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Men without honor

The Commander In Chief cracks the whip.

It’s good to be the boss. The commander in chief of the armed forces, Donald Trump, issued what appeared to be an order to the Navy over Twitter today. (What a time to be alive!) “The Navy will NOT be taking away Warfighter and Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher’s Trident Pin. This case was handled very badly from the beginning. Get back to business!”

After the acquittal, Trump reversed the decision of the court to drop Gallagher in rank for posing for an inappropriate photo. The Navy wasn’t finished with him and decided to review his status as a SEAL and called him to appear before a review board. An “anonymous source” informed NBC News of the internal revolt against the president’s decision.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Rear Adm. Collin P. Green, commander of the Naval Special Warfare Command, would issue an order Wednesday directing that a Trident review board be convened to determine whether to withdraw the emblem from Gallagher.

But the armed forces answer to one man, and he sits in the White House. 

Thank God for that. The brass, being politically-correct, heavily-politicized Obama appointees, are doing nothing more than persecuting Gallagher at this point.

Kinda makes you wonder how we ever got so many Blue Falcon officers like Green and way too many others—most emphatically including insubordinate, seditious, and excruciatingly loathsome REMFs like LTC Vindmann—in the first place, don’t it? As it happens, there’s no mystery to it.

President Obama has fired yet another high-level military commander, and the multiple terminations are causing many Americans to wonder about the reasons behind the “military purge.”

President Obama has fired a total of nine military generals and flag officers just this year. Most recently, the commander of the US Army Garrison in Japan was relieved of his armed forces duties and his deputy, a civilian, was reassigned pending a “misconduct” investigation.

Some military and media sources put the Obama administration military terminations as high as 500 during the president’s five years in the Oval Office.

Navy Captain Joseph John feels that the latest military firing by President Obama is just a small part of a bigger picture. Captain John is a graduate of the Naval Academy, served three tours of duty in Vietnam, was a Navy SEALS commander, and served as an expert on al-Qaeda for the FBI. During his career in the Navy, John was also awarded five Meritorious Service Medals, the Navy Marine Corps Commendation Medal, and more than 20 unit citations and a medal for combat operations.

John wondered if the administration’s opposition to the now overturned Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy on homosexuality has impacted Obama’s actions. He also mentioned the administration’s support for women in combat. John told WND:

I believe there are more than 137 officers who have been forced out or given bad evaluation reports so they will never make Flag (officer), because of their failure to comply to certain views. The truly sad story is that many of the brightest graduates of the three major service academies witnessing what the social experiment on diversity … is doing to the U.S. military, are leaving the service after five years. We are being left with an officer corps that can be made to be more compliant, that is, exactly what Obama needs to effect his long range goals for the U.S. military.

John points also to the changes in the military rules of engagement since Obama took office as a possible reason. The retired Navy hero believes that the changes to the rules of engagement spurred extremely high casualty rates in Afghanistan. He points to the deaths of 17 members of SEAL Team 6 as a prime example. As previously reported by Off The Grid News, the Chinook helicopter (call sign Extortion 17) did not have a gunship escort or any type of cover while it was attempting a nighttime landing during a Taliban incursion.

Insurgents that were on the rooftop of a building used a rocket-propelled grenade to shoot the helicopter to the ground. The deadly helicopter incident happened just several months after SEAL Team 6 raided Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound in 2011. According to Captain John, the military rules of engagement ushered in during the Obama administration preclude the use of suppression fire at a landing zone.

And here you thought it was just the American economy, energy industry, and infrastructure that Ogabe was wrecking.


Put up

Or just shut up. At this point, I can’t say I much care which.

I, for one, have grown weary of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), appearing on every other talk show bloviating about spygate, Ukrainegate, collusiongate, and all the wrongs committed against the Trump presidency and then doing nothing to fight back other than getting his face in front of the camera. Lindsey, do your job or get off the pot — call some hearings, as you promised, and go for the Democrat’s jugular. Show that passion you showed during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when you went on an epic rant against that bevy of Democratic presidential wannabes who were raising the politics of personal destruction as they shredded the presumption of innocence all Americas are supposed to enjoy.

Now you are head of the Senate Judiciary Committee and we might as well have Mr. Rogers sitting in the chairman’s seat. This time the Democrats are not merely trying to take the Senate and keep the Supreme Court from returning to an originalist interpretation of the Constitution, this time they are trying to take out a duly elected President of the United States and all you can do is bleat about why you can’t hold hearings you promised to hold.

Lindsey Graham lied to the American people. He talks now about how he is waiting for the Horowitz report and for U.S. Attorney John Durham to complete his investigation. The Senate is its own boss, Sen. Graham, and does not report to the Department of Justice. The deep-state coup continues past the collusion delusion and into the Ukraine fable of Rep. Adam Schiff, and all Graham is doing is trying to break Susan Rice’s talk show record.

Thereby revealing what it is that’s REALLY important to him. Honestly, folks, with confirmed Vichy GOPe/Deep State boll weevils like McConnell, Graham, and other oleaginous backstabbers pontificating about how “SERIOUSLY” they take the Schittshow “impeachment” farce—how they absolutely positively MUST have a Senate trial because it’s all just so blasted SERIOUS, being absolutely awash to the very scuppers and gunwales in gravitas and SERIOUSNESS themselves—when what they ought to be doing instead is horselaughing the Democrat-Socialist Kommissariat entire right out of Kongressional Kangaroo Kourt without further discussion, my confidence in seeing the Senate blowhards acquit Trump as justice so obviously demands is at this point no better than about 60-40, and falling.

Nonetheless, though, there are a couple of bright spots amid the gathering gloom. Exhibit A:

Breaking News -Senator Ron Johnson Says He WILL Subpoena the Bidens, Schiff and Whistleblower!!!

Exhibit B:

DEVIN NUNES DESTROYS SCHIFF in Opening Statement – “How Is It Possible for Chairman to Block Questions on a Person He Claims Not to Know?”

Exhibit C:

DEVASTATING! Rep. Stefanik Gets Democrats’ Top Witness to Admit That Obama Admin Knew Hunter Biden’s Corruption Was a Problem

Exhibit D:

Rep. Turner Gets Yovanovitch to Admit Giuliani Meeting with U.S., Ukrainian Officials Isn’t Unusual

Encouraging right enough, I suppose, but…ehh, I dunno. The sad fact remains that this disgusting spectacle—a raw attempt at a putsch launched expressly and exclusively to thwart the will of the electorate—should never, ever have gotten off the ground at allbut it has. That says nothing good about the health of the Republic, the likelihood of its continued survival, or the chances of ever truly reining in the Deep State usurpers of whatever’s left of government of, by, and for the people.

Update! I am SO down with this idea.

Trump Requests Impeachment Trial By Combat
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congress’s impeachment inquiry got off to a slow start, with a bunch of people just droning on about “quid pro quo” or something, but things soon got exciting when President Trump marched into the hearing wiedling a broadsword and announced, “I demand trial by combat!”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi then explained to the president that they hadn’t actually determined whether there would be a trial yet, but Trump was undeterred, once again bellowing, “Trial by combat!”

An argument ensued over whether such a thing was allowed, but Trump insisted, “It’s right there in the Constitution. I can have a trial by combat.” Everyone at the hearing admitted they had never actually read the Constitution so they couldn’t verify what Trump had said, but many agreed that it “sounds like something that would be in the Constitution” since the Constitution is “very old.”

“My weapon of choice will be a shotgun,” Trump said, tossing his ceremonial broadsword to the side. “And I will face your strongest.” He looked around the room and settled on Representative Adam Schiff. “That guy. His weapon will be a paddle ball.”

Okay, I admit I just came in my pants a little at that beautiful, beautiful thought.

Updated update! Bill shares his thoughts.

It doesn’t matter whether something “rises to the level of an impeachable offense.” There is no such thing. An impeachable offence is whatever fifty percent plus one congressmen in attendance at the time of the vote say it is.

I believe the House is going to impeach President Donald Trump. I consider the conclusion foregone, in fact, for a number of reasons.

His reasons are solid ones, at which you should go take a look. Conclusions?

So. Trump will be impeached. Sooner rather than later. Much sooner if RBG finally croaks.

Not much point in debating the details, since they don’t actually matter in the larger picture.

At which point Trump becomes at least partly at the mercy of the GOPe embedded in the Senate. Which is a whole different kettle of stinking, rotten fish.

Yep. And if that doesn’t give you serious pause, you haven’t thought things through enough yet.

Updated to the updated update! I hadn’t quite been able to put my finger on it, but a likely source of my heretofore vague unease is this right here.

They don’t necessarily believe they’re going to impeach the president. They just want us talking about it nonstop because that means they’re controlling the narrative. Even if we’re “winning” the conversation, it’s still the conversation they want us having. This conversation is a disruptive cloud over Trump world and can slowly chip away at the stamina of any Independents or Democrats who might have been leaning toward working with or supporting him.

As usual given the complete absence of a true and effective opposition party, even when they lose, they win.


Change of heart

Bed: made. You already know the second part of that venerable phrase.

NBC News wants you to pity Hoda Muthana, and who are you, O mortal, to answer back to NBC News? Hoda is a simple, down-to-earth, hijab-wearing Alabama gal who decided one day to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State (ISIS). But hey, everyone makes mistakes, right? “I want to have my own car,” pines Hoda, and how could you possibly resist such an all-American appeal?

Only the most grudging “Islamophobe” would dare to note that Hoda’s desire to have her own car is downright chilling in light of her earlier call for Muslims in America to “go on drive-bys, and spill all of their blood” – that is, the blood of the unbelievers that Hoda can’t wait to return and live among now.

But surely Hoda Muthana herself wouldn’t take her brand new car and use it for one of those drive-bys she wanted, would she? Of course not: she says she “regrets every single thing” she said in those halcyon days of the Islamic State, and thinks it is only just to let her come back to her Sweet Home Alabama: “Anyone that believes in God believes that everyone deserves a second chance, no matter how harmful their sins were.”

Um, well, not exactly, no. Not precisely. Those of us who believe in God know full well that there’s also a Hell involved in the whole bargain, see.

NBC News certainly agrees. Hoda, NBC tells us, spoke to them from a “refugee camp in Syria where she and her 2-year-old son, Adam, live in a tent.” She “now claims to reject the extremist ideology that she once espoused so freely online,” but that isn’t good enough for “Islamophobic” American officials: she faces, says NBC, “an uphill battle to be allowed back into the U.S.”

I certainly damned hope so. The only way this bloodthirsty bint ought to be allowed back on our soil is to face a fair trial, to be promptly followed by a first-class hanging.

According to NBC, Hoda Muthana’s plight, her fear, her difficulty getting out of bed, her stomach aches, her headaches, her day-to-day struggle, is the fault of – who else? – President Trump, who said several months ago that he had ordered Secretary of State Mike Pompeo not to allow Hoda to reenter the United States. The Trump administration contends that Hoda is not an American citizen, for while she was born in New Jersey, she is the daughter of a Yemeni government official who was only here temporarily, and so is not entitled to birthright citizenship. Pompeo also bluntly stated the core of the problem with her returning to Alabama: “She’s a terrorist.”

