The Soviet origins of “he has a cold”

How very fitting for the D卐M☭CRATs, nyet?

A 1997 Time Magazine piece reminds 2024 Americans that this “has a cold” business has a long and storied legacy in the Soviet Union. 

The Kremlin has a credibility problem when it comes to presidential health. The first time officials announced Yeltsin had a head cold, while he was running for re-election in the summer of 1996, it turned out to be a loose synonym for a near fatal heart attack. For the rest of the year, he was prostrate and the country was paralyzed. A multiple-bypass operation in November 1996 seemed to bring a miracle recovery. Then two months later, Yeltsin came down with another “cold”–this time, his aides said, the result of a post-sauna chill. This cold quickly metamorphosed into pneumonia and two more months of anxiety, political stagnation and fruitless discussion about the presidential succession. [emphasis added]

Now go back to that quote and replace the word “Kremlin” with White House, replace Yeltsin with Biden, and “officials” with Ron Klain and Barack Obama.

Zee Pahty’s political minders sent out the talking points to their minions, but on debate night, when Joe couldn’t finish a sentence, they knew they couldn’t cover for him anymore. Biden had been cramming, prepping, resting, and taking concoctions and infusions for a week to get ready for the prime-time debate, but President Calling-A-Lid at 10 a.m. still couldn’t handle a 90-minute TV exchange with Team Biden moderators. 

Legacy news outlets, like American Pravda’s Joe Scarborough and Izvestia’s Joy Reid were busted. They couldn’t pass off Joe’s decline by dismissing it as a right-wing conspiracy theory any longer. They admitted, without using words, that they’d been lying to the American public about Joe Biden’s health. Either that, or they are the dumbest people in America. Both can be true.

Just wait until they “find out” about Hunter Biden’s laptop, Joe Biden’s open border, the conspiracy to jail Trump, Joe’s influence peddling, and who left cocaine at the White House.

Ayup—and then, the Repugnicunts don’t do a single damned thing about any of it. Because, y’know, Repugnicunts.


Be afraid, be very afraid

He damned well OUGHTA be fearful. In a better, more just world, he’d have ample reason to be.

Dr. Fauci says he still fears someone may kill him
(The Hill) – Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former chief White House medical adviser, said that he still fears someone may murder him one day.

“I still think, deep down, that there’s a possibility that somebody’s gonna kill me,” Fauci said in an interview with USA Today released Wednesday. “So, that’s a possibility I wish I didn’t have to think about, but it’s true.”

Fauci noted that he has “become the target of people with extremist views.”

The former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has regularly been targeted by conservatives over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in 2022, a man from West Virginia was sentenced to a little over three years in prison following threats to him and others.

“One of the several unfortunate aspects of the outbreak was that it occurred at a time of profound divisiveness in our society,” Fauci told USA Today.

In another recent interview on CBS with by Stephen Colbert, Fauci was asked by the comedian about how he would “diagnose America as a patient right now.” Fauci said that Colbert would need a surgeon rather than a doctor of internal medicine, to which the host replied asking him what he would say if he were a psychologist.

“There is a degree of schizophrenia in the country,” Fauci said. “It’s just, it really is, I mean, how far apart people can be that they seem to forget how much alike we are, but we’re acting like we’re so, so different.”

Vive la différence, sayeth I. God forbid anyone should ever conjure I have a single solitary thing in common with your evil, mass-murdering ass, Herr Gnome.


Mission creep, creepy mission

Whatever would we DO without Too-Big Government helping us to evolve into better, more compassionate and/or tolerant human beenz?

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Intel Community Is Celebrating Pride Month With Free Trans Flag Manicures, ‘Filipinx’ Lectures
Intel agents can get their nails painted and listen to a non-binary ‘Filipinx’ activist discuss ‘trans rights’ — all during work hours

The top intelligence agency in the United States is celebrating Pride Month by inviting agents to have the transgender flag painted on their nails, participate in a “Pride Ally Challenge,” and learn from a “non-binary,” “Filipinx” activist who has taught children about her non-binary identity, a document exclusively obtained by The Daily Wire reveals.

The intelligence document outlines nine different Pride Month activities held by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), a cabinet-level agency overseeing the rest of the IC, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, and intelligence components in each branch of the military. Over the course of the month, intelligence officers will have their nails painted with trans flags, or even learn to crochet their very own Pride flags.

“For nail painting, we’ll have our pro team of FVEY artistes ready to decorate you ready for Pride Month, with the option of celebrating pride or trans flag colors,” the document reads before further encouraging intelligence agents to have their nails painted. “If you don’t normally paint your nails, or have never done so, all the better! We’ll do everything for you, and you might just love it. What better way to show your allyship to the community?”

I KNOOOW, right?!?

The elaborate array of Pride celebrations, all of which will occur during the work hours of America’s top intelligence apparatus, demonstrates one of the most blatant ways in which the most powerful instruments of the federal government have been captured and leveraged by leftwing ideologues.

Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and combat-decorated U.S. Army veteran who fought in the elite Green Berets, confirmed the authenticity of the document with the intelligence community. He said it’s another example of the Biden administration wasting valuable time and resources away from serious intelligence-gathering activities that are vital to our national security.

“It just shows where this administration’s priorities continue to be, which is a virtue signal to the progressive Left, rather than staying focused on lethality, effective intelligence collection, and keeping America safe,” Waltz told The Daily Wire. “It’s just a total misplacement of priorities, and it comes from the top, and it comes from highly politicized political appointees, by political appointees that are pushing an agenda.”

