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A call to arms

The more I see of legal stud-hoss Lin Wood, the more I like the cut of his jib.

Time has come for Americans to face the truth – the good, the bad, & the ugly.

Bush 41, Bush 43, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Barack & Michelle Obama sold this country out for money & power

These leaders have been corrupt. They abused our Constitution & ripped our country apart.

They did not care about our founding principles. They were driven solely by greed. They made deals with our enemies, China & Iran. They kept us in wars, killing our young soldiers for profit. They turned our news into propaganda. They sought to divide us at every turn. 

I’d love to just lift the whole thing and repost it all here, but I gotta leave something to entice you guys to go and read the rest of it. Trust me, you will NOT be sorry you did. In another cop via WRSA, and another definite Must Read All post, Matt Bracken lays the whole thing out for us.

I just posted this comment to the below article at FrontPageMag. The quote is the concluding sentence of the essay, that I used to begin my reply.

“Don’t think civil war. Think firing squads, gulags and death camps. Think the Black Lives Matter flag flying over the White House and Capitol.”

That might be the DemSocRat Party concept of operations, but it won’t happen.

Americans are armed to the teeth, and half of us (at least) are still patriots who do understand the lessons of history, and the evil record of Communism, with its 100 million (at least) victims of mass murder and intentional starvation.

Another country that has historically been well armed is Switzerland. Everybody can cite that they have never suffered a foreign invasion as a result. Fewer understand that the Swiss have also never been ruled by a despot. Despots cannot rule where millions of sharpshooters would have them and their henchmen in their sights and scopes.

In the USA, patriots will fight back. This is why tens of millions of us have purchased AR-15s in the past decade alone. (Almost every one of them mounts an optical sight making them accurate to 100s of yards. And I have not even mentioned many more millions of scoped “deer rifles” capable of accurate fire at 500 yards and beyond.) Anticipation of this attempted Communist revolution and resulting civil war is why shelves are empty of ammunition. My friends don’t count their ammunition by the dozens or hundreds, but by the case, that is, by the thousands of rounds.

He’s certainly right about that. A close friend of mine, a former Marine, told me the other day he has now accumulated four or five AKs, among other needful things, over the last several years…along with over 70,000 (!) rounds of 7.62 for ’em. I told him them AKs must be hongry sonsabitches, and he just laughed and laughed.

30 thoughts on “A call to arms

  1. “Bush 41, Bush 43, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Barack & Michelle Obama sold this country out for money & power”

    Every president after Reagan, and I agree.
    Four years from now we have to make sure the same doesn’t happen after Trump.

  2. Ah, yes.  The “America’s gun owners will fight back” meme again.  How does that square with the previous two articles?  The enemies have already destroyed our country and our economy – and nary an AR-15 boolet has been fired.  The “election” will feature corruption that any banana republic dictator will envy.  Trump will “lose,” and be led from the White House in handcuffs.  And the guy with 70,000 rounds will sit in his gun room looking at his weapons and whacking off, thinking, “Boy, when things REALLY hit the fan, I’m gonna….”

    BULLSHIT.  If they were gonna, they woulda.

    1. If the Left inserts a senile doddering fool in the White by Fraud and “Trump will “lose,” and be led from the White House in handcuffs” that is not something that we’ll sit idly by and let happen.
      I hope that would trigger a response.

      1. I would, too, but if closing our businesses, ruining millions of livelihoods, and allowing the destruction of many of our great cities doesn’t do it, what makes you think that a fraudulent election result would? I mean, that’s already happened too – Al Franken.

        1. So many people in Red States are not overly hit by the Lockdowns in NY, NJ, CA, IL.
          Meanwhile we’re giving it until the Election. At that point I expect to get rid of our worthless Governor and get Dan Forest in. With Trump as President and Tillis and the Republicans holding the Senate, we can take back the House.
          Then we get back to normal and start taking names.

          ALL of that calculus goes out the window if they steal the Election.
          Ironbear says it’s all over but the shooting and we’re not voting our way out.
          Stealing this Election for Biden would seal that deal.
          What’s left then?
          If they can steal the Election FOR Biden over Trump then we’ll never win another Election ever again.

          That would be a trigger event.

      2. A reponse may be triggered but it’s quite possible deep state actors and their allies in the bureaucracy, intelligence agencies, military and LEOs are already planning, preparing and coordinating how to best put down the patriots if a serious resistance is launched.
        I see the groundwork already being prepared by the DHS and other agencies declaring that right-wing white nationalists are the greatest terrorist threat in America.
        (And Kenny, I will give my opinion and observations about US matters when I damned well please.)

        1. (And Kenny, I will give my opinion and observations about US matters when I damned well please.)

          Too bad you wouldn’t extend that courtesy to Kenny and others, you syphilitic brained dimwit.

          1. Fuck you too Skunkplug, the 4’6″ armchair warrior.

            (And how, pray tell, did I ever stop you guys from commenting?)

            1. That height just projection, shortstuff?
              It’s certainly represents your intellect.
              The sad thing, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You are an asshole.

        2. Fighting with me already and i didn’t say anything yet.

          I don’t really care how you opine on any subject because Tyranny loving people are either lying or fooling themsleves even when they say they oppose tyranny.

          When push came to shove and real Liberty was being taken away you didn’t resist, you HELPED. You’re still not apologetic about all the harm you caused and now you’re worrying about Trump not getting four more years?

          We were Cruising to 4 more years until you Idiots hit the Panic Button and fueled the Panic Porn.

          For those that apologized that is fine. Every human makes errors. That’s why we’re human and that’s why we oppose systems that deny Human Nature, like all forms of Collectivism and the New Man.

