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The war started without you

Without asking if we were ready for it, nor even if we wanted the damned thing. But then, war has a longstanding habit of doing things like that.

Trans Days of Violence
Gender ideology + violence = terrorism.

One month ago a heavily-armed, 28-yr-old female named Audrey Elizabeth Hale, who identified as a transgender male, literally shot her way into a Nashville private Christian grade school called Covenant and murdered three nine-year-old students and three adults before police terminated her and her rampage.

Hale left a manifesto reportedly detailing her motivation, the contents of which the FBI is still protecting. Joseph Giacalone, former police officer and adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, believes authorities are not releasing the manifesto because there may be “something in there that is truly damaging for the transgender community.” Does the manifesto explode the narrative that the Left wants so desperately to maintain: that trans people are the victims of genocidal bigotry and not a threat to anyone? The narrative that the real domestic terror threat in America is Trump supporters and Tucker Carlson viewers?

Something called the Trans Resistance Network in Massachusetts, for example, released a statement on the Covenant school shooting stating that life for “transgender people is very difficult” due to “anti-trans legislation” and “right wing personalities.” The group also painted a sympathetic picture of shooter Hale as a “complex tragedy” who felt she “had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others.”

No other way to be seen than to kill nine-year-olds? There is no one more visible in America today than a trans activist. They are celebrated in the culture, lauded as trailblazing heroes, and given every platform from the daytime gabfest The View to the White House itself. It is a grotesque lie and sick rationalization to claim that Audrey Hale had no other way to be “seen” than to shoot innocents dead – and furthermore, to claim that the trans community is marginalized and endangered.

NBC ran a story with the headline, “Fear pervades Tennessee’s trans community amid focus on Nashville shooter’s gender identity: ‘We were already fearing for our lives. Now, it’s even worse.’” As Federalist editor Mollie Hemingway put it on Twitter, “Gee, you’d think heavily armed Christian children were hunting down trans activists instead of the other way around.”

More examples of violent rhetoric from gender ideologues: the e-commerce site Etsy allows a significant number of shops to sell trans- and nonbinary-themed items threatening violence.

“Armed queers bash back,” reads a “Pride” flag with a picture of an AK-47.

“Respect my pronouns or yours will be was/were,” reads a sweatshirt.

One t-shirt pictures three daggers along with the words “Protect Trans Kids.”

“Respect gender pronouns or I will identify as a problem,” reads one sticker. Another one reads, “Respect my pronouns or die by my sword.”

“We’re here. We’re queer. I have a brick,” reads another shirt.

These are not vows of self-defense against a legitimate violent threat, but violent threats themselves against someone who might merely “misgender” a trans person. These are public warnings that if you fail to participate in or celebrate this gender delusion, or simply get someone’s “personal pronouns” wrong, some trans people are willing to kill you.

These are not the expressions of a community “living in fear,” but of thugs looking for an excuse to commit murder and mayhem – and confident that the media will circle the wagons around them, and the police will suppress information about their motivation, if they do.

As the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh tweeted recently, “Always remember what happened at the Covenant School. Remember what happened to those innocent victims, to those children. We are facing a truly demonic evil. Never forget that.”

It is a truly demonic evil, and it’s time to call it like it is: terrorism.

Oh, I’d say it’s time, and past time, that this evil was dealt with by much harsher measures than just calling it names. This, and all too many other evils along with it. But maybe that’s just me; as I always say, your mileage may certainly vary.

Did somebody say “evil” just now? Why yes; yes, somebody did.

“We’re here, we’re queer, I have a brick”? Sorry, love, gonna take something a bit more, umm, stout than mere bricks to deal with all the things Our Side has in store for ya, once we’ve been pushed hard enough to finally break ‘em out. You and yours really, really need to think about that some, before it’s too late.

Above Frontpage link via JJ, below indubitably-pedophilic filth via his bossman. You really do need to read both those AoSHQ posts in their entirety, appalling as the subject matter surely is.


45 thoughts on “The war started without you

  1. It should be clear to anyone watching this public freak show that it is the government of the USA that is pushing these mentally ill freaks into a hatred mode, all in hopes of creating chaos. Both the mentally ill freaks and those that support them, those that ask what pronoun they should use, those that make outrageous claims should all have their day of reckoning and soon.

    Normal people cannot and will not tolerate this level of putrid sickness being shoved down their throats.

