(Big) cats and dogs cows, living together

No, really, y’all. SRSLY.

Can animals trauma bond?
A farmer put a camera because he heard the dogs barking every night, and he saw this.


The leopard comes every night to meet the cow and the cow licks its head.

The man spoke with the previous owner of the cow and found out that the leopard’s mother had died when it was only twenty days old and since then the cow had fed the leopard with her milk. Therefore, the leopard thinks that the cow is her mother and comes every night to see her.

Okay, I gotta admit, even when I saw the pic as I was reading the post, I did NOT see that coming. And once again, Quora Digest proves its worth as my go-to source for wonderful, entertaining, and edumacational blogfodder.

Update! Commenters sez:

Kimberly Chapman—15h
What a mooving story.

J T—6h
I know! Really unherd of!

Heh. Also: groooaaan. Good squishy, that.


My, isn’t this word salad DELICIOUS?

Asked nobody, ever.

‘We Sale Your Bank’: WaPo Reporter Rewrites Disastrous Fetterman Word Salad as a ‘Quote’
To protect the ever brilliant Sen. John Frankenstein — er, Fetterman (D-PA) — a Washington Post reporter rewrote an ineluctable Fetterman ramble and posted it as a quote. Apparently, journalism now means covering up government idiocy by pretending an official is actually coherent.

Fetterman was attempting to question the former CEO of the collapsed Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Greg Becker. The Washington Post’s White House economics reporter Jeff Stein tweeted, “Sen. @JohnFetterman (D-Pa.) to SVB executive Greg Becker: ‘Shouldn’t you have a working requirement after we bail out your bank? Republicans seem to be more preoccupied with SNAP requirements for hungry people than protecting taxpayers that have to bail out these banks.’” The issue? That’s not really what Fetterman said. Not by a long shot.

As PJ Media’s Paula Bolyard tweeted, the actual quote from Fetterman is quite different, to put it mildly, from what Stein claimed: “Shouldn’t you have a working requirement after we sale [sic] your bank—er, with billions of your bank? Because they see me [sic] pre-preoccupied when then [sic] SNAP, uh, in the requirements for works [sic] for hungry people, but not about protecting the—the tax papers [sic] you know, that will bail no matter [sic] whatever does [sic] about a bank to crash it.”

No, I don’t know what he was trying to say, either. But apparently, Stein thought he understood so well that he could write up what he thought Fetterman meant to say and treat it as a quote.

Well, of course he did; as a fully-credentialed “liberal” “journalist,” it’s simple as do re mi: just insert the standard-issue, Mark 1-Mod 0 D卐M☭CRAT boilerplate, and Urethra! You have found it, as a certain wise, universally respected and beloved sage once put it. Is there more, you ask? Hey, this is Senator Lurch (D-Nuthatch) we’re talking about here, of course there is.

Fetterman rambled like Joe Biden in the White House during the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs hearing, “Examining the Failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank.” The man needs to be in a hospital, not in Congress. It’s a total — and painful — joke that his family and staff keep trying to force him through the motions of being a functioning senator.

”Now they [banks] have — it’s in, a guaranteed, a guaranteed way to be saved,” Fetterman fretted about the government bailout of SVB. “By no — no matter, by — by — by how, you know. So it’s, it’s, you know, isn’t it appropriate that the, these kinds of — this kind of control be more stricter?” Unsurprisingly, his question was met by silence. Then he brought out the above clincher, where he compared Republicans’ proposed employment requirement for accessing SNAP benefits to, presumably, his desire for banks like SVB to “work.” All to save that “tax papers” money.

Isn’t it comforting that our economy is in the hands of bankrupts like Becker and senators like John Fetterman?

Oh no, that’s not so at all; like most Normal Americans, you’re thinking about this all wrong. As has been more than amply demonstrated throughout the Biden “pResidency,” the people who actually DO run things in Amerika v2.0 don’t have faces we’re ever gonna see, names we’re ever gonna hear, and never have to stand for “election” or “reelection.”


The universal language

Okay, I just love the everlovin’ hell out of this one.

Fookin’ brilliant! Especially at the very end, where the clearly-disgruntled FiQ (Feline in Question) has gotten tired of the whole damned thing, making that sleepy, semi-pissed-off, won’t you just leave me the hell ALONE face that every cat-lover on earth knows all too well.