That last overrides any specious claim to citizenship she may try to make, far as I’m concerned. She’s right where she needs to be—where she put herself, of her own free will—and that’s where she should stay. If that gives her and her bleeding-heart boosters at NBC Teh Sadz, well, I just hate it for the whole sorry lot of ’em.

Hoda frames herself differently. She wants us to believe she is just an American girl who wants an American life: “I want my son to be around my family, I want to go to school, I want to have a job and I want to have my own car.”

People in the aforementioned Bad Burny Place want ice water too, I bet. And I care just as much about whether they’re likely to get it as I do about whatever this Hooty McMurderwench wants, now or at any future juncture. IE: not one friggin’ iota.

Update! Annnnd STAY OUT.

A federal judge just ruled that an ISIS bride who joined the terrorists as the daughter of a Yemeni diplomat is not a U.S. citizen and can’t come back to the U.S.

No America for her.

What made it a “surprise” to the New York Times is that the judge actually read the official paperwork and then made his ruling by the actual paperwork instead of the extended tears and flapdoodle sob stories from the Left, which most certainly included the Times itself. Get a load of the picture it’s still running, a full Virgin Mary chaste and starry-eyed look in a modest Marian blue veil for the self-chosen bride of the beheaders with three dead husbands.

The paperwork showed that while she was born to a Yemeni diplomat who left his job and remained in the U.S. as an illegal alien, the Yemeni government didn’t submit the paperwork until after Hoda was born. That means that if Pop had gotten on the road drunk and slammed into a van full of U.S. kids, he’d have been protected as a diplomat in the U.S. even if he wasn’t getting a paycheck from the Yemenis.

The Obama administration, slovenly as always, indifferent to citizenship as usual, apparently handed Hoda a U.S. passport, which she promptly burned upon her exodus as an ISIS bride in Syria. She used its issuance as part of her defense that she somehow was really a U.S. citizen.

Paperwork showed something else, though, and now she’s out on her ear, free to return to maybe Yemen if they’ll take her.

Yeah, good luck with all that, bitch. In light of all this, though, one really does have to wonder if her plea wasn’t a put-up job to get herself some wheels and run some infidels over at that. Either way, we’re well rid of her.


Police your damned selves

I’ve been advocating for this since Ferguson.

State Police to pull out of Oregon State after being attacked over arrest: “You’re on your own now”
In an announcement this past week, the Oregon State Police has stated that they will be ending its policing relationship with Oregon State University after more than 30 years of working directly with the school.

The agency made the announcement Wednesday, just two days after state police officials released the arresting officer’s body cam video footage showing an Oregon State Police campus officer’s arrest of a black, female student.

The video itself was in excess of 30 minutes and showcases everything from the cited traffic related infraction and subsequent arrest for failure to comply with a lawful order.

Of course, the self-proclaimed “victim” of this “abusive” police behavior is exactly of the type you’d expect:

Police say she stated that she didn’t believe she had to provide her information and that she contested that she had committed any traffic infraction worthy of a citation.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to be the judge of that, brainiac.

The officer’s patience was clearly wearing thin at around the 18-minute mark of the video after hearing Hansen proclaiming she’s a victim of targeting due to her being a “woman of color”; even earlier during the interaction between Hansen and the officer, he had mentioned that he was originally considering giving a warning for the alleged traffic infraction.

Whereupon the already-belligerent bitch got even mouthier and more agitated, whereupon she got her ass cuffed, booked, and hauled off to the clink instead. Ahh, but there’s more, and mo’ bettah, to the tale:

The city of Portland is largely patrolled by the Portland Police Bureau and receives support from neighboring counties like Clackamas Sheriff’s Department. With this decision, remaining officers in the area will no doubt feel the stress of being understaffed.

The decision to stop responding to routine calls was made following a statement released by the Portland Police Association.

Due to the overwhelming ‘anti-police’ attitudes in the city of Portland, some officials are stepping in to say ‘no more.’ Enter – Sheriff Craig Roberts. 

“The reason the Police Bureau is experiencing catastrophic staffing shortages, drastically declining recruiting success, and the inability to retain officers is due to one core issue: the intense anti-police sentiment in our City that City Council seems to share,” the post from the PPA read.

“False narratives, knee jerk political reactions, along with personal and political agendas have created a hostile work environment and made it an impossible task to effectively police in the City of Portland. Our police officers are frustrated. They deserve better.

They deserve to work in an environment where they can perform their primary function — keeping our communities safe — with the support of City Hall. Similarly, our communities are frustrated. They deserve better. They deserve safe, clean streets. It’s that simple,” the PPA’s post read.

“Our elected officials need to prioritize basic city services, the most basic of which is public safety and livability. They can start by doing three things: improving the livability of our drastically deteriorating neighborhoods; supporting the incredible work our officers do to keep our communities safe; and having enough police officers to satisfy our communities’ public safety needs.”

Those things, yes, along with such other measures as: cleaning the piles of shit and refuse off the streets; rousting vagrants and tearing down their illegal, noisome, and dangerous encampments; and putting down PantiFa and other riots with a quickness. Not a comprehensive list to be sure, but a good enough start—assuming there’s anybody left in Portland who still prefers civilization to Proggie’s penchant for chaos, crime, and squalor, that is.

LET columnist James Lewis is a former LEO and served in the Air Force. He used to live in a suburb outside Portland, and is upset to see the way it has changed over the years. One of the biggest issues in the area?

The Police Commissioner also sits as the City Manager. Conflict of interest? Many say yes. The same individual that is supposed to be the head of local law enforcement is also making daily decisions about city works, budgets and more. Portland heads even consulted the head of Black Lives Matter when creating the 2019 contract for police. 

Incredible: these feckless lackwits are actually consulting the lawless on how they’d prefer to be policed. Y’all let us all know how THAT works out for ya, hear?

Nobody ought to be much surprised at the sudden reaping of Portland’s PC harvest, nor at the resultant anarchy sure to follow the police pullback. No cop-sucker I, but neither am I anti-police, and I don’t blame the cops one bit for looking out a bit more closely for their own interests after years of bilious disapprobation and contempt from the reprobates they’re sworn to serve and protect. So give Duh Peepul what they want, I say—good and hard, and make sure they have to live with the consequences.

The likely origins of this whole contretemps, though? Take a wild-ass guess.

Lewis says companies like Intel and Nike drew lots of families from California up to the city. Those families stayed, thus leading to a big change in culture.

Gee, imagine my surprise. Regrettably, the curse of swarms of urban-liberal locusts fleeing to once-decent and quite liveable areas, bringing their characteristic devastation and dysfunction right along with them, is one we’re all too familiar with around these parts too.


Ball: dropped


It all started after the Atlanta-based eatery tried to get in on National Sandwich Day, an appropriate holiday for the restaurant that boasts “the original chicken sandwich.” So the restaurant’s marketing staff sent out an email blast, encouraging customers to visit their nearest location and place their orders on Nov. 3.

But just as Kanye West reminded us in his newly released song, Chick-fil-A is “Closed on Sunday.” And Nov. 3 … is a Sunday.

Ummm, oooops.

It wasn’t long before the people at Chick-fil-A picked up on their snafu.

The fast-food chain sent out another email soon thereafter, owning up to the mistake: “Well … this is awkward.” We’ll just call it Chick-fil-gAte.

Popeye’s immediately seized on the mistake with a video on Twitter showing a highway sign for the Louisiana-inspired restaurant right next to one for Chick-fil-A, whose road signs often note, “Closed Sunday.” An employee was seen adding to the Popeye’s sign, “Open Sunday.”

Zaxby’s, another fast-food restaurant trying its darnedest to compete with Chick-fil-A, ran a similar campaign during the Super Bowl earlier this year, making fun of the Christian-owned restaurant for being closed on Sundays.

At the time, I thought the commercial was quite ironic. I suppose Zaxby’s (and now apparently Popeye’s) are admitting defeat by acknowledging they can only truly compete with Chick-fil-A when Chick-fil-A is not in the competition … on Sundays.

As the author says, the hate-filled, hatey H8888RRRZZZ of Hate Chicken™ Central—”Spitefully serving you since 1946!“—were recently named America’s top limited-service restaurant chain in the country for the fourth year in a row, despite protests, boycotts, and die-ins launched worldwide by hysterical LGBTQZXYWhatthehellevers all butthurt because of a persecution fantasy they made up out of whole cloth.

Good on Chick-Fil-A for handling their minor self-beclownment with class and aplomb, which is no more than you’d expect from ’em. A tip of the cap to Popeye’s and Zaxby’s as well, for demonstrating their ready grasp of the rules of free competition in an open marketplace.


The best defense

Vichy GOPe Congressional worms might not get it. But former state and federal prosecutor George Parry sure as hell does.

Clearly and unequivocally under the circumstances, both the Russia collusion hoax and the question of whether or not Burisma Holdings purchased Joe Biden’s protection from prosecution are worthy subjects of vital national interest, warranting full and thorough investigation. And, if getting to the bottom of these issues requires help from the Ukrainians, so be it. President Trump’s request was absolutely legal and proper. That should be the defense to any impeachment prosecution.

In short, the White House and the Republicans need to stop dancing through the raindrops of whether there was a quid pro quo or not and go on offense. The president did nothing wrong and has a legal obligation to root out the corruption underlying the Russia collusion hoax that almost illegally disenfranchised the 63 million voters who cast their ballots for Trump. With the upcoming release of the Justice Department’s inspector general’s report and the expected results of the now criminal investigation underway by Attorney General William Barr and Connecticut U.S. Attorney John Durham, the first prong of the Trump impeachment defense will be forcefully hammered home.

Since the Democrats are determined to vote for impeachment regardless of the facts, then President Trump and his supporters need to take the offensive and ram any ill-conceived impeachment charge down their throats. They can do so by making clear that at any impeachment trial before the Senate, the goal will not be limited to the exoneration of the president but will also be calculated to destroy the Democrat party in the court of public opinion by spelling out in excruciating detail how Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, with the connivance of the Obama administration, CIA, FBI, and DOJ, used the Russia collusion hoax to bring about an illicit and illegal counterintelligence investigation of Trump’s presidential campaign and attempted to undo the outcome of the 2016 election all while sanctioning rampant illegality by the Biden family, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former President Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, and similarly situated Democrats. Put another way, the president’s defense team should prepare to put his accusers on trial and make the scuppers of the ship of state run red with a tidal wave of Democrat political blood.

This. This right here. This, exactly.

It ought to be a given that any political party will fight tooth and nail, hammer and tongs, in support and defense of one of their own when he is being attacked and hounded under at best dubious pretenses. Add to that taken-as-read assumption the fact that: this relentless, remorseless assault is over false accusations of offenses Trump’s attackers are almost certainly guilty of themselves; the target is not some obscure, lower-level elected official, but the President; the attack is purely partisan in nature, without popular support outside of the opposition party’s rabid base; the consequences for not only Trump and his party but the nation as a whole, and its system of government, are existentially grave, the threat to domestic tranquillity direct, obvious, and dire.

