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Kettle, a-boiling

You really, really want to watch this. Trust me.

After enjoying that most satisfying vid, I’ll let Ace say it for me: “I need a cigarette.” He goes on from there to link this utter twaddle from NYT True Conservative nitwit David Brooks.

If it comes to Trump vs. Warren in a general election, the only plausible choice is to support Warren. Over the past month Donald Trump has given us fresh reminders of the unique and exceptional ways he corrupts American life. You’re either part of removing that corruption or you are not. When your nation’s political system is in danger, staying home and not voting is not a responsible option.

Politics is downstream from morality and culture. Warren represents a policy wrong turn, in my view, but policies can be argued about and reversed. Trump represents a much more important and fundamental threat — to the norms, values, standards and soul of this country.

Good LORD, what shivery tripe. Can this lily-livered fraud really himself believe any of what he just said? Or does he truly feel that Trump’s “unique and exceptional ways” of corrupting the country are worse than Drag Queen Story Hour, abortion as birth control, and the Democrat-Socialists’ secretive, fraudulent attempt at removing a duly-elected President from office without any enumerated just cause via a process kept entirely hidden from the voters whose ballots will be thus nullified?

Does the milksop Brooks actually understand “the norms, values, standards and soul of this country” to include violent suppression of freedom of speech by officially-approved and -protected “antiFa” goon squads? Or the death-by-fiat of the 2A by Blotto O’NotHispanic’s flat threats of gun confiscation? Where does Irish Blotto’s declaration of intent to punish churches for Badthink by removing the tax-exempt status of those who don’t “support” gay marriage, in direct contradiction of their faith, fit in with those traditional all-American “norms, values, and etc,” eh?

Might the oleaginous twerp likewise be referring to the rogue, out-of-control Deep State monolith—particularly the IC, DoJ, and Lois Lerner’s IRS—and its wide-ranging skullduggery, to include A) election-tampering; B) illegally spying on American citizens without warrant or cause; C) persecuting the sitting President without either just cause or due process; and D) collusion with nefarious foreign agents like Chris Steele and others in support of a nakedly partisan agenda as more of those “norms, values, and standards” he’s so fretful over? And what might the very existence of the Deep State as an unaccountable, unelected, and all-powerful shadow-government, in direct contradiction and defiance of our Constitution, have already done to “the soul of this country”?

Does the three-year long ordeal of Democrat-Socialist/Deep State refusal to accept and abide by the results of the 2016 election, and the ongoing coup attempt resulting from same, not pretty much define a far more real and grave “danger” to our “nation’s political system” than anything Trump has ever done or might yet do?

Meh, I suppose the NYT hired Brooks as their house “conservative” for a reason. They’re definitely getting their money’s worth out of him.


According to plan

GOD DAMN THAT MONSTER TRUMP TO HELL! First he cruelly betrays our staunchest, most trustworthy and beloved allies the Kurds by abandoning them in their struggle against Turkey, a genocidal bunch to whom we have no obligations either moral or contractual. Now his boss Putin is personally gunning down the poor things in job lots at the Knob Creek Machine Shoot, in between bouts of rigging our elections and unfairly cheating HILLARY!™ out of her birthright.

Why, if these aren’t impeachable crimes, I just don’t know what might…umm, that is…uhhh…errrr…


This morning at 8, BBC posted a story, “Turkey’s Erdogan ‘threw Trump’s Syria letter in bin.'” It was Fake News.

This afternoon at 2, President Donald John Trump announced Erdogan agreed to a cease-fire along the Syrian border.

Once again, the press got the story all wrong. President Trump knew what he was doing and succeeded where his predecessors had failed. He removed American troops in order to bring peace to a section of the Middle East. He used tariffs, not soldiers, to force the issue.

The Washington press corps covering President Trump is incompetent and corrupt as it violates the public trust by deliberately trying to sabotage the man the American people elected president.

President Trump’s mediation of the Kurd-Turk dispute is award-worthy. The press blew the story by attacking our president. Amid all the false reports of coming calamity and impending genocide, I advised readers to Trust Trump. He earned it.

And of course I was right because getting President Trump right is the easiest thing in the world to do. Just accept that he is better informed than the press, and he knows what he is doing.

Now that a deal has been cut, I expect the media to take potshots at it before dropping the subject entirely. Once again, President Trump has achieved the impossible and the media will deny him credit because they did everything they could to prevent peace from breaking out.

Oh, I think that’s one thing we can all surely rely on.

Update! Congress jumps in with both feet, then trips over them.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congress slammed President Trump for not doing more about the situation in Syria. They said the situation over there is really bad but quickly clarified that it wasn’t bad enough for them to use their constitutional powers to declare war.

The House condemned Trump’s withdrawal from Syria, lamenting the fact that there was nothing they could do under the Constitution to send more troops over, like declare war or something.

Republicans and Democrats crossed the aisle in the Senate to slam the withdrawal, saying the grim, tragic situation over there was “devastating” but “not quite devastating enough for us to actually do something about it.”

“It’s really bad over there and Trump is really evil for not sending more troops and fighting Turkey,” said Senator Mitt Romney. “I mean, just to clarify, it’s not bad enough for Congress to actually do its job and declare war. But still, it’s pretty bad.”

With every passing day I come closer to formally promoting the Bee from extremely adept satire to CF’s Official Paper Of Record. Lord knows you get one hell of a lot more truth from them than you ever will from the NYT or WaPo.


In a class by himself

I had pretty near forgotten about this one.

During Joe Biden’s 2008 run as Barack Obama’s running mate, Pamela Hamill — the daughter of that other driver — asked that the then-senator make a public apology for the years he’d spent impugning her father.

Curtis Dunn was driving the tractor-trailer that collided with the car driven by Biden’s first wife, Neilia. Neilia was carrying their 13-month-old infant daughter with her, and young sons Beau and Hunter were in the car, too. They were on their way to buy a Christmas tree when the accident occurred. Police at the time made the determination that Mrs. Biden drove into the path of the oncoming truck, possibly because she was looking the wrong way at a stop sign. Neilia and the girl died of their injuries, despite Dunn’s attempts to provide first aid, and the Bidens’ sons were also hurt very badly. POLITICO wrote in January of this year that a friend of Biden’s looked into the accident at the time and concluded, “She had a stop sign. The truck driver did not.”

Although Dunn was not at fault and was quick to render assistance, he was haunted by the accident for the rest of his life. Dunn passed away in 1999, 27 years later, but as his daughter told the Post, “He always got very solemn around Christmastime because the anniversary was Dec. 18, and he never wanted to celebrate the holidays.”

After an exhaustive online search, I can find no mention of Biden ever apologizing to Hamill or to her family. And that POLITICO piece by Michael Kruse I quoted above? It was headlined, “How Grief Became Joe Biden’s Superpower,” which is enough to make you sick after learning how Biden twisted the facts — and his own grief — for, what, a slicker stump speech?

Or as Jack Fowler asked back in April of this year, “It was a heartbreaking story all around, and with officials leaving no doubt of the truck driver’s complete innocence, what was the point of doing or saying anything more than letting Neilia and Naomi Biden rest in peace?” The answer to Fowler’s question would seem to be revealed by that POLITICO profile: Biden chose to weaponize his grief, and any collateral damage be damned.

As a husband and as the father of two young boys, ages 9 and 13, I can all-too-well imagine the horror of receiving of phone call like the one Biden received on December 18, 1972. But to then spend years impugning the innocent driver who tried to save my own loved ones, despite just have been nearly killed himself? That I can’t imagine, and suspect you couldn’t, either. We can, however, safely assess the character of the man who would do such a thing — and then neglect to apologize when called on it — as thoughtless, cruel, and very, very small.

Oh, I’d say that’s far, FAR too kind of you, Stephen. To take a horrific, painful personal tragedy, rejigger the story via self-serving dishonesty, smear an innocent and evidently quite decent man with despicable lies, and then use the whole odious, slimy mess as a means of manufacturing tawdry political advantage—these are acts so vile, so wholly indecent and despicable, as to disqualify such a one from being regarded as fully human.

Thoughtless? Cruel? Very, very small? Those tiny little words are inadequate to encompass the scope of the monstrous, near-demonic evil of such a thing. A thoughtless person is someone who forgets his wedding anniversary. A cruel person might mock a deformity, a handicap, an unfortunate lack of physical attractiveness. Very, very small? Someone who takes all the credit for an achievement or success without acknowledging others without whose help etc. Or, say, stokes his own ego by bullyragging a waitress, a wife, a child, or an underling.

The appalling, despicable nature of what Gropey Lyin’ Joe did WAY eludes the grasp of such small words and concepts. It is so beyond the pale I doubt anyone reading this could come up with a similar example from among his circle of acquaintances, no matter how wide it might be. If you DID personally know of such a person, what would your reaction be? Would you shun him? Would you blithely grant him even the slightest power over you by voting for him—for mayor, for dogcatcher, for shop steward, for head of the student council?

