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Gonna Smack That Boy

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

OK, so that latest and greatest is we got the monies rolling out to Mike in a short-short. Doing it ‘properly’ so that we avoid the earlier mentioned “Imperial Entanglements” sos to keep things on the cool side. Now, as to the update on Mike, he’s doing very well that I can tell. He’s busy as hell what with The Physical Abuse/Rebuild he’s got going on, but he has graduated from “bedridden” to “wheeling around” in his own wheelchair.

He also may be slacking a bit. I sent his ass a Dell Laptop that I know arrived ‘cos I was tracking that sucker, and Big Mike called me all excited. Now, part of the issue is probably a learning curve, primarily as I didn’t know this, but Mike, he’s been drawn over to the “Dark Side”, i.e. he’s an Apple man.

Maaaaan justt when you think you know someone huh?

And since he IS an Appleman, and I’m a Winders sorta guy, whelp the spare Lappie I had Spawn put together was a Winders 10 with an bogus-build on it, read non-licensed version. It works, it’ll just keep asking for the activation code and pissing him off. He’s probably having to learn the ins and outs of the Microsuck Universe.

So, I’ve been blowing up his phone telling him to GTF Back to work here, but then again, he just may be composing a bit of a Magnum Opus sort of poast like he’s been known to do. He’s been essentially cut off from the news and shenanigans that’ve been going on, and I’m sure just having the ability to surf again is like giving a Crackhead a baggie of Rock after a long absence.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Many thanks to Steve for the as-of-late poasts… I’m barely capable of keeping up with MY house these days, so my thanks brotherman!

More Later

A Thought on Compliance

Something occurred to me a few minutes ago, prompted by a comment on another site. (All of my thoughts lately are in immediate response to something happening. I’m too tired and busy to have thoughts of my own.)

For decades, certainly since I was a small child, we in the US have been told by teachers not to fight back if someone hits us. Instead, we’re supposed to run and tell a teacher, and if you dare to fight back you’re likely to be suspended for just as long as the kid who was bullying you. Police under the best of circumstances do not distinguish between the aggressor and his would-be victim and arrest both. (Except that if there’s a scuffle between a man and a woman, the man will almost always be arrested and the woman will not, regardless of who physically attacked first.)

Those situations are covered by simple laziness on the part of the police, teachers, or parents. The situation is worse when there’s a confrontation between people in a large group, whether a peaceful protest or a “peaceful protest”, and people outside of that group. Depending on their orders from City Hall, the police may attack and arrest members of only one side every time there’s an altercation.

Put it all together and Americans have been trained not to resist bullying.

Now we come to sanctioned bullying: You can’t earn a living unless you accept repeated shots of this untested medicine. If you walk around without a face diaper you’ll be screamed at by unhinged women. You can’t walk into a government building without revealing your health status to anyone who asks. None of this has any science behind it. Oh, there are claims that every demand is backed by “the science” but the definitions had to be changed to shoehorn the studies and the requirements into the “science” box and even so they keep Poppering out.

Lifelong training might not be why more Karens aren’t getting punched in the mouth, but I can’t think of a better explanation.

I’m not addressing non-Americans here. Different cultures, different laws, different genetics to the extent that genetics plays a role here.


Stigmata of Tyranny

I’m still too busy to write another 1000 words of essay and Mike is still being lazy, so have a look at something I wrote ten years ago. Other than updating it with more recent bullet points, I don’t think it needs to be revised.

  • Habeas Corpus suspension for American citizens.
  • Military hardware and training provided to police departments. Allegedly minimal supervision and control by the federal government over the use of the equipment, but minimal public trust in that assertion.
  • Active-duty military forces conducting security operations within US borders.
  • Official Abandoned Areas along the southern border and within the city of Los Angeles.
  • The US Constitution distorted, contorted, and inconvenient parts judicially ignored.
  • The constraints US Constitution treated with incredulous contempt. (Are you serious? Are you serious?)
  • Membership for life once elected to Congress.
  • Allegedly competing political parties differing only in how to divide up the spoils.
  • Nationalizing industry and giving the spoils to supporters of the regime.
  • Laws passed which have the support of fewer than 40% of the population.
  • Laws passed with no meaningful content other than “to be determined by regulation under this law”.
  • The federal government refusing to perform some of its explicit duties and forbidding any state or citizen from performing them.
  • A President who explicitly states that he will not follow laws passed by Congress and signed by himself.
  • A President who signed a bill even though he did not believe it to be Constitutional.

