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“Your Vote Won’t Count”

News FLASH from Dan Gelernter. And also, y’know, moi.

We’re coming up on another election of national importance—the Virginia governor’s race is November 2. My friends are hopefully suggesting on social media that this will be the election that turns things around, where the full anger of the common folk at being bossed around by autocratic overlords finally manifests itself and we throw the bums out.

Mind you, they were saying the same thing with the same hope about the California recall election. And I said at the time, weeks before the vote was tallied, there was no point in hoping that patriotic anger would outbalance the massive machinery at work behind the scenes: Your votes didn’t matter in the 2020 presidential election, they didn’t matter in the California recall, they won’t matter in the Virginia gubernatorial election, and they won’t matter next year.

And the national circle-jerk goes right on a-circling, the self-perpetuating wank-a-thon producing the usual tedious and unsatisfying climax at the close of another “Election” Day. After another late-night disappointment, conservative commentators awaken Wednesday morning to feign astonishment that the desperately longed for conservative “wave” petered out on them yet againUNEXPECTED!™—without ever generating enough kinetic energy to finally curl over at the top and forcefully crash onto the encrusted slime and filth we so desperately hoped might at last be washed away from these shores. Hopefully, the ever-phantasmagorical “wave” election might usher the ugly detritus far out to sea, whence the disgraceful blight would then gradually dissipate into nothingness—the whole sorry mess scrubbed from memory as thoroughly as the incoherent, puzzling nightmare you had two weeks ago, a chaotic brain-jumble brought on by the highly questionable shellfish you optimistically had for dinner before turning in.

The commentariat, rising to the challenge of duty and responsibility, blearily springs into action once more to flog analyses and explanations of how such a befuddling thing could possibly have occurred, against all odds and in contradiction of the very latest polls—or, for the more brazen pundits, peddling the shopworn claim that the latest stinging defeat was in fact a momentous triumph for Repugnican candidates who will never be either sworn into the offices they sought, or be heard from again. EVER.

Dan does a quick fly-by past the 2020 dumbshow before moving on to describe the three crooked legs of the election-fraud stool.

So what’s the situation now? Vastly worse. This huge Time-documented conspiracy only half-expected to get away with stealing the election from Donald Trump. They discovered unexpected allies in three vital places: First, the courts, including the Supreme Court, refused to hear a single case of election fraud on the merits. They dismissed all the cases for lack of evidence or standing, which was much safer than letting the plaintiffs present their evidence in court.

Second, the Department of Justice was happy to say they’d found no evidence of election fraud, without drawing attention to the fact they hadn’t been looking. They had to be dragged kicking and screaming to any investigation at all: How many of you are aware that it was the relentless pressure of private citizens in Yuma, Arizona, who provided photographic evidence that the Justice Department couldn’t ignore, which led to indictments (so far two public) for vote fraud in the 2020 election? But even as the government was forced to charge the little people who were getting paid to collect ballots and cast them illegally, they assiduously refused to investigate where that money came from. Perhaps it came from a well-funded cabal of powerful people?

But third, and most important by far, the thing that ultimately renders our elections meaningless is people like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Republican National Committee Chairman Ronna McDaniel and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. They are the most important allies in the conspiracy to steal our elections, precisely because we expect them to be fighting on our side. Fraudulent elections cost Republicans seats—cost Republicans the presidency—so why wouldn’t the most powerful people in the Republican Party be fighting just as hard as they could to expose fraud and pass laws requiring in-person voting with ID?

Here’s the secret answer: These people hate you. Sure, they’re willing to pay lip service to America as a great nation, to churchgoing values, and so forth. But they’re really just Democrats with different special interests: They want to funnel all your money to military contractors instead of environmentalists. People like Donald Trump interfere with that. People like you interfere with that. Because you want the government to mind its own goddamned business. And, on that issue, Mitch McConnell is united with Senator Chuck Shumer (D-N.Y.) against you.

These people live for power. They exist for the pleasure of spending your money to retain that power. And, now that they’ve managed to separate that power from public accountability by legalizing mail-in, no-ID, drop-box, multiple-ballot, and similar voting practices, you think they’re going to give all that up?

Of course not. The power, the perks, the ill-gotten gains will all have to be taken from them. Like it or not, that can only be accomplished forcibly. Coming up next: The Flinch.

There is no solution to this problem short of a Constitutional Convention that restores our elections to their original format: Voting on election day, and in-person. Until we make that happen, there is no point in hoping the next election will be magically less fraudulent than the last one. That is precisely what the Mitch McShumer crowd wants you to do: hope. Hope is an excuse not to act. Don’t take it.