Again, that is, this time from the shitlibs and their preposterously unworkable “Green energy.”

Conservative watchdogs highlight ‘alarming’ surge in whale deaths as wind farms grow off NY, NJ coasts
Conservative watchdog groups ran a guerrilla-style ad campaign on the Jersey Shore for Earth Day, drawing attention to a surge in whale deaths amid the growth of offshore wind farms.

Beachgoers in Atlantic City on Saturday looked on as a single-propeller plane carried a message waving from a banner — “SAVE-WHALES-STOP-WINDMILLS.ORG” — and drivers heading out of town saw a billboard with the same message and a picture of a dead whale washed ashore.

The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow and the Heartland Institute sponsored the ads to highlight the potential threat that wind turbine development poses to whales, dolphins and other aquatic life.

The campaign comes after a ProPublica report last week found that federal regulators in the Biden administration have downplayed environmental risks to greenlight “an unprecedented expansion for offshore wind” projects — including tax incentives through the president’s Inflation Reduction Act for renewable energy developers.

Pics of the aforementioned ads included at the NYPost link, and they’re truly wonderful. Well done, guys, and good on ya for turning the Left’s own twipe back on ‘em and hosing ‘em down good with it like this.



Among the many, many email list-type things flooding my inbox daily are quite a few from Twatter (since Musk took over and cleaned house I’m gonna have to stop referring to it with such disparaging names), which I haven’t long since relegated to the CF Spamme Trappe because I actually enjoy quite a few of them. Sander from the Netherlands, a/k/a Buitengebieden, would be on the list of Twitterers I like.

HAAA! Good stuff, no? I mean, really now, just look at the grin on that face at the end.

The cute little critter coming home to mama for a perfect three-point landing in her hand is a sugar glider, if I’m not mistaken; being a certified Elly May Clampett-level critter person (DEAD GIVEAWAY ALERT: there’s even a “Critters” category here, has been for a long time), I always did want one of those myself. Can’t recollect ever seeing a snowy-white one before, though. Some info on the li’l beasties, for those who might not know what the hell I’m even talking about here.

The sugar glider (Petaurus breviceps) is a small, omnivorous, arboreal, and nocturnal gliding possum. The common name refers to its predilection for sugary foods such as sap and nectar and its ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel. They have very similar habits and appearance to the flying squirrel, despite not being closely related—an example of convergent evolution. The scientific name, Petaurus breviceps, translates from Latin as “short-headed rope-dancer”, a reference to their canopy acrobatics.

The sugar glider is characterised by its pair of gliding membranes, known as patagia, which extend from its forelegs to its hindlegs. Gliding serves as an efficient means of reaching food and evading predators. The animal is covered in soft, pale grey to light brown fur which is countershaded, being lighter in colour on its underside.

The sugar glider is native to a small portion of southeastern Australia, in the regions of southern Queensland and most of New South Wales east of the Great Dividing Range. Members of Petaurus are popular exotic pets and are frequently also referred to as “sugar gliders”, but these are now thought to likely represent another species from West Papua, tentatively classified in Krefft’s glider.

“Short-headed rope-dancer”—gotta love that, it certainly seems apt enough. Here, have yourself another adorable pic:


Oh oh wait, dang it, that’s Elly May. Sorry ‘bout that, folks…maybe. Here’s the one I meant to put in there.


Heh. Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge: where the smart set goes for all their “cuteness” needs.

Moar adorable update! Another critter I always wanted, but never did get.

Those are African pygmy hedgehogs, comically enjoying one of their favorite pastimes: tubing, they call it. Too, too funny, and totally cute too. (SIDE NOTE: yes, that’s an old toilet-paper-roll tube they’re playing with; they’re known for keeping that up for hours, walking themselves off of tabletops, falling off chair seats and sofas, repeatedly crashing into walls, you name it)

The trouble with keeping exotic pets like gliders and hedgehogs is that they’re costly to keep and maintain, in all sorts of ways. They usually need a great deal of attention and affection; their dietary requirements can be expensive and, well, exotic, thus tough to fulfill; finding a vet for one outside of major urban areas can be extremely difficult, the visits frequent and expensive. Exotics are susceptible to bizarre, unheard-of diseases, for which treatment is both demanding in terms of effort and ruinously expensive.