What could possibly explain the supine, forelock-tugging foofaraw about “seriousness” and “getting all the facts” from Senate GOPe milquetoasts? Or the serial threats of parallel Senate investigations from Lindsey Graham, with nary a follow-through in sight? Or the pathetic GOPe Congresscritter letter-writing campaign politely begging for “fairness,” requesting “status updates” or “clarification” that are never going to come, or deploring “systematic abuses” or “refusal to answer questions” that are all blithely ignored?

There’s evidence aplenty that it is NOT spineless cowardice on their part; the Repukes have assuredly pulled no punches with Trump and his supporters, and didn’t with the Tea Partiers before that. They fight one hell of a lot harder against the people they purportedly represent than they ever did Obama, their Congressional “colleagues,” or, now, the Pelosi-Schiff “impeachment” fraud. No, there’s definitely fight in the dog alright. So why ain’t the dog in THIS fight? How is it that, given the above exacerbating factors and more besides, the infernal Republicans aren’t “ramming it down their throats” already? Why go all flaccid and pacifist now?

What the hell are these people waiting for, anyway?

Is there any other conclusion that can reasonably be drawn than: they’re NOT “in opposition,” they’re in cahoots? Without vigorous, immediate, and effective Republican resistance to this naked Democrat-Socialist attempt at a coup, we can expect to end up here:

The leftist view of America is more than merely jaundiced; it is overtly hostile. American patriots are openly referred to as Nazis, and the cultural leaders of the Left are brazenly and violently opposed to any peaceful discourse with those with whom they disagree.

The TEA Party movement, while no longer marching under that name, is more alive than ever. Its adherents are solidly determined to seize what many perceive is their best, last, and final opportunity to preserve freedom.

Trump has forced the issue. The Left, if it is to survive as a political force, must destroy him. The Left is a cornered, rabid wolf, unhinged, immoral, and violent. There is literally nothing these people will not do to retain and expand their power over you.

Whichever way the 2020 presidential election goes, the losing side will be in an uproar. The 2016 election may be but a mild prelude to what will happen. Remember that even after the final vote had been cast and counted, the Left fought tooth and nail to overturn the results, even openly offering bribes to electors to vote “faithlessly.” Leftists have never stopped opposing the outcome. They will absolutely not accept another Trump win.

As for the right, our main fear is voter fraud. Democrats have been relentless in their opposition to any safeguards against it. If there is any evidence of voter fraud, a Trump loss will be blamed on it.

These are scary times, and the only way we will survive them, as a sovereign nation of free and independent citizens, is to be prepared for the onset of leftist violence, the likes of which are seen today only in third-world countries.

This is not hyperbole.

With escalating physical, violent Leftist aggression against Trump supporters for the crime of holding dissenting political opinions occurring routinely now, the perpetrators walking away without repercussions of any kind, it most certainly is NOT hyperbole. It is our grim, ugly reality. America as we knew it is fractured, broken. I see no way the breach can be repaired. One side must win; the other must lose. Hard choices are rapidly closing in. May God help us…and forgive us.


The greatest miscarriage of justice in human history


Major League Baseball has indefinitely banned two women who flashed their chests on television during the seventh inning of Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday night.

MLB spokesman Michael Teevan told USA TODAY Sports that the league has “distributed a letter to the individuals in question, and the letter set forth an indefinite ban for each.”

The women, wearing yellow shirts, were sitting just a few rows from the field behind home plate during an at-bat between Astros ace Gerrit Cole and Nationals first baseman Ryan Zimmerman.

Now, one might argue that the Fall Classic isn’t the time or place to be unleashing them puppies, but as a diehard crusty old pervert who has spent a good portion of his life encouraging precisely this behavior, it is my contention that, other than in church during Sunday services, there is NEVER an inappropriate time to let ’em breathe.

Well, with one important caveat: if you’re a big, fat, ugly manatee of the loony-Left “feminist” stripe, interested only in making some kind of stupid political statement about how “oppressed” you are rather than in providing a little harmless, titillating (ahem) entertainment for one and all to enjoy, please leave them saggy fun bags buttoned up, thanks.

Other than that, have at it, ladies. Instead of 86’ing these scamps, Major League Baseball shoulda gave ’em box-seat tickets for next year’s Series, if you ask me. This next part probably shouldn’t surprise anybody:

The Astros went on to win Game 5 on Sunday 7-1 to take a 3-2 edge in the best-of-seven World Series.

Well, of course they did. They had some real inspiration to fire them up.


Sodom, Gomorrha, Babylon, and…Texas?!?

God help us.

Anthropologists in the future will spend a lot of time discussing and debating the question of when, exactly, the once-great American civilization went insane, why it happened, and how. I can only imagine what conclusions they will draw. As an American citizen in the present day, actually bearing witness to the collapse of sanity and reason in real time, I’m not sure that I can even answer those questions. Perhaps hindsight will lend some clarity to the issue.

What I do know is that this case will be viewed as a seminal moment in our collective plunge into madness. It will be seen as, at least from a legal standpoint, the point of no return. The crossing of some kind of terrible Rubicon. I refer to the story of 7-year-old James Younger, whose father, Jeff Younger, has been trying to save him from a forced gender “transition.”

Jeff has been locked in a bitter court battle with his ex-wife, Anne Georgulas. Despite being a medical professional — a pediatrician, God help us — who presumably understands basic facts about human biology and child psychology, Georgulas got it into her apparently deranged head that her son James is really a girl.

As The Texan previously reported, the factors that convinced Georgulas that her son is really her daughter include his affinity for the movie “Frozen” and his request to get a “girl toy” from McDonald’s. She also says he started expressing a wish to dress in girl’s clothing. But Jeff Younger recently explained in an interview that if James ever had any desire to wear dresses, it’s only because his mother started putting him in dresses and painting his nails when he was just 3-years-old. He claims that she used several other methods of manipulation, including locking the boy in his room and telling him that “the monsters only eat boys.” Jeff speculates that Georgulas would withhold affection from James if he did not act like a girl.

Who even knows what might motivate this demented bitch (to refer to her as a “mom” is to debase the word unforgivably, and I ain’t gonna do it) to abuse an innocent, defenseless child in such a heinous fashion. But it doesn’t matter anyway; it’s irrelevant. The fact is that she ought to be locked up, under guard, and forever forbidden any contact of any sort with any child.

Sickening as all that is, though, this might well be worse:

A jury decided Monday that a Texas father cannot stop his seven-year-old son’s social gender transition to a girl.

A jury? In TEXAS?!? WTEffingF…? Guess the “purpling” of the Lone Star State is now just about complete.

The jury decided Monday that Georgulas should receive sole managing guardianship of the twins. A judge is expected to make a verdict Wednesday.

The father can appeal the jury’s decision, the publication adds, but this would be a long and expensive process for Younger. And Younger fears that during this time, James may begin puberty and Georgulas may initiate his medical transition.

She almost certainly will do just that—and the poor child will be scarred and broken for life, his dismal fate sealed. Back to Walsh for the bitter conclusion:

Virtually all control over James and his brother have now been handed to Georgulas. She is free to continue his “social transition” into a girl — a process already well under way, as he goes by “Luna” and poses as a girl at his mother’s house and at school. Eventually she can, and presumably will, start James on drugs to chemically castrate him. There is nothing his father can do to stop it, short of “kidnapping” the boy and fleeing the country (a move that would be not only morally justified, but heroic).

It should be noted that, according to Jeff, James “violently refuses” to wear girl clothes when he is at his father’s house. Free from the clutches of his mother, Jeff says, James is relieved to act like a boy, dress like a boy, and play like a boy. The mother claims the opposite, insisting that James is excited to return to his mother and his identity as “Luna.” I think both claims are probably true, in a sense. The poor boy realizes that it pleases his mother for him to be Luna, and so he “wants” to play that role for her sake.

But, in any case, the question of how he really identifies is irrelevant. The point is that James is a boy, plain and simple. Whatever confusion he is suffering from — confusion painstakingly planted in his head by a mother who, in my opinion, should be locked in prison for the rest of her life — could be alleviated through counseling and therapy. There is precisely zero chance that James is “really” a girl trapped in a boy’s body, because that concept is nonsensical. James is who he is. And he is a boy.

If there has ever been a more corrupt, depraved, and just plain sick society on the face of this Earth, I sure can’t think of which one it might have been right offhand.

I repeat: God help us. Or have mercy on us, at least.


Grim prognostication

I pray he’s wrong, but fear he’s right.

A victory by Donald Trump next November will result in widespread rioting, property damage, people injured, and many communities irreparably damaged. Some innocent people may even lose their lives.

The left has demonstrated time and again that they believe there is too much at stake to accept the limitations of our Constitution. They feel exactly the same about elections; if the three-plus years of national tantrum since Donald Trump was elected president in 2016 has shown America anything, it is that.

Antifa is the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party. Both fancy themselves as speaking truth to power, on the side of all that is right and just in the world. This is not a supposition, it is a tenet. Confidence in righteousness justifies all manner of depravity.

The pushback will come as a total surprise. Many Antifa didn’t even put up their hands before getting knocked out. It’s as if it never occurred to any of them that some people might punch back instead of taking their beatings like good little deplorables.

Of course, the Democrats and the media will do all they can to foment riot — beginning the morning after the election. Expect talking heads and politicos to flood the airwaves 24/7 with a message to the world that refusing to seat Trump for a second term is not only bravery in motion, but democracy in action because it’s the “Will of the People.”

They are delusional now — after losing they will be even more so.

The past is prologue; they clearly believe that screaming loud enough and stamping their feet hard enough will give them the power to negate the election. They also believe they will accomplish this without any opposition. When it doesn’t happen as they envision, they will quickly transition from beating the weak to spilling blood.

People will notice, and as they start to see others fighting back, many are going to come out to meet them, normal people who disagree with the left’s vision of America and are willing to do battle for the nation they love.

The left is itching for a fight and the country is at a moment in time when regular people, citizens who go to work, pay mortgages, and raise kids, will decide it is long past time to give it to them.

Many will believe it is better to fight than accept the left’s control over every aspect of their lives. Most Americans understand that should they allow the left to force the yoke upon them, civil war will be inevitable when they decide to throw off the yoke.

Well, you know what they say: you can vote your way into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out. Whether the conflagration comes to pass in the manner the above predicts, there can be no question that Normals are fed up with the outrages of the Goosesteppin’ Left, and not just in this country either. Ace, for one, has a happy video compendium of the Victim No More Coalition pushing back against their Progtard tormentors both here and abroad.

