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The American Eagle morphs into a pack of mangy jackals

Apologies for the extended posting holiday hereabouts, folks. But frankly, my disgust over current events has rendered me incapable of much beyond incoherent, tongue-tied spluttering. This revolting story should provide the first clue:

Do please note the imbecile who actually pulls his precious little mask aside to shriek at this poor woman, while the other hyenas brazenly defy The Power’s orders to observe proper social distancing in their eagerness to gang-terrorize their hapless victim.

All I can say is it’s too bad the woman lives in NYC, where her supposed “Second Amendment rights” have long been null and void. Otherwise, she could’ve shot her way out of that troop of mouth-breathing baboons, every last one of which is deserving of a much, much worse fate. May they all die screaming in agony, their souls shriveled by the fires of infernal Hell for a thousand years. Plus.

YMMV, but that appalling video to me is as sickening a display of true Amerikan cowardice and irrationality as I ever hope to see. At the moment, as far as I’m concerned the whole goddamned shitshow that we’re pleased to misnomer a “free country” can burn all the way down to bedrock. More later, after I somehow regain a little perspective and get my equanimity back.

40 thoughts on “The American Eagle morphs into a pack of mangy jackals

    1. Heh, I always know we can count on SteveF to get right to it.

      I’m stealing that.

      1. What can I tell you? It’s a gift.

        Not much of a gift, as I haven’t been able to figure out how to turn it into fame and fortune, but at least it’s good for some minor amusement from time to time.

  1. The Mask Kabuki is infuriating but basically our whole reaction to this stupid basically the flu has been tremendously depressing.
    That’s the Manhood of America doing hissy fits over a maskless woman like they were High School Mean Girls.
    Take your masks off and grow a pair.

  2. Sickening. The priests in the white lab coats have told them to hate the unbelievers, and so they shriek at the heretics. Not one in a hundred of them understands what science actually is, but they BELIEVE in the new god that has displaced the faith of their forefathers.

    I visited my local grocery store for the first time since early April, and the virus theater is depressingly stupid. All the little arrows and one way nonsense, with one of the two main entrances closed “for the duration of the emergency” — as if that somehow protects people. I was somewhat encouraged to see a sizable fraction of fellow mask scofflaws out and about, perhaps 40%, but wish it had been higher. The percentage was high enough to keep the covidiots from doing much more than glaring, at least, and no one said anything. That type of person tends to be perpetually angry about something anyway, so their scowls are nothing out of the ordinary.

  3. Leftism is a religion that has replaced real religion, and Trump Derangement Syndrome is just a funny name for heresy.  Burn the witches, er, far right!!!!

  4. I think most of us knew half the country was made up of pussies, and I’m talking about the men. The chinaVirus has demonstrated that some of the people that I thought were freedom and liberty firsters were just running their mouths all along. The chinaVirus turned them into jello and they demanded you stay home and wear a diaper on your face. At least we found out who truly supports liberty.

    1. Only half?

      Meh. All they really need is a little Lola to shape ’em up.

      Well, I’m not the world’s most physical guy
      But when she squeezed me tight she nearly broke my spine
      Oh my Lola, lo lo lo lo Lola

      Sorry. I’m just finding it increasingly difficult to treat all of this crap going on with any seriousness.

      Heinlein was definitely an optimist. We’re not in the Crazy Years, we’re in the Bugfucking Insane Drooling Idiocy Years.

      1. Lola vs Powerman and the Money Go Round is an apt description of what is happening.

  5. It’s not just lefties and it’s not just coastals.  Some on “our” side – like Bill over at Dailypundit – have been full on, cowering, mask wearing pants shitters during this scamdemic.  DP became almost unreadable.  He pivoted when the CDC released numbers saying that (as those of us who are sane already knew) the fatality rate was only .26%.  Now he’s pretending he never fed the hysteria, and when I called him out on it, he deleted my comments.  Just as bad as the rest – never admit they were wrong.

    I have a feeling that the linked episode would have gone much differently in the heartland of America, even if the non-mask wearer wasn’t armed.

    1. I’ve been banned but I saw that post and had to run an end around to comment under an assumed alias. I got two posts in before being banned again. Meanwhile I made sure the Tone of my comments was hysterical enough to serve as a mirror. The points were similar to yours though. He supported the Lockdowns hysterically and is now writing in effect that we were right but he tries to make it seem he was right all along and we were just lucky. The NUMBERS tell, not PEOPLE!

    2. There are several that I no longer consider on “our side”. If you were for a lockdown then you are not for the constitution, freedom, or liberty.

