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To include not only Islamofascists and other terrorists, but also those who seek to thwart American aims, undermine American strategy, and harm American interests. Yes, that means France and the rest of the UN diplo-dinks

Jul 23

Evil by choice

A timely reminder of who done what to whom. Today, we are yet again being inundated with tales of Palestinian woe after Hamas’s familiar barbarism has provoked an Israeli military response. It thus bears remembering that the Palestinian people chose Hamas. What ever happened to all those Democracy Project paeans to self-determination? Hamas is Palestinian …

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Jul 21

The sum of all FUD

After repeatedly complaining about Krauthammer’s (among others) apparent inability to apprehend just what sort of radical totalitarian snake-in-the-grass an almost ludicrously dumbed-down “citizenry” twice allowed themselves to be hoodwinked–BAMBOOZLED!–by, I’m happy to report that Doctor K’s clarity on Israel and its quasi-human tormenters remains razor sharp: Rarely does international politics present a moment of such …

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Jul 15

Kill ‘em all

Let Allah sort ‘em out. And give ‘em their 72 raisins or what the fuck ever. Terrorism is a game. The rules are simple. You have three choices. 1. Destroy the terrorists. 2. Live with terrorism. 3. Give in to the terrorists. There are no other choices. The first choice comes from the right. The …

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Jul 09

“There is always a certain dissociation when leftists gather at a Ritz Carlton hotel to discuss their commitment to the poor”

Know what the difference is between Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” and the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy? One of them is real. The Democracy Alliance is not a famous organization, but it deserves to be. The Alliance consists of approximately 100 rich liberals who have taken upon themselves the task of coordinating America’s many left-wing organizations …

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Jul 08

Obama’s War On America: mission accomplished!

You could call it restating the obvious, and I suppose it is, really. But it’s not a bad thing to review the situation now and then, in the interest of clarity–especially in a time when so many befuddled conservative pundits still insist on gloating over each new Obama “failure” as he successfully implements each new …

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Jul 07

Just missed

Once again, it’s close but no cigar for Rick Perry. Texas governor Rick Perry said Sunday Obama-administration immigration authorities are “either inept or don’t care” about the crisis of unaccompanied minor illegal immigrants. In a combative exchange with host Martha Raddatz on ABC’s This Week, Perry said border guards are stretched too thin in the …

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Jul 01

The masks–and gloves–are off

The irrelevancies and subterfuges are burning away, leaving us with the pure essence of what they truly are. Andrew’s and Molly’s post reflecting the hysterical reaction on the Left to the Hobby Lobby decision makes for both entertaining and instructive reading. It’s entertaining because — regarding the issue they claim to care most about, access …

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Jun 30

“Fuck SCOTUS. Fuck Hobby Lobby. Fuck religion. Fuck America”

The Left, nutshelled. Tell me again about how we need to be “polite” and “civil” to the vicious, wretched parasites. And while you’re at it, tell me how it is that we’re supposed to be reconciled with them, or why we would even want to be in the first place. Our “countrymen,” our “fellow Americans”? …

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Jun 23


Calling them that doesn’t even begin to cover it. Some 60 cases of genital mutilation have been discovered in Norrköping in eastern Sweden since March with all 30 girls in one school class found to have undergone the procedure. Of the 30, some 28 of the girls were found to have been subjected to the …

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Jun 22

It’s the Islam, stupid Part the Million Bazillionth

Bang. Zoom. A perusing of my archives will show the many, many postings I have about M3. My point throughout has been that Islam is not a religion like the others; the Jihadis and their M3 are followers of a totalitarian creed which far from being a “religion of peace” (the stupidest meme to come …

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Jun 21

Deal with it

Analysis of a long-term, slow-motion debacle that suddenly started moving en rapide. It all happened pretty quickly last week, but in case you haven’t noticed, Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall over there. The bonehead American news media affects to be too stunned to even ask the pertinent questions, starting with: is that all it …

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Jun 17

You know things are bad for Barky when…

…he figures he needs a distraction badly enough that he’s finally willing to bring one of the Benghazi combatants “to justice” at last. A suspected terrorist linked to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans has been captured inside Libya by U.S. forces and currently is en route to the United States, Fox …

