Publick Announcement

Dammit, after many years of hard use, my aged but ever-faithful old iMac has begun to seriously shit the bed over the last three-four days. Not complaining mind; like I said, the old girl has been through one hell of a torture-test with me and until now has provided nothing but stellar, hiccup-free service. But the past several days, her advanced age (she’s a mid-2007 24-inch iMac) has been showing through via repeated lockups, hard crashes, and some truly frightening video-card glitches which are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And being a dedicated Mac user since September 1998, believe when I tell you I’ve seen it all by now.

The interesting thing this time around is how fast this death-spiral has been. The other Macs I’ve murdered to death went radically, clinging to their fading existence with a desperate tenacity that was trul pitiful to see, just heartbreaking, honestly. But this time, it’s almost as if my girl just can’t give up the ghost quickly enough. The harbingers and portents have been doubling down on End of Runtime in a way that has left me slackjawed with astonishment.

So after the initial jagged lightning-bolt flashed across the screen, black with a thin white pinstripes all around the edges of it, which blanked out every pixel it lanced over for a split instant, it left me with such an ominous dread deep in my gut that I hastened to start checking the various refurbed-Mac sites I know about to see if there was anything available in my price range, which as usual was dismayingly low. Imagine my surprise when I found several refurbed mid-2017 27-inch iMacs whose asking price was in the five-six hundred dollar range, plus the usual stroke-inducing baksheesh for the goobermint—doable provided I scraped, scrounged, and fasted fiercely enough.

The only hitch is that the one I’ve decided has my name on it comes with free five-day shipping, and it feels like to me that the odds of my old one lasting that long aren’t encouraging. So if things do go sour, as I fear they’re likely to, and you suddenly experience total radio silence from here for a brief spell, well, at least now you’ll know the reason for it. As always, I’m extremely thankful for y’all’s kind attention, and wouldn’t want anybody out there worrying about me unnecessrily. Back soon, all.


Publick Announcement

Posting will be light to nonexistent over the next several days, probably until middle of next week or so. Gonna be busier than the proverbial one-legged ma…uhhh, never mind about all that; somehow, that old line just don’t seem near as funny to me as it used to nowadays. Anyhoo, I’ll be moving house Sunday, leaving me with no real clue when I might get the trusty iMac all hooked up and running once more. The nice thing is, this new pad has an actual office in it—a spacious one, at that. So once I do get CF CentCom squared away and fully operational again I’ll have my desk set up in front of not one but two (2) windows, from whence I can gaze vacantly down the hilltop and off into the surrounding woods.

This new crib of mine is situated up on a respectable-sized hill, kinda next to and up behind my brother’s place, way out in the bushes and the weeds, as my anthropology prof in college liked to say. Kinda remote; kinda secluded; real damned quiet, except for when me and my brother get frisky on a Saturday afternoon and start popping off rounds of varying caliber, with the few scattered neighbors soon following our lead. Before very long, the whole area sounds a lot like downtown Beirut circa the early 80s or thereabouts, only with fewer casualties, negligible foreign-policy ramifications, and loads more fun.

I’n moving not a lot of stuff with a whole lot of help, as befits a newbie one-legged cripple, but I nevertheless anticipate much-o suckage; it’s just the nature of moving, therefore unavoidable. Once in and settled, though, it’s gonna be fantastic, I think. For one thing, I very much like the idea of being so much closer to my bro and his significant other. For another…well, I dunno. For most of my adult (HA!) existence, city life was the only life for me. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve lost all my previous fascination with urban living, until I’ve come to actively abhor it. The traffic, the expense, the overcrowding, the general hassle—no more for me, thanks. These days, I want to be just as far out in the sticks as I can get myself. That attitudinal volte-face kinda surprises me sometimes, and I have no real explanation for it. But, well, there it is.

I’ll return to the ol’ pop stand here quick as I’m able to, folks. As ever, your patience and kind attention is humbly appreciated. Who knows, maybe life in the boonies will mellow me out some at last, and Ye Olde CF Blogge will slowly shift its focus and tone, away from bilious screeds filled with hate and dire threats of grievous bodily injury against all and sundry, and towards more thoughtful essays involving soft-serve ice cream, the fluffiness of bunnies, and random cloud formations.

Stop laughing, it could happen.


