Bye bye Biden

Guess we won’t have one senile liar, career con artist, and election fraudster to kick around anymore. El Gato Malo takes a deeper look into it, and it’s hella ugly, sinister, and just downright scary stuff.

it got so ugly that something had to give. and finally, it did.

pretending that brainwiped brandon has been remotely compos mentis for the last 4 years now came with a terrible price.

even the left finally woke up to “we have no idea who is running the country.” there has not been a full cabinet meeting in nearly a year. every day kamala went without calling one on an emergency basis to invoke the 25th amendment just made this worse and her more culpable. but she was never going to do it.

sure, she might have become president and heir apparent, but she would not survive the convention if she did. they’d have axed her. she needed the nod from joe.

now she gets the endorsement and fails upward again by doing what she has always done: playing the loyal soldier.

and there was really no other choice. only she could get joe’s campaign funds.

this jar has SO many interesting bugs in it.

the fight from being shaken would (and may still be) be one for the ages.

and the DNC leadership is rightly terrified of that.

president puppetshow is bitter, angry, and while there may be some appearance of the wheel spinning, the hamster is long dead. he has felt disrespected by the party his whole career and this is just a capstone. he did not want to work with them. i suspect he’d have burned the world before eating this kind of crow. his comments on leaked calls about “name a better president in US history than me! name one!” speak to motive and delusion.

i suspect he’s not going out willingly.

i suspect there was serious arm twisting and threat here to legacy and to the ongoing protection of his family from lawfare and prosecution.

i suspect they got to his family and showed them what was in store for them if they did not take away grandpa’s keys.

it’s hard not to see this whole tawdry affair as a serious crisis for america as a constitutional republic. we’ve been flirting with it for years. our system is, to many extents, an honor system meant to be inhabited by honorable people. when it is not, this is what you get.

it makes me wonder if the deeper lessons here can be internalized (by both sides):

if the result of an election can be framed as “existential threat to democracy/the republic/america/the american way of life” then what does that tell us about the office being contested?

nothing should have that power. no person, position, or tribe. the US presidency has become horrifically imperial and the federalist nature of our system destroyed by the 17th amendment.

That last is a contention that I, along with most of you CF Lifers out there, have been making for many years now; taken along with the end-to-end corruption and manfactured rot of the government school system, the near-total success of the Left’s long-term plan is not to be wondered at.

That notwithstanding, one question remains, namely: is there any way FederalGovCo Humpty Dumpty can be properly put back together again, even if only in part, and made to function in the manner the Constitution insists any legitimate government should—nay, MUST? Unlike all the King’s horses and all the King’s men, Le Mal Félin has a few ideas on that, the implementation of which is every bit as essential as the long, bitter struggle to get it done is unpleasant to contemplate.

it is not biden or trump or kamala that america cannot survive, it is the nature of the modern presidency and executive branch that poses the clear and present danger and it is that office that we must pull down.

in that respect, braindead brandon may be just the leader we need: the perfect exemplar of how irretrievably broken and shameful our once august republic has become. so bring on the breakage. let’s drag it all out into the light until we can see the whole noxious carcass of leviathan that has so wrapped itself around the roots of our liberty.

it has become more than self evident that this government has become destructive to the ends of we the people. it cannot be fixed, it must be excised.

whole agencies: gone.

whole prerogatives: rolled back and repudiated.

at long last, we have been getting some help from the courts here.

it’s time to lean in and push it all off the table, to strive once more for a state that protects our striving rather than seeking to shackle us to its own.

rights, not regulation.

the freedom to pursue happiness, not the obligation to kowtow to some contrived notion of the collective weal.

because this too we hold to be self evident:

and we’re tired of pretending it’s not.

Indeed so—as we damned well ought to be. Plenty more left still at the link, wherein the witty cleverness of the writing manages to overcome the depressing subject matter to make for some seriously entertaining reading.

So long, Crooked Jaux. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. Here’s hoping the misery and humiliation of his unlawful WH tenure lingers for however many weeks/days/hours the depraved old fraud has left to live. Assuming, of course, that the Deep State-induced bout of “CoVid” hasn’t already killed him by now.

Update! Howie Carr, as is his wont, really lets ‘er rip.

The. Worst. President. Ever.