The ODNI provided several more outlets for intelligence agents to celebrate Pride Month.

Oh, I don’t doubt it, not one bit I don’t. I mean, why wouldn’t they have, for Gaia’s sake? Whatever our other differences, I think one thing we can all agree on is that there simply is no better, more appropriate use of taxpayer dollars imaginable than funding Pride Month celebrations, boosting Allyship as much as possible, and painting all the cis-het male CIA and FBI agents’ fingernails in the vibrant colors of the Rainbow Flag against their will. Right?

It’s the whole reason we have a federal government in the first place, really. Pimping for mentally-unbalanced freaky-deaks and ramming the Trans Mafia agenda down Normie throats using their own filthy money is an essential, core component of the overall US intelligence-agency mission. I mean, it says so right there in the friggin’ Constitution, you guys! Can’t recall exactly where right at the moment, but I’m absolutely, positively SURE I saw it in there someplace once. Or somebody told me it was in there, maybe. Or, y’know, something like that. DUDE, it’s, like, Civics 101, or something. Why, anything less would be LITERAL GENOCIDE©!!!!

Update! Just had what I think is a totally fabulous idea: every Friday evening during the month of June, throw a huge ODNI Pridemania© disco bash at FBI Training HQ in Quantico, complete with DJ, bartenders, and wait-staff of indeterminate gender; splashy wall decorations; baffling modern-art installations; whirling, swirling, queasy-making lighting effects; and a seriously kickin’ sound system cranked up to Full Stun! As that yummy, gummy, pansexual Captain Kirk would say: BEAM ME UP, BITCH!!

Attendance will be mandatory, especially for all binary-H888R male IC personnel. Cute cocktail dresses and size 16 spike pumps obligatory for men, construction apparel (including but not restricted to steel-toed brogans, Oshkosh B’Gosh overalls, and hardhats) for the ladies (whatever THOSE obsolete words mean anymore. Men? Women? Whatevs!). Open bar serving pink, fruity tropical libations all nite long; free amyl-nitrate poppers, dildos, and Astra-Glide available at the bar on request. No highballs, Scotch, malt liquor, or cheap canned beer because…well, quite frankly, icky-POO, sweetcheeks!

So all you FBI, CIA, NSA, and DIA darlings, get ready to mix ’n’ mingle, shake yer booty, and get funk-ay like a monk-ay at ODNI Pridemania©—guaranteed to be the wildest, craziest, most slam-banginest weekly Happening of the entire year!


A feeble conviction

All talk, no teeth.

The hidden issues in Hunter Biden’s gun crime conviction
Hunter Biden was recently convicted of three felony gun charges. As conservatives, it’s hard not to enjoy this for a moment. The entitlement that he’s felt all his life, his reckless behavior in all areas of his life, his spoiled rich frat-boy attitude — it’s very easy to feel the schadenfreude. Honestly, it’s impossible not to feel it.

And the fact that he broke the law is so obvious that I’m surprised that it took the jury ten minutes, much less three hours, to convict. But his conviction obscures the deeper issues in this case.

First, let’s talk about Form 4473, the ATF form Hunter signed, that clearly spells out the illegality and penalties for knowingly submitting false information. Joe Biden is on record and on video claiming he was instrumental in creating that form, for which he has bragged about wanting more severe penalties for false answers. The MSM, including Fox, have ignored that aspect of this story, but the aspect is a key element of the important story.

Democrats claim they want to reduce crime through gun control laws. We all know that this is a smoke grenade covering what they really want, which is gun prohibition. The response from the media and from the Biden administration should demonstrate to well-meaning but ignorant Democrat voters that gun control has nothing to do with saving lives or reducing crime. If the Republicans don’t put Joe’s statements about Form 4473 in an ad this election season, they’re committing election malpractice.

There is another important and interesting element to this story. Hunter’s legal team has already signaled that it intends to invoke the 2nd Amendment on appeal. That’s right: they’re going to argue the NRA position that Form 4473 violates the Constitution. I happen to agree with this argument. The one right recognized in the Bill of Rights that is not contingent on anything at all is the 2nd Amendment. Therefore, I believe Form 4473 is unconstitutional. You don’t lose your right to free speech if you’re a drug addict. You don’t lose your right to freedom from searches and seizures. Why should you lose the right to defend yourself?

Does it make practical sense to deny drug addicts access to firearms? Of course. But in my belief system, the pragmatic must often take a back seat to the principle. I must admit, though, that I am looking forward to watching the leftist media argue that the verdict violates the 2nd Amendment. I might even tune in to The View, and risk the inevitable brain cell loss that comes from listening to their “reasoning,” to watch their collective minds melt.

There’s a third important issue. Just hours after Hunter’s conviction for violating federal gun laws, Joe (and by “Joe” I mean whoever is really president) chose not to cancel his speech to the gun control organization Everytown for Gun Safety. The bizarrely ironic political decision to give this speech on this day must be one of the weirdest moments in politics I’ve ever witnessed. The idiots in the room did not see the irony, chanting, “Four more years!” and applauding loudly at every partially unintelligible word passing from the teleprompter through the corn maze of Joe’s brain and out through the microphone.

