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Reality 101

Lesson One: when a nation loses a war, it does NOT get to make demands of the winners. Period. Most especially when, after having spent two decades getting its collective ass kicked up between its collective shoulder blades, Loser Nation skedaddles ingloriously away from Victor Nation’s territory in panicked chaos, leaving untold thousands of its own citizens stranded—abandoning men, women, and children alike to certain torture, enslavement, and agonizing death.

State Department voices concerns over all-male Taliban government
The State Department on Tuesday expressed concerns over the makeup of the new interim Afghan government announced by the Taliban, including the lack of female leaders and the past actions of some of those appointed to top posts.

A State Department spokesperson said in a statement shared with The Hill that although the Taliban “has presented this as a caretaker cabinet,” the U.S. “will judge the Taliban by its actions, not words.”

“We have made clear our expectation that the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government,” the spokesperson added.

“Expect” all you want, dumbshits. Then go ahead and “demand” a pony for Christmas too, whydon’tcha. Let’s see how THAT works out for ya.

The State Department didn’t have long to wait for an answer to its ludicrous and pathetic request, as it turns out.

Laughing in their smarmy mugs is the note-perfectly appropriate response, if you ask me. FederalGovCo seems absolutely committed to keeping the national humiliation coming, don’t they? Why, I’m sure I don’t know. All I can think to do now—all any of us who shouted ourselves hoarse sounding the alarm about what a Biden or any other Democrat-Socialist junta was liable to get up to—is just sit back and enjoy the show.

Give the State shitweasels credit for one thing, at least: they got some ginormous balls on ’em, to go around braying and snorting about what they “expect” the Taliban to do or not do like this—as if they had any right to say one fucking word to them, about anything at all—not to even mention any kind of leverage whatsoever to back their gasbaggery up.

(Via Bill)

Update! The US Department of State: putting America and her national interests last since 1944.

Whelp, ‘proof is in the email’ so to speak. The ‘stoppage’ in the finely-tuned privately run evacc’s from Affy has been identified. Namely the State Department apparatchiks. I believe it was Richard Marcinko of SEAL Team 6 fame called them the “Pin-striped pus-nutted change jingling can’t-cunts of State”.  

Seems that they’re ‘worried’ about “proper screening and vetting” of those people, because THEY aren’t approving the manifests and the people getting evacc’d.  Human Refuse and Soon-to-be-Walking Garbage State Department Spokesasshole Ned Price had this to say: “If these charters are seeking to go to a U.S. military installation, for example, we have to weigh not only the threat to those who may be on board – especially if they’re American citizens, LPRs, other Afghans to whom we have a special commitment – but also to the safety and security of State Department personnel, U.S. military personnel, Department of Homeland Security personnel, other U.S. personnel on U.S. military installations,” Price said.”

Yannow…good on them cobbers for tryna keep ‘our people safe’ Aye?

Uh….aboot that:

Afghan Refugee Stopped on U.S.-Bound Flight with Explosive Materials, but Terrorism Not Suspected


Lots more from BCE, which you can go on over and read the rest of if you have a strong enough stomach for it. Me, I think I’ll just sit here and quietly contemplate the staggering fact that A) Real Americans who flatly and forever reject being forcibly injected with a mysterious and dangerous DNA-altering cocktail are now under serious, credible threat of internment in federal concentration camps, by the self-same government that B) is concurrently waving innumerable hordes of unvaxxed, unvetted, and untested illegal aliens across our now-nonexistent southern border, AS WELL AS importing likewise-innumerable Muzzrat hordes (a/k/a enemy combatants) who are likewise unvaxxed &c, NOT TO EVEN MENTION simultaneously denying rescue and repatriation to privately-chartered planeloads of BONA FIDE AMERICAN CITIZENS because…aww, who the fuck even knows anymore.

