intelligent wife: get to the local range; train with it; practice with it; get schooled on how to break it down and clean it (inquire about that at either the range or the local gun shop; you’ll find yourself astonished at the number of friendly, more experienced shooters who will be just pleased as punch to help you out). Learn as much about how y’all’s new firearm functions and the proper care and maintenance of it as you possibly can. It’s all part and parcel of the responsible-gun-owner experience, any one of which items you neglect at your own peril.

Education, see, is one of those “forever” kind of things; it never really ends, which is only meet and just.

(Via Insty)


The Tucker Carlson Thing: the bigger picture

Rather than append this to my earlier Carlson post as an update, Jeff Goldstein’s typically astute analysis fairly well screams to be broken out into a post of its own.

Tucker up, Buttercup!
With Carlson out at Fox, and Matt Walsh pulled from YouTube, is the Uniparty making its move?

Love him or not — agree with him or not — Tucker Carlson’s voice is strong, unique, and bracing. Unlike, say, Sean Hannity, whose narrative brush strokes are driven by instructions on the paint-by-numbers canvas provided by his GOP and corporate handlers, Tucker was one of the few on-air talents on FOX you could see at times wrestling against the network’s hidden restraints, which we’ve all long known were there, and which we’ve all long known were being used to keep certain stories out of the news cycle and to foster certain narratives that the Uniparty favors or even promotes.

To me, it was obvious at the time of his release of January 6 footage — and the sudden and inexplicable stoppage of that release during subsequent shows — that bosses at Fox had applied the clamps to the January 6 story, and that Tucker had unfortunately buckled. Since then, though, his edge has only sharpened. He has, it seems, come to understand just exactly how important his voice has become to the New Right — which shouldn’t be confused with the “alt right.” The New Right has adopted more populist positions than the establishment GOP, certainly; and yes, they fight more effectively than Conservative Inc., because they’re willing to get dirt underneath their fingernails without fretting about their recent manicures. But more than that, Carlson’s connection to the New Right is in his nascent understanding of the ideology that is driving both the left and, by proxy, those in the Uniparty who are happy to go along with it.

Carlson, that is, understands that what we are witnessing isn’t politics and culture within the Enlightenment paradigm upon which the country was built, founded, and — through its law — framed. Instead, it is a toxic brew of applied postmodern Theory, cultural Marxism, and a move to globalize a re-worked iteration of communism under the twin values of “sustainability” and “inclusivity.” This is what Klaus Schwab means when he calls for a “move from a Production and Consumption to a Sharing and Caring economy metaphor”. To achieve this move, Schwab and his coterie of Supervillains have made it clear that they will insinuate these new values into our children, who — having been raised to insist upon such values inorganically yet obsessively — will become the vanguard for the Great Reset, the clay out of which Schwab and the transhumanist elite who run him will mold the new New Man. As I’ve long argued, what we are witnessing is Maoism marketed to the Western aesthetic. It is the real existential threat to this country — not “climate change,” not global overcrowding — and with it, to Western civil society, individualism, individual liberty, and all the other “discourses” of power Theory seeks to “problematize,” up to and including rationality, reason, Science, and the material world as anything useful outside the discourses that describe and maintain it. I find it no coincidence that calls from the government to rid the national dialogue of Carlson, or Matt Walsh, have led to predictable responses from media organizations or tech giants. They’ve been given the illiberal excuse to censor what they cannot abide. The truth is an obstacle to their remaking of the world. The Uniparty is a collaborator in the Great Reset — and the mainstream press is the voice of the Uniparty.

Oh, you’re definitely gonna want to read all of this one, folks. Although somewhat dark, there’s also a certain optimism to be found here as well—particularly in the quoted bits from Tucker concerning the unexpectedly liberating quality of simply speaking the truth in the face of the overwhelming tsunami of self-evident lies we’re inundated with by the godawful Amerika v2.0 regime. Jeff’s takeaway from all this? Merely this:

As I wrote elsewhere, “‘Queer theory’ is ‘critical race theory’ is ‘critical consciousness’ is the Marxist rejection of the individual as individual. Cultural Marxism is determined to raze norms, sow chaos, tear families asunder, and reduce being to collective conformity. I reject its premises as fully as I reject its adherents. I will not comply.”

It seems Tucker Carlson won’t comply, either. That Fox News has signaled it will comply — and indeed in many instances has already been complying — means that, in the mainstream of extant major news outlets, there are none left to stand athwart the new new thing, the poisonous thing, the silly thing, yelling stop.

