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The politics of fear

You’ve been played.

Human response to fear is something that has been under the microscope for decades. Since at least the 1930s, social scientists have been studying the effects of fear appeals, or fear messages, on human behavior. What is a fear appeal, and to what extent did an understanding of fear-based behavior shape the Covid-19 narrative?

A fear appeal is a carefully contrived message meant to influence attitude and or, behavioral change. An effective message will contain two elements—the threat itself, and the recommended course of action. The appeal should focus on the intended target’s perceptions on how the threat directly affects them. If the message is shaped correctly, it should make them believe there would be dire consequences for not complying with the recommended steps to alleviate the danger. According to the book, Dynamics of Persuasion: Communication and Attitudes in the 21st Century, developing a fear based message is an art “which requires an intricate understanding of human behavior.”

One of the most influential studies concerning people’s reactions to media messaging occurred after the War of the World’s radio broadcast in 1938. They conducted this study to examine the panic that ensued as millions of people reacted to the play as if they believed Earth was really being invaded by Martians.

There were two key findings which directly relate to fear messaging and reactions to Covid-19. One, the people’s trust in media figures, or people in the play depicting media figures, was an essential element in the panicked reactions. Two was the mental frame of reference. Just as popular media normalized a belief in alien life, the threat of a killer virus wiping out mankind falls within the existing framework of people’s mental judgment.

Not only is this idea popularized through by Hollywood movies like 28 Days Later, and television series like The Walking Dead, but also through continuous fear campaigns concerning other viruses like MRSA and Swine Flu. If a message, or stimuli, does not contradict what people already believe to be a possibility, it is more likely to be accepted as valid. This is useful information for someone who may be crafting a fear appeal to influence your behavior.

Skeptical Americans who have questioned the plandemic from the beginning have suspected that the intent was to frighten us into accepting the vaccine. Many people understand Marxism and the concept of The Hegelian Dialectic. This is the idea, based on dialectical materialism, that all social progress is because of conflict.

The Hegelian Dialectic suggests that problems are deliberately created, coaxing the public into demanding a pre-planned solution which is waiting to be implemented. While this seems to be a conspiratorial idea, a deep dive into the study of Marxism shows the concepts exist, at least theoretically. There is evidence that shows this theory, in relation to our response to fear, could have been used in exploiting our reactions to Covid-19.

COULD have?

There is a question as to how long the state of mindlessness lasts. The research has shown that if given the opportunity, or if placed in a situation where a mindful decision had to be made immediately following the removal of a fear stimulus, automatic compliance may not be the result.

The continuously changing information surrounding Covid-19, and the confusion associated with it, could be a deliberate strategy to avoid this, keeping people anxious and willing to get the vaccine. That is a theoretical speculation, but given the fact that the narrative has shifted to demanding we all get vaccinated because unvaccinated people are making those who got the shot sicker, it is speculation that should be taken seriously.


Also: “Theoretical speculation,” my baggy white ass. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I’m not afraid to go waaaay out on a limb here and say that it goes beyond mere “speculation” to assert that it might just be a duck. Likewise, when first-person observation indicates, as it surely does, that government has been manipulating data; suppressing fact while promulgating falsehood; clawing away at the already-threadbare remnants of freedom under demonstrably false pretenses; issuing unlawful edicts they lack any legal authority for; and just generally skulking about the place like a sneakthief in the dead of night, there are certain assumptions one is perfectly entitled to make concerning what might really be going on.

Those who didn’t already know it must at last come to grips with the raw truth about the nature, the character, and the intentions of their would-be masters, in Mordor on the Potomac and closer to home as well. After all this, anyone who believes a single word out of any government official’s mouth, or still clings to one iota of faith in the integrity or good intentions of such, is a damned fool. As far as “the people’s trust in media figures” goes, there simply are no words harsh enough to describe the damned fool who still carries a trace of that. Assuming one even exists, that is.


