Hell on holiday

Spencer graciously provides a long-awaited excuse for me to swipe that great Dashiell Hammett line, albeit abbreviated, from the mouth of his iconic Contintental Op character.

Sweden Is Safer in the Summertime, But No One Wants to Face the Reason Why
Recent developments in Britain and France are making it clear to everyone what European countries have done to themselves, but the full effects still won’t be seen for another few decades. Still, there are hints of what is happening, and what is to come, that are unmistakable to those who are paying attention.

The Swedish-language publication Fria Tider reported Tuesday that “in southern Sweden, it becomes quieter in the summer when the criminals go on holiday to their home countries, according to the police.”

Yes, you read that right: the people who commit most of the crimes in Sweden go on vacation to their countries of origin, and so their place of refuge becomes calmer and safer for the native population. Mats Karlsson, the head of intelligence for the police in the southern region of Sweden, explained: “Some of them, who originate in other countries, go there over the summer. Then we notice a big difference, a greater calm, in our vulnerable areas. In the second year when they are still in Sweden, they become messier.”

Now wait a minute. Aren’t many of these migrants supposed to be asylum seekers and refugees? So why are they vacationing in the countries they supposedly fled for their lives?

Also, who is paying for these vacations, with migrants receiving “65 percent of social welfare expenditures”? Swedish taxpayers, obviously. But why?

Oooh, I know I know, let me, let me! Because they’re pussified, weak-ass bitches?

The “foreign-born represent 53 percent of individuals with long prison sentences, 58 percent of the unemployed.” As if that weren’t enough, they receive “77 percent of Sweden’s child poverty is present in households with a foreign background, while 90 percent of suspects in public shootings have immigrant backgrounds.” What benefit does Sweden receive from importing a large criminal element?

Whatever good the Swedish elites think that the migrants are bringing to Sweden, they continue to ignore the fact that many of the migrants wish to transform Sweden and all of Europe and remake it in their own image. One reason for their high crime rate is their absolute contempt for the laws of the unbelievers, “the most vile of created beings” (Qur’an 98:6). Add to this mix a multiculturalist ethos that exalts the presence of foreign and non-assimilated cultures within Western countries perceived as large umbrella structures for a huge variety of diverse peoples, and the stage is set for a policy of appeasement and accommodation of the ideology of Islamic supremacism.

European elites today believe that by admitting large numbers of Muslim immigrants into their country and making special accommodations for Islamic culture and practices, Europe will achieve a new cultural flowering — but left unconsidered in this is the nature of political Islam, which when dominant is hardly hospitable to rival political systems or cultures.

Sadly, shamefully in fact, Moslem appeasement is by no means restricted to the Europeenie side of the Big Pond nowadays.


Seven Years Ago…

Trump knew what was at stake then. He knew it was not going to be easy.

Trump did not “fail” us, we failed him, failed America. I see it all the time, so do you.

One man cannot change the course without supporters willing to do everything in their power to help right the ship. Don’t count on the GOP as they are the real problem. It is us that refuse to speak up. It is us that refuse to go to the demonstrations and exercise our rights as Americans. It is us that willingly allow the deep state to run* our lives. Don’t sit idly by this time.

*add an i and it is correct

UPDATE: The French have been heard – Marine Le Pen’s Party is ahead of everyone else. It’s going on across the West, hope we here in America can be as strong as the French.

Geller Report

Independent Sentinel


Be afraid, be very afraid

He damned well OUGHTA be fearful. In a better, more just world, he’d have ample reason to be.

Dr. Fauci says he still fears someone may kill him
(The Hill) – Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former chief White House medical adviser, said that he still fears someone may murder him one day.

“I still think, deep down, that there’s a possibility that somebody’s gonna kill me,” Fauci said in an interview with USA Today released Wednesday. “So, that’s a possibility I wish I didn’t have to think about, but it’s true.”

Fauci noted that he has “become the target of people with extremist views.”

The former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has regularly been targeted by conservatives over his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and in 2022, a man from West Virginia was sentenced to a little over three years in prison following threats to him and others.

“One of the several unfortunate aspects of the outbreak was that it occurred at a time of profound divisiveness in our society,” Fauci told USA Today.

In another recent interview on CBS with by Stephen Colbert, Fauci was asked by the comedian about how he would “diagnose America as a patient right now.” Fauci said that Colbert would need a surgeon rather than a doctor of internal medicine, to which the host replied asking him what he would say if he were a psychologist.

“There is a degree of schizophrenia in the country,” Fauci said. “It’s just, it really is, I mean, how far apart people can be that they seem to forget how much alike we are, but we’re acting like we’re so, so different.”

Vive la différence, sayeth I. God forbid anyone should ever conjure I have a single solitary thing in common with your evil, mass-murdering ass, Herr Gnome.


Memorial Day Part the Second

Not to slight our honorable war dead, but these filthy, fascist bastards should never be forgotten either—just in a different way, with utmost dishonor instead of respect and love.