The institution has been fully taken.

What we do next is up to us.

Exactly, precisely so—second verse, same as the first, just as it always has been, whether we can admit that to ourselves or not. Well done, Jeff old friend, and bravo.

Ducks in a row update! Divemedic sees the sinister hand behind all this, just as surely as Goldstein does.

There is an election coming. Time to silence anyone who opposes the left. We all know who is behind this.

Tucker Carlson has been kicked off of Fox.

In somewhat related news, I got several emails this morning from blogger. A dozen of my posts were deleted from my old blog over there. The reason given? They violated an unstated community standard. I haven’t posted over there in two years. It doesn’t matter. Every one of my posts on Blogger moved to this server when the blog moved, because I knew this was coming.

Gee, how very odd, eh? Must be a coincidence, thought nobody, EVER.

Soft landing update! Larry Correia perceives Tucker’s silver lining.

I am seeing a lot of people not really understanding today’s events in cable news. Ha ha. Tucker Carlson is such a loser. Big dummy got fired! 

That shows a very boomer era understanding of media consumption and overestimation of the power of a traditional news channel. 

He didn’t need Fox. The last I saw his contract there was something like cheap, which is chump change to a guy with a reliable audience in the millions every night. 

Tucker Carlson is now going to go sign a Joe Rogan size contract on a streaming service. He will make the most money of any news broadcaster in history and probably do so by an insane margin.

If you strike him down, he shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine—as I suspect asstard Rupert Murdoch and his shitlib get will soon be finding out, to their great dismay and my own boundless amusement. Be advised: the above-quoted material is gleaned from a Fakebook post, so click at your own risk. Not that I’m advising anyone not to, mind; hell, Larry’s pithy, concise bitchslapping of hapless empty-suit Don LeMon, which I omitted, is worth the price of admission all by itself. Via Insty, who also provides a couple of highly enjoyable Twatter posts as a bonus.

Wheels within wheels within wheels update! Bill has a notion:

In between the communist victory dances are chin pulling “analyses” appearing in most major leftist/progressive outlets, all purporting to explain why Carlson was axed, and by whom. None of them seem to agree much with each other. Conservative outlets have been notably silent. FOX itself had some anodyne scribblings, and Murdoch’s two biggest dead tree properties also have little to say, although the Wall Street Journal does hint at some connection between Carlson’s firing and FOX’s recent (last week) $750M settlement of the Dominion defamation lawsuit against the net. OTOH, The NY Post, the fourth largest paper in America, has nothing at all on the matter that I can find.

Let me offer a notion, one that doesn’t even rise to theory status, let alone conspiracy theory levels, but if I were trying to clear the decks of all possible serious opposition to the defeat of Donald Trump next year, Carlson (along with Elon Musk) would be my two primary targets, simply because of their ability to single-handedly move the larger rightwing culture beyond the hardcore Trump cultists, with none of the bombastic, juvenile baggage that Trump himself brings to the arena. Nor do I believe that the top stalwarts of the GOPe – people like Murdoch, Koch, and other giant moneybags, want to see Trump even running, let alone being reelected.

If this hunch is accurate, rate it as one down, and one to go.

No argument can I conjure against that idear, ain’t gonna try. Bear in mind, though, that the real reason behind Fox’s suicidal own-goal could very well turn out to be—quite probably is, in fact—All Of The Above. Plus a few others that we’re never gonna hear Peep One about, also.

Modern-day Tea Party

A look at the historical roots of The Butt Light Rebellion.

Here in 21st century America, where we were once asked to tolerate alternative lifestyles, we are now required to celebrate them. Refusal to do so can result in an individual being effectively cancelled from participation in society. We are forced to bow in obedience to the woke monarchy. Well, Americans have had enough. And they are figuratively throwing Bud Light overboard as a statement of defiance to the woke ruling class.

Don’t forget, the original tea party extended beyond Boston Harbor. British ships carrying tea were also blocked at other US ports including Philadelphia and New York. The tea rebellion against Great Britain spread across the colonies, moving them closer to independence, just like the Bud Light Tea Party is a nationwide event in the battle to free us from woke tyranny.

In response to this beer boycott, America’s ruling class has been snarking that this all shows just how bigoted conservatives are, as if this is simply about Anheuser Busch hiring a cross-dressing man to become the face of their beer. No, it’s so much more than that.