When do you think they’ll let Dementia Joe know that he’s officially dropped out?

Who could have ever imagined that Biden would be dumped before Bob Menendez?

The Deep State has been telling us for four years about those 81 million ballots, er votes, that he got. But now his own comrades throw him under the bus like he’s…Andrew Cuomo or Sam Brinton.

For once, Obama was right: “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to bleep things up.”

It’s hard to know who’s going to need grief counselors more: the mullahs in Tehran, the greed-crazed oligarchs in Ukraine, or the Red Chinese butchers.

Quick, someone grab KJP’s belt and shoelaces. She’s going the way of Claudine Gay, for sure.

National Panhandler Radio has begun playing an endless loop of the Funeral March, like Radio Moscow when Joe Stalin stopped breathing in 1953. It’s what the apparatchiks do.

The biggest difference between Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden was that Carter was at least trying to do the right thing by the United States of America.

Everything Biden’s handlers conspired to accomplish was designed to subvert not just American society, but western civilization in general.

And they were hellishly good at it, too. As I’ve long maintained, don’t ever call Xombie Jaux “Walks Among Us” Bribem, “his” policy initiatives, or the ruling junta itself a failure. On the contrary, they have enjoyed one smashing success after another, the thing to remember being that THEIR idea of what constitutes success is the exact opposite of OURS. On every count, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Crippling inflation
  • Non-existent borders
  • Lawless, marauding ghetto ferals
  • Out of control FederalGovCo spending
  • Civil unrest, disorder, anarchy
  • Wokester-infested organizations, institutions, businesses
  • “Transgenderqueer” sicko supremacy
  • Rigged, unreliable, not even remotely trustable national “elections”
  • Affirmative Action Systemic discrimination
  • High school graduates who can’t read or write; diploma-mill college grads who can’t think for themselves; teachers who can’t teach; educators with neither interest in nor intention of actually educating anyone
  • The ongoing decline, despoliation, and/or ruinous collapse of Christianity; White birthrates; the traditional nuclear family; the US military; Western Civ entire

Biden’s behind-the-curtains puppeteers have achieved practically every one of their actual but hidden goals.

Failure? If only. Worst ***”pResident”*** ever? Absolutely—not for the Left, but for US, and for America That Was.


Whatcha gonna do indeed.

Gott-damn SKIPPY. PREACH it, Hulkster!!! Much, much more of this incredibly good, tasty stuff at Twitchy. In response to the too-predictable D卐M☭CRAT sniffing, eyerolling, and contemptuous pearl-clutching for the Hulkster’s basic Not One Of Us, Dearie gauche-i-tivity—Harry Sisson’s lame-O bitch, piss, and moaning being the pluperfect example*—NotKenny Rogers puts it best:

You and me both, brother. You and me both.

* “No serious conversation on policy,” Harry? RILLY?!? Your corpse-tastic cadaver can’t manage to groan out a complete sentence betwixt the snot-bubbles and rivulets of drool even after his handlers have hit him with BOTH paddles, you sniveling sissymary. PRO TIP: Take close, careful note of Trump’s easygoing, beaming merriment at Hulk’s star-turn (at the end of @3YearLetterman’s post) and remember something: He who laughs last laughs best. And, in the theater of the absurd that national politics in Amerika v2.0 has become, he who laughs best will almost certainly win the race.


Trump shot, wounded

Blubberous, bumbling, female Didn’t Earn It SS hires hardest hit.

Secret Service says it’s appalled by DEI rhetoric against female agents after Trump rally shooting
Saturday’s shooting is the latest instance of right-leaning social media accounts trying to link diversity, equity and inclusion programs to deeply troubling news events.

The U.S. Secret Service said Wednesday that it stood by its female agents and was appalled by some of the criticism they’ve received on conservative social media since Saturday’s attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump. 

The Secret Service, in a statement to NBC News, said that the criticism from pundits and influencers was baseless. The agency also stood by its commitment to diversity in recruiting as helping, not hurting, the effectiveness of its protective teams. 

The statement follows a multiday campaign of derision by some conservatives who accused Kimberly Cheatle, the Secret Service director, of being unqualified and who said that female agents assigned to Trump hadn’t been physically capable of protecting him. Some critics said the Secret Service should return to being all-male, which it hasn’t been since 1970. 

