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A story of Rebellion, and of justice done

A particularly hilarious one.

An Ocean Shores man said he was attacked for confronting two men for not wearing masks, and now he’s worried police are not properly investigating the case.

Daniel Troublefield, 43, said he was at the Ocean Shores IGA Sunday night when he called someone out for not wearing a mask. Inside the store, he said the conversation turned heated, But he thought that was the end of it. However, he was not expecting what happened once he walked outside.

“I curled up in the fetal position and I was just ready to die,” said Troublefield.

Oh well, better luck next time. For the rest of us, I mean.

He shared this surveillance video with KIRO 7 News, which he got from the neighboring drug store. The video shows him in the parking lot walking out to his white car, but he walks past it as he was taunted by the maskless men.

“They kept berating me with expletives, calling me a snowflake and it’s not science, it’s a hoax,” Troublefield recalled.

Looking back, Daniel said he wishes he ignored them.

“To my regret I walked up to the car. I was trying to explain it is science and you should be wearing a mask because you’re endangering me and everyone else in the store by not having a mask on,” Troublefield said.

That’s when things escalated even further.

“The gentleman tapped on my chest. And I flipped up his hat, and that’s when they both got out of the car,” Troublefield explained.

“One grabbed me by the neck in a chokehold and got me down to the ground. And before I knew it, I was getting my face pummeled with fists,” Troublefield explained.

The beating lasted about 20 seconds. The men took off and now he’s worried they’re going to get away and he won’t get justice.

Oh, you got justice in spades, Mary Sue. You just didn’t like it much, being too goddamned stupid to recognize it even when it smears your nose all over your goddamned face for ya.

Troublefield, a disabled Marine veteran,

WHAAAAT?!? Appalling. Somewhere, Chesty Puller weeps.

said he never threw one punch and even passed out.

Okay wait, are we SURE this guy was really a Marine? Because from the way the story is shaping up, we’re gonna need some solid documentation of that claim before just accepting it on faith.

His nose is now fractured, he’s had to get stitches, and he’s got bruises on his face and body.

Bill has a most delightful After photo portraying the damage done. Y’all might enjoy viewing it as much as I did, maybe. Although I can’t for the life of me imagine how.

“I’d like to see the two gentleman locked up in jail. I’d like for them to pay for what they did,” Troublefield said. “I don’t think any human being deserves to be treated like I was treated.”

So let’s tot all this up then, shall we? You:

  • Stuck your oar in where it wasn’t wanted, starting a “heated” confrontation in a store with two guys guilty of nothing more than minding their own business and acting like normal, sane, free Americans
  • Breezed RIGHT ON PAST your own car, going well out of your way seeking to dick around some more with two already-pissed-off dudes, thereby escalating a confrontation YOU provoked in the first damned place
  • Reached into a private vehicle and “flipped up” Already Pissed Off Dude’s cap, thereby committing the crime of assault against him, probably battery as well
  • Got your miserable ass whupped, but good

Didn’t “deserve” such treatment? Au contraire, cupcake; I’d say you got PRECISELY the treatment you deserved, and should try to enjoy it. God knows you worked hard enough to earn it.

This contemptible disgrace to the Corps goes on to pule about how he and his wife are “compelled” to don the Magic Mask of Submission because they suffer from unspecified “preexisting conditions,” the poor widdle dears. To which I can only offer: stay the fuck home then, you pitiful pissant. In stark contrast with the more-robust gents who dealt out the just deserts, it’s obvious that you’re too sick to be gadding about out of doors—your condition compounded by a potentially life-threatening deficiency of good sense and politesse enough to prevent your alligator mouth from writing checks your hummingbird ass can’t cash and winding up in hospital over it.

An ex-Marine, no less. Hard to believe; harder still to swallow. But there it is, Gawd help us.

34 thoughts on “A story of Rebellion, and of justice done

  1. A “mad dog” Mattis Marine perhaps. Both equally worthless, both deserving to get beaten. One down…

  2. Towards the end you hit on what really pisses me off.

    If you’re THAT scared order online and get your groceries delivered and STAY THE FUCK HOME. FOREVER.

    Why do you insist on Inflicting Yourself and your Irrational Fears on US and then demanding we Observe Them with you?

    Just leave us the hell alone.

    They obviously simply cannot do that and THAT my friends is the microcosm of the whole of Leftists’ problems. EVERYTHING is about them and what they want and be damned if you don’t want it. They’re going to MAKE YOU care.

    1. In a nutshell, yea for the standard irrational idiot lefty.

      Then there are the ones that know it is a scam and insist you wear it because they want you to participate in the hysteria and destruction of liberty.

      1. If people saw others walking around week after week after week and not dying they might catch on to the Scam. Masking you keeps the Lillylivered Snowflake Karen Brigades scared witless and unashamed of their cowardice.

