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Just say no

As CA often says, the only way out is through. And the only way through is vehement, open, and unyielding defiance.

Americans, Choose Freedom and Take Off the Mask
The collapse of personal autonomy and individual agency in the face of an onslaught of punitive, soul-corroding COVID-19 restrictions has been perhaps the most frightening and depressing development in modern American history. Given its minuscule—barely a blip above normal—death toll, COVID-19 is as close to a hoax as can be imagined. Advertised relentlessly as the second coming of the Black Death, it is instead the New Coke of viral diseases.

The damage it has done, however, is still considerable—not to the nation’s health but to its economy and, more important, to its psyche. Our country of yeoman farmers began disappearing into urbanism in the aftermath of the Civil War, but it was not until the twin catastrophes of World Wars I and II that authoritarian collectivism began to supplant personal initiative and liberty.

The postwar injection of Marxist poison by the red-diaper scholars of the Frankfurt School into our educational system is now serving to finish the transformation of our country into a third-rate, 1930s socialist fantasy.

Gee, if one didn’t know better, one might almost suspect it had been done to us deliberately or something. But no no no, that’s just ridiculous.

Whether the CCP virus was deliberately weaponized in Wuhan, China, and then unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, the fact remains that it has resulted in the most destructive assault on the American economy—and, more importantly, the nature of the American people—in our national history. It cries out for retribution and revenge.

A. Fucking. MEN. If you’ll bring the tar, I’ll bring the feathers. Someone else will need to take care of the pitchforks, torches, and rope. I only got two hands, y’know.

Along the way, and in addition to making healthy Americans fear a relatively minor threat to their personal health, Fauci has managed to destroy our essential humanity, our joie de vivre, our love of our fellow man, the small, human pleasures of life and, almost as a byproduct of his misanthropy, the Trump administration itself. The former president’s extension of a bully pulpit to a power-mad bureaucrat was the greatest blunder of his presidency, one from which it will take us years to recover unless we act with great vigor immediately.

Maybe the greatest, but probably not by all that much. Which, frankly, has had me wondering about a few other things of late, all of them highly unpleasant.

From the start, it was obvious that slogans such as “two weeks to flatten the curve” were meaningless, and that once the entrenched lifers at the plethora of federal agencies to whom the American people have unwittingly surrendered their sovereignty tasted their first bite of untrammeled and almost wholly illegal power, they would never ever, ever, ever, ever let us go. And they haven’t.

A handful of us lowly blogger-types warned of exactly that; believe me, I for one take no pleasure whatsoever in having been proven correct. Many of my blogosphere colleagues and compadres were taken in by the charade, which at the time and under the circumstances was at least understandable. But after what we’ve seen the last year and a half, all sentient Americans should know better by now. There is no longer any need of further evidence to confirm whether our governments—ALL of them, at EVERY level—can be entrusted with American rights, liberties, and lives, even “temporarily.” We have all we’ll ever need, and then some. There is no excuse ford

At this point, no one in his right mind would either get the shots or wear a mask. No one with any dignity and true American spirit, that is.

The solution, as always on the intellectually imported left, is blunt force. It doesn’t matter that the remedies are illogical—wear a mask to enter a restaurant, remove it to dine three feet away—arbitrary and whimsically applied. I’m happy to report many people here are simply ignoring the latest local government “mandate,” especially since the L.A. sheriff, Alex Villanueva, has said his department won’t enforce the entirely senseless edict.

Walsh is right when uses the term “blunt force”—righter than he knows himself, as he promptly goes on to demonstrate.

Just say no. No to further mandates. No to vaccine “passports.” No to the drumbeat of fear porn by the NY Times, NPR, and other statist media outlets with a vested ideological interest in keeping the population crippled by fear. No to the petty tyrants of state and local municipalities who blithely disregard their own unscientific nostrums while inflicting them on everybody else.

No to a “science” that is promulgated by fiat and fear. No to unconstitutional restrictions on freedom of speech by fascist social media; no to the closing of churches and temples; no to ukases against freedom of religion and assembly. No to superannuated careerists such as Fauci, no to intrusive government agencies such as the CDC, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the unconscionably long list of other government agencies who are all feasting on the “pandemic.”

Do you want to do an experiment? Fine, let’s try this one: it’s called freedom, whatever the consequences. Some might die so that the rest of us may live—but we will no longer live in artificial fear. Remind the swamp creatures that the rights enumerated or reserved to the people in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were given by God, and not by the State. Remind them that we—not they—are the boss.

And then fire them. Defy them, primary them, recall them, toss them out of office.

Sigh. So close, and then…he augers right into a fiery crash ‘n’ burn with this tired, flaccid same-old-same-old insisting that we “defy them” via elections that are proven fraudulent; political processes that are obviously rigged; and legal maneuvering in courts whose corrupt and/or politicized judges and prosecutors will brazenly twist every law and precedent for use against us. It’s just depressing at this point, that’s what.

