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Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful a neurotic, narcissistic bitch

Ace flenses this scrunt so enjoyably it inspired me take a crack at her myself. Y’know, so to speak.

I’m All For Feminism, But It’s Kinda Making It Harder To Date

Another case of something working exactly as intended, then.

It doesn’t take much for me to overanalyze a guy’s intentions nowadays. I used to see a guy opening a door for me as nice and polite, but lately, gestures like this have been making me angry. I know the guys offering these acts of chivalry have no intention to make me feel small or lesser than, but now that my eyes have been opened to feminist theory, it’s all I’m able to think about.

And just like that, the mystery is solved. See how easy that was?

Even though the feminist movement is pretty much the best thing to happen to this world since sliced bread, it’s taking its toll in the dating scene. The thing is, I’m starting to get a bit of a stand-offish vibe from guys, like they’re afraid to make a move, and I think it’s because they think that we don’t need them anymore.

Ehh, not so much. “Guys” (do note how she never uses the word “men) have had more than adequate demonstration of the fact that FemiNazis don’t LIKE them, and have concomitantly been driven into the early stages of reciprocating that dislike in full measure. No real mystery to that one either, I’m afraid.

I’m not gonna go and cry a river for them because that’s something they’re gonna have to figure out within their own psyches. It’s just something I’ve noticed and it’s a bit of a shame.

May I suggest, then, that this difficulty in finding a date you’re lamenting is something you’re gonna have to figure out your own damned self?

When I’m out with a guy and he says one thing that’s even REMOTELY offensive towards women, I find it really hard to recover. I instantly write guys off if they aren’t “woke” to the current social mindset towards gender politics and can’t let it go. Let’s just say I’ve gone on A LOT of first dates that never go anywhere.

Gee, what a shock. Let’s see: tetchy; hyper-sensitive; so over-the-top bitchy that you respond to a difference in viewpoint by “instantly writing guys off” for a single “even REMOTELY offensive” remark—the really stunning thing here is that you get any “first dates” at all. One can only wonder what kind of “guy” would even dream of going out with you. Masochistic fools, Mommy’s-basement-dwelling fatbodies desperate for any interaction with a female, or the grotesquely unattractive and/or disfigured, I’d bet.

Guys are feeling the heat and we can all tell.

I dunno, maybe considering taking the heat OFF them a little, then? But of course, she immediately seques into another self-contradiction, another question that obviously answers itself, something she does again and again in this article.

They’re afraid to compliment us or relate to us in the way they were always taught to and trust me, this is a good thing. However, women still like to be pursued (at least I do) and it’s unfortunate that by finally standing up for our rights and demanding respect, we’re totally scaring men away. It’s so messed up and a total shame.

“I still like to be pursued…and the moment any man tries it, I’ll verbally flay him for a Wokeness quotient not up to my exacting standards. I demand that ‘guys’ I date unquestioningly defer to me, crawl to me on hands and knees, and genuflect every minute I agree to grace them with my exalted presence, in respectful acknowledgment of my overall excellence and superiority. Isn’t it, like, just so bizarre that fewer and fewer of them seem at all interested in spending time with me?”

More of the same abject stupidity follows before the bint wraps it up with a restatement of the self-solving mystery.


SRSLY?!? Only the most clueless, unreflecting dullard in the galaxy could find that puzzling. The answers to all the riddles, the solution to all the problems, can only be found within, babe. Feminist, heal thyself. Otherwise, as Ace so pithily puts it:

Nah, you’re fine. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

After the collapse of my disastrous second marriage, I swore off all association with the female of the species beyond the purely platonic. After reading this, I’ve never been happier I did.

15 thoughts on “Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful a neurotic, narcissistic bitch

  1. Interesting. Last year I got divorced from my wife of 20+ years.  I was worried about this exact thing as I moved out into midlife dating – but I hit on a great strategy.

    See, I weeded women out by purposely doing and saying things that would trigger a leftist hypersensitive bint like this one.  In fact, I did it early on.  Made for a great knock-out.  I had a few women that demanded that I apologize – and my laughter drowned out their whining.  I didn’t waste time getting to know these broads.

