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I haven’t looked in on David Warren in far too long a while, so we’ll rectify that now:

I do feel sure that, while the continuing terrorist carnage in Iraq, especially, but also in Afghanistan, must disturb us as conscientious human beings, we have less reason than ever to be alarmed by it. We are witnessing what amounts to the purposeful bleeding of a septic wound, as the most fanatic Islamist incendiaries from within Iraq and abroad take their best, hopeless shot at bringing down the new Iraqi constitutional order. It is a matter of life or death for their cause, and we could hardly expect them to abandon it easily.

As the author of the much-mocked “flypaper theory” — the phrase I used to describe the implicit strategy behind the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan — I am more and more persuaded it has worked. All ground indications are that large numbers of Islamist terrorists who would otherwise remain dangerously under cover, not only across the region but in Europe and elsewhere, are irresistibly drawn towards these theatres of action, where they sooner or later get themselves killed.

As terrorists, they were, almost invariably, in a position to be more effective where they were. They are lured away for emotional reasons, or “spiritual” if that word can be applied to something that is essentially not Godly but demonic. It is the Islamist analogy to the way young socialists, anarchists, and adventurers from across Europe were drawn to Spain during its Civil War in the 1930s.

In addition to being annihilated, themselves, they deflate their cause by showing it to be losing. And what began as a recruiting inducement, soon becomes the opposite. For the near-certainty of getting killed oneself, in the cause of murdering (mostly) defenceless civilians, is not as attractive a motivator as the incendiaries make out.

Warren as usual is perfectly correct, and all the handwringing defeatism the Democrats and their Old Media poodles can possibly muster won’t change it.

(Via Michael McNeil — and this is a fine post as well, btw, and well worth your time if you haven’t seen it yet — and Insty.

Update! It suddenly dawns on me that, in light of what Warren says about the Spanish Civil War above, maybe what we need is another conflict along those same lines, to draw in and distract feeble-minded Lefties from all over the world while we dispose of the Islamist nutjobs in Iraq. Perhaps seriously and repeatedly suggesting a fence-enforced quarantine of Berkeley would get ’em riled enough…?




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