    1. Over at Insty there are a few that are adamant that Disney has had its First Amendment Rights taken away with the removal of their special privileges of being the defacto Sovereign Rulers of Reedy Creek FL. Now I’m no gung-ho RDS supporter but in this case he and the FL legislature were right.

      As Tucker Carlson spoke to the Heritage Foundation recently, advocating for Trans Rights is not political speech. He noted the difference between policy and political differences when looking to achieve a goal that most, if not all, of Society deems good for Society. For example, what tax rate would best fund the government so it can perform it’s enumerated duties. In the end, arguing over a tax rate is a political argument with some saying government should be limited more and others saying it should be limited less and funded accordingly. Or that the limits are.correct but the best way to raise the revenue is with a moderate tax rate vs a low tax rate. That is a policy difference and the political good that we hope to achieve is the correct balance between the size of government and our Freedoms and attainment of Justice.

      What is the societal good created by allowing Trans people, who are mentally ill, to go into our elementary schools, and even kindergartens, and teaching them that Mental Illness is actually a choice, and a GREAT CHOICE, at that? What positive purpose is served by encouraging young children who have no idea about what sexual relations is or what any of it means, that they can become the opposite sex? Why should they be encouraged to choose the opposite sex and start working towards “transitioning” when it has no clear meaning to them? We protect minors from adult issues.

      What if Nudists wanted to start teaching k-3 students that the Naked Lifestyle is not only good, it is the preferred and Best Lifestyle for everyone? So they have Naked Week, in which students, teachers, staff and administrators all spend their time in the school that week with their clothes off. But don’t tell your parents!! If a law is passed stopping this then they call the law The Don’t Say Nudist Law.

      This is not a political debate. In fact, I think many, many laws are being broken by these Trans Advocates as they are stepping way over the line from Speech to actively harming society, and minors particularly.

      If I can I’ll try to find Tucker’s speech and post it. Maybe in the OT thread

      1. The state giveth and the state taketh away. It was the state that gave all the local controls to Disney in order to get Disney to come to Florida. I believe all states have some tax package to entice new business to locate in the state.

        Not only is Disney the state of Florida’s largest employer, it brings in 50 to 60 million tourists to the state annually.

        Florida is not going to ruin that and the whole damn thing is a show IMO. Government spending in Florida is just about 80 billion. Divide that by 50 million tourists and see what you get – $1600 bucks per tourist. Now decide how much of this is a show in a state that has no income tax to generate income.*

        Even the Government Man isn’t stupid enough to bite the hand that feeds completely off the arm.

        Courtesy of the Treehouse, Carlsons speech:

        Tucker Carlson Broadcasts an 8:00pm Message, “True Things Prevail”

        *without Disney the state of Florida collapses

        1. Putting aside the importance of DIS to FL, the benefit package they were given to develop Reedy Creek is very dodgy.

          We relocated operations to FL at the company I worked for in the early 90s. We were given a finite tax forgiveness plan lasting 10 years.

          DIS was made the Sovereign Ruler, EXEMPTED from all FL laws in that area, and they run the place like they are the Government there. Residents don’t get representation in the decisions made as there is no local government. Only DIS executives, appointed and unelected.

          The tax incentives and everything else was given in perpetuity.

          None of that sounds legal to me in a Constitutional Republic in which all of the States have to ensure a Republican Government and Equal Protection to all Citizens.

          I don’t think the initial Package granted to Disney in the first place should have been allowed.

          But yes, it brought a lot of jobs and it brought a wholesome, children and family friendly company to FL.

          DIS is no longer Family Friendly. In fact, it is advocating for destruction of the Family and the perversion of children now. The jobs are going to freakazoids who are all in for Drag Queen Story Hour and mandated teaching of Trans and Alternative Lifestyles to children as young as kindergarten.

          It is a question of whether DIS is living up to their end of the bargain.

          1. I’m not taking up for Disney, but believe me they are not the only ones with sovereignty over a local area, nor is Florida the only state to grant it. The same thing happens here in NC, just not as big an area. The local greenhouse near me builds without requiring inspections, exempt because of a govt deal. There are all kinds of tax cutouts and special functions in numerous jurisdictions.

            I don’t like Disney. I also don’t like the government telling anyone, individual or business, what they can say or do. Freedom of speech exists even for dumbass Disney executives.

            In the great scheme of things, shutting down speech the government doesn’t like is far worse than letting Disney run their mouths, not to mention unconstitutional. “We” can punish Disney. We have much more difficulty in fighting back against a government that runs the judicial system and the policing.

