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One of these things is not a LOT like the other

The ever-helpful and considerate SteveF created a handy Chink-N-Pox/Climate Change (formerly Global Warming, formerly Global Cooling, formerly “the weather”) compare-contrast chart for us which, unfortunately, I fear we’ll soon be seeing quite a bit of now that the trial run has worked out so swimmingly for TPTB.

Used to increase government power
The public isn’t sure what’s going on but we know we’re being lied to
Attacks on doubters
Economic ruin in fighting it
Fear tactics, embellished stories, and doom and gloom scenarios
Actual deaths
Dramatically over-counted deaths
Disaster doesn’t live up to the hype – deaths fail to materialize
Money grab
Constantly redefined criteria for disaster
Blamed for problems that would have happened anyway
The possible catastrophe is so dire that any amount of money spent to avert it is well spent

Hope nobody out there was kidding themselves that the Green Raw Deal was dead and buried.

25 thoughts on “One of these things is not a LOT like the other

  1. “and considerate SteveF”

    You trying to make him mad? 🙂

    Yes, it’s a good chart. The “Top Men” are on it, nothing to worry about.

    1. But, Barry, I am considerate. I try to always consider whether what I say or do will offend someone. I usually ignore it, but I consider it.

    2. The “Top Men” are on it

      Rats. I should have included a line: Teams of acclaimed experts are telling us what be done.

      1. An excellent list, SteveF. Maybe add something about the team of highly acclaimed experts having a track record of being wrong about a lot of things, but still being proclaimed as experts. Not quite sure how to phrase it, though.

        What gets me is how blatant the ongoing media scare tactics are. New study from Israel points to the average age of people dying from COVID being very late 70s? Quick, run a bunch of stories of younger people dying with a hysterical “See! See! You young folks are going to die too!” tone. Of course in a nation of more than 300 million there will be some younger people who die from the virus. But the relative risk is a very small fraction of the risk for older (often much sicker already) people.

        Population getting unhappy with the lockdowns, and starting to protest in places like Michigan? Quick, juice up the COVID death count by “discovering” thousands of supposedly uncounted deaths.

        New treatment looking like it has potential? Quick, run stories about how unproven it is or the possible side effects! Anything to keep even the tiniest ray of hope from reaching the public. The scare must be maintained! At all costs!

        1. Hello Haz, good to see you around!

          I’ll just note that occasionally some young fellow keels over and kicks the bucket while participating in some sports activity. No one including the young felloe and family knew there was some underlying health issue. IMO, the same thing happens here, get the China virus and some unknown problem is exposed.

  2. One of the things that ticks me off is the treatment of every state as though it is New York / New Jersey. The two news certainly have a major problem which I would guess is mostly related to density and transportation (subways)*.

    North Carolina has a per million rate of 18, better than about 37 other states, compared to NY rate of 901. NY is 50 times higher than NC and yet we have the same lockdown instructions as NY.

    *then there is Japan…

    1. Agreed. And treating all of NYS like NYC is retarded. The county I live in now has a population density 1/100th that of NYC, a few hundred Chinese Flu cases, and a few deaths (using the very broad criteria specified by the CDC). The county I grew up in has a density less than 1/1000th that of NYC, a few cases, and no deaths. Only an imbecilic jackass from NYFC would think upstate isn’t different. Unfortunately, Andrew “Fredo’s Stupider Brother” Cuomo is an imbecilic jackass from NYFC.

      1. If you then adjust for Counties in which half the cases and half the deaths are coming from one or two Nursing Homes, the “coverage area” of the Danger Zones becomes way smaller.

        1. Kenny, you had it pegged early on – NYC and surrounding area plus the nursing homes. Outside of that there is so little risk as to be ridiculous.

    2. Metro North, NJ Transit and the Long Island Rail Road bring in millions of people to NYC every day and then send them home every evening. Combine that with 3 major airports where half the people head to Manhattan hotels as well, you have a definite explosive cocktail mix.

      So Westchester and Rockland and Nassau and Suffolk and 3 counties in Eastern NJ just over the Hudson are all Hot Ppots. It’s almost a perfect match with those train lines. Past Rockland and Eastern NJ the commute becomes too far for most people to do daily.
      And there you have it.

  3. Let me elaborate, now that my state of NC has given a breakdown (from a comment I made at Insty):

    OK For example, my State gives more detail now.
    Statewide Deaths stand at 172.
    There have been 61 deaths at Private “Congregate Living Institutions” (CLI) meaning Nursing Homes and Senior Care Facilities and Other.
    Another 5 deaths at prisons. That’s 38% or about 5 of every 8 deaths in that one demographic.

    Let’s look at cases: 6493 total statewide.
    1071 at CLI’s.
    494 at Prisons.
    Means 1565/6493 or 24%. 1/4 Cases from there.

    Let’s look by Age.
    Cases: 53% over age 50
    92% over 25. (they lump 25-49 as one category. Imagine of they broke THAT down).
    Deaths: 95% over age 50.
    100% over age 25 (imagine if they broke 25-49 down where the death 100% would hit).

      1. Having trouble with the url.
        It is the North Carolina Department of health and Human Services.
        NCDHHS dot gov and then click through the COVID-19 Link and you’ll see a link to Get The Data.

          1. A few more interesting tidbits:
            Women get the china virus 52:47 over men but men die 2:1 over women

            The virus is not exhibiting racism here in NC as 100 of 179 deaths are whites, blacks are 65 deaths.

  4. Never let a crisis go to waste.  The Pope is hoping that COVID leads to a world where everything is distributed “fairly” – hold on to your hats!

    1. What else would you expect from that heretical homosexual Communist???

  5. They keep talking about this as a 100 year Flu like it was comparable to the Spanish Flu.
    As of now it ain’t even close. That Pandemic infected 1 out of every 3 people in the World, 500,000,000 people and killed 17-50 Million.
    Comparable numbers for today would be something like 2.7 BILLION infected and 91 – 266 MILLION dead.
    We’re at 2.4 Million infected and 166,000 odd dead.
    So that was 1000x more spread and 550 – 1600x as deadly.
    Plus we could have more spread now than we thought that was not even noticed.
    As well, some estimates were that up to 100,000,000 people died back then.
    So comparables to that number today would be 533 MILLION dead.

    1. Now Kenny, you’re messing up the narrative posting the actual numbers. You’re just supposed to scream “We’re all gonna die” from your cave.

      1. But did you know that during The Great Depression tremendous strides were made in decreasing mortality rates and raising life expectancy?
        Well, that might have been true but was it the best decade from 1930-40 compared to other decades in the 20th Century? Was that due to lowering suiciderates or was that due raising infant survival rates?
        Plus, does any of that matter? We are talking about The Great Depression. Was the Quality of Life for people better in 1933 compared to 1923?
        Or is this all a Great Big Advertisement for adopting Dem Policies because hey, The Great Depression tweren’t so bad, we made GREAT STRIDES! Just stop whining and learn how to Love Big State!

        1. There you go again, questioning the narrative. Keep it up and we’re gonna be sending you off to re-education camp.

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