Ill as it all bodes for the domestic tranquillity, I can only view this sudden unwillingness to continue on as meek, passive doormats and punching bags for the violent Left as a good thing in the long run, whatever the short-term costs. David Thompson puts the thing bluntly:

If you choose to block the roads, determined to needlessly frustrate hundreds, even thousands, of people, just so you can indulge in some in-group preening, while ordering drivers to walk, then you should expect some physical push-back from the people on whose freedoms and imperatives you’ve chosen to piss. Because, hey, sabotaging attempts to get to jobs, airports and doctor’s appointments, while impeding emergency vehicles and thereby endangering lives, is such a lark, baby.

Acts of planned and gratuitous aggression, including narcissistic aggression – which is what these ‘protests’ are – should be treated accordingly. It’s important that these cossetted pinheads, so gorged on their own sense of entitlement, learn to fear those on whom they recreationally impose themselves. Their expectations of impunity should be shattered.

They not only should, they must be. As long as that impunity holds we will see neither pause nor surcease from them, only escalation. We have reached an inflection point, a point where difficult choices have now been forced upon us. To abstain is to tacitly accept defeat—to resign ourselves to life under Leftist tyranny.

Here in the US, the question before us is simple: do we still consider our Founding principles of liberty and self-determination, battered and forlorn as they’ve become, to be worth fighting for? The recent Fed Up-rising (ahem) would seem to indicate that there’s still a bit of fight left in at least some of us.


Peak absurdity?

I only wish I could believe we’ve reached it already.

Quite frankly, the only surprise here is that they haven’t completely lost it. Although, seriously: Who loses an election and then spins up fanciful fairy tales that somehow Trump colluded with Russia to win? Or that Kavanaugh ran a rape gang?

Yet now here we are with Democrats conducting an impeachment inquiry without making it a formal one, holding closed door hearings to collect information to conduct the fake impeachment while trotting out a second “whistleblower,” who in all likelihood will turn out to be no different from the first: that is to say, not a whistleblower but a partisan covert operative working in concert with others to conduct a soft coup.

If you think that we’ve reached a point of peak absurdity, wait until they roll out Whistleblower 23 who will breathlessly whisper that he or she has fourth hand knowledge that Trump has been caught colluding with the American people to lower unemployment rate to below 3.5 percent and stop illegal immigration and break apart the administrative state.

So if you’re wondering how all of this stops, how we return to normal, I will tell you what a friend  told me: “There is no normal. There is only Clausewitz.” There is only absolute and total political war on this axis we face until we beat them into an unconditional surrender. The Left wants it that way because they think they can win. They want no holds barred total political war. Since we can’t escape it, I say we give it to them measure for measure.

The current iteration of the Democratic Party must be sent into the political wilderness. Delegitimized in the eyes of most Americans. The corporate leftist media (there’s nothing mainstream about it) must be mocked relentlessly and shown to be the low information propagandists that they really are.

For those who think there is some middle ground with the Left, there isn’t. There’s no negotiating with them until they sue for terms. Time to man up and fight: the future of our constitutional republic depends on it.

All well and good. But if you think this fight can somehow be waged and won within the boundaries of merely “political war,” I fear you may have some more “manning up” to do. It’s quite obvious by now that the Left recognizes no such constraints or restrictions. And their no-holds-barred, war-to-the-knife methods have gotten results:

Scouting a location to shoot a promotional video for my Trump Train 2020 song, my wife Mary and I spotted a lovely home with a huge Trump 2020 flag waving in the breeze on a flagpole. After knocking on the front door and introducing myself, I assured the elderly white homeowner that we would not show her address in our video.

Still, she declined our request to allow Mary to shoot video of me with her Trump 2020 flag in the background. She was terrified of being persecuted by Trump haters. It is outrageous that citizens are afraid to publicly express support for the president of the United States. The atrocious reality is Democrats and fake news media continue to instigate hate and violence against Trump voters.

Folks, we are in the process of losing our country right now, not somewhere down the road. Democrats are aggressively repealing your constitutional right to free speech. New York City will fine you $250,000 for saying “illegal alien.”

The only thing standing between Democrats and fake news media implementing their insane job-killing, anti-American, socialistic, and anti-Christian agenda nationwide is Donald J. Trump in the White House.

It is infuriating that Democrats’ resistance to Trump has become so deranged that the elderly white woman with the Trump 2020 flag was afraid to risk her home being seen in my video.

It surely is. So what are you gonna do about that, eh?

What are you prepared to do?

Of course, Connery ended up dead in that movie, so what the hell do I know.


Northern California liberals finally get what they hope to inflict on the rest of us

Enjoy the 19th Century, asstards.

Will the last conservative to escape from Liberal Utopia please turn off the…oh wait, PG&E just did that for us. Maybe they’d be willing to consider making it permanent—y’know, f’r Gaia, duuuuude.



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Lessee, now, where were we?

Yep, the good ol’ CF hogwallow is back up and running again, folks, thanks to a good friend of mine who has a CF email account and got tired of waiting around for me to scrounge up the requisite moolah. Thanks to one and all for their patience, and most especially to Bill and Francis for allowing me the privilege of hanging around here drinking all the beer, emptying out the fridge, and just sitting around on the sofa all day in my boxers scratching myself.

I’m happy to be back, although I also had to admit this in a comment over at Fran’s joint:

Sorry for not having clued you folks in on (the outage), but the truth is A) I’ve gotten hit with some fairly big unexpected expenses of late and frankly just have not been able to scrounge the cash yet, and B) I’ve also been busy as hell and decided to kind of withdraw a little from the whole political-discourse business for a bit. Francis touches on some of the reasons why in this post, with which I sympathize and couldn’t agree more. The futility of trying to reason our Leftist adversary out of positions he never reasoned himself into in the first place has gone from merely tiresome to infuriating, and there is no end in sight to his mulish stupidity. So I’ve been contest to pop in and post now and then here and at Daily Pundit as well, just to keep my hand in. But honestly? My pause from all this has been more refreshing than I imagined it would be, and the truth is I’ve never been closer to just saying to hell with it all and walking away in disgust than I am right now. I do sincerely appreciate y’all asking; maybe I’ll get the batteries recharged enough to dive back into the deep end soon, but for now I got too much on my plate and not enough fork to attend to it all. I’ll definitely try to be better about keeping everyone posted either way.

My enforced hiatus from the blogosphere and from politics generally was indeed refreshing; instead of obssessively spending an overlarge chunk of my day trying to scour as much of the ‘sphere as I could, both to keep abreast and in search of posting fodder, I not only avoided all but two or three of my usual haunts but pretty much all other news sources as well.

Now, I ain’t recommending that anybody detach themselves completely from current events, mind. We all have a solemn responsibility to pay attention, in fact, if we are to be worthy of calling ourselves citizens. But at the same time, I also have to admit that ignorance can be bliss, if only for a little while. The occasional restorative pause is probably good for all of us, if only as a mental-health maintenance program.

Now, on with the ranting.


Plants ain’t meat

To corrupt my favorite old joke about tattoos: know what the difference is between vegans and meat-eaters? Meat-eaters don’t care if you don’t eat meat.

The latest “woke” take on vegan fast food, like the Impossible Whopper and Del Taco Beyond Meats tacos, is this: They’re not any healthier than the standard meat versions of those items. Outlets from NBC News to Fox Business to CNBC are all sounding the alarm that these menu items often contain roughly the same amount of calories than their beefy counterparts—and often pack in more sodium. But is health even the real reason customers are ordering these Impossible and Beyond options in the first place?

Maybe, maybe not. But the reason it’s being crammed down our throats via fact-free propaganda won’t surprise anybody:

The only one that might stick is the stated reason the founders of these companies have been telling us all along. They want to drive the livestock industry out of business and get rid of the cows to save the planet. And if they can make the sale to enough of this emerging fast-food market, we might be in trouble. But somehow I don’t think so. Call me a starry-eyed optimist, but I think people will tire of the novelty quickly enough and realize that they miss eating good old reliable beef, just as nature intended.

Also, I suspect that more information will eventually get out to the general public about the “heme” that’s used in the manufacturing process and the other substances they produce. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people eating these burgers are under the impression that “plant-based” just means it’s a new type of veggie burger. But that’s not what this is at all. These burgers are a mad scientist’s chemistry experiment running off the rails. And if all of you out there who are scarfing them down suddenly start growing tails in a couple of months, don’t say I didn’t try to warn you.

On the bright side, though, vegans tend not to live very long, with or without tails.

I’ve mentioned here before that I did the vegetarian thing myself for a year or so long ago, before deciding that life is way too short to spend one minute more of it than I had to foregoing fully-loaded cheeseburgers cooked on a Weber charcoal grill. And since the supergeniuses in charge of herding us into abiding by whatever their current idea of “healthy” food is seem prone to turning on a dime and completely reversing course with their fearmongering guidelines every twenty years or so, I intend to eat precisely whatever the hell I want, and to Perdition with the dietary “experts” and their “healthy” restrictions and recommendations.

The thing I find truly irritating about vegans/vegetarians—aside from their supercilious sanctimony, that is—is how they can’t seem to just eat their gloppy soy curds, tree bark, and lawn trimmings as they are without trying to make the stuff as close as possible to the horrible, horrible meat they’re far too moral to consume. I mean, come on: Not Dogs? Tofurkey? Bac’un? I’ve had all these products at one time or another, God knows why, and I’d rather gargle diarrhea than suffer that way again.

If you pasty, weak, sickly vegans crave bacon or a footlong Nathan’s, you should just go ahead and have some of the real deal. Because trust me: no matter how tightly close your eyes, hold your nose, and try to deceive yourself into believing otherwise, these fraudulent affronts to God His Own Self are NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.

Nor are they good; in fact, they’re truly awful, and some of them are damned near inedible. When it comes to taste, texture, aroma, and appearance, these dubious triumphs of modern chem-lab experimentation and liberal self-deception fall far, far short of any civilized standard. Go check some of these pics out, and then come back and tell me you’d even consider putting such unappealing swill in your mouth, chewing, and swallowing it without a gun to your head.

In preference to a fat, sizzling ribeye or some grilled, marinated pork chops?

Yeah, gedoudda here with all that bushwa. Meanwhile, anybody want some sausage with them eggs? A little red-eye gravy over their grits and country ham, perhaps? Howzabout a nice bacon-wrapped filet for dinner, eh? Or a nice spaghetti Bolognese? Like the bumpersticker says: I love animals. They’re DELICIOUS.


Rights to die for—or not

TL on one of the frequent subjects of my own musings and meanderings.

We are rapidly progressing toward the moment when each person will have to look deep into their heart and ask themselves whether they believe that there are principles worth giving their lives for, or not. Time will not stop and let us catch up or peek into the future to see if what we sacrifice will be worth it, or not. If we will stop anything or not.

I suggest that there are certain, key principles embedded in the Bill of Rights which are worth the ultimate sacrifice, not for us, but for our posterity. There are some hard lines that need to be drawn and I say this knowing that those lines are already being tested and that the time to act is bearing down on us. It could be tomorrow.

