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Just GREAT: Biden to bring peace in our time

Anybody remember last night somebody mentioning “a phonus-balonus ‘peace’ agreement that would be tantamount to suicide” for Israel?

Yeah, about that.

The US aims to wrap up Gaza war. How does that square with its goal of toppling Hamas?

Easy-peasy: it does not, because it cannot. “Toppling” Hamas, much less eradicating it altogether, is in no wise the “goal” of the ruling US junta, the Moslem terrorist’s bestest friend.

More than seven months into the Israel-Hamas war, the Biden administration’s top priority is to try and secure a hostage deal. This would commence a weeks-long truce, but Washington’s goal is for that pause to be turned permanent.

“If we can get a ceasefire, we can get something more enduring and then maybe end the conflict,” White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said this month.

What appears less clear, though, is how pushing for this ceasefire squares with another US commitment, which is to eliminate the threat of Hamas.

“An enduring defeat of Hamas certainly remains the Israeli goal, and we share that goal with it,” Kirby said last week.

The two objectives seem to clash, given that a temporary-turned-permanent deal with Hamas would ostensibly leave the terror group standing in Gaza.

Which is of course the whole point of the double-dealing exercise. Contra the pearl-clutching of the Jewphobic Right denouncing the “Biden” junta’s supposed lickspittle obeisance to the sole natural ally the US has (s’cuse me, HAD) in the region—which would be Israel, not Iran, as those misguided souls contend—actions speak louder than words, and by their fruits shall ye know them.

FederalGovco, controlled entirely by (((Dem Pesky JoojoojooJOOOOOOZ!!)))? Don’t make me laugh, people.

NEXT UP: the “humanitarian” importation of hordes of Hamas terrorists in the guise of helpless, monstrously abused “refugees,” followed by the transmogrification of another once-pleasant, inhabitable American metrop into the new Minneapolis, Dearborn, Mogadishu, et al.

FOLLOWING THAT: a sudden inexplicable surge in crime rates; riots; brutal gang-rapes; occasional bizarre murders by perps screaming “Allahu akhbar” and “Death to America” whose motive the FBI and/or DHS will swiftly announce themselves entirely capable of determining; various other “man-caused disasters” wherein “some people did some things.” All these incidents and more besides will be mystifyingly accompanied by “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth,” the Moslem call to prayer broadcast five times a day at ear-splitting volume throughout the city’s formerly placid residential districts.

It’s all very strange, I must say, although these phenomena are plainly unrelated, no discernible connection between them, no cause for the effect. Who even knowns anymore why it is that hoomon beenz do the wild and crazy things they do? Must be the contrails, or water flouridation, or an enchantment laid on by those Wicca gals. Or werewolves, maybe.

Update! Yeah, about importing those pitiable “refugees.”

Bob Casey Won’t Say Whether He Backs Biden’s Plan To Relocate Gazan Refugees to the United States
Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey (D.) this week repeatedly refused to say if he supports President Joe Biden’s plan to relocate refugees from Gaza to the United States.

Casey remained stone-faced and silent for nearly a minute as a political tracker pressed him for his stance on Biden’s proposal.

“Do you think Biden should send Gazan refugees to Pennsylvania?” asked the tracker, according to a video released by the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Casey did not answer the question. Neither his office nor campaign responded to questions from the Washington Free Beacon about his views on the refugee proposal.

Casey and other vulnerable Democrats shied away from staking out a position on Biden’s proposal earlier this week. A Casey spokesman dodged the question in a statement to Politico, saying Casey is “focused on supporting Israel as it prosecutes its war against terrorist Hamas leaders, getting the hostages home, and ensuring Israel fulfills its obligation to prioritize humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza. He believes U.S. focus should be on these three goals right now.”

The heart, it bleeds for our new Hamas-American fellow citizens. POINTS FOR POLLYANNAS:

  1. The hostages are dead already, likely having been slaughtered by those Ham-ass animals within no more than a month or so of being taken prisoner; they should be mourned, avenged, and remembered, but not expected to ever be seen alive by their loved ones again
  2. If Israel prioritizes humanitarian aid to “civilians” in Gaza—the overwhelming majority of whom support Hamas and their genocidal ambitions, making them anything but “innocent”— then the successful prosecution of this entirely just war is of necessity going to be lower on the to-do list, when it of right ought to be Israel’s A-Number One imperative
  3. If you credulously imagine that a majority percentage of our proposed “refugee” imports won’t consist of fit, devout-Moslem males of military age, you should immediately bend over for the swift, hard kick in the ass you so badly need, because you are just too fucking stupid to live

As hesitant and conflicted as the aforementioned D卐M☭CRAT scumbuckets pretend to be regarding mass-relocation of hordes of bloodthirsty, unvetted Moslem unassimilables from Gaza to these shores, don’t be fooled, I implore you. The snake-in-the-grass politicos are engaging in the requisite fence-straddling theatrics before they “reluctantly” agree to give Bribem’s backstage string-pullers everything they want.

This is merely the same old camera-ready dumbshow for their fed-up constituents showcasing several of their many admirable qualities for the mouth-breathing rubes: their noble, heartfelt compassion for the plight of innocent, war-weary “refugees”; their judicious consideration of all sides of a weighty issue; their courageous, fair-minded demand for an immediate end to Israeli brutality; the deep, abiding patriotism exemplified by their unwavering commitment to look out for the best interests of the hapless schmendricks every slime-encrusted Swamp critter loves to poke out both forks of his/its tongue and reverentially refer to  as “the folks back home,” as a single crocodile-tear rolls down his reptilian cheek.

Note ye well, s’il vous plaît, that not a one of those admirable qualities do the politicians actually possess. I repeat: don’t be fooled. Despite how self-evidently stupid, destructive, and downright dangerous this manipulative fan-dance is, the Hamas “refugees” are as good as here already, like it or lump it—pre-loaded ATM and EBT cards, Medicaid enrollment, patently illegal voter registration, welfare bennies, free housing in undisclosed locations, and all. This profligate generosity, mind, all courtesy of the US tax-slave.

Updated update! In light of the imminent influx of Hamas-American “immigrants,” I think a rewrite of Emma Lazarus’s maudlin, auto-flagellational pome is in order, to more accurately reflect our increasingly parlous times.

Give me your poor, your illiterate
Your intractable masses yearning to slaughter the infidel
The irredeemable refuse of your barren desert.
Send these, the troglodytic, soulless zealots to me,
I lift my dimming lamp beside the open border!

There, that’s more like it. Welcome home, you knuckledragging abominations.


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