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Apocalypse: now

Like, right now. I won’t belabor the point by excerpting stories about the burgeoning riots and civil unrest you’ll no doubt already be aware of, and instead content myself with providing you three of the most heart-warming, feel-good Tweets you’ll ever see. First up: Probably best not to be playing the Knockout Game with cops, you dumbass bitch.

Next: Monkey-boy shoulda probably paid closer attention when Mama warned him about the hazards of playing with matches.

Last: Burn, baby burn! NO NO WAIT GODDAMMIT, I DIDN’T MEAN ME!!!

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: The MPLS po-po just flat-out murdered George Floyd, no two ways about it. Those four abominable pigs of right ought to spend the rest of their lives enjoying the prison-laundry attentions of serial felons like Tyrone McCorkle, Dwahwnzell Jones, and Kwanzaaalicious Isaiah Faheem—ie, bent over an industrial dryer in the dimmest corner of the room being vigorously group-buggered, far from the prying eyes of any screws and/or trusties haunting the area.

I suspect that almost all fair-minded Americans felt the same about it too, more or less. As with the heinous Walter Scott case in Charleston a few years back, the pig in question took it upon himself to act as judge, jury, and executioner in a manner most abominable, and packing their asses off for a long, hellish term in the slammer is probably the absolute least they deserve for it.

Right up until the missing-link mouthbreathers in Minneapolis decided to forego real justice for Mo’ Free Shit, Yo and abdicated the mandate of Heaven by raiding Target for a few spare flat-screens, burning out their own neighborhoods, and just generally flinging shit around the place like a pack of rabid screech-monkeys. They had the firmest of grips on the moral high ground just for a second there, with an overwhelmingly solid majority of Americans behind them all the way, and instead of building on that foundation, they chose to take a steaming dump all over it instead. As seems to be their wont.

Yeah, I know, I know, I probably sound like the most irredeemable racist in all the Southland with the above. I would like take this opportunity to assure one and all that I do not give a single shit whether I do or not. I’ve spent many long years scratching my head trying to puzzle out stupid, bizarre shit like this, which seems to happen on a fairly regular basis—always in the same way, always with the same predictable result.

For example, you can look for much anguished libmedia breast-beating over the “food deserts” in Minneapolis’ smoking ghetto ruins three to five years hence, along with many weepy articles and TeeWee news items lamenting the inexplicable lack of jobs and economic opportunity in those same areas destroyed by the semi-sentient fools who have now trapped themselves therein. Blame for these and other “tragic” developments will be laid squarely at the feet of Whitey the Blue-Eyed Devil, in due course.

I assure you once again that I do not give a damp fart about any of that bushwa either. The morons made their beds. Soon enough, they’ll be forced to lie in ’em. Now let me see, where DID I put the world’s smallest violin, anyway? I got a tune I’d like to play for y’all on it…

12 thoughts on “Apocalypse: now

  1. They had the upper hand as you point out…but you can always count on them fucking it up.

    It will all blow over in a couple of days.  It will restart when a jury fails to convict the cop…

    Remember the 300 pound black dude that died while being transported.  Maybe not as blatant as this murder was, but nonetheless, all of the road pirates that were tried were found innocent and the case dropped.


    The mayor of Seattle just banned all guns for the public good.

    Are you kidding me

    1. Or maybe there was not enough evidence to convict.

      I really don’t like to make decisions of guilt and innocence without getting all the evidence, but I do take Mike’s words to heart.

      So perhaps this, and these, cops ARE guilty.
      At least one of them will get their day in court soon enough.

      That’s how we do it in these here United States.

      After Ferguson and thw False Wiotness of “Hands Up, Don’t SHoot” the police have to sometimes be given the benefit of the innocent until proven guilty.

      Did George Floyd have drugs in his system? He had a bad heart, a history of heavy cocaine use, five jail stints, and was being arrested for passing a counterfeit bill. Does anyone claim he DIDN’T pass the counterfeit.

      George. You were caught. Let them cuff you and get a lawyer.

      1. “Did George Floyd have drugs in his system?”

        Only fentanyl and meth, you racist.

        1. Yeah I read about that this morning.
          Poor man’s speedballs? Keith Richards used to mix heroin and cocaine. Sort of a time release cocaine high.
          Fent is just an opioid like heroin and meth is an upper like coke but more powerful. Both are much cheaper than the real thing.

          Plus Fent is a strong pain killer. Meaning he probably wasn’t feeling the beating at all which is why he was able to keep resisting arrest for so long.

          And that is what I mean. We don’t have the full video of when the police arrived until the snippet that was shown.

  2. I’m trying to decide on which video I like the best, door # 1 or door # 2. Hard decision.

      1. I lean towards the fire myself. And then I watch the copper swing from behind, blindsiding a fat dumbass bitch, dropping like a heavy sack of potatoes…

  3. Uh… hruh?

    OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: The MPLS po-po just flat-out murdered George Floyd, no two ways about it. Those four abominable pigs of right ought to spend the rest of their lives enjoying the prison-laundry attentions of serial felons…

    Heya, waitaminnit, Mike.

    What about the Sainted George Floyd being out on the streets after way too short a term in the slam following his escalating his penny ante criminal career up to armed home invasion and sticking a gun in the stomach of a female home owner while his thug accomplices robbed her place?

    So, James Alex Fields Jr. is doing 419 to way past life for being Heather Heyer adjacent when the cow had a coronary, but George Floyd did a nickle for armed robbery and walked.

    And, speaking of homicide adjacent… George Floyd autopsy: no sign of traumatic asphyxia or strangling

    This is not a binary, Mike. You really can decide that George Floyd was a scumbag, and also that the cops were badge happy thugs.

    There’s nothing wrong with deciding that, “Scumbag killed scumbag, no humans involved,” and move along.

    Meanwhile, I’ll jump on the “ought to spend the rest of their lives enjoying the prison-laundry attentions of serial felons” train when I see Whites rioting over the murder of Justine Damond. Honest I will…

    But I’ll hazard a guess that it’s a pretty sure bet that I won’t have to.

  4. I have no doubt we can expect an honest and thorough “investigation” of the murder by his bruthas and sistas in Blue. And I’m also certain the DA with prosecute with an intent to convict. THAT is what this country’s “Law Enforcement” and its “Legal” system are today. Were you truly stupid enough to think it was only the FBI and the DoJ which are terminally corrupt???

    1. I don’t trust EITHER side.
      We will never ever know the truth about the George Floyd arrest.
      I understand they had already tried to get him in the police car three times and couldn’t he was fighting so hard.

      The Inner Cities are a mess. No one is “good”.
      Yet, when Giuliani does “soft” crime mitigation to try to stop the escalation, and it works, it’s STILL called Rayciss and hateful.
      Well, NY had actually cleaned up it’s act there for a while. So perhaps Rudy ain’t so dumb after all.

  5. The following isn’t original with me, but…  Mike — you may have to break out your electron microscope to find that violin.

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