A fine article, chock-a-block with snappy, stinging riffage from overture to coda, winding up thusly:

Finally, the third and most important issue. Once again, Joe doubled down on his argument that having guns to protect yourself from a tyrannical government is silly because “you’d need an F-15.” Many have pointed out the obvious threat in this argument, and they are correct. It’s clearly a threat. But there’s something more subtle at play here. Without realizing the implications, he’s actually arguing that fully armed F-15s owned by private citizens are protected by the 2nd Amendment.

Think about it. If you agree that the 2nd Amendment is to protect you from a tyrannical government — and I’d argue that we’re watching that tyranny progress in real time — then logically, F-15s and tanks, and whatever else citizens need to defend themselves against that threat, are protected arms. I don’t want to live in a world like that, but then, I haven’t threatened the American people several times with the use of fighter-bomber aircraft. I’m not making that argument; I’m just pointing out that Joe Biden has been making it unintentionally.

As conservatives, let’s enjoy our little moment here. It’s satisfying to see a despicable person like Hunter Biden feel some consequences for the first time in his entitled life. (Although he’s certain to be pardoned by his father after the election.)

But let’s keep our eyes on the issues revealed in this case that really matter.

In my view, there’s but one (1) issue in this case that really, truly matters—which, when all’s said and done, ain’t gonna matter a whit, de facto if not de jure. To wit: will Faux Jaux’s pwecious widdle Huntie face any serious consequences for the crimes of which he has been duly charged, tried, and convicted beyond said conviction, perhaps a light juridical slap on the wrist before Daddykins pardons his iniquitous, Biden Cosa Nostra oxygen-thief ass? If you think he will, please contact me straightaway using the email addy over in the right sidebar; I have some lovely, desirable beachfront acreage in Arizona up for sale I’d love to discuss with your dumb Pollyanna ass.


The Verdict, Part the Second

What the hell, there’s plenty left to say yet about today’s traveshamockery, so let’s go ahead and start a new post for all that. First off, Sean Davis says he ain’t playing no more.

The part below the “Read more” PITA is worth including, I think.

There’s only one way to deal with nuclear war, which is what Democrats have unleashed, and that is mutually assured destruction. Democrats declared war on our entire system of justice and the rule of law, and our only options are victory or defeat. I intend to win. Do you?

We’ll find out soon enough, I suppose. Sean followed up with a most excellent idear.

Oh HELL yeah! This needs to happen so bad I just…can’t…EVEN. So howzabout it then, Gov Abbott? Wanna kneecap your home-state (and elsewhere) detractors who insist that you’re a fake, phony fraud, a squish who only pretends to be a solid defend-the-borders man for the TeeWee cameras? Sic AG Paxton, who in fact IS a real-deal Texas pit bull, on Bribem and Lavrenti Garland and just watch your poll numbers soar. Oh, and speaking of Paxton…

‘He’s Very Talented’: Trump Floats Texas AG Ken Paxton As US Attorney General
Donald Trump has floated the possibility of nominating Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to be U.S. Attorney General if he wins the presidency in November.

Speaking with a local television station at the NRA conference in Dallas over the weekend, Trump was asked whether he would consider Paxton for the role.

“I would, actually,” Trump responded. “He’s very, very talented. I mean, we have a lot of people that want that one and will be very good at it. But he’s a very talented guy.”

“I fought for him when he had the difficulty and we won,” he continued. “He had some people really after him, and I thought it was really unfair.”

Paxton has long been a steadfast ally of Trump, having previously launched legal challenges against the 2020 presidential election results in four key states. He was also present at the “Stop The Steal” rally that took place before the January 6th Capitol protests.

Trump, meanwhile, endorsed Paxton’s reelection campaign in 2022, describing him as someone who “advances America First policies in order to Make America Great Again.”

Huh. Somehow this story escaped my notice when it first went up a week ago, even though Red State is one of my regular blogfodder-trolling spots. But I have to say, I definitely dig the idea. Not that “convicted felon” Donald Trump (get used to it, there’ll be no escaping the lurid canard from now on) has a snowball’s chance of regaining the forever-tainted “pResidency,” natch. However, a threatened Paxton appointment sounds great just the same, if only as a ruse to make the wee shitlib tykes cwy their widdle eyes out fwom fwight.

From another “What’s next…?” article, I find this extremely amusing.

If you thought this country was divided before, we could likely see upheaval like never before. With many seeing this trial as politically motivated by the left to take him off the ballot, what happens next?

First off, he can still run for president.

The Constitution states a candidate must be at least 35 years old, a natural-born U.S. citizen, and a resident in the country for at least 14 years. There is nothing noted about criminal charges. 

Can he pardon himself?

No. Because it is a state conviction, he will not be able to pardon himself as president. Presidents only have jurisdiction over federal convictions.

Can any state take him off the ballot?

They did try, but no. The 14th Amendment, which was passed after the Civil War, states that no one who has participated in an insurrection may run for the presidency. While some states have tried to claim this against Trump regarding Jan. 6th, they have been unsuccessful in proving it. He will still be on the ballot, as long as he is the Republican nominee. 

How can he serve as president if he is also serving a criminal sentence?

It is expected that due to his age and this being his first conviction, he will not serve prison time. He may be given probation, which would mean he would have to ask permission every time he leaves the state of New York. If sentenced to time in prison, which would undoubtedly be frowned upon as a politically motivated move, he could still actually legally serve as president from behind bars. (Can you believe I just said those words?)

