Credit where due

Ken Layne always runs such great memes, I must say; in fact, I’ve swiped a good many of the tremendous backlog currently clogging my hard drive from his excellent establishment, and am grateful indeed for the opportunity. Just now I glommed a particularly good ‘un I’m gonna to dedicate to responsible adult and placental mammal Diogenes Sarcastica, who I am pleased and privileged to consider a blog-pal, just because I’m confident she’ll get a chuckle out of it when it runs here tomorrow evening.

As I like to tell myself I am, Miz DS is a weirdo in all the very best ways, which is why I figger she’ll pick up on it. No, I ain’t gonna say which meme it is, that would spoil the whole thing for everybody. Y’all will just have to figure that out for yourselves.

Movin’ on

Only just ran across this, but Joe Hoft—younger brother of Jim, founder of the renowned Gateway Pundit blog—appears to have flown the coop for his own self-titled digs. Not having seen him over at GP very much if at all of late, I kinda wondered what might’ve happened with him. Good to see the blogging addiction is still pulsing strongly in your veins, Joe. Duly bookmarked and blogrolled, natch.

Straight dope on…ummm, dope

Why are certain pharmaceuticals becoming rare as hen’s teeth in the FUSA? Bill lays it all out over at the DP mothership, then hits on a related topic in his latest for Substack: Blogs – What Are They Good For? Both posts are of the impossible-to-excerpt variety, so just click on over and read ’em all.

Big Country update

I’ve had beaucoup inquiries the last few days on what the status might be of my good friend Billy, known to most as Big Country Expat of the now-Goolag-ified and thus temporarily defunct Outlaw Intrepid Reporter blog. Just got off the phone with him, and all is as copacetic as it reasonably can be for a man in his current unenviable situation. So fret not folks; I’ll keep y’all posted on any further developments as and when.

Update! Billy just sent me some pics from this past weekend’s visitation with Adriana Grace.

Image000000 1

Heh. Happy young ‘un, all piled up on Papi’s lap. This next one is excellent, too.


The Cookie Monster, caught with her hand in the cookie jar, quite literally. What a sweet, lovely child Adriana is; as y’all may remember, Billy and Gretch stopped by here a while back, and brought AG along with, to my lasting delight. Billy tells me this past weekend’s visit with Adriana will be the final one, at least until he’s hired himself a new lawyer. Which, that last is another part of the whole sordid,  blood-boiling story of what transpired in the shithole state of TN last week.

Publick Notice

Been out running around like the proverbial chicken with his proverbial head cut proverbially off all day, only just now getting back home again. So the Friday Eyrie post, while about half-done from working on it some yesterday, is probably gonna be postponed until tomorrow night, I’m thinking—in part because I have a sad, sad duty to perform for a close friend who’s had a bit of a setback. A BIT of…? A good, hard sucker-punch right to the goddamned ‘nads thrown by a MMA champeen in peak form, more like.

Billy, a/k/a Big Country Expat, has asked me to put the word out as best I can that, after a trip most arduous from FLA, he was greeted in the sorry-ass shithole state of Tennessee with some horribly bad tidings, which have rocked him back on his heels considerably. Yes, I know the details. No, I won’t be going into them here; that’s for Billy to do or not do at his own discretion, in his own good time. But take my word for it, it’s bad. About as bad as bad gets, in fact. Trust me, there’s a reason his latest post announcing a two-week hiatus from blogging prominently features an image of a large, green, pear-shaped object, and not Word One else.

More as and when, but in the meantime, your heartfelt prayers for my brother-from-another-mother Billy and the sweet and lovely Gretchen in their time of direst need would surely not go amiss.

Update! Presented without comment; far as I’m concerned, none is necessary.

GREAT song, GREAT arrangement, GREAT vocal performance, no matter the context.

Shocking news

Saw this the other day and I’ve kinda held off on saying anything about it, just to see if maybe there was another shoe to be dropped. So far, there hasn’t been.

I have long said on this blog that a civil war is the last thing that we need. It is a last resort, because the person that you are, the life that you lead, is over. The cost is quite high, the outcome uncertain, and the pain will be nearly unbearable. Millions will likely die. We don’t take actions like that for light reasons, and we certainly don’t destroy a nation and our lives if there is a hope that we can accomplish our objective any other way.

Stop trying to be a Ray Epps. Put up, shut up, or go fuck yourself. Stop trying to urge others to do what you will not do. Frankly, I’m over it. Comments to this post will not be allowed.

This blog is closed until further notice.

And so it has been. Aesop mulls it over, at some length, and It. Is. Good.

We’ve been under attack for years. Like SAfrican farmers, the body count’s getting obvious to anyone looking, from anywhere.

Some people are going to decide they’ve had enough. The smart ones are going to do something about it, as they can, when they can, to whomever they can. They’re not going to advertise, or cock-a-doodle-doo. 

They’re just going to do what they think needs to be done.

They’re going to Shoot. Shovel.* And Shut Up.

Eventually, that may become noticeable. Whether it does or doesn’t, everyone is going to have to decide to get in that game, or just watch.