Myself, I wouldn’t trust someone capable of such unspeakable acts to mow my damned lawn. Not even once.

Biden’s sick maneuver was so reprehensible as to rightfully bar him from the society of anyone with even a shred of decency and humanity. The condemnation of this sleazy, self-serving smear ought to be universal and resounding. Such scurrilous behavior should forever forbid any hope of becoming President—not that the rat-bastard ever had any chance of it anyway, of course.

Since that early deployment of a malicious fairy tale for personal gain, Gropey has moved ever onwards and upwards over the years to commit more publicly-significant crimes, transgressions, and falsehoods. He got away with it for too long, but now new revelations and details seem to emerge every day, further exposing the black, trackless void where a soul is supposed to be. Thankfully, as Biden sinks in both polls and fundraising, it would seem that there is still at least some shit we will not eat.

But still. That such an amoral, conscienceless sub-mediocrity somehow contrived to spend his entire life feeding greedily from the public trough—parlaying a complete dearth of integrity and scruple into power, privilege, and unearned wealth—is the direst condemnation imaginable not only of the system that enabled his rise, but the fools who endorsed it with their votes again and again as well.


Good riddance

No loss.


The idea is so unlikely as to be outlandish, but perhaps now Baltimorons can elect somebody who might actually try to do something about turning that shithole around. Either way, Baltimore is now truly a better place. And so is Mordor On The Potomac.

So long, you putz, and thanks for nothing. You were one of all too many pluperfect examples of the shamelessly corrupt Eternal Politician class infesting DC—dragging this country face-first through the muck and mire in your quest for power and ill-gotten wealth, crippling or destroying everything you choose to meddle with, wallowing greedily in undeserved privilege, perks, and over-exalted status like a pig in shit.

Cummings certainly ought to live on in the American memory, I confess. Not for anything good, honorable, or worthwhile, mind, but as a stark warning to us all. Anything more I might have to say, Aesop has already said for me: “The Net IQ of Congress Just Went Up Ten Points.


London crawling

The feel-good story of the day.

Extinction Rebellion protesters attempting to bring the London Underground subway system to a halt by climbing on top of trains got a sense of how much support they enjoy among ordinary members of the public when angry commuters pelted them with rubbish and physically dragged them back to the platform.

Video footage which has gone viral on social media shows two men in their twenties or thirties, one bald and bearded and the other balding and sporting a ponytail, being barracked by an angry crowd as they pace the roof of a London Underground train at Canning Town.

Matters come to a head when the bearded protester aims a nasty kick at the head of a would-be passenger who attempts to climb up himself to remonstrate with them, only for his intended victim to seize his leg and drag him on to the platform, where he is handled roughly by the crowd. Extinction Rebellion makes much of being a non-violent movement, but the violent response the train-climbing protestor gives to a member of the public trying to interfere with his moment of fame may go some way to damaging that claim.

Shortly thereafter another commuter mounts the train and engages the remaining protester in a slow-motion chase, which ends when the latter sits down to try and anchor himself in place, resulting in the crowd on the platform catching his leg, too, and dragging him down.

How fucking dumb do these peurile little turds have to be to think that further inconveniencing a huge, put-upon mob of weary people already aggravated by the crowds, the delays, the noise, the smells, and the overall cattle-drive ambience of the subway—interested only in getting home or to the office without any more hassle than they’ve already endured—was a good idea? As far as I’m concerned, having spent many hours myself on the NYC subway and a few on the far-nicer Underground as well, if a few of these “Rebellion” asswads had wound up truly Extinct it would’ve been no more than the twerps had coming.

You knew the ironic part was coming though, right? Here t’is:

(The British Transport Police) added that “The Tube and rail networks are one of the greenest transport methods in London, any action goes against what they campaign for and will only cause misery for London’s commuters” — but to no avail.

They’re not bright enough to realize they’re protesting something that’s usually held up as one of the palliatives for Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”), and they’re too knuckle-draggingly insensate and self-absorbed to give a damn who they inconvenience and/or endanger.

Be sure to watch the vids; they’re sure to brighten up your whole weekend and put a spring in your step, I promise. Breitbart aptly dubs the fed-up Normals who finally pushed back against the Climate creeps the “have-a-go-hero members of the public,” and that shoe fits nicely. Good to see that there’s still a spark, however badly guttering, of the doughty Olde English fighting spirit burning in the breast of your average London workaday slob. Maybe some of the more stout among us Yanks are taking notes. Because this kind of direct, physically-punitive pushback is the only way this obnoxious shit ever ends.

Update! There’s no reasoning with a fanatical fascist, but Peter Hitchens gives it the ol’ college try anyway, by laying out some simple facts.

They prefer fury to logic. This is always the sign of someone who is not sure of his own case, and hates to hear his inner doubts spoken.

I have yet to get one of them to respond to this simple point. We recently closed and demolished Didcot ‘A’ coal-fired power station, an efficient, reasonably modern plant with a generating capacity of about 1.44 gigawatts.

Why? Why not at least mothball it? But no such caution is allowed in the great cause of cutting CO2 emissions.

Look at the facts: an enormous 259 gigawatts (180 Didcots) of new coal-fired capacity are under development in China. That’s on top of the 993 gigawatts of coal-burning capacity China already possesses (690 Didcots).

The UK’s whole electrical generation capacity, in all forms of power, is 85 gigawatts (59 Didcots). If we gave up using electricity entirely, it would make no difference at all to the impact of Chinese coal burning on the atmosphere.

None. Not any. Zero. If we completely abolish all our fossil-fuel generation, including gas, it would likewise not matter in the slightest – except to us, our economy and our standard of living.

China’s planned increase, yes, increase, in coal power is three times the size of our whole electricity-generation industry – wind, nuclear gas, and all. India is also increasing coal generation and last March reached a coal capacity of 200 gigawatts (139 Didcots).

Wind generation only functions thanks to huge hidden subsidies, paid for by the poor, and is vulnerable to power cuts unless it is backed up by fossil fuel or nuclear generation.

We are like a thirsty man refusing to drink from a tap because of a water shortage, while his local water company leaves hundreds of leaks unrepaired, allowing thousands of gallons to drain away each hour. 

Excellent points all, which will neither mitigate this standoff one iota nor change a single Climatard mind. That’s why they must continue to be dragged off trains and roadsteads and beaten mercilessly, again and again, until they either wise up or can no longer GET up.


Rock and roll riders

Nothing exceeds like excess.

LOS ANGELES—It was David Lee Roth who ruined personal-appearance contracts for all time with his Brown M&M’s Clause in the ’80s. The story sounds apocryphal but it’s true: Any promoter hiring Van Halen for a concert was required to supply M&M’s in the band’s dressing room but “ABSOLUTELY NO BROWN ONES.”

In later years Roth would claim that this was not an example of spoiled rock star entitlement but a way to make sure that concert promoters read the entire contract and took care of other, more important provisions. I was actually buying this—promoters can be forgetful and dense at all levels of the business—until the Smoking Gun website tracked down the famous M&M’s rider so that we could read the rest of it. In order to “present to your customers the finest in contemporary entertainment,” Van Halen also needed two dozen English muffins, but not just any English muffins—they had to be Thomas brand English muffins—plus two cases of beer delivered precisely at 6 p.m., two more cases (one Budweiser and one Heineken) delivered to the stage manager at 7 p.m., different food menus for even and odd days, and, just to keep you on your toes in the implements department, “all forks must have four prongs.” Backstage the band also needed one case of Budweiser, four cases of Schlitz Malt Liquor (really?), one half case of Tab (perhaps even more shocking than the malt liquor), three fifths of Jack Daniels Black Label, two fifths of Stolichnaya, one pint of Southern Comfort, two bottles of Blue Nun white wine (whoever that was should lose his rock-star cred forever), three packs of Marlboros (these riders are for one day—is that guy dead yet?), and—the mind boggles—“one large tube of KY Jelly.”

The rider ran to eleven pages and is, in fact, ridiculously demanding. (“Any caterer not providing adequate condiments, utensils or ice will be subject to a $100.00 fine.”)

Van Halen’s rider might legitimately be considered excessive, yes. But consider it in context: rock and roll itself is about excess, about outrageousness, about the flamboyant scorning of all things moderate and reasonable. Too, Van Halen’s bounteous bucketload of backstage booty wouldn’t have been provided just for the band alone; there would also be plenty of crew, stagehands, and various green-room guests partaking of the goodies too.

My friend Aaron in New Orleans spent twenty-odd years as stage manager for the Beach Boys, and he strongly insisted that my own band put a request for several packs of new socks in our own modest rider. He said that you couldn’t really appreciate the joy of a fresh pair of socks until you really, really needed them—like, say, after days or even weeks on the road without the opportunity to hit a local laundromat. I was the one who wrote up our rider in the first place, and don’t remember if I updated the thing to include them or not. But I’m sure the old road-dog was right.

