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Kid, you don’t even KNOW from violence

And that’s too bad as far as I’m concerned, because she could really, really use a crash course in it.

I’m a student who was arrested at a Columbia protest. I am not a hero, nor am I a villain.
New York Mayor Eric Adams has said that there were no incidents of violence. That’s not true.

Yeah, whyn’tcha eat a whole bag of dicks there,  Bimbelina. To my way of thinking, the violence hasn’t started until the nightsticks have come out.

Tuesday night, two dozen Columbia University students linked arms in front of the student-occupied Hamilton Hall at dusk. I was one of them. 

We sang with broken yet mighty voices, “Your people are my people, your people are mine; your people are my people, our struggles align.” We were a group of activists of differing faiths and none, friends and strangers united, linking arms with one another and, in spirit, with the generations of courageous students who came before us. Electricity crackled through the air from the growing protests echoing just beyond the university gates – gates I had just moments ago slipped through and sprinted from like a bat out of hell. 

We knew we were likely to be arrested for being on campus despite the university-mandated shelter-in-place order, but chose we to run into the fire anyway.

As a human chain, draped in keffiyehs and shaking like leaves in the autumn wind, we sang with hushed tones and breathed deeply as hundreds of New York police officers armed with flash grenades and pepper spray marched toward us like a military parade. 

As they approached from multiple directions, we sang with frail and cracking voices, “This love that I have, the world didn’t give it to me; the world didn’t give it, the world can’t take it away,” as officers threatened student journalists with arrest, presumably to ensure minimal coverage of the aggression they were about to exert. 

Students in dorms craned their necks and shakily stretched their iPhones out windows to observe the impending attack. 

We clung tighter to one another as they approached us, and seized us like rag dolls and slammed us into the hallowed ground of brick and concrete. But unlike rag dolls, we bleed, we crack, we bruise, we feel.

Police at Columbia were anything but professional

Once dispersed, I held my hands up to show I was neither resisting nor armed. In response, I was handled brutally by police alongside other students being shoved down concrete steps saying with shameless condescension, “Watch your step.” We were arrested, bound and shuttled down to 1 Police Plaza, where the New York Police Department had a pizza party prepared for arresting officers. 

They threw us in cells like animals – cells where the only toilets women could use lacked any privacy and where our naked bodies were in plain sight to throngs of male officers.

Aw, poor widdle dawlin’. Ain’t much fun being in the slam, huh? And bad as jail is, even that isn’t a patch on actual, y’know, prison. Later in the article, this deluded, pig-ign’ant young ‘un manages to come off as at least somewhat reasonable, if still ignorant, blind, and historically illiterate.

On Saturday, I hosted a Passover Seder at my cramped Manhattan apartment for many of my closest friends. Representing many faiths and none, we broke bread together and celebrated the Jewish liberation from slavery and a broken, unjust system of oppression. 

On Tuesday I was shackled and arrested as part of the campus movement that many in the news media are calling “antisemitic.” It isn’t.

Critically, our fellow Jewish students are not the villains in this story. They are our friends, our family, our blood, our fellow foot soldiers. Like us, they bleed, they crack, they bruise, they feel. At no point have the student organizers called for or promoted violence against our Jewish brothers and sisters. We are calling to end the violence and genocide against our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

“Genocide,” yet. “Genocide,” yet AGAIN. Know who really IS calling for genocide—truly, literally, and without embarrassment or hesitation—means every word they say when they do, and has tried over and over again to get the genocide ball a-rolling? Three guesses, first two don’t count.

I realize you’re severely handicapped in your quest for knowledge by not having any non-Lefty-idjit teachers to ask about it; being surrounded by ideologically-rigid, obstinate clods wearing the mask of “educators” at your overrated Leftybaby factory makes it a tough row for any sincere, open-minded knowledge-seeker to hoe. But I beg, don’t let that stop you. Cast off the shackles of arrogance-in-ignorance native to callow youth; stop the sob-sister whining when your criminal actions bring consequences you are in no way prepared to shoulder; and, as Minor Threat suggests in the song “12XU,” flex your head.

Trust me, girl, you’ll be a much better person for it. No easy, obvious path is ever worth following, likewise an angry, destructive mob.


4 thoughts on “Kid, you don’t even KNOW from violence

  1. Truthfully, the only way this bitch would ever learn would be if she were brutalized like the Israeli women were. Her words are the practiced words of a paid hamas agitator, the words of a liar and fool. She not only has no value to civilization, she wishes for everyone to be enslaved.

    1. Actually, to me they’re the words of a mindless follower, a lemming, who as a self-gassing Jew closes the piece by trying to use her ethnicity as a shield and a sympathy-soliciting rationalization of lawless behavior which is inherently inimical to the survival of Israel.

      Also, she’s a hopeless ignoramus about pretty much every least aspect of the issue at hand, regurgitating the fact-free pabulum she’s been spoon-fed her whole life by her “teachers.” Mustn’t leave that out.

      Among the roots of the problem are a few safe assumptions:

      • She’s been (over)praised from early childhood as “smart,” “brave,” “beautiful,” and “extraordinary”
      • She’s been subjected to little if any discipline, intellectual rigor, or correction, certainly never spanked as she ought to’ve been
      • She’s been encouraged to expound at length on her underdeveloped, juvenile opinions, as if they were every bit as laudable and valid as any legitimate scholar’s or experienced adult’s
      • She’s been sheltered, mollycoddled, and indulged her whole life; trauma and tragedy for her amounts to being made to do her homework before bed
      • She’s never, regardless of how grave the mistake, misbehavior, or transgression, faced any serious consequences for her actions

      These, among a crapton of others. Time was, kids were admonished to hold their tongues when grown-ups were talking—-just another of those things that were lost when we sat back and let them steal our country from us, but were very much worth holding onto.

      Now, we see before us a Lost Generation of pampered, mouthy brats whose towering self-esteem is unmerited; whose blessings are unappreciated; whose presumptions of innate superiority, rectitude, and ability are unfounded; and whose vanity, pride, and imperiousness are unshakable.

      1. Oh, no argument from me. I think your much longer summation is entirely correct. I was just making note of the fact that 1) she would never change unless brutalized by the very people she “champions”, and 2) that her wording is practiced:

        “Allie Wong is a Ph.D. student at Columbia University. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, an M.A. in International Affairs from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and a bachelor’s degree in Human Rights, Peace and Nonviolent Activism from New York University.”

        She’s a full blooded commie.

  2. The fact that every one of those whiny little bitches didn’t get a PR-24 shampoo and a CS breathing treatment while being dragged away by their hair on their way to the wagon proves they weren’t arrested hard enough.

    The fact that they’re whining now is also proof they didn’t learn the lesson, and it’ll have to be repeated, next time with feeling, so that it sticks with them for a lifetime.

    Pussy cops arresting pussy protesters. About what I’d expect from NYFC.

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