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The grind

Analysis: perfectly, inarguably, one hundred percent TRUE.

Brainwashing campus activists starts long before college
Americans shocked at the aggressive protests on our most elite campuses often imagine these kids have become brainwashed while away at school.

That indoctrination certainly does take place. Yet the process for most starts far earlier, often in the K-12 years — or even before.

What we’re seeing on our campuses is the culmination of many years of leftist activists pushing kids to the forefront to spread their propaganda.

And it’s not remotely just board books like “A is for Activist” that introduce toddlers to the idea of protest before they even set foot in school.

Teachers push their agenda; whether climate change, gun control or the war in Gaza, they’re focused far less on teaching children how to think than what to think.

The goal is to turn kids into activists, and the sooner the better.

After all, children can be valuable for shutting down debate.

Their youth implies innocence and seems to confer moral authority: How could anyone argue with an innocent child?

Ah yes, but one of these things (youthful innocence) is NOT like the other (moral authority). There is simply no equivalency there, in fact very little relation between the two at all, if any. Quite the opposite, I’d say: if one is present, the other in fact CANNOT be, by definition. It’s by way of being a categorical error—of the sub-type known amongst logicians as an informal fallacy*—a mistake which has unfortunately become commonplace thanks in part to the peculiarly American worship of youth and vigor at the expense of the peculiarly Oriental respect for the wisdom of age and experience.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: there is simply no fixing this without first unfucking the government schools. All our troubles and woe begin there; that rat-bastard Gramsci was truly a fucking diabolical genius, damn his eyes. My own kid has attended those institutions of indoctrination from Grade One, something I’m allowed no say in whatever. Thankfully, my daughter’s native intelligence and/or comprehension are off-the-charts extraordinary; her teachers so far have all been great, rewarding her smarts and eagerness to learn by going well out of their way to nurture and encourage those qualities every chance they get. Even so, I’ve been diligent right along in cautioning her that even the best of them doesn’t know everydamnedthing, and that she must therefore never assume that Teacher is always right, nor take every word she/he says as the Gospel truth.

This is not a young ‘un who has to be dragged kicking and screaming to do her homework, especially if it’s reading. I’ve told her repeatedly to think of her mind not as a sponge, passively soaking up everything thrown at it without discrimination or reflection, but rather as a sieve, sifting the totality to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Instilling and maintaining a healthy skepticism both inside the classroom and out, without lapsing into cynicism, generalized distrust, and despair is a tightrope all attentive parents must walk. So far it’s worked out well, for which felicitous result I consider myself very lucky indeed.

*I took quite a few classes as a college student in logic, philosophy, and rhetoric, for no reason other than that I found the subjects intriguing, so much so that I still have a cpl-three of my logic textbooks to this very day and have had cause to re-consult them plenty of times over lo, these many years; in fact, my poor old Logic 101 text is every bit as battered and dog-eared as any of my cherished military sci-fi paperbacks—its spine broken in several places, its binding loose and flappy, its fabric covers frayed, its yellowed pages liberally spattered with food, beverage, and greasy-fingerprint stains. Like a beat-up old La-Z-Boy recliner, she’s ugly as homemade sin now, but I do love her so anyway


9 thoughts on “The grind

  1. If more teachers got the living sh*t beaten out of them for departing from the fundamentals and straying into communist indoctrination, there’d be less need for beating the living sh*t out of teachers for departing from teaching the fundamentals to stray into communist indoctrination.

    The phenomenon would disappear like the passenger pigeon within a year.

    Just saying.

    (Oh, and in a feat of no remarkable coincidence, the number of incidents of pedophiles with teaching degrees would dry up like the Sahara Desert overnight as well. Almost as if getting rid of people who exploit children for one cause gets rid of the same ones who think it’s okay to exploit children for any cause.)

    1. you haven’t even mentioned frequency.
      my three were required to attend public indocrination 5 days a week 8-3.
      might I recommend public flogging (females as well) 5 days a week from 8-3.
      and when your arm gets tired, let me know.

      1. That would be corporal punishment as punitive.
        While that certainly has a place, the goal here is instructive.

        Just as few kids need continuous spanking, and nobody burns both hands touching a hot stove.
        After that, memory teaches self-discipline.

        Proof, if you needed it, that rampant recidivism demonstrates conclusively that American penal practice mollycoddles crooks to far too great an extent, otherwise repeat offenders would be as rare as two-headed horses.

  2. With four it was too damn expensive to send them anywhere but the public screwls. My wife was there as a volunteer, and I was there to correct the indoctrination. Plus, we were in a part of the the South which at the time was less bad than some places. In the end, the parents have to make sure the kids get the proper education and it is a very long and bumpy ride. We had it easier than many.

    Were I doing it today, I’d either home school them or live in a cheap place and send them to a private school, the problem being many of the privates are as bad, or worse, than the public’s.

    1. The schools are bad by design.

      And not to harp on it, but anonymous teacher @$$-beatings are cost-free.
      (cf. “Enforced Compliance With Desired Policy In Northern Ireland Neighborhoods: An IRA Case Study In Practical Politics“)
      And after the first one, the word gets around. I hear.

      Sponsored by “What is the frequency, Kenneth?

  3. To our host: do you think you could post the names and authors of those books you spoke of? I am always on the lookout for old textbooks, because the new ones are garbage. Thanks!

    1. Not to step on Mike’s toes, but look for most any logic/philosophy books written before 1980 to eliminate most of the commie BS.

    2. Sorry, LH, I’m afraid I can’t be of a whole lot of help. All those old texts are in a big plastic storage tub in the shed behind my friend Wendy’s house up in Mt Holly, which neither of us can get into now that we’re both old and crippled. Getting inside, see, involves two cinder-block steps, which are impassable obstacles for both a one-legged man like myself and a woman who not long ago had knee-replacement surgery on both legs.

      I can tell ya that the Logic 101 textbook I mentioned in the post had a black cover with the title “Logic” block-lettered in yellow, with a maze-like collection of yellow rectangles as background. Can’t remember the author’s name, but it would have been in 78 or 79 when I took the class, if that helps any.

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