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The truth vs the liars

How The Empire© strikes back.

Barr Says Trump’s Own Lawyers Told Him Post-Election Scheming Would Land Him in Legal Peril: ‘No One Should Be Surprised’
While former President Donald Trump spoke to Fox Business Network’s Larry Kudlow Thursday, former Attorney General Bill Barr told Neil Cavuto on Fox News, “No one should be surprised” that Trump has become completely wrapped up in the legal system due to his actions leading up to the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

“I resigned on December 14 because I thought that at that point the state votes were certified and that was the end of the legal process,” Barr said, adding:

And I also didn’t like the way he was spouting the Big Lie. I thought that was irresponsible. But he took it much further than even I expected, or anyone expected. And during this time, he was being told by lawyers in the White House that if he kept on doing this, he would spend the rest of his life tangling with the criminal justice process. And that’s exactly what’s happened. He shouldn’t be surprised and no one else should be surprised.

“Well, the fact he didn’t drop things could lead to some to believe, and his people who defend him say, that he genuinely did feel that he was robbed and this was the good fight and the proper fight,” Cavuto said.

“The Big Lie,” eh? My GOD, but the balls on this scum-sucking sonofabitch.

Earlier in the interview, Barr said he thought both federal cases against Trump were legitimate.

At the end of the day, at the core of this thing, he engaged — in the case of the documents — in outrageous behavior where anyone would be prosecuted. I don’t know of any attorney general who could walk away from it. He’s not being prosecuted for having the documents. He’s being prosecuted for obstruction. Two egregious instances are alleged. So, I think that’s a very simple case and that should be tried. If the judge is anywhere competent, that could be concluded before the summer. And the other case, after the election, he, in my opinion, did cross the line. It wasn’t just rough and tumble politics. He crossed the line.

In a Truth Social post earlier Thursday, Trump claimed that he “canned” Barr “and felt really good about it.”

“Now he goes all over the place, especially Fox, pretending he’s a tough guy!” Trump posted.

Know why he’s doing that, you poor dumb shit? Because he, like all the rest of his Swamp confreres, knows full well that you’re soon going to find yourself behind bars. About which he’s perfectly correct.

Trump Says He’ll Surrender to Georgia Authorities Thursday
The former president’s attorneys promised Trump won’t intimidate witnesses or co-defendants as part of his Georgia bail agreement

DONALD TRUMP ANNOUNCED that he will surrender to Georgia authorities for arrest and arraignment in his state 2020 election interference RICO case on Thursday, but the conditions he must agree to in order to secure bail have already been decided.

The former president will be required to pay a $200,000 bond, and sign off on various requirements from the court in order to remain free. These include not committing any further crimes, appearing in court when required to, and refraining from making any “direct or indirect threat of any nature” against any co-defendant, unindicted co-conspirator, witness, or victim.

The court also prohibits the former president from making a “direct or indirect threat of any nature against the community or to any property in the community.”

Crucially, prosecutors made a point to stipulate that these restrictions apply to “posts on social media or reposts of posts made by another individual on social media.”

Yep, as Steve Rhodes once told the Bundy family about Al: “Then it’s a-prison he’ll be going.” I’ll just let Ace say it for me.

Having agreed to this, will Trump be able to refrain from saying anything that could “indirectly” “intimidate” a witness? Which could be construed by an anti-Trump kangaroo court as including any negative statement at all, because that could scare a witness into thinking Dark MAGA Extremists will come lynch him?

I don’t know.

Oh, but I think you do; we all do, and if you don’t, you damned sure ought to by now. Mike Ness knows the score.

It’s Trump’s new song, whether he knows it or not.


26 thoughts on “The truth vs the liars

  1. It should be remembered that this is a former president and one that is running for re-election currently.

    The liars like Barr are mainly trying to STOP TRUMP from being in the running as they have no legal case at all. What crimes has he been charged with?

    Any bogus conviction will result in an instant appeal to the next level, and should it go that far, the SCOTUS, where Trump will win.

    He will never spend a night in jail.

  2. Those are pretty standard bail conditions, if the government wants to revoke bail, Trump gets a hearing and he can appeal the result all the way to SCOTUS.