Testing four…five…six

So I get on the ol’ iMac here for other purposes entirely, hopefully launch Ecto with no real expectation of success (backstory here), when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a seemingly stable, fully-functional blog-posting window instead of the usual debilitating lockup and crash? If this test post works properly, it’s gonna call for mucho rejoicing here at CF Central HQ, I’ll tell ya that much.

Another brief check-in from Ye Olde Bloggehoste

It may not seem like it from here, but progress is indeed being made on the not-keeling-over-stone-dead front, or so I am assured by the small army of medical personnel burdened with the task of fixing my broke-down ass. In fact, some of them are so enthusiastic about my prospects as to appear almost ready to burst into song and/or go capering about in a Happy Dance over this whole thing, well over and above the usual sunny optimism a decent Bedside Manner requires.

I now have less than thirty (30) days trapped in the rehab center, while I complete a final round of IV antibiotics they tell me I simply must have. After that, I’m a free man once more, for the first time since…


Dec 14th?!? No, srsly? That CAN’T be right. Can it? Ah well, my thanks to all you miscreants once more anyhoo for your attendance, and another special mention for BCE, whose unwavering support and encouragement provides the pluperfect example of what the word “brother” really means.

Back soon. Mean it.


Haps and doin’s

My apologies for the tantalizing, appetite-whetting popup appearance here, only to mysteriously dive back into the shadowy, painful world I’ve spent the last month dwelling in right away. After much soul-searching (on just about every topic you can possibly imagine), I’ve decided to hold off on a full-time return to this beloved and entirely unique hogwallow of mine until I’m released from the rehab center and ensconced in my palatial double-wide bunker down at my brother’s. The pace of events here in the Brian Center rehab facility has really taken off this week, what with with veritable hordes of administrators bearing paperwork that needs signing; nurses wanting to administer yet another undisclosed drug via IV; prosthetic-limb salesmen hawking the latest, greatest replacement EVAR for my late, great left leg; and of course a daily trio of medieval torture aficionados we euphemize as “therapists,” exhorting “just a little higher” or “just a little longer” or the dreaded “good job–now let’s do that again!”

Just joking, of course; the people here have all been truly wonderful, exactly the kind of healthcare professionals we tend to take for granted until we require their services, from which point we will forever after wonder how society could ever possibly get along without them. Which, believe me, is a damned excellent question.

So yeah, sporadic and wholly unsatisfactory posting for just a little while yet, gang although I’ll do all I can to see to it that there are no more total vanishing acts like this last one. Far as I know and as of now, my release date is the 10th, after which the rhetorical logjam hereabouts should begin to dissipate. As always, my most humble and sincere thanks to all of you for your continued support, interest, and generosity. BCE of course deserves a specific shout-out here for all he’s done and continues to do to help me out; the response to his GFM fundraiser for me is nothing short of gobsmacking. Back as and when, folks.


Comment of the week month YEAR

Not so much for the content of it, per se, as for a specific turn of…well, just see for yourself.

With old poopy-pants visibly failing and not even Democrats liking Harris, I am sensing an attempt to position herself for the future. “Hey Democrats! I’m rested, I’m ready! Shits and Giggles are obviously not going to cut it for 2024, so what do you say?”

“Shits and Giggles”?!? *snort* I damned near unmoored a floating rib when I first saw that the other day, and I’m still laughing about it now. I am SOOOO stealing that one for further use around this here hogwallow, Hap. Well done, buddy, well done indeed.


Publick Notice

I had forgotten it, but as it happens I have an old alternate image, part of a much older CF Xmas theme, which might make a worthy stand-in for my beloved Scrooge Picard—of whom I shall brook no evil spoken, ever—buried deep in the Trusty iMac’s file catacombs. This alternate is a real humdinger itself, featuring as it does my all-time favorite pinup hottie, Bettie Page—of whom I shall also brook no etc etc.

Upon stumbling across the Bettie header by a stroke of sheer good fortune, I piddled about some with the thing and found its dimensions to be all out of whack with what this current theme calls for, tragically enough. So I’ma do a little mild immersion into P-shop World and see if I can’t make things right. Then, if all goes well without undue hassle, maybe I’ll poke around a bit for a header-image-switching script that will work. Should that endeavor prove fruitful, well…we shall see what we shall see.

Why yes, I DO in fact just loooove tinkering with shit that I should probably leave the hell alone, always have. Why do you ask…?


Tricks ‘n’ treats

Elon Musk wins the Innarnuts. Handily, you might say.

