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Misplaced pride

A sobering reminder of the dismal State of Our (Fractured) Union.

After decades of witnessing America hasten into a dark nightmare of an existence and an ever more uncertain, ill-prepared direction for the future of the country, under a fascist Marxist-Maoist regime, our reasons to be proud of this country have become practically non-existent, on this 4th of July, due to largely inadequate counters or no counterattacks at all to prevent or halt the constant and continuous assaults and attacks by America’s domestic terrorists and the enemies-from-within, as well as enemies from abroad. And as many prepare to celebrate America’s Independence Day, Americans should reflect on their own vision for the not so “united” United States of America and whether or not they love this nation enough to ensure its continued success and survival throughout the 21st century as the greatest nation on earth.

This is the nation that gave the world the marriage between the ideas of liberty and the equality of all under the law, which greatly enabled and facilitated the highest levels of individual liberty and the greatest economic prosperity ever seen throughout the entire history of mankind. This alone would ordinarily make America a very Exceptional nation indeed, if not for the advent of the new amerikkans who hate America’s founding, Her principles and Western civilization itself.

The American Flag is heavily worn, and its stars are faded today, after roughly 200 years of America being such an exceptional nation. Yes, we know She’s stood tall for many years, the best She could for 248 years, but a large segment of the American people — those with a long line of American ancestry as well as the newer generations of immigrants — have themselves diminished and torn asunder the luster of the idea of American Exceptionalism and that Shining City on the Hill that has so often been used across history to depict America, and in far too many instances they have sabotaged the country and American virtues and principles by way of numerous Machiavellian mechanisms, as seen for example in the 1913 Federal Reserve Bank Act, 1929 Stock Market Crash, 1965 Immigration Act, the Covid Pandemic, mail-in ballots, “Election Month” instead of “Election Day” and the New Green Deal.

Our nation emerged from the fire, fury and chaos of the War for Independence with the hopes of the people and a people determined to live free through their own capabilities and devices without the heavy, tyrannical hand of any government from that day on, but from the looks of things today, those hopes were dashed repeatedly across the ages. They revolted over a two percent tax hike on tea, and yet here we sit today taxed on every damned thing under the sun, including the property we supposedly own and the very damned air we breathe.

The average American has many more valid reasons to revolt today, than they had in 1776. Consider the Declaration of Independence, and then consider the current political malaise that has grabbed the American people by the cajones and seemingly just sucked the will and the life out of them, as they sit back ever complacent and apathetic as a Marxist-Maoist juggernaut rolls over their inalienable God-given rights as seen in Natural Law made by God the Creator. One can almost hear the bleating as one walks down Main Street USA.

Never in American history have we seen our country and its people so sorely abused and put upon. Never have the American people suffered such a long train of abuses and usurpations, as we are suffering through today under this Marxist-Maoist communist regime that has captured our government through and through. And it’s damned hard to be proud of a country that has allowed for this, that stands by this very moment watching as if the situation will somehow miraculously resolve itself, as the Democratic Party move ahead with the fundamental transformation of America into something foreign and antithetical to Her founding, a tyrannical Socialist Super-State.

I’ve steadfastly maintained in recent years that, rather than celebrating an America that long since ceased to exist except in the minds and hearts of Real American patriots, the 4th of July ought to be informally declared a national day of mourning, swapping out the red, white, and blue with funereal black. Even so, I do think it worthwhile to celebrate—and take pride in—the unrivaled greatness of our Founding Fathers, if only to help us keep their accomplishments, the principles that inspired them, and the nation they selflessly pledged absolutely everything to ordain and establish foremost in our thoughts—not just today, but every day of the year.

Plus, there’s the side-benefit that doing so will piss shitlibs off so bad they’ll be running ’round and ’round in tight little circles like a man with one foot staked with an Arkansas Toothpick to the ground, frothing, baying, and shrieking like little girls over how horribly UNFAAAAIIIIR!!!! it all is—a spectacular tableau of grief-sodden, self-destructive futility bound to gladden the hearts of all Real Americans. I ask you, what’s not to like about that?

(Via Dave Renegade)

Unrelated update! Apropos of nothing whatsoever, I just noticed that, as of this moment, I have precisely ZERO (0) open blogfodder-tabs left—INCROYABLE!!

Granted, having deemed it unlikely that I ever would get around to properly addressing them at this point, I regretfully pulled the plug on three (3) long-open browser tabs earlier today that had been open so dang long they were dusty, rusty, and way past their use-by date. I mean, these things were so ancient I can’t even recollect why I’d originally thought they might be of much interest to anyone, much less interesting enough to inspire me to write about ‘em. Call it a mercy killing, perhaps.

But still…INCROYABLE!! Also, because reasons: SACRE BLEU!!

Another development which came to my attention yestiddy afternoon whilst slaving away to put the weekly Memezapoppin’ post together: my once-ginormous stockpile of memes awaiting deployment has dwindled to a mere shadow of its former robust self. Can’t even remember the last time that happened; it’s unsettling, frankly. Makes me feel rootless, adrift, without purpose, bereft. Out of the blue, I’m suffused with anxiety over a suddenly-unsettled future wherein, sooner or later, I’ll be caught with my pants down, as it were.

Yessir, to my astonishment and horror, the reassuring Strategic Meme Reserve I’d always taken for granted as a last-ditch backup which guaranteed me a steady, uninterrupted meme-stream to tap for post-content for the twice-weekly delectation of discerning, meme-thirsty CF Lifers and/or Eyrie Eyregulars in time of war and/or emergency is now almost totally drained. Disappointing you fine folks so egregiously by having to shut off the meme-spigot, albeit temporarily, owing entirely to my improvident lack of forethought is simply abhorrent to me— altogether unconscionable, unpardonable, unacceptable. T’is a personal disgrace, a fate worse than death, when you get right down to it.

Unlike the semi-successfully reanimated, overripe fleshly remains of Undead Jaux “Walks Among Us” Biden, I can’t even plead the near-fatal ravages of an immediate-onset head cold and/or mysteriously persistent faux fatigue from a weeks-past European sojourn for the undisclosed purpose of putting in a nominally lifelike appearance at a critically urgently vitally critical, inexplicably exhausting confab with my fellow-socialist-despot counterparts as excuse for my dereliction of duty, ferchrissake.

As expressed in the tear-soaked, grotesquely-theatrical sobs of Jerry Lee Lewis’s infamous cousin: I have sinned…against…you!

On the bright(er) side, it amounts to yet another recapitulation of a lesson drummed into me right down to the cellular level by many years of full-body immersion in the rock and roll lifestyle: too much is never enough. Guess I better get to surfing, downloading, and warehousing toot sweet…


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