Take off your masks and chuck them in the trash. Breathe the fresh air of free men and women, citizens of a Republic in which the people, not the doctors or the politicians, are sovereign. Teach them the hard way that the founding virtues of this country were defiance, not subordination; bravery, not cowardice; individuality, not socialism; freedom, not slavery.

The hard way is indeed the only way they’ll ever be taught. Alas, the hard way does NOT include strongly worded letters, lawsuits, and voting harderer at them. We’re well past that point now; those options were tried, and they all failed spectacularly. Even massive peaceful protest proved inadequate to address the “long train of abuses and usurpations” to which Real Americans have been wantonly subjected. And now, even that has been turned into a weapon to be wielded against us. They’ve left us with but a single option—a most dangerous, destructive, painful, and costly one.

The nature of the corner they’ve forced us into is that you have to fight your way out of it. It’s the only possible way. And that’s fight, not “fight”—literally, explicitly, physically. At this late stage of the game, any of us using it metaphorically or rhetorically is doin’ it wrong. Sorry to make anybody out there uncomfortable, but that’s just the way it is.


11 thoughts on “Just say no

  1. Far too many people have strapped the Face Diaper Of Submission back on their twisted mugs as they slink through the day looking like Children Afraid of the Boogeyman hiding Just Under The Bed.

    This was for a week or so BEFORE the CDC announcement yesterday.

    1. Let’s do everything that failed to work before, harderer this time! And add a double side order of ‘blame the heretics’ as an excuse for why it isn’t working!

      1. The equivalent to economic troubles being blamed on WRECKERS AND HOARDERS!

  2. “… close, and then he augers right into a fiery crash ‘n burn…..”

    Amen and amen, Mike. Every part of the Democrat/Communist election fraud machine is still in place. I have been attempting to point out this unpleasant fact to liberty-minded people everywhere. I have felt like the proverbial lone voice crying out in the wilderness.

    I actually began pointing this out to anyone who would listen right after Trump won in 2016. It was evident then that the Communists had not fully anticipated the so-called Monster Vote, that is, the many millions of people who normally do not vote or who normally tend to vote Democrat, who materialized seemingly out of thin air to vote for Trump. The Dems believed their own bullshit polls, and thus did not fully appreciate or understand what was about to happen. In short, their pre-programmed margin of fraud was overwhelmed (barely) by the Monster Vote, and fell just short of handing a fraudulent victory to Cankles.

    I said it back then – The Commies will NOT allow that to happen again. So Trump and the Republicans have a limited amount of time, perhaps two years, while they still have control of the presidency plus both houses of Congress, to do something about it. Even back in 2016, the problems (aka design features) of voting machines and voting machine software to change election outcomes were well known. The fundamental chain-of-custody issues with absentee and mail-in ballots were well known. The issues with voter rolls in many states being padded with hundreds of thousands of phantom voters, that is, voters who do not actually exist as real flesh and blood people, were known. And so what did the Republicans do about all of this? Exactly…..Nothing.

    So what happened in 2018 ? With the help of their embedded algorithms in the voting machines plus the ability to modify the algorithms or implant new ones on the fly via the designed-in hackability of the machines and software, the Commies took full control of the House, and effectively neutered the Senate. And here in Red state Arizona, with the help of the designed-to-be-fraudulent Dominion software, a Soros-supported hardcore Communist by the name of Katie Hobbs, became our new Secretary of State, a position that makes all decisions having to do with elections.

    As we all know, the resulting voter fraud and election fraud that took place in 2020 was so blatant and so obvious that it could almost be seen from space. The evidence of electronic election fraud in just the six battleground states that got all the attention was incontrovertible. Even after the fact, had Trump had the balls to take limited steps, such as immediate seizure of all ballots and all election machines in those six states by either the National Guard or the US Marshals, and a thorough audit conducted like Arizona is doing now, he would still be President.

    So now in mid-2021, I am hearing Conservative pundits on radio, TV, and the internet proclaiming that we are gonna wipe out the Dems in the mid-terms next year. The cabal behind the scenes that is animating the dementia-addled Biden is pissing off so many people with their Commie policies that the Dems will be voted out en masse next year.

    Oh, really? How is that going to happen? Every piece and every component of the Democrat/Communist voter fraud and election fraud system is still in place nationwide. Not one part of it has been removed or dismantled anywhere. Until and unless so-called Republicans and so-called Conservatives in DC and in the individual States make fixing the intentionally-broken voting system Job Number One, then nothing much is going to change. Until and unless the Great Steal of 2020 is completely unwound and very publicly exposed, the Commies will just continue doing what Commies do.

