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They’re baaaack!!!

Told ya so.

Philadelphia Reinstating Indoor Mask Mandate After Moving Into Level 2 Of 4-Tiered COVID-19 Response System
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia has become the first major U.S. city to reimpose an indoor mask mandate. The city said Monday it’s reached the Level 2: Mask Precautions stage of its four-tiered COVID-19 response system, and that it will reimpose the mask mandate on April 18.
Health Commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole said the city will provide businesses with a one-week educational period before the mandate goes back into effect.

“We hope by having folks whenever they’re in public, indoor spaces we can get ahead of the wave and keep it from reaching a peak like we saw in January with the omicron variant,” Bettigole said. “If we can do that, we can literally save the lives of vulnerable Philadelphians. At this level of transmission, we do not believe that there is any reason to panic or enjoy any activities that we enjoy and are important to use. Our city remains open.”

Gee, things must be pretty damned bad in Philly, with the hospitals filling up again, corpses lying in the streets, and all that, right?


Under the city’s four-tiered system, to qualify for the Level 2: Mask Precautions stage, the average new daily case levels must be under 225, hospitalizations under 100 and cases up more than 50% over the previous 10 days.

The city on Monday reported 142 new cases per day, which is more than 50% higher than 10 days ago, Bettigole said.

Remember, now, that Expert Medical Professionals™ have changed what the word “cases” means, from the old and passé “actually getting sick enough to see a doctor” to the much more helpful “has antibodies in their system.” Still, though, there would HAVE to be a valid reason to extend Mask Kabuki’s run into what, a third blockbuster season, right?


Bettigole said the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 remains low, at 46 people.

Oh. Hrm. Well, okay then. NotTheBee’s Joel Abbott nutshells it:

Yes, the 1.6 MILLION residents of Philly are being held hostage by 46 people hospitalized with Covid.

That’s about the size of it, yeah. At the beginning of his post, Abbott flatly states The only way this ends is if we stop listening. Sadly, at this late date I’m not sure even a truly massive show of defiance would do the trick. To get these miserable, contemptible pussyfarts out from underfoot for good is going to require some shooting, it appears.

Meanwhile, others who live and work in the city say they don’t mind having to put a mask back on.

“It should be mandatory, at least in the buildings,” said Aimerey Beisembay, of University City.

As COVID-19 cases rise, some people are glad to have an indoor mask requirement coming back to the city.

“Because not everyone got their boosters,” Mia Gabdilova, of University City, said.

The new mandate doesn’t change the mask policy at Terrace Street Bakery & Cafe in Roxborough.

“We’ve never stopped,” manager Faith Brachelli said.

The manager says the bakery has kept its mask mandate for almost two years, which many customers appreciate.

“They just feel comfortable that everybody has to wear masks,” Brachelli said. “We wear masks. Everybody wears a mask until they sit down.

Where they sit enshrouded in their own personal cloud of Smug, secure in the knowledge that having shown up at the restaurant, walked inside, and being shown to their table swaddled in an unsanitary bacteria-trap will have intimidated THEVIRUSTHEVIRUSTHEVIRUS!!! into staying well away from them, I suppose. Fucking morons.

The city says inspectors will begin going out to enforce the mandate beginning on Monday.

Yep, lots and lots and LOTS of shooting.


16 thoughts on “They’re baaaack!!!

  1. In the face of a wholly unknown virus with a probable mortality rate approaching 3%, that made sense.

    In the face of a well-known virus which has mutated and attenuated to a mortality lower than that of the common cold, which is less troublesome than a single commuter train accident, this is the best reason to start stringing governors up by the genitals, and using them for piñatas, and with 6″ nails sticking out of the baseball bat, if you please.

    Businesses shouldn’t merely refuse to comply.

    Compliance officers, from any agency, should be shot on sight, and sent back to HQ laid out on a shutter. Pour encourager les autres.

    1. start stringing governors up

      Allow me to offer up NY Gov Kathy the Ho to start things off right.

    2. Masks Don’t work. It NEVER makes sense.

      See, you’ve given them the Power to do things all over again. By faking an Emergency they can justifiably point to your comments as proof they have these Powers.

      It’s very easy for them to kill a bunch of elderly sick people, get people panicked into testing in the millions per day and shoot those numbers of ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’ through the roof. Instant Emergency. Never let it go to waste. Instant Tyranny. On command.