Believe it or not, though, there IS a bright side of sorts to this dumpster fire of a goatfuck of a shitshow, if only of the left-handed, two-edged-sword, kinda-sorta variety. BCE knows what it is:

My understanding is that the people getting out? They’re known to the people running the show. At this point, it’s a LOT of Afghan Special Forces…who’re going to be highly pissed at being cock-blocked by State. ESPECIALLY if their beloved family members got left to the ‘tender mercies’ of the Tallybananas Kids. Not that –reality– has any place in the DotGov…

I suppose when and IF, well…lets be realistic…we ARE talking about Afghani Military Men trained by the best of the US DotMil. Literally hard men who’re going to swear Mighty and Hard Oaths of Vengeance and Blood on those MOST responsible for this fiasco. “You got me in a vendetta kind of mood” thing is like going to happen. And let me tell you all, they -won’t- be blaming the Tally bananas kids…to them, ‘they’re doing what they do’…sort of like a bear is going to shit in the woods, they understand and well, they’ll swear some of that vendetta against the Taliban, but this time, they have a quantifiable and easily identifiable pile of Human Garbage in D.C. that they’ll lay the majority of the blame on.

If’n I were part of State and had anything to do with this fuckup, I’d be looking to cash out the 401K, retire early, change the name and IDs and head to deep cover, ‘cos these guys? They make the Sicilian Mob, the real Mafia look like cuddly dago-kittens. And we’re bringing them here, dispossessed and pissed off.

Grab the Popcorn, this’s gonna be great

All this, remember, from a guy who has ample firsthand, in-theater knowledge, and therefore knows whereof he speaks. Go ahead and accuse me of a severe Patriotic Sentiment deficiency. Go ahead and say my perspective and priorities have been short-circuited by blind partisanship. Go ahead and say whatever the hell you like, I don’t care. All I know is that, if ANYONE AT ALL in the employ of the illegitimate Biden junta—be they great or small, high or low, powerful or humble—has a heapin’ helpin’ of Just Deserts in their immediate future…well, I admit I’m a-okay with it. No matter who will be serving it up, or where he might have come here from.


11 thoughts on “Reality 101

  1. I gotta believe this is just boob bait for the Dem bubbas.

    They Knew.

    About Hollywood. About the PRC. About what the Taliban and ISIS would do when they took over.

    They Knew. How much of a POS rapist BJ Clinton was and how Obergroperdrüler likes fondling Little Girls and how he’s going Senile for years now.

    They Knew. They Stole The Election.

    They Knew Masks don’t work because when they think no one is looking theirs is off their face as soon as possible. They Knew. The WuFlu was not that bad for most people so they had to kill a few hundred thousand seniors and then blame every death after on it.

    They Knew. Crooked Clinton had her email completely off the grid to run a Pay For Play Scheme globally and not have evidence. They Knew she wiped her Server. They Knew she did this all with Intent.

    They Knew. They Know. They don’t care. They’re LARPing their Useful Idiots and Trolling us Real Americans and rubbing our noses in it.

    In fact, they don’t give a fuck if we know and they don’t give a fuck about women in government or minority empowerment. Because any woman or minority that is empowered and has American opinions and ideals they are immediately attacked and othered as Not Authentic.

    No one matters to them except them and those they can use to advance themselves.

    This is why in the end the Sociopaths start killing each other once they feel external threats have been rendered incapable of touching them.

      1. And a fondness for underage girls, or pure greed, or inability to keep their hands to themselves, or a taste for drugs are the strings by which the puppetmasters control the puppets and keep their power.

        1. If Not The President Biteme gets out of line a video will come out and he’ll be gone. It’s always been the case.

          One day Pol Pot Cuomo was a hero of the Fundamentalist Covidians and one of their Pantheon of Prophets and then charges came out and within a month he’s gone.

          1. “…and within a month he’s gone.

            The question is “Why”? And by whom? He went without a fight once it became clear. Who has that power?

