“I’m a Black Man and I’m Not Afraid of a Damn Thing”

Everything You Have Been Told About George Floyd’s Death Was a Lie, the Truth Hidden

“Lebron James says he’s afraid”
“Kareem Abdul Jabbar says he’s afraid”
“Kapernick says he’s afraid”

Damn fine interview by Tucker Carlson.

Most here at CF know this of course, but a reminder, before Jan 6 folks were falsely prosecuted, a police officer was convicted of Floyd’s death and remains in jail, a true political prisoner.

A bit more for those in the dark: New Court Docs Show…


Tucker Talks Tranny Conversion

We used to convert our tranny’s from automatics or 3 speed manuals to 4 speed manuals.
Tucker is interviewing Chris Moritz and it ain’t about Hot Rod Chevy’s…

The Death penalty needs to be used way more often. Anyone involved in this butchery should be found guilty of child butchery and put to death. These are sick twisted people.


Tucker Carlson Interviews Victor Davis Hanson

VDH, while not an enthusiastic Trump supporter in the beginning, was never a neverTrumper and expressed cautious support early on in spite of often writing for the neverTrump National Review. An association that ended, in part, over the NR’s support of the marxist left. From his mouth in an earlier interview with Tucker is the following transcript, a good short read: VDH, why I left NR


Carlson Interviews O’Reilly – A Must Watch

It’s pretty funny before it turns serious. I learned a few things about O’Reilly that I didn’t know. I had no idea that members of his “club” could email him for help, and they respond to the non whackos.

O’Reilly calls this “The Age of Disorder”, “We are in the chaos now”.

Something I didn’t know – Trump threatened president of Mexico Obrador that he would declare the mexican cartels terrorists, whack them from above with drones and send the special forces in to kill them. Thus the Mexicans put the Mexican army on the border of Guatemala and the US to shut down the flow of illegals. Add in the economic trade preferences favorable to the US, all to keep the US from essentially invading Mexico to kill the cartels.

Result: Illegal flow down 80% and economy booming with inflation under 2% and gas at prices of 1975.

I had always thought the entire Mexican response was to the threat from Trump about the economy.


Tucker Blasts Texas Governor Abbot on Illegal Immigration

Tucker Blasts Abbot

He’s right. The republican governors and AG’s are mostly worthless on a variety of issues. The Texas AG, Ken Paxton, currently under attack by the bush clan is one of the exceptions. What is Paxton’s real crime, the reason he is in an impeachment trial? He badly whooped a Bush in the election for AG. He supports Donald Trump. He knows and states the 2020 election was stolen.

Don’t believe in the myth that Texas is some conservative state because in reality it’s not.


Debate? Hell no. Trump on X with Carlson at 8:55 tonight!


Fox can burn to the damn ground along with the RNC.

Tune in on Carlson’s X channel –

Update- hope nobody missed it. It’s unclear how the thing even works IMO. If you went to Carlson’s page it never showed up. I finally found it and I have updated the link above.

I thought it was a good interview, nothing explosive IMO, nothing really new to me.

Update 2: Perusing the comments at Instapundit from those that had the courage to watch the faux “news” show, it would seem it was a big fat zero for everyone

Update 3: Not even 24 hours have elapsed and it’s over 200 million views


The truth is outing

Tucker’s latest amounts to pretty much just rubbing Faux Nooz’s nose in it.

Tucker’s Explosive Interview With Former Capitol Police Chief: The Story Fox Didn’t Air, Pelosi, and Who Knew What When
Tucker Carlson’s latest episode of his show on X, formerly known as Twitter, aired Thursday and it certainly was a bang-up one. It featured an interview with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.

As Tucker explained, he’d filmed an interview with Sund earlier in the year (when he was still working for Fox). It was scheduled to run on Monday, April 24, Carlson said. Then Carlson was let go from Fox that Monday morning and the interview never aired. Because the interview footage is owned by Fox, Tucker can’t run it. So instead he invited Sund to come on his X show and tell what he knew.

One of the biggest points Sund made was that it was revealed after Jan. 6 that other agencies had intelligence of how dangerous it might be but that wasn’t passed on to him. He said the intelligence he received indicated it would be like other MAGA rallies. But the FBI, the DHS, and even the military had intel suggesting more was afoot. But they didn’t tell Sund or put out any alerts as they might normally do, “But there were zero for Jan. 6,” Sund said. “It doesn’t make sense.”

