Flailing, floundering, desperate beer company self-beclowns AGAIN

My grandma, bless her soul, had a wonderful phrase to describe this: They shit and fell back in it.

Budweiser Humiliated at Sturgis After Woke Company’s Stunt to Win Back Fans Epically Backfires
The punishing conservative boycott of Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Bud Light brand continues unabated, as the beer giant was unceremoniously blackballed at a major motorcycle event it sponsored in South Dakota.

The grim situation was captured in a TikTok video by user CycleDrag, who posted shocking footage Tuesday showing tent after tent with row after row of empty Budweiser booths that had been set up to promote the beer.

The TikTok video was shared on Twitter by a user who noted that there were “ZERO attendees at the Budweiser tent in Sturgis. This may be the BIGGEST marketing blunder of all time!”

The no-show was especially jarring because Budweiser was an official sponsor of this year’s City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. So even when it lavishes money to woo customers to a free event, beer drinkers stayed away in droves.

Aww, what a shame.

Budweiser has actually been a Sturgis sponsor for about fifty years or so, if I remember right, and one of the most popular ones too. I’ve never attended the Black Hills Classic myself, although I always wanted to. I HAVE seen tons of pics, however, thanks to Easyriders magazine’s annual coverage of what is easily the biggest rally in all of bikerdom (estimated attendance: half a mill or thereabouts) back when it was still a biker rag, and in nearly every wide-angle event photo there’ll be a Bud tent, sign, or pennant flying in the breeze—literally hundreds of them, maybe even thousands.

Those days appear to be done now, and one of the Busch heirs is definitely not amused.

Earlier this week, Billy Busch, an heir to the Anheuser-Busch beer empire, said that his ancestors would have “rolled in their graves” over Bud Light’s recent decision.

“I think my family—my ancestors would have rolled over in their graves,” Busch told TMZ. “They believed that transgender, gays, that sort of thing was all a very personal issue. They loved this country because it is a free country and people are allowed to do what they want, but it was never meant to be on a beer can and never meant to be pushed in people’s faces.”

Busch said that the type of customers who would drink a Bud Light are “common folk” who work hard every day and do not want political messaging shoved in their faces.

“You know, I think people who drink beer, I think they’re your common folk. I think they are the blue-collar worker who goes and works hard every single day,” Busch said.

“The last thing they want pushed down their throat or to be drinking is a beer can with that kind of message on it. I just don’t think that’s what they’re looking for. They want their beer to be truly American, truly patriotic, as it always has been. Truly, America’s beer, which Bud Light was and probably isn’t any longer,” he added.

When you can’t sell beer to bikers at Sturgis, you have well and truly screwed the pooch. At this point, though, I have to doubt whether Buttweisel would have even been able to give their tranny-pimping pisswater away.


Argumentation Vs action

No comparison: one wins, the other…doesn’t. Ever.

Screencap of the best of the rest of the thread:


Most salient point: “You cannot debate an enemy to death, you cannot discourse them into relenting.” Particularly when The Enemy is one as ruthless, determined, and utterly, utterly bereft of empathy as the Left is. Period fucking dot.

Nabbed via WRSA’s Wednesday Edition meme roundup, which is extry-extry-good this week.

Update! Completely unrelated, but since it involves another Twitter X thread, I’m a-putting it here anyhoo.

He’s right, y’know: it IS just what the world needed right now, even if it didn’t know it needed it. Heh.

Update within an update update! Know what just might be my favorite aspect of the above vid? The great good humor displayed by the women being pranked. I mean, just look at ‘em: after the initial stunned puzzlement over what just took place, every one of the prankees just about kills herself laughing in response to it.

Good answer, ladies. Quite apart from the language in the signage, it couldn’t be more obvious that the vid isn’t set in this poor country, and that those definitely are NOT the kind of sour, bitter broads—women who can barely even make it down the street under their own power, so huge and burdensome is the FemiNazi chip on their shoulders—that younger American men are saddled with.

Or, y’know, saddled by.

Chaya Raichik claims another scalp

Hubris, I have someone I’d like you to meet.

Yesterday I came across some disturbing posts on social media. A woman who claimed to be a teacher in Texas went on an insane anti-white racist tirade after finding out her sister was sleeping with a white man. To add to that, she had the words “black supremacist” in her X (Twitter) bio. The content was horrific but the fact that she was a teacher made it 1,000x worse. In her messages, she had called upon her boyfriend to come kill this white man for herI posted a video compiling her tweets and videos to X. It immediately went viral because the content was just so shocking. Users immediately went to work identifying where this woman teaches.