    Democrats jailing opponents who have a good chance at beating them has happened before. It happened back in 1919-1920, when Eugene Debs was running for President as the nominee of the Socialist Party and had a good shot at winning the race. Woodrow Wilson railroaded him into jail in 1920 for 10 years using his Attorney General, A. Mitchell Palmer, who effectively shut down Debs’ campaign by arresting 4000 of his supporter in the infamous Palmer Raids:

    “The famous socialist, union activist, and presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs found himself crosswise with Wilson for opposing both the draft and the war. In April 1919, five months after the war ended, he was convicted of “seditious” speech, sentenced to ten years in prison, and denied the right to vote for the rest of his life. Sometime later, when Debs heard that Wilson would refuse to pardon him, he poignantly responded, “It is he [Wilson], not I, who needs a pardon.”

    Allow me to digress for a moment on the Debs case because it brings to mind a current controversy. President Trump was impeached by the House last month because he allegedly tried to cripple a political opponent by pushing for an investigation into that opponent’s possible corruption. But there was hardly a peep from the media in 1919, even though Debs ran for president four times before and would run yet again, and Wilson himself was flirting with the idea of running for a third term in 1920.

    Wilson’s health eventually precluded another run, but Debs ran from his prison cell and garnered more than 900,000 votes. Wilson never pardoned Debs, but Republican President Warren G. Harding did.
    Hostilities in Europe ended in November 1918, but the Wilson administration’s assault on civil rights continued. With the Germans vanquished, the new pretext to bully Americans became known as the “Red Scare”—the notion that communists under the influence of the new Leninist regime in Moscow were the big threat in the country.
    Meantime, in March 1919, Wilson hired a new attorney general—A. Mitchell Palmer—who was determined to tackle it one way or another, especially after two attempted bombings of his home. Palmer was just what Wilson was looking for: “young, militant, progressive and fearless,” in the president’s own words.
    The first of the two biggest Palmer Raids occurred on November 7, 1919. With Palmer’s newly appointed deputy J. Edgar Hoover spearheading the operation, federal agents scooped up hundreds of alleged radicals, subversives, communists, anarchists, and “undesirable” but legal immigrants in 12 cities—some 650 in New York City alone. Beatings, even in police stations, were not uncommon.
    Palmer later said,

    If . . . some of my agents out in the field . . . were a little rough and unkind, or short and curt, with these alien agitators . . . I think it might well be overlooked.

    He pointed to a few bombings as evidence that the sedition problem was huge and required “decisive” action.
    January 2, 1920—when the largest and most aggressive batch of Palmer Raids was carried out—was a night of terror: about 4,000 arrests across 23 states, often without legitimate search warrants and with the arrestees frequently tossed into makeshift jails in substandard conditions.
    Leftists and leftist organizations were the targets, but even visitors to their meeting halls were caught up in the dragnet. No friend of liberty then or now, The Washington Post opined, “There is no time to waste on hairsplitting over infringement of liberties.”

    1. This was stuck in “moderation”, probably because of the number of links. It’s probably why you got the edit error (Barry)

  3. the edit function does not work – it comes back with “the email address is invalid”. Here is the paragraph I had intended to append:

    Free, fair, and honest elections are the exception, rather than the rule, in the US, and this has been the case since nearly the beginning, where John Adams used the Alien and Sedition Acts to imprison his opponents. Adams had to be physically carried out of the White House, and that was back in 1801 – and Adams’ Federalists were the precursors to today’s Democrats.

  4. As I have said before, but it bears repeating:

    Trump was comfortable in the lead by 4-6% in the 6 “swing” States. They stopped counting until the morning. Yet somehow, with no one there to count a single vote, at 3am enough “votes” were counted, at 100% for Biteme, to vault him in to a narrow lead.

    There are thousands of data points to add to that. There are thousands of sworn affidavits to the fact they were stuffing the ballot box. There are video evidence of them pulling out cases of ballots and running them through the machines. There is 2000 Mules which shows them stuffing Drop Boxes.

    But if you simply look at the 3AM Vote Dumps when they weren’t counting, and then deny The Steal, you are simply evil.

    1. I was watching it in real time. I don’t recall what time I went to bed, not before 5am, but I knew the election was in the process of being stolen.

      The famous F curve explains some of the steal. They had it planned out on multiple fronts, and it’s also clear they didn’t expect the massive Trump vote, which is why they had to stop the counting while they organized the ballot stuffing operations. By the early morning they knew where…

      1. I also understand that there is PLENTY more evidence about the Steal and I mentioned just some of it.

        But even if there weren’t, how could votes be tabulated when no one was counting? It’s as simple as that.