          You just double down. Thanks a lot.

          1. Pardon me, but on another comment thread you said my comments on US matters were not appreciated at Cold Fury and I should stick to Canadian-Spanish topics. Great memory you have.

            I helped how exactly? By saying a few times the situation is what it is and we’ll all have to deal with it the best we can (the China plague itself and the government measures being taken).

            And please spell out the harm I caused from way over on this side of the Atlantic. It seems to me certain governments may have had a far greater impacts on things than any comments I may have made at DP.

            Finally, I don’t apologize for expressing my opinion.

            1. Tough shit Henry. We know exactly who you are –
              An Anti-American asshole originating in Canada and residing in Spain. An asshole that believes we should follow when he tells us to shut up about the truth, preferring to believe the hype. You still do. You want us all to wear a mask even though a mask does nothing. You want us to cower in fear of a virus, and we refuse to do so. You make assertions about our relationships with our siblings that are absolutely false and you of course, don’t know anything about us.

              In short, you are a lying prog asshole. I think you may be a midget. You certainly have a midget intellect.

                  1. I could say: poor Kenny, he doesn’t understand sarcasm, but that would be mean.

            2. BS your responses were never that calm and measured.

              You told us we hated human life and wanted people to die Die DIE! That we were granny killers and too stupid and ignorant to understand the dangerous Super Virus and how it would kill 100’s of millions.

              You were so wrong and yet you still think that somehow you got it right, you were nice and polite, and you were the levelheaded one.

              You weren’t. You ran around with your hair on fire screaming at us HATERS to die ourselves because of how afraid you were.

              When we responded in kind we were shouted down.

              1. LOL, HenryKaren was screaming “it might kill me”.

                All progs are the same, and HenryKaren is no exception.

                1. Considering my wife is a hospital MD and contracted the China plague in March and passed it along to me, yeah, I could have died.

                  (The screaming is all in your head. It’s a psychiatric malady. You should get it checked out.)

                  Anyway, I survived to share my insights and inject some joy into your sterile lives.

                  1. Your wife’s occupation is irrelevant. Crying then, you were crying as though you were in deep peril and that justified shutting the entire world down.

                    We were right all along and you were not only wrong, you supported the progs that shut everything down causing uncounted misery. You are nothing better than any other prog with your hysterical shrieking.

                    But lest we forget, it’s not your unfounded hysteria we objected to, it’s the lying about others and telling those with a different opinion to shut up.

                    1. I object to him trying to rewrite history to make himself look better.
                      Plus in March I was still reading his bilge runoff and he definitely didn’t say he or his wife had contracted WuFlu.
                      If he had and he was fine it makes it even worse that he demanded lockdowns.

                  2. So proof right here in your comment that you knew it was treatable.
                    Yet you still demanded lockdowns and still demanded we shut up because we didn’t care about people dying.

                    1. Kenny, you are so full of shit. You specifically asked me what conditions my wife suffered when I mentioned back then that she caught the China plague.

                      My supposed lockdown demands are all in your head, like the screaming in Barry’s. Get some treatment guys.

                    2. You never said you had it. I guess since neither of you got much sick from it, I forgot. There, see, I can admit a mistake.
                      Still means that if it weren’t so bad for you, you shouldn’t have been yelling at us.

                      Plus who are you trying to kid. You were hysterically telling us we hated people and had complete disregard for human life when we suggested not to Lockdown, especially in our State. You kept telling us “look at Spain, look Italy, look at NYC. You’re next guys, you’re all going to get and die”.

                      That is certainly advocating for the Lockdowns and disparaging us as evil people who don’t care how many die.

                      I answered in numbers.

                      I will still answer in numbers.
                      Since June my County of 133,000 people had 12 deaths supposedly from Covid.
                      57 total all year.
                      Half of the State’s dead were in Nursing Homes. Prisons? Not so much.

                      So the factors to watch were population density (moderate sized city for my area), collective living and Elderly with comorbidities. Over 80% of deaths were over 70 years old and averaged 80 years old.
                      So lock down the Nursing Homes with as much care as possible and everyone else go about their business taking some extra care about hygiene at home and out in public. If you feel sick don the mask and go see a doctor to get tested.

                      That’s it. Sorry but you took like a maniac and said that approach would kill millions.

                    3. You “guess” and you “forgot”. How convenient. (By the way, on a much more recent DP thread you declared Covid “is nothing” and I once again mentioned my wife’s experience.)

                      It’s funny how you have transformed discussion, opinion and argument into yelling, hysteria and mania, and on top of that lied and continue to lie about my position, what I presumably demanded and what I supposedly accused you Tiny Brain Syndrome sufferers of wanting.

                    4. Yes I guess I forgot because your despicable behavior back then makes not really care.

                    5. A lot of HenryKaren bullshit. You were completely wrong and supported government lockdowns that have no effect. You support forced mask wearing with no effect upon viral transmission of the china/electionVirus.

                      It’s apparent to anyone with something close to brain cells that the virus has been used to go after Trump, and you encouraged it all along. You attempted to shut others down, those that turned out to be 100% correct about the virus.

                      Those are the facts and all your moaning and calling us “heartless” for stating the facts doesn’t change the truth.

                      You’re no different than any other run of the mill european prog.

  3. Trump kicks Covid Ass and HeeeeenryKarenPecked is still afraid of it.
    Wisconsin is a Red Hot Outbreak now!!! shouts Yahoo. It’s ALL Trump’s fault.

    We ain’t afraid of No Covid.
    Who ya gonna call? Not HenryKaren!

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