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“The Afghanistan Exit Debacle: Incompetence, Distraction Or Something More Sinister?”

At this point, after seeing all we’ve seen, I gotta go with “sinister.”

My first instinct has been to ignore the circus surrounding Biden’s apparent bungle of the troop exit from Afghanistan, primarily because I think it distracts from the much bigger danger of despotic covid mandates and vaccine passports that Biden and his handlers are trying to push forward right now on our home soil. That said, I have received numerous requests from readers to discuss the situation and I’ve found certain aspects of the pull-out rather suspicious. The basic assumption here is that Biden is senile and his handling of the exit is tainted by his stupidity, but maybe there is more to this than meets the eye…

First, I think it’s important to dispel a propaganda narrative being circulated by the media that conservatives are somehow calling for troops to stay in Afghanistan by criticizing Biden’s exit strategy. This is typical leftist gaslighting. One can be in favor of a troop draw-down and still be critical of Biden’s handling of it. Frankly, the US should have been out of Afghanistan several years ago; I don’t think that it’s too much to ask that there be a concrete plan in place to mitigate damage to those people who relied on our presence to protect them from the Taliban.

It was Barack Obama who first promised an exit from Afghanistan by 2014 while claiming that the “combat mission was over.” This of course never happened and the political left ignored Obama’s deception in favor of the progressive savior narrative.

To be fair, the Trump Administration did the same exact thing, platforming the idea of a major draw-down or a full exit and then instituting troop surges instead, but at least conservatives were far more critical of his backpedaling. Trump finally committed to troop reductions in 2020, with most of the assets relocated AFTER the November election, leaving 2500 military personnel in Afghanistan along with 17,000 private contractors.

The real shock has been the speed of Biden’s exit agenda after Trump had already removed the bulk of US troops. This rapid draw-down has included cutting almost all US troops and cutting private contractor numbers by at least 60%, and all of this has been undertaken in the span of a few months. This has allowed the Taliban to overrun the last secure provinces surrounding the capital of Kabul and then overrun Kabul itself. A panic has ensued among Afghan citizens with anti-Taliban sentiments, and it’s hitting a fever pitch with hundreds of thousands looking for any way to escape.

It has been the common practice of multiple US administrations to pay lip service to public concerns over the endless war in Afghanistan, telling people an exit is imminent, then shrugging their shoulders when they are caught lying. It has become so formulaic that I think Americans have been conditioned to expect we would never actually leave the country; that the false promises would go on perpetually. Perhaps that’s why Biden’s rushed and haphazard removal of troops from the region over the span of mere months feels so bizarre.

Biden apologists would make the argument that the gibbering commander-in-chief has given us exactly what we wanted, so we should be applauding him. However, the chaotic manner in which Biden is executing the troop draw-down is increasingly suspect. It feels more like a desperate retreat in the face of an overwhelming attack, rather than a controlled exit with a defensive plan in the face of a limited insurgency. Or, even more disturbing, it feels like Biden needs those troops and resources elsewhere and in a hurry – but where are the troops needed and why?

Three guesses, first two etc.

It needs to be understood that the US was NEVER going to “win” the war in Afghanistan. An orthodox military strategy is rarely going to succeed against a long term insurgency using asymmetric tactics. It does not matter how technologically advanced that military might be; it does not matter how many planes, tanks, and drones they might have. Eventually over time they WILL lose by pure attrition in the face of a guerrilla resistance.

It needs to be remembered, too. It will be on the test later. So to speak.

I’m not buying the “Biden is incompetent” story because it is too simplistic and it doesn’t take the bigger picture into account. Biden is a muppet, a mascot, a front-man for the public to love or hate, and that’s all he is. Yes, he can barely read from a teleprompter, but it’s his puppeteers that make the big decisions, not Biden. They are evil people, but not incompetent.

So we have to ask some important questions: Why now? And, who benefits? After decades of presidents lying to us about “mission accomplished” and impending troop exits, why is Biden suddenly committing to an exit strategy in the most hysterical way possible?

Why did the Biden Admin choose September 11th as the end date for the troop exit? It’s certainly symbolic of further US failure and defeat, but is it also symbolic of a new phase in the establishment’s plans for the US as a whole? Is there another major event like 9/11 or larger on the way, and is the sudden exit from Afghanistan in preparation for that event?

As I mentioned, there are scenes here that remind me of Vietnam, but I am also reminded of Benghazi – There is a rotten smell to this event, as if the goal is to deliberately spark an inferno to hide another motive in smoke.

To be sure, the insanity in Afghanistan is quite a distraction away from the implementation of vaccine passports and other illegal mandates in the US, with an increasing number of corporations and city and state governments trying to enforce them. The DHS has just released a statement indicating that anyone who refuses to submit to restrictions and the experimental mRNA vaccines “might” be a potential terrorist. They are even entertaining the idea of interstate restrictions on travel for unvaccinated people, which is something I have been predicting for the past year and it is an action that’s on the top of my list of items that will trigger civil war.

Everything those of us in the alternative media have warned about over the past 18 months in terms of medical tyranny is coming true. It’s not “conspiracy theory”, it’s conspiracy reality.

The Biden Admin will certainly try to announce vaccine passport requirements at the federal level in the near future. Is the plan to bring US troops and maybe even private contractors home to the US to help enforce illegal directives through martial law? There is a high probability of a soft secession of red states and counties if the mandate farce continues. With US troops being majority conservative there is the hope that they will not comply and that they have no interest in fighting yet another insurgency made up of their own people. We will have to wait and see.

