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Forget, HELL!

Stupid, smarmy bint expects forgiveness absent any hint of contrition, repentance, and reform. Which is assuredly NOT the way it works.

This is the ultimate slap in the face by “nice Christians” who believe Jesus wouldn’t want us to keep the Nazis waiting at the train station.

Those of us who were right from the beginning about this “pandemic” and were called unloving Grandma killers by these willfully ignorant, tyrant enabling Sheeple, aren’t “gloating.”

We didn’t make “lucky” guesses.

We read the data.

We knew the entire history of virology and true “Science” was being discarded.

We saw the double standards and illogic of unbiblical “lockdown” measures.

We were shocked and dismayed by how “nice Christians” enabled such Tyranny.

And we witnessed the true nature of EVIL at work in every “recommendation” and “mandate.”

And you had the exact same data and opportunity.

You didn’t “make a mistake” and “did the best you could” because you “had no way of knowing.”

You CHOSE your path and its consequences.

Now that we’ve been proven right beyond all shadow of an “Expert” doubt, we are NOT going to “move forward” with those who demand forgiveness without showing a shred of repentance.

We are filled with Righteous Indignation.

You need to seek forgiveness, in sackcloth and ashes, from the God you have offended for the Evil you have enabled. For the elderly who were left to die alone. For the children who had their childhoods stolen. For your neighbors who had their lives and livelihoods destroyed so you could feel safe. For your fellow citizens who will NEVER be able to return to “normal” after what you’ve done. God’s Justice DEMANDS there be trials AND punishments. To demand “forgiveness” without accountability is NOT WWJD.

We cannot and WILL NOT “work with you.” To order us to AGAIN comply by granting you “amnesty” and an ease of conscience that is not ours to give, shows that you will only repeat your prior actions when TPTB unleash the next “crisis.” You called us “Grandma killers” then and “unloving and unforgiving” now. And all of history shows you will happily comply with Evil when this happens again.

Absolutely, positively correct, right down the line. To grant those I labelled way back when “CoVid panic-ninnies” an absolution they haven’t earned is to guarantee they’ll do this again, as many times as we agree to forgive and forget. As I constantly argued, again and again and again, back in 2020: you NEVER willingly surrender your freedom to snakes-in-the-grass like Prof Oster, because once you have, the only way you’ll ever get it back again, assuming you ever do, is at the point of the sword—or, more precisely, at the muzzle of the AR15. Which, fancy that, is just ANOTHER thing “people” like her want to take away from us.

Gee, wonder why that might be.

As an old bumper sticker popular many years ago amongst us unreconstructed Southrons had it: Forget, HELL!

Believe it
Forget THIS, motherfuckers

Update! Billy Beck says it far better than I ever could.

This woman must think that she’s talking to a 1957 Cub Scout den that got in a fight when someone mis-counted the marbles, or something a lot like that. A person in that situation could afford the authority of using that royal “we” without having to explain it to the children. It becomes a mystery with nearly sinister undertones when this person is talking about the scope and scale of militant destruction put upon America in the past three years.

Let’s note how Dr. Oster confesses that the ones who were in the dark are the ones who said and did what they did. They commanded people’s lives into virtual cages with orders against doing the business to sustain them. They ordered administration of ostensible medicines (“vaccines”) to as many people as they possibly could, under the plain extortion of threatening all other aspects of life — jobs, educations, transport services, medical services, for instance — as penalty for refusal. Honest medical analyses of these drugs are now revealing effects catastrophic to and horribly conclusive of human lives around the world. They smashed the souls and intellects of an entire generation of children, including all imaginable and unimaginable implications ranging from toddlers to adolescents and beyond, with scientifically laughable nonsense applied to schools: the very sorts of schools that once taught me enough to know how plainly psychotic the whole thing was

Dr. Oster: “But the thing is: We didn’t know.”

That is, indeed, “the thing”. It’s the very thing that the commissars and research-fetishist should have been thinking, before they might have had to say it out-loud, after they’d done what they did, but if only they hadn’t done it.

It’s the thing that countless Americans were shouting as hard as they could into the gas-blast from “experts” and “authorities” who never stopped telling them how stupid and evil they were. They were viciously betrayed by the insidious promise of “public square” opportunity for “voice” in social media and then “cancelled” (a word of marvelous facility, now) for dissent, with monstrous digital precision, by faceless corporations selling “community”.

And now, these people — this heathen caste — are professorially instructed that “dwelling on the mistakes of history can lead to a repetitive doom loop”.

There’s a phrase fit to Balkanize, for you.

By an unexpected tum of our history, a bit of the truth, an insignificant part of the whole, was allowed out in the open. But those same hands which once screwed tight our handcuffs now hold out their palms in reconciliation: “No, don’t! Don’t dig up the past! Dwell on the past and you’ll lose an eye.”

But the proverb goes on to say: “Forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes.”

(Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn — “The Gulag Archipelago”, vol. I, “Preface”, p. X)

At the lowest, most basic, level of principle, this caste of dissent is called upon to dismiss and dispose of the experienced reality which is the the material of morality itself. The harm that they’ve suffered, and the outrage of having it at the hands of obvious incompetents and malevolents, has shown them more than enough about how not to live as human beings instead of despised subjects. Wholesale demolition of society is what they’ve seen and lived on every quarter, and that’s what they’re being told to forgive and forget, on the now plainly hollowed pretext of “the good of society”. This goes beyond contradiction and hypocrisy to psychological assault, with the added insult that it comes from a self-preened “unapologetically data-driven” economist. Nobody who has had to hear — remotely — of a dear loved one’s death because their presence was forbidden by “data-driven authority” should have to think about something like this for one stolen heartbeat before dismissing it with contempt or hatred or whatever the current research says about the completely sensible and righteous human response.

People who are morals-driven, even at their most charitable, are simply not now disposed to stand for this.

How well or whether the Dr. Osters of America might conceive an understanding of that fact, and why it exists as a fact, would tell a lot about whether the almost maniacal demand for “unity” is as flatly cynical as it seems. There can be nothing like that between people who think that the agonies of the past three years are to be understood and condemned, and people who cannot and will not see that demand as a matter of moral principles: applied studies in how to live, versus how let it all go to massive deathly mayhem.

I must say, I do enjoy the bleating from the Osters of the world, all wailing so very piteously that we didn’t know, we didn’t know, how could we have KNOOOOWWWNNNN

Well, speak for yourdamnedself, bitch; I KNEW, and I don’t think anybody out there considers me any kind of “expert” on anything at all. Go fuck yourself and your proposed “amnesty” right in the liver, with a rusty railroad spike, until it stops hurting so much.