The teacher, “Claire Kyle” was not worried in the slightest of losing her job and spent her first day back at school taunting users on social media.

It was eventually discovered that she worked as a first grade teacher in Thompson Elementary School in Mesquite, Texas. Then, a 6-year-old Google review came to light where a former student claimed she was bullied for being white. This was not looking good for Thompson Elementary School!

“Claire Kyle” eventually deleted her account but not before reminding us that she will for sure not be fired because she’s a good teacher and the school board has her back.

So how’d that work out for Mizriz Claire, do ya think?

Heh. Good show, Chaya. “Y’all will never be able to call me unemployed,” is it? Okay, howzabout we just call you “jobless nigger bitch,” then? That suit your worthless, hateful ass any better? Because I must say it suits the hell out of me.

I know, I know, it amounts to no more than the merest drop in the bucket when it comes to cleaning out the government schools. Which doesn’t at all mean that it ain’t a damned good start anyhow.


“A Retirement Home for American Politicians Who Won’t Retire”

AMPO: an idea whose time has clearly come.

Only flaw I see here is this: “At AMPO, we actually let you live the retirement life without actually having to retire…in the rare event your relative does need to leave the premises to vote on America’s future we have chaffeurs ready to go, as no sane person would let someone of that age drive themselves.”

Funny, yes, but I’d much prefer that these decrepit, corrupt scum-lickers be forced into full and complete retirement—no more influence; no more power; no more graft or influence-pedding; no more preening for Praetorian Media cameras. Nothing but the continued long, slow slide into the obscurity, senile dementia, and physical helplessness they so richly deserve.

(Via Ace)


Just say NO, Mr President

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Folks, we’ve entered the part of the drama where the evil ghouls shave off Aslan’s majestic mane and mock him on the way to his slaughter. Trump is dutifully visiting the stations of the cross he bears. But Trump isn’t Jesus — he’s a lion, not a lamb — and there’s no reason why he should take one more choreographed step in the Left’s disgusting dance. It’s not fair, so let’s stop pretending it is.

What if Trump simply says, “No”?

Remember, we’re cascading down the face of the cliff at this point. Every step of the way will become increasingly debasing and humiliating for the former President of the United States and front-running candidate for office in 2024 (who is, after all, the representative of the political will of half the country — you and me). What if Trump simply refuses to show up for Fani’s hate-indictment arraignment and Labat’s cuffs-and-mugshot routine?

I would pay good money to see the look of frustrated rage on the Leftists’ faces when they realize he’s not coming. Trump should force their hand. Make them send armed forces to arrest him like the thugs they are. Show the captivated world that yes, it’s true — America is gone, replaced by just another failing fascist state.

It’s not like the former president has anything to lose at this point. We all know where this is headed — Trump forcibly imprisoned. He could save himself the years of ratcheting-up humiliations and tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars (donors’ dollars!) and just cut to the chase. Run his campaign from prison if need be against the now fully exposed fascists who put him there. The next president — even if it’s him — can pardon him and save us all the drama of this endless law-war. Shoot the moon, as they say in Crazy Eights.

Please, President Trump, do something. We remain ever grateful to you for what you did to stop the decline when you were in office. In your influence alone, you remain the most powerful leader America has today. Please lead again. Tell them you’re not going to be their gulag-bound victim, their Emmanuel Goldstein. Tell them you ain’t gonna dance no more. If they want to keep abusing their authority to attack you, don’t help them.

Don’t go to Georgia, Mr. President. Just say no.

I couldn’t even begin to imagine why not, but we all know there’s no way he’ll do it. But hoo boy, talk about your consummations devoutly to be wished! The ensuing mass uprising in support for such a move amongst Über Ultra Mega MAGA Americans™ would make the phonus-balonus J6 “riots” look like the busman’s holiday they truly were.

Alas, t’ain’t bloody likely, I’m afraid. Which is a crying shame; a large part of why we are where we now are is the inexplicable failure to serve up platter after steaming, stinking platter of the exact same shite the shitlibs have been giving us, tit for tat and measure for fucking measure.

So go ahead and pull that trigger, Mr President; believe me, there are millions upon millions of Real Americans out here who are waiting with bated breath for you to do precisely that. In fact, I’d bet even plenty of folks who AREN’T necessarily diehard, MAGA-type Trump partisans would flock to your banner. If shitlibs want a showdown, then let them by-God get one—all they think they want of it and then some, until they choke to fucking death on it.