Like I said, our rider was pretty modest; by the time we had clawed our way up from the lower rungs of the fame-and-success ladder, we were just so damned tickled that we might reasonably be expected to even have a rider at all that we were content to keep things simple. As I recall, aside from the standard provisions regarding stage setup and gear, we asked for: 1) clean hand towels (NOT bar rags); bottled water, assorted sodas, and beer on ice; a large deli tray; a half gallon of Evan Williams Black Label bourbon; and two (2) packs of Camel Light cigarettes.

Usually, we got ’em. But not always.

Once you’re operating above the level of small clubs and local restaurants and graduated to 500-1500 seat dedicated concert halls or theaters, contract riders become essential things, true necessities for surviving on the road. Many if not most venues have long since become used to the idea of accommodating the artists to whatever degree they can, having been trained to it by higher-level headliners who are often on their slow descent from years of coliseum- and stadium-tour glory. Those acts expect a certain level of comfort, and if they don’t get it their management is sure to make trouble.

It’s a truism in the music biz that if you don’t act as if you’re somebody, you’ll be treated as nobodies. A certain amount of confidence and self-respect is as essential for success as talent is. All too many people in show biz are constantly on the hunt for pushovers to grow fat on by abusing them, and can spot an easy mark a mile away. A solid, professional rider is one way to help fend such bloodsuckers off. In addition to the practical aspects, contract riders are a declaration of status, a demand for respect.

Contrary to what one might expect, there are a great many venue owners, managers, and staff out there who take great pride in making sure their artists are totally happy with the facility. Those people are the true angels of the band business; their places are always a pure joy to perform in. Not only do they pay close attention to the lights, the sound system, and the overall ambience of the place, they also tend to go the extra mile to make sure the concert experience is a good one for their patrons as well as the musicians. Happily, those places usually stay around a good long while, becoming beloved icons in their city. When they finally close down, it’s a very sad occasion for a whole bunch of people: bands, their crews, venue staff, and concert-goers alike.


Peak absurdity?

I only wish I could believe we’ve reached it already.

Quite frankly, the only surprise here is that they haven’t completely lost it. Although, seriously: Who loses an election and then spins up fanciful fairy tales that somehow Trump colluded with Russia to win? Or that Kavanaugh ran a rape gang?

Yet now here we are with Democrats conducting an impeachment inquiry without making it a formal one, holding closed door hearings to collect information to conduct the fake impeachment while trotting out a second “whistleblower,” who in all likelihood will turn out to be no different from the first: that is to say, not a whistleblower but a partisan covert operative working in concert with others to conduct a soft coup.

If you think that we’ve reached a point of peak absurdity, wait until they roll out Whistleblower 23 who will breathlessly whisper that he or she has fourth hand knowledge that Trump has been caught colluding with the American people to lower unemployment rate to below 3.5 percent and stop illegal immigration and break apart the administrative state.

So if you’re wondering how all of this stops, how we return to normal, I will tell you what a friend  told me: “There is no normal. There is only Clausewitz.” There is only absolute and total political war on this axis we face until we beat them into an unconditional surrender. The Left wants it that way because they think they can win. They want no holds barred total political war. Since we can’t escape it, I say we give it to them measure for measure.

The current iteration of the Democratic Party must be sent into the political wilderness. Delegitimized in the eyes of most Americans. The corporate leftist media (there’s nothing mainstream about it) must be mocked relentlessly and shown to be the low information propagandists that they really are.

For those who think there is some middle ground with the Left, there isn’t. There’s no negotiating with them until they sue for terms. Time to man up and fight: the future of our constitutional republic depends on it.

All well and good. But if you think this fight can somehow be waged and won within the boundaries of merely “political war,” I fear you may have some more “manning up” to do. It’s quite obvious by now that the Left recognizes no such constraints or restrictions. And their no-holds-barred, war-to-the-knife methods have gotten results:

Scouting a location to shoot a promotional video for my Trump Train 2020 song, my wife Mary and I spotted a lovely home with a huge Trump 2020 flag waving in the breeze on a flagpole. After knocking on the front door and introducing myself, I assured the elderly white homeowner that we would not show her address in our video.

Still, she declined our request to allow Mary to shoot video of me with her Trump 2020 flag in the background. She was terrified of being persecuted by Trump haters. It is outrageous that citizens are afraid to publicly express support for the president of the United States. The atrocious reality is Democrats and fake news media continue to instigate hate and violence against Trump voters.

Folks, we are in the process of losing our country right now, not somewhere down the road. Democrats are aggressively repealing your constitutional right to free speech. New York City will fine you $250,000 for saying “illegal alien.”

The only thing standing between Democrats and fake news media implementing their insane job-killing, anti-American, socialistic, and anti-Christian agenda nationwide is Donald J. Trump in the White House.

It is infuriating that Democrats’ resistance to Trump has become so deranged that the elderly white woman with the Trump 2020 flag was afraid to risk her home being seen in my video.

It surely is. So what are you gonna do about that, eh?

What are you prepared to do?

Of course, Connery ended up dead in that movie, so what the hell do I know.


The whole danged megilla

A characteristically long one from Daniel Greenfield—and characteristically brilliant, too. No way I can avoid a concomitantly lengthy excerpt.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a tribal response, not a political one. It’s triggered not by political agendas, but by cultural fiction. Before Trump Derangement Syndrome, there was Bush Derangement Syndrome. George W. Bush, like Trump, spoke the wrong way. He wasn’t one of our kind. Unlike his father. Reagan’s cowboy hat, Nixon’s poor fashion sense, Goldwater’s voice, and Eisenhower’s disdain for ‘eggheads’ had triggered similar frenzies of cultural derangement by the right sorts of people.

These frenzies have grown sharper as the culture has been reshaped, eliminating the middlebrow, indoctrinating contempt for traditional American ways of living, and holding up fringe lefties as cultural role models from pop culture to politics, and from the news media to academia. Generations of Americans, especially those in urban areas, cursed with higher degrees, and detached from religion and extended families, have grown up as members of a culture that is fundamentally at odds with America.

That is why we have both a political civil war, one being waged with subversion, impeachment, arrests, and investigations, whose goal is pure power, and a cultural civil war whose agenda is imposing a moral conformity with the mores, customs, and creed of bicoastal elites, and urban and suburban centers.

One is a power struggle. The other is a moral crusade.

Trump upsets them because he upends their status quo. He insults their totems, mocks their gods, and trifles with the sacred beliefs they imbibed from their semesters at Sarah Lawrence, their seasons of Netflix, and everyone else living in the literal and figurative cul-de-sac of their suburban neighborhood: its impossible property taxes adjusted to keep unwelcome minorities from nearby cities to a minimum.

MAGA hats, deliberately loud and unfashionable, infuriate them as the banner of an enemy tribe.

Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t just about hating Trump. It’s a visceral disgust with the sorts of people they imagine would vote for him. And a horror at the idea of sharing a state or country with them. Ideological leftism may occasionally punch up, but cultural leftism always punches down.

Our political system is built to be shared with people we disagree with. As ugly as things get, the system is designed to bear the load. It’s why we have checks and balances, the electoral college, filibusters, and a complicated system of electing people who are different and will be sure to disagree with each other.

You know, diversity.

The Founding Fathers made sure we had real diversity in our government long before that became a buzzword for leftist conformists whose idea of diversity is three races, a hundred ethnicities, forty religions, sixty genders, and one political opinion.

We aren’t facing a civil war because of the strain on our political system, but on the tribes of our culture.

The Founders didn’t create a system for coping with cultural differences. We had one or we didn’t. While the Left claims to war on intolerance, no political system can do that. Only a moral system can. Our values can bring us together or tear us apart. They can convince us to fight for each other or kill each other. They can remind us of what we have in common or make us deadly enemies.

These days, it’s mostly the latter.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is an expression of a cultural civil war whose roots are deeper than the antics of the last few years. It is the friction of a country fracturing into warring alien tribes. We no longer agree on the essential premises of our Union, what makes one an American, on the essential premises of morality, what is human life, what is murder, and on what our future should look like.

We (are) no longer members of the same tribe, the same system or the same nation.

Trump Derangement Syndrome isn’t just a reaction to President Trump. It’s a reaction to America.

Despite what you might assume from the length of that excerpt, there’s plenty more yet to this one. It’s one of Daniel’s very best—and that, people, is saying something. Every now and again, somebody comes up with a piece so damned stellar, so piercing and perceptive, so well-written, that it just makes me wonder why I even bother. This would be one of those occasions.


And the beat goes on

How they operate.

Left-wing rioters attacked supporters of President Donald Trump leaving a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Thursday evening — assaulting them in groups, setting fire to pro-Trump hats, and attacking the police.

Riot police stood by as members of Antifa were seen dragging steel fences away from the Target Center. They were filmed by Elijah Schaffer, a correspondent for The Blaze, a conservative news site — who was maced as he filmed.

I confess to being a bit confused about something here. See if you can guess what it is.

Local Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter Liz Sawyer noted there were several hundred rioters, and that some were singling out Trump supporters and surrounding them in groups before attacking them. Some also attacked police.