    They currently have the ability to steal pretty much ANY election, anywhere. Their only real challenge is making it look plausible, which they have gotten quite good at. I cannot begin to count the many federal and state level races all over the country in recent years where the Democrat has won, but only by a razor-thin margin. And few people question it, because it LOOKS believable. But when they control the voting machines and their software, and all the machines can talk to each other in real time, and they can make needed adjustments on the fly, then they can create any outcome they desire.

    This is the elephant in the room that nobody is talking about, least of all our supposed GOPe leaders in DC. When I hear Conservative pundits proclaiming “We’ll get ’em next time”, I am just dumbfounded that these allegedly intelligent people do not seem to understand that there will be no ‘next time’ ever again, until or unless every piece of the currenly entrenched Communist election theft machine is dismantled and destroyed everywhere.

    A tall order, no doubt. Maybe an impossible one. But unless it is done, our Republic is well and truly lost, and we will be living under a de facto Communist dictatorship.

    1. Oh, I’m a Wrecker
      He’s a Wrecker
      She’s a Wrecker –
      Wouldn’t you like to be a Wrecker too!

    2. The most insidious method of fraud, but not the only method of fraud, is the algorithms built into the Machines.

      By counting a Trump vote at only 0.98 instead of one, and a Biteme vote as 1.02, the vote count need not be altered. However, that one little switch swings 2 percent away from Trump and another 2% to Biteme and is a 4% swing. For example, if they both get 100 votes, then the count goes up 98 for Trump and Biteme gets 102 and the same 200 vote tally remains the same.

      They can run these programs even in Red areas of a State and they can do it remotely, and no one might notice. It’s such a small adjustment it’s almost invisible.

      This definitely happened all across the US.

      Here in NC they stopped the counts same as the other 6 States they Stole. For whatever reason they decided they didn’t need NC. So in the end they simply Stole the Governor position.

      It’s definite that in 2022 they will Steal the Senate Seat of retiring Burr and perhaps flip a few more House Seats here.

      They definitely Stole 4 Senate seats in 2020 as well. MI, AZ, and the two GA seats.

      2022 is shaping up to be a Slaughter for the GOPe and that is the Uniparty Plan which both factions, D AND R, support.

      1. Exactly, kennycan. Big dem victories in the midterms, which will be hailed by the media as proof of a “mandate” for further leftism. The commies have barely gotten started on their fundamental transformation of America into their envisioned utopia. Things are going to get a LOT worse, very quickly.

        1. It’s very easy to got 0.97-1.03 on the algorithms. That’s a 6% swing.

          Plus, I just read someone on Insty who said 20 GOP Senators are up for Election in 2022. Flip 8 or so and Supermajority with Romney and Murkowski etc is achieved.

  3. Maybe there was a problem with the autocorrect or perhaps they’re testing out a new AI-based editor.

    Bottom line, there were simply a LOT more words than were necessary to express the general point, which anyone paying attention must surely have grasped by now.

    As such, with all due respect to Mr. Walsh, FIFY:

    …once the entrenched lifers at the plethora of federal agencies… tasted their first bite of untrammeled and almost wholly illegal power, they would never ever, ever, ever, ever let us go. And they haven’t.

    It cries out for retribution and revenge.

    [We must now] Teach them the hard way that the founding virtues of this country were defiance, not subordination; bravery, not cowardice; individuality, not socialism; freedom, not slavery.

    Some might die so that the rest of us may live—but we will no longer live in artificial fear.

    Mike, as usual, correctly interprets the rest of what the esteemed writer surely meant to say:

    The hard way is indeed the only way they’ll ever be taught. …

    They’ve left us with but a single option…

    And that’s fight…  At this late stage of the game, any of us using it metaphorically or rhetorically is doin’ it wrong.

    And that leaves us with the money quote that will bring a smile to even the blackest of hearts:

    A. Fucking. MEN. If you’ll bring the tar, I’ll bring the feathers. Someone else will need to take care of the pitchforks, torches, and rope. I only got two hands, y’know.

    Heh. Potluck Rebellion. Bring whatcha got. It won’t go to waste!


    Maybe this is as close to the line as these guys think they can get without stepping over & openly calling for violence. (Which for obvious reasons they won’t do, and wouldn’t get published if they did.)

    I think at this juncture, it’s up to all of us to read between the lines.

    For example, he calls for:

    …toss[ing] them out of office. (And again, in an editing error, I think he meant to say “toss them out of *the* office.)

    Which I wholeheartedly support & agree with.

    He, however, does not specify how. So I’m just assuming he means from a window, on a very high floor.

    Your call on whether or not you want to open said window first. 

    1. “on a very high floor” probably means the window doesn’t open, so through it it will have to be 🙂

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