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The Tucker Carlson Thing: the bigger picture

Rather than append this to my earlier Carlson post as an update, Jeff Goldstein’s typically astute analysis fairly well screams to be broken out into a post of its own.

Tucker up, Buttercup!
With Carlson out at Fox, and Matt Walsh pulled from YouTube, is the Uniparty making its move?

Love him or not — agree with him or not — Tucker Carlson’s voice is strong, unique, and bracing. Unlike, say, Sean Hannity, whose narrative brush strokes are driven by instructions on the paint-by-numbers canvas provided by his GOP and corporate handlers, Tucker was one of the few on-air talents on FOX you could see at times wrestling against the network’s hidden restraints, which we’ve all long known were there, and which we’ve all long known were being used to keep certain stories out of the news cycle and to foster certain narratives that the Uniparty favors or even promotes.

To me, it was obvious at the time of his release of January 6 footage — and the sudden and inexplicable stoppage of that release during subsequent shows — that bosses at Fox had applied the clamps to the January 6 story, and that Tucker had unfortunately buckled. Since then, though, his edge has only sharpened. He has, it seems, come to understand just exactly how important his voice has become to the New Right — which shouldn’t be confused with the “alt right.” The New Right has adopted more populist positions than the establishment GOP, certainly; and yes, they fight more effectively than Conservative Inc., because they’re willing to get dirt underneath their fingernails without fretting about their recent manicures. But more than that, Carlson’s connection to the New Right is in his nascent understanding of the ideology that is driving both the left and, by proxy, those in the Uniparty who are happy to go along with it.

Carlson, that is, understands that what we are witnessing isn’t politics and culture within the Enlightenment paradigm upon which the country was built, founded, and — through its law — framed. Instead, it is a toxic brew of applied postmodern Theory, cultural Marxism, and a move to globalize a re-worked iteration of communism under the twin values of “sustainability” and “inclusivity.” This is what Klaus Schwab means when he calls for a “move from a Production and Consumption to a Sharing and Caring economy metaphor”. To achieve this move, Schwab and his coterie of Supervillains have made it clear that they will insinuate these new values into our children, who — having been raised to insist upon such values inorganically yet obsessively — will become the vanguard for the Great Reset, the clay out of which Schwab and the transhumanist elite who run him will mold the new New Man. As I’ve long argued, what we are witnessing is Maoism marketed to the Western aesthetic. It is the real existential threat to this country — not “climate change,” not global overcrowding — and with it, to Western civil society, individualism, individual liberty, and all the other “discourses” of power Theory seeks to “problematize,” up to and including rationality, reason, Science, and the material world as anything useful outside the discourses that describe and maintain it. I find it no coincidence that calls from the government to rid the national dialogue of Carlson, or Matt Walsh, have led to predictable responses from media organizations or tech giants. They’ve been given the illiberal excuse to censor what they cannot abide. The truth is an obstacle to their remaking of the world. The Uniparty is a collaborator in the Great Reset — and the mainstream press is the voice of the Uniparty.

Oh, you’re definitely gonna want to read all of this one, folks. Although somewhat dark, there’s also a certain optimism to be found here as well—particularly in the quoted bits from Tucker concerning the unexpectedly liberating quality of simply speaking the truth in the face of the overwhelming tsunami of self-evident lies we’re inundated with by the godawful Amerika v2.0 regime. Jeff’s takeaway from all this? Merely this:

As I wrote elsewhere, “‘Queer theory’ is ‘critical race theory’ is ‘critical consciousness’ is the Marxist rejection of the individual as individual. Cultural Marxism is determined to raze norms, sow chaos, tear families asunder, and reduce being to collective conformity. I reject its premises as fully as I reject its adherents. I will not comply.”

It seems Tucker Carlson won’t comply, either. That Fox News has signaled it will comply — and indeed in many instances has already been complying — means that, in the mainstream of extant major news outlets, there are none left to stand athwart the new new thing, the poisonous thing, the silly thing, yelling stop.