We are going to witness their attempts to do two things: take our guns and take our property. It is at this point that we either prove once and for all that those things are worth defending, or we will become willing victims of communism, globalism and enslavement. If that is a condition of existence that is better than death, it will be the condition upon which we live out our meager lives.

If we do accept it, we will destroy the world. Lost in the narrative that America is the source of all evil and injustice, is the fact that its economic power is derived directly from these concepts of individual rights defended by individuals with weapons equal to those of standing armies. Once removed, so is the economic engine that the whole world depends on. China would be nowhere near the economic power that it has become without being able to hijack the innovation and creativity of individuals seeking to gain individual wealth. Without the idea of making a better life, when that possibility has been made impossible, so is the energy to innovate and create. All of those entrepreneurs become mere workers, broken by the system, struggling to survive, denied the freedom to think, without the inspiration to innovate.

It truly is a choice between fighting to defend these fundamental rights as a part of America, but more importantly, as an ingredient of prosperity or the acceptance of a dark and dismal world of drudgery and enslavement, slowly grinding through the diminishing reserves of a capitalist past. If we choose that dark future, we will endure five or maybe ten years, before the whole world is Venezuela.

For them, that’s a feature and not a bug.

You can subscribe to TL’s newsletters thusly, and you should:

The newsletter is available by sending an email to and placing in the subject line newsletter or subscribe. The books and film are available at or

The books he mentions include Shadow Soldier and its sequel, Home To Texas, both of which I have myself and heartily recommend. They might not be quite what you’d tend to expect from TL, maybe, but they grab you all the harder for that.

Update! Cross-posted over at Fran’s joint, with additions.


2020: there will be blood?

Could be, could be.

Trump Wins
Those on the left will not allow a Trump victory, even should he win the popular vote and the Electoral College. They are used to getting what they want and like spoiled brats, have learned that tantrums work.

Should Donald Trump prevail in his bid for a second term, the left will go insane, deploying every “insurance policy” weapon at their disposal to negate four more years of the Orange Man.  What Obama, Comey, and Brennan et al. did to Trump in his first term will seem mild in comparison to what the left is planning should he win.

Antifa, the military arm of the Democratic Party, has not spent the last three years practicing and organizing merely to sit on the sidelines. They have used the interregnum to mobilize and learn tactics, while probing to find what government will allow, media will trumpet, and the public will endure.

The skirling “resistance” has morphed from pajama-boy blobs of perpetually offended little dictators and pussy-hat sporting shriekers into balaclava-wearing avengers who crave the opportunity to put deplorables in their place and give them the government they deserve good and hard. They will flood the streets after a Trump victory in their Antifa costumes looking to bust the heads of anyone near enough to become part of their 15 minutes of YouTube fame.

It will start in the cities — the Democrat-run cities, of course — where the political leadership will provide them a measure of protection against identification and arrest. Seattle, Portland, LA, San Francisco, NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and Baltimore, among others, will become flashpoints of unrest. 

The riots will be portrayed by the media and the Democrats as a groundswell of support for deposing a racist president. They will bemoan the necessity of the violence, destruction, and loss of life, but remind Americans that “the people have spoken.” Some among the Antifa will be championed. In lockstep, both the New York Times and the Washington Post will run headlines calling them: “The New Founding Fathers.” People who fight back will quickly grow in number — even as the media label them “white supremacists.” Blood will be spilled.

And at that point, it probably ought to be. The next part is of more concern to me, honestly.

Trump Loses
The right will never believe the Democrats didn’t cheat their way to victory; in addition to understanding that a Democratic President will undemocratically implement policies by executive order that are inimical to their interests and desires.

Both their suspicions and their fears would be justified, too. Onwards.

Many on the right are weary of leaders who prioritize good press over good policy, and who prefer losing gracefully over winning ugly. They believe they did build that and that they have not yet made enough money and are fed up with being portrayed as ignorant and evil just because of political disagreements. Eight years of Obama and three years of watching his slow-motion coup have made them angry.

Tone-deaf to this silent majority and emboldened by victory, the new president will borrow Barry’s “pen and phone” and start issuing executive orders throwing open our borders, banning fossil fuels, and of course, implementing “common sense” gun control. Buoyed by media, the new president will start with universal background checks and a gun registry.

Eventually, the president will overreach, signing an order for gun confiscation, euphemistically called, “mandatory buybacks.”  Antifa and their ilk will flood the streets in support of seizing these “weapons of war.” Media will declare, “It’s the will of the people.”

And for the right, that will be the last straw (plastic or paper).

Ahhh, but there’s the rub: would it, really? I’ve long held that gun confiscation would indeed be the straw that finally breaks the American camel’s back; these days, though, I’m less certain of that than I once was. Already we’ve seen at least one gun owner killed by police in a red-flag-law confiscation attempt, without much more than a murmur from anyone. It will happen again; count on it. So what happens next time? The time after that? The time after that?

As I’ve said again and again: no sane, normal person wants to have to kill anybody, and will put up with one hell of a lot in order to avoid it. And the overwhelming majority of gun owners are more sane, normal, and above all responsible than most. Their perfectly justifiable reluctance to pull the trigger, especially on a cop, is one of the factors that make me doubt my previous blanket assumption that gun confiscation would amount to putting the match to the American powder keg.

I’m more inclined now to think that there’s actually but one thing capable of fanning the smoldering embers of Civil War 2.0 into full-on flame: hunger. Should hunger, for whatever currently-inconceivable cause, become a real problem in this country, violence must surely follow. No human being will just sit back and passively starve; even the most peaceful and law-abiding among us will be driven to extreme measures by hunger.

Worse, no man will tolerate seeing his children going hungry, not for very long. A man who would never dream of shooting a cop, even over a gun-confiscation raid, would be a lot less balked by the prospect of killing somebody, anybody, over food for a hungry young ‘un. A LOT. Should FedGovCo somehow come to be perceived as the cause of widespread hunger, FedGovCo will need to get its problem rectified, sharpish. Or else.

Most Americans long ago divorced themselves from high-minded Constitutional principle; liberty, self-determination, and such-like words are barely even a part of their vocabulary nowadays. Certainly tyranny is not something they have even the most rudimentary grasp of, and are not much bothered by it anyway. Not so with gun owners, of course. But I’m guessing as of now that, having seen the 2A rendered all but meaningless already by incremental encroachment, they’d probably be content to bury their arms in the backyard and bide their time for a while longer in preference to going all-out to defend the 2A. Not derogating them for it, mind. But if there’s really to be a Civil War 2.0, I no longer think it’s the 2A problem that will spark it.

Which puts a Democrat-Socialist theft of the 2020 election right out the window as a probable cause. I could be all wet, of course. But right now that’s how it all looks to me.

Update! Don’t think for a second that the Democrat-Socialists are NOT going to try to take them, either. Not for a single moment.

During the September 12, 2019, Democrat debate, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke confirmed his plans to take AR-15 and AK-47 rifles from Americans.

Beto O’Rourke was asked if he is ready to support confiscation, and he said, “I am if it’s a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield.”

He then elaborated on how certain bullets are meant to operate in military guns, but he never explained that an AR-15 is not a military weapon. It is a civilian, semiautomatic rifle that shoots one round each time the trigger is pulled. The military weapon, an M4, shoots semiautomatic or fully automatic and is designed to handle the heat and stress of being shot on a battlefield. An AR-15 is not.

After inaccurately describing  the AR-15, O’Rourke said, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.”

As you would expect, Mayor Buttplug is, shall we say, all in.

In an interview with TMZ Live on Friday, Buttigieg was asked about the Twitter feud between former Congressman Beto O’Rourke and Texas Republican Representative Briscoe Cain.

After O’Rourke told gun owners that “Hell, yes, we’re gonna take your AR-15″ during the Democrat debate on Thursday, Cain dared Beto O’Rourke on Twitter to come and take his AR-15.

Buttigieg agreed with O’Rourke that Cain’s comment on Twitter was a “death threat,” and the South Bend mayor admonished Cain for failing to have a more intelligent conversation about gun issues.

Only if you try to come and take them, Buttplug. And lest you think Blotto and Buttplug are mere outliers:

After years of being told that we are paranoid for saying that the anti-gun Left wants to confiscate our weapons, the anti-gun Left is letting us know in no uncertain terms that they want to confiscate our weapons.

Last year, when the only constituency he was trying to woo consisted of residents of the great state of Texas, O’Rourke was still paying lip service to being a supporter of legal gun owners.

So much for that.

Kamala Harris got out in front of everything earlier in the year when she promised that she would almost immediately become an executive-action nightmare on gun control if Congress didn’t give her what she wanted.
While the Democrats keep referring to the AR-15 specifically, they also repeatedly use the phrase “weapons of war,” which puts the slippery in “slippery slope.”

“Weapons of war” is a catch-all that can also refer to sidearms, knives, and anything else ever used in a battle. They used to use rocks back in the catapult days, you know.

They naturally dismiss this idea as just more paranoia, even as they work to prove that none of us are actually paranoid.

Yep. The thing to remember about them—all of them, all of the time—is that they’re fucking liars. Well, that, and one other little thing:

The obvious takeaway from all of this is that we were right all along about the Democrats’ intentions, which provides a perfect example for future debates when they’re pretending to be anything other than what they truly are: Soviet-esque control-freak statists.

Annnnd bingo.

Bloody bloody update! Oddly, there’s no story beneath the Bee’s headline, just a picture. No matter, the headline says it all: “Beto: ‘Hell Yes I’m Going To Violate My Oath To Defend The Constitution.’” Ehhhh, big deal; every last one of them starts doing that about five minutes after being sworn in. Elsewhere, Insty chimes in in his usual concise, to-the-point manner:

THEY’RE UPSET BECAUSE ONLY LEFTISTS ARE SUPPOSED TO THREATEN VIOLENCE IF THEY DON’T GET THEIR WAY: New Republic: Conservatives: We’ll Spill Blood to Keep Our Guns. “‘There would be violence’ neatly elides what’s actually being claimed: Some gun-rights activists would murder government officials who try to enforce a duly passed law. This isn’t an extreme viewpoint among such gun enthusiasts. If anything, it’s one of their central tenets.”

What part of Molon Labe don’t you get? Well, probably all of it, given today’s dismal education system.

And a law that violates the Constitution — which gun confiscation absolutely would — isn’t a “duly passed law.” It’s a usurpation of authority. Funny that all these people who have been yammering about #Resistance and punching Nazis seem okay with the idea of laws that violate the Constitution, laws that are — of course — themselves enforced with guns and violence.

But should it come to that, which I doubt, I suspect it wouldn’t be the cops and troops enforcing this who would be targeted first.

Well, it shouldn’t be, in fact. The targets of right ought to be the Democrat-Socialist would-be tyrants responsible for it in the first place. “Okay with the idea of laws that violate the Constitution”? Of course they are. That’s their bread and butter, it’s what they’re all about—Progressivism distilled down to its purest essence. Once you recognize that, everything they do suddenly becomes crystal clear.


No, the US government did NOT do it

Thou fools.