      It was Just The Flu, the masks never stopped the spread, at least half the cases were false positives, 80% or more of the deaths were from something else and only somewhere between 10-18% were from WuFlu. Plus the average age of death was 80 and anyone under 50 had the odds of all of this approach the probability of a lightning strike.

      Based on all that Fake Scamdemic Panic Porn they took over the Country and your Life. That you were lucky enough to get through it relatively unharmed would only be a matter of luck.

      Except, given the economic dislocations and the massive inflation coming through, plus the massive health crisis it generated in things other than respiratory diseases, means sooner or later you will be the recipient of the Bad Luck.

      Plus you’ve roped me into having to worry about what some Demented Fool in the WH and his Sociopathic Commie Puppet Masters have in store for us. Which may include a shooting war with Russia and a Nuke Exchange.

      Thanks Mr. Sciencey Guy.

      1. Masks Don’t work.

        And they never have for any airborne virus, which is why no one suggests wearing them to defeat the common cold or flu. You can filter a virus, but you’ll need a multi horsepower pump to move the air through the filtering medium. Your lungs do not have the power required, not even close.

        1. Your lungs do not have the power required

          Maybe your lungs don’t. Sounds to me like you need to hit the gym.

          1. Maybe your lungs don’t.
            Yours don’t either.

            I hit the gym. It died.

      2. 1) Define “masks”. Define “work”. Show all work.
        2) It’s a cold or the flu <i>now</i>. That’s why this time around it’s beyond jackassical to do mask mandates and lockdowns for a virus closer to benign than fatal. That does not, however much you may wish otherwise, make that truth retroactive to some other time in the misty past.
        3) COVID isn’t an airborne virus. The sites defining it as such have moved the goalposts on that definition to fit their preconceptions and agenda. Reality doesn’t work like that either.
        4) The bodies have been stacked, and mortality is up wildly, <i>from</i> COVID, not just <i>with</i> COVID. Handwaving and magic beans won’t change that, especially for those who died far younger than 70, and without co-morbidities. There’s nothing fake about the pandemic, outliers notwithstanding. What’s changed is the virulence and mortality of the prevalent strains, to the point that prior attempts are pointless when we’re talking about something that’s <i>currently</i> (and in all likelihood, in perpetuity going forward) less serious than the flu, even if we handed it out to the entire population of the planet tomorrow.
        5) You were warned multiple times that the disease itself was the <i>least</i> of your worries, compared to second-, third- and fourth-order complications from the original problem.
        <i>Now</i> you see why that’s so.
        6) “Cases” never mattered. Hospitalizations and deaths do. True at the outset, true always. Which springs from communicability, virulence, and mortality rate. At 3% mortality (COVID 1.0), you have a problem, Houston. At 0.1% (annual flu, or COVID now), not so much.

        1. Oh bullshit. You keep shoveling and everyone knows the truth.
          It was never a 3% rate, that was just the panic and fear mongers making shit up, and you bought it all. It is on your hands, those like you that pushed the bullshit and allowed election theft.

          Masks don’t stop airborne virus, and that IS what this scam*virus is. They don’t have any effect, proven over and over by results in the real world to go along with any test. All you have is talking about stopping spit battles, which is just recycled bullshit.

          Old people die. They often die with virus infections present and helping give the old person that push over the cliff of death. It’s been that way throughout human history. The fear and panic mongers knew all this and they knew that around half of Americans die in nursing homes, so where better to spread the scamvirus than where people are dying anyway? Panic, bought and paid for, and people like you bought it hook, line, and sinker.

          *yes there is a real virus. And there was little resistance to it like all new virus strains. Every damn thing about this virus was predicted and it all fell in the predicted pattern. Nothing new, not one damn thing. It acted like all virus of the type.

          1) Define “masks”. Define “work”. Show all work.

          Pathetic drivel from a panic monger.

        2. FL dropped all mask mandates 18 months ago. If any of it worked at all then they’d have multiples of the “problems” others had. They didn’t.

          ALL masks don’t work. All of it was Tyranny and they NEVER bad the Power to do what they did. Except you gave them the Power by believing in the illogical, and you STILL believe in the illogical.

          That’s a lot of words to write “I am Aesop and I can’t use reason it logic even in hindsight faced by overwhelming evidence for 2 long years”

  2. It’s just a cold or flu. How many of those hospitalized are elderly or with comorbidites that have been exacerbated by cold and flu? Or both?

    How many are in for something else and happened to test + for WuFlu? How many of THOSE are false positives?

    1. Sure is sad that after the most expensive lesson in history, so many are still willing to believe in unicorn fairy farts.

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