The institution has been fully taken.

What we do next is up to us.

Exactly, precisely so—second verse, same as the first, just as it always has been, whether we can admit that to ourselves or not. Well done, Jeff old friend, and bravo.

Ducks in a row update! Divemedic sees the sinister hand behind all this, just as surely as Goldstein does.

There is an election coming. Time to silence anyone who opposes the left. We all know who is behind this.

Tucker Carlson has been kicked off of Fox.

In somewhat related news, I got several emails this morning from blogger. A dozen of my posts were deleted from my old blog over there. The reason given? They violated an unstated community standard. I haven’t posted over there in two years. It doesn’t matter. Every one of my posts on Blogger moved to this server when the blog moved, because I knew this was coming.

Gee, how very odd, eh? Must be a coincidence, thought nobody, EVER.

Soft landing update! Larry Correia perceives Tucker’s silver lining.

I am seeing a lot of people not really understanding today’s events in cable news. Ha ha. Tucker Carlson is such a loser. Big dummy got fired! 

That shows a very boomer era understanding of media consumption and overestimation of the power of a traditional news channel. 

He didn’t need Fox. The last I saw his contract there was something like cheap, which is chump change to a guy with a reliable audience in the millions every night. 

Tucker Carlson is now going to go sign a Joe Rogan size contract on a streaming service. He will make the most money of any news broadcaster in history and probably do so by an insane margin.

If you strike him down, he shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine—as I suspect asstard Rupert Murdoch and his shitlib get will soon be finding out, to their great dismay and my own boundless amusement. Be advised: the above-quoted material is gleaned from a Fakebook post, so click at your own risk. Not that I’m advising anyone not to, mind; hell, Larry’s pithy, concise bitchslapping of hapless empty-suit Don LeMon, which I omitted, is worth the price of admission all by itself. Via Insty, who also provides a couple of highly enjoyable Twatter posts as a bonus.

Wheels within wheels within wheels update! Bill has a notion:

In between the communist victory dances are chin pulling “analyses” appearing in most major leftist/progressive outlets, all purporting to explain why Carlson was axed, and by whom. None of them seem to agree much with each other. Conservative outlets have been notably silent. FOX itself had some anodyne scribblings, and Murdoch’s two biggest dead tree properties also have little to say, although the Wall Street Journal does hint at some connection between Carlson’s firing and FOX’s recent (last week) $750M settlement of the Dominion defamation lawsuit against the net. OTOH, The NY Post, the fourth largest paper in America, has nothing at all on the matter that I can find.

Let me offer a notion, one that doesn’t even rise to theory status, let alone conspiracy theory levels, but if I were trying to clear the decks of all possible serious opposition to the defeat of Donald Trump next year, Carlson (along with Elon Musk) would be my two primary targets, simply because of their ability to single-handedly move the larger rightwing culture beyond the hardcore Trump cultists, with none of the bombastic, juvenile baggage that Trump himself brings to the arena. Nor do I believe that the top stalwarts of the GOPe – people like Murdoch, Koch, and other giant moneybags, want to see Trump even running, let alone being reelected.

If this hunch is accurate, rate it as one down, and one to go.

No argument can I conjure against that idear, ain’t gonna try. Bear in mind, though, that the real reason behind Fox’s suicidal own-goal could very well turn out to be—quite probably is, in fact—All Of The Above. Plus a few others that we’re never gonna hear Peep One about, also.

1 thought on “The Tucker Carlson Thing: the bigger picture

  1. Well, I’ve been pretty hard on Carlson since the 2020 election. I have also tried to give him credit for being better that the others and getting closer to the truth.

    It appears he decided not to be shut up. Good for him, he should be admired by all for doing so.

    As for Faux news, it’s no better and hasn’t been for at least 6 years, than the fake news network, CNN. Fox just presents a different flavor of fake.

    In fact like all traitors to the truth, Fox is worse than CNN.

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