Updated update! I second Francis’s reminder, wholeheartedly and with big clanging bells on.

But let’s not omit this, for without it the formula would be fatally unbalanced: We mustn’t forgive ourselves either. We gave in when we should have resisted with all our might. We accepted dictatorial impositions and abridgements of our God-given rights when we should have mustered our rage and employed the corpses of our would-be tyrants to decorate lampposts from coast to coast. We acted like pusillanimous cretins rather than the heirs of Patrick Henry, who’s undoubtedly spinning in his grave fast enough to power all of Virginia over this embarrassment.

The survivors of the Holocaust made a mantra out of the saying “Never again.” The great majority of us wouldn’t even speak our minds for fear of ostracism, demonization, and unemployment. And over what? A disease that’s proved less dangerous than ordinary influenza! A disease that has hardly any effect on the populations most oppressed and disadvantaged by the lockdowns – our minor children!

No. Do not forgive. To forgive would be to accept that our oppressors’ hypothetical “good intentions” should exonerate them for their totalitarian conduct. To forgive would be to “understand” cowardice instead of reproving it as it deserves.

To forgive would be to forget. The two are never separated by much.

Amen, brother. The panic-ninnies and ostracizers can burn for all me. This I vow: NEVER to forget. NEVER to forgive. Ms Oster can go look for her scapegrace absolution someplace else, she’ll find none here.


65 thoughts on “Forget, HELL!

  1.  I KNEW

    This is going to be one of my all time favorite posts, Mike.

    I knew, as you did, as did so many others. Some of us even understood how a virus works and why the big lockdown was a lie, masks were a lie, distancing was a lie. It was all a lie, the biggest whopper of a lie ever perpetrated upon mankind.

    It was all for one reason, and one reason only –

    To STOP Donald Trump. To STOP Donald Trump. To StopDonald Trump. To StopDonald Trump. To StopDonald Trump.

    All you TDS sufferers and neverTrumpers that keep telling us Trump was “just a deal maker” or not a real conservative, or he said “pussy” one time, and also think of yourselves as being remotely conservative –

    Try to figure that out!

    Why is it the marxist left was willing to risk everything to stop Trump?

    You jerkwads are the dumbest of the dumb.

    Forget hell!

    I’ll forget neither group.

    1. Just to remind myself, as well as for giggles, I was just scrolling thru the archived CF posts from May 2020; nearly every damned one of them was on this exact same friggin’ topic, saying the exact same thing I’ve been saying about this ever since. I dunno, Barry; maybe, contra my disclaimer saying otherwise in THIS post, we really ARE experts after all, and have been all along.

    2. From APRIL of 2020, rat cheer at Ye Olde Colde Furye Blogge:

      Personally, I’d insist on an abject, groveling apology for the damage the panic-ninnies and grasping state/local officials have done if I thought there was a chance in hell of ever actually getting one out of ’em. Instead, though, we can expect plenty of self-congratulation about the wonders their self-serving lockdown orders wrought in saving us all. Which is going to taste all the more sour after perfidy like this

      A-HENH. Can I call ’em, or what?

      1. Yep, good call for certain.

        I’d like to say we are all genius’s for calling it all correctly, but really any 5th grader that had read a biology book could do the same.

        By the way, it seems the link is broken. At least it says that. Could be I don’t do facebook.

    3. No, Barry, it wasn’t “all a lie”. That kind of thinking is what got reality marginalized from the outset.
      It was a kernel of Truth, wrapped around by a Hindenburg-sized enormity of lies.
      Which landed as Hindenburgs are accustomed to doing: in Flaming Ball Of Fail.

      But pretending there’s no truth to what happened is as big an error as pretending it was all truth.

      I bagged and tagged people that died from the reality, and they didn’t die from a lie, nor from “just the flu”.
      China either released, or negligently let escape (the most likely reason), a weaponized virus with a low, but not insignificant, lethality.

      The lying only got going in earnest once it became politically expedient to inflate the truth to monstrous proportions for nefarious ends.

      That such happened on a global scale is undeniable.

      1. Flu has a not insignificant lethality and was perfectly suited to the profile of those who died. Elderly and/or with comorbidities. New Coronavirus caused flu often are slightly more lethal than the strains going around because your immune system sees it as newish and can’t fight it as well, at first. That quickly changes.

        H1N1 was far more dangerous in 2009 as the Age Adjusted Death Toll was much higher. IOW younger people died more. I’m sure many MORE people buried many MORE younger people back then.

        Plus, it was the Treatment regimen that killed a lot of people. Putting someone on a Ventilator instead of Ivermectin or HCQ+Z was a death sentence.

        Diamond Princess showed exactly what we faced. You, and others, are still struggling with the Psy-Ops effects of being told this was something akin to the Spanish Flu or a Plague.

        It was not as bad as H1N1 in 2009 and who talks about that anymore.

        1. The death rate for annual flu stands at 0.1%, since ever.
          The initial round of COVID-19 (i.e. all of 2020 and into about February of 2021) was between 9 and 29 times worse than that in the U.S., which is far more significant, and wholly unsurprising, since before the politicization of epidemiology, the lifetime death rate batting average for coronavirii of all types was always between 1% and 5%, everywhere, since ever, IOW 10-50x worse than annual flu.
          Handwaving that away won’t cut it.

          We had three quarters of the ER full of ICU-level respiratory failure and diffuse bilateral pneumonia patients for months on end, because the ICU was overflowing with the same thing, and the less acute floors were mobbed by ICU patients as well, exactly like hasn’t happened in nearly anyone’s living memory (unless they’re older than Betty White).

          You and others are still struggling to explain the inexplicable in terms that deny a reality that cannot be denied.
          It doesn’t wash, and it’s exactly as stupidly wrong as all the vaccine claims coming from the CDC, just 180° out in the opposite direction.

          It’s exactly as bad as Ilhan Omar dismissing 9/11 as “Some people did something.” No sale, bucko. Bullshit flag thrown hard.

          I’m sorry there’s no nice way to say that, but there it is.
          I can believe you, or my lying eyes based on daily experience for most of two years, and nearly 30 years’ direct hands-on experience in the emergency medical field.

          No points for guessing which way up that coin’s going to flip.

          It’s fun to claim “We knew everything, all along, and we were always right”, but not so much when you’re still getting such basic facts wrong, in a futile quest to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

          The lies the other way were bad enough. Don’t compound them.