25 thoughts on “The politics of fear

  1. Properly understanding this article leads one to understand that WuFlu was pre-planned and deliberately executed by the CCP and our Deep State in order to subvert our Election and take control of the US.

    It was all planned and executed on purpose and not an “opportunity” or “crisis” they took advantage of. No serendipity here.

  2. This one, the mildest of influenzas, like all influenzas, whether they are derived from Chinese bats or Indiana swine, has a tendency to affect the aged with multiple infirmities and the gays who have minimal immunity to the typical viruses that abound throughout the year. Even so, this human-engineered virus, excluding the above-mentioned groups, has a 99% survival rate, no matter the infection rate (N.B.: not the death rate) that has been promulgated by the CDC.
    In the simplest terms: “We’ve been “Faucied” by the politicians and the media. Is it any great wonder that anyone with an IQ above the average temperature of Fairbanks in the winter no longer believes anything in the media or anything from any politician on either side of the aisle.

  3. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I’m not afraid to go waaaay out on a limb here and say that it goes beyond mere “speculation” to assert that it might just be a duck.

    Many of us have been clear on this and have been saying it since the scamdemic began. As soon as Kenny discovered the nursing home link in NY, and that was in early March of last year when the scam was just starting, I knew for certain it was planned.

    8000 people die every day in the USA. 25% (2000) are in the nursing homes. People are moved to nursing homes for care as they die, nothing else can be done at the hospital. 50% of nursing home entries are dead within 6 months. “They” knew all of this. All they had to do was pin the deaths of that 25% on the scamvirus, and panic would set in.

    1. In Washington State the main outbreak began in a Nursing Home. Once they got control of that WA was no longer the epicenter of the Death Tolls. That moved to NYC Metro Area.

      When I learned that they studiously avoided the lesson learned in WA by sending infected people back to the NH that pegged my BS Meter in the Red Zone. From then on I began to study how they were scamming us. When NC “Locked Down” and “masked Up” we had no more than a few dozen Deaths in the whole State of 10.5 Million people. Yet a month later as we looked over the death totals by category it was 65% from “congregate living” meaning NHs and Senior Living Facilities. It eventually settled at about 50%. That’s because they basically ran out of people to kill and nobody was putting their loved ones into a NH. Better they chanced it at home rather than go to the Killing Fields.

      What started out as suspicion and then Pegged the BS Meter has simply been proved as a total Scam in my book.

      Now that kind of serendipity and synchronicity obviously suggests the whole operation was Planned out ahead of time.

      Like the Election Steal. As Giuliani noted, Election Officials in 10 different States didn’t wake up that day and say “Hmmm I better try cheating” and they certainly didn’t Stop The Count within one hour, or less, of each other by coincidence. It was obviously ordered in advance and then, when all the cheating was STILL not enough, ordered at the moment.

      1. Yep, it was clearly planned for a long time. The virus the CCP released was known to be different enough that very few would have natural resistance/immunity to getting it and spreading it. Combine this with the nursing homes and the hysteria of “cases”* and you know they knew what they were doing and it was planned ahead of time.

        *cases of what? The common test was known to be very inaccurate, producing a high rate of false positives, now admitted to by the CDC. All a part of inducing the election changing hysteria. There are many pieces to this that worked together, clearly planned.

        1. Add to the evidence of planning the big think tank exercise which took place a year or so before the start of the hysteria, where Gates and friends did a “what if?” scenario that just happened to look a whole lot like what ended up happening.

          Of course they will claim it was just preparation for any kind of pandemic, they’re the good guys trying to save everyone, etc. But like the Wuhan outbreak supposedly starting in a wet market that “just happened” to be really, really close to a Chicom virus research lab, some ‘coincidences’ are just too much to accept at face value.

  4. It’s always fear and short attention spans that they count on. Then distraction. Repeat.

  5. Guess that is why the FDA won\t approve the vaccines and Pfizer won\t mandated their employees

    1. The mRNA shots _will_ get approved. Too many people have built their arguments against them on ‘not approved’ so FedGovCo will cut their legs out from under them and then order them to get the shot. The approval is a done deal, no matter how many people it harms or what any trials show.