As Stephen wryly reminds us, “The thing about Musk is that he might just do it.” I hope like hell he does. Seeing as how it’s Halloween and all, I have all the excuse I’ll ever need for running this.

Elvira is hot stuff right enough, and no mistake. But being partial to redheads the way I am, I kinda prefer Cassandra Peterson myself.

Hey, they don’t call ’em fun bags for nothing, you know.


A boon, an indulgence, good friends

Yes, I’m dicking around with the site theme again, and my apologies for it. See, it’s like this: I’m near completion of a redesign/rebuild for my boy Phil over at Busted Nuckles, now available rat cheer, who was having the usual problems Real Americans must always expect when dealing with a shitlib corporate entity. I used a mildly-tinkered-with theme from Ye Olde WP Theme repository, as is my usual wont, and liked it enough I thought I’d play with it some more and see if I could make it suit for this hogwallow. Then, it hit me that the time for dear old Scrooge Picard to make his eagerly anticpated holiday appearance hereabouts, which meant that I had myself some more tinkering to do so as to be sure he Picard was all dusted off and ready to take the stage. And…well, here we all are.

Like I always say: expect weirdness—a la a Tim Burton flick, say—until I get all this sorted out. My humble thanks for your patience.

Update! Just a random thought here: I DO like Phil’s new theme a lot, but at the same time, I’ve gotten so used to the CF design I’ve been using for so long it feels kinda odd seeing this old house in new clothes, so to speak. Could be ol’ Scrooge Picard needs to make an early appearance again this year, just to shake things up a little bit.


Yet another long-overdue entry into Ye Olde CF Blogrolle

This one being Phil over at Bustednuckles, currently suffering from all the myriad woes that accompany moving house on the Innarnuts.

I’m still having to fuck around with the moving of the blog to the new hosting company.

I’m not a techie and this is turning into a shit show.

Somehow or other it always does, Phil. All’s you can do is just square your shoulders, lower your head like a bull about to charge, and keep on keepin’ on.

Phil has been in my bookmarks for a good while now, don’t know why it is that I didn’t already have him in the blogroll long ago. Oversight now rectified; welcome aboard, bud.

(Editor Note:  Our most awesome-est Host Mike got confused on the names… Phil runs Bustednuckles, and Kenny a.k.a Wirecutter handles Knuckledraggin… easy to confuse the two what with all the ‘too many-years-too-many-beers’ and blows to his nugget…so I done fixed it.   Jes’ Sayin’  Big Country)

Update! Yep, t’is true, I shat the bed for some incomprehensible reason. I’d plead creeping Alzheimer’s like I’ve been doing for years now any time I screw up or get confused, but as I get older and slower and more enstupidated that begins to look less like a joke and more like somber reality. On the bright side, however, I am now fully qualified to serve as President, judging by current conditions.

On the even-brighter side, the whole disgraceful episode furnished me with a reminder that Knuckledraggin’ My Life Away, a/k/a Kenny’s online abode, needs to be in Ye Olde Blogrolle also, which installation has been duly accomplished. Red-faced apologies to Phil and Kenny both for my egregious fuckuppery, and thanks to BCE for having my back as usual.


Get wise, Chuck

Some people seem to feel that every football Lucy holds up for them is worth trying to kick. CLUE: it ain’t.

Stop being a chump, Charlie Brown. Deny Lucy your consent. Because there’ll always be another football, but Lucy can trick you into making a fool of yourself only for as long as you allow her to, and no longer.


The lion donkey lays down with the lamb pit bull

Remember the other day when I told y’all that pit bulls were the absolute best dogs on Earth? I was NOT just winding my watch, y’know.

Two soul-enriching pittie vids in the same week calls for the rerun of a few pics of the last dog I will ever own: my beloved Cookie Monster, late and more lamented than you could possibly imagine.

One of the late Cookie with my late wife, who originally picked her out to bring home. Over my objections, fool that I was.

One just as proof that pitties really ARE sweet dogs capable of getting along with just about anybody.

Finally, my absolute all-time favorite of old Kookie-Kook. So somber, so dignified, so noble she makes Walter Cronkite look like a goddamned drunken fratboy.

Vidya via Ace. For all you animal-fanciers out there, if you aren’t a subscriber to The Dodo’s YT critter-vid channel, you’re really missing out on something good.