The Target Center had attempted to charge the Trump campaign hundreds of thousands of dollars for additional security. The rally itself — with a capacity crowd inside and tens of thousands outside — passed without serious incident, but local police seemed unprepared for the violence by anti-Trump rioters after the event was over.

My emphasis above should give it away: with a reported 20,000 Trump supporters inside and another 25k lined up outside, how the hell is it that “several hundred” PantiFa pussies can get away with attacking and stampeding the Trump people? Seems to me that every last punk-ass Pinko thug should have found himself surrounded by a horde of angry Real Americans ready, willing, and eager to stomp his ass into red goo, to the very last half-a-man of them, no?

But no, what we always end up seeing instead is weak tea like this:

Okay—we all know the Left hates Trump, but they may hate his supporters even more. The president’s rally in Minneapolis was dotted with left-wing thugs who harassed and assaulted Trump supporters because having a view that isn’t to the left of Lenin is intolerable to these clowns. We’re all Nazis in the eyes of these people. They’ve become totally unhinged by the 2016 election and this incident last night toward one Trump supporter, who was being interviewed by Vice News, perfectly captures how extreme liberals have become: he was spat on.

The supporter, Dave Carlson, wasn’t angry. He took it in stride. The host was visibly shocked by the action. Another man is seen apologizing for the incident. Another individual, while not a supporter of the president, also came up to Carlson to say what happened to him was not appropriate, but added that his MAGA hat was also “disrespectful as f**k.”

And people look at me sideways when I tell them I’m a Republican. This right here is why. We don’t spit on people. We win elections.

He unwittingly explains what continuing passivity in the face of violent assault will get us in a line preceding that one:

We should expect more unhinged liberals assaulting and attacking those with whom they disagree because that’s the Left in 2020.

As long as we’re willing to go on congratulating ourselves for meekly refusing to vigorously defend ourselves, to give as good and better than we get, we most certainly should. I’ll say it again: they will not stop. They will have to BE stopped. Sorry, but patting ourselves on the back for being “better than them” will never get that done. I hate it and all, but that’s the way it is.

Update! Sensing sees it—and did so as far back as November 2016.

What these harassments and the post-election riots are about is control of the central government – and the insurrectionists are using violence to achieve their goals. Don’t think that just because the electoral college will vote and Trump’s inauguration will take place that all this will suddenly fade away like magic.

Everywhere in history, any time the Left has lost, it has turned more violent. Violence always underlies their means. 

Precisely so. “That’s the Left in 2020”? That’s ALWAYS been the Left. Donald sees that too; hence, his present-day warning:

Do not think that the Left is not already preparing for another Trump electoral victory. As Clausewitz said, “War is an extension of politics by other means.” And Antifa is arming itself quite effectively.

We the People abandoned Constitutional government over many years, nay, decades. It has accelerated this millennium. Next year, no matter the outcome of the election, it will go to full speed. The balkanization of the American people, deliberately under way for at least 60 years, will come to fruition. There is already no such thing any more as a national consensus on any kind of social or political topic.

There is no longer any cement (national ideals, polity, values, and aspirations) holding the bricks (the states) together. At best, the United States will abandon the “United” part of that and a loose federation will form among groups of states joined in tighter federations. At worst? Sorry, I do not want to go there.

No sane person does. Which, unfortunately, does not include the violent, fascist Left. I gots plenty more on both the riots and the broader topic of where the Left is determined to drag us, but I believe I’ll break all that out into a new post.

To the streets update! Okay, changed my mind; got several other things I want to get to tonight, so I’m just gonna append this report from Hinderaker and move on.

They spat on peaceful Trump supporters. They assaulted an uncounted number of normal citizens leaving the Target Center. They struck a woman across the head with a piece of lumber. They waved a sign that said, “Blue Lives Don’t F@$king Matter.” The Minneapolis Chief of Police reported, “Objects containing liquid believed to be urine were hurled at some of my officers along with bottles and rocks. Police horses were also assaulted by protesters striking them with sticks.”

These leftists are identical to the Nazi Brownshirts of the 1930s. But make no mistake–they represent today’s Democratic Party. A sitting Democratic State Representative, Aisha Gomez (DFL-Minneapolis), was seen among the fascists, dressed in black like an Antifa hoodlum. And Minneapolis’s boy Mayor, Jacob Frey, who expressed regret that he could not legally prevent President Trump from visiting Minneapolis, and then tried to do it anyway, issued an order to the Minneapolis Police Department not to use chemical irritants on the mob of criminal Democrats. [UPDATE: We have a disagreement between Boy Mayor Frey and the mob: Frey denies issuing such an order, putting him at odds with fellow Democrat Gomez.] And not a single local Democrat has condemned the violence and disorder that took place last night.

Why on earth would anyone expect them to? They’re FOR it, and are instigating it.


Wait, what?

You know a certain threshold for something or other has been reached when Piers Morgan is a voice of sanity and reason.

British T.V. host Piers Morgan called out a climate activist about her lifestyle choices, which are not helpful for the planet, as protesters are staging demonstrations across the United Kingdom.

The ongoing protests has been organized by Extinction Rebellion, who want the United Kingdom’s Parliament to take action on climate change. Demonstrations include clogging roads and blocking bridges with their bodies and other big objects. 

Morgan asked Extinction Rebellion’s co-leader Skeena Rathor how she arrived to their studio. Rathor said a car sent by the station had picked her up.

When Morgan then asked her if she had a T.V. at her home and if her children use computers, Rathor said she did not think it was relevant to “the planet emergency.”

“Do you see the problem with all this? You go on about ‘My kids can’t get out of bed because they’re all so terrified,’ I’m not surprised they’re terrified because your mum’s telling them everyday the planet’s about to end, and yet, I bet your own carbon footprint, for all the stuff I’ve just mentioned is terrible,” Morgan said.

“So why don’t you give your computer, give up your television, give up your air conditioning, walk your kids to school, get a bike to the studio. Why don’t you practice what you preach?” he added.

The shrike’s response is every bit as feeble, self-serving, and pathetic as you’d expect.

Reynolds laid out one of his good, pithy rips a week or two ago (I have no link for it, sorry) noting that most of the Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”) tards were college kids, then going on to ask why, if the world is ending in ten or twelve years, they’d be staying in college at all.


Good riddance

Fox News, quickly being Fundamentally Transformed by new management into an all-Left-all-the-time outlet excepting Hannity and Tucker, accidentally does something right by driving off sensationalist putz Shep Smith.

Shepard Smith announced Friday that he will step down as Fox News Channel’s chief news anchor and managing editor of the network’s breaking news unit.

Smith’s final edition of his afternoon program “Shepard Smith Reporting” aired Friday and the network will use a rotating series of news anchors in the 3 p.m. ET timeslot on what will now be known as “Fox News Reporting.”

“Shep is one of the premier newscasters of his generation and his extraordinary body of work is among the finest journalism in the industry.”

More of an indictment of newscasters and journalism than praise for Smith, if you ask me.

“His integrity and outstanding reporting from the field helped put FOX News on the map and there is simply no better breaking news anchor who has the ability to transport a viewer to a place of conflict, tragedy, despair or elation through his masterful delivery,” Fox News president and executive editor Jay Wallace said in a statement.

Yeh, yeh, yeh. Take a hike, douchebag, and don’t let the door etc. Ace bitch-slaps Jake Tapper for waxing all indignant about somebody or other’s Twitter characterization of Smith as “left wing,” which is actually correct, before plunging the knife in himself:

Let’s remember Shep as he was: As a preening car-chase game-show host who mistook himself for a newsman.

Ouch. Yep, let’s. Too bad Chuck Barris is gone; he’d have been the perfect replacement, and would have lent an air of sober gravitas that would’ve made for a nice contrast with Shep’s weepy over-emoting and hysteria.


Northern California liberals finally get what they hope to inflict on the rest of us

Enjoy the 19th Century, asstards.

Will the last conservative to escape from Liberal Utopia please turn off the…oh wait, PG&E just did that for us. Maybe they’d be willing to consider making it permanent—y’know, f’r Gaia, duuuuude.



Only HILLARY!™ can save us.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Hillary Clinton has announced that after much debate she will seek reelection as president of the United States.

Pundits on MSNBC, CNN, and ABC News have long pondered whether Clinton would seek reelection or allow someone else to step in, and now she’s made a definitive declaration.

“After much deliberation, consultation, and prayer to Moloch, I have decided that I will seek a second term,” she said to a crowd gathered at a local Wendy’s restaurant. “I feel I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted to in my first term, and I really need a full eight years to implement my final solution to all of America’s problems.”

Aides then gently ushered her back onto the bus to take her back to Bright Sunrise Home For Seniors.