            “None of that sounds legal to me…”
            The states have the right to determine how their taxation occurs, their authority for building codes, etc. Disney cannot violate state law inside their carve out however. I don’t find anything illegal about it. I never have liked any of it in any state, but legal it is IMO.

            “It is a question of whether DIS is living up to their end of the bargain.”
            What was the bargain? Did it involve staying quiet about political views, even ones you don’t like?

            1. The local greenhouse is private property.

              From what I understand DIS is in control of ostensibly third parties private property and public areas they do not own.

              1. My property is private property and I have to conform to and be subjected to county and state building codes including inspections. The greenhouse does not.

                  1. Why does any business get special perks from government? It occurs at the state level, the county level, and on down to the cities.

                    $$$ Governments give up one thing to get another.

                    Their reasoning? Simple, they would have built somewhere else that offered better advantages, They took the no inspections since they are constantly expanding. No need to wait on an inspector from the county, no need to put up with the inspection BS.
                    That’s all I know. Money changes hands and when it doesn’t everything is slow walked.

                    1. So specifically what was the merit that earned that greenhouse the exemption?

                    2. Don’t know. It just is. Probably $$$ changed hands.
                      Why is not the point. It exists is the point.

            2. They didn’t shut DIS speech down. They are still advocating for what they advocate for and that is Grooming and Molesting (mutilating is molestation) of children who can’t legally give informed consent. They want to have it so parents aren’t even informed. Frankly, they are also pushing things like Drag Queen Story Hour (which is basically corruption of a minor and reprehensible) on their Property.

              There are some lines society can’t allowed to be crossed and the Constitution is not a license to cross those lines.

              Watch what Tucker says on that video I provided from about 21:00 to 27:00 minutes in.

              We’re allowing the Constitution to be protection for crossing a very dangerous line.

              1. I already watched Tucker.

                There are some lines society can’t allowed to be crossed and the Constitution is not a license to cross those lines.

                Clarify this. Not what you object to, but how you wish to enforce your beliefs upon someone else. Explain how you are going to follow the constitution and enforce those beliefs.

                1. Did you watch Tucker? Do you see how he explained what Disney is advocating is NOT a political position, it is EVIL?

                  1. Evil it is. Which has zero to do with Florida trying to reign in Disney. They didn’t start this until Disney dared to criticize the Gov.

                  1. Everything Hitler did was “legal” under German Law.

                    I repeat the words of John Adams:
                    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

                    Disney is one of the prime movers behind our descent into immoral and irreligious society. If we allow them to push degeneracy of this sort we are complicit in their Evil. Their lands, granted a special exemption, are being used to destroy the mental and physical well being of our next generation. In order to destroy us. There is a line that Moral and Religious People cannot be allowed to be crossed.

                    As our host noted:

                    “Oh, I’d say it’s time, and past time, that this evil was dealt with by much harsher measures than just calling it names. This, and all too many other evils along with it. But maybe that’s just me; as I always say, your mileage may certainly vary.

                    Did somebody say “evil” just now? Why yes; yes, somebody did.”

                    1. Just because everything hitler did was legal doesn’t make anything you don’t like illegal.

                      What specific law do you think Disney has broken here?

                      Or do you just wish to punish them for their views about society?

                    2. Equal protection laws.

                      They should not be their own private government.

                      Now that they’re corrupting minors there’s more laws broken.

                      What other reason can they have for opposing a law disallowing teaching sex, and not even regular heterosexual sex, to minors between the ages of 5 and 10? They want to keep the government from stopping them from corrupting minors. It’s like being against laws that punish Murder. There is defensible way to oppose a law preventing mental and physical abuse of minor children by groomers ie pedos. May as well be pushing for legalizing Murder. It’s wrong and there isn’t illegality to it already. This law they call Don’t Say Gay is actually superfluous since what is being down was illegal already.

                      They are not Moral enough to be the sole government of Reedy Creek and the cities contained therein. They are unelected dictators.

                      All against the law, but because of Jobs they were exempted from laws.

                      I’d actually have preferred that RDS went in and simply arrested some teachers for doing this under existing laws. We can argue about whether that was the preferred tactic. What Disney is doing is morally wrong and it’s not Speech. It’s beyond Speech into actively grooming Minors.

                    3. Tried and convicted of “corrupting minors”.

                      I’ve heard this all before.

                      You’re arguing morality and that is not the argument. That’s a separate issue.

                      As far as I’m concerned the death penalty is appropriate for someone sexually abusing a child.

