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Kicking ass, taking names

Say what you will, I remain a big fan of the Proud Boys.

It was another “don’t start nuthin’, won’t be nuthin’” clash in Portland on Saturday. Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters crashed a pro-police Back the Blue rally downtown. True to form, antifa and BLM went from counter-“protesting” to violently attacking people.

We’ve seen it before.

The Back the Blue rally included members of Proud Boys, a multi-racial (yes) group of America-loving and antifa-hating tough guys and gals, who will fight back if the Leftist mob starts something. They come prepared to do battle.

And guess what? That’s exactly what happened. If antifa doesn’t start the violence then no violence happens.

Proud Boys are defined by the mainstream media and the Left (but I repeat myself) as “white supremacists,” but they appear to be a much more ethnically diverse group than antifa is. The local leader is Hispanic.

As they often do, the Portland Police watched while the melee ensued.

Sorry, but I have no use for the “don’t start none, won’t be none” bushwa. It’s weak, it’s whiny (Mommy, AnitFa hit us fiiirrrst!!), and it’s a sure-fire formula for defeat. If the Proud Boys and any other assemblage of patriotic Real Americans were to begin hunting PantiFa twerps down in the streets like wild game—shooting them, skinning the carcasses, nailing the pelts to the side of the barn to cure in the sun—that’d be just jakesy-jooksey with me.

It’s waaaay past time for our side to stop with the weeping and wailing over how critically vitally critical it is that our side doesn’t “fire the first shot.” The first shot was fired a long fucking time ago. Instead of worrying about “the optics” or whatever mean things shitlib media might say about us, it’s about time we started shooting back…before this war is over, and lost. This next bit speaks volumes about just how close to that unwelcome eventuality we already are, and not just in Portland either:

“Hate speech” and violence are, of course, welcome and tacitly encouraged by Portland authorities…as long as it’s the right people perpetrating them. Hundreds of PantiFa/BurnLootMurder criminals have been released after arrest, with no charges filed by the turn-em-loose-Bruce liberal DA.

Newly installed Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt has already announced that he will not prosecute most charges against antifa – even for rioting.

Videographer Mike Strickland can attest to the two-tiered justice system in Portland. In 2016, antifa protesters chased him out of a Black Lives Matter rally and roughed him up. When they noticed he was still covering the event, a large group came back to inflict more punishment. Strickland pulled his legally-possessed gun and held back the crowd. No shots were fired and Strickland was the only one hurt that day.

He went to jail. His case is on appeal.

Why, of course he did. In Amerika v2.0, the State requires that all dissidents, nonconformists, and Badthinkers take their beatings obediently, without a word of complaint.

Well, fuck all that noise, sayeth I. If the Proud Boys are willing to risk jail time; a chorus of the usual slanders, sneers, and false accusations against them, of everything from “racism” to simple chronic halitosis, from the usual hypocritical liars; and even sniffy disdain from those on the notional Right who ought to be cheering them on, but are just too damned dainty to ever contemplate some righteous beatdowns being dealt out to those most deserving of them—well, I for one am glad to see that there’s at least somebody out there willing to confront certain ugly realities head-on, enduring slings and arrows from every direction to just do the necessary and crack some fucking empty-ass Commie skulls wide the fuck open.

So yeah, you go get ’em, Proud Boys. Y’all make me wish I was about twenty years younger, you really do.

Update! You gotta love it.

In one of the more hilarious videos to come out of the chaos, a Black Lives Matter militant can be heard whining about how the police are “just standing there” as the extremist leftists got their butts handed to them by the patriots.

“When the cops are gone, you’re gonna deal with us,” one of the patriots was filmed warning the anti-cop leftists.

I repeat: go get ’em, Proud Boys. Elsewhere, we also have this:

Riots and protests erupted Monday night in Kenosha following an officer-involved shooting Sunday and the ‘protests’ began to spread to other cities.

Black Lives Matter militants roved into the wrong Milwaukee neighborhood Monday night.

A Milwaukee homeowner wasn’t having it and fired warning shots at protesters in his neighborhood.

“This dude is shooting at us!” A Black Lives Matter militant is heard saying as they scattered like cockroaches and ran for their lives.

I repeat: you gotta love it.

13 thoughts on “Kicking ass, taking names

  1. “Warning shots” will NOT work. If you’re going to shoot, make it COUNT!!!

    And understand that, behind it all is the tribe as they fund and plan this terrorism. Just as they have been funding and planning the illegal alien terrorist invasion for years!!!

  2. I often ponder the coming spilt of the USA, with the sides being America and the non America.

    “Neither hate speech nor violence are welcome in Portland.”

    As Mike points out, bullshit. It is encouraged by the “authorities” as long as it is a marxist group.

    We already split. There are just some refugee’s remaining behind.

  3. Well said.  Leftist cities are weak and easy targets.  That’s why they go to Denver instead of, say, Colorado Springs.  They wouldn’t like the welcome in Colorado Springs.  (Not a resident of either, just know the temperament between the two)

    1. For that matter, that’s why the protests in Dallas, Texas so far have been a lot more peaceful than the ones in Portland or SeaTac. They know that while DFW is Dem run politically, the residents there are majority armed and Texans have a reputation for shooting troublemakers.