      Kenny was the first that I recall pointing out that the worst of the chinaVirus was primarily a NYC area plus the nursing homes thing. If you didn’t live in the NYC area or a nursing home you had a near zero chance of dying from the damn stuff. For noticing the truth early, Kenny was mocked, called stupid, and banned. Kenny was right all along.

      1. I was trying to use my quant skills to offer a different opinion.
        It started to become obvious that Narrative was not allowed. After 18 years of commenting and being an Editor I was no longer allowed to have an alternative opinion.
        It’s his blog. He warned me several times. He banned me once on a misunderstanding. I will NOT follow any Narrative no matter who intimidates me.
        I didn’t .Banned.
        It’s his blog so fine.

        1. I’ve noticed that Bill gets VERY pissy VERY quickly. In this case, his prepper/survivalist hobby was likely the root cause. Imagine prepping for a disaster your whole life, then the disappointment, so to speak, at the prospect that it’s all a nothingburger. Psychologically you’d feel like it had all been a waste of time. Hence the pissiness at anyone who questioned the severity of the thing.

          1. I think that was part of the Factor. He wants to be “right” about his Fourth Turning as well.

          2. I’ve summed it up before as “Prepper Syndrome”: “When all you have is a stockpile, everything looks like the apocalypse.”

            It’s easy to fall into that mindset – I’ve done it myself. At times, I have to remind myself that I’ve been following SHTF scenarios and warnings going all the way back to Mel Tappan “On Survival” in the 70s, and none of them have so far come true.

            That give me, at least, a little dose of needed perspective and humility.

            Another aspect, and it especially comes up with the 4th Turning Stuff, is that a lot of people find it easy to become wedded to an elegant concept. Or what they find to be an elegant concept, at least…

            Again, I’m not immune, and I’ve done it myself.

            Speaking from personal experience, it can be REAL hard to let go of an elegant idea or concept, especially as we get older and more set in our ways and thinking. Even when it becomes obvious that there are logical or realism flaws in the concept, there’s a certain resistance to the admission that it might be erroneous. Some people take that possibility as an attack on their personal identity, if they get wedded to the concept deeply enough that it becomes a part of their self identity.

            (In the case of the 4th Turning, the two obvious reality flaws are, 1) if it requires that the Millennials are this cycle’s Hero Generation, then the 4th Turning is a false concept, and 2) the fact that the 4th Turning theory is based off of 20 year geneological generation timespans, whereas socio-political/cultural generations are 10-12 years, means that the generational cycle it’s based on is invalid to begin with. That’s aside from the fact that the whole “Greatest/Boomer/Gen-X/Millennial” generation definition scheme is a Madison Avenue construct, and further, a false construct because they’ve memory holed two hole socio-political generations – Baby Busters and Gen-Y – as soon as they became narratively inconvenient.)

          3. Hey Iron Bear –

            Agree with all that. OTOH, “…especially as we get older and more set in our ways and thinking.” I like to think we overcome that with intelligence, as you obviously have.

          4. *grin* I’m just too damn’ obstinate and contrary to agree with anyone, even myself.

      2. I don’t know what it is about the whole Kung Flu thing that has caused it to push the buttons of so many people who were not usually given to falling for media-driven stampedes. But it clearly has done so.

        Agree that kennycan called it early. It was apparent even as far back as the Plague Princess days that this was not going to be the Black Death Part 2, despite the media hype and fear mongering. But society lost its collective mind, blew up the entire economy, and went hard for petty totalitarianism. The fusion of media hype/panic with widespread raging TDS has been a very toxic stew.

        1. that has caused it to push the buttons of so many people who were not usually given to falling for media-driven stampedes

          The only thing I can think of is that it posed a direct, immediate, and personal threat to old stalwarts who are getting up there in years.

          The first scare attempts regarding Athropogenic Global Warming threatened death in a decade or more, and it would be obvious that it was happening when crops didn’t grow and sea levels rose and storms became more fierce. The years-off nature of the doooom let people — some people — to quietly prep if they were so inclined but mostly to sit back and observe that the predicted events weren’t happening and the goalposts were being moved and the criteria of doooom were changing. It was easy to spot the lies.

          With the Chi-com Flu, it was different. More immediate. We were told back in early March that if you caught it you’d likely be dead within two weeks — remember that the initial mortality estimates were shockingly high. This was based on people who appeared at the emergency room in severe distress and a mortality rate above 50% isn’t unbelievable, but that little qualifier wasn’t publicized loudly. It didn’t take long for the relationship between fatality and age to come out, and I think that’s where it really started to hit. A lot of old-time conservative bloggers are now in their sixties or later and they’re at personal risk.

          Most people can’t think straight when they’re looking at death. If they think they can avoid it they become even more irrational.