        A time line graph like the F curve should simply have gone flat line for both candidates with Trump leading, until counting resumed.

        It’s as simple as that. If you can’t understand something that simple you’re either lying or as stupid as a rock, or both.

        1. I’m going with both.
          All one need do is watch the video of the Georgia early morning vote theft. It’s clear and anyone that denies it is a bald faced liar.

  5. Barr is a traitorous son of a bitch, and the election was unquestionably stolen.

    Who in the FUCK made that fat asshole Attorney General, anyway?


    1. Who was your pick for AG? One that could be confirmed in the senate…

      And show us on the orange doll where the bad man hurt you.

      Hey, but you voted for him twice like every other neverTrumper.

      1. The real lesson, one I’m confident Trump learned –

        Fire every person in the FBI and DOJ that can be fired, and then appoint me or someone like me*. Let the senate vote us down and

        just leave the position unfilled.

        *IOW’s someone outside the gov, someone not corrupted by the deep state, or for the slower learners, an American

      2. Kris Kobach. Would have been perfect, and loyal as hell to Trump. And had Trump gone to the wall for him – or for any of his loyalists – he probably could have gotten him through the Senate. Would have been a fight, but Trump claimed to be a fighter.

        As for your normal bullshit – you’re retarded, Barry.

        1. Kobach would be a good one and WOULD NEVER BE CONFIRMED, which is the point you moron.

          No one loyal to Trump or to Americans was going to be confirmed.

          As for retarded, you are a neverTrumper, as retarded as they get.

          1. Betsy DeVos got confirmed as SecEd, and she was as hated as Kobach. Kobach would have had a shot, but Trump was too busy nominating people like Barr and Christopher Wray. Trump was the architect of his own downfall.

            And ultimately ours.

            1. Horseshit.
              The deep state party of republicans don’t give a damn about the Sec of Ed. They do care about the AG and head of the FBI. The R senate wouldn’t approve of any Trump person in any power position unless it was a deep state plant, like Sessions.

              That’s obvious to anyone that is honest. To state otherwise is to state you believe the senate republicans actually care about the country.

              You are what you have been from day one, a neverTrumper butthurt retard. Still pining for Cruz and trying your best to resurrect the Cruz deep state replacement, DeSantis. The best president we’ve had since Reagan, many think better than. And the only one to ever take on the feds themselves. And you do nothing but nitpick.

              There are no perfect people nor perfect presidents. Trump is just the best we’ve had since Ike.

              You support Government Men. And we see through them and through you.

            2. What did DeVos do substantially over those 4 years?

              Nothing compared to the economic, energy and foreign policy teams.

            3. The DoJ and the IA are the lynchpins they will protect at ALL costs.

              NO ONE gets confirmed for those spots unless they’re Deep Swamp.

              Which is why they inserted the Sleeper Sessions in to sabotage Flynn and the Investigations by disappearing.

              1. Some people are either too stupid to get this fact, or they are actually on the other side.

                  1. It certainly appears so.

                    Evil because they are helping destroy the country.

                    Stupid because they think we can’t see through the moronic BS they put up as their reasoning, like equating the sec of ed to the heads of the FBI/DOJ/CIA/etc or that Trump didn’t build the wall like he promised, ignoring the truth that 1) it was the R party that suddenly couldn’t find funding for the wall and 2) that Trump found another way to solve the problem* resulting in the lowest illegal flow into this country since Ike was in office.

                    *the real problem is illegals flowing into the country. The “wall” is just a tool designed to help stop that. That tool is only as good as the men handling it and it would be of no value at the moment. Trump stopped the illegals and Mexico paid for it by putting the Mexican national guard on the border. Anyone that complains “Trump didn’t build the wall” is just on the other side most of the time.

                    1. And by making illegals stay in Mexico while processing “asylum” he made Mexico pay billions towards it…

    2. Never forget that Barr was the filthy POS who made sure Lon Horiuchi was never prosecuted for murdering Vicki Weaver. Idaho had charged and was going to prosecute when Barr claimed Federal preference!

  6. Barr should be sodomized to death with progressively larger white-hot fireplace pokers, alternating between both ends of his alimentary canal in series and plunged further each time, until the last pair meet in his middle, and the ordeal be televised live as a warning to traitors.

    Afterwards, have wild beats tear him in quarters, and exhibit the pieces to the four corners of the realm in the usual manner, and throw whatever remains survive the journeys into local landfills.

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