That’s a you problem, not a me or an us problem.

Because if you do it, I don’t want to know. And if I do it, I’m not telling. Not you, not anybody, not ever.

Anybody who does is a pure Grade AAA Idiot.

But It’s. Going. To. Start. Happening.

Exactly, precisely so. To coin a phrase, the first rule of Revolt Club is, or surely ought to be, you never talk about Revolt Club. Plenty more at the link, of which you should read the all. If you can’t see how that relates to what Divemedic was on about, then you got some more thinking to do, I’m afraid.

I’ve contended for a long time here that when/if the Rebellion does get cranked up in earnest, Jurassic Media and TPTB will do their level best to keep it hushed up, for as long as they possibly can, after which point all bets are well and truly OFF. I do hope Divemedic will be back at some point; Our Side needs all the strong, uncompromising voices it can possibly get in this struggle, and DM was certainly one of those. But in any event, I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors, whatever they may end up being.


Wherein Ye Olde Blogge Hoste shamelessly swipes another good idea

Just went over for the daily look-in at Bill’s place, and I note he’s had an idea I think well worth the stealing: putting the link to his own Substack column at the top of the main page, making it more noticeable and immediate. Since our Daily Donnybrook open-thread post is already made “sticky” when I put each new one up, what I think I’m a-gonna do is append an “Eyrie” notification to it as well; should serve the same promotional function as Bill’s notice, without impinging on the main page of the blog any more than I just absolutely have to.

Update! Done, and done. I removed the Eyrie image from the sidebar and stuck it into the DD post, which I think looks great, and modified the DD title slightly too. What say y’all, CF Lifers? Like it, or no?

Updated update! So again I got to thinking (a VERY dangerous thing), and began asking myself whether, with the sticky Eyrie notification up top, I should carry on with the “Eyrie up” biweekly notification posts also. What I’m thinking is that I should, and will; they don’t do any real harm, don’t eat much, and are doable at a relatively affordable price, namely free, so why the hell not?

Do you Kipple?

Our friend KT—she of the much-beloved AoSHQ Saturday Pet and Gardening threads, among other fine and notable things—posts an excellent deep-dive analysis into one of the great Bard’s very best pomes.

Rudyard Kipling first published The Gods of the Copybook Headings in 1919, soon after the War To End All Wars. And it has been a decade since Bill Whittle slightly revised Kipling’s poem “for modern ears”, replacing “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” in the poem with The Gods of Wisdom and Virtue. He also replaced “The Gods of the Market Place” with The Gods of the Here and the Now.

The word choice of “The Gods of the Here and the Now” seems to me to be especially relevant to our culture and politics at the present moment. Some gods, especially the human ones, seem to fall out of favor in just a news cycle or two. Sometimes the descriptions of the non-human gods will be transformed in a news cycle or two.

So, what and who are the Gods of the Here and the Now, at this moment?

Safe to say that answering that question will automagickally provide the answers to a whole lot of other ones into the bargain. Read all of it. Then, from there, browse through my “Kipling” section, linked in Ye Olde CF Menuebarre up top yonder. There’s bound to be something in there that will be new to you, I’d bet. If you’re not a Kipling fan yet, then it’s high time you became one.

Gee, some wisdom, it turns out, truly IS eternal. Whodathunkit?

Testing, testing 1, 2, 3

First post after finally getting around to purchasing a license for the completely wonderful MarsEdit (what can I say, I’ve been a terrible procrastinator my whole damned life, so much so I even got called down for it in a note to my parents from my 1st-grade teacher, bless her heart), which I can’t possibly say enough good things about. Got used to limping along with that irksome WP posting interface for a goodish while there, but now I’m back, baby! Now if I can just remember all my custom macros and shortcuts…

Sincerest and most humble thanks to Barry for the boost. Yippeeeeee!!!

A path is being cleared

For…well, now, let’s see, whom?

The Democrat Long Knives Come Out for Kamala Harris; Democrats Tell Their Newsletter The New York Times That They Have to Ditch Harris To Have Any Chance of Winning in 2024

My italics at the end, to underscore where I must beg to differ with Ace’s take. The D卐M☭CRATs know perfectly well who has and does not have “any chance of winning” in 2024, or any other year going forward. This bit from the NYT’s article I thought was amusing.

Now that Biden has insinuated that he intends to run again, the NYT reported many Democrats worry that Harris’ name on the ticket as his running mate will deter voters. Their worries came after a FiveThirtyEight poll showed Harris’ approval rating at 39%.

“I can’t think of one thing she’s done except stay out of the way and stand beside him at certain ceremonies,” Morgan told the NYT.

Umm, s’cuse me for saying so and all, but that’s pretty much the Veep’s entire job description: travel the world to attend state funerals, otherwise just stand around quietly in the background waiting for somebody to assassinate your boss. It’s why “Cactus Jack” Garner, the VP for FDR’s first two terms as POTUS, famously noted that the job was “not worth a bucket of warm piss.” In fact, the one occasion in recent memory that a Veep was called upon to actually do something important was in January 2021, when “Deep State Mike” Pence declined to do his duty and went ahead and certified the results of a manifestly fraudulent election, despite a veritable ziggurat of credible evidence refuting its legitimacy.