          I haven’t thought through the full implications of this. Does the prospect of death reveal someone’s true character? If they hold true to their beliefs, it does, but if they jettison some of what they’ve been saying and living, what does it mean? It means that they can’t be trusted if they’re in personal danger again, but can they be reliable otherwise? This might be something like whether alcohol reveals a person’s true self; I don’t think it does because a lot of people spew nonsense rather than concealed beliefs, but some swear by that old folk wisdom.

          1. “A lot of old-time conservative bloggers are now in their sixties or later and they’re at personal risk.”

            I’m 67. The chinaVirus is nothing compared to a damn ladder.

          2. You could be on to something, SteveF. I think the personal aspect definitely played a part in the national media freak out, with many of our national media figures being located in New York City. This wasn’t red state military Americans dying on the other side of the globe or black Americans killing one another in the inner cities, this was right in their neighborhoods and it might affect THEM.

            For myself, I agree with Barry. Ladders are way scarier for me at this point in my life.

          3. The Diamond Princess should have assuaged fears but somehow it stoked them. 20% infection rate? The Spanish Flu infected 1 of every 3 humans on Earth. The DP was an ideal vector. So it’s low rate of spread assured me transmission was not easy. Then there were so many that had it and were asymptomatic. 40% IIRC. Then the death toll was only 13 out of 600+ positives. 2%. All over 70 yo. Treatment on the ship couldn’t compare to off the ship either.

            So not anywhere near as bad. But then we found that HCQ + Zinc was a very effective treatment. Mar 20 when Fauci attacked it confirmed to me this was a scam.

          4. Barry and Haz, when you’re on a ladder, your fate is under your control. (Or at least you think it is. If your balance or knee are bad, you might not have as much control as you think you do.)

            When your safety is at risk because of others’ actions, you have no such illusion.* Your options are to hide yourself away, to accept that you might be killed by others’ thoughtless actions … or to call for the government to control everyone who might put you at risk.

            I don’t understand why so many at-risk people called for lockdown of everyone else. If there’s a general house arrest, Oldster-at-risk has to stay home. If there isn’t a general house arrest, Oldster-at-risk keeps himself at home while everyone else works. Nothing’s different for the oldster but the economy keeps going. I don’t get the impression that calls to keep everyone else locked down was spite.

            Maybe some of it was the confusion and bad information at the beginning, when no one knew what was going on. (And also in the middle, when still no one knew what was going on and all we knew for sure was that we were being lied to.) Decisions were made, including lockdowns over most of the nation, which seemed reasonable at the time but which were in retrospect mistakes, but which for the most part are still in place. Are (some) people now emotionally invested in the previous bad decisions, both because they don’t want to admit to having been wrong and because something got baked into their brains when they were afraid and uncertain? What I know about psychology suggests the former plays a role; I don’t know enough neurology to even guess whether the latter is a factor.

            * See also, preference for driving over flying despite the safety statistics of each. That’s discounting TSA and how unpleasant flying was twenty years ago, let alone today.

          5. “…your fate is under your control. (Or at least you think it is.”

            My fate, such that it is, was to some degree under my control during this chinaVirus outbreak.

            That damn ladder has a mind of it’s own and is much more deadly than a virus of the flu family. I think I should tie it down 🙂

            We knew enough from history to know shutting down the country was not going to be a good idea, that the economic destruction would be worse than the viral destruction. Some people didn’t care.

            Risk is part of life. I choose to race cars. I choose to fly little airplanes without motors. I choose to climb waterfalls in rivers. All are potentially more deadly than this virus. For people under 50, driving a car is more deadly than this virus.

            Calling for a full lockdown is not what someone that supports liberty should have done.

          6. For regular readers of CF, yes I fell off a damn ladder a couple months ago. My feet were 8 feet up when the ladder decided* to quickly evacuate its current position. Gravity took effect and I landed on my right side. From that height I’m just plain lucky, so no real complaint. Damage is still repairing and it sure comes slowly at age 67.

            And yea, I’ve been back up on the ladder several times. One must ride the damn horse after getting bucked off (done that too).

            *my stupidity had nothing to do with the ladder moving…

          7. SteveF – there was just too much stench that the numbers were BS for me to believe this was serious.

            I went back through my Insty comments all the waay to Mar 10. I was sceptical then., plus I found two Insty posts from Mar 10 where Leftist Media (I repeat myself) were Hoping and Praying the Virus destroyed the economy and sunk Trump.

            My scepticism only increased as each new data point came in and the SWAGs on death rates just got wilder and wilder. The data was supporting lower numbers of deaths and they were calling for ever increasing chances of death until we hit 2.2 Million!! in the US alone.
            Then either the MI or OH Governor said “there are already 60,000 cases here in OH already!!”. At the time the CDC/Worldometer had less than a 1000 cases there.

