Eyrie up!

Owing to having to pick up the young ‘un for the weekend after an extended concert-band rehearsal, then grinding and hacking my way through preposterous rush-hour traffic to get us home, I got a way-late start on tonight’s Eyrie post. After mulling over putting the whole thing off until tomorrow, I ended up deciding to make it a really short but nonetheless sweet rip on the recycling scam instead. Humble apologies for the delay and the brevity, Eyrieans.

Eyrie up!

The Friday Substack column, “IT’S A TRAP!!!,” has been published. This one starts off with a look at the newly-unearthed facts of the J6 phonus-balonus “insurrection” before seguing into one of my patented diatribes on Amerika v2.0’s phonus-balonus “elections” and exactly how they might be fixed. A little taste:

See? Simplicity itself. NO easily manipulated and hacked electronic voting machines; NO random, unidentified persons wandering around in the polling place after closing time; NO vote-harvesting; NO registering in multiple precincts under false names and/or addresses; NO interrupted, paused, or postponed vote-counting. NO counting of votes without close supervision and/or video monitoring.

ALL ballot forms turned in days, weeks, or months after Election Day to be immediately disposed of uncounted; ALL polling places to be monitored by security cameras throughout the voting and counting process; ALL voter-registration rolls to be audited and updated regularly, the names of deceased voters, voters who have relocated, or voters who are otherwise ineligible expunged. ALL ballot boxes mysteriously “found” in the trunks of private automobiles after voting and tallying has concluded to be burned unopened, with contents intact.

The above ‘graphs are by way of a follow-on elaboration of my list of all the reform needed to bring American “elections” out of the morass of corruption, fraud, and barefaced tampering they currently wallow in. The list is short, concise, and perfectly obvious…and we all know that none of the items thereon are ever gonna happen as long as we’re content to leave it up to our crooked politicians to implement them.

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Eyrie up!

Today’s Substack post, a continuation of our regular Monday meme feature over at Ye Aulde CF Adjunct, is officially up: Screamin’ Meemie Monday! I forgot to include the usual “Subscribe” and “Share this post” buttons this time out, but I figger y’all know the drill by now, so that’s okay. You may notice that one (two, actually) of these is not your usual meme format, but I felt it was just too dang funny not to throw it in.

Eyrie up!

The Friday Substack outing is up and running: “Defiance, or sloth?” I noticed in my usual trolling around for blogging fodder that almost all of my regular haunts are observing a temporary cease-fire to recover from the annual Thanksgiving hangover, be it tryptophan, family, or alcohol-related, so I made this one brief in honor of the Black Friday cessation of hostilities.

Here’s the bonus Fats Waller videos I mention in the Eyrie piece, just because dammit, I can.

This next one, featuring greats such as Lena Horne, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Zutty Singleton, and Slam Stewart, also includes the  line from my Eyrie intro:

And there you have it. Hie thee thither and read the Eyrie post, gang, it’s somewhat short but still sweet. Don’t forget to subscribe for email notification of each new post as and when it drops, or pay-subscribe to be able to comment. Thanks!

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Dang, been going around all day long believing with all my heart and soul that it was Thursday! I hate when that happens. At any rate, I took the opportunity to expand on a Chris Rufo article sitting in an old open-tab. The edifying result: Evil empire, kicking off with Rufo’s close-in examination of what he aptly dubs “the transgender empire” and hauling it further on down the road a piece. Sample ‘graphs:

The speedy, relentless mainstreaming, both political and cultural, of gender dysphoria offers a textbook lesson in the Left’s strategic and tactical methodology. One needn’t ask how wildly successful this methodology has been for them, in this specific case as well as all too many others. Only a meager handful of us saw it coming all along, warning back during the gay-marriage campaign what awaited us just ahead..

Unfortunately, we were right. It’s my contention that most of us who spoke out from the beginning against mandatory recognition and approval of “gay marriage” didn’t have any objection to long-term homosexual couples whose relationships were in the main monogamous and stable plighting their troth in a civil ceremony, not at all. Neither were we in any way offended by or hostile to homosexuals themselves.

Thing is, though, those aforementioned civil marriages had already been legal and available for a long time in most places. Alas, not good enough for the insatiable Left, oh no; in their usual incremental, sneak-thief fashion, Christian churches, pastors, and entire congregations must be made to bend the knee and submit. And even THAT was just the beginning, prelude to the coming onslaught. No matter how far to the Left you allow them to drag the Overton window, it will never, ever be far enough to suit the bastards.

Read of it, for It. Is. Good. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, comment, etc, gang.


Eyrie up!

It’s another Screamin’ Meemie Monday over at the CF Substack Adjunct, featuring a few of my own personal favorites which I hope will soon become yours as well. Don’t miss it if you can, people! Who says Mondays always suck, anyhow?

Eyrie up!

As mentioned last night, the Substack scheduled for Friday but delayed due to yesterday’s sundry ordeals and tribulations has now gone live, a day late but in no wise a dollar short. The springboard for “Housing crisis” is Brandon Smith’s perorations on and suggestions for resolving the artificially-created shortage and skyrocketing expense of housing currently afflicting the nation. An appetizer:

 If there ever was a clear-cut case of “taxation without representation,” we’re living it—surrounded by it, besieged by it, in fact. Real Americans damned well better pull up their big-boy pants and wake up to the simple fact that, in Mordor On The Potomac, they have no friends, no allies, and no voice. Period fucking dot.