          1. You are using bogus data. No one (none of us anyway) has ever denied the existence of the virus, or the fact that it being new people had less resistance to it. It acted like all virus’s and there was nothing you could do about it. And nothing you did changed a damn thing other than providing proper care to those that were sick.

            It was spread on purpose by sending the infected to the nursing homes. Those folks were then sent to your hospital to be mistreated until they died and could be labeled covid deaths.

            The virus acted just like all virus’s in history, except this one was hyped way out of proportion to reality and it still is by people like you; the government brainwashed, caught hook, line, and sinker.

            We even have a “vax” that doesn’t work and makes people sick and die to add to the hoax. What level of brilliance is required to miss this?

            There is massive evidence regarding this. Go back and read it all. I’m just not going to argue with insanity further.

          2. You really can’t see the Con Job.

            They didn’t die of The Flu. They died from Cancer or a Bad Heart or a Stroke or whatever and false positives were used to write down WuFlu as the “cause”.

            It wasn’t the cause.

            Write down the numbers by 95% and you get right back to a normal range for a bad flu year.

            50% there was no virus and the tests false +.
            35% there was other coronavirus and the tests false +.
            Another 10% there was WuFlu but it was NOT the cause of death. The Comorbidity was the cause.

            You’re using crap data.

          3. One more thing that bugs me –

            You speak about your hospital experience. Now let’s look at the epicenter, NYC. I don’t know where you are, but NYC was hyped as deadly, and yet the additional hospital capacity the feds set up went unused, the hospital ship went unused. None of it was needed. Even with trying to get all the sick old people infected there was no need for the extra beds.

            My sister (lung specialist) told me that they took one hospital in her large county (Southern state) and devoted it to the scamChinaVirus. It was never more than 20% utilized while her hospital suffered because no one but accident victims and those dying from cancer or other disease would even come to the hospital. As an aside, she was so fed up with the bullshit and lies, that after it died down and there was obviously less care needed than originally thought, she left her group and started her own practice. I give her a lot of credit, she knew the truth early, and said so. No fear from her.

            1. You’re handwaving again, and cherry-picking.
              Some capacity went unused, some places, largely because the normal bullshit (and 60% of all ER visits most days 24/7/365 are pure and utter bullshit) simply stayed home, from prudence, fear, or whatever.

              {In SoCal we were standing around for six months with nothing to do at the outset. By mid-summer, and for 8 months after that, it was assholes-to-elbows full pandemic, with patients on gurneys in hallways and the now-closed waiting room, FFS, running 200% of rated capacity 24/7/365 around the clock. That physical reality is what you’re trying to gaslight with this whole line of uninformed third-hand bullshit.}

              ICU capacity of really sick patients, OTOH, was largely overwhelmed in multiple hospitals. They were stacking corpses up on loading docks at the street, FFS. The videos were posted widely at the time, and people I work with were there.

              The Hospital ships were never intended to treat COVID victims, because they have no isolation capability, which turns the entire ship, crew, staff, and every single patient, into a plague ship within about a day.

              Which the Navy tried to tell the fuckwits in both NYFC and L.A. about, but neither listened, and the first time they sent obvious COVID patients, the Navy escorted them to dockside isolation tents, and directed both ships to pull up the anchor, and GTFO of Dodge within 48 hours. You could look it up.

              We weren’t relying for COVID tests for months, because there weren’t any reliable tests. Normal flu doesn’t give you pneumonia, and normal pneumonia isn’t everywhere, on both sides, all over, top, middle, and bottom simultaneously. Normal pneumonia is on one side, or the other, down at the bases of the lungs. COVID pneumonia, as you’d expect from an inhaled respiratory virus, was all over, everywhere, and showed up on X-rays as exactly that. We shot those Xrays within minutes of patients arrival, because they were diagnostic of COVID.

              And COVID numbers, dead and seriously sick, were orders of magnitude more severe than any flu, in any year, since 1918. This wasn’t “just the flu”, it was Flu X 10-30, like has never happened in your lifetime. From an engineered bio-weapon frankenvirus that escaped the lab. Not “just any old normal virus”. Pretending it was otherwise is flatly silly.

              And “co-morbidities” don’t kill people. You don’t die of being fat, or having diabetes, or having high blood pressure. That’s why they’re chronic conditions, not fatal conditions. People die with those co-morbidities (which is why they’re co-morbidities) because they rob the body of the necessary cardiac and pulmonary reserve with otherwise tolerable conditions. And then they have pulmonary failure, or cardiac arrest, because they’ve been running their engines at 200MPH for years upon years, and they give out when that last straw is added. that’s a COID death, and that’s how it’s worked for any such incident, forever. This is Retard Med School 101 stuff you’re getting wrong, guys.

              If you don’t know this by heart, you weren’t paying attention at the time, and don’t know what you’re talking about now, and frankly, don’t know what you don’t know.

              You’re never going to win a discussion from rank ignorance, and that’s the foundation you’re speaking from.

              And what a shock, your sister, in BFEgypt, with zero expat Chinese population, experienced nothing like this. Now look at cities and states with huge expat Chinese populations, and actual Chinatowns: Hongcouver/Seattle, Boston, NYFC, Philly, D.C., Portland, Frisco, L.A., etc., ad infinitum. Wyoming, the Dakotas, Appallachia, the Plains states, Miami: not so much. Almost like people infected with the virus in China might have actually brought it here, huh? Who knew? (I mean, besides anyone with common sense.) Best guess is actually it was here brewing by Thanksgiving of 2019, because we started seeing a severe uptick in pneumonia and URIs that fall, but negative for all flu. China didn’t cop to the reality until late december, and we got our first fatality in the U.S. around, what, end of January? And if a local Seattle researcher doing flu research hadn’t disobeyed CDC orders and tested for it along with flu (which proved it was never that), the CDC and Fauci would have denied its existence on US soil into Easter.

              Just saying.

              The rest of it:
              It was spread on purpose by sending the infected to the nursing homes.”
              “hyped way out of proportion to reality”
              “We even have a “vax” that doesn’t work and makes people sick and die to add to the hoax.”

              All true, every bit of it.

              You keep trying to damn me and gaslight reality for telling you it was a real pandemic.
              Newsflash for you two, it was.
              I also told you, from the outset, that the worst-case death rate would be around 3%.
              It was 1.6% nationally, and hit 2.8% in NYFS, and 2.9% in NJ, at the height of the first wave. So I pretty much nailed that.
              That’s 16-29 times worse than the worst flu year you ever saw in your life.
              (Subsequent waves have been severely mitigated, and all by natural causes, not by any of the Quackcines peddled.)