Hey, Marg, in Amerika v2.0 that’s just another example of the sort of thing we’re ALL gonna have to get used to, alas. At least, unless/until Real Americans finally r’are up on their hind legs and smite the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed SHIT out of these scrofulous shitweasels, at any rate—so punishingly that it leaves ‘em too damned scared to open their mouths in public ever again, not even to breathe.

Meanwhile, another of the repulsive nuggets of wormy, slime-encrusted squirrel dung behind the lawless persecution of Trump seems mighty proud of his despicable self.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg spoke to reporters Thursday evening after guilty verdicts were handed down against former president Donald Trump, attempting to cast himself as a statesman who went after a corrupt, seemingly untouchable politician and, despite all temptations to act in a biased manner, worked with the people in his office to honorably carry out their duty. “I was just doing my job,” he says.

I want to thank this phenomenal prosecution team, embodying the finest traditions of this office: professionalism, integrity, dedication, and service. They are model public servants, and I am proud and humbled to serve side-by-side with them.

An even more insulting and provocative assertion from Bragg in his short press conference was this:

And while this defendant may be unlike any other in American history…we arrived at this trial and ultimately today at this verdict in the same manner as every other case that comes through the courtroom doors: by following the facts and the law and by doing so without fear or favor.

That’s just simply not the case. This prosecution was planned for years, and if Alvin Bragg was prosecuting all cases in which a political candidate or their attorney entered into a paid non-disclosure agreement with someone who had negative information about them, well, there would be lots of Democrats under indictment right now. Perhaps Bragg can next look into the 51 people who signed the letter declaring the laptop the U.S. Department of Justice has now confirmed as belonging to Hunter Biden as “Russian disinformation” in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election – and those who orchestrated its composition – and see what positions they were promised in a potential Biden administration or other monetary or professional benefits they were promised/given in exchange for their advocacy?

PRO TIP: Don’t let’s anybody be holding their breath, ‘kay? Get him: “without fear or favor,” yet. Be sure to add the scoundrel Bragg to the list—with berobed blaggard “Judge” Mechan—of Korrupt Kourtroom Demo-Klowns who, in a better, more just world, would’ve been hanged by the neck until dead, dead, DEAD months ago.


The Verdict

Surprising exactly no one with half a lick of sense, Trump got got earlier today, on all 34 spurious, wholly-contrived counts.

President Trump was convicted on all 34 counts of…something, a bookkeeping issue turned into a felony, with whatever the underlying crimes the jury picked (Trump wasn’t told) for a conviction, quite contrary to the Supreme Court’s 1999 Richardson ruling, that the jury must be unanimous as to the underlying crime. Justice Juan Merchan said otherwise and that was what the jury was told.

So now the left is happy, dancing, Joe Biden trying to make money off it, and Merchan, who presided over this kangaroo court in New York, setting the sentencing for Trump to July 11, just before the GOP convention. Maybe his Democrat political operative daughter recommended that one.

The justice, who bitterly complained about not being able to send one of President Trump’s executives to prison for a longer sentence than he did, again, over a bookkeeping issue, is sure to send President Trump to Riker’s Island, making himself a hero to the left, which will no doubt ensure that he gets richer.

Which seems about par, given the dishonesty of this entire case, one that makes the U.S. a global laughingstock on the world stage and will undoubtedly empower dictators to do the same to their political opponents.

So much was utterly wrong with this case.

All it does is show us how vile and evil the left is, with absolutely no scruples of any kind as they seek to re-elect floundering Joe Biden and better still, knock Trump from the race by any means necessary.

Oh, it does a great deal more than just that, I’m afraid; let us count the ways, as ol’ Will S. once said. For one thing: it condemns Trump to spend the rest of his life, and a YUUUGE chunk of his fortune, in appeals court. For another: it also ensures that, from this day forward, you will never again see the words “Donald J Trump” mentioned in any Enemedia outlet without the words “convicted felon” appended as prefix. For yet another: this transparently farcical decision put-up job amounts to the biggest pie ever hurled into the faces of Real Americans, as well as America That Was overall.

Everyone associated in any way with this vile molestation of the very concept of impartial justice and the rule of law should be deeply, deeply ashamed of themselves. If any of them possessed even one iota of simple decency, they surely would be. Our old friend and certified CF Lifer hhluce asks the pertinent question in a concise post over at his reliably top-notch streamfortyseven Substack hang—then answers it, I believe all too accurately.

Trump Convicted On 34 Felony Counts … What Happens Next?
My bet is that he is remanded to the maximum security wing at Rikers Island, then to whatever New York state prison the New York Department of Corrections deems appropriate. I also bet that the judge will revoke the bail, and set a fine equal to the bail amount – $175 million. I could see the judge sentencing Trump to ten years for each of the felony counts and run the sentences consecutively – that’s 340 years. Trump will be off the campaign trail for good, now, and will be free only after an appeals court hears his case and overturns the verdict, or the US Supreme Court does so – and that could take years. He might very well die in jail given his age. No more Trump rallies, no more huge crowds, none of that. Today, Joe Biden won another term as President, the election will be a pro forma exercise. This sets an ominous precedent, because the population of the country has to believe in the concept of free and fair elections, and this action drives a wooden stake right through the heart of that concept. I don’t know the downstream consequences of this, but I doubt that they will be either pleasant or peaceful.