Anthony Guglielmi, the Secret Service’s chief of communication, said in the statement: “We stand united against any attempt to discredit our personnel and their invaluable contributions to our mission and are appalled by the disparaging and disgusting comments against any of our personnel.” 

“As an elite law enforcement agency, all of our agents and officers are highly trained and fully capable of performing our missions,” he said.

Trump was wounded in his right ear at Saturday’s chaotic rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. An attendee was killed trying to protect his family, and another two were seriously injured.

Yep, sure sounds like a two-thumbs-up Mission Accomplished to me, gals.


A tale of two Razors

Hanlon’s and Sherlock Holmes’.

The Trump shooting: Inexplicable facts lead to a plethora of theories
With every day since the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, we’ve gotten more facts. And with each additional fact, the government’s narrative—that a weird loner without any skills, social media, or photos was the guilty party—makes less and less sense. Hanlon’s Razor tells us that we must “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” However, when the stupidity that allegedly characterized the United States Secret Service (“USSS”) becomes impossible to accept, people will start to follow Sherlock Holmes’s dictum: “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

The initial story was a simple one: A lone gunman sneaked onto a roof and managed to get off some shots, wounding three (including President Trump) and killing one, before a Secret Service agent took him out with a perfect headshot. That sounded reasonable.

However, in the ensuing time, a lot of strange—I mean really strange—facts have emerged. Some of the most obvious ones that I can list off the top of my head are as follows:

  • The gunman, who graduated from high school only two or three years ago, was known then as a terrible shot.
  • The gunman had no social media presence at all, a striking anomaly today.
  • People repeatedly warned the police that they saw a man with a gun on a shed near Trump’s platform, but neither the police nor the USSS reacted.
  • The USSS had been aware of the shooter’s bizarre behavior for at least 30 minutes before the shooting itself but did nothing.
  • Security allowed a ladder to be positioned at the shed without responding to that fact.
  • Snipers had the shooter in their sites before he shot anyone.
  • The administration kept Trump’s USSS team understaffed.
  • Trump’s existing team, which had presumably learned to work together, was suddenly disassembled so that Jill could make an appearance at the same time as Trump’s rally.
  • The USSS put the shed outside of its security perimeter even though (a) it was 125 yards away from Trump, which would work even for a mediocre marksman, and (b) it had a perfect sightline to Trump.
  • USSS Director Kimberley Cheatle said agents weren’t actually on the shed because the roof was sloped. Using passive voice, she explained, “the decision was made to secure the building from the inside.”
  • As Cheatle noted, there were USSS agents inside the shed, even though the roof was the perfect firing platform.
  • The feds were instantly able to identify the shooter by his DNA, which is peculiar because he’d never been arrested, so there’s no reason that his DNA would have been in law enforcement records.
  • Despite the above cascades of failures, Director Cheatle has not been fired and has refused to quit. That in itself is truly weird.

As I said, that’s just the weirdness off the top of my head. I know there’s more.

When you think of those multiple failures and judgment calls, it calls to mind what Ian Fleming wrote in Goldfinger: “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

What saddens me is that it’s impossible at this point in American history to discount these theories and, instead, to say that people ought to focus on the facts and remember that, sometimes, “a cigar is just a cigar.” Here, that “cigar”—i.e., the obvious answer—is a lone wolf who almost got lucky.

But given what we know about the D.C. bureaucracy, whose members view Trump as an existential threat to the power they wield, it’s hard to say “stupidity,” “DEI,” and/or “luck” adequately cover Saturday’s events. We’ve seen the government in action against Trump, whether it was covering up Hunter Biden’s hard drive or promulgating the Russia collusion hoax.

While Sally Field once gushed about Hollywood that “you like me,” the inversion is true in D.C.: The establishment hates Trump, and there’s an open question about how far that hatred will go.

So, while I once would have characterized any theories about a malevolent government conspiracy as fringe people connecting imaginary dots with invisible lines, I no longer feel comfortable being so dismissive. We’ve long known that D.C. has become corrupt in a byzantine way, and we can only hope that it hasn’t adopted byzantine manners when it comes to political opponents.