It was truly a day that will live in infamy, to quote somebody other.

But yeah, it does indeed appear that a path is being cleared for somebody, sure enough. The only question is who that somebody might be, and it’s a real head-scratcher.

Okay, okay, I admit: no, it is NOT.

The party certainly doesn’t have a deep bench of candidates. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s miserable performance shows he’s incapable of running the country. Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) would be 83 years old on his Inauguration Day. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) likely lacks the charisma to gain national support.

These are desperate times indeed for Democrats when California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Warren are the best the party has to offer.

But there’s another candidate who just might save the day. As abhorrent as the thought may be, former first lady Michelle Obama’s name is increasingly being bandied about as a potential nominee.

As we know, Big Mike repeatedly expressed her disdain for being First “Lady” while her “husband” Bathhouse Barry served his two terms as the Left’s designated weapon of mass destruction in Mordor On The Potomac, which personal disgruntlement would seem to militate against her campaigning for a White House encore. But Toni Williams knows the score on that.

Michelle Obama may say she doesn’t want to be President, but if her country needs her, she will swallow the bile she feels for this country and step up to be our First Authentically Black and Female President. Who could resist. Joel Gilbert definitely thinks she is running and copying Barack (you know the drill) Obama’s formula. She introduced Joe Biden at the 2020 Democrat Convention, she has a book, and she has a voter registration group.

Who could blame Michelle? She would go down in history. She would be the Mother of the Rebirth of Our Country Without Original Sin. You can hear it now, can’t you? She will finish the “fundamental transformation” of our country begun under her husband. Joe can’t do it. Eight years of Michelle Obama will do the job. Our country will be finished.

And my dear friends, I don’t think we will get a choice. If our Lizard Overlords choose Michelle, she will be the Chosen One. The scowling America Hater will be the next President of the United States. She will be installed just as creepy Joe was installed. The Deep State is like a Marvel Cinematic Universe Villain. It cannot be destroyed. Trump tried and look what they are still doing to him. You may think Donald Trump is too damaged to run again. When the Lizard Overlords run Michelle, Donald (Obi-Wan Kenobi) Trump will be our only hope. File this away under predictions and then thank me when I am right. May the force be with you.

Donal Trump isn’t too damaged to run again, but he IS too damaged to win, even if he could find a way to circumvent the D卐M☭CRATs’ now solidly-secured lock on national “elections.” Toni may have gotten that part wrong, but she’s right on the money when she says We The People don’t get to have any say about who the next President will be. Not this time, not the next time, nor any other time.

Yes, there’s something we can do about that, but it will be neither easy, nor pleasant, nor guaranteed to turn out the way we’d like it to. One way or another, though, rest assured that the Deep State not only can but WILL be destroyed. As history tells us, it’s not a matter of if, but of when.

(Victory Girls link via Sarah Hoyt)


There’s a brand new post up over at The Eyrie, which I initially put here by accident. Sorry ‘bout that, gang; my bad. I’m beginning to make some real headway on getting this whole Substack business sussed out, or so I’m telling myself. It’s available for all to read, but in order to comment you have to be a paid subscriber. I think.


Inexpressibly sad

Boy, ain’t THAT the mot juste.

For Gerard

I know that most of you have gotten the news that Gerard Vanderleun is in hospice care now. It is inexpressibly sad.

I’ve been wrestling with this for a while. And by “this” I mean: how to say what I’m about to say. Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a very private person and don’t go in for much disclosure, dramatic or otherwise. But I’m about to write something very personal because detachment doesn’t work right now.

And it’s something Gerard wanted me to write, too, and so I’m doing this at least in part for him as well.

Gerard and I met through our blogging nearly eighteen years ago, became a couple about a year later and stayed that way for many years, and for the past ten or so years have been extremely close friends. We never lived together but would visit each other for lengthy periods, travel together, and have talked on the phone almost every day for most of the time we’ve been apart. He deferred to my need for privacy by not writing about our relationship, although I appear in some of his writings as the mysterious woman who was there for this or that occasion.

We’ve been in touch every day right through this illness, which came on so quickly and was diagnosed so recently – only this past Wednesday – that it took everyone by surprise. I am the “updater” at American Digest, too.

I’m very distraught, I’m on my way out west to see him, and this will be my only post for today. I’m not planning on giving a running account, but at some point I probably will write more about this.

Thank God for your presence in Gerard’s life, Neo, and may He bless you for being there in this good and gentle man’s hour of greatest need. She does indeed have a brief followup post.

I saw Gerard yesterday and I believe he’s quite close to death, perhaps days to a week. I’m not going to go into details except to say that meaningful conversation seems to have ceased, and he has also stopped drinking water. He’s being cared for attentively at a good place.

It is very hard to face losing his enormous presence in my life.

I’m sure it is. We’ll all lose something unique and wonderful when GVDL finally departs this vale of tears.


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