The nice thing about that is, what with however many grim-faced warfighters may still be left in our New LGBTQZRXPIALIDOCIOUS Army now driven to purple-faced rage by the Biden Betrayal, the idea of those troops coming over to the side of American Righteousness en masse in such a conflict is nowhere near as far-fetched as it might have been only a couple-three weeks ago. As I’ve always maintained, Leftism always carries the seeds of its own destruction within itself, awaiting the chance to take root and blossom. By so stupidly alienating the very force they must rely on to suppress Team Liberty, the Moron Left could very well end up providing the real-world proof of concept for that idea.


10 thoughts on ““The Afghanistan Exit Debacle: Incompetence, Distraction Or Something More Sinister?”

  1. Good article, but I have to disagree on this point:

    it’s his puppeteers that make the big decisions, not Biden. They are evil people, but not incompetent.

    The power of ‘and’ applies here, IMHO. At least about certain categories of activity. Spin, narrative, crushing American freedoms with bureaucracy and Big Tech? Certainly they are distressingly competent at those things. But organizing and overseeing a military operation? We don’t know the exact identities of those pulling Biden’s strings but competent, experienced military commanders seem very unlikely to be among them. The best facsimile they have is someone like Thoroughly Modern Milley, who has proven he is much more about the social justice part of “SJW” than he is about the warrior part.

    Yes, we do not want to underestimate these people. And yes, they will certainly take the gloves off the RoE when going after Americans in a way they never will against jihadis. But the stupidity, corruption, and denial of reality that is part and parcel of wokism is habit-forming. They are not going to be able to flip a switch and suddenly be a lean, mean, well-oiled machine full of highly competent people. It is FAR more likely that they will look like the Union military in the early phases of the Civil War: full of politically appointed generals who turned out to be complete incompetents in the field. Given time (and the pressure of attrition) they will shake out the dead wood, find competent people among their ranks, and promote them. But given what we have seen so far, they are not exactly ready to hit the ground running.

    The thing to watch out for is a smaller scale test or “demonstration” conflict, here in the US or somewhere abroad, where the left can test out their people and concepts to find the ones that work. The Spanish Civil War scenario for the Nazis or the campaigns in SE Asia for pre-WW2 Japan, but here in the US. The Wehrmacht did not spring up out of nowhere, fully trained and blooded, ready to blitzkrieg France. It took years to build that war machine, and the Nazis were starting with far better material than our wokists could dream of having.

    There are a lot of trained, battle experienced troops from the past couple generations of the forever war in the Middle East. But a lot of the front line people are not on the wokists’ side, and the officers who are much more likely to be have spent 25+ years learning the wrong lessons. Defeat is habit-forming — see Thoroughly Modern Milley again for an example.

    1. Your premise that they want to successfully implement a military operation by the US.

      I think the Plan is to Fail and they’re very competent at executing that Plan.

    2. I’m quite certain there are no “competent, experienced military commanders” among them. But then they don’t need them because competent military strategy is not needed for what they are currently planning. Chaos is their goal. In the midst of chaos they transfer our wealth and power to theirselves.

      1. The lack of competent, experienced military commanders is also on purpose. 0 spent 8 years purging the good ones and rewarding the loyal to Deep State ones.

        So that is also Part of the Plan.

      2. They’ll fuck up going after Americans here just like they fucked up leaving over there. They can do nothing else.

        Chaos is their goal.

        They’ll even manage to fuck up implementing Chaos. I have absolute faith in them.

        1. Yep. Hiring and promoting based on identity politics and woke virtue signalling leads inevitably to incompetence. And not just in the things they don’t care about like military operations planning in Ashcanistan. “Personnel is policy” was the phrase. So even things they do care about, they will screw up because their people are not selected for competence.

          1. Tearing down is the easiest thing in the world.

            Look at any group of kindergartners. One out of every ten can build something out of blocks, five of ten will admire it and four of ten will knock it down.

  2. Embrace All Of The Above.

    During the 0 Years they employed the same strategy. A multitude of clusterfucks kept popping up only to be replaced in a few days by another one and then another one, at which point the first one pops up again to start the cycle again. A never ending rotation of FUBARs that never catch any traction.

    Meanwhile back in the bowels of the Deep State the real Subversions were happening. The Purges and seeding of operatives in every part of government. The capture and bribing of SoS at the State level. The Foreign Aid kickback schemes and the Bribes to Charity Foundations while they sold out our Uranium and lined their own pockets. The trillions laundered through DC and then doled out to cronies like Solyndra with the inevitable kickback to the political class.

    They’re pushing through this “Infrastructure” Bill that probably has 20 landmines embedded into it and trillions doled out to evey crony and almost nothing to be spent on actual US Infrastructure projects. Much of any real money that gets anywhere will go to Green New Deal boondoggles run by Neo-AlGores and the like.

    The Media run with what they’re told. They move lockstep into an issue and the same exact phrases come spewing out the same mouths of the same several dozen “news” sources at the same exact time. So now they jumped on Afghanistan and Joetato’s disaster there. Instead of covering it up they’re pounding him. Believe me folks, that’s not an accident and there is plenty going on beneath the surface that we don’t know about.

    All of it Bad for America.

    1. I agree that a lot of bad stuff is going on off stage while the media focus on the latest debacle de jure. And it is far more likely the left will continue pushing bureaucracy, Big Tech, and medical safety-ism as their tools of control rather than some kind of military crackdown. The people pulling Rutabaga Joe’s strings — whoever they truly are — are aware of their own strengths and will push those areas hard.

      The negative press that is starting to tentatively emerge on Biden is interesting. Maybe it is part of a bigger plot to make him the scapegoat and dump him for Harris; maybe this mess is just too big to completely cover up; maybe his mental state is just going south in a big way and can’t be papered over much longer. Who knows? It does kind of feel like a shift is coming, but I am not sure just what it may turn out to be.

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