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Drain that Swamp—this time for reals

Derb says he wants Trumpism without Trump—which, after reading the post, doesn’t sound too terribly unreasonable or irrational to me, I must admit.

The hatred our Ruling Class has for Trump is manifest. It still, after six years, burns fierce and bright. It’s really an extraordinary thing.

And this hatred, this Trump Derangement Syndrome, is just the emblem, the outward symbol, of their hatred for us, normal white Americans.

Sixty-three million of us voted for Trump in 2016 because, I think they know, we were fed up with having their anti-white, anti-American ideology rammed down our throats.

Trump was an outsider, not one of them, not a member of the Uniparty establishment. That’s why we liked him; that’s why they hate him.

I hope for a Trumpish victory in 2024. Here’s my advice to the victor: Drain that swamp!

In particular, end the naked politicization of federal law enforcement. There need to be mass purges, mass firings, from the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Defense.

I’m not sure how deep the purges would need to go. At the bottom levels—border security officers in Homeland Security, for example—there must be many federal employees who’d be glad to do their jobs if they were allowed to. Perhaps the same is even true of the FBI.

In the upper ranks, though, where the decisions are made to hunt down and persecute dissidents and turn blind eyes to real crime, I want to see mass layoffs.

I’ll even pay their damned inflated federal pensions; just get them out of Washington, D.C.

For a really radical approach, consider just shutting down departments and agencies altogether. America got along for 157 years without an FBI; do we really need one? We managed for two hundred and twenty-seven years without a Department of Homeland Security; how on earth did we cope?

A damned sight better than we are now, that’s beyond argument.

And if you’re going to be that radical, go further and move federal departments out of Washington, D.C. The city is a hive of intrigue. What would be wrong with the Justice Department being based in Idaho, Defense in Kansas, Treasury in Arkansas, the State Department in…oh, I don’t know…Alaska?

Let’s have some real reform: reform in the direction of more of our traditional liberties, more local control of our affairs, less power to the Administrative State. The course we are currently on leads to despotism and despair. Let’s change course.

I’m sorry: the sheer volume of dishonesty and hypocrisy, of disregard for truth and facts, gets me sputtering. We’re really getting up to North Korean levels of Establishment lying.

Excellent ideas all, in no way diminished by the astronomical odds against their ever being implemented. And then we come to John’s litany of grievances against Trump, which, as I said, I can’t find a whole heck of a lot to disagree with.

Meanwhile I feel bound to say that, while I think it’s deplorable for our national legislature to sink to these depths in order to prevent one particular candidate running for office in 2024, I wouldn’t mind much if they were to succeed.

Personally, I don’t want Trump running in 2024. He’d be 78 on Election Day and that’s too old. Enough with these geezers. I’m in the same zone myself, and I am all too well aware of how my energy level—my willingness and ability to get things done—has faded. [“Energy in the Executive is a leading character in the definition of good government,” wrote Alexander Hamilton in Federalist No. 10. We’d get more sense from a President Trump than we’re getting from Joe Biden—how could we get less? —but we wouldn’t be getting any more energy.

And his age aside, I just don’t think Trump’s a good candidate. Sure, he had some positive accomplishments, on federal regulations, for example, and energy independence, and telling foreigners to keep out of our business.

There was too much I find hard to forgive, though: his failure to exercise his will over Congress in those two years that his party controlled both houses, the lack of any urgency in building the Border Wall he’d promised, his shameful treatment of Jeff Sessions (and Ann Coulter), his indulgence of the slimy subversive Jared Kushner…too many negatives.

I want Trumpism. But I don’t want Trump.

But yeah, sure: if he is the GOP candidate in 2024, I’ll clench my teeth and vote for him, just to stick a finger in the Ruling Class’s collective eye.