        Like the HenryKarens whom were angered when we expressed less than sheer terror in the spring over this PLAGUE!! They don’t like to be reminded of their continued cowardice.

          1. henryKaren screams “I might get and die”, because he is so brave.

            All Kenny needs to do is agree to meet you, maskless. You’ll shit your pants.

              1. henryKaren:
                “Give me a fucking break. My MD wife comes home from the hospital every day depressed, over the growing number of deaths, the shortage of ventilators and the fact that a number of her co-workers have contracted the virus. She may die from this by being on the front lines. I may get it from her and die too. I may get it and survive. So spare me talk about your financial losses. I just don’t give a shit Mister formerly wealthier.”

                Hysteria. Chickenshit Hysteria.

                1. There was already a treatment by then that worked. Ventilators are a death sentence and if used before HCQ+Z because you hated Trump was just Murder.

                  Murder, HenryKaren. It was Murder.

                  You didn’t want to listen to US. You and your wife preferred to Murder people.

  3. There’s a restaurant in my city (which is under a mask order) that has proclaimed publicly that it is defying the health Nazis and will not require masks – so I have been eating there on the regular. I was in there two days ago and an older guy, wearing a mask, came up to me and began scolding me for being maskless. I said, “You are literally in the only restaurant in this entire county that isn’t requiring masks, and you’re bitching at me for not wearing one? Go change your tampon.” He started to say something else and the owner (who was standing nearby) stepped in and said, “Look. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, that’s fine and we respect that here. But you will not say one word to a customer who isn’t wearing one. We respect freedom in this place.” The masKaren said, “I’ll call the health department on you!” The owner just laughed and said, “They have so many calls about me that I doubt you’ll even get through.” The old guy left.

    1. It’s beginning to happen more often. People that believed the state now know it was all a con.

      And it’s precisely right, your restaurant owner is. If you wish to wear a mask, fine. But you have zero right to force someone else to do so.

      Good for you.

      1. It’s beginning to happen more often.

        That’s not what I’m seeing around here. The last three or four times I’ve gotten groceries, I’ve been the only person* ** who wasn’t wearing a face diaper. A few months ago there’d be at least one or two others, but that’s disappeared. I’m concerned that the pressure to just go along is beating down most.

        * Over the age of about two.

        ** In the public area of the supermarket. A few times I saw into the stocking area and no was was masked until they were wheeling one of the carts into the public area.

        1. I’m back from the coast, but before I left we had a fight in the local Food Lion when a henryKaren masked man confronted an unmasked fellow. I wasn’t there but I know the police were eventually called in. Don’t know who won or if anyone went to jail. As a result they have a mask nazi posted outside to insist you wear a mask upon entry.

          But I get your point. It may be the general population is going the mask way, beaten down by it as you say. The island is a very pro Trump/liberty place. It also has a bunch of really frightened people. They don’t mix all that well.

          Around here (Charlotte area), all the stores basically now have mask nazi’s at the entrance. I’m not going to start a fight, verbal or physical with some poor women so I just go along, sigh.

          I read more reports (such as Skeptic posts) from the worst places about fighting back against the lockdown/mask orders, which is my “happen more often” comment.

          1. I was accosted by a “I’m a Health Care Worker” who said I had to wear the mask over my nose.
            I responded “I’m not sick and masks are useless.”
            A Harumph and her husband was “it’s ok”.

            I really don’t want a confrontation but I will not be forced to suck breath for anyone. If they insist at this point I’ll take it off and breathe in their face.

            I know Ironbear and others will tell me I should use civil disobedience. It’s my local stores. I really don’t want to do that, but I am getting really fed up about it and the more that Trump gets no Justice the more angrier I get.

            1. I see lots of people in the “mask required” stores that wear the mask off the nose, even over their chin. The mask rules do not state how the must cover the face as far as I know. I’ll have to find them and read them just so I’m up to date.

              1. The mandate and rules do state they are to cover the nose and the face. Perhaps the earlier guidelines left that out. I think chain mail would be good.

                1. If I woned a business I would be fighting it tooth and nail.

                  I know the masks are useless and all but like you said, some 50 year old lady at the grocery store I atop by at least 4 times a week is just doing her job. 99% of the time no one says anything as I wear it off my nose. If I am subjected to this I will at least breathe.

                  Who breathes through their mouth unless engaging in sport or some other exercise?

                  Even as a Cross Country and Long Distance runner the key was to breathe in through your nose. If you were mouth breathing you hadn’t done your training well.

              2. The fact is when they mandated masks they said you could wear a cloth mask or even a handkerchief or bandana.

                That’s what the red flag that it was all useless. As long as you covered your face it didn’t matter what you wore, but obviously a bandana is about as useful as a gauze mask.