Yeah, NO. Time to stop with the hopey-copey, wake the fuck up at long, long last, and decide what, if anything, we’re going to actually do about this. Because, as Trump himself said, they’re not just after him; ultimately, they’re after us, ALL of us, and he just happens to be in their way. Now, whatever the motivation behind it may have been—desperation, limitless arrogance, assumptions of complete invulnerability—they have taken an irrevocable, intolerable step. They cannot, they MUST not, be allowed to get away with it.

As I’ve seen said multiple times over the last several days, you don’t hate them nearly enough. Mike’s Addendum: they don’t fear us nearly enough. Time, and past time, for that to change, to put the relationship between Citizen and State back into its Constitutionally-correct alignment.


“Above it”? In a pig’s eye

Kill them. Kill them ALL.

Yet another of those blasted “Show more” clickbait pieces o’ shite, so here’s the whole thing.

A year ago, here in Utah, Joe Biden was coming for a visit. A 74 year old, morbidly obese, disabled guy, who couldn’t walk a block under his own power got raided by the feds because of some of the shit he’d talked on the internet was seen as a potential threat. They shot him to death and left his body on the street for hours.

It turns out this old dude was the neighbor of a friend of mine. When my friend (who happens to be a college art history professor, so not exactly a fire breathing monster) wrote about how the old disabled guy was clearly not in any sort of physical shape to cross the street, let alone the state to get into any sort of position he could be a threat to POTUS, my friend got absolutely savaged by leftist internet assholes.

I watched these fucking trash bags rip on the dead guy for days, and then I watched them rip on my friend, whose only crime was living on the same street and being perfectly honest about the dead man’s actual nature in real life, as opposed to the internet. They were utterly fucking ruthless, cruel, vindictive trash, crowing endlessly about serves him right, fuck that guy, death to the insurrectionist, the penalty for treason is death, so on and so forth. Sure, he couldn’t actually DO anything, but he talked violent shit on the internet, so clearly he deserved to die. If you disagree, you probably deserve to die too, MAGAt scum.

Fast forward a year, a psycho takes a shot at Trump, the exact same type of leftist asshole immediately starts crowing stuff that’s worse than what got this old disabled guy smoked. Too bad he missed. Better work on the aim. Better luck next time. All sorts of vile fucking evil bullshit begging for violence and bloodshed and rooting for murder. Fucking psychotic shit from people too stupid and sheltered to grasp how terrible things will become for everyone if they get what they wish for.

Two days later, a bunch of these assholes find out actions have consequences, and after a decade of having it used against them, the right has finally figured out how to use cancel culture themselves. Some of these assholes are now getting outed, and fired by their employers who don’t want the PR nightmare of fucking psychopaths working for them.

So the progs take to the internet and cry about it. They cry about how hypocritical the right is, because we’re supposed to get cancelled, not do the cancelling, and how dare us do unto them what they’ve done to us? And the sanctimonious twits (nominally) on my side go tsk tsk, how rude of us to engage in such low behavior. We are supposed to be above such things. How can we possibly celebrate horrible asshole leftists getting fired for being horrible assholes?

And in that moment I just remember these same blood thirsty assholes celebrating the death of an old disabled fat guy. They’re lucky. They only got fired. When he talked shit on the internet he died because of it.

So I’m still fresh out of pity.

That’s putting it about as mildly as it possibly can be put, far as I’m concerned, but yeah. “Tone it down,” “unite” with such swine as they? Fuck them, the horses they rode in on, their whole families, and everybody who even looks like them. Die screaming, shitlibs, and be spitroasted over Hell’s hottest fires for all eternity—every last man Jack of you, unto the very last generation. Stretch every last shitlib neck until there’s no more shitlib necks left to be stretched, then, should one we missed dare to show his/her/its ugly face in public, give him/her/it the exact same treatment. Let there be NO peace while any shitlib still draws breath. Here endeth the lesson.

Via Divemedic, who adds:

The left crushed tens of thousands of people’s lives for things that they said for more than a decade and a half. They hounded CHILDREN for perceived transgressions. They gleefully ruined lives. They have been SWATTING people.

My sense of civility and kindness has been worn away. I don’t give a fuck about the left, and I will have no mercy. I am going to fight this fight, taking the battle as far as is strategically and tactically feasible.

