Headline of the decade of the century of the week

It’s Glenn’s prefatory quip that really makes the thing stand up and sing.

WELL, AND WHEN ANGRY MOBS ARE BURNING WASHINGTON AND HANGING BUREAUCRATS, CONGRESSMEN, AND JOURNALISTS, EVERYONE WHO COULD ASK THEM TO STOP WILL BE IN JAIL: Democrats May Regret Their Legal War on Trump: The unprecedented targeting of the former president and his allies invites partisan retaliation.

T’is a consummation devoutly to be wished. Glenn’s link, not transcribed here, is to a paywalled WSJ article, which I didn’t bother clicking through and reading. I’m so old I can remember the golden days of yore when WSJ editor James Taranto’s Best Of The Web roundup was a must-read for every ReichWingNaziDeathBeast OG blogger like myself, a primo source for impactful, amusing, and/or off-the-wall blogfodder articles, but those days are long gone, alas.


Straw scarecrows, burning

If they only had a brain…

This is where the Never Trumpers always hoped we’d/they’d be: they’ll clutch their pearls pro forma for about 15 seconds, just to pay homage to the ancient platforms, oaths, and deities they long ago abandoned.

Then they’ll start clawing tooth and nail to become the Jeb3.0 Savior Of The Party, and try to make a pitch to last-minute supplant Trump on this year’s nomination ballot, aching to lose gloriously (a la Dole, McCrazy, and Romney) fighting Emperor Poopypants and his puppet masters with one hand tied behind their back, and wearing a full blindfold to the manifest gang-raping of our Constitution and the republic (when they’re not busy participating in it themselves gleefully).

That’s merely a brief passage from what I’ll call Chapter One, with Chapter Two hard on its heels. At first glance, the two posts might appear to be topically unrelated, but I must beg to differ. These days it’s ALL related, in one way or another.

In all the many, many years I’ve been pursuing this avocation, I’ve gotten to know quite a few fellow ReichwingÜberNaziDeathbeast bloggers, who between all of us have burned down a hell of a lot of Leftist scarecrows that badly needed the immolation. But of all those, I can’t recall a one who wielded a bigger flamethrower than our friend Aesop. Which is just my way of telling you good folks that you need to read all of these two. If you haven’t read him before, call it your baptism of fire.

No, of course I don’t completely agree with him every single time, on every single issue. If that was the case it would be cause for both of us to worry, because it’s a sure-fire indication that one of us (at least) must be bugfuck nuts. But hey—when he’s right, he is hand-to-God, balls-to-the-wall right. Which, y’know, is often enough to suit me.


News you can use

For those of you who are still interested in this sort of thing, Gateway Pundit is doing a livestream from the Trump rally in the Bronx, which begins at 6. I may watch a little of it myself, actually. Not that I care about the “election” and the related jockeying for position very much, but just to see if Sandy from Westchester shows up to throw a hissy fit. The stupid bint is already tempting fate by daring to invoke God Himself on the side of the unrighteous, the unjust, and the truly Satanic.

Ocasio-Cortez mocks Trump over bad weather ahead of Bronx rally: ‘God is good’
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) mocked former President Trump over bad weather ahead of his Thursday rally in the Bronx.

“God is Good 🙏🏽,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a Thursday post on the social platform X.

The New York Democrat replied to a post showcasing that the Crotona Park section of the Bronx, where the rally is slated to take place, had rain around 10 a.m. local time Thursday.

The House progressive went after the former president earlier this week for doing a campaign rally in the South Bronx. She said he was holding it in the Democratic stronghold due to a “legal version of an ankle bracelet.”

“Donald Trump is broke. He needs money. He’s hosting a rally to try to con people and try to fleece them out of every dollar that they have to fund his own legal fees,” she said.

Yeh, yeh, yeh, Bimbelina. What was it, 16k or thereabouts in debt when she first went to Congress, yet suddenly worth a few million now?

Tell ya what, flash us them big ol’ fun-bags of your’n, whydon’tcha, since you’ll be in the vicinity of all those TeeWee news cameras anyway. I have a bunch of cheap-ass, brightly-colored plastic Mardi Gras necklaces I’ll toss ya as compensation for your trouble, of the variety all my female friends in NOLA sneer at as “shit beads.” These women harbored no objection to letting ‘em breathe, and often did, albeit never in exhange for any of those tourist trinkets. That, they viewed as a gross insult to their not-inconsiderable womanly charms and personal honor.

Update! Shoot, forget the damned beads, Sandy. Just picture it: the E-ville Trump reduced to stammering, stuttering incoherence onstage at the very sight of you, front-row center with your T-shirt hoicked up around your neck, Latinx udders flapping in the breeze, uptight Reich-wing Xtianist Mega-MAGAts shocked into a dead faint, bodies strewn in unconscious windrows all about as you dance the Dance of True Freedom, letting your Freak Flag fly with utmost pride and dignity!

DO it, Sandy, you MUST! Cast off the shackles of unnatural body-modesty, guilt, and shame—foisted upon Wymrynz by their sexist Patriarchal Oppressors—cast off your top, and be the Hero we need so badly right now! Strike a mighty blow for Equity, Inclusiveness, and Social Justice; for the Sisterhood; for Palestine; for your D卐M☭CRAT colleagues; for Our Sacred Democracy itself! ONLY YOU CAN SAVE US NOW…

And your tig ol’ bitties, that is.

Oopsie update! The above GP link ain’t working, try this one instead.