The film (Loose Change—M) is a rapid-fire collection of video clips set to techno music, attempting to prove that:

  1. No plane hit the Pentagon – it was a cruise missile;
  2. The hijacked planes didn’t bring down the World Trade Center, the buildings were wired with explosives ahead of time;
  3. Flight 93 didn’t crash in Pennsylvania and in fact landed safely elsewhere. The passengers were in on the conspiracy.

They’ve sold more than 100,000 copies of this thing on DVD. It’s been downloaded millions of times.

But is it bullshit?

It most certainly is; as arrant a stinking pile of it as can possibly be imagined. Since Item 2 seems to be the one with real staying power, the other two being patently absurd on their faces and in the main forgotten by now, I’ll just stick to Wong’s evisceration of that.

The entire 9/11 “Truth” movement rests on the idea that the World Trade Center towers were rigged with explosives, a “Controlled Demolition” like you see with old buildings. That’s the whole thing. They say the buildings couldn’t have come down otherwise.

Forget the fact that no experts on the subject agree with them. That’s not the point right now. We’re just trying to get inside these guys’ heads.

Now, maybe you could keep the plan itself a secret. A few dozen murderous black ops guys, demolitions experts with a grudge against the USA, maybe they’ve been brainwashed. Who knows. Maybe it could be done. People point out that the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb was kept a secret, so why not this?

But the cover-up. Holy s**t, guys. Covering this thing up after the fact would be like trying to keep the atomic bomb a secret after Hiroshima. Just wait ’till you hear this.

First, picture the demolitions teams wiring up the World Trade Center towers with explosives prior to the attack. Obviously you couldn’t do it during business hours, since it’d be kind of hard to explain to the 100,000 people who worked at or visited the WTC towers on any given day why you had a huge chunk of wall torn out and were wiring up a bomb on the steel beams there.

I mean, keep in mind, I don’t know how big of a job that would be (no one has ever demolished a building that size before) but a building just half the size of one WTC tower took 4,000 separate charges to bring down. Four thousand.

That job took seven months of prep work… and they had the run of an abandoned building, without having to hide their work from 100,000 people every day. Our demolition crew, on the other hand, can work only at night and has to spend the last bit of every shift carefully repairing the wall and hiding any evidence of charges or detonators as not to be discovered during the day.

Huge teams of demolitions experts, who had no problem wiring a building full of innocent New Yorkers to explode, hired in secret, worked every night for what had to be a year (and that’s only if they had a big enough crew) placing maybe 10,000 separate charges in each tower and another few thousand in WTC 7 (the smaller WTC tower that also collapsed, later in the day on 9/11).

And nobody notices.

That’s right. That’s the theory they’re putting out there. 100,000 DVDs they’ve sold with this.

Truckloads of bombs, dozens of mysterious workers, going in and out of the building, night after night. Security at the building doesn’t catch them, Port Authority Police don’t catch them, random eyewitnesses who stumble across the operation and call the cops don’t catch them, maintenance workers who stumble across wet paint and repaired walls and bits of strange wire don’t catch them, security cameras don’t catch them.

The bomb-sniffing dogs who were brought in from time to time (remember, these buildings were bombed by terrorists in 1993) who are trained to find even one bomb, fail to notice the 10,000 bombs lining their building.

If you’re saying that nothing could possibly be more retarded than that, you’re wrong.

No, they’re just getting started.

Ahh, but happily, so is Wong—and by the time he’s done, the conspiracy garbage ziggurat has been reduced to a ruin of smoking rubble comparable only to the Twin Towers themselves. For my money, the notion that the US government might be competent enough to successfully pull something as monumental and complex as this off is so laughable as to provide all the debunking anyone ought to ever need. Which ain’t to say that they wouldn’t, mind. Only that they couldn’t.


Role model

Freedom done right.

As I watch the fearless Hong Kong protesters risk life and limb, standing up to the Chinese juggernaut to protect freedom, I can’t help but wistfully wish we’re witnessing the beginning of a spreading popular movement. In my heart of hearts, it’s my fondest hope that these courageous, freedom-loving protesters succeed and that their message of hope catches fire in other countries in desperate need of the Hong Kong formula.

I’m not referring to a spread into mainland China, which would also be wonderful. No, here I’m hoping their thirst for freedom also spreads to the United States.

I’m not saying the United States isn’t free. But it’s a whole lot less free than the special experiment of Hong Kong. For one thing, the Heritage Foundation rates Hong Kong’s as the freest economy in the world, and the United States as the world’s 12th-freest. That’s embarrassing.

Hong Kong is a miracle economy. Its unemployment rate rarely rises above 4 percent. It recovered quickly from the financial crisis in contrast to the very lethargic U.S. recovery between 2008 and 2017. Hong Kong has avoided the curse of a large entitlement system due to its free market policies. It maintains a “simple and efficient” tax rate of 15 percent, from which it drives an astonishing budget surplus, averaging 3.4 percent. Its debt is equivalent to 0.1 percent of GDP.

Leftist orthodoxy would hold that the absence of a robust social safety net would result in widespread human suffering. But the opposite is true. Hong Kong, a city of comparable size to New York City, has a tiny homeless population of approximately 1,000, as opposed to New York, where nearly one of every 121 New Yorkers is currently homeless. Hong Kong’s poverty rate of 14.7 percent is among the lowest in the world.

In spite of a comparatively hands-off regulatory environment, market efficiencies make Hong Kong’s carbon footprint per citizen less than green-obsessed Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, and Luxembourg, to name a few examples. Indeed, its carbon footprint per citizen is only two-thirds of Norway’s (6.4 metric tons per capita versus 9.3) and less than half of Canada’s (15.2 metric tons). If the left really cared about the environment, it shouldn’t abandon the profit motive’s efficient resource management that has proven to be a more effective pollution reducer than central control.

Is Hong Kong’s education system suffering under its heartless capitalism? On the contrary, its education system is rankedthird in the world, behind Finland and South Korea. The United States, with all of its massive “investments” in education, was ranked 17th on the list.

Imagine a choice of two buttons. Pressing the first button results in lower taxes, better education, less unemployment, poverty, and homelessness, and a more efficient management of resources leading to lower pollution emissions (including greenhouse gases). The second button results in higher taxes, more homelessness, huge budget deficits, and ineffectual environmental and education policy.

Viewed in this light, wouldn’t you fight for access to the first button?

One might think so, yeah. And yet here we all are, so apparently not.


Yeah, yeah, yeah

Dirty Harry Reid thinks you should be Alarmed.

Time is running out to act on climate change

And it always is. And it always will be.

Today, the Nevada deserts — along with environments throughout the country and the world — are facing threats much greater than bulldozers, shovels and unscrupulous mining operations. That threat is climate change.

There’s no denying the disastrous effects climate change is having on every corner of Nevada, our country and our planet. Even the beautiful Joshua Tree forest 5 miles from my Searchlight home is in distress. In the last few years alone, we’ve seen record wildfires in the West, multiple 100-year floods and a drought that left Lake Mead 4 feet away from a federal water shortage.

OH NOES!!! A “federal water shortage?” Heaven help us. Not sure what exactly a “federal water shortage” might actually amount to, mind. But it’s bound to be horrible, and will surely kill us all.

I won’t be around to see the worst impacts of climate change, but my children, grandchildren and countless families around the world will be. They’ll suffer the brunt of this crisis. They’ll bear the burden of cleaning up my generation’s mess.

Aw gee, you won’t? So somehow we’ve gone from AlGore’s “only ten years left” “planetary emergency” alarum back in 2006, to AOC’s “only 12 years left” revision, to..what, three or four weeks, maybe? Actually, Democrat-Socialist knucklehead Andrew Yang insists that it’s “already too late,” and that we should all head for the hills already. Literally. Hey, give the guy props for having balls enough To Boldly Go where no lunatic has gone before, I guess.

Meh. I won’t bother with any more of Reid’s silly-assed twaddle; I mean, what’s the point, really? I just wanted to bask in the idea that he doesn’t expect to be around much longer for a bit here, and enjoy the delicious frisson of anticipation it brought me.


Intervention needed

Can’t SOMEBODY stop this poor, addle-pated old megalomaniac from continuing to shit and fall back in it in public? Of course, metastasizing senility; a lifetime of corruption, graft, and dishonesty; the unshakeable miasma of perpetual also-ran status; and a trustworthiness quotient rougly equivalent to that of the scorpion riding across a flooded river on the frog’s back are hardly Gropey Joe’s only problems.

His appeal used to be that of someone who liked Budweiser and talking about sports and who did not give off the kind of smarmy condescension vibe to normal people who work for a living that is now so typical of blue state libs. You were talking about the old Joe when you talked about old school Dems, the party of the workin’ man instead of the party of the illegal alien, government drone and bitter SJW. These salt-of-the-earth folks were the very people that Trump – who spent his whole career working with union guys to build stuff instead of bloviating for a living like the New Class elites are wont to do – appealed to and stole right out from under the Democrat coalition. Not that many Democrats minded losing the white working class – Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit famously wrote off people who sweat when they work, probably because of all that unjust privilege held by guys who drive Mac trucks or fix toilets.

Joe’s big sell is that he could get these Normals back in the fold, and that was a threat for a while, except Joe has not only dived way left with his party but the scrutiny he has invited has changed the Biden narrative, and not for the better.

Here’s the thing – you are not going to win back hardworking middle-class voters by promising to pay for the medical care of illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be here in the first place. And it’s pretty hard to trash the current medical system when it’s the system you and your boss Barack Obama forced us all into in the first place. Getting huffy when you get asked how many genders there are and then get a follow-up of “So, what’s number three?” does not help you appeal to real people either.

But it’s not his only problem. He’s got a whole bunch of problems and Trump will mercilessly twist the knife in every one of them.

Let’s start with his family. His relatives were apparently brazenly peddling Joe’s influence to the Chi-coms and the Ukrainians and probably others. While that won’t upset the mainstream media – it only cares about fake TRUMP RUSSIA TREASON baloney when it comes to foreign influence peddling – normal people will find that disturbing. And the mainstream media can no longer treat such stories the way the big Indian (no relation to Elizabeth Warren) treated Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest because we now have alternative media to get out the word on this sordid corruption.

And let’s not even get into his son Cokie’s bizarre lifestyle. “Well, Mr. Vice President, the good news is your son is no longer married to your other son’s widow. The bad news is he left her to marry someone else then knocked up yet another woman.”

Even putting aside his disturbing skinny-dipping fetish, there’s the gal-groping. He seems to be trying really hard not to get handsy with the local talent, but you know he’s going to slip up. He can’t help it. He’s not a mere hugger. He’s gross, and that’s already defining him.

Now, maybe you can survive some tarnishes on the old image. Hell, people still voted for the Clintons again and again. But it’s hard to survive being defined as an incoherent bull-Schiff-er.