Let’s get this party started update! The more I think about this idea, the more I absolutely love it all to pieces. It does raise a vital question, however: is it even remotely conceivable that nobody in the Trump camp has already thought of it, possibly even floating the possibility with his colleagues, only to see it immediately shot down in flames by those who think of themselves as cooler, wiser, more judicious heads?

From all we know of Trump, such an action would certainly cut against his usual grain. Trump is a law and order guy, one who still deeply, passionately believes in now-moribund America That Was and all the dreams and potentialities resident therein. For him to stop cooperating and start openly resisting would therefore amount to an irrevocable admission that those dreams have died—been murdered, actually—and that all Real Americans must now relinquish them forever. It’s an incredibly harsh reality for any true patriot, such as Trump has over and again shown himself to be, to have to face up to. But reality it is.

No, he isn’t going to do any such thing. The charade will carry on as before; the persecution of Donald J Trump will be neither thwarted, abated, nor even slowed just a little bit. The Enemy will either see him behind bars rockin’ orange, or if they must they’ll have him assassinated. The one sure thing is that they will NOT back off, not one iota. Please refer to Mike’s Iron Law #873 for further explication.

On the upside, I do believe I’ve found the topic of tomorrow’s Eyrie submission. Cold comfort, perhaps, but what the hey.

Bearded Spock update! It’s a way-out, whacked-out, topsy-turvy world.

Trump is being punished for refusing to recant his belief, a reasonable one, that the political process was fatally corrupted in 2020 and that Biden, consequently, is illegitimate. The indictment is a shot across the bow at anyone who shares Trump’s “false” unbelief in “our democracy.” Of course, when “our democracy” was perverted from its natural end, as it was during the Trump interregnum, the rules shifted dramatically. Back then, it was courageous to call the president a traitor and a usurper; it was “resistance” rather than “coup.”

In 2020, Democrats censored a major scandal about Biden and imposed sweeping administrative changes that resulted in an abnormally messy, delayed, and opaque vote count. But it’s Trump who caused “mistrust.”

Now, Democrats say it’s crazy to speculate that there is anything political about the prosecution of a presidential candidate in an upcoming national election. Come on, do you really think Jack Smith would arrest the chief political enemy of his boss if he didn’t have a good reason? Hold on a moment: his boss? Jack Smith is independent! He doesn’t work for Joe Biden. Stop spreading lies. He works for…well, who exactly?

The Trump indictment is politics at its purest. Machiavelli would have no trouble understanding it. But Democrats would have everyone believe the “rule of law” magically enforces itself. In the pollyannaish world of “our democracy,” the corrupt motives that have driven political elites throughout history to faction, intrigue, conspiracy, assassination, slander, bribery, and the like do not exist. There are two kinds of people: the good guys, people like Jack Smith, and the bad guys, like Trump.

Can’t say their black-and-white, bad guy-good guy worldview is incorrect, or not entirely. It’s just that they (mis)perceive themselves as the Good Guys, and Real Americans the Bad ones. Nothing, but nothing, could be further from the truth. Which, having already mentioned them, has inspired the spanking-new Mike’s Iron Law #462.


Resuscitating the hallowed V8

As my old H-D shop boss and close friend Goose always liked to say: ain’t no replacement for cubic-inch displacement.

Report: Mercedes-AMG Bringing Back V8 Engines
Word has it that Mercedes-AMG is mulling over how best to bring back V8 power to the C and E-Class. While the performance unit downsized its powertrains in a bid to be more emissions compliant, fans pointed out that AMG had long been synonymous with under-stressed and over-engineered V8s making enough power to burn through a set of tires in a single outing.

The shift ended up being a bit of a scandal and one that left a sour taste in the mouth of the people that would actually buy AMG-branded products — which may explain the claimed change of heart.

According to two unnamed sources speaking with Car and Driver, Mercedes-AMG is in the midst of deciding how to bring back the V8. Though the overarching plan remains ambiguous, the rationale behind it is anything but.

It would be stupid to pretend that a 2.0-liter Mercedes optimized for performance can’t still be a hoot to drive. The iconic Mercedes-Benz 190E (W201) is an absolute legend with the 2.0-liter. But there’s a reason models featuring the I6 tend to be more sought after. It isn’t because they’re more reliable, it’s definitely not because they’re cheaper to run, and it might not even have all that much to do with their being faster. People want the larger engines to have the mental satisfaction of knowing they’re driving something with a larger engine.