Sund wasn’t told, even though he was on a conference call around midday on January 5 with the law enforcement leaders from the D.C. Metro Police and the FBI (head of the Washington Field Office Steve D’Antuono). He even had the military and the National Guard on the call, he said. But he was not told about the intel. Sund explained it wasn’t only him, the head of the MPD also was not told. He said a new report that came out last month revealed that Antuono had a lot of information.

“It’s almost like they wanted the intelligence to be watered down for some reason,” Sunds mused. He said it was handled very differently by the intelligence agencies and military than it normally would have been.

He said it was crazy that even when they were under attack he has to go to those two people to get permission to bring in help. He immediately contacted the House Sgt. at Arms Paul Irving at 12:58 on Jan. 6, asking to bring in the National Guard, telling him it was bad, and an emergency.

But in response, Irving said he was going to have to “run it up the channel” and “get back to you.” Sund told Tucker that Irving didn’t have to run it up the channel in an emergency; Irving could have authorized him. But he didn’t. And “the chain” was then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sund said.

Sund said he next called the Senate Sgt. at Arms Mike Stenger. Stenger said they should wait until they heard back from Paul Irving.

Sund said even after they got approval through Irving, he was still getting flack from a general in the Pentagon who was on a call with him, Mayor Muriel Bowser, and the head of the Metro Police. That general said that he didn’t like the “optics” of sending in the National Guard. Sund said he told him, it was “life or death.” He said Robert Conte, the MPD Chief, couldn’t believe it.

Then came the shooting of Ashli Babbitt and Sund pleaded with the general there was now a shooting going on. Sunds said he yelled at the general, “There are shots fired, is that urgent enough for you now?”

My sympathy for this poor guy’s anguish over the J6 “riots” is extremely limited, seeing as how it was the cops who did all the shooting and murdering that day. “Urgent”? For Ashli and poor Roseanne Boyland, it certainly was. Please note the vast gulf between “we have shots fired” and “our guys have just gunned down an unarmed civilian for no good reason, and gang-stomped another to death.”

But Sund had one more stunner, and it was about the riots around the White House in 2020 when St. John’s Church was burned. He said that someone “higher up” stopped the head of the MPD from providing aid to the White House to protect it. He said he knew it wasn’t from the Chief of Police so it had to be someone higher. He said they were prevented from going on White House grounds to help defend it. But according to Sund, in that case, the charges were dropped against the rioters. The disparity of how the justice was applied was “scary,” Sund summed it up.

Okay, no quibble with that one. In fact, in light of that self-evidently partisan disparity—not to mention the hundreds still languishing in durance vile without benefit of trial, an attorney, or in some cases, even being charged; the ongoing nationwide manhunt for well over a thousand more; or Jake Chansley spending a couple years in stir for the heinous crime of being given a guided tour by police, then having the outrageous temerity to prop his feet up on “Boxwine” Pelosi’s desk (how DARE he!!!)—the J6 “insurrection” will forever remain what it always has been: far too much ado about nothing.

Yeah, cry me a fucking river, Offissa Pupp.


National treasures

Not just one, but two of ‘em.

The above is three minutes’ worth from Tucker’s latest Twitter X ep, itself an extended interview that is absitively, posolutely worth your while. I didn’t expect I’d ever say such a thing, not being anybody’s idea of a rap/hip-hop fan, but Ice Cube shows himself to be an independent-minded, extremely thoughtful and politically-astute guy—articulate, even. Whodathunkit? Watching this interview gave me a whole new respect for the man.

Update! Waitwaitwait—is that Erik Satie I hear in the background as outro music? Right at the very end? I do declare, I believe it is! Wonder whose idea THAT might have been?


No hard feelings, and thanks for all the fish

Tucker tells all, in his first interview since being canned—kinda sorta, in a left-handed way—by the shitlibs at Unfair, Unbalanced, and Unwatched Faux News.

Carlson sat down with Russell Brand, on his “Stay Free” podcast, and discussed a number of germane issues at length, for almost two hours.