A-yup. As y’all know, I’ve been fretting hereabouts for years now about the likelihood of Trump being hauled off to durance vile, then conveniently Epsteined once in lockdown and entirely at the mercy of his—and ours, and America’s—implacable enemies. With this revoltin’ development, unsurprising as it was, I see no reason to revise that estimation.

As for “peaceful,” we must hope like hell not. Not that I’m advocating strife and bloodshed, mind; I dread the awful prospect to the very marrow of my bones. That said, though, if, as I expect will be the case, MAGA Americans just sit on their hands and quietly do nothing as has been their wont for many decades in the face of endless, relentless Leftist depredation and escalation, the last feeble spark of hope for any sort of meaningful American renaissance will gutter out and die. To coin a bitter phrase: When war becomes necessary, peace is the least desirable option. Or, in other, more florid terms, “peace at any price” isn’t really peace at all; in truth, it’s surrender.

If America was still the nation it once was—if Americans were still the proud, independent, upright people they once were—the corrupt, dishonorable, and iniquitous “Judge” Merchan would have been swinging by his neck from a lamppost months ago.

Update! Matt Margolis—and, to my own personal glee, Ron DeSantis—weighs in on the side of decency, propriety, and plain common sense.

I knew it was coming. We all knew. Yet, the verdict delivered on Thursday in the case against Donald Trump still shocked me.

We knew Democrats had long planned to impeach Trump before even taking office, yet when they finally succeeded, it was hard to process.

“Today’s verdict represents the culmination of a legal process that has been bent to the political will of the actors involved: a leftist prosecutor, a partisan judge and a jury reflective of one of the most liberal enclaves in America—all in an effort to ‘get’ Donald Trump,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a statement. “That this case—involving alleged misdemeanor business records violations from nearly a decade ago—was even brought is a testament to the political debasement of the justice system in places like New York City. This is especially true considering this same district attorney routinely excuses criminal conduct in a way that has endangered law-abiding citizens in his jurisdiction.”

DeSantis continued, “It is often said that no one is above the law, but it is also true that no one is below the law. If the defendant were not Donald Trump, this case would never have been brought, the judge would have never issued similar rulings, and the jury would have never returned a guilty verdict. In America, the rule of law should be applied in a dispassionate, even-handed manner, not become captive to the political agenda of some kangaroo court.”

Well said, Gov, and good on ya for coming out swinging in defense of Trump at long, long last. Better late than never, I reckon. Matt closes his piece skillfully, passionately, and with nary a flinch or blink.

This verdict was a warning shot, signaling that the Democrats’ quest for unchallenged power has no boundaries and that it can succeed if we don’t take back our country. Their willingness to bend, break, and shred the rule of law in their pursuit of supremacy is unprecedented. It’s a chilling reminder that the republic they claim to champion is on life support, and what they really want is to pull the plug.

Exactly, precisely so. If this doesn’t open the last averted eyes out there—up to and including Trump’s own—to the harsh reality that political business-as-usual; our governmental, legal, and criminal-justice systems; and the entire politico-societal order as we once knew it are all dead and gone, I really don’t know what might do the trick.

It’s gotten downright infuriating for me to read or hear some otherwise astute pundit acknowledge in the first ‘graph that 1) yes, the Old Order has ceased to exist, that there is neither refuge, recompense, nor redress to be had there any longer. Then, by the last one, he/she/they/zhimm/it/whatevs starts in working the same lame, tiresome “we must file lawsuits/Vote Harderer/work within the system/protest peacefully etc etc etc” wheeze, despite having tacitly admitted the worthlessness of those stratagems only moments before.

Look, guys, I get it, I really, really do. You, me, Trump, all of us deeply, sincerely loved America That Was—its traditions, its core values, its rich history, its strength, its open-hearted generosity, its unprecedented success. It was a wonderful place in which to live, work, raise children, and grow up: warm, welcoming, safe, comfortable. That America was unique in its brash, confident exuberance. Though we could sometimes be immodest about it—obnoxious, even—when we laid claim to American Exceptionalism, it wasn’t merely empty braggadocio. The rest of the world knew it, and if they resented us for it here and there, they also very much admired us.

Hell, I’ve been across the pond quite a few times and can report truthfully that, with vanishingly few exceptions, they like us Americans over there. Loud, inane chatter; vulgar, uncouth deportment; unfashionable clothing and/or hairstyles; crappy, piss-water beer served cold (!!); disgusting “cuisine” and all, they really, really LIKE us clumsy, foolish Yanks.*

Much as it hurts to have to say it, though, America That Was is no more. To our immeasurable loss, that noble Republic is dust in the wind, a fond memory and nothing more. We live in Amerika v2.0 now: a squalid, intolerant, crumbling, improvident DC-centric shitrapy (mis)ruled by cheap con-men, oafs, sadistic thugs, and plunderers so far gone in degeneracy and grubby self-indulgence they’d make Caligula himself blush to his roots at the mere sight of them.

Today’s juridical obscenity “surprising,” “shocking,” “unexpected”? With a cast of characters as loathsome as this, it was inevitable—a foregone conclusion, sad as that is.

* Particularly European (and Scandinavian) women, who are without exception beautiful, lissome, and totally charming. Walk down any street in Amsterdam or Helsinki and you’ll fall hopelessly in love every other block; open your gob and let ‘em hear that flat American twaaannnng and all of a sudden you’ll have a very pleasant, utterly beguiling tour-guide for the rest of your evening stroll at least, longer if you play your cards right and aren’t an irredeemable douchenozzle


Orange Man BAAAAAD

That consarned Trump, what a repulsive sicko pervert he is.