The list goes on. (And I could provide links for all of the above, but I’m busy here. Except for the last, which was Bush43, they’re all in recent news.) This doesn’t account for the gluttonous appetite, directly consuming a sixth of GDP and indirectly controlling a large fraction more.

The US Constitution is the “contract” which authorizes the federal government to exist, which gives the government its sole legitimacy. That seems obvious when stated like that, but many people don’t think about it. The US federal government is there and always has been there and does whatever the President says it does.

That way lies tyranny.

I’d argue we’re already there. The federal government blatantly disregards the document, the contract, which authorizes it.

The US federal government has no legitimacy.

The US federal government now operates only by chicanery and naked force.

Given this, what is the moral obligation of the citizenry to support the US federal government?

None whatsoever.


Image Dump, the Misogyny Edition

Content’s been light lately, on account of Mike being lazy or something. I have an essay in progress which would suit the site but haven’t had time to finish it.

Soooooo… Have some images I’ve made over the past few years.

And, because I’m a bad person, here’s something which will ruin one of your old dreams and will haunt your new dreams:

Update To The Update and Whatever

Greetings All Y’all who still give a shit!

OK literally got off the phone with Mike right now. He’s in GREAT shape mentally, wore the fuck out physically, and happy AF in general.

Now, Mea Culpa here. The laptop I put together for him suffered some ‘issues’… (Dell Inspiron L3350) and I had to replace a new memory stick in as one of them wasn’t working proper… Then, outside of the memory issue, Spawn had me replace the regular HDD. Per Spawn’s influence, and the fact that he’s a mad fan of Mike, I ordered, waited and then plugged a brand new 256 GB what do you call it, a Solid State Drive which may or may not survive the transportation to him… either way…

Now he’s got Win10…

And after the fact I find out his normal OS is Apple


I -do not- want to spend the $$ on a fucking apple. No joke Aye? He’ll get the Win10 and deal with it, as he said in the humorous “get better or I’ll beat you” conversation I had tonight.

So, otherwise, shytte goes out NOW in the next 24.. and Mike should be back in charge.

Apple or No Apple Aye?



Update Time

Greetings Gang!

OK seems Mike is doing good and bad. Good in that he’s alive, bad is that he’s -still- not answering the phone, nor texting. His brother Jeff called today to give me the name of a trusted folk up around yonder to get the cashola that we raised to Mike and avoid any ‘imperial entanglements’ i.e. the Tax Doodz and Medicaid Arseholes.

Seems that the biggest problem is that Mike has to be completely financially busted ass broke to make sure that he get allllll this medical ‘stuff’ taken care of, so’s we got Billy up thar to be the bagman. Many thanks for that Bro! After talking to him n’Jeff, I guess it’s literally be a bag full of cash being parceled out…

Sort of reminds me of how I paid the internet bill back in Bagdad.

Literally $10k USD in a brown paper bag, handed to a dude named Mustapha in a back alley out of the regular line of sight from most folks… Made even MOR entertaining in that I was usually a rolling death machine, All body-armored up, armed with my MP-5, 3 or 4 frags, and my Browning Hi-Power…

Good times, good times.

So, anyways, they’re getting Mikey walking/stumping and kitting him out with a peg leg, and he’s being ornery as all get out. He’s bored to death, and still pretty demoralized, so his location is here:

Now I just checked in and when I mentioned Mike by name, the on-duty nurse started giggling and said “Oh Mike!!! Oh he’s a character!” so it’s pretty clear that he’s keeping everyone on their toes around him… I’m shipping out a laptop to him either tomorrow or the day after as they have wireless there and he’ll be forced to get back in Ye Olde Bloggsaddle ‘cos I know y’all are tired of my sorry ass, that and he’s bored to death what with only the TV to keep him entertained.