              If you want to pat yourselves on the back by getting most of that wrong, go on ahead and take pride in that level of error.
              Trying to keep the entire EMS system nationwide from being overwhelmed, as it was in China, and all over Europe, in living color, was a worthwhile goal, initially.

              But then actually making it worse than it needed to be, stretching that out for months upon months, all in the service of profits and political power to throw an election, and killing thousands at the time, and millions yet to come, is where it became monstrously and absolutely despicable, and worthy of cleansing with flamethrowers and woodchippers.

              Throw in the towel on the medical side; you’re both under-informed, misinformed, and under-qualified there, to tin-foil millinery levels.

              But we can at least agree that ballooning a legitimate pandemic into hijacking the presidency, the destruction of the nation’s economy, and subjugating the republic was world-class evil.

              1. SoCal.

                There’s your answer.

                More Pol Pot Cuomos there too.

                If I were you I’d be prosecuting people, not berating us for what they did to you.

                As Barry noted, NYC was supposedly the worst place in the world. The numbers reported from there WERE proof of that, supposedly.

                Yet the extra capacity was supplied and went unused. 0%. Nada. Zip. Zilch.


                Because pol Pot Cuomo WANTED to overwhelm the system and so some hospitals saw 200% capacity while all the other capacity got shut down. What you saw was DELIBERATE gross mismanagement of the situation in order to get the worst possible outcome. Murder.

                Deliberate, premeditated, Murder.

                1. Yea, more bullshit Aesop. You like to write and like to fit square pieces in round holes, but that’s all it is.

                  You claim “handwaving” by others, at least twice now, and then proceed to handwave.

                  You claim “cherry picking” by others, at least twice now, and then proceed to cherry pick. And the data you cherry pick from is bogus to begin with.

                  You don’t like my anecdotal evidence but you seem to feel fine with yours.

                  And last, a real big FUCK YOU Aesop. I don’t live in “BFEgypt” nor does my sister. We both live in larger urban/suburban locations, not that it matters. You’re in SoCal, a fucking commie state, so there’s the answer, you’re just another left wing lunatic, nurse/doctor/ambulance driver, which I don’t care. You don’t know shit about medicine, or epidemics/pandemics given the handwaving/cherry picking/anecdotes and outright distortion of the truth you write here.

                  You’re just a butthurt bastard living in a commie hellhole and cheering them on when the lockdowns occur. You demand we wear masks that don’t do a damn thing to impede the transmission of a virus. You support the communists that murder people by the millions and you support the murders right here, right now.

                  You think because you work as something that requires “bagging and tagging” dead bodies makes you an expert. You think writing bullshit by the buckets makes you an expert. You ignore the truth and handwave it away while cherry picking bullshit data to support your favorite commies.

                  In short, you are a fucking fool and an idiot, a dangerous combination. You support with your bullshit what was done. The numbers that you use are lies, based upon numbers that come from the commies that perpetrated this horror upon humanity.

                2. Cuomo and other governors, who put infected seniors in amongst uninfected ones, the known most vulnerable population to this virus, in SNFs with no isolation ability, are absolutely and unquestionably murderers.

                  Which is how NYFS and NJ clawed their way to the top of the US death rate list for months on end.

                  Pumping up the numbers to support a political outcome is where the death penalty crosses over into requiring capital punishment with woodchippers and flamethrowers.

                  The extra capacity needed wasn’t beds for splinters in fingers, which is all the “extra” ever was.
                  What was needed was extra ICU capacity, in the most impacted cities, which was never provided, and can’t be, because no one can grunt and shit out a trained intensivist (10 years lead time) a trained ICU nurse (4-7 years lead time) or a trained RT (3 years lead time, minimum) in just 6 months’ time, which was all there was, in cities that already had a head start on this because of having thousands of expat Chinese built-in, along with international airports and plenty of cross-pollination with infected people and the general population.

                  After that, textbook epidemiology 101 took over, which was why all cities had it worse than flyover country.

                  The take-away quote in any pandemic is from Ol’ Remus:
                  “Stay away from crowds.”

                  But it isn’t “This never happened.”

                  Trying to claim this never happened by using the situations in Muleshit WY or BF North Dakota is demonstrably asinine.

                  And if it wasn’t vastly more lethal than any flu epidemic in your lifetime, there wouldn’t be any problem with keeping infected elderly folks in their convalescent homes.
                  But it is more lethal, which is why co-mingling jacked up the death rates in those states.

                  You can’t have this both ways, and that’s exactly why. It’s like claiming the WTC would’ve fallen over anyway on 9/11, because the steel was so old, and pretending raging jet fuel fires didn’t have a wee bit to do with the situation.

                  (Which example is doubly apropos, because then too, TPTB used a legitimate problem to justify pirating our civil liberties, never to return them, rather than blowing the hell out of the culprits, and leaving Americans and their constitutional rights the fuck alone.

                  Clever readers might note a pattern there on government’s part.)

      2. Bullshit Aesop. Complete Bullshit.
        People die. Old people die and they die because they are worn out and death is the natural end state. A virus comes along and takes the last 5% of life left. That’s the way it works. They didn’t die from the chinaVirus anymore than they die from the flu, they die of old age with an assist from a virus.

        The virus was a scam perpetrated on gullible populations. Sure, there was a virus, but normal healthy adults under age 70 had nothing to fear. Old people and those that are already sick are at risk of any respiratory virus. My wife was hospitalized for a week with RSV in 2019. She’s had the chinaVirus twice (as have I) at the beginning and a few months ago and had no problem. Just an example. My adult children have had it. My oldest grandsons had it. It’s basically the same as the flu, period.

        The virus was a scam, 100%. It scammed people into believing a mask would protect them and when that lie became known the claim was it protected others. Then that lie became known and people quit wearing the mask and nothing changed, nothing. The mask was to spread fear, something you participated in.

        The virus was a scam, 100%. It scammed people into believing if they closed restaurants and churches they would be protected. But “peaceful protests” were fine… Getting your hair done in San Sicko was fine. Dancing at a party was fine. As long as you were part of the protected class. The lockdowns and distancing were to spread fear.

        The virus was a scam, 100%. We know the reason for this. It was done to tank the economy and sink Trumps chances at re-election. When that wasn’t enough they ramped up the cheating under the cover of the chinaVirusScam. The initial cheating wasn’t enough so they shut down the vote counts in the middle of the night while they arranged for more fake ballots to be trucked in.

        The virus was a scam, 100%,
        It was all for one reason, and one reason only –

        To STOP Donald Trump. To STOP Donald Trump. To StopDonald Trump. To StopDonald Trump. To StopDonald Trump.