    And in the middle of it, I met a great, beautiful, funny, sexy woman that laughed as hard as I did at those politically incorrect comments.  In fact, when we went to drinks after dinner on our first date, I opened the door for her (as I’d done at the restaurant) and added in a little pat on her ass.  She turned around and said, “If you’re gonna smack my ass, do it like you mean it!”  I obliged.  By Election Night, we were exclusive, and when the shenanigans happened on that night, she said “They are stealing the fucking election!”  We are very, very happy together.

    This hypersensitive feminism is actually a great thing for men like me.  Not all that long ago, mentally unstable women were able to keep it under wraps – but now, these skanks let you know from the get-go that they’re not worth the trouble.  Women like the one I found are rare – but worth the effort.

    1. That’s the EXACT SAME tactic my old Harley shop boss has been using for years. He’d start right in making off-color jokes, throw in some japery about “niggers” and such-like, even going so far as to discuss his great satisfaction with the dump he took earlier. The few who didn’t head for the hills in either outrage, disgust, or wide-eyed horror he judged to be worthy of further investigation and effort. As for the rest, he considered them to be dull and completely incompatible.

      1. I didn’t go nearly as far as him because I like a woman I can take to decent places, but I like the cut of his jib.

    2. *nod*

      I’m a confirmed bachelor at this point – have been for a long time – but I hit on that same tactic a long time back, and it works. Weeds out the feminazis, vegans, dog haters, gun haters, and man haters pretty well. You still have one slip through every now and again, but they’re the ones who’re pretty deep cover and able to mostly keep it under wraps still.

      In my case, it wasn’t a divorce: I got disgusted to that point when a fiance I had went damned near to the altar until at dinner one night a couple of months from the fatal date, she casually remarked…

      “You do know that after we’re married you’re going to have to get rid of the guns and dogs, right?”

      Me: *incredulous stare* followe by, “The FUCK you say.”

      Her: *innocent sounding butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth* “What?”

      Me: “I can get laid at any bar, but good dogs and rifles are harder to find.”

      Conversation went down hill rapidly after that. I still regret to this day that I didn’t get up and walk out of the restaurant at that point and leave her with the check.

      What pissed me off most was that she had nearly nine months or more of friendship and then hot and heavy dating to say something along those lines, and she kept it under her hat until the last minute.

      Unlike you, I didn’t find a keeper after that, so I stayed single. Congrats.

      1. Me: “I can get laid at any bar, but good dogs and rifles are harder to find.”

        Heh. As my old friend Brack used to say, women are like buses: stand around on the corner for long enough, and another one will come along.

        1. Hah. Yeah, sounds like something that Heartiste used to say, also: “Always another girl on the girl bus.”

          Was a long and painful process getting completely Red Pilled on women, but gals like that one sure helped me along the way.

        2. The long version of Miss You has Jagger singing “girls are just like streetcars”. Same idea.

    1. Yep. The lack of self-awareness is impressive, even for these depressing and degenerate times. The entire thing is like watching a brutal, gory train wreck but the core problem is obvious from point 1. She states that she knows men acting politely are not doing it to diminish or belittle her…but she then goes and gets offended anyway. A == ~A, because feminist indoctrination and FEELZ!!!!

      Anyone with such a mindset is damaged beyond any possibility of being a positive, happy person no matter what temporary good fortune may happen in life. Best to stay well away from such, for one’s own sanity.

      1. It’s incredible. I have a lifelong friend who ruins every relationship she gets because she is like this – in fact, she’s worse than the woman who wrote this article. She constantly wails about how she’s going to ‘die alone,’ but when someone suggests to her that she lighten the fuck up, she goes off the rails on them. Insanity.

        1. I have nothing but sympathy for men who decide “fuck this!” when it comes to U.S. women and decide to import their wives/girlfriends from Eastern Europe or Russia. Prettier women, and sweeter and nicer to boot.

          Just keep them away from the U.S. and feminism afterwards.

  2. Nature makes Men want to have sex with women. In uncivilized times Force was used to grab and mate with the woman. Civilization now forces us to woo them by chivalry, dating and romance. The HORROR!

    Women are really going to miss Civilization.

    1. Civilization now forces us to woo them by chivalry, dating and romance.

      I find that outcall girls can be wooed with nothing more than a debit card.

      1. That you pay them is chivalry, your dating period is just real short, and your romance may need a little work.

        As Charlie Sheen says, he doesn’t pay them for sex, he pays them to leave afterwards. Now THAT’S Romantic!

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