He’s right that the last desperate hope is at the State level, although I won’t speculate on the likelihood of success there. If that’s the only realistic hope remaining to us, though, then certainly it should be tried. A campaign aimed at bending local and State governments to the Real American will has the added appeal of being precisely the preferred path the Founders commended to their posterity when they penned the Constitution and Bill of Rights, also.

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Our regular Screamin’ meemie Monday feature is now kicking in its stall over at the Substack hang. As I said in my opening blurb, I decided this week to give Sowell the day off so’s I could reduce my fastly-multiplying overage of humorously-captioned pictures by ten (10). There’s plenty of rich, buttery goodness to be found therein, so hie thee thither and enjoy ‘em all. While you’re over there, don’t forget to subscribe; whether for pay or for free, I’ll be most happy to have ya, and I promise you shan’t regret it. For the last few weeks, a handy-dandy “Subscribe now” button has been embedded in each Eyrie post, for your ease and convenience. I’m a giver like that, I am.


Eyrie up!

Tonight’s Substack outing, Cancel Harvard, is something of a quick hit, consisting mainly of an overlong excerpt of a typically-magnificent Daniel Greenfield article which concludes with the usual blast of cruel, hateful commentary courtesy of li’l ol’ moi. The closer:

Ultimately, what we have here is an existential struggle against real, indelible, upper-case Evil—no more, no less. Restraint, tolerance, and gentlemanly forbearance will never suffice in such a struggle as this. The goal cannot be to defeat Leftism, but to destroy it utterly. Stop short of that, and we lose.

Now go check the whole thing out, disport yourself according to subscription status (free=read, pay=comment), and then enjoy the weekend, Mrs Calabash, wherever you are.


Eyrie up!

Today’s Eyrie edition has a little something special in store: Screamin’ meemie Monday, featuring Enoch Powell memes! No excerpt—well, okay, maybe just one:


Hie thee thither and grok it all, folks, you’re gonna love ‘em.


Eyrie up!

FINALLY! After spending most of the evening yakking on the phone with various folks, I just did manage to get “All pretense: abandoned up before deadline. It’s something of a recapitulation of last Friday’s theme, more or less. A wee dram:

The old truism comes into play here: Some people just need killing. Ultimately, then, it isn’t so much about “concern for life” as it is choosing sides—it’s either Good or Evil, there are no others. Once decent, civilized people have witnessed Evil showing itself for what it truly is, it’s not even really a choice. By definition, Good must stand in opposition to it, if only rhetorically.

And so here we all are. Thanks to some extremely foolhardy choices by our political “leadership,” Evil is no longer geographically confined to its historical lair in some far-flung locale. It has been brought here to live cheek-by-jowl with us; it walks our very streets, has secured a beach-head for itself in our cities, our towns, our neighborhoods, even. Our federal institutions and agencies are rife with this particular Evil; our culture has contorted itself into veritable Gordian knots so as to accommodate it.

For something a little different, commenting privileges are enabled for everybody on this one, not just paid subscribers. Because just this once, what the hell, why not. Enjoy y’selves, y’all.


Eyrie up!

Unfortunately tonight’s edition, which I finished writing early yesterday, has since been overtaken by events, specifically Netanyahu’s disastrous decision to yield to pressure from the Biden junta and other Western Jew-haters and back down from removing Hamas and its cowardly, subhuman murderers from this Earthly plane of existence. Nonetheless, I made some points therein which do hold up, and that I think are worth making, among them this:

Contrary to the shitlib catechism, there in fact ARE White Hats and Black Hats in this poor world. Not all things are shaded in the drab grey they prefer; comfortable and reassuring as they may find it in theoretical terms, uncertainty, endless self-recrimination, and arrière-pensée are extremely dangerous in practical terms as a response to acts of bloody-minded horror and cruelty. Good and evil DO exist, and sometimes decent people must call upon their native good judgement, rectitude, and strength of will so as to distinguish one from the other, then to conduct themselves appropriately in support of the Good.

Pedantic demands from self-styled White Nationalists for hard proof that a specific atrocity has been committed by a certain cohort renowned as serial perpetrators of atrocity ever since their chosen creed first came into existence—OR ELSE IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!is beyond foolish. Such blinkered defiance of Occam’s Razor, such bland denial of the historical record, redounds to the everlasting disgrace and self-beclownment of otherwise thoughtful, reasonable people.

“If I don’t see pictures IMMEDIATELY of the forty (40) children they said were beheaded (PRO TIP: nobody actually said that, except maybe a handful of lazy, melodramatic, and/or just plain sloppy-ass pundits), then it’s all a lie!!” As if the savagery already readily accessible for viewing on video was insufficient evidence. As if shooting, stabbing, bludgeoning, or burning children to death wasn’t somehow bad enough. As if, after fifteen hundred fucking years of such savagery, a reasonable person would conclude that they wouldn’t be inclined to commit such savagery again. Beyond foolish? It’s downright childish.

Because of the pressure from sophomoric Western idiots for Israel to “Stop the killing!”, a de facto stay of execution has been granted to implacable murderers who will NEVER stop until they are all dead. This has put a target on the back of every “infidel” in the non-Mooselimb world. It’s yet another bad, bad mistake which is going to get a lot of people killed.


Eyrie up!

Sorry for the downtime today, folks, but thanks to the good folks at Hosting Matters we’re straightened out again. In the interim, I announced a new thang for the Eyrie:

Having struck a rich vein of solid-gold Thomas Sowell memes over the weekend, it occurred to me that it might be cool to dedicate the occasional Monday Eyrie post to running them here. So consider this the first installment of what will henceforth be an ongoing feature here: Thomas Sowell Mondays!

You’re gonna love it, trust me.


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