        1. Here’s the place Aesop can’t go, and I don’t blame him because it’s horrifying to think this happened all over America.

          When WuFlu was NOT spreading fast enough and no one noticed it back in late 2019 (it was here September 2019) and not enough people were dying, they deliberately encouraged behavior to get it to spread. Attend large gatherings like CNY celebrations and Go Kiss an Asian. Remember that? You were Rayciss if you didn’t. Within a couple of weeks they swing simultaneously to ZOMG WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE but at the same time send sick people into hives of elderly with comorbidities and the death tolls soared in places like NYC.

          They deliberately murdered people to get the death toll and spread up to feed the Panic.

          Plus they encouraged millions of people a day to get tested with PCR tests that yielded 50% complete false positives and another 30-40% of Just the Flu and Cold false positives. Sending the infection rate soaring 5-10x what it really may have been.

          Did they test millions of people a day with faulty test kits in 2009 for H1N1? Nope.

          1. Yep, all true. The list of of everything they did to create the panic needed to stop Trump is long.

            Let’s not leave out the very worst, the one you picked up on before anyone else that I read – they sent infected people to the nursing homes to spread the virus to people that were already dying. As I found when I dug into that after you found it, the average nursing home patient lives 6 months upon entry. Give them a test with 50% positive false rates, plus the ones that actually do get it from the spreaders they moved in, and you have your high scary death count.

            And it really helps that high scary death count if you just pay the fuckers extra, like 40K, to claim the death was covid.

        2. Contra-factual horseshit. My 38-year-old barber is dead. Pre-vaxx, at the height of COVID, with their shop closed. Completely healthy, no co-morbidities. Deader than canned tuna. One among thousands, just in my county. The only reaon the death rate has dropped over time is that subsequent waves, like every virus in human history, are far less lethal than the initial wave of outbreak.

          I rolled and hefted body bag after body bag of people that died in the ER at the height of this to a separate freezer conex we’d never had nor needed in history, not once, in a hospital that’s pushing 60 years old, but was filled to the ceiling with COIVD stiffs at the height of this crisis, because the county morgue couldn’t keep up with the deaths. And they were by no means all “old people”.

          People knee-jerk repeating that it never happened is pure psychotic delusion, based on willful ignorance.

          1. Like I said, bullshit. I’m not going through it again.

            I rolled and hefted body bag after body bag of people that died in the ER…

            And almost all died of something other than the virus, but the hospitals were PAID to lie about it.

            And you fell for it, and right in the middle of it.

            You’re a good guy, but they successfully brainwashed you. All the information is available. Go find it.

          2. Anecdote is not data.

            Your barber may have died of simple flu. It happens. Or he may have been mistreated.
            When he got sick what was his treatment?

            Here is the point. Data says it was less serious than H1N1 on an age adjusted basis. Meaning for every barber story you may have, 5x as many people have the same anecdote from 2009.

            Sorry for your loss. As I’ve said before. Now, stop inserting your Panic on the rest of us.

            1. And gaslighting is not logic.

              But “paid” to call it COVID”?
              That’s risible.

              You can’t even do math.

              The average COVID patient who died lingered in the ICU for 2-3 weeks.
              At $15K/day, on average.
              Call it $250-300K in costs.

              The government, just like with Medicare, which pays 3¢ – or less – on the dollar for medical care for seniors, and leaves “other insured patients” to pick up the other 97¢ of every dollar of medical care, “mitigated” that unpaid $300K cost by $40K (Oooooh! Aaaaahhh!), to keep hospitals solvent, and their doors open for business amidst a pandemic. None of which comes to the millions of doctors and nurses you think would sell out for a paycheck and lie outright on tens of thousands of death certificates for money they aren’t getting. (Pro Tip: both I, the doctor, and everyone else in the hospital get paid the exact same amount whether you live or die, no matter what the cause of death. If this is news to you, check your logic.)

              Suggesting otherwise is both economically and morally jackassical tinfoil hat conspiracy on a scale that would embarrass 9/11 and Moon Landing Hoax proponents.

              Get a calculator and a clue, and work it out for yourselves.

              1. And yet, they PAID that 40k and you needed it and so you WROTE WuFlu down.

                Point. Made.

              2. You are a fucking nut. It’s that simple.

                A fucking nut.

                They paid to call it covid. It mattered not if they had covid. They called it that no matter what.

              3. (Pro Tip: both I, the doctor, and everyone else in the hospital get paid the exact same amount whether you live or die, no matter what the cause of death. If this is news to you, check your logic.)

                Pro Tip: This is a lie. When the hospital charges more, which they did, someone benefits. The money doesn’t disappear.

              4. The government, just like with Medicare, which pays 3¢ – or less – on the dollar for medical care for seniors, and leaves “other insured patients” to pick up the other 97¢ of every dollar of medical care, “mitigated” that unpaid $300K cost by $40K (Oooooh! Aaaaahhh!), to keep hospitals solvent, and their doors open for business amidst a pandemic. 

                Makes no sense since those “seniors” are covered by medicare part A. And medicare does not reimburse at the rate of 3% for covered hospital expenses. Everything I find suggests it’s about 80%, a number baked in by the hospital that is covered, Everyone plays that game.

                It’s standard medicare coverage for patients admitted to the hospital, 60 days covered then new rules apply.

                I think you’re pulling dog turd level facts out your ass. I think you’re lying.

                1. Regardless, they paid to write “Covid” and they made sure the incentives were enticing enough that everyone got “Covid” written down regardless. No one will turn away $40k regardless of how much it cost to provide that service. It’s better than $0.

                  So they wrote “Covid” on everything.

                  Which is the point. WuFlu was inflated by 10-20x. Closer to 20x I suspect.

                  PS they also banned all elective surgeries and screening and checkups, which is where the hospitals really make their bucks.

                  1. Yep. It takes dog turd stupidity not to get this point.

                    And trying to cover it up just indicates you’re a part of the conspiracy.

                    1. PLUS, if a Nursing Home or three near each other all have outbreaks all the patients start heading for the same hospital, eventually (after keeping the sick there to make sure you get it spread good and hard.)

                    2. Pro Tip: The nursing homes are all clustered near hospitals, statewide, already. There are two huge senior living complexes with thousands of residents, from fully independent, to totally bed-ridden or drooling in their own laps, that monopolize the nearest two hospitals in normal times, 24/7/365, and have for years. (Everyone else in the neighborhood? They can just eat shit.)

                      WhereTF do you think they’re going to build them?