                      What age is a child?
                      What is abuse?

                      Those are all questions of law. And they have nothing to do with this case. Disney has a right to state what they believe. And the state of Florida is punishing them for stating that.

                      Nothing else matters, everything else is already clear under Florida law. And that law applies even in special economic districts.

                      We’re beating a dead horse here.

                    4. So if the death penalty is appropriate then how is pushing for it to be made legal NOT inappropriate?

                2. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

                  John Adams

            3. But they have to give Equal Protection and ensure a Republican form of Government. Those on Reedy Creek Private Property that have Disney as their Government have neither.

              It’s like the States are free to have segregated lunch counters or something as a “carve out”.

              Now they are using their Governmental Status to use Reedy Creek as a place to protect pedos.

              1. States are free to do as they please except when it violates the constitution.

                What is the violation you see? It is not the Equal Protection clause of the 14th IMO.

                “Equal protection forces a state to govern impartially—not draw distinctions between individuals solely on differences that are irrelevant to a legitimate governmental objective. ”


                Special governing zones, economic development zones are all allowed.

                The case can be made that the 14th protects Disney from what some see as an arbitrary and capricious attack by DeSantis upon them. If you carve out legal exceptions in an area and then pull them back because you don’t like something they said…

                1. Equal Protection. The people living there don’t have an Elected Government under the laws of the State of FL.

                  Reedy Creek is MORE than a tax exemption or a Zoning issue.

                  Reedy Creek: Why Disney has its own government in Florida and how control of it could change | CNN

                  Reedy Creek is the name for the Reedy Creek Improvement District, a special purpose district created by state law in May 1967 that gives The Walt Disney Company governmental control over the land in and around its central Florida theme parks. The district sits southwest of Orlando…

                  Disney took over responsibility for providing municipal services like power, water, roads and fire protection – but was also freed from dealing with legal red tape or paying taxes for services that benefited the broader public…

                  Today, the Reedy Creek special district encompasses about 25,000 acres in Orange and Osceola counties, including four theme parks, two water parks, one sports complex, 175 lane miles of roadway, 67 miles of waterway, and the cities of Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, its website says.

                  Bold Emphasis mine.

                  It is a Government unto itself and the people living in those two cities have Disney for a Government. No local elections, just a supervisory board of connected to Disney bureaucrats. Often ex-employees.

                  I’ll find more for you on Reedy Creek later.

                  It’s beyond anything anyone else gets or ever got.

                  1. And all legal in the state of Florida and under the US Constitution.

                    It was the state of Florida that granted Disney this exclusionary deal.

                    And the state of Florida is not trying to rescind the deal because it was wrong morally or illegal, but because they want Disney to shut up.

                    You can go ahead and start researching Supreme Court cases regarding the power of the state to set their own rules, and you’ll find this is settled law, for a very long time.

                    Equal Protection. The people living there don’t have an Elected Government under the laws of the State of FL.

                    Yes, they do. It is Florida law 100%.

              2. “It’s like the States are free to have segregated lunch counters or something as a “carve out”.

                Now they are using their Governmental Status to use Reedy Creek as a place to protect pedos.”

                As I already stated, these special zones are not above state law. State (and federal) law is still applied, and equally so.

                Disney is no more allowed to “protect pedos” than they are to commit murders. It’s against the law to murder someone and it’s against the law to sexually molest children.

                1. Yes, they are. Reedy Creek was above the law.

                  The residents there didn’t elect their local government. That’s first amongst above the local law.

                  1. The state of Florida is not claiming their own laws violate the constitution. It was the state that granted the powers to Disney.

              3. Just to be clear on this subject, the state of Florida is not making an argument that special status they carved out years ago is unconstitutional, they are trying to remove the status solely because Disney criticized legislation designed to restrict schools from promoting teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity. (Before that issue there was the state stopping disney from requiring it’s employee’s get vaccinated I believe)

                The whole flare up with Disney is a result of their criticism of DeSantis and the bill. The state will lose in the court because it is the state being arbitrary and capricious. It’s retaliation, and DeSantis’s own words will be used to prove that.

                  1. I disagree, so do the rest of the states since they all do this. I don’t like it, the special provisions, as I said in the beginning, but that doesn’t make it illegal. Clearly it is not.

                    1. Was the election of Biteme “legal”?

                      Our governments do plenty of illegal things now that no one challenges or can challenge.

                    2. The stolen elections have nothing to do with this.

                      Some things you don’t like are legal, a lot of things in fact.