We reported on Friday about a segment of the Brand interview, in which Carlson talked about his interview with the Capitol Police chief with respect to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. But he also talked with Brand about his feelings on covering politics, why he was fired, and his feelings about both former President Donald Trump and 2024 Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

A fascinating interview, to say the least. Brand kicked it off by asking Carlson how he’s handled being fired from Fox. Carlson said that while he was surprised, he wasn’t shocked.

This is not the first time I’ve been fired. And I think in our business, when you work for a big company in media, and you know, you say what you think, there’s an expectation that you could get fired. So I’ve always had that. And I’ve always tried to take the long view, not just on media, but on life.

All graves go unvisited in the end. I always think. I was surprised. I didn’t, you know, expect to get fired that morning at all in April. So I was shocked, but I wasn’t really shocked. And I wasn’t mad. It’s not my company. And when you work for someone else, that person reserves the right, in fact, has inherently the right, to decide whether you work there or not.

As for why the top-rated host in cable news was fired, Carlson told Brand he doesn’t really know, and said he wasn’t angry about it. He also wished Fox News well in the future.

Accounts and assumptions about Tucker Carlson’s relationship with — and thoughts about — Trump have varied through the years. Carlson explained his feelings to Brand, and also said he’s “not a very astute political analyst,” surprisingly adding that he’s never been interested in politics, period.

Where am I on Trump? Now? I love Trump personally. I mean, I made a huge mistake last November in getting involved in American politics — something I’ve never done before. And making calls, you know, “This guy’s gonna win. I think this is going to happen in this state. Meet your new governor, New York.” And I was wrong on almost every call. I’m not a very astute political analyst. I’m not interested in politics. I never have been interested in politics. I’m interested in ideas.

So, what does interest the former Fox News star?

I’m interested in people; and so there’s a primary going out in the United States between Trump and a bunch of other people — primarily Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, but others, Vivek Ramaswamy, for example. And I haven’t said word one about it. Don’t plan to.

But when I think about Trump right now, so it’s July of 2023, I’m struck by his foreign policy views. You know, Trump is the only person with stature in the Republican Party, really, who’s saying, “Wait a second, you know, why are we supporting an endless war in Ukraine?” And that, you know, leaving aside whether Trump’s gonna get the nomination or get elected president or would be a good president, and I can’t even assess that. All I can say at this point is: I’m so grateful that he had that position.

I’m in agreement with most of the above.

As am I, with not just most but all of it, actually. Not being a cable-TV subscriber myself for many years now—it’s been digital rabbit-ears and Roku exclusively for me up until about two-three years ago, when I just stopped bothering to even turn my TeeWee on at all; not because I made a conscious decision to, I just lost interest—probably due to the many long hours* I spend nowadays staring at Ye Trustye Auld iMac’s 27-inch screen reading, researching, and hunt ’n’ pecking away for Ye Auld CF Blogge—pretty much anything I knew about Tucker I got second-hand from my brother, who’s always been a big fan.

That said, I think it’s pretty clear that, with his new Twitter venture, Tucker has taken the gloves off at last and unleashed his inner RightWingNaziDeathBeast persona, which is all to the good as far as I’m concerned. Carlson’s ongoing evolutionary progression from more or less-milquetoast mainstream moderation to bare-knuckled Truth-speaker sensation has been interesting as well as entertaining; it’s a compelling story, and I very much look forward to watching as further developments (!!!) transpire. Although YMMV, of course, it’s kind of a Big Deal, I think, one that’s just liable to have much greater impact going forward than we can easily discern from where we’re standing right now.

*Superfluous addendum: Strangely enough, that would be many more hours than I ever spent on blogging back in the days of yore, owing to my unlooked-for and unwelcome status as an involuntary retiree from gainful employment thanks to having had one (1) leg and a significant hunk of the surviving foot sawn off not so long ago; what seems stranger still about the additional hours is that these days, I find myself writing fewer of the longer-form essays I was known for back then, and more of what I call the Pure Bloggery-type stuff—not a conscious decision either, it just…sorta…happened, like. I’m also doing much more research and fact-checking than I used to, seems like, for whatever strange reason. With the ever-increasing decrepitude of both mind and eyesight concomitant with advancing age, I have to do a lot more correcting of typos and grammatical faux pas too. A terrible thing, getting old is


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