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Not a moment too soon, either. But, human nature being what it is, that’s almost always the way; nornal, sane, peaceable sorts tend to be slow to rile up and get moving, until all of a sudden…they aren’t.

Resistance Is Not Futile
After mass vaccinating the oblivious sheeple (the first 30%), then incentivizing or threatening the easily controlled obedience worshipers (another 30%), the genocidal vaccine pushers have reached the fiercely resisting 40% of the country that refuses to go along with vaccine tyranny.

All across America, pilots, firefighters, police officers, sheriff’s deputies, construction workers, office workers and many other people are saying, “Take this jab and shove it!”

Courage is contagious.

When groups of informed Americans rise up and say, “No!” to the genocidal vaccine tyrants, the tyrants are eventually forced to back down for the simple reason that you can’t run society without workers. And if those workers decide that risking their health and life isn’t worth a measly paycheck in soon-to-be-worthless dollars, society simply cannot function.

The revolt of the workers is best captured in this explicit video by “Old Man Cruz” (not related to Sen. Ted Cruz), a construction worker who explains what happens when workers stand up to vaccine tyranny…

It seems cliché to say that our nation is at the crossroads, but it’s true. The path we choose from here will be the path our nation continues down for the foreseeable future. If we succumb to the medical tyranny staring down at us, then we will beginning our descent on the aforementioned slippery slope with no realistic chance of recovery. If we fight this oppression and declare we are a free people, then our oblivion will be delayed until the next existential threat arises.

If there’s a silver lining to all of this, it’s that the nation needs an infusion of patriotism in action from time to time. Our patriotic muscles are like real muscles. They need to be exercised or the grow weaker. Today is our opportunity to defend the Constitution and the God-given freedoms the Constitution highlights. If we are to be a free people, then we must recognize that our freedoms will not defend themselves. It takes action at times like these. It takes courage.

It takes us. All of us.

Pandemic Panic Theater has turned a large number of Americans into pawns of the powers-that-be. But there are still millions of Americans who can stand up to oppression. Will we?

If history is any guide, some will; most won’t. What remains to be seen is if ENOUGH of us will. I’m inclined to think so, myself. Contra Rucker’s penultimate ‘graph, it DOESN’T take “all of us.” It only takes enough. And happily, once a stalwart handful get the train rolling, we all might be surprised at how many more folks will quickly jump aboard.


3 thoughts on ““A CONTAGION of COURAGE”

  1. The question is, what level is enough that the our marxist government backs down or try’s further force?

  2. Waypoints along the road.

    It’s inevitable that as pressure increases more people will stand up. Part of this is a waiting game as those people come on board. No way to avoid it.

    No one likes to wait. It sucks. But it’s a necessary component of the process. 1776 didn’t just happen one day; it was years in the making. Humans are no different today than they were in the past. We’re not even a year past the cod-wallop-wake-up-call of the blatant election fraud that was visible from space, and we face a type of warfare that’s unfamiliar to most; a type you have to actively look for to see it. It’s going to take some time for things to develop.

    At present, the people most likely to act are the people with the most immediate incentive; job losses, etc, which incidentally, also gives them obvious & accessible pathways to act; pathways that fall short of throwing themselves into the wood chipper by unwisely provoking the naked aggression of the state, thereby giving the state & the enemy the excuse to employ that naked aggression which they’ve so desperately been probing for, enthusiastically poking a finger into every eye that’s within reaching distance & at absolutely every opportunity.

    Self-preservation strongly selects for a cautious nature. Like it or not. Convenient or not.

    Generally speaking, people simply won’t act until it’s necessary, especially when there’s risk involved. It’s just a self-preservation instinct; useful & necessary in most cases, less so in others. That’s just the reality of it, no matter how much those of us who can clearly see the danger further down the road make dislike it.

    Only a small percentage of people can see further down the road. It’s an inconvenient & unfortunate truth. People fall along the bell curve on any particular measure, including that one. There’s simply a smaller number of us along that part of the curve out near the margins.

    So we wait. And we plan for the future, along multiple dimensions.

    Patience & planning is where we’re at right now. We act if our group is in a position to do so, particularly if we’re being pressured, as that gives us avenues unavailable to others, legally, politically, etc.

    However, everyone can act locally, regardless of current pressures, to build the infrastructure & networks, human & otherwise, that will be needed in our near, medium, & long-term future. That is where the bulk of the work is to be done.

    Sure, the physical, kinetic aspects may get the most attention, but they’re the smaller part of the overall pie. Obviously, that aspect may be, or may become, unavoidable, and we should be fully prepared for that. Anyone afraid to acknowledge that isn’t facing reality, & isn’t fit for leadership, responsibility, or even having an opinion worth listening to, let alone being fit for the requirements of a civilization such as ours, predicated upon truth, reality, & empiricism.
    One could look at it from a literary perspective if that assists with gaining the necessary distance to get an outside perspective. If you were an author writing a story, what would the next chapter look like? After the shooting stops, what’s the plan? After all your enemies who’ve subverted power have been defeated, how are you going to rebuild? What are you going to do to make sure you don’t have to have that battle again in a year? In ten years? In fifty? In a hundred? Anything that doesn’t address those issues is mental masturbation.

    Taking responsibility, building & creating afterwards is the larger portion of the effort. It’s actually a large part of how the fight is won & stays won, though it gets little attention. Wisdom would suggest it’s best to prepare for that now, so when it’s needed it can simply be implemented, rather than haggled over, giving enemies time to usurp again, or new enemies a chance to seize power in the chaos & confusion. Knowing what to do when the time comes is a big part of this war. If we’re not doing that; if we’re not having those conversations, we’re doing it wrong. Plan for the future in the quiet times. If & when it gets noisy, that’s opportunity knocking, providing you’ve done the planning that is…

    Contrary to what doomsayers would have you believe, we have significant advantages. One of the biggest, we already know what the future moves are going to be, know what they have to be. The importance of that advantage cannot be overstated.

    As pressure increases, increasingly affecting more people, Team Liberty gains recruits. All we have to do is welcome them. (And avoid the absolute retardation of denigrating them for not showing up sooner.)

    Not only is the enemy too stupid to stop recruiting for us, but they’ve also painted themselves into a corner, such that, increasing the pressure is the only way they can keep from losing control.

    All we have to do is wait for them to push the population toward our side & then be ready to implement our multidimensional solutions, taking responsibility, as we are the only adults in the room who see & understand reality; the only ones who have a plan for the future that doesn’t involve decline, decay, & the failed magic of wishful thinking.

    Their moves are known. This is our game to win or lose.

    There’s some folks out there, though probably not so much here among the Furyan crowd, who just love them some defeatism. (Probably a fair number are enemy trolls.)

    To that excessively neurotic & ever-fearful, that most noisy, distracting & misguided of groups who love to suck all the oxygen out of a room; to those of y’all who just love to shout “Doom!” into the void:
    Look, I’m sorry for your frustration, but the rest of us don’t have time for childish bullshit. There’s a war raging which we’re trying to win, in case you hadn’t noticed. This is just the build up phase. It’s going to get worse. So either man up, or go home. Help, or get the hell out of the way. The time for complaining & ‘woe is me’ is over. Either be a part of the solution, or go fellate the enemy, because that’s all you’re accomplishing anyway with the whole Chicken Little routine.

    Weakness & defeatism will not help us win.

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