Not to mention the mental calm of knowing they have enough horsepower to safely get around any pokey-ass, underpowered little i4 road-obstacle they might ever find themselves impeded by.

While perky little four-bangers have a lot to offer, their implementation can sometimes be a little disappointing. Imagine you’ve been given a free Ford Mustang with the badging removed and are told to open the hood to see which motor is inside. Your level of excitement is going to be determined almost entirely by how many cylinders you find.

Compact cars can thrive on small and peppy turbocharged motors. But there’s something truly sad about seeing one tucked inside an engine bay of a vehicle that could have accommodated something larger — especially when it’s also a premium luxury product that costs as much as some starter homes.

“Sad” might be one word for it, yeah. I can think of several others: disgusting, appalling, infuriating spring immediately to mind. Especially considering that those squirrel-on-a-treadmill “powerplants,” tucked away under wafer-thin sheet-tin hoods mounted on a Kleenex box rolling on four go-kart wheels, were forcibly fobbed off on the world by overpowerful goobermints in the name of coping with a climate “crisis” that never existed. More on the origins of that sorry development can be found at this recent Eyrie post.

Good on Mercedes for having the gumption to at last toss a big, fat FUCK YOU at the slimy government enviro-queefs. Would that Ford might be able to find balls enough to join them, but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for it.

(Via Insty)


Ghosts in the Machine

Jason Pepe puts it to ya straight up, no chaser.

What is really happening to America in 2023?

The indictments have nothing to do with Trump. Not really. Conversely, the cover-up of impeachable crimes have nothing to do with Biden.

Don’t kid yourself. Joe Biden is not powerful or smart. He’s barely alive. And that’s the point.

This is a pure exercise in POWER by those who truly *wield* power in our society: The security state.

The ‘security state’ is made up of a constellation of permanent Washington DC apparatchiks who cling to the power center like fossilized barnacles.

The security state *never* puts their names on a ballot. Too dirty. They would not dream of stooping that low.

They are the 𝑮𝒉𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝑴𝒂𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒆

It’s far superior to control who CAN run for office. And who is allowed to WIN that office. And who is allowed to STAY in office (i.e. Nixon & JFK)

Presidents come and go. This system stays the same. The security state system has been in place for more than 70 years. All Presidents kneel. No President crosses them and survives…until the great breaking of the system in 2016.

He goes right on nailing it down clean and tight from there, and it’s a thing of joy and wonder to behold. Really, by the end it all boils down to a deeply stirring challenge, a throwing down of the proverbial gauntlet. Kudos and a tip of the CF chapeau to ya, Jase.

(Via Renegade Thor)


Why, as a matter of fact NO, Jason Aldean didn’t “sell out” or “cave”

Faux News did.

Aldean has stood behind his song and its message, and the attempts to cancel it have only made it more popular.

But now some people are reporting that Aldean caved to the woke mob by removing footage of a Black Lives Matter riot from the music video of “Try That in a Small Town.”

“Jason Aldean caved under pressure and removed all the Black Lives Matter footage from his music video despite receiving an outpouring of support from conservatives. So much for that. There are no more heroes,” lamented journalist Ian Miles Cheong. “Gotta have it both ways by pretending to be based for that cash, while folding to the woke in this business if you wanna keep getting invited to the Grammy’s [sic].”

“Jason Aldean quietly edited out the BLM rioters from his ‘controversial’ music video,” Brigitte Gabriel of ACT for America observed. “Very disappointing to see him cave to the woke mob.”

But that’s not what happened at all. According to a report from TMZ, the BLM riot footage used in the Aldean video came from Fox 5 in Atlanta, and the production company behind the video didn’t get the proper legal clearance to use the footage.

From the story Margolis links:

Sources connected to the music video production tell TMZ…back when they were producing the video, the company that produced it reached out to FOX on May 8 and asked for permission to use the 6 seconds of video shot by FOX 5 Atlanta…showing violence at a BLM rally.

We’re told the folks at FOX asked for more information … specifically the lyrics of the song. We’re told the production company sent FOX a link to the song — which was released May 19 — but the protocol was to send the lyrics in writing, which they never did.

Our sources say a week ago, FOX reached out to the production company and asked them to remove the video to avoid any legal action — which was described to us as a “polite ultimatum” — and the production company complied.

And there you have it; as always, the truth will out, though it may take a minute doing so. But also as per usual, the Left will use any lie they must so as to paper over the truth and claim another “victory” for themselves—even as flimsy, easily-disproven a one as this. Back over to Matt for the finisher, and the lesson to be learned, remembered, and always borne closely in mind.

