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Peak irony?

Or peak idiocy? Yet another occasion when we must embrace the healing power of “and.”

Ms Murray asks a few pertinent questions, then hips us to the bottom line.

Haven’t we all seen diesel-powered trucks deliver diesel-powered generators, to charge dead E.V. batteries?

How does a company get the lithium to build the battery? Diesel earth-moving machinery of course.

What happens when freezing temperatures cause an E.V. to break down? What kind of tow truck comes to the rescue?

When exposure to salt water causes a dangerous malfunction and the car rolls backward into a bay, what kind of vehicle pulls the car up from submersion?

Funny enough, after I posted that video, someone in the comments (shockingly) missed the irony, making this statement:

How is this ironic? There’s [sic] only a handful of EV semis on [the] road as of right now. How else are the cars going to make it to their destination?

Yes, there are “only a handful of EV semis” on the road because they can’t even come close to what diesel haulers can do. In a free market, when an idea isn’t good enough for consensual adoption, or costs more in dollars than the value it brings to the table… you find yourself in a reality in which “only a handful of EV semis” are found clunking across the road at any one time. (And, they are only there because of large infusions of taxpayer cash to prop up this bad idea.)

The world runs on oil, the only truly renewable source of energy, and one that doesn’t have to rely on another source of energy to make up for shortcomings.

Annnnd bingo. ‘Nuff said.

Update! Oh, and about that minor little “freezing temperatures” business.

Blue Cities Went All-In for Electric Transit, But the Buses Couldn’t Handle the Cold
Virtue-signaling liberalism is fighting another losing battle with reality.

On Wednesday, the Minnesota-focused news outlet MinnPost reported that several of the state’s largest cities have encountered significant obstacles in their quest to achieve planet-friendly public transit.

Frigid temperatures and a myriad of other problems have plagued Duluth and the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul during their transition to zero-emission buses.

In subzero conditions — a staple of Minnesota winters — electric buses operate at only a fraction of their supposed 150-mile capacity.

Drew Kerr, spokesman for Twin Cities Metro Transit, explained that charged buses travel far shorter distances than manufacturers advertised.

“Using garage chargers alone, electric buses can remain in service for 70 to 75 miles before needing to return to the garage; with on-route chargers, electric buses were scheduled to be in service for up to 90 miles before returning to the garage,” Kerr said.

Duluth spokesman Dave Clark noted that the city has experienced significant problems with charging stations.

“They would fail. They would not perform. They would experience malfunctions, glitches. They were extremely problematic right out of the gate,” Clark said.

As anyone with even half a lick of fucking sense would expect, there’s much, much more at the link. In the sagacious words of Thomas Jefferson: It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. Smart man, that Thomas Jefferson.


8 thoughts on “Peak irony?

  1. I love it,

    most locals over here have SUVs or at least one pickup truck, tons of lifted souped up trucks and SUVs, most diesels deleted, at the local shopping center the other day there were a bunch of transplants most likely from the left coast arguing over who was first to the charging station so they could charge their stupid teslas, nothing so entertaining as a bunch of idiot liberals fighting over a charging station, buncha farkin idgits, i just couldnt resist sitting there right next to them fuming them out in my deleted superduty while enjoying the AC and sipping on a monster.

  2. EVs aren’t totally stupid.
    They just have an extremely narrow bandwidth of utility, and they’ll never provide a net positive energy return.

    I just want to live long enough to see the watermelons who think they’re everything get on an EV passenger aircraft, and find out they have to power it themselves for an 11-hour inter-continental flight, with the pedals helpfully installed at their feet, and the rowing dynamos at shoulder height.

    1. Owning an EV is similar to owning a Miata/any 2 seater sports car. It’s a toy, useful in that sense.

      1. Not entirely.
        Just like an off-grid house, the payoff isn’t when things are working, it’s when things aren’t.

        An EV with solar charging will work for years after the last refinery is tits up.
        At that point, a range of 200 miles is 175 miles farther than most people can walk in a day, and it becomes priceless.
        If you’re solar-charging from battery storage now, you’ve invested more than you’d spend on a gas car.
        But that will work long after there’s no gas, and eliminate a daily or weekly financial drain as long as the battery works in the meantime.

        You’re trading something that may fail for something that will work.
        Minus sunk expenses and opportunity cost.

        Like buying a lottery ticket, it’s dumb…until it pays a jackpot.

        But it’s rarely a good primary choice, and it won’t pay for itself side-by-side with a decent combustion vehicle 80% of the time.

        1. So the electricity comes from the wall socket! From the air!!

          Hint: EVs run on Fossil Fuels

          1. EV’s require fossil fuels to build and maintain, certainly.

            Charging them can be done with power generated by the sun however. Pertinent to the conversation, I just took delivery this morning of my upcoming solar project. 4kw of solar, off grid charge controller/inverter, and 5kw lithium battery. Next year I *may* add another 4k of solar cells and another battery.

            What is it for? I can keep my three freezers and two refrigerators running off of solar in the event of a massive civilizational collapse that shuts down the power for a long period. I can keep the lights and internet on, plus charge my phones when there are short term outages that might occur in storm destruction or other situations. I can operate a short wave radio…

            And I could charge my electric car when no fuel is possible. Do I have an electric car? No. Should the grid go down there will be plenty for the taking. I’ve done the calculations for a Tesla and I need 13.5kw to drive 50 miles per day. At 4K on the roof x 4 hours per day that’s 16Kw total, more than enough. Adding an additional 4Kw will double that.

            It doesn’t make an EV economically viable, and you better have high speed lead to protect it all, plus to harvest the deer for food. But it does make survival in a real bad situation possible.

            1. To answer the inevitable question, why not put up more and “sell” it back to the power company? My power company will pay me the same price they charge per Kw. The problem is the per Kw price is so low it’s not worth the effort. Here, we pay 7.5 cents per Kw. You cannot invest in solar to save money at that rate. In a place like sunny california, at 25C per Kw, a different answer if you can do it yourself. At 25 cents per I’d have as much as I could get up.

        2. “…the payoff isn’t when things are working, it’s when things aren’t.”

          Yes. See my comment to Kenny…
          The vast majority of people will be unable to maintain their solar systems even those so equipped. Just like they cannot maintain their own cars now. There will be lots of stopped electric vehicles just sitting waiting for the next owner when the shit hits the fan.

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