Stormy Details of Past Affairs: When a President Watched As His Aide Had Sex With a Girl
Most of what follows aren’t rumors. It’s not a Stormy Daniels, “she said- he said” allegation. There are multiple witness accounts. The president had quite a sexual appetite, beginning with his loss of virginity at 17 to a Harlem prostitute. After he was elected president, he arranged for a tryst with a 19-year-old White House intern. It lasted a year – perhaps because the teenage intern aged out. There were other interns and at least one famous movie star.

The president watched, and a Secret Service agent observed as the president’s Special Assistant was “banging a girl on the edge of (the) pool” just feet away. One would think that the media would spend days, if not weeks reporting those details if they could verify that Trump was that president.

S’awright, we all know he did it. That, and much, much worse, even. Why, the putrid demon-fiend said “grab ’em by the pussy,” for Christ’s sweet sake!

But he wasn’t. That president was the mythical King of Camelot, the icon of the Democrat Party, and an equal to Lincoln in stature. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was that adulterous cad of a chief executive.

John Kennedy couldn’t keep his pants zipped and reportedly looked at his watch while he gave his sexual attention to extra-marital partners. From start to finish — 15 minutes was all the time they got. Then, out the door. It wasn’t a secret. His wife knew. The Secret Service knew. Reporters knew. J. Edgar Hoover knew and threatened to use Kennedy’s trysts as political blackmail. But JFK was the golden calf.

Ahh, the exalted, golden days of holy Camelot, when D卐M☭CRATs and their pet Enemedia poodles ruled the DC roost with benevolence and skill, and none dared question or defy their absolute right to do whatever they pleased. Enlightened, evolved, compassionate, “mostly peaceful,” sensitive: t’was a better age, a better America, and a better President, that’s for sure.

A washed-up porn pin cushion and her story about blacking out and not remembering what happened should never have seen the light of day or the inside of a courtroom. Her new claims that it wasn’t “about the money” and her insistence that she was an apparent unwilling victim are equal parts garbage, legally irrelevant, and clearly intended to prejudice the 12-person jury. The scandalous testimony Judge Merchan allowed has been, without doubt, utterly irrelevant to the case at bar. Merchan is sheep-dogging a kangaroo court, a political show trial that the KGB’s Lavrenty Beria would be proud of.

I got your attention by leading with a false suggestion. Misdirection. That’s what the prosecution is doing in Manhattan. Trump wasn’t “banging” interns. And this trial isn’t about Daniels or her claims. It’s [supposed to be] about business documents. But the prosecution got what it wanted. A false suggestion that Trump may have raped Daniels. 

Orange Man bad.

The Manhattan trial and the blatant misconduct of the trial judge have made it crystal clear for Americans. This isn’t about what Trump did or didn’t do. It’s about getting Trump.

Well, I mean, DUH. The only question remaining now is how much more of this arrant horseshit Real Americans will put up with before they finally get up off the couch, raise up on their hind legs, and strike back at their antagonizers.

The greatest irony of all is that Bad Back Jack’s radical-supply-sider tax cuts were more draconian than either Reagan’s or Bush’s cruel, heartless, ruinous ones in percentage terms, yet elderly shitlibs nevertheless drench their Depends to this very day in rapturous memory of the self-serving, womanizing, election-buying rich-boy heel that was taken from them far too soon. Go figger. Worked a treat at stimulating a stalled economy too, in all three instances. Then again, tax cuts almost always do, regardless of who implements them—almost as if there might be some sort of symbiotic, mutually-reinforcing relationship between them (for more on that curious, inexplicable conundrum, please see this post).


The grind

Analysis: perfectly, inarguably, one hundred percent TRUE.

Brainwashing campus activists starts long before college
Americans shocked at the aggressive protests on our most elite campuses often imagine these kids have become brainwashed while away at school.

That indoctrination certainly does take place. Yet the process for most starts far earlier, often in the K-12 years — or even before.

What we’re seeing on our campuses is the culmination of many years of leftist activists pushing kids to the forefront to spread their propaganda.

And it’s not remotely just board books like “A is for Activist” that introduce toddlers to the idea of protest before they even set foot in school.

Teachers push their agenda; whether climate change, gun control or the war in Gaza, they’re focused far less on teaching children how to think than what to think.

The goal is to turn kids into activists, and the sooner the better.

After all, children can be valuable for shutting down debate.

Their youth implies innocence and seems to confer moral authority: How could anyone argue with an innocent child?

Ah yes, but one of these things (youthful innocence) is NOT like the other (moral authority). There is simply no equivalency there, in fact very little relation between the two at all, if any. Quite the opposite, I’d say: if one is present, the other in fact CANNOT be, by definition. It’s by way of being a categorical error—of the sub-type known amongst logicians as an informal fallacy*—a mistake which has unfortunately become commonplace thanks in part to the peculiarly American worship of youth and vigor at the expense of the peculiarly Oriental respect for the wisdom of age and experience.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: there is simply no fixing this without first unfucking the government schools. All our troubles and woe begin there; that rat-bastard Gramsci was truly a fucking diabolical genius, damn his eyes. My own kid has attended those institutions of indoctrination from Grade One, something I’m allowed no say in whatever. Thankfully, my daughter’s native intelligence and/or comprehension are off-the-charts extraordinary; her teachers so far have all been great, rewarding her smarts and eagerness to learn by going well out of their way to nurture and encourage those qualities every chance they get. Even so, I’ve been diligent right along in cautioning her that even the best of them doesn’t know everydamnedthing, and that she must therefore never assume that Teacher is always right, nor take every word she/he says as the Gospel truth.