Indeed, sir.


The burning question

To wit: Do they A) fear us, and are just stupid fucking morons, or do they B) hold us in contempt, and are just flinging shit directly into our faces for the sheer fun of it? I report, you deride.

Secret Service director gives bizarre reason why an agent wasn’t on the roof where gunman Thomas Matthew Crooks opened fire on Trump as she rejects calls to resign
Embattled Secret Service head Kimberly Cheatle has revealed the fateful and bizarre reason why her agency failed to put an agent on the roof gunman Thomas Matthew Crooks used to carry out an assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

Cheatle, who is facing calls to resign over the massive security failure, said Secret Service officials planning security for Trump’s rally in Butler, Pennsylvania considered the warehouse 147 yards away from where Trump spoke to be a risky position for stationing an agent.

“Too risky,” y’unnerstand, because of this fearsome *shudder* “slope” to the roof—a slope which bothered our youthful assassin not one iota, but apparently is simply too dangerous for a blubberous Girlboss to handle without placing her rolls of neck-flab at mortal hazard.

Yep, that’s awfully gosh darned scary alright; I’d hate to try skiiing it, that’s for sure and certain. In fact, I’d bet everyone reading this is gonna have bad dreams just from seeing a picture of it, and not just for a single night either.

Okay, okay, okay, here’s the real deal: I slid down WAY more “vicious” slopes sitting on a piece of cardboard shared betwixt the neighborhood kids when I was still in knee-britches. Laughing all the way HA-HA-HA too, as the old song says. Yet somehow or other we all survived, incredible as it may seem. Apparently, we were all made of much sterner stuff at 7 years old than any modern-day Girlboss SS agent. I dunno, make of it what you will.

Chilling new details have revealed that a team of local police snipers were inside the building when the 20-year-old Crooks opened fire, shot Trump in the ear and killed a member of the rally crowd.

INSIDE the building when, as Ace notes, their primary purpose and function is to be able to identify, engage, and eliminate threats at distance, not in the same fucking room with them. Nota very fucking bene also that 1) we for goddamned sure need ourselves a new SS director, 2) I am willing to work cheap, and 3) have just now established beyond all possible doubt I could do a much, MUCH better job of it than this Kim Choadle bimbette has.

Crooks managed to evade cops and Secret Service three times, even though he had been deemed ‘suspicious’ and could have been on the roof for up to 30 minutes before he pulled the trigger.

Witnesses also begged law enforcement to act when they saw him clamber onto the roof with his AR-style rifle, but the lapse in security meant he was able to carry out his bid to take the 45th president’s life.

“Evade,” is it? How sure of that ARE we, really?

Of course, Msrszxx Director Kimberly “Pronouns Undetermined” Cheatle doesn’t actually believe any of the intelligence-insulting flapdoodle she’s emitting, you know; fact is, she made it all up out of her own oblated head herself on the spur of the moment and (up)chucked it out purely for her own personal amusement, as indicated by her firm refusal to do the decent thing and resign her position in disgrace. SHE doesn’t believe it, her own overseers don’t, and not a one of them cares whether YOU do, obviously, nor if anybody else does. That tell you anything, p’raps possibly? Because if you ask me, it damned well ought to.

Back over to the AoSHQ post for the sad, sorry denouement.

No…125 meters is not a long shot. If you’re going to be a shooter that’s a free throw. Yes I’m aware a lot of gun owners couldn’t hit a 4″ plate with 4 tries but I don’t care my point stands.

Yes the secret service looked like shit on a stick. Sure they worked hard to get hired. Sure they try. Sure they passed all the tests. Still had a massive failure and looked like hot butter shit and I’m ashamed we as a country look like THAT at a critical moment. And I’m going to rail them harder than Ginger Lynn for that embarrassment of a shit show. And I’m not going to pretend better, bigger more physically qualified people were probably not offered the job for “reasons”.

I have eyes.

We are for damn lucky a 20 year old used a garbage rod and choked on mom’s spaghetti because the chick in charge of the SS sucks and put the C-team on the biggest target in political history. Only to have body positive diversity hire DUCK OUT OF THE GOD DAMN WAY at the critical moment and then couldn’t holster her gun through her fat roll!!! And I’m supposed to be proud of this? I’m supposed to think this was a good and professional operation? This was well planned and organized by the one chick who’s one job it is to make sure this doesn’t happen?