So, this wasn’t about caving to the woke mob. This was Aldean’s production company being sloppy and not getting permission to use the footage included in the video. While there have been plenty of times conservatives have been rightfully disappointed by someone caving to the woke mob, this wasn’t one of those moments, and conservatives shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.

Exactly, precisely so. They win enough as it is, without us pre-emptively surrendering when there’s no need for it, reflexively throwing one of our own under the bus at their behest. FUCK all that noise.


This. This right here

In his weekly Sunday Music post, Aesop embeds the Jason Aldean and Austin Moody protest songs I’ve covered here, before going on to tell it like it truly is.

Anybody bitch-slapping the Leftards, and getting rich doing it, deserves a hearty “Hell, yeah!” Libtards hate this, because anytime they’re getting stuck by any genre of music, it underlines that their whacktard kneejerk orthodoxy has become The Man.

That’s about the size of it, yeah. I went a little out of my way in the posts here to indicate my dislike for contemporary country music, much though I do love the great old trad stuff from 50s legends like Faron Young, Ray Price, Jimmie Rodgers, et al. No matter; as Aesop says, Aldean, Moody, any and every other artist who’s willing to stand athwart “liberalism” and yell STOP! is certainly a-okay by me, regardless of what genre-furrow they might be plowing.

Update! Completely unrelated, except insofar as it was gleaned from another regularly-scheduled Sunday music post. But oh my goodness GRACIOUS, this is some wild, wild stuff right here.

The backstory, courtesy of the esteemed and estimable Bayou Peter:

Richard Cheese and his band, “Lounge Against The Machine”, have been performing rock and pop hits in the style of big-band “swing” for more than two decades. The person behind the persona, if I can put it like that, is Mark Jonathan Davis, and his backing band includes Bobby Ricotta, Frank Feta and Billy Bleu. All the stage names, of course, are wordplays on the subject of cheese.

I have to admire their creativity in transforming well-known tunes and songs into a whole new genre of music. I’ve selected just four this morning, to introduce you to their work, but there are dozens more.

Crazy, man, crazy, as the kids used to say. I confess I didn’t listen to the other three over at Pete’s place because I simply can’t abide the original songs, but I’m sure Cheese improved on ‘em a great deal.

Try that in a small town

A tip of the CF Stetson (not that I actually HAVE one, unnerstand) to country crooner Jason Aldean, for telling it like it is.

Jason Aldean’s Rocking Country Song ‘Try That in a Small Town’ Makes Liberal Heads Explode, He Claps Back
Country music star Jason Aldean dropped a song in May, but it seems like a memo went out among the liberal press because they’re suddenly freaking out that it slams woke blue violent cities and the 2020 George Floyd riots while daring to honor gun ownership and small-town values. Ooh, can’t do that.

Here are the lyrics for the first two verses (all caps are his from his YouTube posting. Read the rest there):



Predictably, the left has gone nuts, accusing Aldean of racism and any other of the usual buzzwords they can come up with…Aldean issued a lengthy response to critics Tuesday afternoon:

In the past 24 hours I have been accused of releasing a pro-lynching song (a song that has been out since May) and was subject to the comparison that I (direct quote) was not too pleased with the nationwide BLM protests. These references are not only meritless, but dangerous. There is not a single lyric in the song that references race or points to it- and there isn’t a single video clip that isn’t real news footage -and while I can try and respect others to have their own interpretation of a song with music- this one goes too far.

As so many pointed out, I was present at Route 91-where so many lost their lives- and our community recently suffered another heartbreaking tragedy. NO ONE, including me, wants to continue to see senseless headlines or families ripped apart.

Try That In A Small Town, for me, refers to the feeling of a community that I had growing up, where we took care of our neighbors, regardless of differences of background or belief. Because they were our neighbors, and that was above any differences. My political views have never been something I’ve hidden from, and I know that a lot of us in this Country don’t agree on how we get back to a sense of normalcy where we go at least a day without a headline that keeps us up at night. But the desire for it to- that’s what this song is about.

These days, the Left considers virtually everything they don’t like to be racist or related to White Supremacy. In my view, this rocking song is pointing out that the lawlessness happening in our big cities is simply unacceptable and un-American, and owning a firearm is a First Amendment right. And guess what, folks—he’s allowed to like small-town living; it isn’t a crime.