All in all, then, not the best choice of pet for someone who travels as much as I used to. Hell, just keeping up with two cats, two dogs, and a freshwater aquarium which I successfully kept going for well over ten years (stocked with two clown loaches, an albino shark, an albino cory cat, and a firebelly newt; the pleco I got for algae-control purposes, a tiny thing at first, I finally gave away to a friend when the ugly bastid grew to just over two feet long) was hard enough, thanks.

The Passion of the Christ—updated with PONIES!!

Some intriguing facts and behind-the-scenes backstory about the movie, from guess where

Mel Gibson warned actor Jim Caviezel that playing the character of Christ was going to be very difficult and that if he accepted, he most likely would be marginalized by Hollywood.

Caviezel asked for a day to think about it and his response to Mel who was funding and directing the movie was: “I think we have to make it, even if it is difficult. And something else, my initials are J.C., and I am 33 years old. “I didn’t realize that until now.”

Mel responded with “You’re really scaring me you know.”

During filming, Jim Caviezel who plays the part of Jesus lost 45 pounds, he was struck by lightning, he was accidentally struck twice during the scourging scene leaving a deep 14-inch scar, he dislocated his shoulder when the cross was dropped into the hole with him on the cross. He then suffered pneumonia and hypothermia from being nearly naked with only a loin cloth on the cross for endless hours. The crucifixion scene alone took 5 weeks of the 2 months of shooting.

His body was so stressed and exhausted from playing the role that he had to undergo two open heart surgeries after the filming production.

Jim explained, “I didn’t want people to see me. I just want them to see Jesus. Conversions will happen through that.”

Almost like a clairvoyant prediction many amazing things happened.

Pedro Sarubbi, who played Barabbas, felt that it was not Caviezel who was looking at him, but Jesus Christ himself, as he played that role he said of Caviezel, “His eyes had no hatred or resentment towards me, only mercy and love.”

Luca Lionello, the artist who played Judas, was an avowed atheist before shooting began. He eventually converted, and baptized his children.

One of the main technicians working on the film was a Muslim converted to Christianity.

Some producers said they saw actors dressed in white they didn’t recognize during one of the filming sessions, and when they reviewed the recordings they realized they couldn’t see them in that footage.

The Passion of the Christ is the highest grossing US religious as well as the highest R-rated film of all time, with $370.8 million! Worldwide, it grossed $611 million.

More importantly, it has reached 100’s of millions of people around the world.

Mel Gibson paid $30 million out of his own pocket for the production of the film because no studio would take on the project.

Never saw the film myself, but I remember the huge controversy generated by it well enough.

Update! Unrelated, but here’s another Quora Digest find. I may have to look into some psychological counseling at some point, to help me cope with this unhealthy addiction to their stuff I’m developing. But this is another good ‘un too, so there’s that.

There is an old pony in a big pen by the barn. He has no real purpose. No kids ride him, he is not a companion to another old horse.

We have no history together. He came into my life by happenstance. There are no fond, warm fuzzy memories. I owe him nothing. But he’s polite and kind, and nickers to me as I come out the door in the morning.

He eats a princely sum of special food, and has a premium round bale of irrigated grass that the other horses can only dream of. His water is fresh, and warmed in the winter. I’ve gone out there late at night to make sure he has food, and he’s the first thing I attend to after morning coffee.

Why? Why not send him to the sale where ‘someone’ will want him? At 40 cents a pound, he’d be worth a nice steak dinner and drinks in town. They’ll load him on a truck with 30 other old ponies and horses, and somewhere down that line, if he doesn’t fall from his bad knee and get trampled in the transport, he will become dog food.

There’s a bum calf in our scale house on this cold frosty night. He’s little and scrawny, with poop stuck to his butt, and a bit of a runny nose. There’s a heater in there keeping the temp above freezing. In the morning I’ll make him a bottle of warm milk replacer and try to convince him to eat some of the pony’s special food. Bob will clean his little house and put down fresh bedding. It would be easier to have left him in the field with the 500 bigger, stronger calves, to steal milk from the occasional tolerant cow, to eventually freeze to death and feed the coyotes that lurk about the herd for just such an opportunity.

There is a wild kitten in the barn who most likely jumped off a utility truck a while back. We’ve been leaving food just for him, and making sure the heated water bowl is full, so he doesn’t have to go outside and perch precariously on the horse waterer to drink.

