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“Every day!”

An example and an inspiration to us all.

Anti-Vaccine Protesters Clash With Police In Melbourne, Australia, For The 2nd Day
It’s been a violent few days in Melbourne, Australia, where construction workers and other demonstrators are clashing with police as they protest the government’s COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

Follows, some archetypical NPR-shitlib mumble-mumble about the deadly dangerous and ultra-deadly most dangerous of all dangerous “Delta variant” and how, horror of horrors, “Some 13% of the state’s active COVID-19 cases are linked to construction sites, according to local media,” gaspohsweetJesuspleasehelpuswe’reallgonnadiiiieee. Hilarious as all that stale flapdoodle is, though, this is when we get to what I consider to be the most uproarious bit of all.

After the government closed down tearooms at work sites, some workers took their lunch breaks outside on Friday. They set up tables and plastic chairs in multiple intersections in central Melbourne, blocking roads and holding up traffic.

OH. HELL. YEAH. Now THIS the kind of thing I’ve been waiting on tenterhooks to see, people. Good on ya, mates, and two thumbs up for that one.

On Monday, people gathered outside the headquarters of the prominent Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union to protest the mandate, chanting and yelling before attempting to storm the building.

Angry protesters threw bottles and smashed loudspeakers, according to local media reports.
Riot police deployed on the scene allegedly used rubber bullets and pepper spray to disperse crowds, the BBC reported, adding that the headquarters building was damaged and “several people” were arrested in the process.

The union later issued a statement condemning the violence “in the strongest possible terms,” noting that an unspecified number of people were injured by violent acts, including the throwing of bottles. But it also distanced itself from the protesters, attributing the actions to “extremists or people manipulated by extremists.”

“This crowd was heavily infiltrated by neo-Nazis and other right wing extremist groups and it is clear that a minority of those who participated were actual union members,” the statement said.

Others have alleged that neo-Nazis and anti-vaccination groups organized on encrypted social media platforms before arriving at the protest in “hi-vis” clothing to look like construction workers.

Yeh, yeh, yeh, whatevs. I’m a Nazi, you’re a Nazi, he’s a Nazi, she’s a Nazi, wouldn’t you like to be a Nazi too. In fact, it looks like absolutely everybody is a Nazi according to these puling pissants except themselves—ie, the self-same people currently deploying all the coercive muscle of a tyrannical Überstate to force its subjects into participating—against their will and at significant risk of bodily harm—in a shady medical experiment that simply reeks of one Herr Doktor Josef Mengele.

Who, y’know, was a Nazi.

Bill Shorten — the former opposition leader and current member of Parliament who serves as shadow minister for the national disability insurance scheme and for government services — said in a TV interview that some protesters were construction workers while others were “fake tradies.”

“There is a network of hard-right, man-baby Nazis,” he said, “people who just want to cause trouble…They want to complain about the vaccination, and they deserve to get the full force of everything that’s coming their way.”

Right back atcha, Slick. The playing around is over, and all that tough-guy talk of yours threatening “the full force of everything that’s coming their way” works in both directions. As those crazy-ass kids say nowadays: Keep fucking around and find out.

According to The Guardian, “protesters dressed as construction workers” assaulted officers, smashed police car windows, hurled bottles and stones and damaged other property.

It counted some 1,000 to 2,000 demonstrators, mostly young men, marching across the city and shutting down a major bridge while chanting “f*** the jab” and “every day,” which the newspaper says is a reference to a “promise to keep protesting daily until Melbourne’s Covid restrictions are lifted.”

Citing police, it says 62 protesters were arrested, and three police officers and one journalist were injured. Officers deployed pepper balls, foam baton rounds, smoke bombs and stinger grenades, Victoria’s chief police commissioner told the paper.

I’d say a casualty count of three pigs and one shitlib journo amounts to a fair-dinkum first round, a solid start that can be built upon. Fingers crossed over here for plenty more, and worse, until you arrogant fascist fucks have all been stuffed securely back into the proper box, by any means necessary.

Via Ace, who includes some uplifting video that you won’t want to miss.


6 thoughts on ““Every day!”

    1. Full report here – “The CFMEU turned the comment section off to prevent anyone questioning the accusations laid out in their media release, which ‘condemns far-right extremist violence. 
      In reality, video footage from the day shows the vast majority were outraged union members.