Joe is the Gaffe-O-Matic, with a new embarrassment every day exuding from his ever-open piehole. One day he’s standing in New Hampshire extolling the virtues of Keene, Vermont. The next day he’s creating his own ever-morphing Sarajevo sniper story about pinning a medal on a corporal, or was it a Navy captain? There’s a significant difference, in that the corporal actually works for a living. And a “young” Navy captain? Let me assure you that no O6 in any branch qualifies as “young.”

Just one or two of those things could very well torpedo the hopes of even a better-qualified, younger, more appealing candidate; taken in toto for someone as alarmingly desperate for power and approbation as Gropey Joe is, they’re completely insurmountable. Yet even with the Ghosts of Failure Past, Failure Present, and Failure Yet To Come weighing him down like Jacob Marley’s chain-and-cashbox necklace in Schlichter’s above recounting, we still haven’t really touched on the biggest problem haunting ol’ Plugs even yet.

Which simply is: nobody needs him. Worse, nobody wants him. The old-line Democrat-Socialist hacks damned sure don’t; their transparent re-release of Biden’s Scandal Greatest Hits as a means to sabotage him from the git-go made that plain enough. The Young Commie Turks? Oh, please. No matter how far moonbat-Left Gropey might tack—and nobody should think for a moment he wouldn’t be perfectly happy to swerve so far Left he’d come all the way back up behind himself to run up his own tailpipes, because he most certainly would—it will never be enough for them. Rightly or wrongly, his carefully-crafted reputation as something of a “centrist,” burnished over long decades back when he thought that might do him some good—not only isn’t what today’s truly insane Left wants, it isn’t something they’re willing to so much as tolerate.

Nor will his association with Obama be enough to pluck his tired old ass off the ash-heap of history’s discarded liars. As reverentially as many Barrackorrhoids still claim to regard His Most Puissant Majesty and all His mighty works, the truth is even He was a bit of a disappointment to a lot of them—much less Gropey, who was never much more than barely on their radar in the first place. Sure, were they able to scam out a way to quasi-legally “elect” Barky again, they probably still would. But it’s my guess that, as time goes by and they keep on mainlining The Pure they’re scoring from hardcore street slingers like Blotto O’Rourke, Omar, Tlaib, Crazy Bernie, and even Lieawatha, even Obama’s dazzling corona will begin to noticeably dim. In fact, I suspect it already has, maybe more than Ogabe Himself might realize. Biden never even had any corona at all.

All of which leaves poor, sad old Gropey absolutely nowhere. He’s the lamed, staggering fairgrounds pony no kid wants a ride on; the ugly teen sitting unnoticed and alone at the high-school dance quietly picking his nose; the root-beer flavored Dum Dum lollipop that nobody likes, always slumped at the bottom of the reception-desk bowl at the doctor’s office. If Biden was a horse, some merciful soul would surely have shot him by now, for his own good, in an act of true mercy and compassion.

Sorry, Gropey, but you were only nominally adequate as a bit-player in the Ogabe junta, and that is as close to being POTUS as you’re ever going to get. Find the dignity and humility to accept certain harsh realities, unpleasant for you as that may be; we’ll all be better off for it. Maybe you could go look up HILLARY!™ in the Hamptons and down three or eight bottles of cheap gin with her some afternoon. Have her teach you a thing or two about self-respect, if you can find the wherewithal. Try to catch her early, while she’s still somewhat coherent.


The chicanery, farce, and falsehood of Amerikan “justice”

People died. Barr lied.

After Randy Weaver, an outspoken white separatist living on a mountaintop in northern Idaho, was entrapped by an undercover federal agent, U.S. marshals trespassed on Weaver’s land and killed his 14-year-old son, Sammy. The following day, FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi killed his wife, Vicki, as she was standing in the cabin doorway. Horiuchi had previously shot Randy Weaver in the back after he stepped out of the cabin. The suspects were never given a warning or a chance to surrender and had taken no action against FBI agents. Weaver survived.

After an Idaho jury found Weaver not guilty on almost all charges, federal judge Edward Lodge slammed the Justice Department and FBI for concealing evidence and showing “a callous disregard for the rights of the defendants and the interests of justice.” A Justice Department internal investigation compiled a 542-page reportdetailing federal misconduct and coverups in the case and suggested criminal charges against FBI officials involved in Ruby Ridge.

Barr told the New York Times in 1993 that he was not directly involved in the Ruby Ridge operation. Two years later, the Washington Post revealed that “top officials of the Bush Justice Department had at least 20 [phone] contacts concerning Ruby Ridge in the 24 hours before Vicki Weaver was shot,” including two calls involving Barr.
In January 1995, FBI director Louis Freeh announced wrist slaps for the FBI officials involved, including his friend Larry Potts, who supervised the operation from headquarters and who approved the shoot-without-provocation orders that “contravened the constitution of the United States,” according to the Justice Department internal report. When Attorney General Janet Reno later nominated Potts for deputy director of the FBI, top newspapers and members of Congress protested but Barr told the New York Times that his friend Potts “was deliberate and careful, and I developed a great deal of confidence in his judgment… I can’t think of enough good things to say about him.”  A few months later, the FBI suspended Potts after suspected perjury regarding Ruby Ridge. (Potts was not charged and retired two years later.)

The Justice Department paid $3 million to settle a wrongful death lawsuit from the Weaver family. But when Boundary County, Idaho filed criminal charges against Horiuchi, Barr sprang to action seeking immunity for FBI snipers. He spearheaded efforts to sway the court to dismiss all charges because holding a sniper liable would “severely undermine, if not cripple, the ability of future attorneys general to rely on such specialized units in moments of crisis such as hostage taking and terrorist acts.”

One quibble: I met Randy Weaver at a Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot one year, and spent about an hour hanging out and casually conversing with him. At NO point did he strike me as an “outspoken white separatist”; white separatist he may have been, which is not a crime (yet). But he wasn’t an “outspoken” anything at all. He was instead very quiet and humble—almost diffident, really. The one thing that stood out most about him was how deeply he was still haunted by FBI scumwad Horiuchi’s wanton, vicious murder of his entire family. Weaver’s grief over their execution by federal death-squad was still as raw and agonizing as if it had been fresh, several years after his own despotic government inflicted it on him.

I hadn’t known of Barr’s sordid history before, but it does clearly establish one thing: the very idea of him ever ensuring justice against Deep State coup d’état plotters is no better than wholly ludicrous. That Barr would defend such an outrage against all decency and humanity as the FUSA government’s murder of unarmed and innocent civilians at Ruby Ridge—a youth shot in the back as he fled the monstrous agents of a monstrous tyranny; his dog killed for no purpose other than to terrorize him; his mother sniped from hiding as she committed the heinous crime of standing in the doorway of her own home with her infant child in her arms—puts paid to that nonsense.

FBI hitman Lon Horiuchi retired in 2006, with honors and the thanks of a grateful nation for his “service,” and went to work for gun-parts manufacturer HS Precision as their “FBI Program Manager,” prompting this bitterly humorous spoof ad from outraged 2A supporters:


Like Lois Lerner and all other villainous Deep State scoundrels, Horiuchi will live out the rest of his days in peace, comfort, and security bought for him by taxpayer dollars. Justice? Ain’t no such thing in Amerika.

Update! Go ahead and hold your breath.

So far, the I.G. is batting zero on justice. The I.G. report on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation showed pervasive bias for Hillary, talk of an insurance policyshould she lose, that Hillary should win “100 million to 0.” Yet in the end, Horowitz pulled a Comey, said the investigators’ hatred for Donald Trump, their loyalty to Hillary Clinton, didn’t impact their findings in any way. Huh?

But the attempted coup has been exposed, and one by one, the Deep State cronies are going down: James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Bill Priestap, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Jim Baker, Andrew McCabe, to name a few who have retired, been fired, or been demoted.

So our message to any future insurgents who stage a coup but fail in their efforts to illegally remove a sitting president and overthrow the United States government is, “Be forewarned: treason could cost you your job.” Oh, the humanity!

Well, at least former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe is paying a high price for lying and leaking. He collected over a half-million dollars on his GoFundMe site, ostensibly for his legal defense.  He’ll still get his government pension, has filed suit against the FBI and DOJ for firing him, wrote the ubiquitous politicalbook trashing Trump, and has now landed a consultant gig with CNN. By damn, that’ll teach him.

Sean Hannity tells us every night that Spygate will explode with declassification, with the I.G. report, or with Durham’s investigation. Sean’s Fox team of experts agree: the traitors are shaking in their boots because they know what’s coming. 

Really? Because I don’t see a single traitor twitching, much less shaking. In fact, they’ve stepped up their sedition, increased their efforts to usurp the president. If they’re scared, they’re doing a bang-up job of hiding it.

Today, treason and our two-tier justice system are casually discussed as inescapable facts of today’s political landscape. Heads up for those desperately trying to put the blindfold back on Lady Justice. If a layered legal system is what we have, it has nothing to do with justice — that’s anarchy.

No, it’s tyranny, actually.

Take for example when Hillary Clinton literally laughed out loud at a question about her email investigation — had to wipe her eyes, she laughed so hard. She laughed at us, at America, for being so clueless as to think she’d ever answer to our laws.
And she’s still laughing, because she’s right: she’s untouchable. The consensus is that even though we know that the first email investigation was rigged by the FBI to clear Hillary, no one will reopen the case.

“While she [Hillary] may never face justice in a court of law, perhaps losing the presidency is a more prescient and proper punishment.”

Well, of course, losing a presidential election is far more devastating than wasting away in a prison cell.

She has every right to laugh at us, because she was right, and was all along.


Revisionism 101

The Old Grey Whore, at it again.

Last week, a little pamphlet of the working man called the New York Times announced a new initiative in moral enlightenment for the great mass of ignorant Americans. The “1619 Project,” as it’s called, “aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story.”

Those with questions about this exercise in revisionism are being cast as bigots who just hate that America’s “paper of record” is acknowledging our “real past.” Right. Because if there’s one thing Americans don’t hear enough about, it’s how evil and racist their country is.

The Times is asking for more than a “re-examination” of the country’s history. The editors are not really looking to “explore” anything in earnest: they’ve already reached their conclusions, assumed to be obvious and beyond dispute. Here is a declaration from the nation’s leading newspaper that the Founding as we understand it is illegitimate, that America needs to be fundamentally re-imagined and reconstructed.

Well, duh. They’ve only been screaming this very thing directly in our faces for years now—since at least “fundamental transformation” and “for the first time I’m proud of my country,” if not well before. So how many more times do we all need to hear it before we stop pretending to be shocked by it and take them at their word?

No serious person would disagree that American slavery was a disgraceful system, or that racial disparities persist today. But what, exactly, do the revisionists expect to keep the nation together once the ancien regime has been abolished?

Brute force, subjugation, and iron-fisted tyranny, natch. More from Steve Sailer:

How exactly retconning American history will get rid of Trump was left vague, but Baquet was confident that it was all part of the Times’ seamless plot.

By the way, that’s some hilariously shameless boasting about the power of The Narrative to warp minds.

