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Everybody got their last will and testaments current and their life insurance paid up?

Top experts have likened the COVID-19 “Delta Variant” to the common cold and hay fever. This comes as people like Anthony Fauci, Boris Johnson, and the WHO are pushing for more social distancing, lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccinations.

Experts in the United Kingdom have compared the symptoms of the COVID-19 “Delta Variant” to that of hay fever and the common cold, according to various reports. The new strain has reportedly been the cause of 99% of all new COVID-19 cases in the UK. “The main symptoms of COVID-19 appear to have changed — with headaches and sore throats now more common than fevers and coughs, according to a warning by UK experts,” noted the New York Post.

Dr. Fauci continues to assert that “the Delta variant is currently the greatest threat in the US to our attempt to eliminate COVID-19,” which reportedly has accounted for 20% of all new COVID-19 cases in the United States. Fauci maintains that COVID-19 vaccines can protect people from the “Delta Variant,” adding that young, unvaccinated people are “more vulnerable than ever.”

However, many Americans are skeptical about the COVID-19 vaccinations they’ve received amid reports of the “Delta Variant” infecting individuals after they’ve been fully vaccinated. As was reported by the Wall Street Journal, “About half of adults infected in an outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Israel were fully inoculated with the Pfizer Inc. vaccine, prompting the government to reimpose an indoor mask requirement and other measures to contain the highly transmissible strain.”

On May 13, Joe Biden told America to “get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do,” prompting hundreds of millions of Americans to eventually receive their COVID-19 vaccines.

I will not comply, and you and your grubby little bureau-stooges can all go fuck yourselves. Preferably, with something razor sharp, rusty, and very, very girthy.


15 thoughts on “DOOOOOMED!!!

  1. Just like there’s no more “free Waco’s”, there’s no more free “coof spoofs”.

    Come to think of it, there really hasn’t been any consensus just yet that the first coof spoof is gonna be free…

    Destroyed a whole lotta things for a whole lotta people. Folks might at some juncture decide to take umbrage with that.

  2. Gee, how convenient for the fear mongers. After a massive power grab in the name of fighting a “deadly pandemic” that just happened to look like the common flu and had a better than 99.9% survival rate, they now claim to have a new “deadly variant” that just happens to look like another completely common and non-fatal condition.

    “That’s not a simple sniffle or allergy, folks! No no, you’re all about to DIE!!!!!!! By the millions! Morgues over-flowing, corpses piled in the streets, and all the other BS we claimed last time that never happened. FEAR! FEAR! Cover in terror and give us more power!”

    Sadly, judging by the past 18 months we will see most of the world swallow this garbage whole.

  3. I suspect that the divide will remain the same as ever, only greater in nature. The kook states led by NY. California, and Michigan will lock down tighter than before while the states populated by free people will ignore the next killer virus.

    With predictable results. The kooky blue states will be a drag on the free red states, but the red states will thrive.

  4. Just yesterday my daughter grumbled at me about all of the masks on the shelf by the front door, destined to never be used. “Just you wait until cold and flu season starts in a few months,” I told her.

  5. What is distressing around here is that even now, nearly 6 moths after the vaccines came out and about 6 weeks after the mask mandates ended, I still see people masking indoors and outdoors, putting masks on children, driving alone in their cars or riding their bikes with the face diapers held tightly over their mouth and nose.

    It’s just utter insanity. If these people are so afraid just get vaccinated. You can simply walk in and get vaxxed, no waiting. I’ll bet half of them ARE vaccinated, which would be even more crazy.

    Wearing a mask now should disqualify one from voting.

    1. I suspect 99% of those wearing masks are vaccinated with the not vaccine.

      I don’t care, it’s their choice, but it is a very good external descriptor of your IQ test result…

  6. Ivermectin is a dirty word, because it works, and quickly. None of the approved treatments work at all, and the vaccines may wind up being lethal – and on purpose: It’s my strong suspicion that the virus and vaccines are a sort of binary weapon – the “vaccines” are kill/neuter shots. No vaccine fails to provide immunity or fails to stop transmission of disease. It’s like giving a TB shot which fails to stop infection or stop spread. No one would take such a shot. So these aren’t vaccines in any sense of the word. It’s about depopulation – population reduction – in a world facing resource depletion and scarcity – 

    “The confusion is that of economists and scientists building models based on past history. These models miss the turning points that occur as limits approach. They assume that future patterns will replicate past patterns, but this is not what happens in a finite world. If we lived in a world without limits, their models would be correct. This confusion is very much built into today’s thinking. In fact, we are living in an economic system/ecosystem that has brakes to it. These brakes are being applied now, even though 99%+ of the population isn’t aware of the problem. The system will protect itself, quite possibly using the approach of evicting most humans.”

    So if you look at this “vaccine campaign” in terms of population reduction, it makes sense. Population increase drives energy usage, which drives climate change. Current population levels are beyond carrying capacity, which will result in depletion of energy resources to a point where they are no longer economically recoverable – the energy required to get one unit of energy out is equivalent to the amount of energy you get out. What happens to mechanized agriculture when the oil and coal run out? Do we mine the landfills to burn garbage for power? How about breaking up asphalt and burning it?

    So the answer is population reduction – and that’s what is going on, by increasing the death rate, and sterilizing as many people as possible. And it’s kind of like an intelligence test – natural selection at work – people who think about this won’t get culled. And from that viewpoint, the whole thing makes sense – the real means to achieve the end isn’t the virus, it’s the “vaccine”.

    1. BTW, climate change isn’t going to be the controlling factor, because humans adapt. From 900AD until 1200AD, grapes were grown in Greenland, and so was wheat – and Greenland *exported* wheat… The limiting factor will be resource depletion.

    2. While I’m not on the bandwagon that the not-vaccine is designed to be a population control device, it is at very best an unneeded and faulty vaccine that violates the very laws of this country. Those laws regarding medicine are sometimes too strict and it’s difficult to draw a line sometimes, but this is bullshit and they all know it.

      I’d wish everyone that got it should just drop dead, but too many good people have been fooled into believing this is the right thing to do.

      1. but too many good people have been fooled

        If you want good, get a dog. You get a human if you want smart. And those who got the not-vaccine don’t meet that criterion.

        In related news, at some point, we few remaining humans are going to have to kill the zombie horde. Check up on your guns, ammo, and chainsaws.

        1. LOL, I have the dog.
          And a 92 year old dad that decided the vax was a good idea.

          1. My mom and my mother-in-law both got the shot. Each had health issues putting them at greater risk of getting the disease, making the shot a reasonable risk. The mother-in-law has been feeling like crap since she got the second shot and my mother was recently diagnosed as having the coof. I’d say both came up on the bad side of that reasonable risk but that doesn’t change it being a reasonable decision for them.

            1. Yes, agreed. The decision is different for different levels of risk. Assuming it’s risky only because it is a giant experiment, not some designed human eliminator, then for those at higher risks it probably makes sense. I think it did for my Dad who is just old but in reasonable shape and no real issues health wise. OTOH, I don’t think I would have gotten it if for no other reason than to say FU to the powers demanding you get it.

              He’s fortunate, no problems after either shot.

      2. The line is drawn when Big Pharma needs an exemption from liability to roll it out. That means even they are not sure of it.

        1. Without that protection there would be no “vaccine”. That’s all you need to know.

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