After repeated tries, this hail-Mary pass just might take the prize for Worst Play yet. Just who does Gelernter imagine will be in charge of planning, managing, and overseeing this Con-Con, anyway? Why, the very professional politicians who are most endangered by any fair, open, and honestly-conducted one, that’s who. He gets everything perfectly correct, right up until this sentence: “Until we make that happen, there is no point in hoping the next election will be magically less fraudulent than the last one.” He’d have done much better to omit the opening clause, starting instead at “there is no point” etc and continuing from there. Dan starts off nicely, earning himself a solid “A for Effort” only to close out the semester with a failing grade.

I’ve mentioned previously that, while I wouldn’t be so presumptious as to deride or condemn foljks who doesn’t feel the same as I do about it, I absolutely, positively WILL NOT waste my time voting in American “elections” from here on out, no matter who the candidate might be. In my opinion, it’s far more productive to refuse my endorsement and consent via participating in a process I know from the git-go is nothing but theater, a complete fraud. I see no possibility of anything useful or positive resulting from it, with plenty of negatives in the pan of the scale—beginning with my tacit acceptance of the insult to my intelligence that willing complicity in my own disenfranchisement amounts to. Anybody out there who DOES perceive any constructive aspects of continuing to act as if the “election” grift retains a single scrap of credibility is welcome to have at it, and more power to ya. Perhaps you’re right about which is the better approach. Could be I’m full of shit; I have been before, just once or twice. But whether I am or I ain’t, I am fully and firmly OUT.

Don’t hate me ’cause I’m beautiful, as Little Richard used to say.

Bottom line: a deeply corrupt system can never be reformed by resort to the rules, procedures, and bureaucratic entities created and controlled by that very same corrupt system. It’s such a simple, transparently obvious waste of time as to beggar belief that otherwise intelligent people could be oblivious to it. What’s under discussion here is the restoration of order, decency, and rationality using the pointless and wrongheaded expedient of making civil, adult appeals to the malefactors inflicting disorder and insanity a-purpose, using those things and more besides as the weapons to utterly destroy the advocates of civility and rationality they so viscerally loathe.

We’re well past the point where moderate means can be of any use whatsoever. Only radical measures can avail us now. Too many of those able to clearly identify the problem and even recognize the iron-hard seriousness of our plight are nonetheless not yet ready or able to make the final, terrifying leap into full acknowledgment of the one non-negotiable imperative: That Team Liberty MUST prevail, no matter how terrible the measures required to gain ultimate victory over the soulless abominations presently waging all-out war against us.

Update! The view from Oz looks very, very familiar, don’t it?

There was no violent revolution. No overthrow of the government. No military coup. But the results have been as dramatic as the changes that occurred in the past when the communists or the fascists took power.

Prime ministers have come and gone. Elections have been held. Such events no longer seem to have any significance. You cannot point to any of those prime ministers and say, “it was all his fault.” Under each new prime minister both countries have lurched further in the direction of totalitarianism. Whether Labour or the Tories have been in power, or in the case of Australia Labor or the LNP, has made no difference whatsoever. The process of creeping totalitarianism has continued, slowly but inexorably. It’s clear that elections no longer matter at all.

It’s clear that whoever is in charge it’s not our politicians and it’s not our elected governments. You really don’t need to be a crazed conspiracy theorist to have noticed that.

Liberalism has been abolished. The individual has never been less important, and has never had fewer rights. What matters is the state and the corporation. The individual exists to serve the state and the corporation.

If we stubbornly insist on disagreeing with either the state or with the private corporations who rule society in conjunction with the state, our opinions are ignored. If we continue to be stubborn we are silenced. Dissent is not permitted. Individuals do not have the right to act for themselves, speak for themselves or think for themselves. If you try it on the internet you’ll be banned from social media, or (more likely) you will simply be shadow-banned. You’ll be silenced and you won’t even know it’s happened. In Britain you’ll probably be arrested.

And you don’t have to break any actual laws, because social order is now maintained by the state and by corporations to whom the law and legal rights are irrelevant. If you dissent in any way, even in a way that is technically quite legal, you will be silenced.

Liberalism didn’t fail. It was overthrown by a new ideology which for want of a better term we can call neo-fascism. Nothing matters but the state and the corporation. The individual is irrelevant. Individualism is now an anti-social act that will get you into deep trouble. We learn to obey the state and to obey its corporate partners.