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Jun 17

IRS doubling down

Ace’s headline pretty well sums it up: IRS: Hey Sorry We “Lost” Lois Lerner’s Emails GOP: It’s Not Credible You Only Lost Lois Lerner’s Emails IRS: Oh Right We Lost Other Emails Too GOP: Whose? IRS: Other People Involved in the Targeting of Conservatives GOP: Oh At this point, I’d have to say that it’s …

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Jun 16

Iraq Spring grinds on

Animals. As Iraq’s government bolstered Baghdad’s defenses Sunday, the Islamic militant group that captured two major cities last week posted graphic photos that appeared to show its fighters massacring dozens of captured Iraqi soldiers. The pictures on a militant website appear to show masked fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or …

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Jun 14

“Was The Iraq War A Complete Waste?”

Yes. Yes, it was. At least the way we chose to go about it, anyway. Next question. Not that we should be surprised. Back in 2010, Army Gen. George Casey warned that the 130,000-strong Iraqi police and soldiers lacked leaders, were deserting by thousands, were hampered by corruption, displayed little will to fight and would probably never …

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Jun 12

GREAT news: Arab Spring comes to Iraq at last!

Don’t know why the liberal media aren’t reporting it in those terms; it’s the same murderous Muslim-fascist fanatics they’ve been rooting for in Egypt, Syria, Libya, and everywhere else right along. Al Qaeda-inspired militants in Iraq vowed Thursday to march against Baghdad after seizing two key cities in the north of the country this week. …

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Jun 11

No deal

The war that wasn’t: That’s the point to remember about this debacle: There is no deal. None. Washington gave away five war criminals who are already pledging to get back to killing – and the superpower got nothing in return. The deserter and his kooky dad are merely the cover for the fact that the …

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Jun 04

The most murderous ideology in human history

Take a guess at what it might be. Then tell me again all about how important it is that we “respect” it, along with its malevolent, brutish practitioners.

Jun 03

If Obama WAS openly a jihad-supporting Muslim, what would he be doing different?

What he said: puke.

Jun 02

VICTORY! Obama works with his Taliban partners in “peace,” gets results the Left can cheer over

He gains the release (by negotiating with and capitulating to terrorists) of a deserter from his “captivity”; turns five vicious Muslim fanatics loose to rejoin the fray at their convenience; gives aid, comfort, and a propaganda victory to our enemies; deals out another contemptuous slap in the face to real US soldiers doing their duty …

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May 24


Well, you knew it was coming. It’s just lies all the way down with these douchebags. But then, seeing as how facts, morality, logic, and reality itself all stand in direct opposition to their entire program, it pretty much has to be. But even before reading the book, one can conclude certain things about Piketty, …

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May 22

“What the Left Gets Wrong About Constitutionalism”

Umm…absolutely everything? But the easiest way to rebut them has always been simply to refer to the Constitution itself, and to the men who wrote it. Yet you won’t really get a rebuttal. What you get is mostly a bunch of snide insinuations that Epstein isn’t really qualified to offer opinions on the Constitution, or …

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May 19

It’s the Islam, stupid

Not “radical” or “extreme” or “fundamentalist” or a “perversion” or any other lame-ass Western excuse. It’s the mainstream; it’s supported by the overwhelming majority of Muslims worldwide; it’s all right there in the Koran for anyone who cares enough to read it…and it is purest, blackest evil. Period.

May 15

Better get the re-education camps ready

I’m with Herschel. But then, you knew that already; I usually am, after all. Christians have been run out of Mesopotamia, killed and tortured in Egypt, and are being brutalized all over the world. And the evil leader of this Islamic group in Nigeria claims that he has converted the girls to Islam. He can “convert” …

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May 15

UNEXPECTED: rotten to the very core

The headline and sub-heds say it all: IRS’s tea-party noose tightens: Targeting campaign was directed by HQ in Washington, D.C. – not by a few ‘rogue agents’ in Ohio, documents reveal Bombshell emails indicate handling of scheme targeting conservative nonprofit groups was quarterbacked at the IRS’s D.C. office Sen. Carl Levin, a Michigan Democrat, applied …

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