That’s what I’m to accept? That’s where we are? That THIS is the best we can do? The best we have? The best protection we can give to the one guy the world all knows is the biggest target in 2024 in politics?

And the after action report we just got was fucking mission accomplished? Really? Everybody in charge just slaps each other on the back, says “good job” and we go back to hoping the next guy uses a Century Arms CETME???

We all make fun of the fat bubbas who can’t get to their holster through their gut and thinks he’s going to be a super soldier in CW2 The Electric Boogaloo, but I’m supposed to not notice the chicks fupa is maybe an issue in doing her duty as a god damn Secret Service agent?!?

Excellent questions all, and extremely depressing ones to have to be asking ourselves as well.

Update! Further, and worserer, details.

I repeat: stinks, all to hell and gone. Better be checking six continually, President Trump, sir—head on a swivel, total SA. Another urgent recommendation: consider private security, assuming you haven’t already hired some.

Updated update! Mission Improbable.

Scooped a bunch more related good ‘uns from WRSA tonight, which I’m saving up for tomorrow’s edition of Memezapoppin’!


The man, the moment, the legend

An inspirational message from President Donald John Trump.

May God forever bless and keep you, sir.

And so, thanks entirely to the vile, vicious Left’s arrogance; their reckless, incandescent hatred; their fathomless self-regard; and their unquenchable lust for absolute power and control…well, here we all are at last, forced all unwilling into the dreadful corner none of us ever wished to find ourselves in, nor dreamed we ever would.

Fittingly enough for historical illiterates such as they, once again it’s just as ADM Yamamoto memorably, sorrowfully, and presciently esteemed in a bygone era the ineducable Left knows not of: all they have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. If any of y’all rowdies and/or rapscallions want to think of it as, say, Hirohito’s Folly Redux, I’ll cheerfully put a “yeppers” to it.

Remember “all we wanted was to be left alone”? Well, they flatly refused to honor that most humble of requests, though they easily might have with no inconvenience or loss to themselves of any conceivable sort. Alas and alack, that’s all over and done with now; to the incalculable cost of one and all, that good ship and true has officially sailed, with the vain fantasy of “peaceful coexistence” aboard her. May they be made to regret this fateful miscalculation—profoundly, agonizingly, and without surcease—for however long they have left to live.


Know thine enemy, Part the Fourth

Oh, how I’ve been looking forward to Aesop’s take. Needless to say, he doesn’t disappoint.

Dear Leftard Communist Cocksuckers,

You’ve been shrieking and flinging your diaper spackle for nearly ten years, hyperventilating like whiny little bitches about Cheetoh Hitler, “a threat to Democracy”, and any number of further delusional psychotic jackassical reactions, all because you can’t stand the fact that half the country disagrees with you politically, and no one from mommy onwards ever explained to you the power of “no”.

Yesterday, you came within an inch of kicking off the Revolution/Civil War you’ve been frothing at the lips to foment, for going on that entire time and longer.

So let’s be crystal clear about the stakes here.

Your whole team will be on the menu too, and then we’ll wade into the bleachers to get your fans.

You want to cry and project about what bloodthirsty monsters we are? Okay, have it your way. We’re going to make even your worst nightmares pale in comparison to what you’re actually going to get. If a man’s going to get hung for a thief either way, he might as well steal, right?

Don’t appeal to our better natures. That train left the station in 2020. Pray instead if you manage to kick this thing off, you get killed before you get fed to pigs, instead of watching them snack on you while you’re still alive.

So you’d better get down on your goddamned knees, and pray to Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, that Donald Trump stays healthy as a horse all the way to the inauguration of his successor in 2029.

If he gets so much as a head cold from now until then, there isn’t a mineshaft deep enough or another solar system far enough away for you to hide in to escape the wrath you’ve already got stored up.

In terms even your thickest halfwits should understand, it’s like this:

Seconded, unreservedly, right down the fucking line.


Know thine enemy Part the Third

Never forget. Never, EVER forget.

Make them pay. Period fucking DOT.

Update! Not “violent rhetoric,” not “hate speech”—incitement to and explicit endorsement of actual, LITERAL violence.