1984 is already here but we pretend it isn’t that bad because the reality is too painful to face.

The irony is, the harder we resist facing reality, the more viciously reality will rub our noses in it.


22 thoughts on ““Your Vote Won’t Count”

  1. I absolutely, positively WILL NOT waste my time voting in American “elections” from here on out…

    Then you have become a slave. Unless you’re doing something else to fight back, and I’ve seen little to no evidence that anyone is doing anything other than stringing words together.

    Every institution has been captured by the marxists, so you might as well concede.

    1. The difference between you and me, B, is mainly one of perception, seems to me. I perceive refusal to participate, to carry on playing their game, as one of the most meaningful and important steps on the path of resistance, not as simple despair or passivity. No, rejection of their “elections” game isn’t going to change their minds, of course. But it’s my belief that the only way THAT will ever happen, if it ever does, will be after a bunch of them have been killed.

      It’s simply beyond argument that they don’t care in the least what we think of them, how strongly we disagree with their actions and beliefs, how passionate and committed we are about the things WE believe in. As they like to tell us: they will have to be MADE to care. For them, there is one and only motive: power. Nothing else has the slightest impact or relevance, according to their (dim) lights. To clear up their multitudinous misperceptions effectively, therefore, the lesson must be extremely painful for them–a course of instruction they’ll spend the rest of their lives trying mightily to forget. Even HONEST elections will never provide that, much less the obscene parody of representative democracy we’ve accepted being saddled with for all too many decades.

      1. Something about noses, spite, and face come to mind.

        Not voting will do absolutely nothing favorable towards the situation we find ourselves in. You can pretend that you take the noble path, and they will not give a damn.

        Yea, they don’t care what we think of them. And now, they will not even have any pesky voters to work around. Every election will be proof positive that they win in a landslide.

        Yea, I think blood will have to be spilled to turn this around, but two things here – One, there is none being spilled, and Two, there is a chance, small that it may be to effect things without blood. Not voting might make you feel good, but it ain’t going to do one damn thing positive.

        The outcome you choose is the one they wanted.

        1. The point just Whoooshed over your head. As long as the Dominion Voting machines count the vote, it’ll be 48% Trump, 52% Biden, fill in your own contest names in here. Add in the trucks of “mail in voting” votes, and it is impossible to vote our way out of this mess. Or as Stalin said, “It doesn’t matter how people vote, it only matters who counts the votes.” And with the Soros Judiciary, voter fraud won’t be allowed to go thru the courts.

          The Uniparty (DC Democrats & Republicans) in power feels that they have control of the country, and while they might let a controlled RINO into office to make the plebes feel good, they don’t have any intent of allowing an outsider in to challenge their power. Note how the Uniparty united to take down President Trump by any means possible, and are still fighting against him even though he isn’t in office.

          But hey, you voted and it makes you feel good.

          1. The only point that went over anyone’s head is the one that went high over yours.

            I know damn well the vote is rigged. I know they cheat. I think they have been cheating for at least two decades in a big way, and in the plantation enclaves for 80+ years. I’m absolutely certain the voting machines are rigged.

            And you’re going to solve that by not voting?

            Since you’re not shooting, what do you propose to do?

            Someone explain what not voting accomplishes. I’ll be happy to hear how it does anything of value besides letting you off the hook for taking the time to vote.

            Voting doesn’t make me feel good. I will not let the mother fuckers that have rigged the entire system stop me from voting. You will, your choice.

            I don’t wear a mask. I didn’t get the stupid shot claimed to be a vaccination. I don’t cooperate with their lockdowns. There are lots of ways you can be a thorn in their side and make it harder for their plan to succeed further. Not voting will accomplish nothing. But perhaps it will make you feel good.

            1. “The only point that went over anyone’s head is the one that went high over yours.”
              The kindergarten, “I know you are, but what am I?” does not refute my point.

              I know damn well the vote is rigged.”
              SO THAT is to mean that I’m supposed to vote? Really?

              Since you’re not shooting, what do you propose to do?”
              Ok glowie, whatever….

            2. Someone explain what not voting accomplishes.

              It accomplishes not wasting my time on a futile gesture.

    2. Then you have become a slave.

      Yeah. Because futile voting will definitely throw off our collars.

      Vote harder, guys! We have nothing to lose but our chains!

      I can’t believe that you actually typed that with a straight face, Barry.

  2. Ah yes, the con-con folks. Tyrants and authoritarians ignoring the constitution and using it to wipe their asses? Quick, get another piece of paper! They will total honor and respect that one!