So, show him some love and make sure you put HIS name on any mail going there, and the staff’ll make sure he gets it.

Good news… ’bout damned time Aye?
More Later


The Hypocrisy, It Burns

Oh, wait, it was the hot sauce.

Instagram Model Claims Rapper Drake Put Hot Sauce In Used Condom To Prevent Sperm Theft

According to various reports circulating online, the chart-topping rapper Drake is alleged to have utilized a rather unique method to prevent fans and groupies from stealing his sperm after doing the proverbial deed by putting hot sauce inside of his used condoms.

If you pay any attention at all to the men’s rights people, the paternity rights legal debate, or anything related, you’ll have heard of spermjacking, in which a woman gets sperm from a man who did not intend to conceive a child with her and places it up in her vagina. She hopes to get pregnant and either trap the man into marriage or trap him into decades of paying for the child support gravy train.

If you pay any attention to the opposite side of the debate you’ll hear women angrily asserting that this does not happen and it’s just a matter of men ducking responsibility for their actions.

Well, here we are. Drake is apparently a wise man and made sure to destroy the sperm in his discarded condom, just in case he got spermjacked. A few minutes later the screaming started.

Your reply, feminists?


Thank God…

…I didn’t fuck up getting us (well, the page) out of what Mike would be sure to call the “Horrordays Theme of 2021” and back to the Classis Cold Fury… Whew… Thankfully Mike has the majority of the stuff save TO the site… I’m sure I’ll still catch hell, but fuckit…

More Later Yadda Yadda



Another Update (5 Jan)

Greetings Evvabody!

Again, it’s been a loooong couple of weeks for our Fearless Leader. He was doing good, then not so much, then good, then back to not so much… well, it would appear, leastways on it’s face that he’s finally getting around to where he’s being transferred tomorrow to start his full on PT and Rehab. The whole Omnicrom or whatevz caused a brief delay, as well as some more cuttin’ on Mike… sounds like he’s “Frankenmike” these days, stitched up like a rag doll… BUT

He called me tonight and we got to talk for a few before Nurse Ratched showed up to enforce the ‘no laughter’ rules.

He is, in his own words “…ready to put this shit behind me and relearn how to do -stuff- again!” I won’t go into details, but without going all graphic, I think his idea of heaven right now would be to use an actual toilet bowl as opposed to the bedpan brigade that he’s been stuck with. The whole ‘learning to walk ‘ thing is scheduled a bit down the road, but for now, and pardon the pun, one step at a time.

Now, other things is Wifey is going up thataways in the next week or two. She’s got to go visit a very old and dear friend who’s in similar circumstance… this ole girl though broke her leg and has nobody (fambly speaking) in the immeadiate A.O. to assist, so’s Wifey is dispatching up there to help out for a week or so. She’ll be passing by Mikey’s Torture Palace, and as I told him point blank:

“You’ve been on vay-kay long enuff. I’m sending you Wifey with a laptop for you to start getting back on here… the Cold Fury regulars are sick of me, and it’s getting ugly(er).”… and considering this crowd, that’s pretty damned ugly. He’s looking forward to it, and his mood is much better. For a while he was really down, but it looks like the light at the end of THIS particular tunnel ain’t a train.

Lastly, I thought I mentioned it but Mike opened for, played with, and knows Brian Setzer of “Stray Cats” fame, and he’s got a new album and tour going on, so I reached out… not for a donation per say, but to see if he could at least use some of that serious star power to help out Mike a bit. We shall see.

So it’s -finally- looking up. More as we go I’m the Intrepid Reporter



Way Behind the Power Curve

Greetings Evvabody!

The horror-days took up an inordinate amount of bullshytte as one can well imagine. Much to my professional chagrin, I’ve been behind on updating everyone on ye olde Fearless Leader of the Peg-Legged variety. According to sources, the infection in his spine didn’t get the full rinse and clean, and they had to cut on Mike again… I’ve been out of the loop, most embarrassed, but I still have to make the donuts Aye? He’s alive, and ready for rehab but still…

Still makes me feel like a shit tho…

The good news is that we’ve raised over $36K for Mike

The bad news is it’s only $36K.
Anyone got some Hollyweird contacts out there? FFS we should be able to hit up Brian Setzer… anyone who gets a line on that motherfucker and gets this ball of slow moving wax moving again, I’ll set up with an Autographed set of Charlie Mike Comix starring moi… and yeah, ego trip… y’all haters can suck it.

