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Old Media launches pre-emptive strike

In typical dishonest fashion, against their latest hate-object.

DeSantis Derangement Syndrome: The media get even more unhinged

For those of us with already-low expectations for the leftist media, they’ve been working to lower that bar even further in their coverage of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

You’d think these press organizations would have learned from their Trump Derangement Syndrome, when they burned trust in so many institutions, including and specifically their own, trying to fight President Donald Trump. Instead, they’ve simply substituted DeSantis in their activist, bile-filled, often-totally-wrong rants.

CNN reporter John Blake sent this note to DeSantis’ press secretary, Bryan Griffin, asking for comment after the gov blocked a woke high-school class: “I’ve talked to one of the nation’s leading scholars on fascism who, along with another scholar who is an authority on fascism, say that DeSantis’ decision echoes similar decisions made by fascist dictators to force what one historian calls ‘collective amnesia’ about the past.”

I’m writing a piece calling the governor a fascist, care to comment? And how long have you been beating your wife?

Griffin posted Blake’s request to Twitter, pulling back the curtain on how hit pieces calling America’s most popular governor a “fascist” get made.

The Daily Beast ran an entirely fictitious account, likely written in crayon, of the DeSantis team paying influencers and “bot farms” on Twitter.

DeSantis for his part talks directly to Floridians and calmly explains his policies, which Floridians continue to support despite the media hoopla. He comes to his press conferences armed with facts and never lets the media get the better of him. He and his team have been teaching a master class in how to handle the dishonest press.

But they shouldn’t have to. Even those who don’t share his politics should speak up and say the coverage is absurd and lack of trust in news organizations has hurt us all. But they won’t because there are elections to win.

Well, that, plus they just enjoy the near-sexual frisson deceitfully slandering their adversaries and bringing them down provides them so much they really can’t help themselves. It’s too great a temptation for the snarling, yappy little ankle-biters to resist.

As for Ron The Great, he’s been an excellent governor, accomplishing several real and worthwhile things aimed at undoing many of the Great Leaps Forward made by Florida Leftards. Which is exactly why they hate him so desperately: love him or hate him, see him as a genuine reformer or just another grubby politician on the make, there’s no denying that DeSantis has been damned effective as governor of Florida.

And that’s what counts most at this point. The Sovereign States are where all the action is; for the most part, all the national political maneuvering and Titanic-deck-chair reshuffling hardly even registers with me anymore, it’s close to irrelevant. We know for sure and certain that the President is nothing more than a figurehead—a malleable, pliant ventriloquist’s dummy trotted out to make speeches at fundraisers. Trump’s Oval Orifice ordeal raised the curtain on that harsh reality, and the Biden meat-puppet’s disastrous tenure has confirmed it beyond all doubt.

I mean, seriously now: even diehard Dim-O-Creeps are coming around, in steadily increasing numbers, to the manifestly-obvious fact that the Biden meat-puppet isn’t in charge of his own daily bowel movement, much less of Amerika v2.0’s bloated central government, whether they’re willing to openly admit to it yet or not. Not that they’ll balk at campaigning, fundraising, and voting for the addle-pated old crook in 2024, mind. After all, they ARE still D卐M☭CRATs, you know.

Despite all the will he-won’t he 2024 Presidential speculation, despite oleaginous operators from both sides of the political fence presuming to put words in DeSantis’ mouth for their own purposes, I have yet to see the man himself utter Syllable One about the chances of him deciding to take a run at the tarnished brass ring. That makes me very happy indeed; as I’ve said over and over, Real Americans need Ron DeSantis right where he currently is. He’ll do way more good for us as Florida’s governor than he’ll ever be permitted to as POTUS, if only as a morale- and resolve-booster showing that the Left juggernaut isn’t invincible—that with a little effort and determination, they can in fact be defeated.

Should he decide to run anyhow, it will reveal much about who and what Ron DeSantis really is down deep—his character, his intelligence, his ego, his ambitions, his grasp of current reality, even—none of it the slightest bit encouraging. That will be a truly sad day, both for us and for the nation its own self.


21 thoughts on “Old Media launches pre-emptive strike

  1. Plus, he needs to be an example to the other GOP governors out there.

    Defund and Deny the Left using the Power of the State, a Sovereign Nation under the concept of a Republic, at the State and eventually against and directed at the Federal Level Leftists.

    Hopefully some Governors, like Abbott is doing, might start growing a Pair and following his lead.

    If you want to be The Leader this Country now needs that’s the way to do it.

      1. Perhaps. They’re probably not getting any attention. By design.

        I wonder what Stitt is up to recently.

        1. Just to bring it up again, recall how the “big” win in Florida for DeSantis was proof he was the right man for the job of president?

          Of course all the other R governors that had elections also generally had pretty “big” results, for example:

          Stitt in Oklahoma margin of victory – 13.7%
          Noem in S.Dakota – 26.8%
          Lee in Tennessee – 32.0%

          Makes DeSantis at 19.4% look rather pedestrian.