I guess we sound like saps, the old cowboy and I. Sort of wimpy and un-ranch like.

I guess we are. But at our age, with certain infirmities starting to creep into our daily routines, and the realization that we are not perfect, we are thinking that kindness is a virtue and care is our purpose.

Care of not just the healthy robust animals that make money and pay the bills, but care of everything we are capable of caring for – those creatures that, like us, are in need of a bit more attention to get through the day.

We didn’t go about seeking these creatures- they came to us and landed here not of their own choosing, or ours. But here they are, and off I go to town to a business that provides enough to buy the expensive milk replacer, premium hay, and special pony food.

There may be some karma in all this, or maybe not, but in the end we’ll know we did the best we could for those that needed us.

Peace. Really, I mean it.

And the same to you, ma’am, with all my heart and soul.

Beautiful, no? A lovely, scenic pic of the pony is attached also. Maybe this addiction isn’t so unhealthy after all, I’m thinkin’.


Happy birthday to The Kittens!

So once upon a long ago my daughter had this kitten we got from a girl in my brother’s office whose cat had just had kittens, name of Fearless. As she grew, she of course came into heat for the first time (Fearless, not Madeleine), got herself knocked up straightaway after escaping from strict-but-not-strict-enough quarantine, had her own litter of wee bairns, and successfully brought them to just past the weaning phase.

Then came the terrible, terrible day Fearless escaped from the house as I was leaving for work and immediately ducked under brack’s Mustang, where I couldn’t possibly retrieve her. After several minutes on hands and knees trying to coax her out verbally, I gave up and went on to work, thinking she’d do what she always did when she managed to dart out the door between my legs, which by then she’d gotten pretty good at: climb up on the roof and lie up there in the sun waiting me for to get back, whereupon I would call for her and she would carefully make her way down to the gutter pipe, then leap into my waiting arms to be carried back inside.

Alas, that was not to be on this black, bleak day. Little did I know as I left that it would be the last time I would ever see or speak to Fearless; most likely, she got nabbed by the coyotes with which the area was and is rife, the poor, doomed little thing. I can hardly bear to even think about what an awful fate that would have been for her, it just breaks my heart.

But she did leave behind a wonderful legacy, in the form of the kittens she had given birth to almost exactly nine weeks before. The runt of the five, a sweet grey tabby, was adopted by brack’s sister, where she remains all fat and happy to this day. After weeks of unsuccessfully trying to find good homes for all but two of the others (my original plan had been to keep two of ‘em anyway, at Madeleine’s behest), I finally had to admit defeat and just keep all four of the little critters myself. After getting to know them, no way could I have carted them off to the animal shelter, where they would almost certainly be euthanized in short order. Might as well just shoot me in the head and be done with it, instead.

And it’s all worked out wonderfully in the end, both for them and for me. In fact, I really don’t know what I’d do without my beloved feline companions, I’d be lost without them. During my dreadful ordeal in hospital last year, I worried frantically about the small cohort of four-legged chums which will forevermore be known to Madeleine and me as simply The Kittens, knowing that they would be traumatized by my sudden disappearance from among them.

Now, my then-roomie and lifelong friend brack being a cat-lover of long standing his own self, bless his big, generous heart, I knew he would feed and care for them, no problem. Which was a great comfort to me, the only comfort I had at the time. Even so, for their entire lives I had been Daddy to them, then one day all of a sudden Daddy was gone and didn’t look like ever coming back. How could they NOT be bothered by such a grievous loss? I mean, seriously now, who wouldn’t be?

But in the end all was copacetic, we all got through it and came out the other side okay. The Kittens were born on Easter Sunday four years ago, so in celebration of the auspicious occasion I thought I’d run some pics of them here.

NOTE: The rest of this post I’ll tuck below the fold so as not to slow down main-page loading for those not interested in looking at purty pitchers of incredibly cute aynimules.

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Ever wonder why people suck?

Wonder no more.

We were looking at buying a new house several years ago. The house was vacant since the couple was getting divorced and they had both already gotten smaller houses. When we got to the back yard there was an aging yellow labrador retriever that looked to be at least 11–12 years old. The food bowl was empty and the water bowl had been turned over.