May each and every last one of them die screaming, and burn in Hell forevermore.

Updated update! Yes, George Stillfoolallofus too.

WATCH: George Stephanopoulos Blames Trump and Trump Supporters’ “Violent Rhetoric” for Shooting
George Stephanopoulos on Sunday reacted to the news that President Trump was shot in a failed assassination attempt, ignoring the divisiveness and violent rhetoric from the left and claiming, “President Trump and his supporters have contributed to this violent rhetoric as well.”

Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz, in the clip below, discussed the attempted assassination with Stephanopoulos and said that no matter what, “you are going to hear conspiracy theories going forward.” Just like we did after the JFK assassination, right?

They couldn’t take Trump out with lawfare and criminal charges, and now Trump has been shot two days before the RNC convention, where he will accept the Republican Party Nomination for President of the United States. It’s oddly suspicious that the leading presidential candidate was almost murdered last night in front of tens of thousands of supporters and millions watching at home as he faces off against Joe Biden, a man who can’t string a sentence together and has weaponized the government against political opponents and dissidents since day one in office.

Why should we believe the Democrats didn’t play a role in this or at least inspire it with their violent rhetoric?

The left always blames Donald Trump’s so-called “violent rhetoric,” but we haven’t seen any attempted assassination of a top Democrat.

Not yet, at any rate. Gee, think that might have something to do with why they feel so confident of getting away with yesterday’s attempted assassination without repercussion beyond a day or two of “overheated rhetoric,” perhaps? Nah, couldn’t possibly be so, perish the thought.


Know thine enemy Part the Second

Got this email from Gab’s Andrew Torba last night, titled “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

While we may feel anger and frustration in the wake of tonight’s tragic event, it is crucial that we respond with wisdom and grace. As the CEO of Gab, I urge all users to refrain from posting any threats of violence or even remotely hinting at it. Gab disavows all threats of violence and has zero tolerance for them on our platform. Please do not post anything foolish on Gab or anywhere else online. Our enemies are watching closely. Do not post any threats. If you see people posting threats please use the report button to let our mod team know.

We must not give our enemies any reason to lock us up or silence our voices.

Instead, let us fight back with our words, our votes, and our unwavering commitment to freedom and justice.

Then you are foredoomed to lose; in fact, you’ve already lost, whether you care to acknowledge it or not. In the main, I’m with Giuseppe Filotto:

He’s right broadly speaking, and I understand his reticence to host any incitements to violence on his platform, but there are two points of actual objective, factual, observable reality he’s missing and a third even more important one wi to out which nothing will change, and they are these:

First: Retreating from these people is NOT the answer. It’s what the general population of not yet insane people have been doing for seven decades in a row. Enough. Fuck retreating. Make THEM retreat, and get back into whatever closet or rock they crawled out of. Be in their face. Stop tolerating their nonsense. No, homosexuality is not normal. No it will not be taught to me or my children as being normal. It is unnatural, deviant, degenerate behaviour that carries extremely high health risks and is associated with extremely elevated incidence of child sexual abuse, rape and molestation. And I don’t give a flying solitary fuck if that upsets you. You can get upset about the sun rising in the East too and I don’t give a fuck about that upsetting you any more than the other facts I just stated. It’s how reality works. Deal with it, your mental illness is not my problem and trying to make it so will not go well with you.

Amen to every last word of that, with big old bells on. More at the link, of which you should read the all. Excepting the obligatory “Genocide in Gaza” Joojoojoonoia horseshit—if Israel really wanted to genocide the disgusting Paelosimians they could’ve just nuked the shitbags long ago, and woulda, and for that matter shoulda, far as I’m concerned—it’s dead on the money.


Know thine enemy Part the First

First in a continuing series of CF posts.

Nolte: Trump-Is-Hitler Media Want ‘Rhetoric Toned Down’ to Avoid Accountability
The corporate media tell us Donald Trump is Hitler, is Mussolini, is a unique threat to democracy, a fascist, a dictator, a Russian spy who stole a presidential election, a rapist, an insurrectionist, and a traitor. The corporate media champion phony impeachments, cheer a federal raid on his home, and validate Joe Biden’s attempt to imprison him, bankrupt him, and take away his businesses…

And now this same corporate media want us to tone down the rhetoric.