Those of the above that haven’t already dropped dead from twelve-foot long bloodclots and coronary “distress” should be shot right in the fucking face. “Fuck your freedom,” Arnie? No, fuck YOU, pal. You, and everyone who “thinks” like you, forever and ever amen.

(Via Dave Renegade)


Rum, sodomy, and the lash

But mainly, y’know, sodomy.

Think about that next time some chest-thumping yayhoo starts bending your ear with all that “strongest military, world’s lone superpower” hoo-raw.

Get in their punk-ass faces, punch back twice as hard

Reynolds pens one hell of a fine article extolling the multifarious virtues of pushing back.

Pushback Works
Campus political violence and the moral and practical aspects of resistance.

Pushback works.

That’s the lesson of the pro-Hamas protests on college campuses, and the reaction to them. It’s a lesson that many of us need to take to heart.

With support from lefty foundations and NGOs, and training from professional leftists activists, pro-Hamas encampments were established at campuses all across America. Libraries were the victim of rampages, Jewish students literally wound up hiding in attics, were assaulted, and were taunted and greeted with chants of “go back to Poland.” “Checkpoints” manned by Hamas sympathizers barred Jewish students, or anyone who wouldn’t renounce “Zionism,” from some parts of campus. American flags were torn down and replaced with Palestinian flags. It looked as if the protesters had the momentum, as university administrations responded supinely. And then, something happened.

People fought back. Mostly fraternity guys, who in this season have become the defenders of Western civilization.

For decades, of course, leftist mobs on campus have run wild without much pushback. Their threats and destruction have been excused as just a “passion for justice” or some such twaddle. While university administrators demand exquisite sensitivity to the feelings of favored groups, everyone else is told to just put up with lefty excesses.

But a funny thing happened: When people started pushing back, suddenly the administrators got some backbone.

To be fair, the pushback hasn’t just been from frat guys. There had been pressure from donors sufficient to get some university presidents fired, but when it came to getting the encampments moved off campus, it was the on-campus resistance that did it.

The fact is, if nobody resists, most people will go with the flow even if they don’t like it. And administrators won’t lift a finger to protect unpopular minorities from one-sided violence. But as soon as the violence becomes two-sided, they fear expanding disorder and act to bring things under control. When you’re being assaulted and terrorized, that’s your problem. When you fight back, you make it everybody’s problem, and the authorities are under pressure to act.

Annnnnd bingo, there it is. Lesson driven home with a high-powered nailgun: when you just lie back and put up with being abused, said abuse will not only continue, but escalate. When you step up and demonstrate firmly that you will NOT put up with it but will retaliate, you have taken responsibility for your own defense, thereby affirming your own self-respect and demonstrating that you are not anybody they want to mess with, which are the first crucial steps towards ending the abuse. Period fucking dot.

Via Ace, it’s not as if these cringing, posturing pussyfarts are gonna do anything but whine about it anyhow, so pushing back is definitely worth a shot.

Be sure to watch the vid in its entirety, lest you miss the deliciously satisfying conclusion wherein the faggoty-ass little bitch goes mewling at a wholly indifferent pair of campus cops about not “protecting” him, piteously blubbing “what am I paying taxes for” while they glower at him with palpable contempt. As if he’d ever actually paid a nickel in taxes in his entire worthless life. That’s for Mummy and Daddykins to do, y’unnerstand. “Maggot” is certainly the mot juste for these pustulent little crawly things.



Ain’t this rich.

Tennessee Teacher Says Her Profession Can’t Be Trusted With Guns
On Wednesday, I addressed a teacher in Tennessee who said that she didn’t want to carry a firearm while performing her job. My take was that if she didn’t want to, she shouldn’t. It’s a pretty simple concept. It’s something each person should decide for themselves and they should be able to decide for themselves.

That’s where my goal is been on the entire subject of armed teachers.

After all, if teachers can have firearms, would-be mass murderers may well decide it’s not worth the risk to target schools.

But an op-ed out of Tennessee written by a student teacher appears to argue that her profession just can’t be trusted with guns. Let’s start with the headline that reads: “Teachers like me are trained to educate kids. Arming us will make everyone less safe.”

Now, to start with, arming teachers in Tennessee, under the proposal currently being considered, requires approval from the school board and a very extensive training course. I fail to see how it’ll make everyone less safe unless there’s something inherently unsafe about teachers.

But let’s look at her arguments. Maybe she can make the case.

Follows, an examination of her pathetic, fact-free emoting…uhhh, “arguments.” Then:

Nope. She’s still making the argument that teachers can’t be trusted with guns.

Far as I’m concerned, she couldn’t be righter. Very, very few teachers could be, or even should be, being hoplophobic shitlibs to practically the last man Jack of ‘em. Clearly, this silly bint is one of the other kind. Be that as it may, Knighton’s closing queries are truly priceless:

But you know what? If she’s going to say the profession she’s pursuing is full of people who can’t be trusted with guns, I’m more than willing to take her word for it.

If that’s the case, though, then why should they be trusted with our children?