This is not a young ‘un who has to be dragged kicking and screaming to do her homework, especially if it’s reading. I’ve told her repeatedly to think of her mind not as a sponge, passively soaking up everything thrown at it without discrimination or reflection, but rather as a sieve, sifting the totality to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Instilling and maintaining a healthy skepticism both inside the classroom and out, without lapsing into cynicism, generalized distrust, and despair is a tightrope all attentive parents must walk. So far it’s worked out well, for which felicitous result I consider myself very lucky indeed.

*I took quite a few classes as a college student in logic, philosophy, and rhetoric, for no reason other than that I found the subjects intriguing, so much so that I still have a cpl-three of my logic textbooks to this very day and have had cause to re-consult them plenty of times over lo, these many years; in fact, my poor old Logic 101 text is every bit as battered and dog-eared as any of my cherished military sci-fi paperbacks—its spine broken in several places, its binding loose and flappy, its fabric covers frayed, its yellowed pages liberally spattered with food, beverage, and greasy-fingerprint stains. Like a beat-up old La-Z-Boy recliner, she’s ugly as homemade sin now, but I do love her so anyway


Point well taken

Remember yesterday, when I hit my estimable and esteemed colleague (blogleague? blogalleague? oh, phooey) JJ Sefton with a little good-natured ribbing regarding the dearth of human beings in political office nowadays, which I consider to be more or less an oxymoron along the lines of “jumbo shrimp” or “military intelligence”? Well, in the comments he pithily reminds me:

Whether Biden is a human, a subhuman, a vegetable, or some combination is certainly debatable. “Obtain” and “legitimately elected” are not one in the same. 😉

Heh. Good ‘un, JJ. No argument against from moi, I did overlook those most salient facts. Sloppy of me, I know, but what the hell, anything for a laugh, right?


Sweet home Shithole Chicago

Hog butcher for the world, City of the Sloped Shoulders, to update Sandberg to better reflect modern reality. They tell me you are wicked, and I believe them.

Chicago Mayor Panics, Runs From Reporters Asking About Slain Cop’s Funeral
Mayor Brandon Johnson had another one of his panic attacks Thursday, running away from reporters like NBC Chicago’s Mary Ann Ahern, who just wanted to ask him–among other things– about his administration pressuring the family of slain Chicago Police officer Luis Huesca, to let Johnson attend his funeral. Johnson ultimately did not attend, even though he and other officials spilled their petulant, childish drama over the somber event. To watch him succumb to his panic attacks over questions about the funeral I leave this link: “Why do you have to run from us Mr. Mayor?” asked Ahern.

But Ahern knows the answer. He’s a snowflake, a grape who can’t take the pressure of leadership. And there are just about 100 days until the hard left tear up the Democratic National Convention. What a party it will be.

According to reporting by Fran Spielman of the Sun Times, Johnson’s team tried to push the mourning Huesca family into inviting him to the funeral of the slain officer. I’ve never seen anything so despicable in Chicago politics and most of you know I’ve seen a lot.

If there’s anything lower than that, it’s running away like a whipped dog when you get caught.

He has a coward’s built-in excuse though, he might say Huesca’s mother didn’t understand the bad Spanish of his police officials and aides who initially tried to intimidate her by insisting he had to attend her son’s funeral, that it was mandatory. That it was all lost in translation. He’s craven enough, with his panic attacks, to try it. And he’ll always play the race card if it doesn’t work.

It’s John Kass, who as is his usual wont pulls not a single punch throughout, so of course you’ll want to read the whole thing.


Human? Hardly

Sefton flubs one.

Remember that Joe Biden, as horrendous an example of a human being to have ever obtained political office in this country, just behind the Clintons and Kennedys, was deliberately chosen by Obama because his veneer of being an alleged moderate of the old school gave Obama the cover, on top of his mulatto melanin, to unleash his radical Maoism on America with impunity.

Silly JJ, human beings don’t obtain political office in this country. Not since, oh, around the 1930s, if not earlier.


Convergence of opinion

Lessee now, what’s that they say about great minds thinking alike…? A-HENH!

Disband the Republican Party
The time to end the Republican party is now, right now. I don’t care that it’s right before an election. As if elections meant anything and if they don’t, it’s because of the Republican party. The Republican party refused to take election tampering seriously. They were the ones who refused to take these cases to court, despite the overwhelming evidence of election interference, looking the other way when presented with voter fraud. If the Republican party cannot defend the rights of its constituents, but merely act as adjunct Democrats, the party should be abolished and reconstituted with those who recognize the dangers of unlimited debt, runaway inflation and a world turning away from the dollar as a prime reserve currency and the medium for purchasing petroleum.

The Republican party has funded the spying on American citizens by domestic intelligence services, the FBI and DOJ. They have funded the wide-open border. They have funded the UN who spread that largesse out to the NGOs who organize these caravans of illegals flooding the borders. They funded the instructions to vote for Biden when they made it to America. The Republican party is working in cooperation with the Democrats/communists to harm the American people. They are doing so arrogantly and with impunity, because the greater share of their constituents are afraid to abandon the party.