It’s partly that people are fed up with the denigration of women – as if being a woman is nothing more than wearing lipstick, a dress and a handbag. But it’s more than that.

It’s also partly the fact that our ruling class despises the average American, as evidenced by the fact that the Bud Light marketing VP who hired Mulvaney was quite open about her contempt for Bud Light’s loyal customer base. But it’s more than that too.

As Dana Loesch notes, the rebellion against Bud Light is also about the erasure of women with such ugly terms as “menstruating people” and “chest feeders.” The rebellion against Bud Light is about the invasion of women’s private spaces by biological men.

To make another historical analogy, the massive backlash against Bud Light is akin to the Texian army at San Jacinto. After a long, humiliating retreat its soldiers suddenly found themselves in position to go on offense, screaming “Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!” as they took revenge against Santa Anna’s army.

Now the battle cry might be “Remember Loudoun County! Remember Riley Gaines!”

In Amerika v2.0, the list of “a long train of abuses and usurpations…to reduce them under Absolute Despotism” is far too long to remember all of it, much less boil them down into a handful of pithy motivational slogans. But with the above two, Buck’s made a good start on it, at least. The important part, really, is that battle at last be well and truly joined, not what Our Side chooses to yell at The Enemy whilst running at his lines, sabers waved aloft, with blood in our eyes.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.


Take a look around

Seeing through the scam.

The collapse of Western Society is well under way, believe it or don’t, that isn’t going to change the facts nor the outcome.

It’s already baked into the cake and in the oven as we sit here dawdling.

I suppose you can call it Planned Demolition because it sure as hell isn’t an accident.

They are killing the Dollar, our economy with it and the Way of Life as we have known it in order to usher in their nightmare version of Total Control as they deem themselves above and beyond all of us “Useless Eaters”.

TPTB have been waging Unrestricted 5G Warfare against humanity in general but Western Societies in particular FOR GENERATIONS now.

It just got ramped up to Full Throttle here in the last few years.

Economic Collapse is coming, the signs of late have been everywhere.

The planned collapse of the Silicone Valley Bank and the resulting mad dash of bank runs in the time frame since should be a monster red flag if you are paying attention.

Remember, there have been HUNDREDS of “mysterious” fires and explosions at Food Warehouses, Gas Plants and Chemical plants in the last couple of years.

Not to mention Inflation running anywhere from 10 to 40% on every day items we all need just to survive.

The planned destruction of the food production is especially in your face in places like The Netherlands, where they are literally trying to force the generational farmers off their land using the bullshit scam Climate Change as an excuse.

Then we have the planned attack with the Kung Flu which was the excuse used to launch the real attack on humanity which was The Jab.

Literal millions of people lined up with their sleeves rolled up for that and the desired effect is slowly rolling across the headlines every damned day.

“Died Suddenly”.

How many times have you seen that over the last year?

I can guarantee you are going to see it until you are sick of it because that is the desired outcome of that little project and it is working as planned.

So far, the whole damned thing seems to be working quite well for them. Which is the usual way of such things—until one day, all of a sudden-like…it isn’t. And then, that’s when the REAL trouble starts, and the REAL mess lands squarely atop all our heads.

What to do, what to do

Seeing through the fakery, dealing with the aftereffects.

A Means of Control
I read an article in Forbes the other day about the collapse of the dollar. I’m not linking it, because it was ridiculous. The reason Forbes said that the dollar would not collapse, was because it’s based on the economic output of the United States, a country that has the largest economy in the world of $23 trillion. The stability of the dollar, it said, was why it was the world reserve currency and that alone kept it from collapsing. This article was written March 29, 2023, about two weeks ago. The only thing that could possibly cause a collapse, it said, was something dramatic like a world war. Ha ha.

I don’t know if that was just financial propaganda to prevent panic selling or what, but if it was meant as a serious article, it ignored the realities of the world that currently exists. Our $23 trillion economy, our GDP, is dwarfed by the $32 trillion we’re in debt. The dollar is no longer the world reserve currency and more countries are dumping the dollar every day. China is cashing in it’s notes as fast as it can.

The other leg of the financial stool supporting the dollar is its use as an intermediary between nations to purchase oil, the petrodollar, which has recently been nixed by the cooperation of Russia and China to purchase Russian oil with Chinese Yuan. Saudi Arabia, our closest ally in the Middle East, at least as far as oil goes, just made a deal to sell oil using the Yuan.

The only thing supporting the dollar is printing. The Fed no longer has to buy bonds to create money, it just keystrokes in a few more billion to the nations banks.