PRO TIP: They shouldn’t. They really, really shouldn’t. I mean, seriously now, these are the selfsame folks who sneak kids off to Dr Frankenstein & Pals “Health” Clinic PA for puberty blockers, surgical mutilation, and miscellaneous ”gender affirming care” absent parental consent, consultation, or even notification. TRUST the despicable propaganda-pimps?!? Not on your life, pal. Personally, I wouldn’t trust them to mow my fucking lawn without close, constant adult supervision.

Hell, I sincerely hope someone remembers this when the subject of teacher pay comes before the legislature in Tennessee. If they can’t be trusted, why should they get paid even more?

Frankly, this op-ed makes me just that much happier that we ended up homeschooling my daughter. At least I can trust her teacher with a gun.

Heh. Good ‘un, Tom. Not that any of these craven, firearm-fearful “educators” will grok your sense of humor, natch.


In your FACE, Normie!

Stridently, obnoxiously “queer” online newsragazine Them whines like a little bitch.

Lady Gaga Stands Up for Dylan Mulvaney: “Hatred Is Violence”

And so, right out of the gate we know how utterly full of horseshit of the purest ray serene they are. Wanna learn how stark the difference is between “hatred” and violence is, fucktards? Go on Fucking Around as you are and you’ll surely Find Out sooner or later. Get the hell out of our faces, on the other hand, and we’ll be perfectly happy to stay out of yours.

On Monday, March 11, Gaga shared a post of her own featuring a photo of herself and Mulvaney, writing, “It’s appalling to me that a post about National Women’s Day by Dylan Mulvaney and me would be met with such vitriol and hatred.”

“When I see a newspaper reporting on hatred but calling it ‘backlash’ I feel it is important to clarify that hatred is hatred, and this kind of hatred is violence,” the singer-songwriter continued. “‘Backlash’ would imply that people who love or respect Dylan and me didn’t like something we did. This is not backlash. This is hatred.”

Gaga noted that while this response is unfortunately “not surprising,” she feels protective of Mulvaney and the larger trans community “who continues to lead the way with their endless grace and inspiration in the face of constant degradation, intolerance, and physical, verbal, and mental violence.”

“May we all come together and be loving, accepting, warm, welcoming,” she added. “May we all stand together and honor the complexity and challenge of trans life — that we do not know, but can seek to understand and have compassion for. I love people too much to allow hatred to be referred to as ‘backlash.’ People deserve better.”

Anybody else besides me good and goddamned sick of being endlessly lectured about what hard-core Leftists think they “deserve”? Of their intentional, casual distortion of the sun-bright distinctions between “hatred,” “violence,” and “genocide”? Divemedic spells it out clearly and concisely, in such a fashion as permits no misunderstanding whatever.

So if a man says he is a woman, and you use objective reality to disagree with him, you have just committed violence against him. Why are they saying this?

So they can justify the actual violence that they are about to use in eliminating you. Make no mistake, this is the attitude that they will use to come after you, to unperson you, deny you services, and place you into reeducation camps. You will deserve it in their minds, because you called Dylan Mulvaney a ‘he’ instead of a ‘she’ while not allowing him to celebrate being a woman.

Annnnnd bingo, there you have it. Jump back and get over yourselves, you stupid, lying sissymarys. Scree scree scree as you will about what you do and do not “deserve”; we see through your silly game, and aren’t gonna dance to your shrill, rancid tune anymore. Period, full stop, end of fucking story. You, along with every other hoomon on Earth, “deserve” exactly, precisely nothing whatsoever you haven’t worked hard to earn, and that’s flat.

If you don’t believe it, try this little experiment: shag your sorry ass on out to the middle of the Gobi desert, sit down on a dune, and wait for a benevolent, caring universe to present you with all those wonderful things you insist you “deserve” thanks purely to being another useless eater and little or nothing else besides. Assuming you survive—PRO TIP: you won’t—you’ll emerge from the experience knowing at long last all about what you “deserve”—a real FAFO lesson you won’t soon forget.

Update! In his magisterial Starship Troopers, the peerless Robert Anson Heinlein explicates the basic principle at issue here far above my poor power to add or detract. From Chapter Eight’s recounting of the course of classroom instruction under the redoubtable, unforgettable COL DuBois:

“The basis of all morality is duty, a concept with the same relation to group that self-interest has to individual. Nobody preached duty to these kids in a way they could understand — that is, with a spanking. But the society they were in told them endlessly about their ‘rights.’

“The results should have been predictable, since a human being has no natural rights of any nature.”

Mr. Dubois had paused. Somebody took the bait. “Sir? How about ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’?”

“Ah, yes, the ‘unalienable rights.’ Each year someone quotes that magnificent poetry. Life? What ‘right’ to life has a man who is drowning in the Pacific? The ocean will not hearken to his cries. What ‘right’ to life has a man who must die if he is to save his children? If he chooses to save his own life, does he do so as a matter of ‘right’? If two men are starving and cannibalism is the only alternative to death, which man’s right is ‘unalienable’? And is it ‘right’? As to liberty, the heroes who signed that great document pledged themselves to buy liberty with their lives. Liberty is never unalienable; it must be redeemed regularly with the blood of patriots or it always vanishes. Of all the so-called ‘natural human rights’ that have ever been invented, liberty is least likely to be cheap and is never free of cost.