Looks like deranged old Granny Grifter has been into her “tonic” again. On a very, very slightly more serious note:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump is about a “much more serious set of charges” than anything related to President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

And that “serious set of charges” would be…WHAT, exactly? Making a phone call to a foreign leader in which investigation of the Democrat-Socialist attempt to rig the 2016 election was glancingly mentioned? Not being guilty of “collusion,” as directly and clearly stated by the failed Mueller witch-hunt’s report? Putting American interests first abroad, instead of selling them down the river as you did? Refusing to cooperate with a ginned-up, illegitimate “impeachment” fraud unconstitutionally launched as a purely partisan coup plot? Fighting back against the treasonous, anti-American Democrat-Socialist criminal organization and its myriad depredations?

Did I leave anything out of that list of spurious, contrived, fraudulent “crimes” there, Madame Secretary?

“And, as a former secretary of state, I just want Americans to stop and think, why are we allowing this president to, in effect, undermine our sovereignty, turning over foreign policy to foreign governments, what he just did with the Kurds, empowering Turkey and Russia against our staunchest allies in the Middle East?” she added.

Umm…Turkey is an actual American ally, Hills. Y’know, as guaranteed by their membership in NATO, the archaic, outdated alliance established by a seventy-year old treaty drawn up to defend Western Europe in the event of an invasion led by a nation that, y’know, no longer exists? The one you all were shrieking blue murder about Trump’s having suggested leaving or modifying it?

The Kurds, our “staunch allies”? Really? That ain’t what your side was saying back when you were demanding that we hightail it out of Bush’s “blood for oil” war in Iraq, as I recollect. No, according to y’all, we couldn’t abandon the Kurds fast enough in those days. But it gets even worse for you, I’m afraid: those Kurds you’re boo-hooing yourselves sick over Trump “abandoning”? Should Turkey cross into Syria and attack them, the NATO agreement arguably requires us not just to “abandon” them, but to actively assist Turkey in making war on them, should the request be made of us.

“This is the goal of the Trump strategy. It is to raise questions.”

Well, in fairness, I can easily see why somebody like you might have a real problem with that.

“There is no evidence that either one of them did anything wrong. Could there be a question of judgment about his son? Well, that’s fair game but there is absolutely no evidence, and there will not be any evidence, that Joe Biden did anything wrong,” she said.

Heh. You so funny. Once again, Democrat-Socialist projection comes into play.

“Enough with these wild, unfounded conspiracy theories, using the help of foreign governments to interfere in our elections and to undermine people who have been in the public eye for a long time and I hope that the American public rejects this, as they should,” she added.

Run again and find out what the American public rejects, you loathsome carbuncle.

Update! Birds of a feather.

One of the many news-making revelations in Ronan Farrow’s upcoming book, Catch and Kill, is that he received pressure from Hillary Clinton to back off his reporting on Harvey Weinstein.

But even without this reporting, what we also know is that Weinstein’s alleged misconduct and abuse were no secret in Hollywood and Washington, DC. Report after report after report confirm that “everyone knew,” but no one did anything because 1) Weinstein had the power to make or break your Hollywood career and 2) Weinstein raised a ton of money for Democrats — most especially, the Clintons; most especially, Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, this Hillary Clinton bombshell could not come at a worse time for the two-time presidential loser, a time when she appears to be seriously flirting with the idea of a 2020 rematch with President Trump. She might want to remember that during their 2016 battle, Trump was not afraid to remind voters that Hillary played a leading role to personally destroy the women who claimed to have been raped, abused, molested, and mistreated by her husband, former President Bill Clinton.

Gee, corrupt much there, Cankles?


Bad, bad man

Remember last night when I said I was by no means confident that grubby, untrustworthy excretions like Mitt Romney might not turn their coats to vote for impeachment?

Yeah, about that.

Why is it that oh-so principled Mitt Romney ONLY attacks Donald Trump?

Why does oh-so courageous Mitt Romney single out Trump and only Trump with his Mighty Morality?

Seriously, answer me that: Why ONLY Trump?

A quick perusal of Romney’s verified Twitter account reveals that Moral Mitt’s oh-so principled courage is saved for one man … the man who turned him down for Secretary of State, the man who won the job Mitt lost, the man who captured the Republican Party by discarding all of Mitt’s terrible ideas: forever wars, discriminating against gays, being the world’s policeman, open borders, lousy trade deals, and driving around with the family dog on the roof of your car.

I fail to see the courage or morality within a man who only ever attacks Trump, and does so to the eternal glee of the establishment media, the Deep State, left-wing Democrats, and pious Never Trumpers.

True character requires moral courage, the willingness to take flaming arrows from your own, to risk the “good opinion” of those who already hold a “good opinion” of you.

Has no one other than Trump offended this oh-so decent man’s sense of decency?

He ran for Senate in the first place pretty much entirely in hopes of getting some sort of vengeance on Trump—at the very least to thwart, hinder, and oppose him. Romney a contemptible, grubby hack who shares much more in common with Obama than with any Real American—and that’s pretty much all he is. It’s like this:

As I write this, my respect for Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has increased. You want to know why? Because he’s a staunch Trump ally who is right now criticizing Trump over his decision to exit Syria.

On this matter, I agree with Trump and disagree with Graham, but Graham is showing character in his public break with Trump.

You see how this works?

Romney has no character. None. If he did, he would lash out at someone other than the man who turned him down for Secretary of State, he would aim his Mighty Morality at a target that might result in an ugly CNN news-cycle or a mean tweet from fangirl Jennifer Rubin.

But Moral Mitt will never do that because he is not a decent man. Rather, he is a small, cowardly, bitter, envious member of a small, cowardly, bitter, and envious tribe. And it was this smallness and cowardice that cost him the presidency in 2012. Imagine the difference it would have made if Romney had been half as willing to go after Obama as he does Trump. But going after Obama requires actual courage.

Mitt Romney is a quisling hiding behind a phony shield of virtue, and if the rest of the Republican Party ever decide to follow his lead again, the Party will be doomed for a generation.

It would deserve to be, too. While we’re on the subject of lily-livered, yellow-bellied Fake Conservatives, enjoy Schlichter’s bloody evisceration of poor old King Cuck himself.

I have a confession to make: I hate the pseudo-conservative scribblings of David French with the same kind of smoldering loathing I reserve for foot fungus, movies about spunky young women who triumph over the patriarchy, and the music of Maroon 5. With rare exceptions explicable due only to the vagaries of chance, I hate his prose, his premises, his conclusions and his insufferable fussiness. I contend that his writings are fit only to be served up to traitors and terrorists at Gitmo to wring out confessions, and the only thing I enjoy about his terrible, terrible views is that they validate my longstanding negative impression of Army JAGs. But it has never occurred to me that David French should be barred from writing whatever the hell he pleases.

The whole idea that, simply because his opinions make me long for the joyous peace of death, he should be in any way prevented from sharing them with those people who inexplicably wish to endure them, and those unfortunate enough to stumble upon them unawares, is utterly foreign to me and to all actual conservatives. Censorship, to us, is both alien and appalling, like an Oberlin College feminist hot oil twerk-off. 

Heh. Don’t hold back, Kurt, tell us how you really feel about the guy.


Justice served to Social Justice Warriors

Get “woke.” Go broke.

Do you ever wonder what happens to someone after they self-destruct on national television or social media? We always see the explosion, but rarely the tragic consequences of their poor decision.

Remember Adam Smith?

He was the CFO of Vante, Inc. who decided to record his visit to the Chick-Fil-A drive-through window for a free cup of water, during which he tried to shame the female employee serving him for “working for a horrible corporation with horrible values” because Chick-Fil-A’s owners, the Cathy family, are devout Christians who support traditional marriage. Smith openly admitted that the only reason he had visited the restaurant was because the business would incur an expense for serving him and he wanted to hurt the company because of a personal political stance.

How did that work out for him?

At last report, Smith claimed to be homeless and living on food stamps after he was fired from his job making $200k per year and lost a million dollars in stock options after massive public backlash threatened his employer’s revenue stream. Smith wanted to hurt Chick-Fil-A, but ended up hurting himself and his own family. He wrote a book about the experience titled Million Dollar Cup of Water. At his personal website, Smith divides the story of his life into a five-part series, with the infamous Chick-Fil-A protest and gay rights being the last two segments.

It would be easy to feel sorry for Smith, except for two reasons I’ll talk about in a moment. After all, in two minutes the guy literally destroyed his own life, as he had known it. Not only was Smith fired from his job at Vante, he was also terminated at his next job when that employer realized Smith was the infamous “star” of the Chick-Fil-A video. It seems roughly the equivalent of kicking a man when he’s already down.

Yeah, fuck that “sympathy” noise. The obnoxious douchebag got exactly what he deserved; he brought his troubles on himself, and he’d happily do the same and worse to each and every one of us who dared to disagree with him if he ever got the chance. He can damned well stay homeless until he starves or freezes to death for all me. And if that complete lack of sympathy amounts to kicking him when he’s down, well, I’d be happy to kick him as many times as it takes to ensure he doesn’t ever get up again.