Which poke in the eye, of course, was the very thing that put him in the White House to begin with. My only real quibble here is with that “shameful” treatment of Sessions crack; at the time, it annoyed me that, even after Sessions had knifed him in the back by needlessly bowing down in worshipful obeisance to the Holy Mueller Inquisition, Trump dragged his feet instead of shitcanning the weak Swampling posthaste. Trump’s lackadaisical near-indifference towards quickly ejecting the vipers from his nest once they’d shown themselves to be scaly, belly-crawling, fanged reptiles was a mistake that would recur again and again throughout his tenure, and would wind up being a YUUUUGE contributing factor in the tragic neutering of the Trump Presidency. I was mystified by Trump’s reluctance to draw the Long Knife across the deserving necks then, and I still am now.

Likewise, worse actually, with his bestowing positions of great power and influence on the shitlib Kushner and his equally-unreliable spouse, neither of whom had a discernible scrap of experience, qualification, or aptitude for the job. It was the overindulgent father handing the keys of the brand-new family car on a Saturday night to the very same confirmed-drunkard teenaged son who had already totalled the last two in alcohol-fueled crashes, writ as epically large as can be imagined—a national disaster, rather than a family one. His failure to bring Congress properly to heel was at least nominally understandable, although I can’t quite forgive him for it; he was sent to Mordor on the Potomac expressly to Drain the Swamp, after all, a Sisypheian undertaking which nobody but nobody thought was going to be simply or easily accomplished. The Jared and Ivanka business, though? Bizarre, wholly incomprehensible, and to my mind unforgivable.

Like Derb, I’d really rather Trump take himself out of the 2024 fray as a candidate, if perhaps not for the same reasons as John. I can’t see him achieving a whole lot beyond doing himself real damage thereby; he could play a much more important and less personally-risky role with his patented massive rallies, powerful speeches, and getting out on the hustings in support of good, meticulously-vetted MAGA candidates. The point about Trump’s age is also one I agree with wholeheartedly; FederalGovCo has for too long been the exclusive province of graybeards in their dotage who can’t be removed from their lucrative sinecures without the aid of large quantities of high explosives, which I don’t consider in any way a good thing. An infusion of fresher, younger blood is badly needed, I think.

All of which, of course, is more or less moot anyway. With an encore performance of 2020’s wildly successful ballot-box jiggery-pokey perpetrated by the Usual Suspects an absolute certainty, neither Trump nor any other candidate genuinely pledged to real reform has a snowball’s chance of garnering the 60 to 70 percent victory required to overcome the built-in Democrat/Deep State margin of fraud. 2015-16 was a one-of-a-kind confluence of events, attitudes, and personalities that can never be repeated, lighting a fuse that’s impossible to extinguish and must burn down to the very end. The conflagration it will ignite is all that really matters now.

Trump has made his contribution, and it was no small or trivial one. He ought to steel himself against the urgings of ego, step back, and watch the fireworks with the rest of us who will always appreciate his outsized role in bringing the spark to the place it most needed to be.


22 thoughts on “Drain that Swamp—this time for reals

  1. 10 4 problem is Trump’s ego if he wanted to be America First he would be S of State, we need a bunch of deals made fast. If DeSantis was the candidate I believe they would kill him, he is their worst nightmare. He calls a woman a woman.

    Dreams are nice IMHO they will cheat AGAIN and the rinos will get their wish and not be in charge. Like the man said if voting changed anything it would be illegal.

    it will be depression and war in what order who knows, until God intervenes.

    1. Trump’s ego

      No ego, then you’ll get what you have now. You had best hope someone with an ego the size of the Pacific ocean is in office.

      1. What, do you actually think Biden isn’t egotistic? What are you smoking, meth? Something even stronger?

        An ego is unfortunately required just to be willing to run in the first place, so no matter what happens with voting we’ll have an egotistical bastard in office. But an egotistical bastard who wants to use his power to help the people instead of just rule them is still better… if he can set it aside quickly and both recognize and admit mistakes quickly. The obvious case example is the minute Sessions was stupid enough to recuse himself, two seconds later Trump should have demanded his resignation.

        We got the deal maker and the man who wanted to help the people, and that was useful and helpful, it really was, but we also needed the boss of The Apprentice to the millionth power, willing to fire in two microseconds at the drop of a hat. And that unfortunately we did not get. Perhaps that was because it’s truly impossible due to civil service rules, in fact I think that probably is actually true, but it’s still a major failure on his part.

