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Cadaver Joe has lost it.

Joe Biden is in the early stages of dementia and is on medication for it.

“This is the big one, and the one I have the least direct experience with, but it’s been an open secret for some time. Anyone who has had a relative with Alzheimer’s or dementia can tell you, there are good days and bad days. On the good days, when Joe is at his most lucid, his campaign manager Jen will send him out for photo ops or TV interviews… make hay while the sun is shining, you know? On the bad days, Jen just tells the press pool “No Joe today,” and they’re all like, “Okay, cool!” Most of the time, he’s just a little foggy and gets really agitated. But one of my co-workers told me that back in May, there was a day where he thought he was running against Gary Hart in the ’84 primary again. Joe went under wraps for several days after that.

He’s been more lucid recently because his physician, Dr. O’Connor, put him on Namenda. Jen apparently was worried about someone finding it out, because she insisted that he prescribe it under a series of phony names, and then have the interns pick it up. I bet there are a lot of pharmacists in Philly wondering why there are so many young people on Namenda.

The dementia medication has had, um… unfortunate side effects.

There’s no dancing around this… the medication has made Joe incontinent. Though his “good days” have increased dramatically, he can barely get through a press event without running to the bathroom. That’s why he didn’t take questions after announcing Harris as his running mate. They weren’t afraid of the questions, the press loves him… they were afraid he was going to piss his pants on-camera. Lately, Jen’s been having closed-door meetings to discuss which brand of incontinence pads would be best to purchase. Seriously, a group of paid staffers sat around and discussed which brands were the least visible, the least likely to leak, and wouldn’t audibly “crinkle.”

That’s around the time I left the campaign. I can’t be a party to this sick game anymore. I never really liked Joe Biden, but he deserves better than to be thrust into the public eye when he should be in memory care. His wife should put a stop to this, but she’s way too excited about being “First Lady” to care about her ailing husband.”

That’s from an anonymous former Biden staffer, of whose credibility Thomas Lifson is cautiously dubious:

Normally, I would spurn the idea of citing an anonymous post that purports to contain inside information on a presidential candidate. But two factors currently weigh on my mind, causing me to make an exception.

One is that MSM Trump-haters have no compunction at all over relying exclusively on anonymous sources. The Atlantic used to be prestigious, and regarded as the gold standard for rigorous reporting and editing, and yet went with allegations against President Trump that are completely incongruent with his other behavior: expressing contempt for wounded and dead veterans.

That alone would not be enough.

But the other factor is more serious and directly relevant to the anonymous post I am about to cite.

The Biden campaign clearly is hiding their candidate from exposure to circumstances that might test his mental acuity and vigor on a sustained basis. We now have direct evidence that the campaign has been deceiving the public by using a teleprompter for Biden to read when allegedly answering questions in an alleged interview. The campaign’s chief spokesman evaded answering a direct question about teleprompter use during faux interviews.

Thus, we know that the critical question of Biden’s ability to discharge his duties if elected is being deceptively evaded. That, in my mind, opens the door to consider what is claimed to be an insider’s account of the true state of Biden’s health, now that we know his campaign would deceive us on this question.

We know full well, or damned well ought to by now, that they’d deceive anybody on absolutely anything at all in order to seize and retain power for themselves. These ARE Democrats we’re talking about here, after all.

Update! Further evidence, as if it were needed, from Howie Carr:

Yes, it will be great TV when Biden takes the stage with Trump.

If Joe’s being given his answers to recite via an earpiece, the Trump campaign will jam those transmissions. If Biden is allowed a Teleprompter (doubtful), the president will sneak up behind him and read Joe’s answer for him before Hidin’ Biden even realizes what’s happening.

I’ll leave you with one of Joe’s longer perorations of the week, as usual an attack on the incumbent. He began with a sneeze and then let it rip:

“He promised his administration would enforce every last buy in American provision on behalf of the American people and what makes his wild claims and hopes, he now hopes we don’t notice what he said or won’t remember and when he does follow through or doesn’t do when follow through, the exact opposite.”

May we quote you on that, Mr. Vice President?

In all fairness to Senile Uncle Gropey, it must be said that he was never really all that bright anyway.

21 thoughts on “NUTS!

  1. It makes sense. But I’m wondering of we’re in too much of an expectation of him crumpling under the lights. If he sounds as good as a 12 year old, they’ll scream that it’s a victory.

    Remember, he’s done lots of debates leading up to this.

    However, I’ve seen the effects of dementia in my own family, and when it starts, it goes fast.

    1. I’ve said consistently he will not debate Trump. I may be wrong, but I do not see how they can chance it.

      1. The people pulling Joe’s strings would have to be pretty desperate to take that kind of risk. Their propaganda is claiming that Joe is winning, solidly ahead of President Trump in key states. What their internal polling might be saying, who knows? I think if they risk putting Biden on stage with Trump that it is a sign their internal numbers look very bad, and they are down to just rolling the dice and hoping for a miracle.

        1. They’ll need more than a miracle IMO for a debate lasting several hours. I don’t think Hiden Biden can stand that long.

      2. What excuse can he have for not debating?
        If he doesn’t debate President Trump can bait him to no end.
        he could have a debate with Rogan and an empty chair with a turnip there.
        Trump will not let this stand.
        Hilliary was forced into debates in which they tried to spin it as a draw, but she lost them.
        The thing Biden won’t do is get in a situation where he will be photographed getting thrown into the back of a van like a sack of shit.

        1. That was a glorious moment, wasn’t it? Watching the Dems’ carefully constructed illusion pop like a soap bubble right out in front of the entire world was amazing. Of course they spun it as hard as they could, lied and buried it as best they could. But the DNC/Media complex can’t gatekeep like they once did — information gets out, and many millions of people saw the video.