The media have spent a decade sowing the wind, and now the media hope to avoid reaping the whirlwind.



More to come, folks.

Update! More yet between the ellipses, all worth a look, but I just gotta append Nolte’s closer:

This is not the time to tone down the rhetoric. A former president, a current presidential front-runner, a husband, father, grandfather, and leader of tens of millions of everyday Americans was a half-inch away from annihilation Saturday night.

There must be accountability.

There must be a reckoning.

Indeed there must, and NOT one restricted to pencil-marks on paper ballots, lawyers and/or judges, or milquetoast online op-eds, either. It says so much—none of it at all complimentary to Real Americans—that the “liberal” scum feels themselves secure enough, invulnerable enough, to start in with this insulting propaganda the very morning after they came within literally a fraction of an inch of assassinating Donald J Trump.


Bloody Sunday

Y’all may have noticed the header image, with which I’m not just totally happy yet and will likely be fiddling about more with as the day wears on. As regards the posting content over the next several…well, for the duration, let’s call it: as CF Lifers well know, I’ve never been known for pulling punches, and will not be changing that now. If the Secret Service, their current protectee The Scranton Rutabaga, and/or the Fibbees don’t like that, well, I truly hate it for ‘em.

Showdown at the Bundy ranch

Divemedic posts an important, timely reminder of how it’s fucking DONE, saying:

To those who say that citizens armed with AR15s can’t beat the Federal government, I remind you of the events that happened a decade ago…

Indeed. Suggestive of a little something of my own devising I’ll dub Bedford Forrest’s Law of Government©: If you keep the skeer on ‘em, they will retreat. Now for DM’s call-out:

Henceforth, Real Americans should celebrate April 12th as if it was Independence Day v2.0. Because, as historical events go, that’s exactly what it is.

Update! The classical station just played Rossini’s Overture to The Barber of Seville, which put me in mind of the perfect musical accompaniment for this post.

The ever-excellent Gioachino Rossini also, of course. One of my verymost favorite orchestral-music composers of them all, and small wonder. For me, it’s not so much the Three B’s (Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms, two of whom I’ve never really liked all that much) as it is the Four Non-Contiguous Consonants: Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, and Rossini. Might ought to’ve worked Chopin, Haydn, Tchaichovsky, Rachmaninoff, and Verdi into the mix too, but what the hell. You can’t please all the people all of the time, and should never try lest you wind up shitting and falling back in it, as my stern, tough as parboiled steer-hide, wise old Grandmaw Hubbard—better known to three generations of Hubbards and McAllisters as “Big Mama”—liked to caution her grand-young’uns.

Unrelated update! OT side-note: Just thought I’d let all interested parties know that the anti-spam plugin I installed last night, available here, seems to be working like a charm so far—not so much as a hint of a murmur of a whisper of a breath from the thrice-bedamned spamsterbot hordes as of yet, thank goodness. Hope I didn’t jinx myself by mentioning it. Sort of like what I’ve always maintained: you never, EVER say things like “What next?” or ‘How much worse can it be?” in the midst of some travail or tribulation—because God takes such expostulations as a challenge or dare, and will assuredly get busy toot sweet showing you what’s next, and just how much worse it could be.


The full (three-card) monte

For this next trick, ladies and gentlemen, please watch my hand closely—not that hand, the OTHER one!

Biden Administration Promises to Veto any Legislative Effort That Blocks Vote or Ballot Fraud
The people behind Joe Biden that used illegal voter registration, subsequent ballot harvesting, and ultimately corrupt ballot counting to install Biden into office, have threatened to veto any legislation that would impede their election fraud operation.

By now we should all know the essential process being deployed. This is the reason for the open border policies.

The Biden administration (DHS) is not “importing democrat voters.” Instead, DHS is importing people, names, that allows the state fraud process to generate ballots. This is an important distinction.

The migrants will not use the ballots. The DNC harvesters will collect them, fill them out (Team Obama), then the Precinct workers will scan them and count them (Team Clyburn). Illegals don’t need to vote. They only need to exist to create a ballot.

And suddenly, it all makes perfect sense. But what the heck, if they DO get more D卐M☭CRAT voters in the process, that’s even more gooder.


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