Publick Notice

So at the moment, I have about twenty tabs open on the iMac, and about ten on the phone—all of them stories I hope to get around to posting on sooner or later, although admittedly some of them have been just sitting there all lonesome and neglected for several weeks. This is due to the veritable juggernaut of worthwhile stories on momentous events bearing down on us, with more coming each and every day.

Add in the myriad other demands on my time and energy out in Meatspace and I was right before the point of just throwing my hands up, saying to hell with it, and closing the moldier tabs in despair when a possible palliative came to me: I could adopt a daily “Quick Hits” section à la the one Ace has going over at his joint. A way, in other words, to get these items out there for you CF Lifers to play around with without any lengthy commentary from me. I’ll need to come up with a different name for such a beastie here, I suppose—something like “Glancing Blows” or “Short Jabs” or “Rabbit Punches,” maybe.

Anyways, look for something along them lines to start showing up around here soon, once I can rassle this backlog of post-fodder into something resembling submission.


Serendipity is a thing

It’s been quite the week for serendipitous coincidences around here, seems like. First, after having brought up cousin Reggie in the post on legendary Naval aviator Capt Dale Snodgrass, I was poking around the ol’ Wayback Machine just for grins when what to my wondering eyes did appear but this:

Big fun comin’

At last it can be told: I’m posting this from Strike Fighter Central, where I am now comfortably ensconced in my palatial suite at the BOQ, Bldg 460, #B241, NAS Oceana. Tomorrow morning Cousin Reggie will formally assume command of VFA-83 – the Rampagers. Tomorrow night the band will be doing a show to celebrate Reg’s change-of-command ceremony at the O-club across the street, within easy staggering distance of my lovely rooms. Reggie will be cordially invited onstage to play some guitar with us, but only after I’m certain he’s plastered enough to be rendered incapable of showing my ass up. This is going to be soooo much fun, folks. Having a great time so far – wish you were beer.

Tomorrow: photos!

And photos there were, in the two follow-up posts* just above that one. Also happily included in the Internet Archive page are all the comments, including a lengthy riposte from none other than Regbo himself. There are a good few from Reg’s fellow fighter jocks as well, all of which were as enjoyable for me to read as they were unexpected. The photos I was especially happy to see, since somehow or other I had lost most of them during the Great Migration from my long-deceased iMac onto the one I’m using now.

Then came another very pleasant and unlooked-for surprise when, in the comments to the other night’s post on Billy Beck, the dude pops up in the comments section. Flabbergasted doesn’t even begin to cover it, I assure you.

Which brings us right ’round to this.

The Trump years were a thing to behold. I’ve said many times that he’s a damned fool.

The day he came down the escalator, I knew he could win. When the nominations were cinched at him and Field Marshal Rodham, I knew that he would. I saw him as the answer to Rick Santelli’s original “tea party” rant on CNBC in 2009 (which I saw when he did it, live; I was watching CBNC that hour). She was running a strictly Old School Demshevik campaign in the first decade of real American Idiocracy and hadn’t sunk quite far enough below the level of, say, Hubert Humphrey-type hackery to really herd-up the New Lumpen.

Trump is a New York City lout. He’s a gamer, which is naturally because he grew up in that real estate “market” (if we want to call it that), along with everything that goes into it: the mob and the unions and every variety of government from City Hall to Albany to Washington. So; anyone who understands, for instance, coercive market distortions (von Mises & Hayek, ladies & gentlemen) and “the politics of pull” (Ayn Rand) can easily account for certain aspects of his ethics.

The thing is; he still has a gut-level appreciation of and love for America. Even if America isn’t really him, he’s still really American.

He went wading all that energy of his into D.C. with an attitude like he could deal with those people in dollars, as if that sort of power were the coin of that realm. He didn’t understand that it was a very different sort of power: the well-oiled and loaded .45 at the bottom of every stack of government paperwork, and everything that means.

For instance: he didn’t really understand (if he ever really even imagined) intelligence tradecraft; the applied power of the state in defense of itself.

When I first heard the term, “deep state,” I thought, “That’s pretty good. I wish I’d thought that up.” I soon saw it lensed against the left, which is arguably fair enough (e.g.; in the context of the five year-long coup attempt manifest in all the transparent commie horseshit about him and Russia). What I had mind, however, was the whole state, per se. Like; the entire administratum comprised in all the alphabureaus and their career apparat that’s virtually never subject to electoral politics, even if their appointed chiefs come & go.