    At best, it is useless. At worst, it opens the door for the usual suspects to take control and use the process to officially get rid of all those parts of the constitution that they have always found annoying. They ignore them already, of course, but there is some (small) value in having them theoretically still in effect for argument’s sake. Someday the Chinese historians will note that just like Nazi Germany, every single thing done in the former USA was completely legal and according to the former constitution (as amended by the left).

    1. They have their viral emergency powers a d there’s ways a virus around.

      So there’s always an emergency to suspend the Constitution or whatever “law” they find inconvenient.

      1. Yep. There are very good reasons that most states with laws about emergency powers have strictly defined time frames on those powers. “For the duration of the current emergency” has a well-known tendency to turn into “forever.”

        Well-known to anyone who reads some history, at least. Which is a major reason our public indoctrination centers no longer teach any actual history.

  3. Much of the sewage running the District of Corruption lives in Virginia these days. The Dems will not have to cheat much to actually WIN this one.

  4. Lucy: “C’mon, Charlie Brown! Don’t be CHICKEN! I promise that this time I won’t pull the football out of the way at the last second! TRUST ME! It’ll be DIFFERENT THIS TIME!!!

  5. Mail boxes are NOT ballot boxes so, as long as communist controlled states allow unverified MAIL-IN ballots, republicans will never win another election.

    Where is the GOP? They’re allowing election theft to go unabated and, it seems, are more comfortable bloviating than actually accomplishing anything.

    Where do fiscally, socially and morally conservative voters go to get representation?

    1. Filthy Koch-sucking Rove Republican swill gonna suck Koch. What else would you expect???

      1. Matis repeats what he already said about 100 times before just to make sure the folks around here really, really get his super important message¡¡¡

    2. And the Postal Service is an arm of the Uniparty Coalition and will “handle” those ballots whichever way the Uniparty tells them.

  6. My last word (in this thread 🙂 ) about voting.

    In the 2020 election Donald Trump blew the damn dope out of the water. Massive win, landslide victory. It was so large their initial cheating wasn’t enough. They had to stop the counting in six places until they could cart in more fraudulent votes.

    This is how they were caught. Caught as a result of a massive voter turnout for Trump. Had all those people stayed home because the election was rigged there would have been just the normal stolen election and no one would know just how big it was. You would only be speculating.

    Why did fox call Arizona for biden early? Because they knew the election was going to be stolen. They didn’t know Trump supporters would turn out and make even the stolen election close. So, fuck fox “news”. They new and now we know they new.

    So, you don’t vote and you’ll never know. What is the cost of you voting? Hurt your pride to be cheated? What are you going to do about it?

  7. Mind you, they were saying the same thing with the same hope about the California recall election. And I said at the time, weeks before the vote was tallied, there was no point in hoping that patriotic anger would outbalance the massive machinery at work behind the scenes: Your votes didn’t matter in the 2020 presidential election, they didn’t matter in the California recall, they won’t matter in the Virginia gubernatorial election, and they won’t matter next year.

    Well, we just have to make the margin of vote bigger than the margin of fraud!

    Vote harder, guys!

    And then he goes off the rails completely:

    There is no solution to this problem short of a Constitutional Convention that restores our elections to their original format

    He does believe in faeries! He does believe in faeries! Tinkerbell will live!

    Just who does Gelernter imagine will be in charge of planning, managing, and overseeing this Con-Con, anyway?

    The Army’s Fairy Godmother Department, of course, with absolutely NO visits by the Fuckup Fairy allowed!

    Of course, it’s possible that I may be far too young to be this cynical…


  8. It accomplishes not wasting my time on a futile gesture.”

    WOOT, there it is. I’m not in the habit of sitting at poker tables where I know the cards are marked, the deal pulls from the bottom of the deck, and the house won’t pay off even if I DO manage to out-cheat them. Got better things to do with my time than reassuring TPTB that the wool is still securely pulled over my eyes by participating in their sham “elections” as if I still believed in their legitimacy. Like, say, taking a nap.

    As I said, others can do as they will with nary a peep of disapprobation from me. But for what it’s worth, I’d be just tickled to death to see no more than a 10-15 percent turnout of Repub voters in 2022. If THAT didn’t serve notice–loud and clear, to all interested parties–that the jig is well and truly UP, I can’t imagine what might do the trick, short of resort to a missive sent via 2A Express Mail. Which is almost certainly going to be necessary anyway.

    1. Yup. Sooner or later we’re going to have to go to Rule 308.

      In the meantime: Don’t just do something – stand there!

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