Yeah, NOT a shameless plug tho, it’s out of print. Not that it’s a OMFG thing, just nice to have some of my antics illustrated and published… I have two editions, #1 and that one #4 that I’m a featured story in. And yeah, that pic above is Marc’s rendition of me LOL… The main ramrod in it is Marc Baker who’s famous Army Wide for his “Private Murphy Comic” which was featured for years in Stars and Stripes. been friends with him for a minute, and he came up with a cathartic way for us Iraq Vets to tell our stories via a comic book… very cool…

So, whoever can get the moneyball rolling again, I’d surely appreciate it. Win 2x signed comix… I raised a hair over $1k with my raffle $$$. And that’s now complete (drawn today). Maybe another raffle in the future, ‘cept for some serious prizes, like a handgun or shotgun? Have to see… all comments and suggestions are welcome and yes, it’ll go to Mike, despite Mister “Royally Stupid” Commenter before…
I’ll let you know when I hear from either Mike or Jeff… it’s been slow though as I figure evvabody be in the post horror-daze mode…
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country


Guest Content: Sturgeon Was an Optimist

Over the past couple weeks my daughter, TheChildF, has been doing some research and writing a report on it. (Why? Because I’m a monster and am not giving her a break during her school Christmas break. Monster, I tell you.) In the interest of providing some content for the temporarily languishing blog, here it is. (Why? Because I’m a monster.)

Wattpad Fanfic Report


Sturgeon’s law states that “90% of everything is crap”, and I wanted to see if that applied to Wattpad fanfiction too. Seeing as Wattpad has a reputation for badly written stories, I wasn’t expecting much. By skimming the first chapter or so of the top 5 stories in the hot category in 10 fandoms, I have concluded that out of the 50 stories I had read, 2 were good enough that I would keep reading them. 13 of the 50 were passable by Wattpad standards, a deliberately lowered bar.


I came in with the hypothesis that more than 90% of Wattpad works were awful. This is based on Sturgeon’s law, which states that “90% of everything is crap”.



  • computer
  • wattpad
  • a healthy dose of spare sanity
  • the strength to go on

First, I chose 10 fandoms to read 5 fanfics each on. Instead of randomly choosing them, I got popular and well-known fandoms, as well as some smaller ones I had heard about in passing. I picked out the top 5 stories from the hot listing, but it would have produced a better result if I had sorted by new instead because the worst stories are usually excluded from the hot list.

I read at least 500 words of each story, though inevitably some had multiple chapters of character introductions and song recommendations. Additionally, if I was unable to tell if a story was passable or not, I would read a few chapters past the first one.

I automatically rejected a story if it met the following criteria:

  • excessive capitalization, spelling, and punctuation errors
  • improper writing mechanics
  • excessive, pointless swearing


FandomPassable by Wattpad StandardsGood Enough that I’d Keep Reading
1 Direction1/50/5
My Hero Academia2/50/5
Harry Potter1/50/5
Lord of the Rings2/51/5
Game of Thrones3/51/5
Warrior Cats0/50/5


By the time I realized I sorted by hot instead of new, I had already worked through most of the stories, so I kept the same sorting and didn’t worry about it. It would probably be better to sort by new next time (if there is a next time). I also noticed that, as I read more fanfiction, my standards for Wattpad stories changed for the worse. I decided to read all of the stories first, then decide if they were passable.


Sturgeon was an optimist. Two out of the fifty stories I read were something I’d continue reading, which isn’t a good look for general Wattpad quality. The other 11 passable stories were not good enough to keep reading and were “good” only compared to the really bad stories on Wattpad.


A Bit of Good News

Miserable, Hateful Cow Dies

She got her booster shot and was dead in a couple weeks.