Buying metals is a good way to avoid this obvious catastrophe in the making, but as we have seen before, they can just make owning precious metals illegal. Then, only the well-connected and criminal politicians will own these metals. Hiding your stores will be a felony so when you go to use it, you can be identified and imprisoned.

As you can see, we’re in a vice and the people who have concocted it are intent on using it to squeeze any financial, medical or nutritional freedom out of your lives.

What to do?

Clearly, this is the separation I spoke of at the beginning. It’s now incumbent upon all of us who wish to remain unvaxxed, free to spend and free to eat what we want to start separating from the federal power in Washington. Local, local, local has been stressed many times and it’s for just this situation that it was preached.

TL goes on from there to offer several practical suggestions for how one might go about insulating and isolating oneself from the machinations and manipulations of an evil, tyrannical central government in a disintegrating nation, all of which seem to me to be soild, worthwhile policies to follow at any time, all the more so in these End ones.

Update! Dave Renegade is also readying himself for life apres le deluge.

I am living my life according to my belief that the economy has collapsed and the government is planning to start WWIII. That means the US dollar is worthless and I am buying supplies and other items necessary for this future.

  1. I visit the local feed store in Murphy, NC on a regular basis. I have noticed a large increase in feed supplies (they are storing feed in the parking lot) over what has been stored in previous years. I also noticed that the volume of customers has increased to the point that parking is now like bumper cars. People park as they want regardless of whether they are blocking other cars/trucks in place. It was so bad yesterday, a small truck from Florida parked in back of my truck as he bought 14 trees. I bought 5 fruit trees and I estimate that they will sell 200 trees in less than two days.
  2. I went to a nursery to look for more pecan trees. Any tree over 4 feet was over $100. The nursery’s parking lot was the busiest that I have ever seen.
  3. I have bought a complete set of replacement fluids and filters for my tractor. I went to the Kubota dealership to do the same for my excavator. Imagine my surprise when this large dealership had to order hydraulic filters to complete my order.
  4. Baby chicks are selling out at farm stores faster than Joe Biden can eat an ice cream cone.

I saw a message today that based on economic conditions, everyone should start acting like a “prepper”. The message should have said: Everyone who is over 50 should start acting as our grandparents. The rest can act as their great grandparents acted.

As reality is sinking in, I am glad to see that people are acting responsibly instead of cowering in fear. I do not know when we will stand up to the evil that has usurped our government but we can use this time wisely.

It looks more and more as if we may not really have to do much in the way of standing up to ‘em after all; as the impending collapse of TWAWKI (The World As We Knew It)™ continues apace, could be we can all just sit back pointing and laughing as it all comes crashing down around the ears of those who brought it about.

Reality Deficit Disorder

All just slices of the same nasty, unappetizing pie.

It’s Turtles All the Way Down
The trans crisis is the vax crisis and all the other crises, too. You can’t talk about one piece but not another piece.

The problem is, every crisis is the same crisis, and the trans crisis is the COVID-19 crisis: the same arguments from authority, the same gaslighting, the same strawmanning, the same bad faith, the same coercion, the same attack on family structure. Remember this, the argument from California legislators that it’s OK for children to go get the mRNA vaccines without parental knowledge or consent because they can already do the same with abortions and birth control?

So you have to get the vaccine for your child, or you’re a murderer, because the experts say, and you have to get top surgery and hormones for your child, or you’re a murderer, because the experts say, and all objections are inescapably monstrous. The vaccines are safe and effective, and gender-affirming care is lifesaving medical treatment. Trust the science and comply. We can take bets on how many years it takes to see the first “we should have an amnesty for the proponents of transgender surgery for children” article.

The assault on the body is the assault on the body. The assault on the family is the assault on the family. The medicalization of social reality is stretching out to touch bigger and bigger pieces of your life. Take the pill, bigot, and we’ll shove the other one down your child’s throat for you. You know, for your health.

You can’t talk about one piece but not another piece. The crisis is the crisis. It’s a crisis of “reality debt,” of the increasingly absurd rule by experts, and of the endless recourse to narrative-making maneuvers that reconstruct reality on unsustainable ideological models. Above all, it’s a manufactured crisis that has instrumental force, suggesting over and over again that family is atavistic and an impediment to a healthy society. Consider the possibility that people who keep telling you how much they hate the family mean what they say.