Trump didn’t have the sense to take a chainsaw to that much of it, and spent a lot of his time in running fights with it. Now, he likes to fight, but that was a vicious waste of the time that America had left.

His spending was profligate (but now paling into shadow under what’s going on today).

One important thing came in his consequence: he scared the living shit out of the commies. They now have to make some really big plays to get their whole wagon back in the lane of trans-nationalist “transforming of America”. This is, for instance, why we’re seeing the whole disaster at the border: they’re importing voters. Stealing the 2020 election was an emergency maneuver. Pretty well-done, but maybe not well-enough to prevent it from going down correctly in honest history. We’ll see.

In any case, the lines that I drew back in the day are far deeper and one can watch America separating like a microscopic cell budding into halves. “The pace of this thing is picking up.”

Communist China is a monster.

I see anti-lockdown riots all over Europe which, dammit, is actually sort of encouraging.

I don’t know, man. I just hate it all.

People in my generation are unique in all of human history. I saw the peak of human culture: born in America in the 1950’s. Although he had the same outlook as me, my father didn’t see the backside — over the hill — of the American ascent. When he died in 2003, it was all still just barely coasting near the peak. The children, conversely, will never know what it was really like: what got lost.

I’ve seen the whole rise and fall; what it really could have been, and what it’s come to.

I saw some wag or other describe it as “like the fall of Rome, but with cell phones.” Nobody else will ever see anything like it.

That, of course, is but another jolt of hi-watt insight and analysis in the inimitable Billy Beck style from the aforementioned comments, to which I can come up with not a single word that would be worth adding.

* All the pics are good, but the one you really don’t want to miss features myself and Reg onstage, each of us sporting a female undergarment atop our respective head for reasons I was far too drunk then to be able to recall now. In fact, I have to wonder where the hell those thongs even came from in the first place; there were in fact a handful of female swabbies in attendance, but why they would have agreed to doff their delicates for use as decorative headgear I couldn’t say.

Man, what a night that was.


Publick Notice

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve spent a right smart chunk of time the last few nights doing a little sprucing-up around this dump, most notably some pretty extensive jiggery-pokey in Ye Olde Blogrolle section. As a result there’s a whole slew of new links therein, to some excellent sites, in pretty much every Blogrolle category. I hope y’all will check these folks out as and when, and that you enjoy ’em. What with the disappointingly flaccid quiescence—in the face of truly monumental developments and escalations—on the part of more than a few of my Old Reliables, I’ve been on something of a quest to find some fresh blood to inject into my personal daily-checks list, so the New Breed types I didn’t have in my Brave bookmarks already have been added there too.

It’s remarkable how very far some of us longtime bloggers out there have shown themselves willing to bend so as to avoid serious analysis, even any mention in some cases, of certain pressing issues. As I said, that’s disappointing. I’ll neither name names nor speculate on motives now, but everyone here will no doubt have their own suspicions regarding that. As times continue to become ever more difficult and dangerous, what we might call the Crucible Effect—the separation of sheep from goats, wheat from chaff, friend from foe, as it were—will no doubt intensify. As we continue this forced-march through the Valley of the Shadow, we’re all going to be learning a lot, I think. And not just about our enemies, either.

New linkage

For some unfathomable reason I was motivated this fine evening to do some overdue housekeeping in Ye Olde Blogrolle sectione, eliminating a few apparently now-defunct links, adding a few I had assumed were already in there but weren’t (BCE, I’m looking at you, kid! Sorry ’bout that), and just generally rearranging and tidying up. As a result, we have ourselves several brand-new inhabitants of the Blogrolle, so be sure to check ’em out.

Again, my apologies to Big Country. I still can’t believe he got left out; I really, really thought he was in there, and had been for a good while now. Color me shamefaced.

Testing, testing

As mentioned the other night, I have now set up genre sub-categories under the Twangin’ and Bangin’ parent cat for our musical posts. Plus, in light of the recent spate of posts on the completely un-American trend towards risk-aversion, I also felt it necessary to create a new ‘un which I’m afraid is going to see a lot of hard use from now on: A nation of pussies. This post is just to make sure they’re working right, that’s all.

Update! Hmm, very interesting; the sub-cats don’t present either on the page or in my third-party posting software exactly like I thought they might, and don’t seem to appear in the sidebar “Categories” dropdown menu at all, or at least for me they don’t. But that’s okay, they seem to work just fine.

