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Sick and tired

Of our free 30-day trial of Communism. Among other things.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am finding that my patience is running thin with everything that is going on with the virus. I’ve never been much of a television watcher, but I still catch Tucker’s monologue a few times a week. I’ve stopped that this week as I cannot take another ad from a corporation telling me how much they care and how hard they are working on my behalf. I can’t take anymore nonsense about hero nurses and doctors. In fact, I’m starting to become a nursist.

Know what I’ve grown weary of myself? The sudden emergence of a new vapid, ubiquitous catchphrase for bidding farewell to strangers and/or passing acquaintances alike: “Be safe!” Before, we endured “Have a good one!” with gritted teeth. That one was plenty bad enough if you ask me. Now we’re stuck with this one, God help us.

Going outside has now become a depressing reminder that we now live in an explicitly authoritarian society. It used to be a very soft, passive-aggressive authoritarianism that you could ignore while enjoying your life. Now it is an in-your-face corporate authoritarianism that is impossible to ignore.

Well, yeah. It’s kinda hard to ignore a brand of authoritarianism that orders you to remain in your house indefinitely and summarily removes your ability to make a living, after all.

It is tempting to think that people will finally have enough and put an end to this madness, but that is a fantasy. The few brave souls taking a stand are getting support, for sure, but the bulk of the public is happy to be treated like children. You can be sure the majority oppose the protests at state capitals. Until the food runs out and the machine breaks, people will accept unlimited torment. That means we are left to hope for the end times if we want to escape this madness.

Pretty much, I’m afraid. In fact, as the COVIDIOT panic rapidly recedes in light of a manifest dearth of mass graves, rotting corpses stacked like cordwood and left to fester and ooze on city streets, and the complete breakdown of an overwhelmed health-care system, I’m seeing a perplexing surge in the number of people in masks.

Alas, though, like “Be safe!,” social distancing, and an annual lockdown as an ongoing test to gauge whatever might be left of American defiance and resolve, I suspect the masks are going to be with us from now on—an abiding thing, the New Normal. The sad, sorry truth is that we’ve let the Regulators get their fangs into us deeply. They’ve gotten the taste of blood in their mouths; like the vampires they are, they like it, and you can be sure they’ll be back for more.

18 thoughts on “Sick and tired

  1. If you do not like “Be safe.”, just reply “God help you!”

  2. A sign of hope –
    Here on Hatteras Island the prevailing view is a conservative one. It’s Trump Country for sure. Usually, if you saw a clinton sign in the runup to the election it was a highly derogatory one. While the elected officials commies closed Dare county down for weeks and much was made of the local support for that in news sources and island blogs, I have yet to find a single person that thinks the chinaVirus required any of this. The few locals I’ve spoken with are all against this stupid shit.

    Could just be an outlier, but I hope it is more of that simmering soon to be explosion that I keep hoping will come.

  3. “Trump 2020!” is the appropriate response to anything a Karen or a wimp says.

  4. We’re up to 62% of NC deaths from Congregate Living.

    At this point one has to realize this must be on purpose.

    1. Not much doubt. The NC commies have known this for weeks now as the deaths kept occurring in the homes.

      1. Incompetence or evil? Hmmm, I am thinking “and” here, but mostly evil. Despite the panic-mongers’ constant “It’s not the flu!” drumbeat, this thing is enough like the flu that figuring out who the most vulnerable populations were going to be did not take a rocket scientist even two or three months ago. Viral respiratory contagions hammer the elderly and generally are shrugged off by most healthy folks under 50, to the point that it is considered noteworthy if that pattern is NOT followed, e.g. the Spanish Flu.

        But instead of protecting the vulnerable and quarantining hot spots like New York City, our “elites” intentionally seeded the infection into nursing homes and care facilities. They destroyed the economy with a lockdown of the mostly healthy young adult population, while allowing the plague rat New Yorkers to fan out across the country and spread the virus everywhere.

        I’m not dreaming that I remember President Trump talk about quarantining New York City early on, right? And Cuomo blowing a gasket and shrieking about the very idea while threatening law suits? The media gaslighting has gotten so intense over the past few months that I often feel like I have fallen sideways into an alternate reality. And that is without ever watching the DNC-controlled media networks. What the idiots who still get their “news” from the big legacy networks think is going on, I don’t like to even contemplate. Zinn’s version of American history is probably believable by comparison.

        1. You have it right, Haz. Pure evil. Sometime in March I said the solution should be to really quarantine the NYC area, quarantine any other hotspots, and take care of the old folks homes. That was the best that could be done for a virus that was flu like in everything but spread. It would spread because there was no immunity. And until we build immunity it’s going to keep on striking across the board. We need the not-at-risk to get exposed and stop the spreading ability. Can’t do that when they are on a full lockdown.

          Funny, ain’t it, how the response always seems to ignore saving the vulnerable and concentrates on forcing the economy to go downhill, almost like it’s about politics and power…

          1. the solution should be to really quarantine the NYC area

            You misspelled “Take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  5. Did I mention here that my home county in the Adirondacks had 0 Chinese Flu deaths and few if any confirmed cases … until recently? Nursing home patients were shipped up from downstate because their homes were closed due to Chinese Flu infestation, and now the Chinese Flu is present in the upstate nursing homes. People up home are very thrilled with the state health department and the governor.

    1. Yea, the rest of the country is thrilled with your governor as well 🙂
      Cooper starts with a C just like Cuomo. As does catastrophe. Lucky NC…

      1. You know what else starts with C? Crotch-rot and catamite.

        Cuomo, crotch-rot, and catamites, clustered into a corrosive catastrophe.

  6. Let me note one thing about statistics.
    For the Congregate Living Death Rate to rise from 52% to 62% the Death Rate over the last three weks had to be about 80+% from Congregate Living.
    They’ve lowered young healthy people from getting at the expense of Granma.

    These are really evil people.

    1. Hey, a lot of those people are on mediscare. The evil ones kill two birds with one stone, killing off those old costly deplorables and killing the economy…

      1. Death Panels are real.
        I laid into someone who happened to show up on Insty.
        He should be one of the people worried about death panels.
        But hey, no one here gets out alive.

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