            There were so many red flags going up it was ridiculous. Then I heard about HCQ+Z as a treatment and a wekk later Trump calls for it to be widely used and Fauci says “it could be dangerous” and that couple drank fish tank cleaner.
            C’mon, now, didn’t that just redline your BS Meter at Full BS?

            We look to people like Bill to remain calm and have a healthy dose of scepticism about everything the Government tells us. If I needed to watch a meltdown of fear I could just turn on CNN.

  6. The really sad part of this is that Staten Island as a County/Borough went for Trump.
    We shall see how NY down state works now.
    Nassau was a Republican area when I was young in the 1980’s. So was Staten Island. Suffolk also went GOP.
    Nassau went Crooked in 2016 but Suffolk and Staten Island didn’t.

  7. Off topic –

    Fantastic launch today. Near 14 minutes in now and it’s just fantastic.

    1. Docking with ISS shortly, live video on NASA channel:

      Absolutely fantastic video

  8. One of the things that has repeatedly set off my BS meter with the whole COVID thing is just how blatant the media scare-mongering has been. The continual drumbeat of doom, doom, doom with “another grim milestone” every day and the ever present death counts on screen, the constant talk of a “second wave” or a “spike” if states reopen, the hysteria about how every town in the USA will be as bad as New York City in a couple more weeks — the panic pushing never ends.

    And every time there is some good news, there is an immediate bad news counter story to try to crush any signs of hope. More and more evidence that almost all the deaths from COVID are elderly with existing conditions? Quick, run some stories about one or two younger people who died! Children showing serious symptoms extremely rare? Quick, run some scary stories about the “mysterious Kawasaki syndrome type illness” that is somehow supposed to be connected to COVID and is going to kill everyone’s kids. States reopening and the predicted surge in cases not happening? Quick, talk about new mutations of COVID and how it will come back Real Soon Now and be even deadlier than before. Panic, doom, more panic, got to keep the scare going!

    Amd let’s not forget the complete media freak out about HCQ. A drug that has been in widespread use for decades will supposed kill anyone who takes it, with howls of denial that it could be of any value even as other countries test it and use it to treat the disease.

    Add the inflated death counts, the various governors trying out their jackboots for fit, the ever-moving goal posts on ending the lockdowns, the mask nonsense, the official snitch lines for the Karens to report on their neighbors not living in fear…much of the world seems to have gone insane.

    1. The world was already insane Haz, the progs just exploit the sanity.

      I’m convinced this whole chinaVirus fear was all cooked up, released purposely by the chicomms in concert with their handmaidens in the west.

      1. I have already said that every year when I lived in Hong Kong I could not help getting a flu that lasted a week with fever and then 2 more weeks with a cough i couldn’t shake.
        My guess is that COVIDs are constnatly coming out of China, but this year they made sure Wuhan got infected with just a basic COVID, sent millions out into the World and acted like it was nothing. THEn, once seeded around the World they announced the Panic Lockdowns in which 500,000,000 people can’t leave their house. It’s not like they give a fig about people’s civil rights.
        That Panic lit the fuse…

    2. I am seeing more and more of what IronBear keeps saying.
      There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This.
      They just will not stop. Since they are slowly losing the Panic Porn Wars, they are getting ready to Move On™ Next up, the Summer the Cities burned!!

      1. There certainly seeems to be a systematic ramping up of the chaos and violence by the left. But I am not sure it will end up working out the way they hope. Law and order issues being national news do not tend to help the Dems overall. Pushing the Black Lives Matter and Antifa garbage may help energize the Dem base, but is it going to win over the kinds of people who voted for Trump in 2016 in the battleground states? This feels to me more like the Dems are playing defense, trying to prevent Trump from stealing their captive plantation slaves.

        Biden is a disaster, he screwed up big time with the “vote for me or you ain’t black” gaffe, so the left ginned up some race riots to try to keep the black vote in the D column. I am expecting another high-profile rape accusation/hoax to become 24/7 news sometime soon — got to get the women’s vote all fired up with anti-Trump hate for the election.

        1. It works on a couple of levels, one of which is it keeps us from getting the economy on track as well.
          They’ll have to use a different women vote tactic as Gropey Joe and the Dems MeToo have hurt them.

          In some ways I think they’re just trying to throw everything into Choas so as to ramp up mail in voting and Turn the Fraud up to Plaid (for you spaceballs fans).

      2. Yup. There Ain’t No Political Solution for the Problems Created by Politics.

        S’all right, Kenny. We’re living in Post-America anyway. We’re not losing anything that’s ours.

        Start planning on what to build in the aftermath once it all crashes down, assuming that we’re still around to take part in the building.

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