As I’ve pointed out, The Narrative is pushed less by printing fake news or by completely censoring true news than by the power of the prestige press to pick out ideologically convenient items from the vast surfeit of events and declare them the news about which we are all supposed to have a “conversation.”

Did, say, a Catholic schoolboy “smirk” at a “tribal elder”?

Now, that’s national news!

In contrast, in the wake of the vaunted Black Lives Matter protests in Ferguson, did four Teens of Color in St. Louis, shouting “Kill the white people,” hammer a white man to death?

Why are you interested in a local police blotter detail?

And if there is a lot of news for powerful interests to pick and choose amongst, there’s even more history.

Lots, lots more from Sailer, who wanders pretty far afield in this nonetheless interesting analysis.


Van life: NOT for pussies

I dunno, I loved it myself.

The ultimate road trip had been our goal since we’d met during our senior year of college, in 2012. We wanted to explore the country in an authentic way, meet its diverse people, see both its ugly places and its beautiful ones. Our idea was inspired by #vanlife, the faux-bohemian, four-wheeled lifestyle movement. Why tour the country in a regular old car, camping in national parks and rooming in hotels off highway exits, when we could buy a cheap van and make it our mobile home?

There was an important caveat. We decided to reject the cushiness of #vanlife and skip the saccharine Instagram posts. This was partly out of necessity—we didn’t have the budget for a $10,000 vintage van and a $10,000 overhaul. But we also feared the Instagramization of our lives, seeing the mountains through the lens of our camera phones. I rolled my eyes (though secretly a little jealous) at the shirtless #vanlife guys whose long captions detailed the importance of learning how to fix a timing belt with a shoelace. Rachel damn sure wasn’t going to sit naked on the roof of the van for a photo shoot every few sunrises.

Dude, you started off doing it wrong. There are rules for this sort of thing, you know.

From the beginning, my anxieties stemmed from the van itself. On a steamy day in July, we left triumphantly from Philly, striking out from the same old ugly, crowded highways, quickly moving north on I-87, up into the green mountainsides of the Catskills of New York. But I couldn’t enjoy the views. My eyes were glued on the temperature gauge, which read “Cold  N-O-R-M-A-L  Hot” in an arc. In the fall and winter, when I’d been driving Little Honey, the needle got stuck, as if lodged between the leg of the R and the M. Now, in the 92-degree heat, it meandered up through the M and, to my horror, occasionally cut into the A. Every millimeter it rose made new parts of my body clench. What if the temperature spiked and the van died the first week of the trip, or the first day?

You quit whining and wringing your hands and FIX the damned thing, that’s what. This serves to illustrate the big mistake that doomed this guy: if you’re going to be traveling great distances in a motor vehicle, you are essentially putting yourself completely at the mercy of said vehicle’s state of repair and reliability. It therefore behooves you to educate yourself to the greatest extent you possibly can about how the thing works, what components are most prone to sudden failure, and how to repair them yourself by the side of the road, with the at least minimal hand tools you were hopefully smart enough to bring along. Anything less is asking for trouble. And on the road, you really don’t have to ask; sooner or later, it’s going to find you on its own.

We rode on, but my nerves were shot. I couldn’t seem to shake the little voice in my head that kicked in every day when I unchocked the wheels and turned the keys in the starter: If this van breaks down, you’re fucked.

You most certainly are, buddy. And there just ain’t no feeling in the world quite as stomach-churning as the one you get when you find yourself broken down on the road: stranded far from home, family, friends, and any possible help. Much, much worse if it happens to you at around 2 in the morning, too.

I’d always wanted to be handy like my dad and uncles and cousins—the kind of men with the skill to take something apart and put it back together again, repaired. I thought that owning the van would make me handy and mechanical by necessity, and in some ways, it had: I could change a tire, no sweat, keep the simple things lubricated and topped off, even tighten the oil pan with a socket wrench to try to stop an incessant leak. But beyond that, I had failed.

You surely did—because those things you listed do not in any way, shape, or form qualify you to undertake such an adventure. They are no more than the absolute minimum that every driver should be able to do, whether on a road trip or close to home. Although I do know that even that barely-adequate skill set ain’t nearly as common as it once was, and ought to be.

I still didn’t know how to diagnose a cracked head gasket or how to fix anything serious.

No need to, really. You ain’t gonna be fixing a “cracked” head gasket by the side of the road anyway, I promise you. And head gaskets don’t really “crack,” by the by. They blow. Which generally refers to tearing, ripping, or burning through in sections. No biggie, just sayin’.

When something bad happened (and I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would), we’d be at the mercy of some wicked small-town mechanic. 

Another real problem for sure. To my own eternal disgust, there exists in this country an entire class of villainous scoundrels who make their living exclusively off of victimizing helpless sad sacks in trouble on the road, many if not most focusing on truckers. These “people” set up shop in seedy, rundown corrugated-metal shops right off of interstate off-ramps. There’s a reason for that. Think of them as trap-door spiders on two legs, waiting to ensnare any hapless soul with smoke coming from under the hood in their evil web. Hours later, your wallet will have been exsanguinated, your humiliation at having been suckered by these swine burning your self-esteem to cinders.

Even then, your car may or may not have been properly repaired. Many of these grifters are skilled enough mechanics to know how to cobble things together just enough to get you a few miles on the down road before your jerry-rigged strugglebuggy judders to a costly halt all over again. Should you ever find yourself reamed, steamed, and dry-cleaned in such fashion, you’ll readily understand why I’ve always maintained that drawing and quartering for such foul skullduggery isn’t nearly harsh enough punishment.

The mishaps, traumatizations, and ruination all go on from there, but in the end everything comes out more or less okay. Personally, I really miss my old free-wheeling, road-tripping, van-dwelling days. Which probably just confirms I’m nuts.


Of field trips

And final solutions.

The Wire was a show with few moments of optimism. But there’s a very brief scene in episode 8 of season 3 in which the crime-ravaged sections of the city are portrayed as peaceful and thriving. Residents are shown painting their homes and sweeping the stoops, greeting the mailman and each other with hearty smiles. It’s the only time we see a Baltimore that doesn’t look like hell on acid.

Why the peacefulness? Because a well-meaning police major named “Bunny” Colvin has, in a highly unauthorized and unsanctioned “experiment,” moved all the dealers and users away, shuffling them off to a newly created “safe zone” called Amsterdam (misunderstood by the dealers as “Hamsterdam”) where drug crimes will be ignored, as long as the offenders stay in the quarantine zone. Former mayor Schmoke, who advocated drug decriminalization while in office, appears in a few of these episodes, such was the overlap between real-life Baltimore and Wire Baltimore.

The message of season 3 and the “Baltimore is now at peace” scene? There is only one cure for the city’s ills: physical removal of the bad element. This was the best solution Simon could come up with. The “Hamsterdam” story arc delivered the message loud and clear: The problem with Baltimore is the people. Specifically, the segment of the population that’s not salvageable. The “trash” that needs to be removed isn’t of the banana peel and dog poop variety. The trash is human.

Talk about a downer. Leave it to Simon to give the series’ one truly uplifting scene a terrifying undercurrent.

Soon enough, Colvin’s superiors get wind of what he’s doing. “Hamsterdam” is dismantled and the neighborhoods go back to the war zones they were. But for one shining moment, Bunny Colvin saved Baltimore via population transfer…the segregation of the irredeemable to a quarantined area in order to “salvage what’s still worth salvaging” for the “decent people.” Those are the exact words Simon put in the mouth of one of his most consistently sympathetic, even heroic, characters (Colvin is one of the few Wire characters without a dark side).

“Salvage what’s still worth salvaging” for the “decent people.” On The Wire, that meant Nazi-style resettlement and containment. Unworkable in real life, unthinkable in America. Simon may claim that Trump’s a Nazi, but he’s the one who dreamed up a “final solution.”

A “final solution” that will never and can never become policy.

More and more, I think the only “solution” to a problem like Baltimore is the one I outlined in arguably my grimmest column to date, back in February 2018. Mainstream conservatives will continue to spew their fairy-tale solutions (“Oh boy, Spanky—a scrap metal drive!”) and leftists will continue to spew theirs (“Reparations! More welfare!”). But in the end, like it or not, we’re heading for the age of the de facto “urban reservation.” The salvageable people will get out, the salvageable surrounding land will be gentrified, and the remaining detritus will be boxed in and forgotten. The fact that most Americans expressed outrage at the recent spate of mass shootings while continuing to ignore gun crimes in black inner cities shows the increasing popularity of “What happens on the reservation is none of my business.”

We can argue nature vs. nurture and American dream vs. oppressive racism all we want. The solution will eventually take shape in spite of our grandstanding.

I think Cole is on target overall with this. But if recent history is any guide, “the salvageable people will get out” all right—and then rapidly turn the places they flee to into the exact same kind of shitholes they contributed so much to fucking up in the first place.


How it all starts

There’s a bad moon on the rise.

Senator Kneepads is about to get an education on delusional grandstanding.

“I also have as part of my background and experience working on this issue, when I was attorney general [of California], and we put resources into allowing law enforcement to actually knock on the doors of people who were on two lists — a list where they had been found by a court to be a danger to themselves and others and another list where they were precluded and prohibited from owning a gun because of a conviction that prohibited that ownership,” she added.

Harris commented that she would send law enforcement door-to-door to confiscate guns from illicit people.
“Those lists were combined and then we sent law enforcement out to take those guns, because, listen, we have to deal with this on all levels, but we have to do this with a sense of urgency and we have to act. Enough with the talk,” she said.

Let’s be clear here, if you’re a felon in possession, or you’ve failed a court hearing on your sanity, with counsel present on both sides, I have no problem with this. But Sen. Kneepads isn’t talking about that. Those people should have ALREADY had their guns taken away. She’s talking about doing this with “Red Flag” laws, which violate all constitutional and common law, and every rule of jurisprudence going back to before Magna Carta. (Common Core grads, look it up.)

That illegal abomination of ideas is going to get Officer Friendly a face full of buckshot, and he’ll deserve it, every single time. And I hope it happens, until the cops wise up and tell the politicians they’re under arrest for violating everyone’s civil rights.

As I said in Aesop’s comments, Officer Friendly already knows all about that face-full of buckshot, he doesn’t care for the idea, and so has gotten himself busy in several at-risk locales to officially announce his desire to be included out of the festivities before they commence (examples here and here, with further common-sense analysis from a Utah LEO here). Now, not all cops are as bothered by the prospect of betraying their oaths and finishing the Constitution off for good, of course. Maybe even a majority of them aren’t, I dunno. However it works out, though, I’m confident that, for whatever reason, enough of them will sell their souls to Gun Grabber Satan as to create a real mishegoss of a mess of a clusterfuck when we get down to nut-cutting time. So, in sum:

This is not going to go like they planned when the entire country goes all Flight 93 on them.

The look of surprise on their faces will be priceless, and the last thing that goes through their minds will likely be 158 grains of lead.

Minds? Hell, if they had those, we wouldn’t even be talking about this crap at all.


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