We used the water bottles that the kids had and filled her water bowl. She followed us around the backyard. Once we were ready to go back into the house, the dog whined and didn’t want us to leave. She stood on her hind legs and barked over the fence as we drove away as if begging us not to leave her.

We contacted the real estate agent about the dog. She said that the places that the family bought don’t allow dogs and that the dog has been abandoned by the family at the house. I was shocked. My kids didn’t sleep much that night. We went back the next day to see the house again and the food bowl was still empty and the water bowl was empty. We brought the dog food and water and she gobbled it down and drank all the water.

Unlike the prior day, rather than following us around the yard, she hunkered down in a hole she had dug under the house to take shelter. As we were leaving this time, she didn’t come to the fence, she simply had given up. The neighbors from next door came out and said that the family had not been there in days. It would appear that they were starving the dog to death and they were about to call the police.

I called the real estate agent and told them I wouldn’t buy the house if it was the last house on the planet, but I will be taking their dog. If they don’t deliver the dog to me in 24 hours I will call the police. They contacted me and agreed to deliver the dog. We took her to the vet; she was deaf, terribly malnourished, and very sick.

We spent close to $7,000 on helping her get back into shape. She lived with my family for about a year and a half and died at age 14 when she failed to recover from major surgery and had to be put down. She was a fighter until the end even when being put to sleep. She never gave up and we never gave up on her. She was a great dog and my kid’s lives were enriched by saving a great dog. The thing about dogs that are rescued, they always remember they were rescued and have a fierce loyalty and appreciation for it.

Fucking heartless bastards, to just abandon a poor old dog that way when he or she becomes “inconvenient” for them. Another dose of the antidote:

“I adopted your dog today.

The one you left in the shelter.

The one you had for 10 years. That you don’t want to keep him anymore.

I adopted your dog today.

Did you know he lost weight?

Did you know he is terrorized and depressed?

And it seems he has lost all trust?

I adopted your dog today.

He had fleas and suffered from winter.

I guess you don’t care what state he is in?

They told me you left him.

I adopted your dog today.

Did you have a baby or did you move? You have at once

a developed allergy? Or there was no reason,

why couldn’t he stay with you?

I adopted your dog today.

She’s not playing and barely eating.

I think she is very sad and will take time,

before she gets her trust again.

I adopted your dog today.

And here we will love him.

He found his forever family.

And a warm place to relax.

I adopted your dog today.

And I will give him everything: patience, love and safety.

So he can forget your cowardice.“

Peace Ever.

May God forever bless these two angels in human shape, for being willing to step up and set right the mess such perfidious, soul-dead monsters as these always seem to leave in their wake. Yes, there are photos with both posts, and they’re beautiful.

Yaaay, Precious!

Up now at the AoSHQ Pet Thread: a pic of my beloved cat Precious curled up in my small Revereware saucepan, something she used to do a lot of when she was a kitten but has way outgrown now. Many thanks to KT for posting it.

You ate WHAT update! As I expected (and hoped, admittedly), it didn’t take long before the Chinese-restaurant references started popping up in the comments over at yon Ace Place. Funny as hell, although Precious probably wouldn’t agree.


Can’t get enough of that Cocaine Bear stuff!

It’s highly addictive.

Sequel ‘Rehab Bear’ Green-Lit By Producers
LOS ANGELES, CA — Due to the overwhelming popularity of the film Cocaine Bear, movie studio executives and producers announced they have already green-lighted a sequel — an emotional, psychological film reportedly titled Rehab Bear.

“We thought it would be really great to see where the bear goes from here,” said producer Curt Schampers. “We’ve seen him in the throes of cocaine addiction, raging at the world. What happens when he is forced into rehab and discovers that his true enemy…is the bear within?”

The studio has reached out to Martin Scorsese to direct the project, described as part One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, part Taxi Driver, part Tommy Boy. The story reportedly features the formerly cocaine-addled grizzly bear being checked into a rehab facility by his loved ones to deal with his inner demons. “It’s much more of a low-key, psychological drama than the first film,” Schampers continued. “This is about the bear really digging down deep into his soul, finding the true source of his drug addiction, and also mauling and killing dozens and dozens of other people at the rehab facility.”

Producers were expected to use a mixture of live bears and CGI bears, despite the rumored interest of renowned actor Daniel Day-Lewis in playing the role of the bear.