Until sane people are willing to see to it that the unacceptable behavior of our supposedly more evolved and enlightened adversaries carries a hefty price tag, we’ll go right on being harrassed, hectored, lectured, threatened, beaten, and shot by them. Stupidity should be painful; liberal-fascism, on the other hand, MUST be.

Just another story that makes a fella want to go out and get himself some more of that good ol’ Hate Chicken™, don’t it?


“Whistleblower” unmasked!

Our ol’ pal Baldilocks has got the goods.


Juliette also has a theory about this whole whistleblower/impeachment contretemps: she thinks Trump is behind all of it. Yeah, I know, I know, Nth-dimensional chess, stable genius, all that unlikely stuff everybody seems to be tired of and is pooh-poohing now. But hear the lady out.

The thing is this: it is probable that Donald Trump set this soap opera into motion and did so on purpose. What follows is my theory on how it went down.

Last week, it was reported that Secretary of State Pompeo was sitting in on the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky.

After the call – or maybe before – the president tells Pompeo to get one of the latter’s people to drop some bait about the call in the presence of the right person — someone who is likely to spill the beans to the Democratic Party honchos.

This gets done and thus is born the “whistle-blower,” who so is excited about it that she doesn’t bother with the whistle-blower procedure. Instead, she runs to Congress in order pass the bait along to the other fish — especially to Adam Schiff — and they, of course, swallow it. What about the change to the whistle-blower statute regarding first-hand information? Trump changed that.

Why would President Trump do this? Simple. He knows that the Democrats have been after him since he announced his candidacy; they pre-conjured a reason for his impeachment, for Heaven’s sake. Therefore, he is forcing an impeachment at the time of his choosing rather than theirs.

Now, some might say that there’s simply no way Trump could be this wily, cunning, and slick. To that I say: based on what? Particularly after we’ve seen this uncut amateur nimbly outmaneuver his putative “betters” in the professional-politician Ruling Class time and time again? Baldilocks is a smart woman, for sure. But if she was capable of coming up with this, do you really want to argue that Trump isn’t?


End game

The only surprise here is that there’s been so few attempts on his life already.

Emoluments, Stormy Daniels, Russia collusion, the Mueller report, impeachment…The Left has played damn near every card in the deck against Donald Trump to no result whatsoever. Leftists are getting down to the bottom of the deck, and the final card: assassination.

This is not to say that the Democrats or even the denizens of the Deep State would directly involve themselves in an assassination attempt against the president. (Though I would go so far as to say that they would welcome it.) But let’s consider the landscape…

Follows, a brief recap of violent-Left assassination beat-off fantasies, threats, actual assaults against noncomfortists, mass-murder attempts, and so on, a familiar litany that I won’t transcribe here. Then:

There are, of course, many other incidents, but those will suffice: the opposition is no longer loyal or respectable. It has gone functionally insane. The Democrats have been transformed into the party of the fanatic, the messianic, the depraved, and the demented. The Left is obsessed with stopping Donald Trump at all costs and, as its slogan goes, “by any means necessary.” If these people can’t do it by legal or even the borderline means of the past three years, it is likely they will try to kill him.

Likely? It’s an all-but-certainty, seems to me. After all, “these people” are completely bereft of morals, perspective, or shame, and acknowledge no restraint or limitation whatever on their Divine Right to rule. After Trump wins 49 states next year, expect the number of assassination attempts against him to blow away all records as the Left reprobates are faced to confront the scale of their rejection by Real Americans, then pulls out all the stops to go full-on fascist in their neverending quest for power.

Trump would probably be shocked by this—as I’ve said, his greatest weakness is that he still believes in and loves this country, and has great faith in the essential decency of its people even those with whom no decency is not in evidence—but the rest of us shouldn’t be. We should also bear in mind that it isn’t really Trump they hate; it’s us. And if you think they wouldn’t be eager to widen the scope of any post-election campaign of assassination should they meet with any success in eliminating or incapacitating Trump, you’re just kidding yourself.


Jumping the impeachment gun shark

Have the Dimocrats gotten ahead of themselves?

Right now, the Dems are thrilled because they’re finally free of the tyranny of fairness and honesty and coherence, and they can indulge their deepest fantasies of frog-marching The Donald out of the Oval Office, to be replaced with Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit – wait, that’s not right. Why, that’s not right at all. They would replace Donald Trump with…Mike Pence, who will probably do the same things that have made Trump so successful without all the tweeting.

They have not thought this through. The Democrats are basically the proverbial dog that chases the car and finally catches it, then thinks, in fluent Terrier, “Okay, what the hell do I do now?” Only this analogy breaks down because dogs are cool. So are cars, except Priuses packing “COEXIST” or faded “I’m With Her” bumper stickers. In contrast, all Democrats are lame.

The Democrats are experiencing the giddy delight of having finally summoned up the stones to push the big red “IMPEACHMENT!” button. Their tawdry joy will pass. It’s a dumb idea, and they will soon regret it. This sorry scenario brings to mind Napoleon’s apocryphal advice to never interrupt your enemy when he, she or xe is making a mistake, and if the cheesy performance art piece that is this bogus scandal wasn’t so poisonous to our body politic, it would be hilarious.

It’s Kurt Schlichter, so of course it’s a fun read. And yes, in general I do share the overall sense of optimism out there that the abominable Democrat-Socialists have shot themselves in the foot badly with this impeachment “inquiry” dumbshow.

Nonetheless, there is a weak but persistent voice in the back of my head warning that, given the treachery of a too-large number of Senate Vichy GOP slimewads like Mitt “Severely Conservative, when I’m not Ferociously Liberal” Romney, Stretch Pelosi’s contra-Constitutional farce could well turn out not to be the slam dunk self-beclownment we’re all assuming. How certain can we really be that there aren’t enough turncoat GOPe NeverTrumpTards in the Senate to “reach across the aisle” to their seditious colleagues and vote to convict? How much faith should we place in the supposed integrity of people we already know have none?

In any event, this remains the bottom-line truth about this reckless, feckless farce:

It should by now be obvious to the meanest intelligence that the Democrats are the Democrats are determined to impeach President Trump with or without credible evidence that he has committed any act resembling “high crimes and misdemeanors.” The “whistleblower complaint” that Nancy Pelosi used as the pretext for launching her ersatz impeachment inquiry contains little but hearsay and fabrication, while her claim that it proves Trump has “violated the Constitution” fails the laugh test. In the end, however, impeachment is less about offenses committed by the president than the desire of the Washington establishment to put down what they see as a peasants’ revolt.

Impeachment is, in other words, an attempt to restore the old order that the voters overturned in 2016. It seeks to annul that election and return us to the nascent totalitarianism of the Obama era, an incipient autocracy the Democrats expected to be nurtured during the presidency of Hillary Clinton. Thus, when the hoi polloi got above themselves and put Donald Trump in the White House, his removal from office became the primary objective of Washington’s self-appointed Optimates. They began planning Trump’s impeachment before he was inaugurated because he is the leader of the insurrection, and they know full well that it can’t be put down until he is gone.

Trump’s supporters aren’t as dumb as their “betters” clearly believe them to be. They know the Washington establishment is out to get the president in order to disfranchise the 63 million “deplorables” who voted him into office for the purpose of effecting genuine change in the way things are done inside the Beltway. Trump’s supporters know the Democrats hate him because, despite the incessant harassment to which he and his administration have been subjected, he has fulfilled most of his campaign promises. They know Trump’s impeachment is really an attempt to suppress what Beltway insiders regard as a peasants’ revolt against the proper order of things.

The Democrat-Socialist/Deep State/Enemedia coup plotters continue to ignore their dire peril in ignoring the growing rage of Real Americans over this preposterous, baseless “impeachment” indecency. Also, they seem to be suffering a bit of a memory lapse when it comes to their own response to an earlier impeachment:

More than 20 years ago, when President Bill Clinton was being impeached for lying to a grand jury – then as now a documented fact that no one can credibly dispute – some Democrats who today want to impeach and have the Senate remove President Donald Trump from office ASAP, were whistling a very different tune.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:
“We are here today because the Republicans in the House are paralyzed with hatred of President Clinton. And until the Republicans free themselves of this hatred, our country will suffer.”

Former Vice President Joe Biden (then a U.S. senator):
“It would have been wrong for Richard Nixon to have been removed from office based upon a purely partisan vote. No president should be removed from office merely because one party enjoys a commanding lead in either house of the Congress …

“It is our constitutional duty to give the president the benefit of the doubt on the facts …

“To remove a president is to decapitate another branch and to undermine the independence necessary for it to fulfill its constitutional role … To remove a duly-elected president clashes with democratic principles in a way that simply has no constitutional parallel …

“It is clear from the debates and from the commentaries on the Constitutional Convention that the Framers were concerned that anything less than bipartisanship could, and would, do great damage to our form of government. They knew that to contemplate an action as profound as undoing a popular election requires at a minimum that members of both parties find that the alleged wrong is grave enough to overturn the will of the majority of the American people.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York:
“Benjamin Franklin called impeachment, ‘a substitute for assassination’ …

“The effect of impeachment is to overturn the popular will of the voters as expressed in a national election. We must not overturn an election and remove a president from office except to defend our very system of government or our constitutional liberties against a dire threat. And we must not do so without an overwhelming consensus of the American people and of their representatives in Congress of the absolute necessity …

“There must never be a narrowly voted impeachment or an impeachment substantially supported by one of our major political parties and largely opposed by the other. Such an impeachment would lack legitimacy, would produce divisiveness and bitterness in our politics for years to come. And will call into question the very legitimacy of our political institutions … We have no right to overturn the considered judgment of the American people …

How quickly they forget when it’s politically expedient for them to do so, eh? Much, much more at the link, all of it completely damning for the Koup Kucks Klown gang. Again: may they all burn in Hell for a thousand years. At least.