Well, not yet, anyway. There’s a vid of Aldean’s instant classic at the link if you’re so inclined. Not being a fan of contemporary rock-flavored country music myself it really isn’t my cup of tea, but as always YMMV. What the hell, anything that makes Sniveling Shitlibs weep and wail so lugubriously is a-okay with moi.


“Stop embarrassing your ancestors”

Matt Bracken, being the helpful, big-hearted sort of guy he is—what can I say, he’s a giver—has provided a Gab transcription of a golden Emerald Robinson Twitter thread, which kicks off here.

Bracken Em Robinson

Boils it all down pretty nicely, I’d say. Thanks for all you do, Matt.


News you can REALLY use

From Sido, on a topic he knows a thing or two (a-HENH!) about.

Everyone knows that Americans can’t manufacture anything anymore, we just aren’t competitive on labor costs. In order to have the stuff we want, we have to send those manufacturing jobs overseas. Sure it destroys the working class but those people can learn to code or better yet get low paying service jobs at dollar stores selling stuff workers in China made. Progress! The free market at work!

It is pretty hard to get anything made in America, from electronics to clothing to just about everything else, all of it is made in China or some third world shithole full of child labor sweatshops. As a nation we are pretty much resigned to grumbling about everything being made in China while still buying stuff made in China.

Not to mention that China is a controlled economy with a billion people making low wages and living in cramped conditions most Americans would find intolerable.

But is that paradigm true? Can Americans really not compete with China and other Asian countries when it comes to manufacturing? I don’t think it really is, not on everything, and the big reason is that there is one thing that Americans make that is affordable and high quality:


America makes guns. Lots and lots and LOTS of guns. From “low end” stuff to super high end firearms costing multiple thousands of dollars, like Staccato 2011s that run from a couple grand to over three thousand for competition guns. There are guns for every price point and every budget.

This video helps demonstrate that as The Honest Outlaw tests a Bear Creek Arsenal AR-15 and finds it to be actually pretty decent.

Let me say clearly that BCA is not my first or fifth or tenth choice for a primary or back-up rifle. Thanks to my dealer discounts I am in a position to get higher end ARs and BCA does have something of a reputation for the occasional quality issue. Still, for the vast majority of AR owners it is probably more than adequate. Bear Creek makes their firearms in North Carolina and has something like 220 configurations and calibers in their line-up (see here).

On the other end of the spectrum you have outfits like Sons of Liberty Gunworks and Daniel Defense who make very expensive rifles for people who like to mock “Jus’ as Gud” poors. Between the two extremes are an enormous array of manufacturers from Palmetto State and Anderson to the big names like Ruger and Smith & Wesson and the smaller mid-tier places like Stag and Rock River. Of course you can also mix and match as the parts needed to make an AR are also widely available and made in the US from barrels to detent springs.

Pistols are the same, although I would caution that there are brands you should never, ever buy, most specifically Hi-Point and SCCY, both making absolute garbage. I refuse to carry either brand as an FFL. Right now you can buy all sorts of handguns for under $500 that are well made, reliable and accurate for the majority of shooters from places like Ruger, S&W and many others. The most popular handguns for a long time running are made by Glock in Austria but the rest of the industry has caught up to and I think surpassed Glock, and of course most serious shooters who own Glocks replace most of the Glock parts with after-market parts made in America.

Well, if the politicians and their Corporate Americans sponsors/partners/co-conspirators/whatevers have decided the US is to be left with a viable manafacturing base in only one or two fields, I’ll take guns as one of those and be glad to get it. Read all of it, you’ll enjoy it. Meanwhile, in the comments, Moe Gibbs offers a few penetrating insights.

I am one of those who “learned to code” ages ago, earning a handful of STEM degrees in undergrad and grad right out of high school. Contrary to what Brandon and others think, not just anyone can “learn to code” and I sincerely doubt that Brandon himself has anywhere near the intellectual horsepower to wrangle an old-fashioned STEM degree. I’ve spent my entire career working in defense electronics, which, like arms manufacture, did not lose its all-America focus until fairly recently. My employer, a Big Three in defense, is now admitting non-citizen H1-Bs into the workforce, citing a paucity of native-born American applicants. But just ten years ago we had exactly zero, none, nil.

When I started in my field during the Reagan defense boom, every single assembly, pc board and wire harness was made from scratch, in house, to very exacting military standards from America-sourced raw materials using American-made tools by native-born, English-speaking American citizens. Today, we buy replaceable commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) computer-on-a board assemblies from all over the world, which are essentially ticking timebombs, unrepairable when they break, often incompatible between manufacturing sources. They are obsoleted so quickly and often that the only viable approach is to buy as many of the things as we will ever possibly need at the start of a program, including a ponderous number of ‘spares’, which results in no cost savings to the customer (U.S. taxpayer) at all.