Fear not! Nothing our government can do to us will be any worse under Democrat rule than what we have recently witnessed from the Republicans. It might even help. As the Democrats rule through terrorism and hatred it might inspire some sort of resistance, but if the Republicans remain in charge, there will always be that sense that something better might come of it. It’s too late, they have been complicit in too many bad things, unwilling to do the good and responsible things, allowed all sorts of crimes to be committed under their noses and have not lifted a finger to put a stop to it, nor will they.

The imprisonment of Donald Trump, or even defeating him at the ballot box out of lack of interest on the part of the Republicans, is an opportunity to tear down the scaffolding around a corrupt uniparty system.

Watching those Ukrainian flags wave from the floor of the House was a sickening sight and one that could only be accomplished by a treasonous band of greedy, self-serving politicians, ignorant or insensitive to deaths they will cause not only in Ukraine by continuing a war that long should have been settled, but here at home because they could have used their leverage to close the border. At least, they might have been able to reverse some very bad policy decisions that have made the border crisis much worse. But they didn’t. They didn’t do it, because deep down, they didn’t want to.

Lots more to this one, all of which will richly reward a look. Also, many thanks to my old friend TL for commending my own Eyrie hang to his readership’s attention over at his joint, which has netted me a whole slew of new followers and subscribers.



Joe Mannix gets down to brass tacks.

RINO is perhaps the least accurate political insult ever used. The fact that it has been in existence for so long and is still so useful is a testament to that. We don’t still have “Nixonian Republicans” because it quit being relevant. We don’t still have “Me Too Republicans” or most of the others. But we do still have the misnamed “RINOs” and the term isn’t going anywhere because the disconnect between what the Republicans actually are and what their voters perceive them to be has never been solved.

Consider those who are famously “RINOs.” They are men like John McCain and Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney and Adam Kinzinger. The list goes on. And on. And on. It’s probably easier to name Republicans who are not “RINOs,” and that should underscore the problem with the term. If virtually all of the prominent and powerful Republicans are “RINOs” and have been for decades (though with even greater concentrations today), the term is internally contradictory.

These men are not RINOs, they are “Republicans In Good Standing.” These are not phony Republicans who work against the interests of the party. They work against the interests of their constituents, and of the people more broadly, but not of the party. They are not merely titular Republicans. These men and all of their fellow travelers are the Platonic Ideal of Republicans. They are the GOP. This is what the GOP has been for ages. This is what it wants to be. This is the party that puts forward red-meat legislation like ending Obamacare or improving border control when it can’t possibly pass, and then refuses to even consider such unseemly things when they are actually in a position to make them happen. We also call this “failure theater,” and it’s part of the same concept. It’s the GOP’s modus operandi.

Those who do not behave this way – the odd man who seems to at least occasionally try to do something else – are the real RINOs. They are the ones who do not behave like Republicans. If someone is “in name only,” it’s the person who is hated by the rest, and the person whom the rest resent for bucking their trend and their norms. Those who normally get called “RINOs” don’t deserve to be because they’re the real, true, effective, “team player” Republicans who serve in the manner demanded by the party.

Boldface mine, because A) it’s the indispensible truth, and B) it says it all, really. I’ve suggested here many times that the D卐M☭CRAT Party ought to be banned and dismantled as a criminal organization masquerading as a political party, but maybe it would be more useful to ban the Vichy GOPe instead.


Turncoat turns back again?

Gotta admit, I did NOT see this coming.

Bill Barr says he’s backing Trump 2024 because ‘far left’ is a greater threat: ‘Heavy-handed bunch of thugs’
Former Attorney General Bill Barr is backing his old boss in the November election despite their very public fallout — because he believes the “far left” is an even greater threat to the US.

Barr, 73, disputed the notion that former President Donald Trump will be worse for democracy than President Biden, and warned about the rise of the “far left.”

“The Biden administration is in fact the greater threat to democracy,” Barr told Fox News’ “Cavuto Live” on Saturday.

“I think that they have a totalitarian temper. They have bought into the progressive movement. And they’re trying to squelch opposition and freedom of speech.”

“It’s a heavy-handed bunch of thugs in my opinion, and that’s where the threat is,” Barr said at another point about the far-left.

Meh, can’t say I give much of a shit about this development, anymore than I do about the 24 “elections” generally. That said, Barr is right as rain about the Goosesteppin’ Left, however surprising it may be to hear the likes of him saying it. In the final analysis, though, the real “threat to democracy” isn’t the Biden marionette or his White House junta; it’s the sinister, shadowy FederalGovCo Grey Men behind the curtain.


Who is in Control?

It’s a question that has been asked many times. Among the theoretical answers has been multi-national corporations with ties to china. Another prominent answer are the big money men. And then the one that encompasses the entire range – Blackrock.

If you are following along you probably know that EV sales have taken a nosedive, that startup EV manufacturers are going under, and the big three plus the other big foreign auto manufacturers are announcing the scale back of their EV investment. Rental companies can’t rent them and are dumping them on the marketplace. EV”s are piling up in the car lots.

Along comes the biden cabal to double/triple/quadruple on the EV scheme (the one designed to ultimately confine you to no movement), and look who is running the show – Blackrock with their true master – CHINA.

Blackrock and China Chairmen

China and Blackrock – Biden EPA Rolls Out USA Auto Mandates Forcing EVs to Make Up Two-Thirds of Passenger Vehicles – Who Benefits?

At Insty as well – Instapundit


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