                      I worked at one of those hospitals, run by Tenet, and they won’t expand capacity, and have refused to do so for literally decades, because they’d go broke on Medicare low-balled non-reimbursement.

                      Kaiser has made a career out of taking premiums from young, healthy patients who just need check-ups and maternity care, and use that money to subsidize (and largely ignore until they need hospice) their older, sicker patients, because Medicare doesn’t pay the bills. They virtually (and actually) let their older patients die, because otherwise, they’d have gone bankrupt years and years ago.

                    3. So (1) the NH are all clustered around hospitals so deliberately setting an outbreak in NHs would overwhelm the hospital.
                      (2) Take away the bread and butter for the hospital so they would go bankrupt.
                      (3) Pay them to write down WuFlu.
                      (4) Get 20x as many WuFlu written down.

                      MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Thanks for confirming that.

                      Pro Tip: When you’re making the other person’s argument FOR THEM you should stop digging.

                      Seriously. Thanks for confirming we’re right. Now, well…Bye!

                  2. Nope. There were plenty of COVID patients around. Nobody had to make any up. They were free for the asking. All we had to do was open our doors. You keep acting like that wasn’t a thing. We had 5 beds in the former lobby, and 8 beds in the hallway, FFS.
                    For 6 months straight.

                    We were about 5 minutes most days from the docs starting to tell anyone over 70 or 75 to just go outside to the giant circus tent to wait to die, because we had no place to put them. It got that close, for weeks on weeks, until new infections finally started to drop. That was around Feb of 2021.

                    All Uncle paid for, months later, was to fractionally mitigate costs for patients hospitals had to care for regardless.

                    Hospitals ate a shitburger on those costs, and we’re still paying for it. Our equipment got beat to shit, we can’t replace it or even repair it. We can’t pay competitive salaries, and we lost half our ICU staff and 1/4 of the ER staff (who just said “Fuck it, I’m out!”) during COVID at its most hellish, and that’s fucking up the rest of the hospital even now.

                    We’re holding patients in the ER, which fucks up the whole county’s EMS, because we’re stuffed full, and there’s a dozen ICU beds with no nurse because our hospital damned near went bankrupt because of the pandemic you think never happened. We can’t afford to hire more nurses at rates they’d take, because of the market right now.

                    When we go down, it’s like compartments on the Titanic. The patients we used to get go to the next nearest ED, and overwhelm four other hospitals. Which overwhelms all the other hospitals. Now the whole county is fucked, because we’re running at 97-99% capacity most days and times since decades before COVID.

                    Which pulls down the four neighboring counties as the ripples spread outwards. Now 40M people (no big, right? It’s only 10% of the country…) are fucked, indefinitely, because every place they’d go is full to overflowing. Until enough people die, or just stop coming in. Maybe just 6 hours, maybe all week. The ER is finally staffed normally (maybe 5 days out of 7), for the first time since 2019. The ICU is still at about half-staff every night, forever, and it bones us every day.

                    Everybody in the medical field has been warning people about this for decades, which was why the overload from COVID was always going to be a problem. The deaths because of COVID aren’t over, and not just because of the Not-A-Vaxx deaths. People are still dying because of how it fucked up the whole medical system, and it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse.

                    And it’s worse in states with lower pay, and no staffing ratios, which is every other one than mine.

                    And everyone can see it who doesn’t have their head up their ass.

                    1. You’re willfully blind to what we are saying.

                      A sick person is NOT a WuFlu patient if 85% are false positives (50% no virus present and 35% normal cold and flu detected – both are false positives for WuFlu).

                      Another 10% had WuFlu but were in the hospital BECAUSE of another comorbidity.

                      That means there were 5% real WuFlu pateints and subsequent deaths.

                      What you saw were DELIBERATE mass outbreaks triggered by Deep Blue Sociopaths sending sick people in amongst sick people instead of isolating them. THAT was the point of the extra capacity – isolation of existing sick people from new sick people.

                      No matter how much you give us your anecdotes about your one neck of the woods in a Deep Blue Zone, you’re Full Of Shit because that was NOT indicative of what was really happening.

                      You were deliberately targeted by these people for a traumatic Psychological Attack so that you would spread the Panic to others and the Media could play it up 24/7/365.

                      Here you are blaming US for pointing that out to you and directing your anger at us instead of grabbing the Sociopaths by the neck and stringing them up for what they did to you.

                      Stockholm Syndrome.

                2. The key word is “covered hospital expenses”. They simply say “Oh, that’s not covered, and for what we do cover, we only pay 3¢ for what you’re billing at $1.”

                  The hospital and doctors can then wish in one hand for the other 97¢, and shit in the other, and see which one fills up first.

                  Medicare, and uninsured patients is why your Tylenol costs 15 fucking dollars on the bill for a 10¢ tablet. Your insurance is paying for Grampa, and uninsured Julio. And has been since the 1960s. If nobody in your entire life has ever dropped that penny for you, let me be the first.

                  Anybody who tells you Medicare covers actual costs is dropping serious acid.

                  Medicare covers Jack and Shit. Ask around. WTF do you think doctor after doctor hangs out the “Not accepting Medicare patients” shingle? It’s fucking driving them out of business. It’s like telling McDonald’s that a cheeseburger is covered, but you’ll only pay the 1962 price for it. Forever.

                  See if you can guess how small that cheeseburger would get under that system.

                  Ask around and read up. If Medicare was paying out, doctors would be falling all over themselves to get on that gravy train. They’re not, and never have been.

                  In fact, they’re quitting the field in droves. That’s why they have to hold a gun to docs’ heads to get them to go into general practice and family medicine. The only money is in specialization.

                  You’re so misinformed on that point it’s tragic.

                  1. You just don’t get it.

                    Normally they cover 3 cents. But if you wrote down “Covid” you got 30 cents.

                    So, everyone wrote down “Covid”.

                    You’re proving out point.
                    It’s not how much it COSTS for a patient. We are talking about the REVENUE side. Any hospital that didn’t take that Sweet WuFlu Bribe faced bankruptcy.

                    So they wrote down COVID regardless. You’d have to be nuts not to do that and go bankrupt instead.

                    95% if WuFlu “deaths” weren’t WuFlu.

                    Hospital capacity was restricted to overwhelm certain hospitals. They didn’t use extra capacity brought on line.

                    And if you think SoCal is any better than NYC or any of the other Deep Blue areas on this, then you’re lying because you spend decades telling people about Deep Blue places and how corrupt and evil they are.

                    So stop pissing on our heads and telling us it’s raining.

                    WuFlu was Just The Flu and they conducted a Psy Ops worthy of any Military to drive the Panic through the roof.