“The third ‘right’? — the ‘pursuit of happiness’? It is indeed unalienable but it is not a right; it is simply a universal condition which tyrants cannot take away nor patriots restore. Cast me into a dungeon, burn me at the stake, crown me king of kings, I can ‘pursue happiness’ as long as my brain lives — but neither gods nor saints, wise men nor subtle drugs, can insure that I will catch it.”

Far as I’m concerned, nobody’s ever said it better, either before or since. Yet another reason I’ve always maintained that anybody who hasn’t read and closely considered Heinlein’s stuff really, really needs to.

Updated update! Since they bear such uncanny relevance to our situation today, it would be grossly remiss of me not to include Chapter Eight’s penultimate ‘graphs.

“Mr. Dubois then turned to me. “I told you that ‘juvenile delinquent’ is a contradiction in terms.

“‘Delinquent’ means ‘failing in duty.’ But duty is an adult virtue — indeed a juvenile becomes an adult when, and only when, he acquires a knowledge of duty and embraces it as dearer than the self-love he was born with. There never was, there cannot be a ‘juvenile delinquent.’ But for every juvenile criminal there are always one or more adult delinquents — people of mature years who either do not know their duty, or who, knowing it, fail.

“And that was the soft spot which destroyed what was in many ways an admirable culture. The junior hoodlums who roamed their streets were symptoms of a greater sickness; their citizens (all of them counted as such) glorified their mythology of ‘rights’…and lost track of their duties. No nation, so constituted, can endure.”

And so, unsurprisingly to Heinlein devotees, it hasn’t.


A Wokester military

Is a Weakster military.

Stephen puts the (GI) boot in.

Raichik added, “There’s so much more where this came from,” and I don’t doubt it.

There is only one reason to teach soldiers that the country they’re supposed to be willing to fight and die to protect is irredeemable.

The U.S. military has had its ups and downs, but since ending the draft half a century ago, it has been the most expertly trained and exquisitely armed force the world has ever seen. Even during the draft years immediately before World War II to the end of Vietnam, we paid for and usually got the best weapons and training the country could afford.

And unlike those militaries in all those shi*hole countries, our forces were apolitical. They didn’t serve a president or a party, but the country.

In the last several years, wokeness has come to infect our military just as it previously had our universities, news outlets, and the entertainment industry.

Our readiness now is about what you’d expect: “U.S. military is only ‘marginally’ prepared to defend America’s interests at a time when adversaries are ramping up military capabilities.”

I’ve begun thinking of our postmodern military not as a useless Woke Force but as a Third World military: a force that isn’t any good at fighting foreign wars but is perfectly suited for putting down domestic undesirables.

Do I exaggerate? In 2021, Woke Army Sgt. Cindy Bronson had a message for her fellow Americans in case martial law is declared: “Understand that if active duty military actually get deployed within the United States, that weapon is not just going to be pointed at other people, other countries, it’s pointed at you.”

“If you do not get in your house when I tell you to,” Bronson warned, “you become the enemy. Martial law. You know, when your rights get curtailed?”

Roger that, Bronson.

Yep. Duly noted, SGT Cupcake; anytime you’re feeling froggy enough, do feel free to jump. One more time, I’ll just let Canuck punk rockers DOA say it for me.

Update! Steyn gives us the lowdown on the hoedown.

The decadence and unseriousness revealed by (self-styled “transgender” Manwoman) Lieutenant-Colonel Dram ought to be deeply disturbing. The planet’s most lavishly funded fighting force took twenty years to lose to goatherds with fertiliser, and on the way out the door gifted them with enough hardware to make them the world’s eighth or ninth most powerful military. That should surely occasion a certain circumspection. Instead, the Pentagon doubled-down on the wokery and the wankery – and, after a twenty-minute tea-break, started up the usual racket all over again, this time in Ukraine.

How’s that working out for the Ukrainians? Unlike Afghanistan, it’s a demographic wasteland. In 2001, the census counted 48.5 million people in the country. A year ago, it was headed down toward half that – just 29 million. Lindsey Graham and Boris Johnson may be standing shoulder to shoulder with the Ukrainian people, but even they must have noticed there are fewer and fewer Ukrainian shoulders to stand around with, at least if you go to Kiev rather than Poland or Hungary, Germany or Ireland. On the present rate of population decline, after the war there will be insufficient Ukrainians left to rebuild the economy – or, indeed, maintain basic demographic viability. Right now, thanks to Washington, Ukraine is flush with cash and weapons, but all out of fighting-age men.

