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In the land of the lawless, the predator shall rule

They do not fear us. The evidence is plain, abundant, and incontestable.

Hoft misses the point, pathetically.

The man stood behind a little woman and blew a whistle as loud as he could in her ears. He would not stop and would not leave. The prison staff refused to take action when they were notified of this criminal activity outside of their facility. Do you think they would have come out if it was Pelosi out there?

This is criminal behavior. At one point he screamed at someone, “Touch, you die!”

He was denying MTG her rights as a US citizen to speak and peaceably assemble. And he was causing physical damage to anyone close by. Where do these people come from?

This will continue until people like this are confronted and escorted from the area. NO ONE has the right to damage your hearing for life and shut down your planned press conference like this.

Think so? Actually, in the roiling anarcho-tyranny cauldron that is Amerika v2.0, “rights” are now the exclusive property of those bold enough, ruthless enough, to lay claim to and exercise them as they will. As such, this will assuredly continue NOT until someone in a position of official “authority”—a majority of whose sympathies lie with the vicious Leftard ogre above, ALL of whom will follow the unlawful orders they receive from their superiors—deigns to “escort” him anyplace at all.

No, this will continue until Our Side finally decides to start taking these fiends up on the “You touch, you die!” challenge and leaves a few of them shattered and bleeding on the fucking street, beaten so severely they’re unable to move so much as a fucking finger while they wait for the EMTs to arrive and scrape their foul carcass off the fucking pavement.

Wolfpack them the instant they even look like starting some more of their shit; snatch a few up; put ’em in the Hurt Locker in a way they’ll forever wish they could forget, maybe cripple a few for life—then and only then might you legitimately be able to expect a change in their behavior, once the word starts to get around. Not a moment before, though.

Sorry and all; I realize it ain’t pretty, but that’s really all there is to it. No sane person wanted this; no sane person asked for it, or could possibly be happy about it, or enjoy it, or think it’s in any way a good thing. But somehow, here we all are anyway.

At long, long last, we all must recognize a few seriously unpleasant realities:

  • They are dedicated, violent, and utterly without mercy or empathy
  • They are long accustomed to having their way, with total impunity, with Normals who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that the very Earth beneath their feet has forever shifted
  • The Old Rules no longer apply, either to Them or to Us
  • The Enemy is, in fact, The Enemy—not Our Countrymen, not Our Fellow Americans, not merely a bunch of high-spirited kids on a lark who can be reasoned with or placated
  • They are NOT “just like us, really”; do NOT want “basically the same things we all do”; do NOT share any common beliefs or values with Normal Americans; they are committed, hate-maddened neo-Marxist ideologues who will stop at nothing whatsoever to destroy you, your way of life, and your country

It’s awful, it’s tragic, it’s heartbreaking, even. It is also the way things now stand, no more nor less. There can be no peaceful coexistence, no “compromise.” To glom the title from the old Billy Graham radio show, a long-dreaded Hour Of Decision is nigh upon us, the time when extremely difficult choices will have to be made. Much as we might wish to, those choices can no longer be deferred, much less denied. Ultimately, it all comes down to an old, familiar question, the eternal quandary our Founding Fathers honorably confronted in their own era: Will we die on our feet, or live on our knees?

The country which noxious vermin like Whistling Dickhead up there stole from us is badly, badly broken, and neither of those things happened by accident. None but a blind fool could dream it might ever be taken back again peaceably. Not as long as such filthy Leftist scum stand ever-ready to take violent action against us with no fear of consequences, it won’t.

Oh hey, I know, maybe if we just Vote Harderer™ at them next time…!



16 thoughts on “In the land of the lawless, the predator shall rule

    1. The Mask helped hide his identity but also highlighted the uselessness of The Face Diaper.

  1. “Freedom of Speech” per a loud whistle in someon’s ear is difficult to perform if intake of air is restricted via garrote

    1. True. OTOH, it’s also difficult when you have been jailed by the government thugs that allow the whistle fucker to impede your freedom of speech.

      Whistle fucker is being paid by the pigs to disrupt the legal protest.

  2. FTR, if anyone is stupid enough to try and hold a public press conference without their own security, they deserve what happens to them.

    Some of us have been dealing with this kind of b.s. since the early 2000s with illegals and the people giving them a daily tongue bath.
    It’s the same mob. Absolutely identical.
    And the cops are on their side, every single time.
    Stop. Playing. In. The. Street.

    Stop playing on their ground.

    Make them play on ground of your choosing, and then apply The Chicago Way. When the stakes become “high likelihood of getting your ass shot into doll rags”, they stop coming out to play.
    Ask me how I know.

  3. If you did something right then and there the armed police would be out there so fast your head would spin.

    It’d be justice though if this man were identified and found later in a more ‘private’ location.

    MTG should do this again and if the thugs show up, be prepared to follow them and identify them.

    At the very least, name names and let Americans do the rest.

    1. You mean like the Americans who took on Antifa and BLM to such great effect when their city centers were being destroyed.

      1. You mean like Kyle Rittenhouse?

        Yea, Americans like him.

        Not many Americans live in the “city centers”.

        1. Kyle Rittenhouse can’t be praised enough, but what about the tens of millions of American gun-owning “warriors” that don’t seem to be engaging with the enemy in any effective way.

          Also, although most Americans don’t live in city centers, many do work there, shop there, dine there or visit cultural venues there.
          Then there’s the tax burden for clean up and repairs that has to be shouldered.

          1. many do

            Define “many”. Most of us abandoned any pretense of the democrat hellholes being livable or workable and stay the hell out. I’m fine with the residents of those places burning them to the ground. I wouldn’t piss on the fire.

          2. There are way more of people like me getting out of those places than ever.

            NYC itself is losing taxpayers and replacing them with illegals. Very few there are real Americans and they’re outnumbered. Plus they’re not allowed to legally own a gun.

            If you’re American the writing is on the wall. Get the hell out.

      2. Don’t interrupt the enemy when they’re destroying their own strongholds.

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