  4. The frustration level among the Biden puppet masters/DNC crowd must be immense. They have been trying for months now to get a bunch of their useful idiots shot and killed so they can climb up on the corpses and smear themselves with the blood of their “martyrs.” They need it to have any chance of winning the election, even with all the fraud by mail they are planning. But despite their repeated efforts to incite an incident, it hasn’t happened (yet).

    Oh well. Plenty of time still. And certainly no shortage of expendable useful idiots. They may just have to do the shooting themselves.

  5. Shit is getting real in Kenosha.  Two less pieces of shit in the world:

    And I’m with you, Mike.  Fort Sumter was attacked long ago.  If you wait till they come to your neighborhood it’s too late.  I can see the time – SOON – when you have 2-3 former military guys, armed with some serious firepower, a good vantage point, and interlocking fields of fire, and dozens or more of these asswipes bite the dust.

    1. While vermin extermination would be a service to all mankind, the left WANTS this to happen. Then they can screech about how EVIL and RAYCISS Trump’s America is — just like they have been telling everyone.

      It is almost certain to happen at some point, and the left will use it to advance their agenda. They are counting on it happening, and trying desperately to make it happen.

      1. With all due respect, there are a couple of problems with what you’re saying. First of all, the left DOESN’T really want this. I mean – they might want the IMAGE – but trust me, none of the little antifa turds want to be out there playing for keeps. They are essentially LARPing.

        And the idea that they will “use it to advance their agenda?” Seriously, at this point, who gives a shit? Media before Trump sends in the Guard: “Trump is a fascist!” Media after Trump sends in the Guard: “Trump is a fascist!” They already have the hate turned up to 11. As one commenter here said a couple of days ago, if the Guard were to shoot some BLM/Antifa people, most people would say, “What the fuck took you so long?”

        FYI. Kenosha County went for Trump in 2016. Narrowly, but they did. That’s why the whole “let the blue states burn” doesn’t work. Think Hillary voters own all those businesses that are getting attacked? See a lot of Democrat used car dealers? Sometimes you’ve gotta just protect your own.

        1. “Let them burn” works just fine, Skeptic, but it needs to be coupled with “and don’t let them flee to your state to escape”.

          Sometimes you’ve gotta just protect your own.

          My own are down here where I live, Skeptic, not up there in Wisconsin. That’s their own, and they should protect it.

          But hey, gas is cheap right now, so if you want to drive up there to help them, have at.

        2. So, if you live in Kenosha are you going to vote for Biden? Not vote for Trump and stay home instead or vote L?

          If Biden had some redeeming qualities otherwise he might get some votes on this.
          Things burned under 0bambam and they’ll burn again under Biden and then you get all the Tax Raises, Lockdowns, Globalism, Reparations BS etc etc etc to boot. Where’s the upside?

          Barry said north Carolina didn’t vote for a Repub Governor last time because of a highway cost overrun.
          Look at the Friggin’ Disaster Cooper has been and we STILL didn’t get any fiscal discipline out of it. So what did we gain by not voting Repub?

          How does that get you anything?

          Yesterday they shot some of the basterds. THAT’S going do way more for Kenosha than Trump marching in troops.

          1. “Barry said north Carolina didn’t vote for a Repub Governor last time because of a highway cost overrun.”

            Almost. Interstate 77 north of Charlotte had toll roads being built and was opposed by everyone but a handful of politicians, McCrory refused to even acknowledge no one wanted it, that the design would make the regular system worse (it did), that there was likely corruption involved (Spanish company owns it, general contractor went belly up the day after they were awarded the signed contract, etc) and commie Cooper said he would “look into it”. Of course Commie Cooper had not intention of looking into a corrupt big government project, but the lip service worked. The election was close and the number of votes Cooper won by are easily found along the I77 corridor north of Charlotte. I analyzed it at the time, McCrory votes in 2012 Vs the vote total he received in 2016. No doubt about it, he lost it along I77.

        3. The antifa punks out LARPing the 1960s are the useful idiots — the expendable corpses-to-be that the left plans to use to gain power. Sure, they don’t want to die or even face any serious opposition. But the people controlling them, funding them, providing the pre-placed pallets of bricks and the gasoline and the bail money — those people want some dead bodies and don’t much care who does the dying. There are always more gullible, indoctrinated idiots coming out of the university system, after all.

          As to whether the left’s plans will actually work — well, we will see soon enough. There are still a dismaying large number of people in this country who believe everything they see on CNN or read in the New York Times. A lot fewer than there used to be, certainly, but still a lot. The left is counting on being able to fool enough of them, combined with mail in ballot fraud, to steal the election.

          I am cautiously optimistic that Trump will win a second term. Biden is a terrible candidate, Harris is worse, and normal people are repulsed by the burn-loot-murder crowd. But the COVID panic stampeded a lot of people, and there are a huge number of Americans who may just buy into the Democrats’ “vote for us and everything will go back to normal” BS purely from stress fatigue. I hope not, but it is one of my major worries (along with an assassination of Trump).

          1. I knew and said Trump would win in 2016. I said he would win the R nomination and go on to win the election. The same feelers that worked then don’t work now, so I’m unable to make any determination. It seems sensible that many of the fence sitters would look at the current democrat led riots and city burnings and vote for Trump. OTOH, they would not be fence sitters if they had an ounce of brains.

            It would be useful if there were an investigation that led to the moneymen. But there isn’t.

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