Well, that’s what happens when you have the honour to be made the site of the Pentagon’s next Designated Fiasco. And yet back at home, thanks to the likes of Lieutenant-Colonel Dram and without benefit of Russian invasion, the US military is trending in the same direction:

Critical Staffing Shortage Prompts Air Force to Recruit Retirees

As goes the Air Force, so goes the Army and the Navy. Apparently, out in Flyoverland, there are few takers for a woke military that enriches generals-turned-lobbyists while you get blown up by Ahmed the “translator”. “Walk a mile in my heels” doesn’t really work when you’ve lost a leg in Helmand.

We are in the end-stage of a bad soap opera, when characters and plot have jumped the tracks, and there is no Bobby Ewing waiting in the shower. Three decades ago, it was pointed out that in the end Soviet Communism proved no more lasting than the span of one human lifetime: 1917-1991. Yet America’s blip of global dominance is looking just as fleeting: 1950-2020something – that last date being whenever the ever metastasizing brokeness causes total implosion. And, as things stand, the only thing the great republic (in Churchill’s affectionate designation) will be remembered for is that the entirety of western civilisation slid off the cliff on America’s watch. All the rest is details.

Pretty much, yeah. On the upside, though, when the fecal matter hits the rotary impeller for reals and the Great American Schism grinds ever on to the closing stages of its long, slow evolution from “Probably, someday, I think, very possibly” into “Current events, live and in color,” Amerika v2.0’s extravagantly broken Wokester military is going to find itself ensnared in yet another conflict it’s hopelessly incapable of coping with to tack onto its steadily-lengthening list of humiliating defeats.

Of Toddlers and Termagants

Following has some analysis and some prescription but is mostly a rant. Ignore if you wish. I understand fully.

“My wife tried to tell me I was wrong and that this is what happened back then. It didn’t sound right to me so I checked it online and found that I was right all along. Of course, I’m not dumb enough to send her the link showing that I was right.”

I came across that (heavily reworded) statement a while ago. It annoyed me considerably. What kind of pampered babies have Western women become, that they cannot tolerate being told that they were wrong, or even that someone disagrees with them? What kind of harridans are men putting up with?

What kind of spoiled child has to get her own way in everything?

Worse: How badly beaten down or pussified are Western men to put up with having to tiptoe around wives and girlfriends, always careful never to give offense or to dent their precious egos or do something that they don’t like?

I’ve come across any number of similar statements, in person, in articles, and online in various fora and message boards. “I’d like to be able to let you stay until your apartment is ready but my wife wouldn’t like it.” “I wanted to go hunting last month but my wife didn’t want me to.” Or worse: “I’d kept my rifles in the closet for years and it was no big deal but when I mentioned that Dan was putting together a hunting trip she remembered that I had them and made me sell them.” (Unlike the above, those statements are not taken straight from something I saw recently.)

Here’s a hint: “Happy Wife, Happy Life” is a lie. It was always a lie. I don’t know where it started but it was not with an honest person who knew anything about family dynamics.

There are pragmatic reasons why a husband would avoid giving offense. Almost the entirety of the US (and almost the entirety of the Anglosphere) is subject to no fault divorce. Almost all of the US population is subject to the Duluth model for handling domestic complaints: if the police are called, they almost automatically arrest the man and leave the woman and the children in the house, no matter whose house it is, who called the police, who was committing the offense, or who has been injured. The entirety of the US (and I believe the entirety of the Anglosphere) gives de facto child custody to the mother, regardless of fitness as a parent. “Equitable” distribution of marital assets almost always favors the woman, especially if the woman can cry on command or can lie convincingly. There’s reputational damage, with family and friends often taking her side — “What did you do to make her upset?” — without hearing your side and employers sometimes firing him because of the “scandal” or because she’s called the front desk six times in the past week.

In short, husbands stand to lose half or even all of everything they have as soon as their wives are “not happy”.

Once a man is in a marriage for more than a few months and the assets have been commingled, it’s probably too late for him to cleanly get away from a temperamental wife. Once children are born, it’s definitely too late. Oh, he can leave a harridan or he can retain his autonomy with the expectation that she’ll kick him out, but only at the risk of losing everything.

I’m not going to complain about unfairness or double standards or even violation of Constitutional rights. Such an approach has any useful effect approximately never.

Instead, I’ll point out that the double standards are bad for society. It should not have escaped anyone’s notice that marriage rates are at an all-time low. (Acknowledging that some dispute this by playing with definitions and time scales.) The birth rate among American citizens, specifically among citizen women, is below replacement level. Significantly below, which translates to self-genocide if nothing changes. If not for immigration (both legal and invasion) the population within US borders would be decreasing.

The poor economy could explain some of the declining birth rate but not the declining marriage rate. If marriage were as good a deal as is claimed for men, the benefits would be worth putting up with temper tantrums and maybe even the likelihood of a surprise divorce.

That’s not what we’re seeing, though. Men are avoiding marriage because they see what happens to the men who take the leap. It’s a bad risk economically, even if he isn’t bankrupted by divorce and child support. Simply being married almost inevitably means that expenses are going to go way up: bigger house or apartment, new furniture, she needs a new car and not a beater, expensive gifts for her endless list of friends who are getting married or are having a baby, et cetera ad paupertātem.