                      Freedom and Liberty are always best, even when you don’t like the people or views someone states.

                      And that is all this is at the core – Disney said something the Gov doesn’t like, so they are punishing Disney for it.

                    3. Some things you don’t like are legal

                      That’s where you’re wrong, Barry.

                      • Everything I don’t like is illegal.
                      • Everything I like is both compulsory and a human right to be provided at government expense.
                      • Disagreeing with me is a capital crime.

                      Every leftist ever

                    4. Yes, they do. There is a group of Political Operatives working with Corporations to subvert our Republic and Constitution.

                      Disney in many ways aided the Stolen Election as they are one of the biggest purveyors of “news” with all the media they own.

                      They do this for the same reason they oppose this law, which has no logical way to oppose it except to push for sexualization of 3rd graders and under.

                      Can you give me the political grounds for opposing this Law other than they WANT teachers to be able to sexualize and groom 3rd graders?

                      Is there any way you see that there could be a difference of opinion about whether sexualizing and grooming 3rd graders such as this is an issue in which “I don’t like something” and THAT is the only reason it should be made illegal.

                      What if I don’t like 3rd Graders practicing The Nudist Lifestyle. If someone does like that, is it simply a difference of opinion? Or are those people advocating for dancing around with 3rd graders naked?

                      Every Society has to have moral norms that must be followed or Society breaks down (which is what they want, besides the pedo aspect).

                      Murder, theft, arson, assault and pedophilia and other injurious behavior against minors who don’t have the ability to consent HAVE TO BE ILLEGAL. I’m sure we can come up with a few other Must Haves laws as we discuss this.

                      Is there then NOTHING that can not be immoral on its face and hence MUST be illegal?

    2. Not just the Government, but the Government in Cahoots with certain Corporations. Of course, the government is pressuring the corporations sometimes. Sometimes they’re just run by the same group of freaks.

      Oh and Tucker also addresses the issue of the people who push the “what pronoun” garbage.

  2. <iframe width=”1280″ height=”720″ src=”” title=”FULL SPEECH: Tucker Carlson’s Last Address Before Leaving Fox News at #Heritage50″ frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Tucker’s full speech to Heritage.

    The part about Trans and the loss of Political Discourse is at the 21:10 mark for about 6 minutes or so. It nails what we are going through perfectly.

      1. Did you watch it?

        This is clearly about more than legislation that frankly didn’t need to be passed since it’s obvious on it’s face that you don’t teach sex to 3rd graders and younger. Plus, it’s not about teaching sex, it’s about teachers pushing sex and orientation issues onto minors who are naive and subject to manipulation at that age.

        We are a sick society and the need for this legislation is an indicator.

        This is not a political issue and it’s NOT about a law.

        Watch the video.

        1. As I have already mentioned, I watched it.
          I really don’t need Carlson to tell me the society is sick, it’s quite obvious.
          I have no issue with the laws passed by the Florida legislature, that’s not the issue being discussed.

  3. I’ll end my comments on this with a summary:

    From our host:

    Oh, I’d say it’s time, and past time, that this evil was dealt with by much harsher measures than just calling it names. This, and all too many other evils along with it. But maybe that’s just me; as I always say, your mileage may certainly vary.

    Did somebody say “evil” just now? Why yes; yes, somebody did.

    We all know Evil when we see it. Tucker Carlson nails it when he says that people advocating for destroying civil society are really just Evil People.

    Every Society has moral codes that prohibit Murder, Rape, Incest, Theft, Assault, etc. These are no brainers. But the most egregious of all crimes that every Society has as a line not to be crossed is the abuse of Minors. From physical and mental abuse to sexualization and pedophilia of Minors, we ALL recognize it was wrong if we are normal, sane people. Throughout our History THIS (the picture of the naked, whatever, and the child, in case it doesn’t load well)
    has been considered reprehensible.

    What possible explanation can there be for wanting to teach 3rd graders and younger about switching genders, gender reassignment surgery, the alternative Trans lifestyle and then adding drag queens and other mentally ill people into that mix to underscore the point except that the people pushing this are Evil and/or Insane?

    As far as I am concerned this goes beyond an argument over what I “like” and “don’t like”. You cannot “like” something like this in Society and have that Society remain morally grounded. Hence the Society itself will collapse.

    Do you want to see American Society collapse into a heap of perversions, immorality and eventually death and destruction of the Ideals that underpin it? Then why are you OK with Disney advocating for it.

    The Constitution is not a Suicide Pact.

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