            1. It’s not certain there. He was certainly “controllable”.

              Sometimes it simply comes down to some people not liking a person. He rubbed someone the wrong way. He double crossed someone once and now it’s payback since he probably had National Ambitions like his Father. Maybe someone hates his Father as well and is now in a position to settle Old Matters (why is this starting to sound like a Mafia movie?). Maybe he backed off doing something even more heinous and therefore cannot be trusted by the Junta to put Them over everything else, including personal ambition and conscience.

              Or some people preferred Kamel Humps perhaps because she’s a Black Woman. I never thought Biteme was going to be the long term. I’m not sure she is either, but like 0, she has the “don’t criticize card” to play for them, and she checks off TWO boxes.

              Or it is simply the calculation that he did Indeed deliberately kill elderly knowingly, and not with plausible deniability. If someone else has that proof they could play it against the Cabal as well. They would have the Intent of replacing the Cabal by playing it at a more opportune time. So they endeavor to maneuver Cuomo off the scene and take that card away. After all, destroying Cuomo would not be an end in itself. It would be a means for some people to get a seat at the table or even taking over the table and kicking the current Cabal out with the Blowback. Maybe Cuomo wouldn’t just quietly fade in that case and so the Cabal offered him a deal. “Leave now and forever keep your trap shut or we’ll have you jailed for Sexual Harassment for the rest of your life. Plus, remember that the “rest of Epstein’s life” was really, really SHORT.”

              I can only offer some possible guesses here.

            2. My bet is the New York Democratic Party – there’s an election coming up, and he’d be a big liability, over the nursing home thing, sending diseased people into nursing homes, and watching the deaths mount higher and higher. And it was officially for actions that went back a decade – why was nothing done before now – so that the official reason was the politically correct thing to do. But in the end my bet is that it was a simple political calculation.

              1. I think it was a combination of factors. First was rivals within the New York Dem party who wanted their own shot at the governor’s office — Granny Killer had been blocking their chance to move up for years now. Second was that the national Dem party did NOT think he was controllable. Cuomo had pretty clearly been listening to all the media talk of “the Love Guv” and “Cuomosexuals” and the hyping of him as this supposed great national hero of the Covid panic (*gag* *spit*) and his already bloated ego was getting so large that he started thinking he could ignore the puppet masters.

                So they got rid of him, both to remove a threat to themselves and to make an example for anyone else getting ideas of displacing them. Using stuff that everyone had known about for years but which does not nomally get used against Dem politicians was a signal to others: “Don’t try anything, you all have stuff in your past that can be used to take you down if we decide to do so.”

                I am waiting to see if they also axe Newsome. If they allow him to be recalled, then the internal Dem knife fighting is truly on for real as they prepare to eliminate Dementia Joe and battle for the replacement veep slot.

            3. All the replies are sensible. I just have the feeling something much larger is in play… Local officials taking out Cuomo? Maybe as part of the choir, but they are not the conductor IMO. Getting him out of the way for Harris? Seems unlikely given she can’t get enough votes to stay in a primary, and should she rise to the top job she’ll have the inside track anyway.

              Beats me. Whoever controls Obama controls Biden, and probably the whole bunch including Cuomo. Whoever it is likely has access to the intel data.

              1. Cuomo (and his father before him) have been power players in New York for a long time. They have stepped on a lot of toes and made a lot of enemies. I think Granny Killer’s screw up with 15+ thousand dead old folks gave his enemies in the New York dem party the opportunity they needed to eliminate him. The national dem party allowed it because he was a threat to their power as well, plus they did not want the whole ‘seeding the elder care homes with Covid’ scandal blowing up and potentially taking down multiple Dem governors who all did it. Hitting Cuomo with the sex harassment scandals (which normally do not touch Dems) was a way to bury both Cuomo and that issue.

                1. Maybe. But the death isn’t going to disappear and Cuomo didn’t do it all on his own. Every democrat that didn’t speak up is complicit and getting rid of Cuomo doesn’t change that.

                  OTOH, perhaps the deal was made with the crooks commonly know as republicans and they agreed that if the gov went they would hold off.

                  As I said, beats me. All the theory’s are plausible. Maybe too plausible 🙂

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