What makes her a miserable, hateful cow? What makes her death anything but a terrible, avoidable tragedy? She railed a lot against the unvaccinated and called us selfish, told us to stay home until we come to our senses, and blamed us for endangering everyone else. When she started having heart difficulties, the hospital was overcrowded and of course that was all the fault of the unvaccinated.

Bottom line, she was stupid and full of hate. Good riddance.

Note that the article is from back in September. I just came across it today. This was before the scope of the governments’ lies was revealed to all who cared to look so I suppose one could cut her some slack for not understanding that any recent hospital crowding was not due to the unvaccinated. But no, I’m not feeling charitable this evening.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all you Furians, Furries, Droogs and Droogettes, and uncategorized Riffraff.

Make sure to keep Mike in your thoughts. Pray for his recovery if you’re religious.

And a hearty “Eat a pile of toadstools” to any anti-American who objects to seeing or hearing the words “Merry Christmas”.


Update to the Update

Hey y’all!
Mike’s Brother Jeff called, and gave me the latest. Seems our Dear Leader is doing very well. He’s in surgery today, as they’re sewing up all the pieces parts that they didn’t before. For those of you who don’t know, when they get all hacky-hacky-wackity with the axes and scalpels, they have to plug in a drain to get all the nasty out, especially in light of how much infection he had riding shotgun on him.

Also, his carcass responded to the meds exceptionally well, and the infection they were worried about in his back is going away nicely. He’s being moved OUT of the ICU here too to Room 6219 in the next 24-48 when he recovers from this round of stich-bitch sewing.

All and all, most excellent news.

Jeff also pulled rank on him so to speak, and actually got him to choke down Ye Olde ‘Ospital Gruel that most of us who’ve been in a ‘ospital know of… I’d rather be on the Omelet and Ham MRE than hospital grub. BUT it’s utterly necessary to get him back up to speed and strength. Jeff -also- got him some resistance bands for him to start working out and he did, so fear not gang, Mike’s now on the mend. Jeff said it’s be about another 7-10 days, and they’ll be transferring him to a rehab facility where the real fun begins…

So, as I gets intel, I’ll keep throwing it up here. Also, I’m using some of the donated cash to send Mike -something- as Jeff said no flowers nor Big Tiddied Whammenz has shown up. If I thought I could get away with it, I’d have a Doordash deliver a Double Bacon Greaseburger and a cold beer, but the docs might have issues with that… I’ll let y’all know when that goes, and get Jeff to take a picture or something if Mike’ll allow it.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country
And I did this as well, we’ll see what happens?


Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

So a bit of a clarification is in order:
Some dood over at Gab burned me a new asshole over the poasting of my Raffle at my house.

Thing of it is, since the whole “Mike Thing” started, I A) Had a complete drop off the cliff on the Raffle, and B) I’ve wrapped up every. single. donation. that I’ve gotten for the Raffle since the “Mike Thing” started, and put it in Mike’s Kitty so to speak.. right now, about $500 from me in dribs and drabs.

The reason I poasted about it is also, the fundraiser has staggered and like had ZERO Movement.
I figured the incentivization of “Donate/Raffle” gets you cool shit. If anyone misunderstood, them me most ‘umble apologies.

And for that guy? Thanks for making me aware of that I didn’t communicate clearly enuff… but by the same token, stay in yer own fucking lane if’n you ain’t stepping up to the plate Aye?

Now, as far as Mike’s condition?
Mean as a snake still. He’s supposed to call me tonight. This time I’ma gonna be ‘good cop’ as what he’s been through is some seriously traumatic shytte and I’ve sorta-kinda dealt with stuff like this over the years. His biggest question is “Why me?” which is a natural reaction.

Now, ‘other biddness’
Chris Muir drew this up for other/all the webpages to Poast on their Bleggs as a free download to use in conjunction with any fundraising:

TBH, the face on that there hottie has a MOR than passing resemblance to Wifey, but I ain’t sayin shytte as her ego is already at “Hindenburg” levels.

So, that’s whats going on. Any Ideas for Blowing Up this campaign? I’m by no means a marketing specialist, and my mags have run dry. Any suggestions in the comments would be welcome!

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country


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