                I, and others here, are generally not geniuses (we’re smart) but this is just another sign that at least half of Americans are dumber than average.

                The amazing part is that those with more “education” are generally stupider when it comes to everyday basic understanding.

          2. Barry, Kenny, I’m pleased to report that we don’t have any mask nazis in my Spanish neck of the woods. Fact is I only ever once heard a woman pestering a man for not wearing a mask when entering a farmacy, and was many weeks ago.


            1. Obviously that’s why everyone died where you were.

              I’m trying to understand why you went CRAZY last spring about Lockdowns and Masks then.

              Maybe you’re just crazy.

              1. Show me where I went crazy about lockdowns and masks.

                I’ll respond for you: you can’t becuase I didn’t.

                I went through Daily Pundit’s Covid-19 archive for March, April and the first half of May and copied every comment I made about masks and lockdowns.
                I’d share them with you, but fuck it, do your own research.

                1. “Shut up” said henryKaren. “I don’t want anymore of the truth” said henryKaren.

                  1. Barry, Barry, quite the fairy,
                    How does your hardon grow?
                    With phantom yells and cuckhold hells;
                    He wanks ’cause he’d rather not know.

                2. Here is you for Lockdowns:

                  Henry Cybulski
                  March 15, 2020 10:11 am
                  Reply to Bill Quick
                  One of the main reasons the Spanish government ordered a lockdown was that the vast majority of people just weren’t taking it seriously and weren’t following common sense advice. Every time my MD wife arrived home from work or doing errands she always expressed dismay at how people were behaving despite the virus being such a major topic of conversation almost everywhere she went.

                  (The classic example is a small group of grannies chatting away close together while pawing at produce at the grocers without using the plastic gloves that are provided free.)

                  I’m not saying I approve of the government’s action–I just don’t know and at the same time don’t trust authorities to do the right thing. My wife approves FWIW.

                  You don’t have to be hysterical to be crazy. Lockdowns were crazy and killed our Economy and allowed massive Vote Fraud. That’s crazy.

                  Here is the basic response that was ignored:

                  March 15, 2020 10:44 am
                  Reply to Bill Quick
                  Reason to be concerned is not the same thing as reason to panic. A lot of the media is pushing panic, which does not help anyone and carries a large ecnomic cost. The economic damage is going to harm a lot of people, on top of the direct damage caused by the virus itself.

                  The oligarchs are freaking out because a virus is something they can’t buy off with their money, and might actually harm their precious precious selves. They tend to think of themselves as being untouchable because of their money and influence, so the virus threat is making them crazy.

                  Granted this is early (March 15) but people were already starting to see the Response was crazy. Your response to that? You ignored it.

                  The next days was your Masking moment.

                  Yeah, how about all our employees wear masks and gloves.

                  As an aside, everyone in our town that works at places that are still allowed to open wear gloves and masks, and entry onto premises is restricted to 3 or 4 people at a time. Hand sanitizer and gloves are provided at the entry. Pizza delivery guys wear masks and gloves for example.

                  It started small and went from there. First just employees but only allowing 3 or 4 customers. When people realized that wasn’t going to be feasible (it would take all day just to get the grocery shopping done etc) you and the rest went with Mask Mandates about a week later. BEczause you couldn’t have grannies just chatting away during The Plague.

                  Once again, you don’t need to be hysterical to be crazy.
                  Nine months later we are still Masked and Locked Down.
                  Thanks henryKaren.

                  1. My words up above: “I’m not saying I approve of the government action…don’t trust government authorities to do the right thing.”

                    The “basic response” was to Bill Quick, not me.

                    The last was a flippant comment re some blather put out by UPS about how they were doing everything possible to protect customers, followed by an aside providing local info, nothing more.

                    Only brain dead people would consider that crazy.

                    1. C’mon.

                      The vast majority of people weren’t taking it seriously and so the Spanish Government had to Lockdown.

                      Can’t get more clearer than that Wank.

                      No Weaseling now.

  4. “‘… And I flipped up his hat, and that’s when they both got out of the car,’ Troublefield explained.”

    Oh, man. That was his big mistake. Don’t mess with the hat.

    That’s like kicking a man’s dog.

    1. Don’t Touch My Hat by Lyle Lovett.

      So if it’s her you want
      I don’t care about that
      You can have my girl
      But don’t touch my hat

      My mama told me
      Son to be polite
      Take your hat off
      When you walk inside

      But the winds of change
      They fill the air
      And you can’t set your hat down
      Just anywhere

      So if you plead not guilty
      I’ll be the judge
      We don’t need no jury
      To decide because

      I wear a seven
      And you’re out of order
      ‘Cause I can tell from here
      You’re a seven and a quarter

      But if it’s her you want
      I don’t care about that
      You can have my girl
      But don’t touch my hat

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