To bring manufacturing back to these shores, Americans would have to accept a very sharp reduction in compensation, and, hence, a serious crimp in their luxurious lifestyles. With burger-flippers commanding $15 an hour, skilled wiremen and component assemblers would naturally demand $40 an hour or better. And no way is any commercial venture going to turn a profit if the guys and gals who assemble hand mixers and home security systems and flat-screen TVs pull down such wages here while chinese slave laborers are paid a fraction as much.

Just like another moon mission, we could bring manufacturing back home, but only if we had literally no other choice. Who is going to be first to give up their $68,000 Beamer to commute in an old beater to work on the assembly line at a repatriated GE manufacturing plant? What “successful” childless working couple is going to downsize from their 3800 square foot McMansion to live in a modest tract home and raise a brood of White children with stay-at-home mom on a single blue collar income? The genie of entitlement and affluence is well and truly out of the bottle, and wrestling that bitch back inside would take some truly monumental effort.

As it happens, I grew up exactly like the example I boldfaced, the primary departure from Arthur’s outline being that my dad couldn’t fairly be considered blue collar (he was a Blue Cross/Blue Shield salesman and, later, a benefits administrator before finally starting his own independent insurance-sales biz), and it was nothing less than idyllic. So much so that for years, it’s been my oft-stated contention that my parents’ generation was the last one to get child-raising in the traditional, all-American fashion right. The loss of that tradition—abandonment thereof, more like—has been a costly, damaging mistake for the entire country.




During the recent power outages and denial of interweb service, I took up reading a book I picked up a while back on a subject I have always had questions: The Case for Nukes: How We Can Beat Global Warming and Create a Free, Open, and Magnificent Future by Robert Zubrin (Polaris Books 2023). It’s a very thoughtful argument that debunks the toxic falsehoods that have been spread to dissuade us from using it by the ignorant, the fearful, and the fanatical from returning to the use of Nuclear power as a remedy to our festering Twenty First Century problems. Here’s a quick synopsis of what I culled from his book.

In a very literal sense, energy technologies have molded humanity. The invention of cooking with fire by those small brained Homo Habilis dudes cut the metabolic energy needed to digest meat, making it safer to consume and allowing the primates to eat more small animals or their enemies. Evolution directed some of these surplus calories to their brains, enabling the hungry organ to grow in size and ability, leading to the industrious little guys, Homo Erectus, the forerunner (to) us, the Bozo Sapien.

Over the millennia, humans learned to harness fire to smoke meats, craft pottery, bend metal, and more, forming much of the material basis of the pre-fossil fuel world. Wood power (or what is now called “biomass”) was such a good deal that parts of Europe started running out of forests in the 1700s. Britain was the first nation to innovate itself out of this dilemma, which they did by burning coal.

Mastering coal and other fossil fuels prevented energy scarcity, but also led to an unforeseen revolution in human life. Synthetic fertilizer, electricity, cars, plastics, smart phones, x-rays, ChatGPT—nearly all elements of modern life—exist because of fossil fuels. Today billions of people enjoy a prosperity that would be unimaginable to their ancestors.

This history of energy begins The Case for Nukes. Robert Zubrin, an American aerospace engineer of three decades tells the history of energy to set the stage for one of his core arguments, that humanity should use more energy. Over 700 million people languish in extreme poverty today and billions have not reached a standard of living equivalent to that of a developed country.

In contrast, radical environmentalists urge people to use less energy, which they believe is necessary to avert climate and ecological apocalypse. Zubrin contends that slashing energy use would be so harmful as to be borderline genocidal, but he does recognizes that the environmental harms of fossil fuels are unsustainable. Thus he endorses nuclear energy, asserting that only atomic energy can lift all people out of poverty while conserving the environment.

The fabulously talented and visually stunning Diogenes Sarcastica™ closes her post by gleefully declaring, “I say let’s start smashing some fucking atoms and keep the lights on,” a proposal with which I must enthusiastically agree; by gum, those fucking atoms have it coming. Before that beautiful, beautiful dream can hope to become a reality, though, it will be necessary to dispense with a great many Luddite shitlibs, which requirement I consider to be more plus than minus—a side benefit, shall we say, making the whole thing a win-win for everyone that matters.



Mo’ bettah fallout from Tucker’s interview with Russell Brand, previously covered here.