“Two can live as cheaply as one” may have been true in my grandparents’ day. It was no longer true by the late 1960s, when lifestyle expectations were rocketing.

A single man in the United States can live on about $27,000 per year, before taxes. He’ll need more in an expensive area but less if he’s away from the cities, and if he’s single there’s less keeping him in an expensive locale. A married man in the US needs — “needs” — to make almost twice as much if his wife works or more than twice as much if she doesn’t. That’s a lot more hours that he needs to spend on the job, or a more dirty-difficult-dangerous job, or less money to spend on things that he wants, or less money to save for his own retirement.

If Western women were pleasant to be around, if wives made their husbands’ lives better, the expense would be worth it. Men have been making that trade since forever.

But that’s not what we’re seeing. That’s where this essay started.

Instead, we have a large fraction, probably a majority, of husbands needing to tread carefully at home. A home which is not really comfortable because the wife always wants to change something, whether rearranging the furniture or completely remodeling the kitchen. A home which he doesn’t see as much as he’d like because he needs to pick up extra shifts in order to bring in enough money. There may be children, whom he doesn’t see as much as he’d like, children who are being conditioned by society to see him as the source of all of the world’s problems. Children who may be taken from him any time his wife decides that he’s not happy.

And that’s what we’re seeing. Men see all this and decide that marriage isn’t worth it.

If anything, it’s surprising that as many as six out of a thousand are getting married every year in the US and somewhat fewer getting into all-but-the-name long-term relationships. I mark it down to the triumph of hope over reason. I expect the trend to continue downward unless there’s a major change to the legal and social structure, changing the cost-benefit balance. I don’t see a change to women’s attitudes to marriage and husbands, absent a major shock to the economy which makes women need men in order to survive, rather than sorta kinda want one around as long as it’s convenient for her.

Today’s situation in the US and much of the West is actually worse than if there were almost no marriages and almost no children. Women are having children and then raising them with no father figure or with a father who’s present very seldom, by his choice or hers. Or, worst of all, with a series of replaceable male presences who do very little fathering but either are sources of cash for the mothers or are drones.

This is a recipe for raising feral children. And this is what we see. When we look at the demographics of career criminals, young, unmarried mothers, the persistently unemployed, and other socially deleterious groups, the absence of a strong father figure stands out.

The Great Society and the follow-on programs have done a splendid job of destroying American society. I’ll assume that LBJ and the rest were well-intentioned fools, but I have to wonder. It’s hard to imagine a deliberate attack which could have done the job any better.

That’s the rant and the analysis, each of which have gone well afield of the starting point. Here’s the prescription.

Western society needs to get its act together and straighten out the imbalance, if they want to reverse the birth crash. Society needs men to be an active part of the family, as single-mother households are proving to be a disaster so far as raising a successful, productive next generation goes. Society needs men to work more than the minimum to support themselves, in order to have the economic excess needed to support women as they age and don’t want to work.

In order to get men to burden themselves for that, society needs to make it worthwhile for the men. What form that could take, I have no idea. We aren’t going to be returning to the 1930s family and legal structure. Without some form of authority within the family and respect for being a family man, I don’t see a way to get enough men to accept the burden and the risk for the meager benefits currently on offer.

That’s for the movers and shakers and string pullers to deal with. On an individual basis, make it clear when you start dating that you’re not going to tiptoe around things that she doesn’t want to hear. You can be gentle with unwanted truths but never censor yourself because you don’t want her to break down crying or break into a rage. Don’t let her tell you how you have to change in order to make her happy. Don’t tolerate her throwing away your possessions or demanding you get rid of them because she doesn’t like them.

If she starts crying or starts screaming or starts giving you the silent treatment, I suggest walking away. At most, give her a single warning that you won’t put up with it. If she tries to hit you or throw something at you or starts smashing your possessions, walk away immediately. Calling the police or punching her in the face are optional.

You can do better than a bully or a baby. Your life will be better without a bully or a baby.


The shakiest guns in the, umm, East

Q: Are cops in FLA the worst in the known universe?

A: Apparently, yes. Yes, they are.

Cop resigns after mistaking falling acorn for gunshot, firing at unarmed suspect cuffed in patrol car
A Florida cop resigned after opening fire on an unarmed black man who was handcuffed in his patrol car — because he confused the sound of an acorn hitting the vehicle with a muffled gunshot.

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Hernandez handed in his badge in December following the Nov. 12 Fort Walton Beach incident, officials said Friday.

Sgt. Beth Roberts, who also opened fire, was exonerated in an internal investigation and remained on the job, according to police.

The suspect, Marquis Jackson, was luckily uninjured, but the “situation was traumatic” for him, police acknowledged.

The video of the incident is…well, quite frankly, it’s pathetic.

If you look closely, you can see the falling acorn highlighted against one of the light-grey rowhouses in the background, just before it hits the roof and scares Officer Pissypants out of his meager wits. Next up, vid of the other trigger-happy Deppity Dawg blasting away in “support” of her panicky fellow Offissa Pupp and likewise hitting nothing much.