        Maybe Trump would learn to do the necessary in his theoretical second term, should he ever get one. But somehow I doubt it almost as much as I doubt he’ll ever get a chance to try.

        1. Trump didn’t not fire people because of his Ego.

          EVERYONE in Government said Sessions was correct to recuse himself.

          You and I thought that was crazy, but THEY have the Power in the Constitution to take certain actions.

          So if EVERYONE, Dems and GOP alike, agrees Sessions did the right thing for recusing himself, and Trump fired him for it, then they’d call Trump Crazy or Abusing his Power and they would have removed him via 25A or Impeachment and Removal.

          So Trump had to let a series of Sessions failures go by, call on him to do something about it, which Sessions had no intention of doing. Once those long line of failures added up then it was safe to fire Sessions.

          But then who did he get? He had to choose from a list acceptable to Turtle to confirm. All were DC GOP Swampers.

          Trump was lucky he got anyone really loyal to him approved.

          Kudlow snuck in under the radar because for years he toed the party line for Republicans. They thought he was loyal. Probably the same with Pompeo.

          It was nice to see at least Kudlow and Pompeo betray the Deep State and do the Right Thing when given the chance.

          1. Add Wilbur Ross to that list. He’s excellent. Almost all the business end was near perfect because:

            1) Trump knows those people, which are snakes and which are decent
            2) They didn’t require Senate approval

            1. Yes Kudlow did not need approval. Ross as Commerce Secretary did though. Passed 72-27. So even Dems couldn’t find a way to disparage him.

              Ross is a slippery deal maker. I was in the wrong end of one of his with a small stock position. Burlington Industries. They made materiels that went into airbags (as well as clothing etc). I thought that was a decent business at a decent price. But Ross bought a big stake and merged them with an airbag company he owned. But that company was failing and he probably figured combining a good company with good finances would help the failing company. It didn’t work. They went under and Ross bought the debt and now still owns the combined companies post bankruptcy. There was some.procedural issues with the merger and in the end half my losses were recovered from Ross owned entities that put it all together.

              At least as Commerce Secretary he was OUR Basterd.

              PS I did ok on another stock I bought following Ross in, but I got out soon after a little runup. 2007 and the end was nigh was spooking me. I can’t remember what that stock was.

              1. Yea, I forgot he had to get approval. I did a lot of business with BI. Ross rescued them from financial hell IMO. Had it not been Ross, it would have been broken further and disappeared. The people I know that worked for Wilbur liked him and thought he was a fair man with good business skills.

                BI was the largest textile manufacturing company in the world before our government decided those Southern rednecks needed to get replaced. Textiles were sold out in the very beginning of the USA manufacturing sell out.

                Ross formed International Textile Group. Another purchase was Cone Mills which became part of ITG. ITG was sold to Platinum when Ross became commerce sec, and Platinum took all dept and equity of ITG as far as I know. It’s now known as “Elevate Textiles”.

                1. I probably bought in on the turnaround.
                  I can’t remember the details. I do know I lost 90% but then recovered 50%of that.

                  Win some, lose some. I will, NOW, cut him some slack because maybe he was trying to salvage a bad situation.

                  Meanwhile, bought Ford in 10 range under Trump. Dumped a portion over 22 in Jan. Dumped the latest at avg 13 this month.
                  Got some good dividends early and late.

                  Under Trump Ford is a good company even though the family sucks. They run their Foundation like Progressives but their company well. Only Auto Mfg in America NOT to need a bailout in 2008-9.

                  1. To be fair I have no idea how stock went under the Ross leadership. Obviously Ross would want the value to go up, but that doesn’t mean no mistakes were made.

                    The big problem in textiles was the US government trading the textile industry because reasons. Textiles just got sold out first with everything else following. Furniture was next…

                    By the way, we used to produce almost all the denim sold in the USA right here in the USA. In the early 70’s a pair of Levi’s that sold for 10 bucks here, were often found in Russia at $150 or more. We’re down to one denim plant other than some small scale operation. And they will close soon enough I’m afraid.