      1. Will that remove their Immunity then?

        I bet they find a way to keep their immunity from any responsibility.

        1. Of course they will remain immune. Can’t have those pesky peasants suing their betters, after all.

        2. No, they will remain immune to any lawsuit. They will not be immune to the revolution.

      2. Bingo. They’ll get approved over any and all dead bodies piling up.

        Once the approval occurs, there will be more required shot taking.

  6. [Hmm, comments appear to be closed on the daily thread?]

    Just made a depressing trip to the local grocery store. About 80% of customers were wearing masks again plus all the staff, I guess from terror of the supposedly horribly lethal delta variant. Or maybe they are past that and are now scared of the lambda variaant, or some variant beyond that. The store had their signs back up “strongly encouraging” masks. I ignored it and no one said anything. I got a few nasty looks, but whatever. Not wearing the pointless face diaper to signal my submission to the mighty god government.

    I have very little hope for the future. Too many people seem to LIKE being scared, being told what to do, being “all in this together” to give meaning to their empty little lives. A few years from now they will still be cowering in fear of the tau-sigma-double omega variant — quick, run out and get your 237th booster shot before they revoke your vaccine passport! *spit*

    These people are sheep, and sheep get sheared regularly. And some of them get turned into mutton whenever their masters are hungry.

    1. Yea, Mike has let the daily run past it’s time limit…

      And some of them get turned into mutton whenever their masters are hungry.

      I expect many are getting cooked as we speak. There is something seriously wrong with this non-vaccine. The people that would like us to just die are trying their damnedest to make sure we get their experimental shot.

      I haven’t been out in the last day or so. A couple days back it looked as though most were unmasked. We’ll see when I make the next store run.

      1. Yup, did indeed. Fixed now, sorry fellas. Being out in the damned heat all day has just about gotten me worn down to a frazzle, unfit to even think about sitting down in Ye Olde Computer Chair and doing the necessary around here. Sorry ’bout that, folks.

        1. Thanks, Mike! I have been reconfiguring some stuff on my computer, and was worried that I had screwed something up on my end.

          1. Naah. A good rule of thumb around here is to just assume that if something’s screwy, it was the nut behind the wheel that done dood it. 😉

            1. Meh. That’s boring. I choose to assume that if something is screwy, your site is being held hostage by Russian — no, North Korean — no, Masonic hackers.

        2. Mike, no problemo. Now that I have learned the darn thing times out I recognize it when it occurs.

      2. That is what made it depressing, Barry. Last time I was at that store, about two weeks ago, almost no one was masked. Now the media is screaming about delta and most people are right back to the fear and face diapers. I was really hoping more people were past this madness.

        1. Cannot say what it means, but I ran out to the grocery store for a few minutes this evening and while our communist controlled county is now under a mask mandate, there was no sign on the door requiring masks. Wearing masks appeared to be 50/50, up from a week or so ago but not overwhelming. I didn’t get any nasty looks, but then I usually don’t.

          We’ll see where this goes. I’m betting (hoping?) that more people are fed up with the BS and ignore it all.

        2. The last couple times I got groceries, today and about a week ago, most people had their faces free but a noticeable minority had (almost completely useless) surgical-type masks (usually made completely useless by being worn under the nose or by being pulled down to allow the wearer to shout down the aisle). I’d guess a quarter of the customers had masks, plus all of the employees. Bah.

          While there was a mix, most of the masked customers were elderly or grossly fat, so some rational calculation was going on there.

          I also went to an AutoZone today. No one was masked, though there was a big “Per CDC guidance, we request that you wear a mask” sign at the door. AutoZone is probably a bigger corporation than Hannaford Market, so I don’t know what it means that the employees didn’t bother.

          1. That reminds me, I also went to an Autozone yesterday for new brake pads. Same. No one wore a mask, but there was a sign on the door requesting it. It was so normal that it din’t cross my mind other than noting they had the mandated signage.

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