      “These are not actions of people who care about their workmates and the construction industry,” said the press release, making no mention of union members demanding Setka save their jobs.

      Starting from next week, any construction worker that has not begun the vaccination process will lose their job. 
      Furious, union members demanded to know what they paid their union fees for as Labor’s health orders threaten their livelihoods.
      Setka repeatedly claimed he has never supported mandatory vaccination for union members.
      Whether or not he supports it personally, the CFMEU, under Setka’s direction, has done nothing to stop Labor leader Daniel Andrews’ health orders from putting thousands of union members’ jobs at risk.
      This verbal scuffle over mandatory vaccination resulted in the crowd chanting, “Dan Andrews’ bitch!” at Setka, drowning out his attempts to calm them.
      The confrontation started badly, with Setka’s off-sider flipping an ‘up yours’ V-sign as he stepped out of the building to address the crowd.
      Tensions escalated as Setka asked the crowd if they wanted him to shut the whole construction industry down, to which they replied, “Shut it down! Shut it down!”.
      They then called Setka a ‘sell-out’ and ‘scabber’ for allowing other constructions workers to cross the picket line and take their jobs instead of standing up for the rights of all workers.
      Getting nowhere, Setka turned his back on the crowd and retreated into the building. This sparked the furious workers to throw water bottles and attempt to follow him into the CFMEU headquarters. Union officials were shown on camera viciously beating members of the crowd with the megaphone before the doors closed.
      The CFMEU has since changed its rhetoric of protecting its members’ right to work into ‘defending members’ right to work safely’, allowing them to support Labor’s mandatory vaccination plan.
      On the weekend, police appeared in full riot gear to intimidate and arrest Freedom Day protesters while Premier Daniel Andrews had public transport across Melbourne shut down. 
      Shocking scenes emerged of Victoria Police attacking journalists with pepper spray and shoving an elderly woman to the ground where a mask-less cop sprayed her in the face at close range. 
      This time, police hung back even as nearly a thousand people congregated outside the CFMEU headquarters in clear violation of the standing health orders.
      Police conduct caused people to ask why they were observing a double standard for CFMEU union members – an action that further undermines claims from political commentators later in the evening that these were ‘far-right Nazi thugs’. The police almost certainly would have engaged in the same heavy-handed policing seen against Freedom Day protesters if they were.
      Despite the protest swelling as workers from nearby construction sites took their lunch breaks, arriving in their high-vis vests, boots, and hard hats – some commentators continued to cling to the idea that this was some kind of Nazi conspiracy. 
      These commentators did not explain how a protest of this magnitude was organised while a dedicated social media task force was supposed to be monitoring fringe ‘far-right’ accounts.
      The bizarre accusations that CFMEU workers are ‘far-right Nazis’ came off as a desperate attempt by the embarrassed CFMEU to invalidate the grievances of their members.
      Unsurprisingly, the accusation further infuriated construction workers. 
      They have vowed to picket the CFMEU headquarters every day until Setka does something about the health orders.
      Labor figures have stepped forward to defend the CFMEU’s honour.
      Ex-Labor Leader Bill Shorten called protesters ‘professional troublemakers.

      “There is a network of hard-right, man-baby Nazis, people who just want to cause trouble and complain about the vaccination,” said Shorten.

      The accusation appears to be little more than a slur without any grounding in ideological reality.
      “They deserve to get the full force of everything that’s coming their way,” Shorten continued.
      What’s ‘coming their way’ for union members who refuse vaccination is the queue at Centrelink.”

  1. It would seem the cops may have killed a teenage apprentice with a rubber bullet in todays demo.Details are sketchy,see footage from reporter Avi Yemeni on Rebel News.

  2. You call that a Tea Party?

    Now THIS is a Tea Party.

    I like their new take on an old idea.

  3. Lesson #1:
    When they come for your guns, “For Your Safety”, they are planning to enslave you.

    Lesson #2:
    All unions are corrupt. Every one.

    Lesson #3:
    They will not care about your “peaceful” demonstrations. They only understand violence when it is visited upon them.

    Lesson #4:
    See Lesson #1.

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