Yet again: not an accident, not a coincidence. Hey, what better way to keep the FUD escalating, to undermine any inclination to resist, than by making Normals as hopelessly cray-cray as Leftards already are?


Steve McQueen, problem-solver

Gotta admire a guy who appeals courteously at first—then, when he can get no satisfaction with good manners, civility, and politesse, is man enough to take the bull by the horns and resolve the issue a bit more…um, dynamically.

He Did Ask Nicely
After Steve McQueen established himself as a bankable movie star, he purchased a mansion in Malibu, California. His next-door neighbor was Keith Moon, the drummer of the famous English rock band, The Who. Moon lived the partying lifestyle of many rockstars, which annoyed McQueen, particularly because the drummer would always leave his bathroom light on. The light faced Steve’s bedroom window, which affected his sleep.

McQueen asked Moon more than numerous times to be mindful of turning off the bathroom light, and Moon continued to ignore his pleas. McQueen grabbed a shotgun one night, leaned out the window, and shot the light out.

I’d think that would do it, yeah. Heck, if I was Moon I’d be hesitant to go in that bathroom at all anymore after that, knowing I was putting myself in line of fire of a man eagle-eyed and steady-handed enough to ace a shot like that—in the dark, angry and stressed out, whilst hanging out a window. At the very least, I’d be content from then on to piss in a Solo cup in some other room, whether lit or endarkened, and toss it out the nearest window, rather than take a chance on replacing the bulb. With some folks, if you want to go on living it’s always sound policy not to make an enemy of them unnecessarily.

It may not seem obvious at first blush, but those were better days. With the current pussified crop of actors and rock and rollers, both aggrieved parties would no doubt put on their most fetching little black cocktail dresses, get together knee-to-knee over a nice chai latte, and have themselves a good, cleansing cry over the whole unnerving episode.


A PROPER cuppa Joe

I believe this might just be the first product recommendation I’ve ever done here, but trust me: if you’re a coffee junkie, it’s gonna be worth your while.

So after twenty-some-odd years of stellar service, my tired old Presto electric coffee percolator finally gave up the ghost, whereupon I retired it to a place of honor on a kitchen shelf (hey, I loved that little thing; what was I gonna do, just heartlessly throw it in the trash bin? OH, YOU CRUEL BASTID). After a cpl-three hours poring over the offerings at Amazon for a replacement, I settled on this fine Moss & Stone unit:

Moss Stone perc

As I said in the 5-star review I left over at (r)Amazon, not only does this handsome red beastie brew up a flawless cup of coffee every time, it also pretties up the kitchen countertop it sits on rather nicely.

For my money, nothing tops a percolator for making good coffee. Once you’ve had it, there’s simply no going back to the swill produced by those cold-drip machines. With a perc, you want to use a coarser-ground coffee than you would in other types, which is not a problem since the Luzianne-with-chicory brand I love IS a slightly coarser grind than most other store-bought coffees. It’s relatively inexpensive, too; can’t remember now who it was, but after mentioning in passing my financially-ruinous addiction to Cafe Du Mond on this h’yar websty, someone commended Luzianne’s offering to my attention, saying it was about half the price of CDM, and smoother-tasting to boot.

Lo and behold, my mystery correspondent was perfectly correct too, on all counts. Before that, I had had to rely on buying CDM at this Asian grocery in CLT’s Little Saigon neighborhood (S& L Market #2, that would be)—much cheaper there than at the nearby Taj-ma-Teeter outlet, the only other place I’d found CDM—but they were unreliable at best when it came to keeping it in stock. The only place I know of in this area that carries Luzianne w/chicory is the Food Lion chain, which is fine by me. Never have seen it at any Wally World, anywhere, for whatever reason. But as long as FL carries it, that’s where I’ll be heading for all my coffee needs.

Understand, now, that the coffee with chicory is some damned strong stuff. Thick, dark, and rich, it makes your Folgers and Maxwell House look like the scared dishwater they are by comparison. So if really strong coffee ain’t your bag, you want to stay well away from the C w/C. Sailors, truck drivers, night watchmen in need of a good, stiff jolt of near-espresso levels of caffeine to get you through the shift? This is what you’ve been looking for all these long, somnambulent years. Which has always struck me as sorta odd, seeing as how there IS no caffeine in chicory at all.

Be all that as it may, if you’re looking to upgrade your coffee maker, or just need to replace a broke-down one, you could do one hell of a lot worse than the Moss-Stone percolator. And probably have, I’d bet.

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