Uh huh, luckily. A pair of regular Deadeye Dicks, these two. And just never anybody mind that these shooty-shooty knuckleheads popped off thirty rounds most ricky-tick (depending on issue mag capacity, natch; it coulda been sixty)—smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood, mind—at a handcuffed “shooter” who, presumably, had been patted down by Sooperdoopercop before he was ever put into the patrol car, thus already verified to be unarmed.


So guess what the PD review board “investigation” concluded regarding this disgraceful fiasco? Go on, guess. I dares ya.

Investigators concluded that Hernandez was culpable for a “policy violation regarding excessive use of control to resistance,” but that Roberts’ “use of deadly force was objectively reasonable.”

No criminal charges were filed against either officer.

Yeah, I thought not. But…“control to resistance”? SRSLY?!? There WAS NO resistance, of any kind. How the hell could there have been? The “shooter” was securely cuffed and locked in the squad car’s perp seat, behind the standard doors without handles, therefore posed no conceivable threat to anybody, badged/heeled or no.

Meanwhile, according to another Tweet I saw, Marquis Jackson (who will doubtless be known as “Lucky” to the other hoodrats forevermore), was cleared of his vengeful ex-ho’s firearms-possession accusations against him.

So at the end of the day it’s a happy ending, I suppose: Hernandez is off the force and out of a job he was manifestly unsuited for, and Jackson is none the worse for wear. Well, apart from the heart-attack-inducing levels of stress brought on by being the helpless, immobilized schnook used for target practice during a hot-range double mag-dump by two (2) cops, neither of whom had any business ever being handed a badge and a gun in the first place, that is.

For 2A folks as well, there’s a cherry on top of this shit sundae: we can take some small comfort that if it’s timorous, overwrought, weak-sister incompetents such as Hernandez and Roberts who’ll be tasked with tippy-toeing door to door to confiscate the guns, then we probably don’t have a whole hell of a lot to worry about. They simply ain’t gonna be up to it, and if any hot-lead-exchange should break out, the Keystone Kops demonstrably couldn’t hit the broad side of a bull’s ass with a baseball bat if you gave ‘em three tries at it. The most serious hazard to firearms enthusiasts in such an eventuality will be parting a floating rib from its moorings, from laughing so damned hard at them.

I dunno, though; kinda makes me wonder if there might not be something to all that angst, dread, and fear the boogs have for years claimed to suffer from merely being in the general vicinity of uniformed 5-0 after all, though I’ve always dismissed that shit out of hand until now. Either way, somewhere out there the infamous “Broward Coward” must be breathing a deep sigh of relief at seeing this mind-bending clusterfuck, secure in the knowledge that he’s at last been outdone by the Excessively Dynamic Duo© and their assclownish antics.


Gen-Z Manliness

We have a 23-year-old man staying with us while he goes to college. He’s not paying rent and I don’t think is mother is giving us anything because she’s a friend of my wife’s. (If she is, I’ve never seen a cent of it, which doesn’t mean much, now that I think about it.)

I’ve been shaking my head at the manliness, or lack thereof, of this young man. And now I’m comparing him to my mid-teens daughter.

(Pasted as an image because I can’t figure out how to get a table working in the current WP editor.)

This paints a pretty bad picture. For that matter, my daughter would probably not be happy to realize that she’s more manly than he.


Fashion plates

The tall but brilliant Diogenes Sarcastic would like a word.

Gentlemen, Stop It! Just Stop It!
By Stop It I mean stop wearing, over a shirt and tie, sleeveless fleece pullovers underneath Suit Coats! Stop it. Just Stop It!! Do you not look in the mirror? Your collars sticking out like a malignant growth saying ‘Look at Me’ I’m Kool! No, You Look Ridiculous! You look homeless with everything you own on all at once!

The first time I noticed this ridiculous combination it was on NYT reporter Michal Schmidt, who just happened to be recently married to the MSNBC wacko Nicole Wallace. I thought okay, this little toad couldn’t be very bright if he married her. But now I see it has spread to places I would not expect to see such clownish recklessness in appearance.  

Find out who started this disgusting trend and bring them to me!

And while I’m at it, who started this unshaven three days of growth look? First it was the bedhead look in hairstyles, and then the ‘I only shave every third month’ because I’m kool like the guys in GQ. No, the guys in GQ are fags, and it makes you look like a derelict, it’s not sexy and doesn’t feel good to the touch. My Gawd man, either grow a nice short beard or shave your face!

That is all.

Yes, MA’AM. Gotta love that woman; nobody else says it quite like she can.

If I remember right, and I may not, the three-days-growth fad—a/k/a “designer stubble”—began with Don Johnson and Miami Vice. In fact, there for a while somebody or other was selling razors specifically designed to leave stubble to emulate the fashionable look of the day. Never tried one myself; I’ve always hated shaving like a bad rash, so skipping a cpl-three days was just SOP. For me, being bestubbled wasn’t a fashion statement, it was an admission that I just didn’t care enough about what I looked like on the off-days to bother.