                    I can almost understand you being in the midst of the major Psy Ops Ground Zero having trouble handling it at first. But now? After all we know? You have got to be kidding me.

                    That’s my last word. You don’t get the point. The Government got what it paid for and it paid for false WuFlu diagnoses.

          3. “The Finnish report further substantiates the complaints of statistical analysts and public health experts that there was a failure to differentiate between deaths from Covid and deaths with Covid during the pandemic. There is evidence that in the United States the conflation was deliberate in order to drive and perpetuate a state of public alarm.

            The most obvious red flags were that approximately 95% of Covid mortalities had multiple serious comorbidities and the average age of death was around life expectancy.

            CDC statistics show that 95% of Covid-related deaths list an average of 4 comorbidities, while 5% list Covid as the only known cause of death. Such comorbidites include cardiovascular disease (10.5%), diabetes (7.3%), and cancer (5.6%). The average age of Covid-related death is 77 years old.”

            I highly suggest you begin a bit of study.


      3. Oh, and China released it, 100%. I said it from day one.

        What I didn’t know early on, but do now – the release was planned with and coordinated with the republican and democrats at high levels.

        Just ask yourself, “Self, what would they have done different if this were a scam?”.

        1. Nobody sane “releases” bio-weapons.
          Since ever.
          It’s like dropping a grenade in a phone booth.
          That you’re also standing in.

          The level of gross incompetence and negligence necessary for a release under communist systems, however, is so low as to beggar belief, and the wonder is that they don’t have this happen once a week.

          All it takes is for Wang, the lab cleanup guy at the #42 Wuhan BioWeapon Labs, to decide to sell the 20 COVID-19-infected rabbits at the Wuhan meat market for $1@, instead of tossing them into the incinerator. “Why waste perfectly good rabbits?” He gets double his monthly salary, mamasan at the market gets cheap rabbit meat for sale, and the lab’s infected rabbits are still gone.

          A month later, there’s a lot of Kung Flu in Wuhan, Chinese all travel by air to see their relatives all over the world, and everyone looks surprised.

          No conspiracy is required, for the same reason the media doesn’t need to hold weekly message co-ordination meetings.

          China wants a lid on this.
          Fauci is an incompetent boob.
          The Dems need an excuse to change voting to facilitate a steal.
          The MSM needs to sell advertising, and if it bleeds, it leads.
          RINOs hate Trump anyways, and get kickbacks from Big Pharma.

          No conspiracy, yet all the pieces are in place.

          1. Hence, evidence it wasn’t a bioweapon. Because they sure as hell released it on purpose.

            It wasn’t the release of a coronavirus that was criminal.

            It’s the fact they knew full well it was Just The Flu and they went ahead and murdered people to spread a Deliberate Panic and kept that Panic up for 2 years. ALL to Steal The Election, Get Rid of Trump, enrich their cronies, push a clot shot that is killing MORE people (more Murders), start Endless Wars and, eventually, get The Great Reset That is the criminal part.

            It wasn’t the WuFlu. It was the RESPONSE to the WuFlu that destroyed us, and you’re STILL falling for it.

            1. Hence, evidence it wasn’t a bioweapon. Because they sure as hell released it on purpose.

              Of course. A 3rd grader could figure this shit out. Which puts Aesop on 2nd grade or lower level.

              Aesop’s an idiot. He can’t logic his way out of a wet paper bag.

              I’ve rarely seen such stupidity displayed so well.

            2. “…and you’re STILL falling for it.

              At this point I think we can dispense with the “falling for it” excuse.

              Aesop supports it. He’s on the side of the commie left.

              1. Circular reasoning, backed up with ad hominem.
                “You must be right, because you must be right. And everyone who disagrees based on facts is a poopyhead.” Well played.

                Best wishes with that level of analysis in the rest of your life, but F- in logic and basic common sense.

                1. You yourself pointed out it wasn’t a bioweapon.

                  Therefore, it was a mild novel coronavirus that was less of a problem than H1N1 in 2009 because it almost exclusively affected very sick people with comorbidities or elderly at the average life expectancy, ALSO with comorbidites.

                  H1N1 killed young healthy people FAR more easily than WuFlu.

                  And THAT is using the statistics that overstated WuFlu by 20x. And they STILL couldn’t make the statistics look as bad as 2009.

                  YOU are making our argument for us and then telling us we’re wrong because of your one experience in a Disaster Zone the Deep State created for you.

  2. Heh, the 5 o’clock Fox news show ( the five?) is on the TV. I walked in at 5:30 and heard a woman on there laying out all the shit they perpetrated on us from refusing us medical treatment to the lock downs, and basically she said in a little nicer way HELL NO we will not forgive them.

  3. Here was my take that I posted about thia drek over on the minimal social media presence I have:

  4. Had a sneezing fit and hit the post button. Dhoh!

    As I was saying, my take:

    “Not only fuck you, but hate rape fuck you with an unlubed marlin spike endowed with a few dozen extra barbs that squirt hydrofluoric acid into your sex bits. Half strength so you can really reeeaallly enjoy the dissolving.

    No amnesty, no forgiveness, no forgetting. Not one iota, and I dont care if the world burns in a circle of hellfire fueled vengeance. I’ll happily roast marshmallows over the embers of civilization and consider it well worth the cost and smile reminiscing the symphony of your screaming.

    I let 30+ year old friendships with people who bought into your shit wither because I wouldnt swallow your totalitarian bullshit, and I wouldnt abandon my own principles. People I considered family.

    You think I’m going to forgive you coastal laptop class cocksucking garbage elitist wannabes? Seriously??

    Not fucking likely, you insipid bint.

    To a new and even shittier level of hell with your lot. Burn on a pile of bitch masks while blood clots stop your heart for fucking eternity and the elderly victims assassinated in the nursing homes stab vax syringes under your fingernails.

    You will be granted extra fingernails for this exercise. Scores.

    I loathe you and yours so fucking much that should I ever father another child (should I sell my unaltered semen years from now: pureblood swimmers will likely be a commodity) my spawn will be born radiating an ungodly hate and fury aimed at you and yours encoded for all time in their fucking DNA. When the doctor slaps their ass, their first primal scream will be frustration that they wont be able to maim you until they learn to crawl.

    I disrespectfully, with as much spite, bile, hatred, and malice as one human can contain without spontaneously combusting, decline to extend an amnesty to you and those like you.

    FOAD. A lot.”