          And then there are the Septic types that will go, but, but ,but those are not big enough states to count!

          So we bring up DeWine in Ohio at – 25.3%

          We have several republican governors that are doing a fine job, won reelection with bigger margins than the Government Man, but they don’t get the press. Wonder why?

          I know:
          It’s because they are not the handpicked swamp creature of the deep state, that’s why.

            1. Ouch. I’m still remembering K’s last home game was a loss to the Heels, and his very last game ever, and a Final Four game at that, was a loss to the Heels. That makes up for last night 🙂

              If we continue to shoot the BB that poorly we’re going to continue to have problems.

              In any event, as much as I hate to give any credit to dook for anything, they have some darn good players that on a good run could win it all. I thought our play was not close to our best, but I thought dook played about as well as they can. And it was a basic one point game until the last couple minutes.

  2. My opinion –

    This is all being orchestrated. The left sends out their hate for DeSantis in order to build his creds with the right. Everything, and I mean everything, is being scripted to stop Trump. The forces (the entire US government, the GOP, The dems, and the press they own) are all in on one thing, stopping Trump.

    Jeb! Bush did a fine job running Florida.

  3. I see Binary Barry is at it again. De Santis actually DOES something meaningful, and in BB’s eyes, it’s a 3D chess move agin’ Trump.

    DeSantis takes action against faggot groomers. Trump throws them a fucking party at Mar-A-Lago.

    1. I see dumb bastard Skeptic is at it again. He doesn’t mind being a slave as long as the master ain’t a faggot.

      The man on the white horse is here to save us from all the faggots. I guess they’re bothering ole dumb bastard Skeptic mightily.

      Desantis is the original government man. He’s deeper state than old Bush himself who at least could claim having been in the private sector for a bit. DeSantis? Yale, Harvard, then a JAG. A short period as a prosecutor and now a politician. Deep state government man funded by the wall street billionaires club. Supported by the GOP, Bush family, Karl Rove, and Mitch McConnell.

      DeSantis has done nothing but follow the script handed to him.

      But dumb bastard Skeptic will fall for it without any consideration.

      TDS just eats the brain away, turns it to mush.

      1. Your hero presided over the greatest destruction of freedom and liberty in this country’s history. He didn’t fight it – he aided and abetted it. Period. Fucking. Dot. I realize that you have no principles or core beliefs other than Trump Uber Alles, but some of us can still think and evaluate information.

        DeSantis has taken more actual ACTIONS to preserve the American way of life than your hero. It’s only unfortunate that he’s only been able to do it Florida.

        1. As is typical, besides being a dumbass you are a fucking liar.

          Trump is the only president since Ike to start restoring freedom and liberty, and that includes Reagan. But you’re not bright enough to understand what freedom and liberty are. You’re for the government man.

          Go ahead, tell us how the government man, DeSantis, has take ANY action to restore freedom and liberty, and then tell us how you think he’s going to do that when he is 100% beholden to the fucking GOP and Wall Street donor class. They’re all owned by the chinese which means DeSantis is owned by the chinese as well.

          Trump took on the chinese, our #1 enemy. DeSantis will not touch them. He’ll do what the script says and stop them from buying 20 acres of land in Florida. Big fucking deal.

          By the way moron, I don’t think of Trump as a hero, that’s just what you dumbass neverTrumpers try to pretend. Those that support Trump do so for one reason, because he is the first man since Ike to stand up for Americans.

          Before DeSantis your man on a white horse was Cruz, another GOP deep stater.

          Any president that didn’t take action when the entire US medical complex inside and outside government along with the medical complex outside the USA were telling him that millions of Americans were going to die from the virus would be an insane derelict. He did what any responsible president would have done. Your a fucking POS hindsight moron.

          Go blow a faggot. It’s what you do best other than lying.

        2. Your hero RDS SHUT FL DOWN FOR 6 MONTHS!

          How’s that for presiding over the greatest destruction in this country’s history by ACTUALLY SIGNING the EOs that shut his State down? And gave Cover for all the other GOP Governors to do the same, except for Stitt and Noem.

          Oh and 6 months was long enough to make sure FL’s economy didn’t come back quickly enough to point to it come the Election.

          If you were touting Stitt as the next POTUS you might have a leg to stand on this issue.

          RDS was WORSE than Trump on WuFlu and the same as Trump for 6 months to a year on the Vaxxes. He has no political advantage in either case.

      2. At least DeSantis is better than Charlie Crist, who was groomed by dear ol’ <i>Jeb!</i>

        1. Oh and check out which Fraternity he pledged at Yale.

          Skull and Bones DKE same as Daddy Bush and W.

        2. Who financed his first run at Congress and then gave a two term Congressman a shot at Governor of the 2nd or 3rd largest State by population in the Nation?

    2. BTW I praised RDS above and made not a word of it about Trump.

      You should try it sometime and stop letting Trump live in your head rent free, raid your fridge and poke at the back of your eyeballs. OUCH, STOP THAT!

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