At publishing time, creators of the film were already brainstorming potential future installments of the franchise, including Relapse Bear, Cocaine Bear Hits Rock Bottom, and the natural conclusion of the series — Cocaine Bear Runs for Congress.

Damn, looks like I may have to break my decades-long, indifference-induced streak of not bothering about going to the movies with all this edifying fare in the cinematic pipeline. Don’t laugh too hard, though; Hollywood being Hollywoodentirely bereft of new ideas and creative spark, struggling to put asses in theater seats, desperate to keep the money machine whirring merrily along—you know damned well they’ll do it.

Tyranny, straight up

As Limbaugh frequently did, one can only ask: WHO THE HELL DO YOU ROTTEN FUCKING BASTARDS THINK YOU ARE, ANYWAY?!?

Okay, maybe Rush never put it quite that way.

The U.K. Briefly Considered Killing All Pet Cats Early in the Pandemic

In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when little was known about the virus, the U.K. government briefly considered asking the public to exterminate every cat amid fears that the pets could spread the disease.

Lord Bethell, a former deputy Health Minister from 2020 to 2021, revealed the news Wednesday during an interview with Britain’s Channel 4 News.

“Can you imagine what would have happened if we had wanted to do that?” he added.

Well, I can certainly tell you what I HOPE would have happened, what SHOULD have happened. But the UK being the endarkened, blighted shitrapy it’s become, I seriously doubt anything much at all would have, sad to say.

The bombshell revelations have sparked astonishment from some on social media, with users sharing images of their own cats and vowing they would have put up a fight. 10 Downing Street’s own feline friend Larry’s unofficial Twitter parody account wrote: “hard not to take this personally.”

One would like to think so, surely. But then you groveling serfs didn’t raise much of a squawk about all the other things your tyrannical goobermint has taken from you over the years, now did ya?

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, animals do not appear to play a significant role in spreading COVID-19 to humans, but cases of animals have been documented and most of them were “infected after contact with people with COVID-19.”

So, it’s us hoomans who pose a threat to the animals, not the other way ‘round, eh? Of course, that’s never been any obstacle to any government taking STRONG, VIGOROUS ACTION™ to save us all from something or other, now has it?

Despite this, some countries have pursued the mass culling of animals or pets in a bid to contain the virus. Hong Kong tested and euthanized some 2,000 hamsters in January 2022, after several tested positive for the virus in the weeks prior. Earlier on in the pandemic, in November 2020, Denmark culled 17 million minks over fears that a mutation could be transferred from minks to humans.

Denmark was the world’s largest mink producer and the decision was found to have no legal justification. The fallout prompted Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen to call a snap election in October last year after a member of her ruling coalition government threatened to withdraw their support amid the controversy.

Bold mine, because…well, y’know.

Never, ever fool yourself for a moment that there is ANYTHING AT ALL that ANY government, ANYWHERE, wouldn’t DARE to do with or to you, anytime it feels like it, for no reason whatsoever beyond that they just want to. “Legal justification”? “Moral/ethical propriety“? Scientific/medical/public-health emergency”? “Economic/military/cultural/climate ‘crisis’”? Stop it already, you’re killing me over here. Sorry and all, but that ain’t the way this works. Your pets; your charcoal grills; your gas stoves; your cars; your guns; your money; your home; your very lives—all those and plenty more are fair game, just grist for the mill.

Once the Superstate beast has been allowed to establish itself and begun to spread its leathery wings in triumph, there’s no longer a single thing that’s out of bounds. We don’t have to like it. We DO have to live with it. And as the Founders well knew, that’s never a good or pleasant thing.


Rooster tale

The part of this one that’s most worthy of note isn’t in the news article itself, for a change.

Irish rooster with a violent past kills man with attack to the back of his leg, court says
An Irish inquest found that a man who died in April 2022, was attacked by a rooster with a history of attacking people, according to reports.

The Irish Examiner in Cork, Ireland, reported that Jasper Kraus was allegedly attacked by a Brahma chicken that was moved to his property in Ballinasloe after it attacked a child.

Garda Eoine Browne said during the judicial inquiry that he responded to reports of a sudden death on April 28, 2022, and when he arrived, he spoke to paramedics who said CPR attempts to revive the victim were unsuccessful.

