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Of sowing, and of reaping

Bitter fruits of a poisoned tree.

The predictable economic fallout of lockdown policy
The decision to lockdown the world had consequences and we’ll continue to see them unfold for some time. Can we really expect those who caused these problems to save us from them?

Lockdowns caused unprecedented disruption to the world’s economy and global supply chain, and the largest upward transfer of wealth in history.

Widespread business closures due to lockdowns caused mass layoffs of, primarily, hourly wage workers with little to no savings. Then the government spent money that we did not have so people could pay their rent and not starve. And then they did it again.

Of course, this caused inflation. Then the Fed raised interest rates to halt the inflation.

And now we are experiencing the ensuing disaster that is unfolding in real time. And the little guy is left holding the bag whether through exorbitant pricing of basic necessities like milk and eggs or small business investors wondering when and if they’ll be able to extract their money from SVB to pay their employees and vendors.

No, I’m not a banker. But it’s easy to see what happened and that’s the rough outline in the simplest possible terms.

You can’t shut the world down and think there will not be consequences. You just can’t.

As some pitiful handful of us warned at the time, no, you most certainly can NOT. Contra the vainglory of our über-arrogant Ruling Class dolts, an incomprehensibly complex, first-world economy can’t be simply turned off and then back on again, like a light switch. Why, whodathunkit? Those shouting-at-a-brick-wall warnings went all unheeded, when we who issued them weren’t being vilified outright, by the selfsame panic-ninny pissants now mewling for “amnesty” for themselves from those of us who had the right of it all along.

Um, yeah, NO. Sorry, not fucking happening; not from here it ain’t, not now, not ever. As a practical alternative, may I suggest that you all go take yourselves a flying fuck at a plate glass window instead. I do SO look forward to seeing how well that works out for you, truly I do.

All of this happened — lockdowns forcing small business closures — while corporate employees worked from home and screeched “we’re all in this together” while ordering Uber Eats, watching Netflix and working kinda, sorta sometimes. And of course, while continuing to take their salaries and bonuses and stock payouts. And continuing to do so to this day.

No company dared speak out against lockdowns. I can’t think of a single one. Instead, they laid people off with “empathy”, gave them two weeks salary and continued advocating in support of lockdowns — or at the very least going along with them, staying silent — knowing that the bill was coming.

Why didn’t ANY companies say anything against lockdowns when they knew what was inevitably coming?

Because the “woke” view — the this is what good people do view — was: lockdown forever until no covid. That was caring. Anything else was “only caring about money,” being greedy, racist, eugenicist, evil. And companies, whether they agreed with lockdowns or not, were burnishing their image as good and caring.

But in reality, the actual empathetic position would have been to challenge the logic and efficacy (or better said: assert the illogic and ineffectiveness) of lockdowns. And to advocate for opening. To let people work. To allow everyday people to earn a living, just as those in corporate were, as C-suiters were. Executives and corporate leaders shouted Stay home save lives! while staying home where they could carry on with their jobs and doing nothing to ensure that others could actually carry on with theirs.

And now the FauxVid-hoax chickens are coming home to roost, heavily settling, claws-out, onto the shoulders of the just and the unjust alike. As was always inevitable—a fact which bestows not even the coldest of comfort upon those of us who saw it all coming, right from the very beginning.

And so here we are. Millions were pushed into poverty globally, all in pursuit of zero covid, or at the very least avoidance of a respiratory virus as the only thing that mattered. It’s the insane myopia that got us here, and now there’s a panicked scrambling to ensure that it doesn’t get even worse for regular folks than it’s already been.

And still, the lockdown-ers insist, we just didn’t lockdown hard enough. And some, like Forbes, are making the case that we need rolling lockdowns from here on out.

When will we learn? The predictable economic fallout of locking down the world had consequences and we’ll continue to see them unfold for some time. It seems unlikely that the ones who created these problems are the ones who will be able to solve them.

As I’ve also insisted from the start, the lockdowns, the masks, the “social distancing”—We Duh Peepul having so readily, even eagerly, submitted to them once already—will be with us forever, to be dusted off and trotted out as and when, under whatever contrived justification, until such time as we decisively and unequivocally reject them en masse. They proved far too useful a suite of tools for the dimestore dictators, tinhorn tyrants, and midwit Mussolinis who would lord over us to just blithely discard without a real fight. Which makes the truly apposite question here not “WHEN will we learn,” but IF.


12 thoughts on “Of sowing, and of reaping

  1. As some pitiful handful of us warned at the time…

    Over and over we warned them. We told them the truth. And still they called for lockdowns and masks. We told them the cure* was far worse than the disease, it mattered not at all.