News to me

Apparently, we had a brief outage at this here hogwallow, which I didn’t even know about until I saw this over at WRSA:

I had a message earlier from CA saying that he was down too, asking me and a couple others to let people know about it on our sites. Which I gladly would have done except that I didn’t see said message until today, at which point he had already sent a follow-up cancelling the alert. Like I said, the whole episode went right by me; I had no problem at all posting here last night, although at one point I did have trouble getting WRSA to load but didn’t really think anything of it. Since I visit CA’s joint several times every day, and only look in on CF very occasionally just to make sure things are copacetic (comments being the exception; I have things set up so that I receive email notifications of those, which I usually view on my phone), it’s no real surprise that I was totally unaware of any problems at Ye Olde Webstye.

But hey, all’s well that ends well, right? Thanks to all who tried to hip me about the situation; as ever, I greatly appreciate y’all’s patronage and assistance. Truth to tell, interference along these lines is the very least of what I expect we’ll all be dealing with going forward. I won’t go into specifics regarding what more I’m anticipating, other than to say I’ve been wondering for a while now just how much longer we’re all going to be allowed to continue unmolested. Eyes open and powder dry, folks.

Update! Almost forgot to include a link to CA’s Gab thingamabob, which can be found here. I was also shamed to learn I hadn’t put him on my Gab “Following” list, which oversight I have now rectified. I fully expect and insist that you folks do likewise. As you were.

Publick Notice

Trying out a fancy-schmancy new comments plugin, so feel free to let me know how it’s working for ya. Or, y’know, if it is.

Update! Okay, so after a complaint from MrHead about being unable to embed a YouTube vid in a comment, I did some moderate sleuthing and found a couple other 3P plugins that claim to provide that functionality. One I failed to get working, the other…works! Better yet, it seems that our second candidate is a lot less fussy about which code it will allow you to use for the embed; you can either:

  • Do as I do to embed ’em on the main page, ie, hit the “Share” button, then the “Embed” link, and C&P that code, OR
  • Simply C&P the YouTube link to the page the vid is on from your browser’s (Brave, I hope and insist) URL bar

Both methods seem to do the trick equally well, so with that I think we might be all set here. Note: there are oodles of other file formats you can embed: jpg, gif, png, pdf, mp3, mp4, m4v, and plenty more besides. Enjoy, y’all.

Updated update! Okay, here’s a little random strangeness. After posting several comments myself, I noticed that the User level by my name shows up as Author instead of Admin, which…well, I don’t actually know what might be going on there, honestly. Also, the toolbar at the very bottom which allows for editing, deleting, and suchlike isn’t showing up at all. Within the actual comment box itself, there’s the usual HTML-tag options—B, I, U, and so on—but that’s it. Doesn’t matter all that much, and I can’t think of any reason you guys should care, but weird nonetheless.

As you were, troops.

Comments policy

Comments appear entirely at the whim of the guy who pays the bills for this site and may be deleted, ridiculed, maliciously edited for purposes of mockery, or otherwise pissed over as he in his capricious fancy sees fit. The CF comments section is pretty free-form and rough and tumble; tolerance level for rowdiness and misbehavior is fairly high here, but is NOT without limit. Management is under no obligation whatever to allow the comments section to be taken over and ruined by trolls, Leftists, and/or other oxygen thieves, and will take any measures deemed necessary to prevent such. Conduct yourself with the merest modicum of decorum, courtesy, and respect and you'll be fine. Pick pointless squabbles with other commenters, fling provocative personal insults, issue threats, or annoy the host (me) won't. Should you find yourself sanctioned after running afoul of the CF comments policy as stated and feel you have been wronged, please download and complete the Butthurt Report form below in quadruplicate; retain one copy for your personal records and send the others to the email address posted in the right sidebar. Please refrain from whining, sniveling, and/or bursting into tears and waving your chubby fists around in frustrated rage, lest you suffer an aneurysm or stroke unnecessarily. Your completed form will be reviewed and your complaint addressed whenever management feels like getting around to it. Thank you.



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"The limits of tyranny are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress." - Frederick Douglass

"Give me the media and I will make of any nation a herd of swine." - Joseph Goebbels

“I hope we once again have reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.” - Ronald Reagan

"Ain't no misunderstanding this war. They want to rule us and aim to do it. We aim not to allow it. All there is to it." - NC Reed, from Parno's Peril

"I just want a government that fits in the box it originally came in." - Bill Whittle

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