Brown said the man, later identified as Kraus, was on the ground in the kitchen in a pool of blood, with a wound on the back of one of his legs.

A gruesome story, sure enough. But the real action, as is so often the case, is to be found in the comments section, kicking off thusly:

1 day ago
This whole thing could have been prevented with flour, hot grease, and a plate of biscuits.

And with that tasty quip we’re off and running, each commenter outdoing the one before with recipe suggestions, useful ideas for how excessively aggressive roosters might be made to calm the fuck down (with a hammer handle or an axe, natch), and such-like ribaldry. Be prepared to laugh until your face feels like it might crack down the middle from the strain, it’s that hilarious. Good, good stuff, no doubt about it.

Ain’t chicken feed

Cherchez le shitlibs.

Tractor Supply Chicken Feed Scandal Rocks Poultry Industry!

A recent alteration to the popular “Producer’s Pride” chicken feed sold by Tractor Supply has caused chickens to stop laying eggs, according to multiple farmer sources. The reduction in egg production has been reported to be much greater than the normal decrease seen during the winter months, with some farmers reporting that their hens are laying zero eggs.

My brother has five of the blighted birds, gets his feed at a Tractor Supply close by, and says he hasn’t seen so much as Egg One in weeks now. As much as he do love him some fresh aiggs, it’s just about killing the poor guy.

The cause of the reduction in egg production is still unknown, but some suggest that the feed’s new formulation may have a lower protein content. This news comes at a time when chicken and egg prices have reached historic highs, driven in part by Avian Flu and inflation under the Brandon Administration.

“We pride ourselves here at Kreamer Feed on premium nutrition for animals nationwide, and all of the products in our organic, non-GMO brand Nature’s Best Organic Feeds line is no exception,” said Courtney Price, spokeswoman for Nature’s Best Organic Feeds. This statement is in contrast to reports from farmers who use Tractor Supply’s “Producer’s Pride” feed, as well as the “Dumor” brand owned by Purina.

The U.S. poultry feed market is valued at $5 billion per year, with Tractor Supply and Purina being two of the most popular brands among backyard chicken homesteaders. However, the recent reports of chickens not laying eggs have led to public concern that the World Economic Forum (World Economic Forum) may be artificially causing food scarcity. The World Economic Forum has been widely criticized for encouraging citizens to eat bugs instead of animal protein.

Tractor Supply’s board of directors is made up of 10 individuals, including Joy Brown, a former executive for Vanguard, an index fund with $5 trillion under management. Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street are among the major index funds that financially support the World Economic Forum. These funds are also behind the “social credit” and “ESG” left-wing movements among corporate America to force businesses into left-wing economic and cultural compliance.

Another Tractor Supply board member, Thomas Kingsbury, previously bragged about implementing ESG initiatives while working as an executive at Kohl’s. And board member Andre Hawaux is a former executive with ConAgra, which has been criticized for using genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to change the genetic composition of its foods, which some say causes sterility.

Sinisterer and sinisterer, wouldn’t you say?


I’m shocked—SHOCKED!

Gee, whodathunk it?

Vegetarians have around twice as many depressive episodes as meat-eaters, according to a new study.

The study, based on survey data from Brazil, chimes with earlier research that found higher rates of depression among those who forgo meat. However, the new study suggests that this link exists independent of nutritional intake.

Well, I mean, DUH. Who wouldn’t be depressed? I did the vegetarian thing back in the 80s myself for about a year or so, until it hit me like a bolt out of the blue that life is just too damned short to squander it wholly bereft of wondrous blessings like bacon, steak, Chicago hot dogs, cheeseburgers.

The depressed vegetarian, in this case, is not necessarily wrong to think this way.

I repeat: DUH. Given the well-known congruence between vegetarian/veganism and Leftard political beliefs, let the stupid, miserable fucks have it, I say—all they want of it, plus some. As the old bumpersticker mocking PETA types used to say:

Stands for People Eating Tasty Animals

(Via Insty)


Dusty in here, ain’t it?

If this one doesn’t have you puddling up by the end, I’ll thank you to just kindly keep your lamentable dearth of even the smallest trace of humanity to yourself, aiight? Thenk yew.

The man and woman in this vid are truly angels in human shape, far as I’m concerned, an assertion with which I will brook no dissent. Via MisHum, dedicated to Bill, who I know will love it as much as I do myself.

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