    They screamed for us to shutup. They still do.

    *no, we knew it wouldn’t do a damn thing to stop the spread of an airborne virus anyway, but even if it would, it would still be worse to lose your job and shutter your business than to have a bad cold.

    1. I just hope that my former coworkers, who couldn’t wait to get in line for the clot shots as soon as they could*, were smug about having gotten them, and revealed themselves as nagging scolds toward anyone who declined to get them, die. Sooner than later, by preference.

      * Recall that at first the clot shots were made available only to healthcare workers, the very old, and others at risk. One coworker’s husband was involved in giving the shots and there’d often be a couple dozen doses left toward the end of the day. He’d call her and she’d message on the company-wide chat and the good little sheeple would rush to get theirs before someone else got it. And they’d bring their spouses. And sometimes their children. I feel a little bad for the kids but I hope that they die, too. We have enough stupid sheep DNA in the genome.

      1. I concur with that sentiment. The ones that “demanded” we all get the shot or be banished can’t die soon enough. It’s a good thing my wishes don’t come true or a majority of people in this country would drop dead.

        1. a majority of people in this country would drop dead

          It’s like a vision of the promised land!

          For most of my life I’ve thought that the majority of soi disant humans were excess: they consume more than they produce. They will never contribute to the progress of the species. In short, they fulfill no higher purpose than turning food into shit.

          But, come to find out, Bill Gates and Dr Evil Schwab and a number of others think the same. Tell ya, there’s nothing to make you rethink your positions like discovering that a bunch of scumbags agree with you.

          1. 🙂
            Of course, in my wishing, Gates/Schwab are some of those that would cease breathing…

  2. I think it far likelier that it’ll be a generation, minimum, before this is forgotten, and next time they try it, it will not be tolerated at all, and the pushback is going to go kinetic in hours.

    But I’m sentimental like that.

    1. “…and the pushback is going to go kinetic in hours.

      I hope you’re right about that. I fear you are wrong.

      1. Don’t get me wrong.
        As someone else commented somewhere,
        If the government mandated wearing a shit-filled diaper on your head, half the population would comply immediately.

        They aren’t wrong about that.

        But the other half remembers this, in their bones, and I don’t think their response if they try Round Two will be quite what our would-be overlords are expecting.
        I predict open season on Karens, and screw the bag limit.
        Including any of the ones wearing badges, or their official masters.
        Once the range goes hot in both directions, it’s a party.

        Kind of like 9/11: terrorists got one chance to use planes as missiles. That jig was up by the second hour, and passengers not only thwarted Attempt #4 the same day, they beat the next three assholes who tried it, some of them literally to death, with their bare hands, for even twitching, and no charges were ever filed.

        TPTB had one crack at lockdowns and maskmania. The next time around, the masks might as well come printed with a bullseye, and there isn’t enough fencing and Notional Guard troops in the entire country to protect the Capitol if it comes down from that body of crooked jackasses, let alone from Emperor Poopypants or Sen. Kneepads.

        And I think they know that already, and won’t be trying that again anytime soon.

        I’m more concerned about what their Next Thing is.

        1. As I say, I hope you are right. I’m quite certain there will be resisters, but will there be enough? That I’m unsure about. We have a lot of sheep and I think it’s way more than 50%. OTOH, perhaps there are enough given that even 20% is a large disruption and will lead another 20% or so, just guessing. Thinking about it that way I’m more inclined to think you are correct.

          1. I got 20% STILL masking around here, and as soon as the “Health” Officials start citing New Cases Rising Rapidly another 20% join them.

            They wanted to hurt Trump’s Economy with the Lockdowns. They don’t have Trump to worry about.

            They wanted to spread Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt with the Masks and they succeeded. So as to Steal The Election.

            But they have their two weeks, drop box, mail-in sent to everybody, thumb drive/algorithm unsecure Elections set up in all the States they need to get to 270 now.

            So, sure, some people may try it for the sheer Power Rush they get lording it over us. But otherwise, they don’t need this anymore.

            They can get Bank Crises and War to do the job of covering for their malfeasances and perversions now.

        2. Are you sure the plane that went down over Far Rockaway flying out of JFK wasn’t a successful attack?

          The way our government lies to us, they could be.

          Oh, and I do not recall any terrorists trying to hijack/blow up planes here after 9/11 were ever beaten to death. Sure, some were subdued and taken into custody by passengers. I just don’t remember any beaten to death.

        3. They got their two weeks, drop box, mail-in sent to everybody, thumb drive/algorithm unsecure Elections set up in all the States they need to get to 270 now.

          They don’t NEED Lockdowns anymore.

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