  5. Forgiving these people is God’s job. Our job is to arrange the meeting.” – Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf

  6. Regarding the updated update:

    It’s important to remember how the sheep got slaughtered. “Respected”* medical authorities, including many personal physicians told us to be very afraid and follow the directions. The government was telling us this was temporary, two weeks to flatten the curve kind of stuff.

    It was all a lie, but lies the average person with reasonable intelligence did not recognize as such. They trusted the medical establishment. Look at how many folks got the clotshot. They did this on trust.

    Experience is the greatest teacher of all. What the marxists didn’t understand was they were teaching everybody that they and the medical establishment would not only lie to them, they would lie to them for political purposes. They taught us that even the doctors that took of the mask in the privacy of the doctors office would not go against the authorities for fear of retribution. They taught us that once the big lie was used to gain absolute political power they would brand us as terrorists for daring to oppose the plans of the local school board.

    That lesson is now getting ready to bear fruit on Nov 8 this year.

    Vote. It is the last chance you will get before taking up arms and seeing blood in the streets.

    *well, not by everybody, not by me, but by the vast majority of Americans

      1. Because? Because what you fucking idiot?

        Poor baby. Tell us a lie. It’s good entertainment.

        The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth.

        Jaybo: The lie, the whole lie, nothing but the lie.

        Keep digging.

    1. Fuck Bill Quick, and fuck Aesop too. They were every bit as hysterical as the stupid cunt who wrote the article in the Atlantic, and now they want to pretend that they didn’t do what they did. Quick was telling his readers that this was likely to be worse than the Spanish flu, and that everyone should cower inside as he did and wear three masks. Aesop called everyone who simply lived a normal, sane life “Gilligans” and supported every lockdown measure that was enacted.

      I can’t say this emphatically enough – FUCK them both. They should be like the cunt – they should be begging for forgiveness and mercy, rather than discussing GIVING it. To hell with them.

      1. I get what you’re saying, but:

        I don’t know about Aesop as I have never read at his place. Quick certainly was doing as you describe, and to be clear, Kenny and I are refugee’s from his place, banned for speaking the truth.

        However, Bill did figure it out pretty early and changed his tune. I’m not sure how early, but early enough, at least by mid summer I think. He has admitted to being wrong which is way more than what most of the others have done. There are several people that I respect, greatly, that still comment there.

        There was a short period, late Jan – Feb where one could not be sure what the hell we were dealing with. That does not equate to shutting down the country, but there were reports of massive deaths and an overwhelmed medical system coming out of Italy among others. That led to the hysteria early on. If you understood that the Italian medical system was/is a joke (yet WHO says 2nd best world, LOL) and that the Italians had a huge and direct connection to infected chinese, you understood that it was part of the plan. That wasn’t an accident.

        Some deserve forgiveness because they figured it out early and said so. Bill is one of those IMO.

        1. He banned me too, for the same reason. Sorry – no forgiveness. And no respect for him. If a person is such a pants-shitting fear monkey that they feel they must cower in their house or wear a mask – fine. But when you support measures removing civil rights, or even ridicule those who retain their sanity, you have crossed a line that can’t be recrossed.

  7. A brief review of how they faked a global pandemic from January 2020 -September 2022 (in some places it hasn’t ended) dedicated to the students at Brown University sitting through Emily Oster’s “COVID” course of bullshit and propaganda:

    It’s a substack link. Ypu can choose to read without subscribing for this author.

    I dedicate it to a Southern California communist fool, Aesop.
    Signed, a reader from BFEgypt. Or, is that a sister* from BFEgypt? It’s confusing.

    *one that is actually educated in medicine, not a fool pretending.

    1. Some key takeaways:
      Masks were more than just seeing who would “comply”. They were a visual, daily reminder that a Plague was around and to stay away from each other:

      …to keep people anxious and fearful which was only enhanced by further social isolation and dehumanization tactics of keeping people from seeing faces, loved ones, or interacting with other humans.

      As for treatments, they deliberately murdered people. First by preventing real treatments that worked and then by using ventilators:

      Early treatments were suppressed, and pensioners were isolated and murdered with deadly hospital protocols (including Fauci-approved Remdesivir which hospital nurses started calling “Run-death-is-near”) to amplify the “danger” to keep people anxious and fearful …Putting patients on ventilators almost guaranteed death.

      Then the Feds PAID for Death:

      The government incentivized all of these protocols (CARES ACT) with hospital bonuses for positive tests, remdesivir, ventilators, and deaths.


  8. This thread is getting screwy, so start with a new comment –
    The key word is “covered hospital expenses”. They simply say “Oh, that’s not covered, and for what we do cover, we only pay 3¢ for what you’re billing at $1.”
    This is more horseshit. Dog turd stupid or willful lying, I don’t know. Kenny has made the only point that matters which Aesop refuses to acknowledge – The only thing that matters is the Gov paid to call it covid, quite a lot, and so every hospital administrator in the country made every effort to call every death a covid death. Motorcycle wreck, covid positive, Death By Covid.
    It doesn’t require any real brainpower to figure this out.

    However, a few facts to show just how full of shit the idea that medicare only covers 3 cents on the dollar:

    Hospital spending is almost 50% accounted for by seniors above age 65. No surprise, it’s the older people getting sick and requiring care.
    Medicare covers 90% of those expenses per the data I find. Private insurance covers 7.5% of that expense. The rest is medicaid/uninsured.

    Medicare will not pay for uncovered expenses which is where part b/c/gap/etc steps in. For those without b/c/gap the bill goes to the treated which they may not be able to pay and the hospital gets stuck with the bill.

    No, it’s not 3% that medicare pays. Aesop just pulled that number out his ass. Nothing to back it up, it’s just bullshit.

    It’s very difficult to get good data to get a true picture of hospital income in this country. And after the chinaScamVirus it’s even more difficult.

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"There is no better way to stamp your power on people than through the dead hand of bureaucracy. You cannot reason with paperwork."
David Black, from Turn Left For Gibraltar

"If the laws of God and men, are therefore of no effect, when the magistracy is left at liberty to break them; and if the lusts of those who are too strong for the tribunals of justice, cannot be otherwise restrained than by sedition, tumults and war, those seditions, tumults and wars, are justified by the laws of God and man."
John Adams

"The limits of tyranny are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress."
Frederick Douglass

"Give me the media and I will make of any nation a herd of swine."
Joseph Goebbels

“I hope we once again have reminded people that man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.”
Ronald Reagan

"Ain't no misunderstanding this war. They want to rule us and aim to do it. We aim not to allow it. All there is to it."
NC Reed, from Parno's Peril

"I just want a government that fits in the box it originally came in."
Bill Whittle

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