          Biden’s string pullers are working overtime to avoid a similar moment. What is it about the Dems that they can’t nominate someone who is actually physically and mentally up to the job? There are tons of Dems who I disagree with on essentially everything, but I would not question their ability to campaign and perform the duties of the office. And yet here we are, second presidential cycle in a row, where the Democrats have nominated someone who is obviously unfit at the physical/mental level to even campaign, much less do the job.

          I think a lot of it is the internal struggle within the Dem party for control. The old guard which has been running things for a half century now refuses to step aside for the next generation, even as they are aging to the point of incompetence. It is like the Soviet Union during that stretch in the 80s where they seemed to be holding a state funeral for their top guy every 18 months or so, because the politburo were all so old that every one of them had one foot in the grave. Eventually time will force a handover to the next generation, but the party may collapse entirely before that happens as the old guard desperately cling to power.

          1. Both the Clintons and the 0 factions have been purging younger blood for a while now.
            There is simply a gap there between to 70 years olds and the 40 year olds. There is no one in their 50’s-60’s with any experience they can claim.

            Interesting enough that age group sweet spot is also my age group and grew up with my first vote being Reagan 1984 and Bush 1988.I have never voted for a Dem for anything.

            Throw all those influences together and that’s why you get a first term Senator in 0 getting the nod. Then a bafflegag failed people running this year. A failed one term Indiana Mayor in Buttgag, a Fake Hispanic, a Wooden Indian, a Mini Mike with the personality of a doorknob, and a Failed Outright Commie Mayor who also has a Fake Name in Diblasio.

            1. Very good point about Team Clinton and Team Obama both stifling younger talent to prevent challenges to their own power. Add the electoral wipe out the Dems had after they forced through Obamacare on a party line vote — a LOT of Dems got booted out of office at both federal and state levels, cutting short potential careers.

              The Dems may have had 25+ people throw their hats into the ring this cycle, but their national bench is thinner than it has been in at least a generation. And as you noted, there is a big gap between the 75+ crowd and the late 30s/early 40s group. Not many mid-50s prime presidential timber types in the Dem ranks, so they are looking younger to the Betas and Buttgags and even not-yet-old-enough AOC.

        2. They just make up an excuse, something like “we won’t be in the same room as a racist”. Anything is better than the shellacking I expect to see.

          I may be wrong. Maybe they can pump the corpse up with a drug combination that keeps him lucid for a couple hours. It’s not as though he has to be truthful. The moderators are going to help him along.

  2. When has there actually been a “debate” between the Democrat and the Republican? Every debate “moderator” I can remember has prostrated themselves before the Democrat, and I see no sign that will change this year. You also can be sure he ALREADY has the questions they will ask, and the preferred responses for him to give. Do you doubt they might even provide him a teleprompter???

    1. All you say is true and yet Hiden Biden would still screw it all up IMO.

      As for the teleprompter, were I Trump I’d read off of it myself in front of the audience, then go stand between hiden and the damn thing.

      I would also be jamming any wireless comms… And checking out Hiden’s ears for devices.

    2. The Dems will certainly try every trick they can think of, _if_ they let Biden on stage to debate at all. Despite the past 4+ years, they still do not seem to have caught on to the fact that any time it becomes Trump vs. the media, they lose that exchange because so many people hate the media now. So doing the whole ‘Trump debates the moderators while Biden watches’ act is not likely to help them, although I guess it would be better than 90 minutes of Trump pummeling Biden. If they have to fall back on ‘look at that meanie Trump committing elder abuse!’ you will know they got smashed.

  3. My guess, should they actually proceed to debate Trump, in addition to the normal cheating, they have a news day with false accusations planned for the day of the debate to try and derail the discussions.

    1. The DNC/Media complex clearly has already begun the pre-election “bombshell” barrage, where they will throw a new story against the wall every 36-48 hours (depending on how quickly each one fizzles). They will keep trying this through election day, hoping to find something that will stick. So far their “bombshells” are turning out to be duds so fast that they are having minimal or even negative impact. The ‘Trump called dead US soldiers losers’ thing didn’t even pass the laugh test. Fear-monger Fauci stomped all over their latest variant of the ‘Trump mishandled COVID’ attack, although you can be sure they will keep trying that one. The left is going to have to do better than these.

      1. It feeds the base and the neverTrumpers, but nothing more IMO. Everyone else knows they are lies before they finish telling the lie.

      2. They’re trying to use Fauci and Woodward to try to say Trump didn’t take WuFlu seriously at the same time the Nation is coming to the conclusion that WuFlu was nothing more than a bad flu season and the Election Flu Response was OVERHYPE and The Dems damaged US immensely for nothing. Yesterday a Judge ruled the State of Pa’s Election Flu Response of lockdowns and Masks was Unconstitutional. The Cheers of PA people and other Americans was heard round the Country. So the Dems timing in this is impeccably wrong.

        They are so Stupid.

        1. Yea, I thought the same thing. Were I Trump I would say that 1) I listened to the scientists and they were sayin “nothing of concern” and 2) I took action just in case, and finally 3) more people die in the stampede then from the fire so it’s always important to be moderate in wording.

          1. Those scientists soon succumbed to the Panic themselves, and I tried to remain calm and avoid Panic, but the damage was done by then. Sad. Really.

            That’s why today I have accepted the resignation of…

  4. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been dead or comatose for at least a year.
    Why would we expect them to tell us the truth about Biden?

    1. Good point. Like Darth Vader Ginsburg, Hiden Biden is just a warm body serving as the placeholder for the real marxist power.

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