Nowadays, I use a Panasonic Arc-5 electric for three or four days, then clean up the leavings—of which there are plenty; electric razors purely suck on heavy beard-growth like mine—with my trusty old Fusion ProGlide. This clever strategem saves on blades for the Fusion, which are exorbitantly priced. Don’t last long, either; seeing as how there’s five of ‘em, each single blade is extremely thin, thus they dull easily. Wiping the things dry with a towel when you’re done is a big, fat no-no for these frail things, or so I’ve read. If your bathroom sink isn’t so arranged that you can hang it upside down to drip dry, you can carefully, gently blot the cartridge with a soft, plush towel or cloth. Even with that kid-gloves treatment, they’ll lose their edge with a quickness.

And believe you me, fellas, when your cartridge blades have gone dull, you WILL know it. Won’t much like it, either. Since I usually shave at night—a routine established in my trucking days; starting your 14 hour workday at 5 am affords no leisure for anything more than rolling out of bed, taking a fast whiz, snatching on some clothes, and then shagging ass to the warehouse at top speed—I’m pretty sure the screaming from the agony of scraping five (5) worn-out Fusion blades across my face has woken the neighbors more than just once or twice.

The bedhead thing, though? I’m a-okay with that one, at least when it comes to attractive, sexy females with long, loosely-curling locks. Brunettes or redheads either one, makes no never-mind to me; I’m not at all persnickety about it. I don’t mind seeing those manes flowing all tousled, wild, and free, and I hope I never will.

Sic semper tyrannus

Peters’s title is so good it’s worth a link all by itself.

We Will Not Comply Our Way Out Of This
Complying with “mask” mandates only assured they’d be complied with – for years.

There is a lesson in that somewhere.

The Left figured out that passing laws is a slow, tedious and unreliable process. It is even harder to get around laws already in force – as for example the ones in New Mexico that recognize the right – as per the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States and so very much the law in every state – that citizens who aren’t criminals have the lawful right to carry firearms.

How to get around those – and other inconvenient – laws?

The same way that laws prohibiting the wearing of “masks” (which in better times, only criminals wore when entering stores and could be prosecuted for doing it) and the legal right of people who aren’t by law supposed to be in prison to move freely and go about their business, as well as the constitutional right to gather together to peacefully petition the government for redress of grievances and to gather together to worship, etc. were simply waved into functional illegality by declaring an “emergency.”

That tactic is now being expanded – most recently by the Governess of New Mexico, Lujan Grisham. She has declared an “emergency” and on the basis of that decree, has suspended – presto! just like that! – the lawful right of non-criminals to carry their lawfully possessed firearms in public in Albuquerque and Bernalillo counties. She has thus waved into a state of de facto “criminality” tens of thousands of New Mexican gun owners.

And it’s not just those who have the legal right to carry a gun who are in the crosshairs – and it’s (not) just New Mexicans, either.

This is about using “emergency” powers to render “illegal” anything the Left does not like and decides to make a “crime.”

Jefferson – there is a monument to him in Washington, D.C. – said that rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. He wanted it to be the motto of the United States (it is the motto of his own state, Virginia).

Tyrants must be defied.

Whether in New Mexico or Virginia or any other place in America – which is supposed to be a country in which tyrants have no place.

The way, then, to respond to the tyrant who currently rules by decree in New Mexico is to ignore her decree – and defy her to enforce it. Upon thousands, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of law-abiding, peaceful people who will not abide being treated as “criminals.”

Let her – let them – try to arrest everyone. It won’t work because it cannot work. The tyrants will have to back down.

Yes, it will take a few brave souls willing to risk being arrested on “charges” that have no basis in law. But those few will show it can be done – and give courage to those not quite as brave, who will follow their example and – by doing so – make it impossible to arrest everyone.

If this would only have been done three years ago with regard to “lock downs” and “mask” mandates, we would not be here, right now.

Perhaps this is how it starts, right now. It is how we put an end to it, right now.

We can only hope and pray so. Question is, does the spirit of defiance to all tyranny—to any and every meddlesome, priggish busybody, great or small, who would dare to even dream of impinging on our God-given rights and liberties—still live in American hearts, enough of them at least to turn the dismal tide at long, long last? Or has the spirit of defiance been extinguished—that most quintessentially American spirit, more so than apple pie, hot dogs, and baseball—a spirit so boisterously integral to who the American people once were, how they thought of themselves deep down in more felicitous times—after many decades of flaccid, unresistant acceptance of ever-more-naked oppression?

Very soon now, we will know. May our answer be one we can take pride in, rather than heap disgrace upon ourselves, our forefathers, and our posterity with.

Speaking strictly for myself and nobody else, I did not comply last time they tried this stupid shite; I for damned sure and certain won’t be complying this go-round, nor any other. But that’s just me—as a lifelong contrarian and naturally-obstreperous Rebel Son whose dad gleefully said of him a blue million times that he’d argue with a stop sign, I tend to be ornery like that sometimes.


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