Tucker Carlson: Entire American media, including Fox News, lying about Jan. 6
Jan. 6, 2021 “was not an insurrection. It was not armed, and its purpose was not an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government,” Tucker Carlson said in his first interview since leaving Fox News.

While major media continue to push the “deadly insurrection” narrative, Carlson said in an interview with Russell Brand on Friday that “the more time passed, it’s now been two and a half years, it becomes really obvious that core claims they made about January 6 were lies.”

Carlson went on to say: “The amount of lying around January 6th, and it was obvious in the tapes that I showed, is really distressing. And anyone who is covering for those lies should be ashamed of themself. And that would include almost the entire American Media, including Fox News.”

Carlson said there “were people at Fox News” who were angry at him for airing the video from Jan. 6 that was released to his staff by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“If you think I’m cherry picking, taking it out of context, show me where,” Carlson added.

Included in the video that Carlson aired prior to his firing by Fox News was that of the so-called “Q Anon Shaman” Jacob Chansley. Chansley was sentenced to prison after essentially being escorted by police through the Capitol as if he were a VIP tourist, Carlson told Brand. “To put Jacob Chansley, an American citizen, a Navy veteran, in jail for years after he was let into the Senate chamber by uniformed Capitol Hill police officers and then I play that and I’m the bad guy?”

Well, I mean, DUH, Tucker. To the Swamp-state Powers That Be—Uniparty politicos, FedGovCo bureaucreeps, thug Stasi agents both federal and local, Enemedia—who all have an obvious vested interest in keeping the phonus-balonus J6 narrative alive and kicking and the truth about it dead and deeply buried, you ARE the bad guy. Take it for the badge of honor and backasswards compliment it actually is; it’s in no way a bad thing to have the very worst of the worst aligned against you.


Trump as Horatius

Now here’s a YUUUGELY flattering comparison I’ll bet you never thought of before.

Donald Trump – Our Horatius at the Bridge?
After reading the account of Horatius again, I wonder if some of the electorate view Donald Trump as our Horatius. Bear with me; I’ll explain all that.

Horatius’ fame resulted from his action described in Macaulay’s poem and by Plutarch; he planted himself at a bridge and, with only two comrades, faced down an invading army until the bridge could be removed and the gate closed. He did so without question, an act of courage, patriotism, and duty so profound that it has survived through the ages.

Even so, a lot of people jumped on board the Trump train right at the outset, and lots of those folks are still riding that train today. Is it because they see Donald Trump as the latter-day Horatius?

It may very well be. There are several parallels.

Horatius took a stand, with only two faithful followers, against an invading army. Donald Trump’s campaign now portrays him as the only man who could take on the army of the Deep State, and that he is taking a stand to do so.

Horatius was unafraid, taking his stand out of a sense of duty to Rome. Trump’s message was that the Deep State scares him not a whit, that he is losing wealth by running for President, but that he does it out of a sense of duty to America.

Horatius took his stand with two others, also loyal soldiers of Rome, who shared his commitment. Trump sells himself similarly, that he is a “team builder” who would put together a crew to put our national affairs in order.

There are, of course, some key differences.

Naturally there would be, not all of which redound to Trump’s discredit. In the final analysis, we’re left with this.

There are probably a lot more holes in the comparison than I’m mentioning here. An actual scholar of ancient Rome would probably pick the idea apart. But I do think that this is a big part of Trump’s appeal. It’s a potent symbol: The strong, stoic man, standing at the head of a small band of heroes, with weapons drawn, saying, “No more. It ends now. This far and no farther. Now we will drive you back.”

Mind you, I’m not saying Donald Trump is that man. He may prove to be, but it remains to be seen. But I think, consciously or unconsciously, that this is the image he is trying to portray, and it may well work for him if he can resolve some of his other issues. And it may be a cautionary note that Horatius’ brave stand being what it was, Rome still fell to the Etruscans.

Here’s another important cautionary note. About five hundred years after Horatius, another Roman leader emerged, and this one saw the end of the Republic. That’s a parallel that voters should be watchful for. Caesar was a populist, legally elected Dictator first for ten years, then for life, largely on a slate of jobs and benefits for the common people of Rome. But in the end, his actions led to the fall of the Republic and the rise of the totalitarian Empire.

It’s tempting to say it can’t happen here. But a lot of Romans about 49 BC probably thought the same.

It may be tempting to say that, but that’s probably due more to its being comforting than it is to any factual accuracy. Because, as history has demonstrated for us over and over again, it can happen anywhere—and it WILL.

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