                    90%* of the textile industry closed between 1975 and 2000.

                    *something like that. And then there are the furniture companies…

                    1. It’s a shame. BJ sold out to Commies and that was the real final nail.

            2. Oh and I think we need to give credit to Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary. He and Ross led the team right from the start. Kudlow joined after a year.

              All three were in the mold of what I had heard from Kudlow for years.

              So they probably knew him and suggested to Trump he get Kudlow on board.

        2. Bob, to be blunt, you’re a dumbass that understands nothing about politics or the way government works. All you fucking neverTrumpers are exactly alike and half the problem. Trump had enough on his hands with the opposition from the democrats and 75-90% of the republican party. You cannot govern without some help, you can’t do it if everyone is opposed to you. Had Trump fired the piece of shit know as Jeff Sessions that early NOTHING, not one damn thing would have been possible.

          And I don’t give a shit about biden or his stupid ego. You’re likely responsible for that piece of shit inhabiting the WH.

          Perhaps that was because it’s truly impossible due to civil service rules, in fact I think that probably is actually true, but it’s still a major failure on his part.

          Which is it, “impossible due to civil service rules”, or a “major failure on his part“? It cannot be both unless you simply wish a dictator would take over and save you from yourself. Trump can fire the people he appoints, his WH staff, etc. Appointments will be done at the whim of the senate, if they don’t approve you don’t get them. Trump can play hard ball with this, but guess what? He believed in making the country great, not starting a needless fight to make idiots happy.

  2. Sure, the republican party, the ones that helped rig an election to get rid of Trump are just going to stand by while the next “not Trump” president does all this draining?

    Who is that? DeSantis? No fucking way. I like him, but he is a fixture in the R party, not an outside reformer like Trump.

    So who? Who can do this? Not one fucking person alive can do what’s written. Pipe dreams, and they are dangerous because they prevent what can be done from getting done.

    Trump never intended to tear the country apart. Doing that is not MAGA, it’s just destruction. Trump had the right approach. What he didn’t have? Enough people backing him up. Words don’t cut it. Where are the truckers that deliver the goods and now getting hammered by diesel prices? No where, they are less than the damn canadians. Where are the consumers refusing to purchase from the corporations embedded in the federal government?

    Where are the Americans supporting Trumps tariffs on China?

    Were fucked, and it ain’t Trumps fault. It’s ours. Yours. Mine.

    You do anything about the political prisoners currently held in DC? No.
    You do anything about the stolen election? No.

    “You” here refers to all of us.

  3. Aside from his age, and he’s a very energetic person for a person 20 years his junior, I don’t get the drawbacks.

    Trump wanted to try to fix the Country and drain the swamp without a giant upheaval and working within the system. He wanted to avoid the mass violence. He wanted America First and a Second Reagan Revolution.

    He couldn’t succeed because 99% of the DC Denizens are opposed to that with every fiber of their being. They would not stop at slander and Fake News, using the Intelligence Agencies and Foreign Powers to get Illegal Warrants to spy on Trump, to railroad General Flynn for four years, to betray our Trust like Sessions did, to refuse obey orders from the President and CinC (treason), faked Impeachable Offenses that Biteme actually committed and ran a Kangaroo Court to Impeach (TWICE!), ran a Russia Collusion meme for 5 years and ongoing they knew was false, ran a psyops based on a Just The Flu Virus, murdered tens of thousands of old people to run up the Death Counts of said “Plague”, ran an Election with Fraud so rampant it was the worst in American History and probably all of History, all the Courts refused to review the evidence of Fraud and threw the cases out, the whole Fake Media (including Fox) denied the Fraud took place, they censored on Social Media of any talk about the Fraud, and then they ran a Reichstag Fire false flag “Insurrection” and murdered 2 more people and imprisoned dozens more.
    All while the GOP aided them and then certified it all as legit and denounced the “Insurrection”.