Drag Queen Conservatives

These are Muh Principles. If you don’t like them, I have others. Many, many others.

Appalling backstory here.



A righteous rip on Her Herness that stings like an enraged hornet.

With Bernie Sanders last seen in an ambulance and none of their other 2020 candidates looking like a proven national vote getter, it’s easy to imagine desperate Democrats turning to the former First Lady and two-time loser to save the party from a disaster she helped to create.

But when Hillary Clinton is the solution to your problems, your real problem might be problem solving itself.

If she does get in the race, Hillary will need a lot of money. At the moment that’s an issue, since many of the benefactors who were there for her in the past, are spread thin or—like Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein—sidelined by the #MeToo movement.

So until the field narrows and more funds are available Hillary’s working her blue-state base in community centers, churches, and lesbian bookstores while her publisher picks up the tab.

It has to feel a little like old times to the aging grifter. In 2000, she listened her way through every county in the state of New York before elbowing Caroline Kennedy aside to win a seat in the Senate. In 2008, she tried the same thing in her first run for the White House.

Even though Barack Obama proved to be the better con artist that year, Hillary was the first to cash in, turning her job as Obama’s secretary of state into the most lucrative pay-to-play operation Washington’s ever seen.

That’s one reason she lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump. Another was the fact that too many voters, for obvious reasons, found her “cold,” “aloof,” and “untrustworthy.”

This time things will be different, a familiar refrain whenever the Clintons are up to something.

And then it really gets vicious. And hilarious.


Trump calls their bluff

There is NO low to which the Democrat-Socialists will not stoop to quench their ravening, insatiable lust for power and undo the 2016 election—up to and including the willful, reckless instigation of a truly dangerous Constitutional crisis.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Lawfare allies can change House rules (they did). Pelosi and Lawfare can also change House impeachment rules (they did). Pelosi/Lawfare can change committee rules (they did); and in doing so they can remove House republicans from the entire process… Which They Did. However, what Lawfare and Pelosi cannot change is The U.S. Constitution, which they are desperate to confront.

Speaker Pelosi’s ‘Lawfare House rules‘ and/or ‘Lawfare impeachment rules‘ cannot supersede the constitutional separation of powers.

Nancy Pelosi cannot decree an “official impeachment inquiry”, and as a consequence nullify a constitutional firewall between the Legislative Branch and Executive Branch.

This “impeachment” is a full-on fraud, a phony, ginned-up parody of the legitimate impeachment process. The “subpoenas” Trump has rightly instructed his administration to ignore are likewise fraudulent:

In the last week you’ve probably heard the media sell a narrative that Speaker Pelosi’s House Committee teams are sending out subpoenas to the State Department and White House. However, has anyone actually looked for those “subpoenas”, or read the language of the written communication from those committees’?

As you read this, remember: these carefully chosen words come from the Lawfare Alliance…

Notice the phrase “sent a letter conveying a subpoena“?

That statement is not the same as ‘sent a subpoena’; actually, it’s not even close – it is pure parseltongue. You can call any car a Ferrari, but that doesn’t make it so.

The House has no independent enforcement mechanism, so each time the House of Representative wants to send a subpoena with an enforcement bite – they need to go to the judicial branch (court system) for an enforceable order. However, notice in these letters the enforcement mechanism is internal. It is a self-fulfilling ‘obstruction‘ scheme.

Speaker Pelosi does not want to engage the judicial branch, nor does she want to give the target (President Trump) the opportunity to engage the judicial branch, ie. court.

So: a fake impeachment, buttressed by fake subpoenas, a fake “whistleblower,” and a fake Russia/Ukraine “scandal,” then. Trump, correctly, has formally refused to dance to the Democrat-Socialists’ tune.

The White House on Tuesday formally told Speaker Pelosi and three other committee chairs to pound sand, calling their impeachment efforts “illegitimate” and “dangerous,” prompting a standoff with Congress.

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone wrote an 8-page letter to Speaker Pelosi and Dem chairs on three key committees, Schiff, Cummings and Engel, letting them know their impeachment inquiry “lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation,” and violates Trump’s due process rights.
Cipollone also called the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry a partisan effort “to overturn the results of the 2016 election” of President Donald Trump.


The President has done nothing wrong, and the Democrats know it. For purely political reasons, the Democrats have decided their desire to overturn the outcome of the 2016 election allows them to conduct a so-called impeachment inquiry that ignores the fundamental rights guaranteed to every American.

These partisan proceedings are an affront to the Constitution—as they are being held behind closed doors and deny the President the right to call witnesses, to cross-examine witnesses, to have access to evidence, and many other basic rights.

Today, on behalf of President Donald J. Trump, Pat Cipollone, Counsel to the President, sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Chairmen Engel, Schiff, and Cummings. The letter demonstrates that the Democrats’ inquiry lacks any legitimate constitutional foundation, any pretense of fairness, and even the most elementary due process protections.

Democrats are pursuing purely partisan goals, including influencing the upcoming 2020 election. In the process, they are violating civil liberties and the separation of powers, threatening Executive Branch officials with punishment simply for exercising their constitutional rights and prerogatives.

All of this violates the Constitution, the rule of law, and every past precedent. For these reasons, the Executive Branch cannot be expected to, and will not participate in, this exercise of partisan political theater.

Nailed it, and every word’s a gem. But don’t think this is anything new from the sleazy, slimy worms of the Democrat-Socialist Party. They relentlessly hounded Nixon, Reagan, and both Bushes in similar fashion. The difference is one of degree and not kind; they’ve escalated from harrassing previous Republican presidents, to persecuting Trump.

Pelosi and her coup co-conspirators have now breached the line separating political chicanery from outright sedition and attempted revolution. In so doing, they have gone from amusing if annoying buffoons to rabid, traitorous curs who need to be—MUST be—put down like the dogs they are. They are the self-proclaimed enemies of absolutely every principle this country was founded on, and of every American who still gives a damn about those principles.

In their insane quest for absolute, unquestioned power, the Pelosicrat scum have wantonly created the conditions for a bloody conflagration that will quickly flare up to scorch every last one of us. The arrogant fools are flicking matches at a powder keg, not caring a whit about the damage and misery the inevitable explosion will bring.

So be it. May they have joy of their choice. And may God damn every last one of them to Hell.



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Lessee, now, where were we?

Yep, the good ol’ CF hogwallow is back up and running again, folks, thanks to a good friend of mine who has a CF email account and got tired of waiting around for me to scrounge up the requisite moolah. Thanks to one and all for their patience, and most especially to Bill and Francis for allowing me the privilege of hanging around here drinking all the beer, emptying out the fridge, and just sitting around on the sofa all day in my boxers scratching myself.

I’m happy to be back, although I also had to admit this in a comment over at Fran’s joint:

Sorry for not having clued you folks in on (the outage), but the truth is A) I’ve gotten hit with some fairly big unexpected expenses of late and frankly just have not been able to scrounge the cash yet, and B) I’ve also been busy as hell and decided to kind of withdraw a little from the whole political-discourse business for a bit. Francis touches on some of the reasons why in this post, with which I sympathize and couldn’t agree more. The futility of trying to reason our Leftist adversary out of positions he never reasoned himself into in the first place has gone from merely tiresome to infuriating, and there is no end in sight to his mulish stupidity. So I’ve been contest to pop in and post now and then here and at Daily Pundit as well, just to keep my hand in. But honestly? My pause from all this has been more refreshing than I imagined it would be, and the truth is I’ve never been closer to just saying to hell with it all and walking away in disgust than I am right now. I do sincerely appreciate y’all asking; maybe I’ll get the batteries recharged enough to dive back into the deep end soon, but for now I got too much on my plate and not enough fork to attend to it all. I’ll definitely try to be better about keeping everyone posted either way.

My enforced hiatus from the blogosphere and from politics generally was indeed refreshing; instead of obssessively spending an overlarge chunk of my day trying to scour as much of the ‘sphere as I could, both to keep abreast and in search of posting fodder, I not only avoided all but two or three of my usual haunts but pretty much all other news sources as well.