Point well taken

Remember yesterday, when I hit my estimable and esteemed colleague (blogleague? blogalleague? oh, phooey) JJ Sefton with a little good-natured ribbing regarding the dearth of human beings in political office nowadays, which I consider to be more or less an oxymoron along the lines of “jumbo shrimp” or “military intelligence”? Well, in the comments he pithily reminds me:

Whether Biden is a human, a subhuman, a vegetable, or some combination is certainly debatable. “Obtain” and “legitimately elected” are not one in the same. 😉

Heh. Good ‘un, JJ. No argument against from moi, I did overlook those most salient facts. Sloppy of me, I know, but what the hell, anything for a laugh, right?


Ahoy! Reich-wing NaziDeathBeast blogger in distress!

A hearty yo-ho-ho, avast there matey, and welcome aboard to my boon companion and like-minded reprobate Concerned American from the soon-to-be resurrected and completely indispensible Western Rifle Shooters blog, who will be posting at this here den of iniquity for a cpl-three days whilst I get his DNS set up and a-propagating. Happy to have ya, old friend.


Short, definitely not sweet

CF Lifer hhluce has a brief Substack post following up on my own “Yeah, no” jeremiad from a cpl-three days ago, which he commended to our attention in the comments and I felt was worth a main-page mention here as well. Go ye and read of it, for it is…well, damned disturbing, actually, if you own a car manufactured in the last five years.

I’m not worthy!

Know how I always refer to BCE as “my brother from another mother”? Selfless, open-hearted generosity like this is one of the many reasons why.

I’m revamping the donations around here. Specifically to help another well known Scallywag and Deplorable, Mike Hendrix over at Cold Fury.

From here on out, all the donations IF you choose to participate are going to be directed to Mike. He’s been one of my best and closest supporters, along with The Tactical Hermit, CederQ, Phil and Wirecutter… however, Mike is still in a rough patch with his leg being fucking -gone- and his writing is his sole support. So he helped me with Gretchen, as well as with Adriana, and actually met up with us and offered us some sanctuary at his place when we needed it…

I’m revamping all the PayPal shytte here, so give me a day or two. I also have not told Mike yet, but I will eventually. Either way, Brothers Help Brothers is what it’s all about.

Jeezum H CROW, I don’t even know what to say. Just spoke with him on the phone, and he left me absolutely flabbergasted when he told me about this. Thanks from the bottom of my coal-black heart, Billy. You and Gretch both have been nothing but true-blue friends to me over lo, these many years, and it’s a friendship I deeply, deeply cherish. Plumb tickled to hear Gretch came through her tussle with the Big C in excellent shape, also.

Good, good people, those two Wascally Wabbits are, trust me on that.


A preponderance of evidence

First our very own hhluce posted his Border Kabuki pics in the comments here, then he aggregated ‘em all into one handy-dandy Stream 47 Substack post. Nice work, hh, damned nice work. Our boy has another first-rater up as well: ingeniously conceived, immaculately researched, impeccably argued. To wit:

It’s Not Migration, It’s Colonization, By The Communist Chinese
They polluted their own country so that the soil can’t grow crops that aren’t full of cadmium, mercury, and arsenic – and so now they want our land – and possession is 99% of the law…

And the “Democratic” and “Republican” Parties both facilitate this, the latter covering for the former’s bad acts. Trump has promised to deport these people back across the border, and to seal it against incursion – while Bai-den does nothing – and his CBP helps them to come across. That’s a clear choice for anyone opposed to the colonization and eventual control of the US by the Han Chinese, the most racist people on the face of the earth, who are content to live under brutal dictators, since they have no tradition of anything approaching democracy or republicanism. And both of the Democratic and Republican Establishments are giving not only comfort, but active aid – money, food, housing, medical care, transport – to these people invading the US on behalf of a hostile foreign power. Want some evidence? See the following…

Trust me, you want to, you really, really want to. It’s an entirely different take on the manufactured “border crisis” that proceeds from a place I will guar-on-gott-damn-TEE you you haven’t seen anyplace else. I repeat: DAMNED nice work, hh, and good on ya. That second excerpted piece calls for a rerun of a Kari Lake gem I used in my most recent Screamin’ meemie Monday! post, I do believe.

Seconded, most heartily. Good on you too, Ms Lake, you good-lookin’ thang, you. Arizona really screwed the pooch by not electing you Governor when they had the chance in 22. That, and re-sending Traitor John McStain to the Senate for a hundred and fifty-sixty years—I mean, what the hell is WRONG with you people out there, anyhow?


Credit where due

Ken Layne always runs such great memes, I must say; in fact, I’ve swiped a good many of the tremendous backlog currently clogging my hard drive from his excellent establishment, and am grateful indeed for the opportunity. Just now I glommed a particularly good ‘un I’m gonna to dedicate to responsible adult and placental mammal Diogenes Sarcastica, who I am pleased and privileged to consider a blog-pal, just because I’m confident she’ll get a chuckle out of it when it runs here tomorrow evening.

As I like to tell myself I am, Miz DS is a weirdo in all the very best ways, which is why I figger she’ll pick up on it. No, I ain’t gonna say which meme it is, that would spoil the whole thing for everybody. Y’all will just have to figure that out for yourselves.

Movin’ on

Only just ran across this, but Joe Hoft—younger brother of Jim, founder of the renowned Gateway Pundit blog—appears to have flown the coop for his own self-titled digs. Not having seen him over at GP very much if at all of late, I kinda wondered what might’ve happened with him. Good to see the blogging addiction is still pulsing strongly in your veins, Joe. Duly bookmarked and blogrolled, natch.

Straight dope on…ummm, dope

Why are certain pharmaceuticals becoming rare as hen’s teeth in the FUSA? Bill lays it all out over at the DP mothership, then hits on a related topic in his latest for Substack: Blogs – What Are They Good For? Both posts are of the impossible-to-excerpt variety, so just click on over and read ’em all.

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