    Read that list again. That’s just the highlights. There were many more egregious insults to out Republic, the voters, America and our Constitution for these last 7 years. I didn’t even get to Burn Loot Murder and Antifa Anti-Americans.

    Ok, now pull my leg and tell me they’ll let another person even professing to do half of what Trump wanted to do anywhere near the Presidency. That even if we did get a Trump On Steroids person elected anyone would obey a single order from them. That they wouldn’t kill that person either before or after the Election and probably do it live on TV just so the message is plain.

    Face it folks. Trump revealed that working within the system to completely dismantle the system cannot be done. The system will treat you like an invading bacteria and surround you and destroy you.

    As Ironbear was wont to say, “We are not voting our way out of something we didn’t vote our way into in the first place”.

    1. +1000

      That’s just the highlights.

      It’s no wonder we can’t win. We can’t even get people on our side to acknowledge how much Trump did and how difficult it was. They prefer to bitch about how Trump didn’t save them.

      And they think there is someone else out there…

      1. Here’s the point. Since we didn’t get enough people to understand how bad it is, we must ALL get out and vote in Primaries and The Midterms and make them attempt to steal it again and have to do it blatantly.

        Then, when we win, which is obvious since no one who has mismanaged things this badly could ever hope to win, there will be one of two outcomes.

        We win. Then we press GOP to do what we voted them in to do. Or else we exercise our prerogatives under the DoI.

        Or they steal it. Then we exercise our prerogatives under the DoI.

        It all revolves around voting one last time and force them to show everyone what many of us here know to be true.

  4. 1) He’s going to run again, barring medical disability.
    2) He’s going to win, AGAIN, barring more shenanigans like in 2020.
    3) That will be an automatic 1-term presidency, so the key question is, “Who does he choose as a running mate?“, because that guy is going to lead the party for the 8 years after Trump II.
    4) No Trump II? Best Wishes with that abortion. Marco ScrewYoubio? Lindsay Grahamnesty? Mittens?? Sh’yeah, right…when monkeys fly outta my butt. Nominate another party establishment hack, and the disinterest meter will peg at 12. Just kill yourself now if that’s anyone’s cunning plan.
    5) When he runs, when he wins, and if he gets to serve, the focus on cleaning the deadwood with a meat cleaver and a flamethrower has to be 24/7/365 for the first two years. It has to be a DC Fire Sale: Everyone Must Go.
    Otherwise, all they’ll do is sabotage everything he does, and make him own the total collapse just as the boat hits the iceberg.
    6) At current course and speed, we may get total collapse any time before then, and 2020 may be the last election you see in your lifetime anyways. Brace for impact.

    1. Who does he choose as a running mate?

      Good question. The scuttlebutt says it’s a woman from NY. I’m not so sure. It has to be someone that can carry on the policy of turning the country back over to the Americans that work. I have no idea who that is.

      It has to be a DC Fire Sale: Everyone Must Go.

      Agree with the sentiment. But I know three things:
      1) Impossible, the republican party will not allow it.
      2) It would destroy the very thing we wish to preserve.
      3) Trump knows 1 & 2 are true and will take the same basic path as before. A path that was working by the way. And that is why he had to be stopped. they couldn’t allow people to discover prosperity, freedom, and wealth were so easy to accomplish. Get us to an economic plateau and then the swamp can be drained, albeit more slowly than what we would like.

      1. Was it really working? Really? OK, so exactly what of his successes lasted three days beyond the installation of the PINO? Probably a few, but not many, and those probably only by oversight since remedied.

        Most of his successes were only possible because of executive orders that were as easy as falling off a log to undo the very day after he left office.

        1. And? What makes you think that won’t happen to EVERYBODY we send there?

          Here is what Trump did.

          He made us realize how deeply corrupt, to its core, DC has become. He made thousands of people we thought were on our side take off their masks and reveal they are Uniparty, Corrupt, Evil, Lying Traitorous Basterds. We got to see how our Military is rife with NeoCons and Deep State like Mattis and Milley.

          Trump REVEALED.

        2. Any and all failures are our fault, not Trump’s.

          He did far more than 99.9999% of us could do.


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