Now, I ain’t recommending that anybody detach themselves completely from current events, mind. We all have a solemn responsibility to pay attention, in fact, if we are to be worthy of calling ourselves citizens. But at the same time, I also have to admit that ignorance can be bliss, if only for a little while. The occasional restorative pause is probably good for all of us, if only as a mental-health maintenance program.

Now, on with the ranting.


Let’s don’t and say we did

They appear to be serious.

In just over a year, American citizens will have a chance to cast their ballot for the next president. Except for the 75 million Americans barred by state and local laws from registering to vote, that is.

Are there really that many American citizens legally barred from voting? The answer is yes: our kids.

Around the world, almost every country bars people under 18 from voting. The reasons vary — they won’t be informed enough, they don’t pay taxes yet, they can’t serve in the militaryyet, they tend too liberal, they tend too rebellious — but the rule persists, even in the face of a generation of passionate, smart, and informed teenage activists, and even as it becomes obvious that our current political system is failing our children.

In the last year, there’ve been encouraging signs that we might rethink this. Democratic candidate Andrew Yang has argued for a voting age of 16, and a bill proposing a voting age of 16 died in the US House in March with a majority of Democratic representatives supporting it.

Well, let’s do them one better: The United States should consider eradicating the voting age entirely and letting every American citizen who can successfully fill out a ballot be counted in our local, state, and national elections (and yes, this goes for felons too).

How about this instead: NO. Not just NO; HELL NO. Also: FUCK YOU, for good measure.

Truth is, our real problem isn’t that we don’t have enough people voting, but that we have way too many unqualified, ignorant, tuned-out mouthbreathers casting ballots already. Judging by the number of votes the Democrat-Socialist Party still somehow manages to garner, fully half the damned electorate is completely clueless about the most fundamental, elementary aspects of our faltering system: the Electoral College and its purpose; the fact that the US is NOT a democracy, and why that’s a very good thing; the crucial Constitutional distinction between the House (representatives of the people) and Senate (representatives of the sovereign states) and the wanton destruction of those mandated roles by the heinous 17th Amendment; and the very concepts of self-government, unalienable rights, and limited government themselves.

Once again, just when you think Leftards couldn’t possibly make themselves any more ridiculous, here they come with ludicrous codswallop like this to prove you wrong. How any reasonably intelligent human could consider granting power to these chowderheads by voting for them is way beyond me. Think I’m kidding, or exaggerating, about how patently absurd Lefty nutjobs are? Think again.

A new ad campaign to fight cervical cancer is dominated by a transgender person who is a biological male and has no cervix. Look at the absurdity of the ad under the caption “Transwomen and Cervical Cancer Screening.”

The site goes onto claim that the risk of cervical cancer for a person with no cervix is very low. “If you’re a trans woman, you may not have given much thought to Pap tests and cervical cancer. And if you haven’t, that makes a fair amount of sense. After all, in order to get cervical cancer, you need to have a cervix.” But don’t be fooled by the seeming clarity of this statement. They go on to talk themselves out of it.

In England, the public health department includes biological men who pretend to be women in their cervical cancer screenings too if they identify as female. And if females identify as male, they will not be invited to be screened for cervical cancer despite having working cervixes. The Sun reported in 2017,

Women’s campaigner Laura Perrins told the Mail On Sunday: “We’ve now got to the point where state collusion with this transgender agenda is endangering the health of women.

“It’s a ludicrous use of NHS resources to invite men for a cervical smear test, while it’s immoral and dangerous not to invite women.”

The world is truly insane.

Well, part of it certainly is, yeah. But how is this story related to Vox’s drivel demanding children of all ages be allowed to vote, you ask? Like this: it’s but another front of the Left’s ever-escalating war on common sense.

Examples of the war on common sense are now everywhere in public life. How about the denial of the plain fact that humans are either male or female?

Not long ago, a boy in a tutu and a tiara who claimed he was a girl would still be regarded as a boy. Today, academic and cultural elites, as well as government officials, insist that “gender identity” is more real than biology. They say there are many genders, and one website tells me there are 63. Elites tell us we had better get with the many-gender program, or else. And while we are at it, we had better get politically correct about marriage. We are told that marriage no longer means one thing, a union between a man and a woman. How long will it be until we have 63 varieties of marriage?

The war on moral common sense has reached new heights of absurdity. If we point out a need for common-sense steps to protect ourselves from Islamic terrorists, we are said to suffer a psychological condition called “Islamophobia.” But unlike other phobias, such as claustrophobia, this condition is said to make us victimizers rather than victims. Similarly, if we say that America needs to secure its borders, we are met by cries that “walls are immoral.” Evidently, the common-sense wisdom that good walls make good neighbors has been taken down by the masters of political correctness.

Political correctness is quite simply a war on common sense. It is a war by the elites on the common people and on the shared understanding of basic realities of life that has made it possible for us to rule ourselves under the Constitution. Once this common-sense understanding of reality has been vanquished, it is “mission accomplished” for the Americans who reject America.

A brief visit with the founding father of the philosophy of common sense will help us get our bearings as we explore the fascinating subject of common sense.

“If there are certain principles, as I think there are, which the constitution of our nature leads us to believe, and which we are under a necessity to take for granted in the common concerns of life, without being able to give a reason for them; these are what we call the principles of common sense; and what is manifestly contrary to them, is what we call absurd.”

So wrote Thomas Reid, a professor of moral philosophy at the University of Glasgow. He referred to his philosophical method as “common sense realism” and he published his greatest work, An Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense, in 1764. It is difficult to overstate Reid’s importance to the American Founding. Arthur Herman emphasizes this point, writing that “Common Sense Realism was virtually the official creed of the American Republic.”

As you know, the American Founders claimed they were guided by self-evident truths. They relied on self-evident truths because their deliberations were deeply informed by the thinking of Thomas Reid. And Reid continued to be at the center of American thought for more than a century. Generations of American academics were common-sense realists, and until the Civil War, every major American collegiate intellectual was a common-sense realist.

Reid is all but forgotten in America today.

And voilå! We find ourselves beset on all sides by absurdity, nonsense, and unreality: cervical-cancer screenings for men without cervixes; children incapable of tying their own shoes granted the franchise; white people insisting they’re black; a Baskin-Robbins menu of genders, and etc. All these afflictions and imbecilic inanities bestowed on us by the preposterous, insane Left.

We really do need to find a way to see that they’re properly thanked for it someday.


Oh, for Christ’s sake

Yes, it’s satire from the Bee. But how long do you think it will be before this happens for real?

PORTLAND, OR—LGBTQ+ activists are praising Spot, as Spot is the world’s first genderfluid dog. Spot came to the realization he’s genderfluid after his owner announced they would be going to the vet to get neutered.

“Neutered? What’s that? Oh boy! Sounds fun! Ball!” Spot said. But then he came across some promotional material for the vet’s services his owner had left on the coffee table, and Spot was horrified. “No more ball! No more ball!”

“Oh no! Oh no! Not good! Not good!” he said, frantically trying to think of some way to avoid the painful castration procedure. Finally, Spot figured it out. Spot decided to announce he was genderfluid. Spot donned a feminine wig, masculine mustache, and some Elton John glasses and declared he did not identify as a creature with reproductive organs in need of removal.

“Our hands are tied,” the vet said after examining Spot, who now goes as Spork. “This dog does not identify as a male, so we can no longer provide this service.” Spot-now-Spork was given a treat and sent him home and told he was a “Good non-gender-conforming individual.”

You know it’s just a matter of time.


Well, damn

ANOTHER one gone?

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Ric Ocasek, lead singer of the rock band The Cars, died Sunday in New York at age 75.

Police said they received a call around 4 p.m. for an unconscious male at a townhouse on East 19th Street. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Law enforcement sources confirmed the deceased was Ocasek.

Ocasek and his band were inducted into the Rock Hall in 2018. The institution described the band as “hook-savvy with the perfect combo of new wave and classic rock.”

As with Eddie Money, Ocasek and the Cars were never among my absolute faves. Which does NOT mean I don’t have the greatest respect and admiration for their achievements, mind. Ocasek in particular had a real knack for putting melodies, lyrics, and arrangements together that turned into real earwigs, sticking in your brain like peanut butter on the roof of a dog’s mouth. Doing that once or twice is rare; doing it over and over again—song after song, album after album—as the Cars did, is something entirely else. Throw in Ocasek’s odd, strangling warble and his gawky-space-alien physical appearance and his success is nothing short of remarkable.

All in all, Ric Ocasek had to be just about the unlikeliest rock and roll frontman of his era, especially when you consider that his era was dominated by male-model hair farmer types like, oh, Vince Neil; Stephen Pearcy; Tom Keifer; Bret Michaels; and the man who ruined Deep Purple, David Coverdale. In that rogue’s gallery of rock and roll pretty boys, Ocasek sticks out as the “one of these things is not like the others” Alpha and Omega, in terms of both his music and his looks. His 28-year marriage to gorgeous supermodel Paulina Porizkova is just the icing on the cake when it comes to being a bona fide outlier among his fellow rockers. He was surely one of a kind.

Rest in peace, Ric.


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